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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  July 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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definitely go. i want to have a camera there and who knows what goes on in area 51. melissa: it could be nothing. ashley: maybe but we don't know unless we get in there. that does it for us. melissa: bulls & bears starts right now. >> breaking news right now freshman democrats illham omar, alexandria ocasio-cortez will be holding a press conference at any moment, that's what you're seeing on your screen right now, to respond to president trump's tweets over the weekend, telling these progressive democrats to go back to their country of origin. the tweet storm igniting a firestorm, president trump saying he meant if you're not happy here in the united states you can leave. we'll see how that go over when you take you back to capitol hill when this press conference begins. and as we await these congresswoman, take a look at this. more history on wall street. you've got the dow, s&p 500 and nasdac finishing at new record highs for the second day in a row. the third day actually for the
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dow. and also happening right now, point, click, strike, the same day amazon celebrates its most high profile shopping event of the year, prime day, thousands of amazon workers in the united states and europe hitting the picket lines, protesting overworking conditions, wages, and much more. this is bulls & bears, i'm christina partsinevelos and joining me on the panel today, jonathan hoenig, liz peek, gary kaltbaum but first let's go to susan li in minnesota where you have the amazon fulfillment workers striking actually right behind you. susan what are they telling you? well in what they said is the first of its kind across north america we do have workers at the amazon fulfillment center just outside minneapolis, minnesota walking off the jobs on one of the most important days for amazon and what they are protesting not wages because we do have amazon listing the minimum wage up to $15 an hour, in fact amazon says the average
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wage is around 16 to $20 and that includes benefits but they are upset with worker conditions in these unfair stressful productivity quotas that are placed on to these workers meaning they have to pack a lot of goods in a very short amount of time and also they're upset with the fact they haven't been hiring full time staff but talk more about what all of this is about let's bring in captain michael russeau, whose actually a pilot that works for one of amazon's contractors and i'm wondering why he flew here to show your support. >> i think it's important to show the solidarity with the fulfillment workers and everybody else in the supply chain, and the last mile delivery guys and cargo pilots and we do the same job delivering amazon. do you feel amazon miss treats their workers? >> i can't speak about whether or not amazon miss treats workers but the conditions in my company are becoming more and more burden some as amazon increases the pressure of the operations. >> what does that mean, in your case, because we've heard from workers here who say they have to pack a lot of goods in 16
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minutes but as a pilot what does that mean for you? >> that means we have a staffing problem with the contracts that we have today we can't recruit enough pilots to stock these airplanes and amazon has really ambitious growth plans, and just getting the airplanes staffed and crewed properly in order to serve amazon is becoming a problem. >> so they're asking a lot of you. i'm just wondering do you feel that you're being paid enough to meet those expectations? >> actually we're losing pilots because we're not paid enough. if you compare the jobs we do to a company like ups or fedex and amazon clearly put themselves into that segment, our packages are 60% at a discount of what fedex and ups does. >> right so amazon moving their minimum wage up to $15 an hour doesn't mean anything for you. >> not directly, no. >> okay so amazon contends they actually pay more than most people across the state, for pilots like you, you would lick a raise as well? >> absolutely yeah.
