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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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a 15-year-old who can't afford a pair of designer jeans. i'm a capitalist. kristina: that does it for "bulls and bears." thank you for joining us as always. president trump: i disagree with her by the way, but it was quite a chance. and i felt a little bit angry about it. but i will say this, i did -- and i started speaking very quickly. liz: president trump says he disagrees with the senator about ilhan omar at last night's rally. what exactly are the far left progressives are saying and conservatives say americans should know about. we bring you the latest on the
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strait of hormuz. experts say the president's strategy with return is work. the 2020 democrats is getting drowned out by the far left squad as alexandria ocasio-cortez trying to get a meeting with house speaker pelosi. i will show you how the 2020 democrats are botching their urn persuasive healthcare plan and democrats vote to repeal the obamacare tax. can voters trust democrats with healthcare reform? benjamin netanyahu considering whether to block ilhan omar and rashida tlaib from visiting
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israel in the next few weeks. a new israel -- acting homeland security secretary in a battle royale at the border. we bring you the explosive fighting tonight. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business network. lots of blowback. critics say the president should have stopped the chants at the rally last night. president trump: oh harm minimize the september 11 attacks on our homeland saying some people did something. and tlaib also used the f word
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to describe the president said and your president. that's not nice. even to me. representative alexandria ocasio-cortez, she has conducted outrageous attacks against men and women of law enforcement. liz: that was the president with what he is saying are the complaints against with the squad. we have a lot more news coming out of d.c. today. we have it all covered. rich edson is at the state department with the latest on iran. reporter: the president did announce the white house brought down a drone in iran. rich edson has more on that. the president distancing himself from the channel that came out last night in his north exrrl rally. the president saying he disapproved of that chant as he was at an event for the special olympics. he said he did not approve of
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it. he said he tried to stop the channel by talking faster. >> i started speaking very quickly, and it was -- i disagree with it by the way -- but it was quite a chant. and i felt a little bit badly by the, but i will say this, i did -- and i started speaking very quickly. but it started out rather fast as you have probably know. reporter: former vice president joe biden says the president must be deaf and blind. other democrats vying for the nomination say president trump's language pushed people too far. >> i hope people realize he's saying it to everyone in the country. i hope it will make people step back and pause. i know it excites those people that were at that rally. but for the rest of us, it
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should horrify us because we've all starnltd on the showed derps [inaudible] reporter: the president said he disagreed with that channel. the vote was not down party lines. there were three republicans who voted to raise the minimum wage and six who voted against it. this will likely be another bill that will not make its way on to the floor of the senate. there is not much republican support for that. liz: to the tensions today lating with iran. the president saving scene iranian boxer drone december traded a ship in the strait of more muffs,. president trump: it involved
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u.s.s. boxer and navy sa navy y amfibious assault ship. >> officials say the drone had come within a threatening distance of the u.s.s. boxer while it was operating within international waters. president trump: this is one of many provocative and hostile actions taken by iran on ships in international waters. the u.s. calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce. >> a u.s. official tells fox
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news marines took down that drone with an electronic jamming device. iran acknowledged it seized a small tanker rawrnl officials said was smuggling fuel. the u.s. has accused iran of attacking tankers in the area. last month iran shot down an american drone the united states said was operating in international air space. the administration is maintaining its sanctions campaign against iran. vice president mike pence tweeted, the united states will not stand idlive by while the iranian militia straight ahead terror. return is demanding the use the drop sanctions. liz: let's bring in the retired
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deputy secretary of defense. your reaction to the taking down of a drone. >> i think it's a cliernd case the rules of engagement have changed under the trump presidency. we have seen this in the past with boats swarming our ships. the question is was this what the iranians had hoped for? is this what they anticipated? and how will they use senate one possibility is they could unleash a reign of terror attorney israel. and they could go after our forces in iraq or syria. we'll have to stand by and see. but i think they probably wanted this to happen. we'll see some kind of reaction. liz: we note drone came pretty close to the u.s. navy ship, and
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it was destroyed. up to now there has been a muted more dialed back response from the u.s. in the gulf regional lies against iran. is this sort of a rope-a-dope strategy to tire return out so it punches itself out? the sanctions are biting as the sanctions go on. the new york times blasting iran saying it's playing a dangerous game and it risks alienating countries like the u.k., france and germany. >> iran is playing this hand very poorly. they do not have the support of the people. there is a power struggle between the mullahs, which is the supreme council which is supposed to be the power base. the' irgc.
