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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 15, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>>♪ a big show coming up this morn and every morning i'm going to be speaking with mark shorts the vice president chief of staff, act aing director for u.s. citizenship and immigration services, and capital market chief financial strategist you don't want to miss any of those gentlemen or fantastic people from fox business coming up. joining the conversation this morning, fox business deirdre speaking of fantastic. [laughter] mitch rough shell and form white house correspondent welcome, one and all -- mitch i know you've been crunching numbers all weekend long other than going to home depot. >> i was -- that selfie from the home depot,
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and so we'll talk. >> no. thank goodness, and let's talk about markets earnings. i want to know what he's fixing. fixing facet. let's talk about markets and the record-breaking last week. futures are pointing to higher ownership a 28 point gain on across the board after all three major market games finished in record territory on friday. second quarter earning season kicks off in about two hours. city reports president trump tweeting on the economy last night, we're doing great economically as a country. number one, despite the feds ain't waited policy on raids and tightening room to grow. mitch let's start with again the feds getting ready to cut interest rates based on all indications. so that's -- that's not tightening. but let's talk about earning season what do you expect because again, rip -- to, quote, ya a rip roaring market but you have earnings are expected to come in negative for this quarter.
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last quarter same -- i mean for the second quarter, and negative even in the third quarter based on expectations right now. >> clearly the good news is the fed potentially making money more easy. but the bad news is estimates for the second quarter are down 3% and that was yes for the the first quarter as well and then came in almost flat so they may be above sandbagging going on by corporate america. but there's 80th s&p 500 that are indicating that perhaps the earnings will be disaa pointing guidance that they've already given. so it's strange that the market is as enthusiastic going into earning season, i think what market parpghts now is fact of the matter is back will be probably strong or and maybe some of the companies are beginning to expectations as they do 80% of the s&p 500 beat expectations. so i think baked into the pricing right now, is the fact that earnings are going to be very slow. >> because they were negative in the first quarter down 3 tenth of one percent and expectation for the second quarter is 3% decline.
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>> exact expectation for the first quarter came in down. dges still negative, and expectation for the third quarter is negative 9.5 of the% so we're official lily looking at earnings recession which the gdp number only corporate profits are already told us based on fourth quarter and first quarter. >> one thing to remember that last year was aberration because of the benefit of the lower tax corporate tax rates. so we are comparing this year to much different last year. >> gary and there are a lot of people who when you look for companies saying we're not really sure that it is earnings growth that is driving the stock market higher. it is the fact that debt has been so cheap. i'm actually watching reuters came out with a report yesterday saying that u.s. companies may be able to do business with huawei so i know that's giving a little support that's not confirmed that's just one news organization that has it. but that's giveing a little support this morning. >> a report out that we're going to get it to later this hour about huawei cutting jobs in the u.s. so again that's the -- as a result of being
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blacklisted. exactly. so that's part of the trade tngses with the united states because it is all part of one thing. black rock global fix income chief investment was on maria bartiromo wall street weighing in on these markets. listen to this. we'll get your reaction. >> we heard a little jay powell the fed we heard ecb minute there is. what was your reaction? >> a huge week and when you think about after the trade agreement we get debate or not but it was after that, then you have powell ecb and christine news is a very big piece of news. i think that is more aggressive going forward. markets have certainly started to react to that. and by the way, the cpi report you know we don't think inflation is moving that much higher but it is nice to see that now all of a sudden there's a bit of pricing power that companies for the equity market you know i thought it was pretty interesting that you have a bit more inflation and saying that is hard for the fed not really. but the fed is going to keep moving because they're worried
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about global growth companies have pricing power and used car apparel a bit better and place have been tough pretty good news. so yeah if you take the last two weeks, pretty good set of developments for the markets. >> speaking of global growth we found out this morning, that china is experiencing a pretty serious economic slowdown, the report out it was that the economy in china grew at 6.2% in the second quarter and sounds awesome but slowest rate since at least 1992 so the slowest rate on record the president's policy this tough trade policy, the tariff fight is taking a toll on the chinese economy. on that way is on the u.s. it does, and this is where the president will have to really test the loyalty of his supporters that he put everything in context of an election because we shouldn't be making decisions based on -- that's the real house. exactly but at the end of the day people have to be willing to have a long-term --
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understanding of the fact that this is going to take a while and there's some pain before there could be potentially any gain but when you hear people on ground talking about president policies with tariffs and trade, a lot of trump supporters say they're willing take pain because china is too powerful. >> they're willing to go through this. >> mitch a sign this is working story in journal is that one of the top stories in the paper manufactures are moving their supply chains out of china. that this is part of the strategy it is not just that finally you have a president standing up getting tough, and a manufactures are saying and -- american companies are saying you know what this is going to be a change just to name a few of them. crocks yeti cooler roomba make 65% of the furniture all of the that going to vietnam. >> i've spoken to business leaders asked about tariff and