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in order to retain and recruit enough pilots we're going to need a better pay package. >> let me ask you this are you taking part in the rally in just a bit down this allieway here? >> i'm here for a few more hours. >> but they're calling for change as well outside of the amazon fulfillment center and now amazon did get back to us in fact they let us in for first exclusive look inside the fulfillment center, on prime day take a listen to what the seen young protesters r vp of pr amazon operations had to say to us about these protests. >> events like prime day become an opportunity for our critics to raise the visibility of their cause and with unions to increase their business, their membership. it works within their favor to conjure misinformation about our working conditions. our view is that people who are out protesting today simply are just not informed about what it's like to work here in our facility and we encourage them to take those energies, those efforts and focus on increasing the federal minimum wage, 7.25
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is ridiculous. >> okay so we do have this ticketing set to end, we'll have a rally at the end of this walk way. it will continue, but we're expecting a full six hours of protest and of course we'll continue to attract this on what is very important day for amazon back to you. >> susan li, thank you very much. what do you make of all of this given the reports that have come out in the new york times saying there's a bruising working conditions people complain about the salaries undercover journalist who said people had to pea in bottles in the warehouse during work shifts. what do you make of all of this? >> sounds like one of my college road trips. the unions versus companies began in the 1890s when companies were developing incredible economic power. we don't have a lot of unions today but the idea that workers are going to demand more whether it's in terms of working conditions or wages is entirely american, deeply ingrained in our history over the past 100 plus years and i think it's great that workers are attempting change the nature of
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their conditions whether or not they're right is i don't have a strong opinion about that but anybody who criticizes this as somehow socialists, this is totally american this battle between labor & companies over whose going to get more of the conditions has been going on for decades and decades. >> and i think that's totally true. it is totally american to have this happening but it also reflects the fact that unionization at private companies has hit an all-time low 6.4%, obviously amazon with 125,000 workers is a very big target . this reminds me totally of the tax on walmart, several years ago when they were trying to, when they went after walmart , by spreading a lot of disinformation. what hasn't been discussed here, not only these people make minimum wage but get dental benefits very good healthcare benefits. this is a pretty highly-paid group to be basically out there protesting.
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do they have a right to do it? of course and by the way the reason you have pilots showing up is that's a very strong union affiliation too and all i can say to those people is welcome to the robots and drones because if you don't know where they're going -- >> and it's like the amazon woman said they have a day to celebrate trade and celebrate doing business and aflcio takes that opportunity to drum up their cause and the truth is that people are lining up to work at amazon. amazon succeeds by doing business, and by winning relationships and with customers and employees but my god, if there's a better job for you to take, go out and take it and find out. this notion, i mean, warehouse work, it has dignity, but i hate to break it to people, it doesn't have a lot of scarcity. so go out and get a better job this notion you can walk around demanding an employer make changes that to me is pretty unamerican if you ask me. >> arguably the most important day amazon has during the year where last year they sold
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100 million products-plus over $4 billion worth of product, this is what employees do that actually got hired and make a better living than most that do this. i'm sorry if i'm amazon i'm considering and this is going to sound bad but i'd get rid of them and find some people that actually appreciate having a job and making above minimum wage with benefits and things like that and jonathan said if you want to make more show you deserve more, and move up the chain at amazon. for me this is crazy to watch on such an important base of the company you work for. >> i want to pivot a little bit since we're talking about technology, elizabeth warren using to double up her calls breaking up amazon. giant corporations like amazon have too much power in fact nearly half of all e-commerce goes through amazon. my administration will make big structural changes to the tech sector, to promote more
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competition, including breaking up amazon, facebook, and google. breakup bigtech. so jonathan how do you feel about the fact that a politician is suggesting she knows how a company should be run and whether it should be broken up or not? >> well she's right about one thing, christina, amazon has a lot of power but economic power all the company and amazon can do is offer a trade, here is a job, a product, take it or leave it but elizabeth warren is political power and that's the power of the gun. government can break up a company, i mean, they could literally do whatever they want so you shouldn't fear amazon if you don't like it don't use it. we should fear these politicians want to meddle with every element of private life. >> president trump has said exactly the same thing ability twitter and the social media company so this is hardly a democrat/republican. this is a lot of people in government feeling these companies got too much power and just as we see with these workers protesting there is a triad in americal society jockey
