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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 17, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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hunt" available for preorder online. get it at barnes and, it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories this hour. investors continue to gauge any chance of the tray dealt with china as beijing adds a new negotiator to the mix is the deal more in jeopardy now. china as beijing adds a new negotiator to the mix is the deal more in jeopardy now. ready set stream. after the bell today there will be a slew of players getting into the game. this gives any insight into the fight ahead. this gives any insight into the fight ahead. joe biden is trying to earn votes from progressive democrats. cheryl: forget comic books and candy. kids are putting thousands of dollars on videogame perks but
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is it setting them up for unhealthy habits down the road. trying to start right now. [music] welcome everyone to fbn a.m. i'm cheryl casone. good morning i'm lorne seminary. -- lorne seminary. the dow is up at 27. nasdaq is up to 17 and a quarter. let's take a look at the yield on the ten year treasury after
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fed chair foul's comments yesterday. the yield on change at 2.1 percent. the iranians have ceased an oil tanker it is higher by 34 cents. where 5796. stocks in asia reacting to the uncertainty. yes he could put it more tariffs on chinese imports. the shanghai composite using two tenths of 1%. taking a look at european markets. facebook well once again to be in the hot seat for the second day on capitol hill as many birds of the house financial services committee. that is after they face some tough questions yesterday. for members of the senate banking committee. good morning edward. >> very skeptical senators
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grilled ahead of culebra. both republican and democratic senators. and how it could launch this project with all of the problems the company has been having. >> the fake news extremism which one had you fixed? >> for instance senator the issue that happened there. >> have you fixed any of those? >> i think all of them will always require a great deal of work. their neck and use the expletive that they did. he went on to make the point that facebook cannot police itself so he has trouble trusting the company running on global currency.
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>> they only spent a hundred thousand dollars and they only ran 3,000 ads. that was a lie was in it? >> i'm sorry senator, i don't believe it was. later facebook admitted that actually the russian ad had reached 126 million people. >> i believe senator, the people who answer that question at that time answer to the best of their knowledge at that time. they will follow all the government regulations and make sure that this is safe to use. they will move slowly to implement the currency and hope to connect the billions of people that they have around the world with the 90 million businesses that they engage with. they will be run by a group of about 100 companies with no one company having the majority of it. they will have more public hearings based on this within the next year. >> think you so much. and after facebook pitched the
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plan for the new crypto currency last month the washington post is reporting that some officials were surprised that the company wasn't more prepared to deal with the potential financial risks like money laundering basically same are they sleeping under a rock. >> google could be facing the company told lawmakers that it has ended the deal with china to create a censored search engine that was during a senate would look into claims made by the billionaire should be investigated google was not the only company in the crosshairs. the biggest names in tech also got grilled lawmakers on capitol hill wanted to know one thing from tech giants
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facebook do they really have a competition. in a rare move these for snap apology some lawmakers were not buying it. many of our competitors are sitting here at this. there may not be an identical competitor to facebook was asked about killer popular
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apps. they just want to kill their competition. facebook said it sometimes acquisitions don't work out but they have only ended products for sound business reasons and nothing else. amazon made the had that because they were it made little sense. amazon said they don't use data from their platform to track high to go duplicate the product and sell separately have asked to look into a potential workplace abuse and unfair they temporarily lose
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the battle that happened yesterday never a dull moment here a condemned president trump that he recently made on twitter and a the president of making four members the comments have engulfed washington the comments from in the comments our racist. every join us racist tweets a
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republican congressman from georgia accused the speaker violating house rules and challenged the later agreed the comments were out of line. that did not stop the resolution from passing. one of them voted to condemn president trump. he was on twitter late last night talking about all of this this is what he have to say. so great to see how unified the public and -- at the republican was. we are also hearing from those women this morning and a new interview out on cbs.
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>> and dealing with the biggest holy -- bully that i have ever had to deal with. how could they vote against the statement that the president made on the floor. >> we expect to hear a lot more from the president later today he will be holding a campaign rally in greenville north carolina. prior -- retired supreme court justice john paul has passed away. he died from complications of a stroke. he was appointed in 1975 and served until 2010. stevens was 99 years old. president trump offering condolences seen his passion for the law and for our country will soon not be forgotten.
