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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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immigration with illegal immigration. that's where you need to start off. there is a big difference. reporter: thank you for hanging around. we appreciate it. that does it for "bulls and bears." thanks for joining us. liz: just moment ago four freshmen democrats firing back at donald trump after he doubled back on the progressive left tweeting that four minority congress women should go back home where they came from. one of those la -- lawmakers calling for an impeachment of the president. an up sider poll inside the democratic party showing that americans in key swing states do not want the policies the hard
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left democrats want. so much so this poll is showing the 2020 democrats risk losing the senate, the house and the white house because the hard left is the face of the party in key must-win states. we are going to tell you which hart of the democrat base is so angry with the democrats that this part of the base could cause the democrat party to lose big time. general jack keane on why iran is saying yes we want to deal with the white house. and whether the pressure campaign is work. trump supporter and trump investor peter thiel * saying the government should investigate google because google's work with chinese intelligence. what i.c.e. is planning as the president is out with a new plan
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to stop the crush of migrants at the border as the 2020 democrats campaign on loosening asylum laws. president trump with a big victory on sanctuary city policy from an unlikely court that has been against it from day one. house democrats will need to come up with their game than for next week's robert mueller hearing. we have a jam packed hour just ahead. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. welcome to the show, you are watching the fox business network. let's get right to the four
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freshman democrats known as the squad. >> i have not made impeachment central to my elect or tenure. but since the day i got elected, i said to people it's not if he'll be impeached, but when. it's time for to us stop allowing this president to make a mockery out of our constitution. it's time for to us impeach this president. president trump: these are people that in my opinion hate our country. you can say what you want. but get a list of all of the statements they have made. all i'm saying is they are not happy here, they can leave. and you know what? i am sure there will be many people that won't miss them. liz: president trump continuing
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to tweet about the squad ahead of their press conference. let's have more with chad pergram. reporter: i just came from this extraordinary press conference with the squad. number one, ayanna pressley said we are more than four people, our squad is big and we'll not be marginalized. she said coming down to washington, d.c., there were people coming up to her in the airports saying we don't agree with you politically but what the president said is a bridge too far. ilhan omar said it's time for muslims to condemn terrorism. i asked alexandria ocasio-cortez, the freshman congresswoman from the bronx. i said if some of your language was as inflammatory do you think
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this would have been different. alexandria ocasio-cortez said it wouldn't have made a difference. she said he would have continued to make these things up. she said i will go back to the great borough of the bronx. mitt romney said this was a destructive and demeaning comment. house democrats are starting to prepare a resolution that will be on the floor later this week to defend these four members and condemn the president. i spoke with a senior democratic aide. i said what is the context of this? they said we are trying to get it written. i candidate congresswoman ocasio-cortez after the news conference and i asked if she knows anything about the resolution, and she said i don't know yet because we have not seen the text. the question is, is the
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democratic leadership sufficiently behind the squad. li just to jump in here. nancy pelosi is against the squad's policy. obama officials from homeland security and more, we tracked at least a half dozen of them oh poe the squad's policies. we know three of the four of the quad were born here. but what the president is saying is what the hard left is not saying. the president is saying if you can't enter the country between the ports of entry. don't illegally cross. he's trying to fix the border and asylum laws. that the hard left has ignored for too long. they choose to complain about it but not figure it. that's what the debate is about. >> some of those members voted against the border bill. they thought it didn't go in the
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direction they wanted it to. they said if you want to address the problem, you rarely get a full loaf. you ray a salient point about the asylum issues. lindsey graham the senator from south carolina. he indicated last week that things weren't progressing on that. but congress doesn't have the political energy to address immigration and not address border and asylum. that's the central issue to all of these issues. it's immigration policy. until congress is able to address that issue, we'll continue to have this debate in washington. lit * joining me now is the heritage foundation's kelsey bogart. we know what the polls are
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saying. but this is a portrait in min tiewsh of what's wrong with the democratic party. an inhernl democrat party poll shared with "axios" showed democrats upset and worried they could lose the white house. polls show the hard left is the face of the party in key must-win states. they are saying they are out of touch with mainstream america. >> this poll is much more interesting to talk about and track than who is up and down in the race for president. that's because it's a narrative among the democrat party. the divide between the socialist democrats and moderate democrats. this poll suggests the socialist
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democrats are defining the party and nancy pelosi and others are pointing out that this is problematic if they want any hope of winning back congress in full and winning the presidency. li here is trump's tweet. why don't they go back and fiction the totally crime infested places from which they came. kea apparenti apparently this is about the states they came from. >> this tweet appears to be inaccurate to begin with considering through of the four of them, the squad were born here in the united states. but that said, i think it's possible to rightly condemn the president's tweet over the weekend and strongly condemn omar and others' radical take and positions they are taking in congress. they could have focused on that
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tweet which perhaps they could have won over some moderate americans. but instead they chose it as an opportunity to promote their far left socialist platform that is ostracizing to any moderate democrat voters. liz: "the washington post" say the far left is too far left as they prepare to take on trump. the democrats worry that the 2020 democrats are taking on untouchable positions on healthcare and immigration. if we nominate someone for open borders we won't win. and the knowledge congressman saying i would not be truthful if i said i was not concerned. saying we are going to have open borders is not good for the country. we can't have people pouring in.