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ing for a position of influence trying to get their own views and agendas enacted. government's private industry and workers. they are often-intentioned and often contest on the way we sometimes come up with positive change is by some sort of rough negotiation amongst these three different groups. >> that's true but this is a rule of law nation and unless there's some really good reason to break up a company like amazon which by the way almost every one in the united states uses and i think it would be an unbelievably unpopular thing to go after i don't really see it. i think with facebook, google which is so dominant in the search business when you're dealing with information i think the american public has a different point of view than when you're dealing with an incredibly efficient company which i don't like because they put out of business so many small businesses but they've done a heck of a job. >> let's not forget this is elizabeth warren that calls herself a capitalist that wants wealth taxes and to break up
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companies you get too big and too successful screw you we're breaking you up? that's what she's talking about. they want to do it in the financial industry. they want to do it in the healthcare industry and do it in the education industry and control every means of your life until you have no decisions any more, and they tax you to death. >> but gary, it's a republican end. >> come on i don't care. >> but zachary anything about amazon now, they said the same thing about walmart in the 1990s , and they said the same thing about myspace in 1999. they didn't want to compete with myspace this is the nature of a dynamic competitive market. my god, politicians, put out. >> jonathan just a good point is could this be a potential value grab for investors if a company were to break up because you think about john rockefeller when they broke up standard oil, so i wonder if it would be an
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opportunity financially ignoring all of the politics but the china slowdown, china experiencing its weakest economic growth in decades and is this a sign president trump is winning the trade war? we'll ask former trump campaign advisor, that's next. president trump: we're taking the toughest ever action to confront china's chronic trade abuse, we're doing numbers to many years. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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if you're not happy here you can leave it is your choice and your choice alone . this is about love for america. certain people hate our country. they are anti-israel, pro-al qaeda and comments on the 9/11 attacks some people did something." radical left democrats want open borders which means drugs, crime , human trafficking and much more. detention facilities are not concentration camps. america has never been stronger than it is now, rebuilds military, highest stock market ever, lowest unemployment and more people working than ever before. keep america great. we will bring you though this press conference live as soon as it begins. president trump: we're standing up to the american worker, like our country has never stood up for the worker before, certainly not in the 100 year or 50 year era. i think we can probably go back right to the beginning because nobody stood up for the worker like i'm standing up for the worker. >> that was president trump, to
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uting his america-first agenda amid china's economic slow down. he tweeted, china's second quarter growth is the slowest its been in 27 years. the united states tariffs are having a major effect on companies wanting to leave china for non-tariffed countries. thousands of companies are leaving. this is why china wants to make a deal. here is a look at a few of those companies shifting from production out of china. the list includes macy's, cisco, and google. let's bring in curtis ellis, a senior policy advisor at america first policies. is this the proof we need that we're winning the trade war with china? >> absolutely. we are winning and we are not tired of winning yet. we've seen the slowest economic growth in china in 27 years and as the president said and is documented on the wall street journal's front page, companies are moving their supply chains out of china. they can't make it through the
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exits fast enough. the fact of the matter is, 5/10 of china's top 10 exports to america are also made in mexico so there is no reason for these companies to be in china. why would you want to invest in a country that is ruled by an authoritarian regime that does not respect rule of law that could confiscate your property as well as trade secrets at any time and is american values and interest? finally, we have an administration that has woken up america and woken up to the world to those facts and businesses are starting to respond, and thanks to this temporary halt in the raising of tariffs, they now have more breathing room, companies have a little breathing room to diversify their supply chains, get out of china, and move back to the united states. >> we're going to have to interrupt you for a second so we'll take this live press conference. >> thank you all of you for being here today.