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>> u.s. officials believe iran may have seized a small oil tanker in the persian gulf. the tanker was traveling through the straight of her muse when the tracking system went dark. there was no distress call. if iran did sees the ship it would be the latest in this series involving oil tankers in the region. the company unveils plans to come next the plant to plan to computers. the first test will be to give the test. it helps to begin the test next year. and time is out with its 2019 of the 25 most influential people online into political rivals make the list. alexandria ocasio-cortez and president trump make the list. both are incredibly infective with in the fluency people on
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the internet. a number of celebrities were also on the list. that is what is happening now. >> i did not know the active royals were on social media. >> let's take a look at futures this morning. i come back this morning if you will after a late stage downturn yesterday after the president said with a long way to go with china very much the talking today. still ahead next flick -- netflix earnings will they pay off. you might want to visit a national park this weekend. we will tell you why coming up on "fbn:am". [music] a civilian buying a new car. let's go.
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your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. cheryl: netflix releases earnings after the bow and the company hit another milestone. are they going to remain the leader in streaming a lot of questions. as we come up on the ten year anniversary of their first stream in its earnings per share a year ago was 85 cents. , 56 cents after the bell
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today. it all comes down they are spending significantly on content. if you look at this it continues to be mild in the competition. some others in streaming there is definitely more competition there. everyone else is paying rent. or is it can be more about the forward guidance. it's all about international growth. this would be the focus in terms of guidance. under promise over deliver special. right now that is the focus on the term of sub growth. murder mystery movie. and stranger things. in the new season. they are streaming those numbers. i used to be kind of a secret. and now they are more open about it.
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>> i think more transparency is helping. they had been able to talk more about that transparency numbers. this company has been on a slow growth train for years. are you at all positive about ibm right now? >> ever since the redhead acquisition. they are getting a little bit more aggressive on the cloud. at least they have that. whether it was apple or amazon. but they really seem to be the focus. they had been stopped dead in the tracks by relators.
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>> they have a massive spotlight on facebook. there is some regulatory hurdles to get through for this to ultimately get greenlighted. i missed the question here. for the first time. the beltway's is can a put some hurdles there. it has been more bark overbite. this is a different situation. do you really want to bank with the bank of facebook. i understand but what they were saying. there is definitely some grand standing. and what they're gonna put in. they have the republican administration. he was critical of the big tech guys yesterday as well. tech right now on both sides
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of the aisle has a bright spotlight. thank you so much for being here. >> people in sweden are getting microchips implanted into the skin to replace carrying credit cards as well as cash. they are the size of a grain of a race. rice. more than 4,000 people have already had them implanted believe it or not. the chips can also monitor health even replace key cards to allow people to get into their office or buildings. >> we've a lot more coming. an immigration standoff. the demonstrations get out of hand. with the latest on the protest and the lack of response from the left. were just talking about tech. amazon prime may be over. some of the prime members and the memberships may be over. will talk about it coming up.
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lauryn: anti- ice protesters are ramping up their rhetoric nationwide. they are blocking all entrances and exits in the protest immigration policies. but as demonstrations get out ahead. democrats refuse to condemned violet acts from the far left. we are joined with the details. >> good morning to everyone at home. dozens of protesters gather in the nation's capital to abolish the federal process. eleven protesters were arrested. it comes just days after the entire guest was killed by police for storming into tacoma, washington ice
5:24 am
facility with a rifle. he was throwing devices at agency vehicles, lady one on fire in an attempt to burn down the entire building. the corporate for-profit concert -- concentration camp. the freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez along with others in the democratic party had called to abolish ice making the agency a new target for the left. >> we need to protect families that need our help. and that's not what were doing today. that's why you should get rid of it start over. it protects my family's from the military that is happening in the neighborhood. with some of the very same democrats were asked if they would condemn the anti- violence. they were silent.