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so what they have done is they have set themselves up for huge failure on the international scene because the europeans are the people they wanted to try to bring on board to try to persuade america to reef deuce the sanctions. instead they have done just the opposite. not you europeans are getting on board. you will see the same thing from gulf states one by one. >> pushing europe and the gulf states towards trump. thanks for your insight and your service to our country. good to see you. the growing unrest in puerto rico. protesters taking to the streets to demand the resignation of the governor. jeff? >> san juan in cleanup mode and likely repairing for even more protests in the coming days. this is something we have been
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seeing all day. gra fittive spray d graffiti spray painted all over the you walls. tens of thousands in the crowd were mostly singing and chanting all night. but it takes just the actions of a few of to escalate the situation. that's what happened shortly before midnight and we were in the middle of it. police say they warned protesters 11 times before firing tear gas. what pushed their officers over the edge was fireworks and a molotov cocktail thrown at officers. the governor responding through a written statement saying the demonstrations are not gone unnoticed. he made no mention of resigning. he ended the statement by saying
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i fully believe i can fully restore your confidence and we can achieve reconciliation. we are also learning about a break-in at a police department where 48 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were taken. and a message left for the governor, resign by bullets or bribes. liz: the 2020 democrats getting drowned out by the squad. we have that story coming up. stay there. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise.
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so call today and consider these numbers: for just $149 you'll receive five screenings that could reveal what your body isn't telling you. i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. liz: the homeland security secretary is in a battle royale with congress. this is the agency in charge of security for airports, trains, homeland security is the agency that has stopped terrorist
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attacks since 9/11. >> the four lawmakers known as the squad are lashing back at president trump after crowds of his supportes at his rally chanted send her back, referring to congress woman i will handle omar. now alexandria ocasio-cortez and ilhan omar responding to supporters' remarks saying the president in his targeted attacks on them are putting lives on the line. >> i think the president put millions of americans in danger last night. his rhetoric is endangering lots of people. >> nothing this president says should be taken to heart. we are americans as much as everyone else. this our country, and we are where we belong. reporter: congress one and alexandria ocasio-cortez and
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rashida tlaib con the fronted the homeland security secretary. congresswoman tlaib pressed him about changing the flores amendment that says children cannot be held for more than 20 days at the border. >> do you think this contributes to a dehumanizing policy at the border? >> we don't have a dehumanizing policy at the border. >> keeping them longer. >> we want to keep families together. reporter: congressman mark meadows saying he's going to push for funding within the next 7 days. liz: let's get to ned ryun.
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your take on the majority west squad ripping into the homeland security secretary today. >> they have not been shy at all. they want to abolish i.c.e. they want to decriminalize crossing the border and give illegals healthcare. they want to abolish i.c.e. and do away with national off earn city with an open borders policy. liz: they are saying the media is not covering their policies. is the president's messaging getting drowrned out by things like the rally and the chants last night? we note love it or leave it messaging is the same strategy as the nixon era strategy against george mcgovern.