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i want to send a message of gratitude and thanks to the solidarity that we are seeing from every corner of our country from our colleagues to our neighbors, we're grateful for your solidarity your encouragement in your support, and in the face of the most recent occupants of the white house. i will always refer to hip as the occupant as he is only occupying space. it does not embody the grace, the empathy, the compassion, the integrity, that that office requires and that the american people deserve. that being said, i encourage the american people and all of us in this room and beyond to not take the bait. this is a disruptive distraction from the issues of care, concern
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and consequence to the american people, that we were sent here with a decisive mandate from our constituents. everything from reducing the cost of prescription drugs, to addressing our affordable housing crisis, to ensuring that the american people have more than health insurance and healthcare. more recently thanks to the partnership of chairman elijah cummings and the advocacy of myself and the coalition for decades we held the first hearing on childhood trauma and sitting in that hearing as we heard about childhood trauma in the wake of the public health crisis, in the wake of ptsd, in the wake of those battling
5:21 pm
substance abuse disorder and a host of other things, it's impossible not to think of the trauma being inflicted upon children every day at our border . at the end of the day, children are still in a cage and we are vigorously and fundamentally opposed to the criminal admin, the attention and deportation of families who are simply doing what is their legal advice than the is to seek asylum. in the tradition of who we say we are as a country, a beacon of life and hope and of refuge, this is simply a disruption and a distraction from the chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration all the way down, so we want to get back to the
5:22 pm
business of the american people while we were sent here reducing the cost of prescription drugs addressing the public health crisis and epidemic that is gun violence and addressing the racial wealth gap and yeah, making sure that families stay together. i also would just like to underscore the fact that despite the occupant of the white house attempt to marginalize us and to silence us, please know that we are more than four people. we ran on a mandate who advocate for and to represent those who were left out and left behind. our stride is big. our squad includes any person committed to building more equitable and that is the work that we want to get back to and given the size of this squad , and this brave nation, we cannot, we will not be silenced.
5:23 pm
and now i'll invite representative omar as well. >> thank you, congresswoman pre ssley. this country was founded on the radical idea that we are created equal and endowed by our create or with in alienable rights and yes, we have a long way before we fully live up to values. it is for this reason, precisely , that we have to take action, when a president is openly violating the oath he took to the constitution of the united states and the core values we acquired. as martin luther king said, all we say so america is, be true to what you say on paper. i believe this is a moment in
5:24 pm
our country. the eyes of history is with us. right now, the president is carrying out mass deportations raids across this country, in each one of our districts. right now the president is committing human rights abuses at the border keeping children in cages, and having human being s drinking out of toilets. this president, who has been credibly accused of committing multiple crimes, including foreign governments interfering with our election, this is a president who has over seen the administration in our history and pursued an agenda to allow millions of americans to die from a lack of health care while he transfers millions of dollars of tax cuts to corporations. this is a president who has said
5:25 pm
that called black athletes "sons of bitches." this is a president who called people who come from black and brown countries "shit hole." this is a president who has equated neo-nazis with those who protest against them. this is a president who has openly violated the very value our country aspires to uphold. equality under the law, religious liberty, people's protection, and protection from prosecution, and to detract from that he's launching a racist attack on four duly-elected members of the united states of house of representatives all of whom are women of color. this is the agenda of white
5:26 pm
nationalist, whether it is happening in chat rooms or it's happening on national tv, and now, its reached the white house garden. he would love nothing more than to divide our country based on race, religion, gender, orientation, or immigration status, because this is the only way he knows he can prevent the solidarity of us working together across all of our differences. the only way to prevent us confronting the problems our country is facing, whether it is healthcare, climate change, student debt, or our endless war this is his plan to hit us against one another. this is how he can continue to enrich his friends and distract us from the detrimental policies
