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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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since walmart, target, ebay launched their sales to compete with amazon. i have got to leave it there. we had a lot of fun. i hope our viewers did, too. thank you for joining us. [♪] liz:ed the fireworks from the biggest tech d.c. showdown in 20 years. we bring you the smackdown for having too much power and icing out the competition, to censoring ideas that liberals don't like. it was a rare bit of bipartisanship. both parties don't like that silicon valley is too big to trust. president trump wants the
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justice department to look into claims by peter thiel that the fbi and characteristics a should probe google as another silicon valley entrepreneur aggrieves with thiel. he says google is not a patriotic company. it looks like trump's crackdown at the border is work. you may be shocked at a top democrat who sounded a lot like donald trump. guess who said migrants should stay in their home country and apply for asylum there. and that they can't claim asylum because they want a job or come from a poor neighborhood. joe biden recycled a false claim and obamacare that got president obama in trouble with the fact clerks. why middle class taxpayers should demand answers from joe
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biden. the tax biden wants to pay for it, well, even europe ditched that tax a long time ago. california taxpayers now have to pay for young illegals' health insurance. but you won't believe this wrinkle. california taxpayers will also have to pay for the medical debt of doctors to get those doctors to provide healthcare to low income patients that could eventually include illegal immigrants. democrats, are they feeling a back door end run around republicans and the president by trying to build their own narrative ahead of time. a narrative with input and help. that's what representative devin nunes says. we'll ask a republican on the hughes jew dish airive committee
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if that's true. "the evening edit" starts right now. welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business network. let's take out biggest showdown between dc and tech giants in 20 years. hillary vaughn has the fight today at a house hearing with amazon, apple and google. it's all about if these guy are too big to be trusted. reporter: senators on the senate banging committee had serious concerns about facebook's plans to start a crypto currency called libra. they worried facebook has so many internal privacy issues, they grilled the head of the company over and over. >> you are response is trust us.
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trust is something you earn. and facebook certainly hasn't earned it. so it's not enough to say you will keep the calibra data separate. would i like to know how you will keep it separate from your personal data. reporter: talking about the trillions of transactions globally. he adds that they will keep the data separate. the senators unimpressed stressing there is massive public distrust with this company. >> what facebook is good at is figuring out how to monetize people's personal data.
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i am not reassured by your statement that you can't see any reason right now why there wouldn't be data sharing between these platforms. reporter: it was republicans also who had problems with marcus' answers. they said no one company will control a majority. liz: google, amazon and facebook grilled at an anti-trust hearing on whether google censors conservative viewpoints. reporter: lawmakers want to know if these tech giants has any competition that forces these companies to fight over customers and users. amazon, facebook, apple, google.
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all in a rare move decided to hype up their rivals. trying to convince congress they have companies they battle for business with. google says they compete for searches with yelp, and travelocity. but some lawmakers weren't buying it. they said they offer a lot of different options and drive users to use their platform and it's integrated across multiple platforms. they think that puts them an unfair position. and they were asked about killer acquisitions. facebook says sometimes acquisitions don't work out. and they have only ended product for a sound business reason. they said they compete with brick and mortar stores.
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here is their explanation as to why. >> the notion that two products exactly the same do not compete with each other because one was ordered online and one was bought in a brick and mortar store makes little sense. reporter: amazon says they don't use their platform to pull data on platforms selling the best from third party companies, then replicate those 0 products to get an edge on their competition. liz: the truly remarkable house floor fight. it's about what nancy pelosi said about the president. chad pergram has more. >> this was an extraordinary scene on the house floor. house speaker nancy pelosi was flagged for using language on the house floor that did not meet the standard for decorum. you have to go back to 1984 to
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find an example where a house speaker was criticized. they were debating this resolution dealing with condemning the president for these racist treats he sent. you had a big kerfuffle on the floor and the house of representatives, ebb though pelosi was ruled to be out of order. the house voted to not strike her word from the record. and then the democrats, they are the majority here. they voted to allow her to proceed. if you break the rules of the house and break decorum, you are not allowed to speak the rest of the day. 232-190. then 231-190 to allow her to proceed in order. this was an amazing scene. you had republican congressmen, doug collins flagging the house speaker.