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>> trump disavowed it and said he doesn't support it. the squad hasn't disavowed antifa or anything on any level. the shocking thing to knee, after the chants yesterday on cbs, omar and tlaib are introducing today what i consider to be a boycott tax on israel. they just keep doubling down. i think what trump did was brilliant. however inartful the tweets may have been. he made the democratic party own the squad. what we are seeing is a massive framing battle for 2020. the left is trying to frame the president and his supporters as racist. and trump is trying to frame the
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left as anti-american. liz: his messaging about what the policies are for the hard left. democrats are telling cnn's jake tapper that the president won this one. nancy pelosi was trying to marginalized the squad but the president has identified the entire party with the squad. but watch this. >> i think that this may work in the short term for republicans. but if you look at the long term it's a much bleaker picture for the republican party. the millenials are turned to most of of them by what they are seeing on the republican side. they will be a massive force along with women and women of color in new politics 10-15 miles down the road. so i think it republicans are in
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an act of self-destruction. in the long-run it could be suicidal. >> millenials are the least active voters in american politics. if trump can put the focus on the squad which he did an stlenlt job of. some people wondering why did he launch this broadside into them. and he continues to spew out all the stuff they have said. in support of all these radical leftist ideas that would completely radically change who we are as a people and a country. if he can stay on that message, i'm telling you, he's winning this framing battle. >> there is so much more the far left squad has said. ilhan omar blaming the u.s. for terror attacks including the brutal terror attack in nairobi
6:23 pm
by al-shabaab. she says nobody wants to take accountability of how these are byproducts of the actions of our involvement in other people's affairs. >> america has always been a story. america has always been about the triumph of people who fight for everyone versus those who want to preserve rights for just a select few. and there is no bottom to the barrel of vitriol that will be used and weaponized to stifle those who want to advance rights for all people in the united states. liz: are there any rights that that -- that are enjoyed by the select few? you know this remarkably absurd and breathtakingly tedious.
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karl rove calls of a poser. they are so hard left they are swapping out how left the 2020 democrats are. william clay said of the squad object a hard left quote, i find their ignorance to be beyond belief about american history. that's the story the media need to cover, ned. >> they are an amazing blend of ignorance and arrogance. when you think about what they want to do and you actually get them to be honest. aoc's chief staff said the green new deal isn't about climate change, it's about restructuring the american economy. they want to do away with the constitutional republic on almost every level. they want to do away with a free market capitalism. that's why trump is doing the
6:25 pm
right thing in putting the spotlight on them. liz: the 2020 democrats. we'll show you how they are settling on their fast track path to the white house. they are bungling their healthcare message. a vote on an obamacare tax that the democrats swore was right for the country. now they want to get rid of it. that's a big flip-flop. can you trust democrats with healthcare reform? >> the arm is not how much medicare for all will cost. it will cost a lot. healthcare costs a lot. the argument is compared to what? the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, but this... this is my forte. obviously, for auto insurance, we've got the wheel route. obviously. retirement, we're going with a long-term play.
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liz: the pentagon sending 2,000 additional troops to the border as president trump has new asylum rules. they are having an impact.
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william lajeunesse has the story. reporter: they cross legally at the port of entry and claim asylum. others are jump this fence, they will get caught then claim asylum. migrants around the world gathered in tijuana and they are making a decision which to do. we saw thousands who learned for the first type that essentially the u.s. is closing the door, denying asylum to anyone who comes to the united states from another country without first applying for and being denied asylum there. >> these people have gone through hell to get this far just to find a safe place to create a safe life for them and their children. i have the utmost respect for
6:31 pm
them. reporter: africans are flying to ecuador then coming up. haitians, cubans, salvadorans. but they can be denied entry to the u.s. if they don't first claim asylum in their home country. immigrants say this is the only safe country they can find. >> you have come through 6 or 7 countries. would you have found safety there? >> i come through six countries. >> mexico is not good in my opinion. >> we don't speak spanish. >> many believe that the policy, many believe the policy will work but differ whether it will stand up legally. >> the design was to allow
6:32 pm
people who somehow managed to get here a fair chance to make their claim. >> i think based on the rule of law as we have known it that this will fly. based on what the asylum system was made for, basically genocide, if you are being killed for race, lidge affiliation. this will solve that. reporter: neither guatemala nor mexico has agreed to this deal. but the united states thinks they have the leverage to push it through. aclu is going to try to put a restraining order on this. right now it is in effect and no one got into the u.s. yesterday in the metering system the u.s. has. liz: thanks so much for your reporting.