5:27 pm
that his administration is pushing for. so we can either continue to enable this president and restore it on the pile of garbage that comes out of his mouth or we can hold him accountable for his crimes. we can continue to turn a blind eye of the multiple times he's accused us. we can stand while he violates these people's basic human rights and it's the responsibility that his administration has for the deaths of children on our border , or we can take action. i have not made impeachment central to my election or my tenure, but since the day that i've gotten elected, i've said to people, it is not how he will
5:28 pm
be impeached but when. so it is time for us to stop allowing this president to make a mockery out of our constitution. it's time for us to impeach this president. so now, we're going to have alexandria ocasio-cortez, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> good afternoon, everyone, and i'll try to keep things as short as i can, but who knows. so when i was a little girl, my father took me to the reflect reflecting pool here. we were on a road trip, from new york to florida, to visit family , and i've told this story before but it was my first time ever visiting washington d.c., and with my only time visiting
5:29 pm
washington d.c., for years, if not decades, and he rested me on the side of the reflection pool and i had my toes dipped in the water and he had me look at the washington monument, had me look at the capitol, had me look at the entirety of the capitol of our great country and he looked at everything and he said "this belongs to all of us." this belongs to you and it belongs to me and so the first note that i want to tell children across this country is that no matter what the president says, this country belongs to you and it belongs to everyone and today, that notion, that very notion was challenged. this weekend that very notion was challenged so i am not
5:30 pm
surprised when the president says that four sitting members of congress should "go back to their own country" when he has authorized raids without warrant s on thousands of families across this country, and i'm not surprised that he uses the rhetoric that he does, that he violates international human rights and takes thousands of children away from their families. i am not surprised that he has turned our public education system under the leadership of betsy devos into a cash cow to enrich, insult his friends and i'm not surprised when he corrupts the secretary of transportation. i am not surprised at what he's doing but i also know that we're focused on making it better, because we don't leave the things that we love and when we love this country, what that means is that we propose the solutions to fix it. we love all people in this country, and that's why we
5:31 pm
believe healthcare is a human right. we love our children in this country and because we do, that's how we fight for education for all children, through college, and so we'll stay focused on our agenda, and we won't get caught with them because all of this is a distraction. it's a distraction from what's most important and from our core values as american citizens and with that i'll hand it over to r ashid tlbib. >> thank you all so much for being here as we all know the recent tweets and words from the president are simply a continuation of his racist xeno phobic playbook. we cannot allow these hateful actions by the president to distract us from the critical work to hold this administration accountable to the inhumane conditions at the border and illegal horrific conditions. i represent a third
5:32 pm
congressional district in this country, one made of working people. i was elected to fight for them by the 13th congressional district. they sent me here to congress to fight back against the corporate assault and the corruption in our country. this means supporting an impeachment inquiry of this president and his actions by the administration and its appointee sadly this is not the first nor will it be the last time we hear disgusting bigoted language from the president. we know it's who he is and we know that he and his administration are constantly engaged in actions that have residents and american people in our country. many members of congress have fallen for this because of his utter disregard in this response of the united states constitution, and despite this, and other many attempts to distract us, i remain focused, we remain focused on holding him
5:33 pm
accountable for the laws of this land and accountable to the american people. i urge health leadership, many of my colleagues, to take action toparch this lawless president today and now we'll take two or three questions. mary? reporter: thank you very much. the president today said that many people agree with him and support these comments. i'm wondering if you can speak directly to those supporters of the president and explain why these comments are so harmful and hurtful and on a personal note if you can discuss the consequences of impacts in these comments, have you had to up your security or are you receiving increasing ideas? >> i will just say that the experience that he offered is in contradiction to the experience that i have every day, including on my way here. he said i disagree with some of