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you had emanuel cleaver getting so upset over trying to preside over the situation that he walked off the dais. he said i'm trying to be fair. so he left. a few minutes later the house majority leader 10y hoyer came to the floor. he ruled pelosi was out of order citing a precedent from 1965 with tip o'neill. so pelosi broke the rules but they allowed her to proceed in order. here is what what nancy said. >> every single member of this institution and democratic and republican should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. to do anything less would be a shock rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the american people.
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i urge a unanimous vote and yield back the balance of my time. >> i would i like to ask the speaker of the house if she would like to withdraw that comment. >> that's like being pulled over for speeding where they had to adjudicate the language. the rule was house rule 17.1.b which says you can't even wage in personalities. every line, the name of the rule, the number for it. you are terrific chad. i wouldn't want to get in a fight with you over that. let's check your money. they come to an end. the dow and s & p snapping winning streaks. gerri? gerri: major averages closing lower after a relative live flat
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day for stocks. the s & p50 some down 10. down for the first time in six days. the nasdaq down 35 points. the investors turning their attention to earnings. we've had jp more dan chase. reporting beats on the top line and bottom line. wells fargo trading lower on that news because of the disappointment on lower net income. economic data mixed as well today. u.s. retail sales out. but disappointments for the month of june and export and import prices. we'll be watching revenue from netflix look for results from streaming tomorrow. liz: another big corporate fight that's really taking wall street by storm. johnson and johnson is facing multiple lawsuits over
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accusations that its talcum powder are causes cancer and its opioid sales helped fuel the opioid crisis. it topped profits this quarter. >> it was a good quarter for johnson and johnson. and the main segments performing better than expectations. it raised its sales outlook as well. but what everyone wanted to hear about was the opioid lawsuit and the claims about the company's talcum powder. oklahoma asking for $17 billion in damages. management said from its perspective facts don't align with what the state is claiming. j & j products were aligned to prevent abuse and they said
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multiple factors should be considered in the solution set. on the talc issue, there is a criminal probe asking did j and j lie to the public about its product. the company says the product is saved and they acted responsibly. july 22 is the evidentiary standards hearing. what's acceptable in this case? the company says it's preparing thoroughly for that. liz: we need your reporting on that story. thank you so much. next up. the battle for the border. a backlog of 900,000 cases. watch this. taxpayers in los angeles, dallas and baltimore now have to pay
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for illegal's lawyers? are democrats building their own narrative with robert mueller's staff in advance of the mueller hearings? that's republican representative devin nunes says. we are going to see if that's true coming up. up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards. it all adds up. don't you love math? so get here asap because tasty deals and summer go fast. get in or lose out on 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards.
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liz: this one number shows how out of control the border crisis is. it's a backlog of 900,000 asylum cases. it could take years before asylum applicants go before a judge. they have nearly quadrupled since 2014. 314,000 people traveling in families caught at the southern border. for reaction let's go to arizona's cochise county sheriff. this breaking news story. taxpayers, los angeles, dallas and baltimore, they have allocated taxpayer fund to pay
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for that. >> we have to ask the question why. the reason we are having this issue is we haven't taken this on as a serious crisis on our border. we didn't state of with judges, beds and funding and failed to support the law enforcement on the border. we have a crisis for america as a whole. liz: you know what's outrageous. so many americans say this to me. the polls show it. they are saying please stop politicizing the border. tomorrow complaining about it. you are spending more time jumping in and out of green rooms than staying in congress to fix the border. here is a top democrat who said exactly what president trump was saying. it was president obama who said you can't claim asylum just to get a job and migrants should stay in their home country and
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apply from them. >> typically refugee status is not grants just based on economic need or because a family lives in a bad neighborhood or poverty. there is a humanitarian or refugee status that a family might be eligible for. if that were the case, it would be better for them to apply in country rather than take a very dangerous journey all the way up to texas to make those same claims. liz: the law says you can't come here for a job. the law says you can't try to break in between ports of entry. but now trump is a racist for saying exactly what obama said? >> it's so frustrating. the fact that we have taken the laws in this country and eroded them by making them subjective. this erosion is harmful to what we do every day on this border. i'm waiting for our congress to