6:33 pm
let's get to the meeting with nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez. aoc effectively called nancy pelosi a racist. all of the hard left fighting is drowning out the 2020 democrats. let's bring in hugo. >> nancy pelosi was trying to distance herself from the squad and aoc when the president's tweets forced them to defend the squad. they were dragging the party to the left ever since they arrived in congress in january. back in january we pat the washington examiner ran a cover story titled "hostile takeover." they are increasingly
6:34 pm
marginalizing nancy pelosi. a lot of americans don't like this group, they think they are too extreme. and they worry these women like aoc and omar will help president trump win reelection. liz: aoc has a republican challenger. >> she is killing jobs with the intro of the green new deal and she killed jobs with the amazon deal in new york. we elect representatives to legislate. right now they are not legislating. they are more concerned with the limelight than delivering results. liz: aoc saying calling someone communist is rooted in white supremacy. she tweeted out the president is calling communists white supremacists. she is saying, i have a long history of believing in
6:35 pm
democracy and economic rights. but the president was not talking about civil rights. it's misleading. it's about their big government socialist communist takeover of the economy. even democrats are warn being that. >> absolutely. aoc's suggestion that somehow calling someone a communist is rooted in white supremacy is rubbish. the words and phrases communist and socialist have been used in insults in this country because americans understand from the cold war and from the principles of communism and socialism that they are incompatible with the founding principles of this country. people are called those things obviously during the cold war which is the same period as the civil rights era, than the two western combined. but one is not rooted in the
6:36 pm
other. liz: israel's former ambassador to the u.s. will talk to us about israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu deciding whether to block ilhan omar and rashida tlaib from entering israel next month. the 2020 democrats stumbling badly with their healthcare rollout. gallup says americans with happy with the health system and their coverage for about a generation. bernie wants to get rid of private insurance plans, get rid of medicaid and get rid of children's health insurance. president trump: if you don't want democrats to steal your money to bankrupt your country. you have a choice. you must vote republican.
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liz: the democrats are really botching their fast track path to the white house with healthcare. first up, bernie sanders, how can people believe him now? for months we have been saying the middle class will have to pay for a single-payer plan. now bernie is admitting to it. now joe biden is botching it saying you can keep your plan. that was the big lie from obama in 2013, and kamala harris can't explain how to pay for single-payer. >> healthcare is not free. we pay for healthcare in a variety of ways. it's pretty complicated. half of it comes from taxes. >> if you like your healthcare
6:42 pm
plan, your employer-based plan, you can keep it. if you have private insurance you can keep it. >> part of it will be wall street paying more. and look at what we tax in terms of financial services. that's part of it. somewhat democrats have proven in the past is they can pass healthcare laws but they can't figure out how to pay for it. we have been talking about senator sanders' plan since he rolled it out. finally he's admitting this, too. people lie, numbers don't. senator sanders is having to face up to that. taxes, taxes, more taxes. the numbers don't just add up. what's striking is the media is not covering what bernie sanders is talking about. he would rip up medicare. rip up medicaid for 70 million
6:43 pm
people, kill a children's health insurance program for 10 million. and he would kill labor union healthcare coverage. guam has been saying americans like their health coverage for the last 20 years. most of americans like medicare, but this would absolutely gut medicare. they offer americans choice. this is government-run single-payer healthcare. the current revenues, you can't pay for it. it just can't be done. trish liz: remember the cadillac tax? americans didn't like it? you had a spouse with a chronic illness. you had to pay a tax object that coverage. now the democrats are saying we
6:44 pm
are going to kill that tax. how can you trust them when they flip-flop like that? >> i web re speaker pelosi came out and said we have to pass the bill to see what's in it. what was in it? the cadillac tax. the affordable care act was meant to bring a higher level of care to americans. then what was in it? if you had a higher level of care, you had to pave a higher tax. and they have been trying to wash it back ever since. liz: you don't want to miss maria bartiromo's interview with jonathan gruber. 40% of house democrats said no to a resolution to impeach trump. the democrats trying to keep
6:45 pm
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liz: let's bring in the former ambassador to the u.s. should they be block visiting? >> every democratic country has the right to deny entry to people who want to destroy it. and these two members of congress have shown they are anti-semitic. liz: they back the anti-israel bill. let's listen to ilhan omar comparing the bds movement to the occupation. >> the boycott movement leading back to the boston tea party.