5:34 pm
your policies, i'm an in, i'm a republican and i think what he did was wrong, and he won't apologize, but i am going to apologize, so i have experienced nothing from those comments. again denouncing these xeno phobic bigoted words, but again, this is a distraction and we should not take the bait. we can sit here and continue to recycle the hateful rhetoric of which i can not be surprised and have inflated outrage because he is, if nothing else, predictable what we're focused on, are the hateful policies that are draconian and life threatening and families separating that are being rolled out by this administration every day. reporter: omar in particular, but all of you, can you respond
5:35 pm
to some of the president's specific claims, most notably, that you're a communist and that you're pro-al qaeda? >> you might have noticed how when he said go back to where you came from, there was an uproar through all of our communities, because every single person whose brown and black, at some point in their life, in this country, heard that. now when he made the comment, i will let everyone who has lived in this country and across the world has heard that comment, and so i will not dignify it with an answer, because i know that every single person who is hateful, who is driven by an
5:36 pm
ideology as this president is, the choices in us responding to that and in us defending ourselves. i do not expect every time there is a white supremities who attacks or there's a white man who kills in the school or in a movie theatre, or in a mosque, or in a synagogue. i don't expect my white community members to respond on whether they love that person or not, and so i think it is beyond time. it's beyond time, to ask muslims to condemn terrorists. we are no longer going to allow this dignity of such ridiculous,
5:37 pm
ridiculous statements. reporter: some of you made comments that threaten soviets that were controversial. do you think some of those comments made if they were inflammatory and controversial that this situation would be different, that he specifically directed some of them? >> can you repeat that? reporter: the president took issue with some of the comments that some of you made on a host of issues and turning them back around. had those comments not been made or you perceived them as being controversial do you think that would have made the situation different? in other words he would have the fire power to turn it back around? >> no i will take this and i think alex has a answer for this , and i'll let her finish it every single statement that we make is from a place of extreme love for every single person in this country. it is part of the mandate of why we ran for office and why we got
5:38 pm
elected. every single person wants to make sure that they have people in the halls of congress that is fighting to make sure that they have healthcare, that they have an education, that is suitable in the united states, that they have access to proper roads and bridges, that they have access to clean water and clean air, and every single person here in the united states knows that we are fighting every single day, to create a more perfect union and fight on their behalf. now when people say, if you say a negative thing about the policies in this country, you hate this country, to me, it sort of speaks to the hipocracy alex and i were talking about this. when this president ran and until today, he talks about everything that was wrong in this country, and how he was going to make it right, and so for him to condemn us and to say we are un-american for wanting
5:39 pm
to work hard, to make this country be the country we all deserve to live in,? >> i don't think it would have changed anything because first of all, he made statements that were blatantly untrue, so whether he was citing comments or not citing comments if he didn't have what he wanted to say he would make it up. this president operates incomplete bad faith. he does not operate in good faith and so that's one thing but second to the previous question as well. weak minds and leaders challenge loyalty to our country in order to avoid challenging and debating the policy. this president does not know how to make the argument that americans do not deserve healthcare. he does not know how to defend
5:40 pm
his policy, so what he does is attack us personally, and that is what this is all about. he can't look a child in the face and he can't look all americans in the face and justify why this country is throwing them in cages, so instead, he tells us that i should go back to the great bronx and make it better, and that's what i'm here to do. >> thank you all so much for being here. >> and there you have it four congresswoman right now just wrapping up their press conference a lot of comments in there we'd first like to apologize for some of the language that you heard we did take that event live. i'd like to recap because you had representative pressly referring to the president as only an occupant because he only occupies space
5:41 pm