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come out and say let's support our federal agents and communities on the southern border. that's not happening. they are too worried about who is calling who names. liz: i'm hearing from even democrats saying we are against what the 8 out of 102020 democrats are saying. americans don't want healthcare given to illegal immigrants. we are seeing fewer than 200 illegals released into the u.s. each day. that's an 80% drop. are president trump's policies working? >> it is work. you asked the federal agents and we see tonight our communities. we went from 1,200 released a
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day to 200. so that is working. have them stay in mexico, guatemala or wherever they are going to stay at. we don't have the infrastructure or the will to secure this border. all i keep hearing is the humanitarian and the families and the treatment by border patrol. i don't hear congress or anybody else saying let's fiction this problem. >> they want to politicize it so they can stay in power. coming up. several more stories. look at these headlines. more controversy swirling around california utility pg & e reportedly working to fix some 10,000 problems that it found throughout its electrical system. pg & e making a big push to stop its equipment from starting more wildfires in california. last fall one of its
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transmission lines caught fire and eight was blamed for taking the lives of 85 people, wiping out the town of paradise. today is the 50th anniversary of apollo 11. buzz aldrin walked on the moon four days after liftoff. put this next story under -- security officials in an airport in barcelona, at first it looked like a bad combover. then they looked more closely. this 65-year-old man got off a flight. he stashed under his toupe, 500 grams of co-taken. he was arrested. the infamous alligator on the loose in chicago for more than a
6:24 pm
week named chance the snapper. he was finally captured. he was hiding out in a lagoon. animal control plans to send the alligator to a sanctuary. this is a giant barrel jellyfish. where was it spotted? off the coast of cornwall england. the sting is not usually harmful to humans. but it can sting even when it's dead. the so-called squad of progressives. why americans will reject their wildly expensive policies. we debate. when will the squad say something nice, say something good about america. are democrats trying to build
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liz: you are watching the fox business network. a house subcommittee hearing on russian disinformation attacks on u.s. elections and what can be done to stop them. catherine herridge has the story. catherine: the house hearing focused on the russian disinformation campaign targeting american election and what lessons can be learned by american voters for 2020. the report found the russians
6:30 pm
pro ride disinformation. it reads evidence collected revealed a continued and sustained disinformation activity by russian sources trying to suppress turnout. there was a consistent trend of that list actors. including you be founded attacks on the european union. intelligence officials say russia is a declining power. today's witnesses are intelligence officials. >> the signals from the top of the u.s. administration should not be ambiguous. >> let me be clear. when you say the top. >> the president. >> ambiguity is not helpful.
6:31 pm
catherine: richard bur and mark warner are in the final stages of their report. the evidence indicates putin relies on a network of rich russians known as oligarchs. liz: r & b singer r. kelly facing numerous disturbing federal charges denied bail at a hearing in chicago. >> there is no bond for r. kelly, the embattled singer will remain in the custody of u.s. marshals essentially in solitary confinement. the government made the argument he's a risk for flight and obstruction of justice. >> there is no evidence he ever did it. it's interesting. the prosecutors said that the people previously tampered with
6:32 pm
witnesses on his behalf. they didn't say it was at his behest. they didn't say he knew anything about it. >> the young women who live in kelly's apartment in trump tower were here to support him. he's accused much kidnapping girls and san francisco transporting them overstate lines. liz: next on th "the evening ed" senator elizabeth warren getting into a heated exchange with president trump's pick. we debate whose policy is working with iran. trump's or obama's. billionaire tech investor peter
6:33 pm
thiel says there is one 2020 democrat who worries him the most of. we'll tell you who it is. are democrats trying to build their own narrative with robert mueller's staff ahead of the hearings? we'll ask a republican on the house judiciary if that's true. that story coming up. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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liz: the senate held a confirmation hearing for the president's pick for the secretary of defense mark esper. reporter: it's been seven months since the senate had a confirmed defense secretary. elizabeth warren took aim at mark esper's as seven years as raytheon's seven years as to lobbyist. >> this smacks of corruption plain and simple. i will ask my question again. will you agree not to ask for a
6:38 pm
waiver during the time you serve as seek tir yea of defense. reporter: senator warren has received $32,000 from the defense industry for her 2020 campaign. raytheon gave her campaign nearly $9,000 in 2018. esper served on active duty for over 10 years. he's a gulf war veteran. and worked as the army secretary. he had to step down as acting defense chief due to a decade old law. the chairman of the armed