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>> the democrat party is facing an identity crisis and many of the moderate are rightly pointing out if they go down this socialist path they will leave many voters essentially homeless. nancy pelosi is doing everything she can to push back but she is not winning. look how much press coverage this press conference got. they are setting the tone for the partly to be socialist extreme lift open borders and it will haunt them. >> let's get to hillary vaughn at the capital. hillary? >>ly, a former vp and presidential candidateio bind is blasting his fellow democrats saying they are like republicans because they are running on
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eliminating obamacare but for different reasons. >> i knew republicans would do everything in their power to eliminate obamacare. reporter: he would not scrap obamacare in favor of a medicare for all plan. he rolled out a plan that would be a lot cheaper than medicare for all. the cost of biden's plan would be $750 billion over 10 years. under the plan, a medicare for all-like public option would be available. they would negotiate prices with providers. prices would be capped. it would allow patients to buy drugs from other countries as long as the hhs determines the drugs are safe. senator bernie sanders is not backing down on his idea. his campaign releasing a
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statement blasting biden as a middle ground proposal. the campaign manager saying in a statement a public option would be a policy and moral failure at a time when the american people want medicare for all. insurers would dump the sickest and neediest individuals. sanders tweeted the video of former president obama advocating for medicare for all calling it a great new option. liz: reports coming in that the 2020 democrats risk losing the swing states because they risk losing the labor union base of voters. labor unions don't like single payer. it takes away a big bargaining chip in negotiations.
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the afl-cio says they don't like the plan from bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. many amazon workers striking today, protesting on one of amazon's biggest shopping days. susan li is in shoco -- is in s shshakopee, minnesota. they are walking off the job on one of amazon's busiest days. what they are protesting are better work conditions and alleviating some of these stressful hourly packing quotas. >> it's a very difficult place to work. it's a tough job.
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it's very physical. it can be very boring. and there are things amazon could do to improve those conditions. reporter: amazon contends this walkout is opportunistic. >> with unions it increases their membership dues. it works within their favor to conjure information about our working conditions. the fact of the matter is we already offer things that these organizations purport. we offer great benefits and opportunities to succeed. reporter: elizabeth warren of massachusetts tweeted out, i fully support amazon's workers'
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prime day strike. bernie sanders says higher wages is just part of the equation. liz: prosecutors say he is an extraordinary flight risk. but attorney for jeffrey epstein is telling a judge that the disgraced money man is willing to put up bail as high as $100 million to stay out of jail until his trial. we'll take you live to the federal courthouse for that. lia cookie dough ninja. apply that same speed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards.
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for just $149 you'll receive five screenings that could reveal what your body isn't telling you. i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. liz: hurricane barry is the first hurricane of the year. it left mississippi and louisiana severely water logged. new orleans escaped the worst of hurricane barry, but it's not over. jeff flock is in norms with the latest. reporter: i come from the canal at lake pontchartrain. you see the earthen and flood wall levees that protect this city.