and congresswoman omar saying the nationalist has reached the white house garden and you had alexandria ocasio-cortez comment on human rights, healthcare being a human right as well as those seeking asylum, and also being a human right and then last but not least you have representative tlaib saying that the president's tweets are a continuation of racism, and they don't defend the president or the president doesn't defend his own policies so instead, he attacks them and so those are the four that you just saw on your screen right there. he's already reached out on twitter not to us but to everybody, the president with another tweet just within the last few moments or so, this is a tweet. the dems were trying to distance themselves from the four progressives but now they are forced to embrace them. that means they are enforcing socialism, hate of israel and the usa. not good for the democrats, curtis ellis has been standing on the sidelines waiting for this so we'll bring you back into the conversation with the panel. what do you make of all of the really harsh words that came out of those? you actually spoke with the president and you worked with
5:42 pm
the president, so what do you make of all of this? >> it's just amazing these people can't help themselves. look, the american people can sense, they can hear, they can see and they can sense the negativity and the toxicity bubbling out of these four, and now the democratic party has embraced them and refuses to distance themselves from these very negative, very just negative radical people, and as long as the spotlight is on these four, the democrats are losing, president trump is winning, and he's got them exactly, he has the democrats exactly where he wants them. we've seen the polling. people know who alexandria ocasio-cortez is and in the swing states they know her and they don't like her, and i would not be surprised if behind the scenes, nancy pelosi was saying please don't go out there. please don't respond. please don't do this press
5:43 pm
conference, but they can't help themselves. they may say this is a distraction and we will not allow ourselves to be distracted but by coming out and doing what they did, they just were distracted, so they're feeding into the narrative that they really should not be advancing. >> i mean, curtis look i would agree this is not so great for the democrats, many of whom represent swing state districts where this is just not part of this but by labeling their stuff toxic and somehow ignoring what it was that triggered this which was president trump's tweets in the first place i can say there's a lot of negativity and toxicity on the side of those four representatives but you'd have to be completely tone deaf to not notice the fact it's triggered by an equal level of toxicity and anger on the part of the president. this is a dance that both are undertaking and going through. it's disturbing that you seem to only hear one part of the chorus which is a little bit like what you talk about with china. this is a relationship. this is not a one-sided thing where there's virtue on one side >> so can i actually weigh in and sort of further on that.
5:44 pm
it seems to me, if nothing else, this is politically not a great idea for the president to go after these four, because they're self-destructing all by themselves. their approval ratings are absolutely horrific. aoc's is 22%, illham omar is 9% and these are from people who know about them so wouldn't it be better if president trump just ignored them and let this rift with nancy pelosi go along and let them sort of do their own damage? >> thank you, liz. that's exactly what i was going to say. >> sorry, gary. >> what? >> i didn't mean to step on you excuse me. >> what i'm saying is the president has pretty darn good things going with the markets as far as developed nations, the economy, why he keeps segwaying over to these people i do not know. >> well i can tell you why. >> hold on let me finish. >> the fact that we're even talking about this right now when the market hit another high today when the economy is soaring when the job numbers are magnificent is an absolute waste
5:45 pm
of time and the problem is anything he says takes 50% of the country takes it one way the other 50% will take it another way and nothing ever gets done. >> let me just say it's extreme ly divisive personalities which is one reason these congresswoman very smartly tried to keep this focused on substance and kept going back to healthcare, education and of course they couldn't help but take personal shots at the president and several talked about impeachment. i actually thought aoc had the best approach. she related that experience of coming as a child with her parents and her father looking at the washington monument and being told this belongs to all of us so i think when they get into the gutter they lose and for the president i would just say why punch down? you're the president, these are junior congress people, lead don't follow. >> look nancy pelosi was trying to distance herself from these
5:46 pm
four and now she's forced to defend, to defend them? that's not a good position for her to be in it's that simple and he's coralled them exactly where he wanted them to be. the democrats are now identified as the party of illham omar, aoc , rashida tlaib, but the most senseless one of the bunch couldn't help herself by being entirely negative. >> thank you so much for hanging around. >> why he says the company could be committing an act of treason. we'll break it down, next. thank you. when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge.