5:25 am
>> will you condemn them for the attack in washington? >> some republicans are calling on the president to help to stop the violence. dan patrick is asking for an executive order to unmask the activist and hopefully help curb the violent demonstration. ladies, back to you. >> we want to let all of you know that mark morgan will be on mornings with maria 7:30 a.m. today. >> shares of amazon in the premarket trading slightly to the upside amazon of course wrapped up the prime day and some shoppers complaining because longer than expected delivery times because so many orders flooded the site. a data company said the internet searches for canceling amazon prime or 18
5:26 am
times higher on monday. that suggests that some customers just want to snatch up some discounted items without making that long term long-term commitment to amazon and the annual fee. he apparently is celebrated at the close of prime day by standing on top of the amazon spears at the company's seattle headquarters. >> the stock is up $2,000. if you only knew that when. you could've bought some. when it was under hundred and i did it. let's look at the dow and s&p and the nasdaq. weave green arrows. nasdaq up 18 and half. they trade jabs over healthcare. are they trying to woo one of the biggest fans. as i going to work. in the economy may be booming. details coming up when "fbn:am" returns.
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>> let's get you caught up on global market action overnight. gains returning today. up 37 ahead of bank of america ibm and netflix earnings today. nasdaq hitting 18 points. the yield on the ten year treasury unchanged at 2.10 percent. 29% chance that is what the futures are saying about half a point cut at the end of the month. amid were points that they have seized a oil tanker $57.88 per barrel. china still the trade talks where we stand where do we stand where the tariffs stand. that will be discussed today.
5:31 am
european markets also to the downside. back here at home joe biden has hired a speech writer who works for the former president clinton and obama just a day after his racket performance at the first democratic primary debate last month. in an interview the former vice president said he might -- mocks his aid in the debate. >> how many push-ups you want to do here foul. biden will be in council bluff, iowa later today. >> the 750 billion-dollar health care plan strengthens obama care. and now the strategy ceo.
5:32 am
to discuss thank you for joining us gentlemen. i want to start with you. what can we expect from bernie sanders and how much is it to cost. >> it's only get a cost a lot of money. people don't really know there is different reports and different graphs. >> this is part of the democratic process especially with over 20 candidates. when it comes to healthcare and immigration. i certainly think that both candidates meanwhile. i think in terms of realistic and what can happen faster. i think resident joe biden's plan could be implemented much easier. >> of the cost of bernie's plan would be a 30 to $40 trillion over ten years where does that money come from and is this health as health care debate dividing democrats. i think this is definitely a staggering bill.
5:33 am
and that's part of it. weave a medicare system that is already busting into now take 200 million more people and put them into the system is just taxing it to the extreme. the one thing that no one is talking about in this. whether it is biden's pan -- plan r sanders. this is unconstitutional. that meets the whole thing. unconstitutional. it's no longer attacks. whatever the plan is it is built on the house of cards. the narrative that we are hearing is that of nostalgia. when i was vice president under barack obama obama care was very strong. let's make it better. let's add to it. do you think he is being a little bit to nostalgic care. >> we have to remember that president obama was very popular. first and foremost.
5:34 am
the vice president has been very clear from the beginning let's not do away with obama care. let's build on it. instead of starting all over again. at least from the democratic side at least they had plans. republicans have a zero. no health care plan zero. they should join and see how they can make it better. >> it keeps going back to the obama -- obama years. he's also sucking up to one of his critics at times, alexandria ocasio-cortez. what he think is behind that strategy and is the love returned. >> she has a huge social media following. and they are going as far to the left as they can. i think they have to play to that base. it's gonna backfire. the latest poll just showed that in the own district when
5:35 am
you look at walmart and others of the squad so to speak she has a 9% favorability rating. i think the congress women are one and done. they are exceptions in the party. let's talk about the district. a republican is running against her. her name is sheree murray and she said that -- flat out that alexandria ocasio-cortez is not focusing on us she's focusing as she's focusing on being famous. i think her 15 minutes might be at. or a. or that's not the case. it could certainly happen. i've always said that the republicans had tried to brand the democratic party i could not disagree with that more. i'm a democrat but i've been very clear negotiations happen in congress not on twitter or on facebook. i think they have to be careful.
5:36 am
>> how do you negotiate with the far left? >> this is a democracy we all had to negotiate. there's one thing what you say on twitter but what happens in congress is totally different thing. at the end of the day the majority of democrats and americans are in the middle. and this is just a fact. thank you very much. president trumps latest comments on china. there is still a long way to go before the two countries can reach trade deals. he tried to sound positive on reaching an agreement. >> we will see what happens. we are doing very well economically because their pain is billions of dollars mitch rachelle is here. good morning. there has been some interesting discussion now on where the chinese stand.