6:39 pm
services committee hopes to have a vote confirming esper by early next week. liz: rerealing to critics they are i tell aren't and bullying and that's who they really are. they are being accused of their go-to is race i'm. their default, blame america first. showing the vacancy sign in their policy shop as the fight between president trump and the four congress women continue today. here is the president today. president trump: they should love our country. they shouldn't hate our country. you look at what they have said. i have clipped right here. the most of vile comments about
6:40 pm
our country. and about israel. >> it's interesting we are spending all our time on the floor of the house of representatives where the speaker is calling the president names. to the point where the majority leader of her own part i called her comment out of order. this does nothing to address the problems of our nation. it's grandstanding and will do nothing but if you arer divide the country. li dedescribe nunes is on the house intelligence. he says democrats are trying to back channel to build a narrative with mueller's team. congressman, you are on the house judiciary committee. are they trying to prepare ahead of time the sound bites to favor the democrats' narrative? do you hear that's happening? >> i haven't heard that specifically. but it wouldn't surprise me. if you look at michael cohen, he
6:41 pm
testified he talked to adam schiff in the intelligence committee chair and democratic staff prior to the hearing. so if it's going on with mueller, i wouldn't be surprised the republicans will ask that question of him under oath. li let's switch back to the hard left accusing everybody of racism. now the left-wing media is trying to blame nancy pelosi for trump's fight with the squad. the opinion editor says nancy pelosi, snipe to aoc, rashid a tlaib and others paved the way for the president's attacks. >> they had a press conference where just about every member, it was like the speaker having a press conference.
6:42 pm
speaker pelosi know her leadership is in trouble. that's why this is a grandstanding show on the floor to bring solidarity back to her party. li we are monitoring the vote. maureen dowd said aoc should consider the possibility that people who disagree with her don't disagree with her color. >> they are lightly throwing around the term racism. and it's specifically representative omar who made very blatant anti-semitic remarks. i filed a resolution condemning those remarks and the house does nothing to move a resolution forward condemning her remarks but quickly condemn the president. they called the detention facility on the border
6:43 pm
concentration camps. calling it a nazi concentration cam that housed jews in world war ii. it's very disturbing. li thank yo -- liz: thank you so much for joining us. the white house predicting a $1 trillion deficit for this year. secretary of state mike pompeo announcing iran willing to negotiate with the trump administration over its missile program. is the trump or obama way working? we debate that next. ♪ ♪
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liz: billionaire tech investor and facebook board member peter thiel says there is one democratic presidential candidate who worries him the most of. >> i'm scared by elizabeth warren. she is the one talking about the economy. that's the thing that matters the most of. liz: let's get to ford o'connell. we are talking trillion dollar
6:48 pm
deficits. elizabeth warren wants to overhaul the economy. your reaction to peter thiel there. >> i think peter thiel is on to something. elizabeth warren is gaining in the polls. she has the progressive talking points down to a t, particularly when it comes to the economy and rural america. joe biden has a majority of support among african-americans and seniors. if the support for biden gets eroded she could very well be the nominee. liz: bind out with his path -- biden out with his path to the white house. it's a rebuke to single payer plans. joe biden said the same
6:49 pm
falsehood that got president obama in trouble. >> if you like your healthcare plan and your employer-based plan you can keep it. if you have private insurance you can keep it. liz: the fact checkers at politifact said that was the lie of the year when barack obama said it in 2013. your take on all of this. >> i think as a policy tool, what joe biden is pushing is defendant continued to fail. but as an electoral strategy it can help him. i agree he's reiterating what was barack obama lie of the year in terms of a talking point. it pushes back on the single payer narrative which we know people don't particularly like what we are seeing. they want obamacare, their two
6:50 pm
biggest concerns. it's a policy tool, that's what bind is selling for the general election. this may be the most of substantive policy disagreement. liz: i covered the irs and taxes for two decades. it is super expensive. his bells and whistles in obamacare. it would cost $75 billion a year. he wants a european-style wealth tax to pay for it. bind has to be honest. he'll have to hit the middle class taxpayer to pay for this. >> that's right. what joe biden is promising you is more in cost, worse care and longer wait times. when seniors find out medicare advantage that they currently
6:51 pm
have is getting hurt by this, that's a winner. when the unions find out the sweet heart healthcare plans they have will get hurt, that helps president trump. liz: the 8 out of 10 2020 democrats raised their hands saying yes they will give free medical insurance to illegals. watch this, ford. a new wrinkle. state taxpayers in california will have to pay the medical debt for doctors to provide healthcare to lower income people. that group could eventually include down the road illegals. is this a new trejtd for the one -- is this a new trend for the country?