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5:49 pm
>> billionaire investor and facebook board member peter thie l is striking out at google and he says the fbi and the cia should investigate the tech
5:50 pm
giant saying google has ties to chinese intelligence, its been infiltrated in fact by chinese intelligence. thiel is slamming google for what he says is a seemingly treasonist decision to work with the chinese military while refusing to renew a contract with the u.s. department of defense, however members of the administration don't seem to share that sentiment including larry kudlow. >> i meet with google ceo on a regular basis. i think they're working for america. it's very fashionable to pick on some of these big tech companies maybe some deserve it, maybe some don't. my sense is they are very supportive of a, this country, b , this president, and i don't believe for one minute that google is somehow committing " treason." >> zachary so who do you agree with, thiel or kudlow? is google committing treason? >> look, peter thiel is helping
5:51 pm
form pay pal an early investor in facebook and one of the early investors in talents here but when peter thiel is incorrect, he is majorly incorrect, and it is certainly true that google has had its own dance in china, of whether or not and how much to work with the government, that included how much to sensor its search engine which it then pulled out of and basically seeded the field in china, so this has been a hard thing for any company to deal with the chinese government in its sensorship rules but to accuse them of treason or so far beyond. i'll pushback the fact that they won't renew that contract with the u.s. department of defense and they're aiding google for example, with some of this facial recognition technology that is essentially spying on their own. >> google is also like any company as we saw at amazon has to deal with its own employees and they're not doing their contract. >> can i make it easy for everybody, and pithy? >> make it pithy. >> here is the definition of
5:52 pm
treason, the crime of betraying one's country especially by attempting kill the sovreign or overflow the government and then there's a definition of hyperbole and look, peter thiel needs to have a couple of brewsk ies, put his feet up and watch stranger things for a couple of episodes and relax. yeah google has issues and they should do better but treason, come on. >> christina? >> but just to that point, you did have the south china morning post i did read an article saying that a lead google scientist worked on research in beijing, and worked specifically on artificial intelligence so what is that? >> that's a problem actually. ai is where, in fact, google is really assisting the chinese and they are ahead of us apparently in this race to really use ai particularly for military, so i think it's a problem honestly.
5:53 pm
treason, no, problem yes. >> certainly something to watch >> we've got to move on president trump announcing sweep ing new asylum legislation but will it actually curb the crisis at the border? the vice president of the national border patrol council joins us next. your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech.
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(father) kids... ...change of plans! (vo) defy the laws of human nature... the summer of audi sales event get exceptional offers now! reporter: president trump out with another tweet. democrats must give us the votes to change bad immigration law. this as the administration is cracking down on asylum seekers attempting to enter the united states. according to the federal register, asylum seekers who pass through another country first will be ineligible for asylum at the southern border. there will be limited exception.
5:57 pm
will this cut down on border crossing? we don't have have much time. what do you make of the border crossing and this new rule. do you think it will change anything? >> it's thinking outside the box and trying to get something done. a lot of people are just claiming asylum. they are coming into this country and they are not showing up to their immigration courts, which is what the issue was over the weekend that everyone had to use their own narrative and say they were raid. they are not raids. they are targeted enforcement of individuals who have lapsed their immigration laws. they failed to show up for their court dates for asylum. reporter: congress approved some
5:58 pm
money. i have no long it will take to improve conditions at the border. what do you want from congress? >> there need to be some changes to these laws. some of these laws where the individual are able to step on u.s. soil, ask for asylum, and after 20 day we are releasing them into the united states, then they are not showing up to court. when we do something to correct the problem like go after these individuals who do not show up to court, all of a sudden these politicians start attacking us and calling for ridiculous things against the men and women trying to do their job. you can't have open borders. i understand there are law and some of these people are asking for asylum. but there is a wrong way and a right way to do things.
5:59 pm
i have no problem giving people water. if you decide to break in through my window and take everything you want by force, that's a problem. there is a legal way to do thing and an illegal way to do things and people don't understand the difference. >> you have come a long way from giving me your poor and hungry masses. i know there is a lot of concern about the entitlement state. that's what makes it evil is it makes every one coming a threat. in the late 1800s, millions came to this country not for the benefits or fre freebies and the economy grew. >> the problem is, you are misinterpreting legal
6:00 pm
immigration with illegal immigration. that's where you need to start off. there is a big difference. reporter: thank you for hanging around. we appreciate it. that does it for "bulls and bears." thanks for joining us. liz: just moment ago four freshmen democrats firing back at donald trump after he doubled back on the progressive left tweeting that four minority congress women should go back home where they came from. one of those la -- lawmakers calling for an impeachment of the president. an up sider poll inside the democratic party showing that americans in key swing states do not want the policies the hard


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