5:37 am
he is known to be a hardliner. some say it shows that he will actually reach out and others say this is a signal that the chinese are digging in their heels which is it? >> i think they are digging in their heels. the headwind for them is that their economy is slowing. the fact of the matter is manufactured as lawyering. they have incentives to do something. this is certainly grinding down their economy. maybe it's a negotiating tactic. and i do agree with the president it's gonna be a long process. we will see how it plays out. the thing he has on the side is imposing more tariffs which probably won't be good for our economy. they actually had voted against the united states in favor of china when it comes to tariffs. at the same time this is an
5:38 am
international growth story and now we are hearing more leaders of the central banks around the world put up their hands and say you know what is the trade work continues to drag on it will put the global economies at risk. >> there are some winners and losers there. you look at south korea. there are other economies that are benefiting in the short run from this. over the long run imposing tariffs on any economy is not good for academic success. >> you heard from city and they were talking about credit card delinquencies. they are sound in the positive tone about rate cuts. what are the economic opinions that they have about what the banks are telling us. the theme across them is that the consumer part of the banks are all very strong and given
5:39 am
that our economy is driven by the consumer that bodes well for the quarters ahead. the other thing that is in there is loan growth and loan liquidity. they are continuing to make loans and that when they decide to sell loans they get them off the balance sheet which is common practice. and profits for companies. >> i want to ask you about the survey. the new survey basically the american middle class is now more pessimistic about achieving the american dream in the number really changed just in six months. now it's a seat. basically they are saying in the middle class job growth is stagnated market volatility. what do you make about all of that. i give that survey sc. when you compare to the economic data out there. with low inflation. they are growing at twice the rate of inflation.
5:40 am
i think our economy is strong. i think household debt is almost an all-time low for history. i think the story is pretty good for the middle class and for the entire u.s. economy and the consumer so i don't know where they got that from. i don't know what questions they ask. so i don't know where they got that from. i don't know what questions they ask. and like the fact that you're giving it an a. mitch, thank you very much. >> i give mitch and a. we are putting a face on human tragedy. families from the 727 crashes will testify today. what impact will they have. a six-year-old baseball coach gets ejected from the game and he was nuts. he is so mad this morning.
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your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. >> it could get emotional today on capitol hill family members of people killed into boeing 737 max crashes will testify. the test might -- the
5:44 am
testimony will put a human face on the tragedy. what influence will this head on any action that congress potentially takes on. as you said this humanizes this whole thing. what we're talking about right now is a breakdown of the certification process what went wrong here and that's part of the investigation. the fact that you can have these people whose lives were profoundly impacted by the tragedies this is can have a great impact on the next step. in addition to these hearings where this is the investigatory opponent. the testimony could certainly impact that as well. >> there are at least 46 claims in each of those crashes one in the family members who is testifying today it was a second crash he said in this claim was
5:45 am
grounded after that indonesian crash i would still have my five family members here. how well that play out. >> that will be one of the more impactful statements here. you do crash in october and we know now that boeing engineers have knowledge of an issue with the safety system since 2017. the fact that man lost his family and march after those incidents have come to light that is gonna be a very strong issue with a negligence case and play into what damages could potentially be recovered by the families in the lawsuits. basically it has not dented the stock performance and may be a executives are held accountable or if the lawsuits actually get very expensive we will have more of those
5:46 am
things. some of them will settle and there is a criminal pro to in this. this is gonna be something that we are to be watching for a while. >> how big could this get with a price tag on it? >> tens of millions of dollars. >> i've seen it could be as high as a billion dollars. >> as we wrap this up the house separately is expected to vote on criminal contempt charges today for not to date for not complying with the citizenship question on the census but now the trumpet administration said we are doing away with that question so it is a contempt charge is that even relevant? >> it's a beating a dead horse. they are gonna be dead on arrival anyway. does get forwarded to the doj ultimately who's as i can to prosecute them. that will be tied up in court
5:47 am
for years and years. the impact is not going to be anything we will see anytime soon it's more in ceremony than actual practicality. as you said with a question and issue it's over. let's end this as well. thank you as always we do have a programming note for our viewers wilbor ross will be on mornings with maria at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. >> here is the cutest objection of a baseball coach ever. i guess you can never be too young to get into it with the umpire. he was tossed from the game he started throwing bats and balls onto the field. live and learn.