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because the storm was not as intense as perhaps feared, gas prices and oil production and refining came out pretty well. gas prices now at $2.79. we are going to get that 4 cents back because of no damage to capacity. along the mississippi it's flank places like arkansas. flash floods expected there. nothing terrible yet. back here on the ground in new orleans, i give you a look at the london avenue canal. perhaps you see the flood walls. homes that you see over there all below sea level. about half of northerly is below
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sea level. if you get a breach, no surprise you have a big mess. the $15 million the government spent to upgrade those walls seems to be money well spent. but it's early in the hurricane season. liz: the judge in the jeffrey epstein sex trafficking case says he needs more time to decide on the multi millan air's request to be released on bail. but prosecutors warning he's a flight risk, a danger to society and should remain in jail until the trial. brian llenas is outside the courthouse. reporter: two of he stienls accusedders spoke out and urged
6:23 pm
the journal not to grants bail for the quote safety of the girls. the women were 14 and 16. we spoke exclusively to their attorney. >> do you think it will be a deterrent? >> i think if victims see he's been released, even if he's in sub sides, i think they will be concerned. >> the prosecution argued he spine is an extreme flight risk. prosecutors say they found diamonds, piles of cash and a fake saudi passport inside a safe in his manhattanning mansion. the defense is asking the judge to release epstein on house
6:24 pm
arrest inside his $77 million townhouse. liz: reports coming in, more women are stepping up to accuse jeffrey epstein. the iranian president is ready to negotiate with the u.s. can iran be trusted? secretary of state mike pompeo coming up. what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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liz: there has been a big problem with border kroars, illegal immigrants crossing the border between ports of entry. that's what's going on. the trump white house is trying to stop all this. it's looking to tighten asylum rules for illegal immigrants. while i.c.e. raids over the weekend were smaller than
6:29 pm
anticipated. i.c.e. will conduct smaller raid over the span of a week or maybe longer. let's break it down with fox news, william lajeunesse. william? reporter: protesters claiming i.c.e. operations targeting recently arrived illegal immigrants withstanding deportation orders is racist, heartless and unnecessary. >> this is used to justify the shameful policy. reporter: sources say the story leaked out you,. president trump: the truth is it started a number of days before yesterday. but yesterday was very successful. reporter: in l.a. near macarthur park residents were fearful. >> part of the intent is to confuse people and scare them and put them on edge.
6:30 pm
reporter: the 2,000 immigrants sought by i.c.e. are a fraction of the total number. >> you have doing targeting action against specific individual who had their day in immigration court. reporter: 70% of president obama's deportations had no criminal record. in 2016, 85% of removals recently crossed the border. 90% were convicted of a crime. under president trump the numbers remain about the same. president trump: i say focus on the criminals. focus on the people killing
6:31 pm
people. liz: today president trump said many illegal aliens were removed from the country. president trump: many were felons, many were convicted of crimes. many, many were taken out on sunday. you just can't know about it. i spoke to the head of i.c.e. we had many people. it was a very successful day. but you didn't see a lot of it. it was a lot. li texas congressman brian babbitt. this is a bit of a confusing story. what's your reaction to the story you just heard? >> if we don't start deporting people who have had their day in court and a federal judge ordered their removal. we'll disincentivize the people
6:32 pm
coming up here by the hundreds of thousands per month. the president is doing a great job trying to protect americans. i have never seen such a slanted one-sided story we are getting from the mainstream media, the democrats trying to portray this as a racist thing. this has nothing to do with race. the identity politics of this country are just inexcusable. we have lost all common sense. we are going to allow criminal aliens to stay in our midst in spite of a judge having ordered their removal. liz: even joe biden. liz: the order said they have to apply for asylum from their home country. if they don't, then they can't
6:33 pm
get in. >> that one of the very few tools that the administration has at hand because we just simply don't get the support of the democratic party across the aisle to do it legislatively. now we have got this enormous national crisis at the border on all plains, all aspects of public health. criminals. it's overwhelming numbers on our schools, hospitals, et cetera. and we have to have something done. the president is determined to secure this border and i support him 100%. the man is being called all these names, the republican party is being called all these names. and i think the american people are waking up. they need to read between the lines of the mainstream media that this is a racist issue. this is a national security, this is a health and safety
6:34 pm
issue for american citizens. liz: pew research is saying the average time illegals are in this country has doubled to 15 years. the i.c.e. acting director is saying no other law enforcement agency is asked to ignore the lawful orders of a judge. i.c.e. is execute the orders and the laws as congress wrote them. i says arguments like aoc calling them concentration camps is wrong. >> it's utterly ridiculous. when we have -- we are a nation of laws. we cannot just ignore the laws we don't like and enforce the ones we do like. we have to obey the law. these democrats voted on these laws in years past.