6:50 pm
liz: lee zeldin didn't like what omar said. >> my colleague used the words honestly and honest. let's get to what's left out. hamas uses women and children zaps human shields. they declare jihad as an obligation. they deny aid to their people and deny rights. they launch rockets killing innocent civilians. >> bds is what i call a political terror. a continuation of war through political means. just like the terrorists of hamas and hezbollah, the principles and the palestinian authority, if you read
6:51 pm
everything they preach for and what they teach, it's for the destruction of the jewish state. they deny any rights for anyone who is not palestinian or muslim. they are the one who are at fault, and the a attempt to discredit israel and paint israel is part of this campaign to isolate israel, and to really drive a wedge between israel and the united states which are best friends and allies. liz: let's show rashida tlaib's full quote. and there is a kind of calming feeling i always tell folks when i think of the holocaust and the tragedy of the holocaust and the fact that it was my an investors, palestinians, who lost their land, and some lost
6:52 pm
their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity and in some cases their passports in trying to create a safe haven for jews. there are so many things wrong with that statement, ambassador. i believe during the palestinians did not support the jews, many of them were allied with hitler. >> absolutely. we should post the photographs, a picture of the leader -- arabs, they weren't even called palestinians at the time, arabs, calling for hitler to destroy all the jews. they are the ones who tried to rewrite history. if they really wanted to come to the memorial for the jewel i shall holocaust, then they would be able to come into israel.
6:53 pm
liz: ambassador, thank you so much. coming up. four out of 10 house democrats voted against the resolution to impeach president trump. democrats are trying to keep hope alive with the robert mueller hearing. president trump: could you manage what it could have been if we didn't have the witch hunt? when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint.
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>> could you imagine about what it could have been if we didn't have the witch-hunt. you said it. i won't say it, it is a terrible word, i will not say what this guy said, if we didn't have the bull [bleep], that is right. >> president trump tearing into mueller report last night, mueller scheduled to testify before two house committees next week. we bring in former federal prosecutor judge byrnes. >> i felt privately it would not happen on the 17, i think it may not happen on the 24. i would not be surprised if we see sure adjournment.
6:58 pm
elizabeth: nunes saying he feels that democrats are talking to mueller's team to set up narrative ahead of time. >> like everything else, preparing for a trial or a speech, there may be some choreographing -- my real reason that this is sort of like a poisonous snake. you don't know who will get hurt, democrats could get hurt, that sounds like to the right talking point. there are a number of questions he could be asked that i think, in my view as a lawyer could be difficult for him to answer. like why didn't you make the decision on obstruction. that is why you were hired. you said you did not make a decision because of a memorandum, wait, you made a decision on a collusion. then do you think anything in my
6:59 pm
4 page letter was inaccurate. elizabeth: and why did you have the press conference. >> right, other big problem, mueller said. i will only go in there and read verbatim from the report. >> you say, try to rattle mueller, show him to be inconsistent. >> yes. elizabeth: not pursue other -- >> not so much inconsiconsistent with a little bit of a political agenda. you decline a case, in your career have you gone into a 400 page report when you decline a case? , of course, not. we're not charging him with bank robbery, next week they become in with a video of him doing a
7:00 pm
bank robbery. >> thank you so much for having us in your homes, gregg jarrett is in for lou dobbs next on the fox business network, have a good evening. gregg: good evening, i am gregg jarrett in for the vacationing lou dobbs, the dimms in disarray, party radical idea, causing most left leans supporters to question their tactics. president enjoying the highest level of support since taking office. more corruption from the deep state judicial watch, uncovering new e-mails that show obama state department officials setting up a meeting to discuss a quote, russia matter. just a cup 4e8 els


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