5:48 am
up next washington wants to sanction turkey over the russian arms deal but could it backfire. and maybe the worst airport etiquette of all-time this passengers discussing behavior sending the internet into outrage that is can of gross but it is clever. [music] hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
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>> a dangerous summer heat wave is set to hit much of the country. jana is live in the fox weather center staying cool.
5:52 am
>> here it comes. 80 degrees already here in new york city it's gonna be very warm in places like dc and philadelphia. heat advisories already posted we want two-point out that we could see the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the northern plains. across the tennessee and mississippi river valley. we fled advisories in place for the next couple of days. and then we organ a talk about the heat especially this weekend with temperatures close to 100 degrees here in new york city and dc and atlanta georgia in kansas city so heat indices can be very dangerous. >> dangerous heat is right. another blow between nato and turkey. >> president trump said president trump said the u.s. well cancel sales of advance fighter jets to turkey after it received a new air defense system from russia. the pentagon is concerned that the radar capabilities of the 400 could be used by the russians to gather
5:53 am
intelligence about the f35 if the jets were delivered to turkey. they have warned turkey with the sanctions if it goes forward with the russian deal. it has accidentally been exposed. the washington post reports a document was accidentally published by a nato committee. according to the document which has since been deleted it totals more than 150 nuclear weapons in europe. it was really open secret anyway mexican lord -- drug lord el chapo will appear in and court in new york today. guzman faces a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison. he claims he was framed by other traffickers who became government witnesses.
5:54 am
and the reminder that someone is always watching. look at this. a video taken about passenger using his bare feet the video went viral very quickly. it shows an unidentified man resting his bare feet on that partition ahead of him. it has been viewed more than 4 million times with many people shaming the man and that is what is happening now. >> people gross me out sometimes. coming up they are not just our best friends they help your health it pays to have pets. and when free beer for life. should i keep going. that is a story. >> you just head to find the bar.
5:55 am
stay tuned for free beer. we will be right back. [music]
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getting some breaking news into fox business european regulators have amazon many that i recall cross hairs antitrust regulators will investigate. to see if amazon use of data breaches ement u. rule this investigation is going to focus on amazon standard agreements with marketplace sellers little bit of pressure when news first crossed the wires on amazon in the premarket.
5:58 am
lauren: forget come pick books kids are spending money on things they can't hold digital good from video game data shows that kids are spending as much as 3 billion dollars a year upon avatars and gems to help them reach high per levels in 2k3w5eu78s legislation is moving in congress to product gaming company from selling virtual goods to minors and parents are warning this could be setting up their kids to make unhealthy financial decisions later in life and valid point. rng you think. let's talk about about beer. bush beer is offering free beer for life all you have to do is find a popup store which is hidden in one of the 15 a 4 u.s. national forest pps good luck folks. bush popup shop will open for one day this saturday hikers successfully find it will be entered into a raffle for a lifetime supply of yes beer. you can find clues to location on bush's twitter account. >> not going to be easy. and finally there is scientific
5:59 am
evidence that spending just ten minutes with a dog or a cat will lower your stress level. a number of colleges and universes right here in the u.s. they offer pet your stress away program for student who are stressed out over things like test, mets but we've known this for a long tile that petting an animal can make you feel better cheryl. >> it is definitely a good thing to have an animal at home i agree that is it for fbn:am. mornings with maria starts right now. >> my day is to cure all ills good morning everyone. thanks so much for joining us happy wednesday i'm moore maria bartiromo your top stories right now before 6 a.m. on east coast, big tech is underfire facebook proposed cryptocurrency under pressure on hill yesterday. lawmakers also demanding more regulation of technology giant google, amazon, facebook, and apple. questioning if they all need to be broken up, this as amazon also facing trouble overseas as
6:00 am
u. launches antitrust hftion. let's take a look at market and this, week where we're in the middle of the beginning of the second quarter earnings reporting season. markets record run took a pause yesterday. this morning we're looking at momentum on the upside we're focused on earnings, of course, bank of america company to watch this morning ahead of the open following beats yesterday by j.p. morgan and e wells fargo full analysis of the earningses. president donald trump say there's still a long way to go before deal gets done. the fallout coming up, and then o.c. democrats divided the progressive in thes known as squad reviving their feud but speaker nancy pelosi more on this very public spat, coming up amongs with maria begins right now.


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