6:35 pm
now they are wanting to pick and choose which laws they like because of the political correctness and the advantages they are derive from people coming in overwhelming numbers. >> big, big victory for president trump from an unlikely court. the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled in favor of the trump administration saying yes you can deny federal grant money for community policing services for sanctuary cities. you can deny federal funds to sanctuary cities. i want your reaction to former acting i.c.e. director tom homan. >> do you not care? is it because these children don't look like children around you? i don't get it. >> have you ever held a deceased child in our arms? >> first of all, your comments
6:36 pm
are disgusting. i served my country 34 years. and yes, i held a 5-year-old boy in my arms. i knelt down beside him and said a prayer for him because i knew of what the last 30 minutes of his life were like. and i had a 5-year-old son at the time. what i tried to do in my 34 years serving my nation is save lives. for to you sit there and insult my integrity and my love for children, that's why this whole thing needs to be fixed. fix it. liz: thomas homan is saying, congress, you are politicizing this to stay in power. you are dhootion attack integrity of men and women who served their country as best they can under the laws you have write. you choose to complain instead of fixing the laws. it's your problem.
6:37 pm
>> i agree with mr. homan 100%. all they want to do is inject race, political correctness, and you know what? you have would have to be inhuman to not feel compassion for somebody who wants to bring their family or come up here and find a better way of life. but the reality is that we need to be watching out for our citizens, and we have american citizens who are being murdered, having dwi crimes in their communities. their schools being overwhelmed. the police forces. the hospitals. we cannot afford to continue to have open borders which is what mrs. pelosi and democrats want to do. liz: why trump supporter and invest year peter teal says he wants the united states to
6:38 pm
investigate google. he fears chinese military intelligence infiltrated google.
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i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. liz: we have news coming in about iran. iran is saying it's ready to negotiate with the u.s. if all u.s. sanctions are lifted. do you trust this? >> absolutely not. this is a ploy they succeed with the obama administration. we'll not accept a condition for negotiation for sanction relief. president trump and his team are succeeding beyond expectations in a way no one has for 39
6:43 pm
years. iranians are back on their heels, liz. i think president trump and his team has some patience and this will work towards their goals in the long run. liz: their oil revenues have been splashed by some measures but to a tenth of their daily exports. >> it's down to north of 200,000. plus other manufacturing goods are being dramatically stifled. food shortages and growing civil unrest. and most of significantly. a lack of operating fund for his deployed proxies in syria and lebanon and also the terrorist movement they conduct worldwide all being impacted. liz: major loss of political and
6:44 pm
economic power foreiran. let's switch gears to china. peter teal calling for the -- peter thiel * calling for the fbi and the cia to investigate if google has been compromised. google has refused -- google has refused to work on project maven, the pentagon's artificial intelligence tore drones. >> the fbi conducts significant counter-intelligence operations and a lot of that has to do with cyber. the fact that a prominent business person is suggesting that china may be penetrating them is one thing. but the fbi i'm confident deals with google's cyber people on a regular basis like they do the
6:45 pm
defense industry every single day. it doesn't mean china doesn't have the capability to penetrate because they do. the united states defense industry that helps build nuclear power submarines, and china penetrated that through the defense industry. so they are going to keep trying. but rest assured the fbi is there and have much aware of china's malign behavior. liz: china's gdp growth dropped to its lowest in 29 years. maybe even apple considering it. your take on all that? >> pressure is mounting on the communist chinese regime. two years ago the 19th party congress and xi was anointed for an indefinite tenure as the
6:46 pm
leader. increased authoritarian rule. now he has political unrest around him. he has significant economic challenges and part of the world is closing in on him to a certain degree. the president just has to keep his foot on the pedal and keep putting the pressure on and i think we'll eventually get a deal that's satisfactory to the united states. thank you so much for coming on and thank you for your service to our country. come back soon. next up. what started as alexandria ocasio-cortez taking on speaker pelosi. it's now full-blown warfare with the democratic caucus and the congressional black caucus fighting with aoc. that story is next. , here we go. i know i can't play an instrument,
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i'll pass.