6:52 pm
>> the democrats are running on make america like california. california has a huge debt situation. i don't know if the democrats realize how tone deaf they are on this issue of. when it comes to taxpayer dollars. illegal immigrants come before american citizens and naturalized residents. >> come back soon. just ahead on the evening edit. the pressure campaign on iran looks like it's work. secretary of state mike poll pave oh saying for the first time ever iran now ready to talk about its missile program. whose policies are working here? trump's or obama's? we'll debate that next. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?!
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elizabeth: house approved a resolution condemning the president's comments about the freshmen democrat. >> the house just approved this resolution, condemning the president, an extraordinary day on capitol hill, the vote 240 to 187, all democrats voted yes. there were 4 democracies, ryan fitzpatrick from pennsylvania, will hurd and texas, upton and
6:57 pm
merrilmitch mcconnell and brooko -- from michigan and also amash voted yes. al green, democratic congressman from texas took to the floor to reintroduce articles of impeachment against the president, he has done this a couple of times before. this is a super charged day on capitol hill with a lot of back and forth, nancy pelosi with her words taken down, booed out of order, a wild day over language between the speaker. the squad, 4 freshmen. quite a day. elizabeth: house voting to condemn in a resolution the president's comments about the squad. >> secretary of state pompeo announcing this iran is willing to negotiate on its missile
6:58 pm
program. we bring in nile gardner. >> they all bring the iranian economy to its knees, they are really forcing iran into a corner. we're seeing iranian regime lashing out, having said that, i do think that we should treat reports about possible u.s.-iran talks with skepticism. iranians have rejected this talk and said they will not go to negotiations table unless the u.s. lifts sanctions, u.s. has to keep sanctions in place, the treasure on iran is work -- pressure on iran is working. well is a huge contrast with weak knees approach of the obama administration. president trump's approach is more effective than president obama lackluster approach toward
6:59 pm
iran. iran. elizabeth: there may be a way to track this in terms of speed, secretary of state mike pompeo saying that the trump sanctions have shut down up to 90% of iran's crude oil production. your reaction? >> i think that iran is in a desperate state right now. which is why they are resorting to blackmail trying to shut down international shipping in the strait of hormuz. for example. we need to be on our guard against iranian aggression and terrorism here. elizabeth: like what, quickly, how would that manifest. >> be on guard against the threat of terrorism, but further attempts by iran to seize international shipping tankers passing through the strait, we need u.s. and allies standing up to all form of iranian agresstion today. elizabeth: nile thank you. >> thank you. elizabeth: we hope we helped you
7:00 pm
tonight, lou dobbs is next, right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. >> i am greg jare gregg jarrettu dobbs. secures border president trump's crackdown on asylum claims going to effect today. >> plus another blunder for uncle joe, former radical dim vice president, making same false healthcare promises made by president obama. president trump today saying he will look into the possible connection between google and the communist chinese government, coming


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