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president trump: the democrats. if they want to gear their wagons around these four people, i don't think the people of the united states will stand for it. liz: let's get to congressman
6:51 pm
darrell issa. alexandria ocasio-cortez' chief staff has been tweeting out smackdowns of democrats. is fist guy the root of the problem? >> no. as a member of congress, your chief of star doesn't work in a vacuum. the squad of four is driving the democratic party. and one that nancy pelosi don't know what to do with. liz: i hear what you are saying. he's running aoc's office web's running a movement. he's saying that democrats are racist and going after minorities. he's enraged that congressional black caucus for basically
6:52 pm
saying we want to lift primary challengers. they are saying aoc and her team are going after the minority house democrats. that's quite a fight. >> some of them are blue dogs or nearly blue dogs. the reality is they are collection their party. they are making a real change. they want to get rid of old democrats and what bill clinton called new democrats, and they want to go back to the cover what they believe the progressive movement is. they are moving their party away from legislation and toward a cause they believe is a winner for them. maybe not an electoral winner, but a winner for their movement. liz: i'm so sorry we ran out of
6:53 pm
time. we had breaking news. coming up. the house judiciary is going to meet tonight. they are mapping out the battle plan for the mueller hearing. we'll break it down next. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. the volvo xc90. the cloud i need? it has to keep up with sales, supply chain,
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elizabeth: house judiciary meeting tonight to map out bat helbattle plan for next year's hearing, robert mueller.
6:57 pm
good to see you, the democrats fear the public is losing inlevel. wharest, what is your take. >> i think the democrats are in a testify spot, someone who does not want to be there next week. said even if he does show up, he is not going to say much. even if he does say something, american public is giving it a big yawn, they have their work cut out for america to be interested in this. elizabeth: maximum impact they want to obstruction of justice. >> well, i think that first attorney general bill barr, and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein found there was not sufficient evidence there. i think that is correct. the president took lawful actions because of what was going on. with out of control bias people
6:58 pm
at fbi and elsewhere starting these investigations, he just said enough, i want these people out, that lawful. elizabeth: my next question, could it backfire on democrats, the republicans could seize control and start asking robert mueller why did you look into surveillance of spying on trump campaign. if you were on that committee, and you had 5 minutes to question muler wha mueller, whau ask? >> questions about that, and why he didn't look into 7 things and bias of his staff, and why he hired people only given to democrats, tak ta fbi agents whe texting and had a clear dislike for the president, why do you keep these people on and hire them, there is a lot of vulnerability with this questions. elizabeth: democracies moving
6:59 pm
fast trying to hold kellyanne conway in contempt. this is about her accusation she is doing politics as a federal worker. what is your take on this development? >> congress has a legitimate over site roll to appoint. they issuing soupinessa -- subpoenas right and left buzz thebecause they hate the presid, and they want to embarrass him, they just want to embarrass her. we should move on, try to get congress to maybe do their jobs. elizabeth: could they brought the same accusation against officials under clinton administration or obama administration? >> perhaps. it is just getting worse and worse, this is not good for the
7:00 pm
country. elizabeth: thank you robert pittman. >> thank you for having us why your home, thank you for watching, lou dobbs is next, right here on the fox business network. >> good evening i am gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs, president trump taking another step to secure southern border, tightening rules for illegals seeking asylum on southern border and cracking down a number of central americans eligible to enter the country. >> president trump's tariffs choking china's economy, beijing posting slowest growth since early 1990s, markets here in u.s. finish at record highs. >> and radical dimms in disarray for freshman -- 4 fresh


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