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supply chain and they were reluctant to shift is around where they make stuff but what's interesting is not the tariffs per se but uncertainty regarding whether the not they'll be in and what they want the certainty and if they can find certainty in indonesia or malaysia or inked why and vietnam they'll shift there. problem is it is a long process you just can't pick and move a factory and define a vender in that local jurisdiction that you can trust is a challenge. >> it depends on how complicated products are that are manufactured more complicated the product the harder it is to move it out of china because the way that they're manufacturing. so -- topnotch quite frankly. >> and one of those things that is -- cheap really is what is cheap. cost is big thing because reason why they're not bringing them back here is they can't replace labor cost it is night and day. >> lest stay on china investigating google. this is that's what billionaires investor peter teal reportedly says that fbi and ca should be doing as a result of a tech giant work with the chinese
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military. again, this is something -- this is part of the overall fight that president trump has taken on to call out china again it is military aggression. it's desire to essentially dominate the entire world. >> yeah i think what peter is saying well how come google you won't work with the puss military? but you'll work with china and this is based on his view of a project that google was viewing as having a censored search engine in china. so i think the implication is that it could have military implication i'm not sure it is a direct line, but peter likes to cause a rift in waters every time again. >> i think him speaking at the republican convention again he was -- yeah. and he's very, obviously, disruptive. but yeah. we'll see what this does to google stock today. j i think look at big tech something that's probably bipartisan if both sides of the aisle could agree upon what they don't like about big tech. but fact of the matter is to
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many candidates on the -- campaign they are attacking big business and big tech part of the big business. >> to bring it full circumstance pl big tech is one of the areas that people very concerned about and in terms of the earnings growth there, and -- journal says decline in margin for largely expecting to change that. >> that has been leading tech has been leading this rally right for the past 18 months so it is true with all of these concerns that don't bode well if texas slow down. i don't see replacement sector right? >> we have retail sales coming out later this week for the last -- not for may they were up half of one percent. >> they revised private months i think retail sales are strong you heard it here. >> prime day. prime day today hey i have a free bag. whole fooded wasn't that the bet somebody gave me a free bag
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overly enthusiastic about this. long conversation with the cashier who helped me about what it was like to work there. positive, negative -- well they have health insurance and dental, and 401(k) and this day and phage you get dental insurance it is pretty good. she liked it and like it is better than previous job. at walgreens, so she gets paid more so there you go. >> well sounds like 401(k) plan and a free bags. for everyone -- it was just one day only made my sunday you find in new york it is not the company that people work for, it is the people that they have to deal with. the customers not the corporation. [laughter] coming up, louisiana under water cleanup from tropical storm barry begins today as flood waters start to recede there but threat is not over yet. we have the the latest plus huawei strug pl the chinese tell come giant planning massive layoffs in the u.s. the fallout from the blacklist straight ahead.
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you need decision tech. only from fidelity. iran offering to negotiate with the united states under one condition, cheryl casone has the details. cheryl. >> good morning iranian president said in a televised speech yesterday that iran is willing to talk with the u.s. but only if sanctions are listed. iran recently begun surpassing limits in the deal but said move can be reversed if given enough economic incentive. an interview with with washington post secretary of state pompeo dismissed rouhani's idea. >> well jeff reepstein due back in the court for a bail hearing as several nor women claim they were abused by epstein had which they were minors offered to put up to 77 million dollar manhattan apartment, and his private jet as collateral to guarantee he'll show up for
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trial on federal sex trafficking charges and they're opposing his bill and charge that epstein fade to buy asylum. a potential witness -- well major hayoffs reportedly are coming to huawei here in the united states. wall street journal is reporting that hundreds of people could be let go after the trump administration blacklisted the company. these job cuts expected to affect huawei research and development for said area which has labs in california, texas, and washington state. those are your headlines dagen. >> thank you so much cheryl, and i'll tease the story that you have coming up, de blasio must go. [laughter] new york city fell into a blackout -- and this dude was in iowa. managing the crisis from iowa -- so i know it is a new york story but he is running for the democratic nomination talk about about that coming up. i can't wait. [laughter] i love -- people are angry. i can't even start yeah. we'll have that in a bit. but you know what you need to
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take trains run on time to keep light on that's pretty much -- the basic element of your job. [laughter] this guy can't even do that. and then we'll take you down south thank you cheryl extreme weather in the south. tropical storm barry leads much of louisiana underwater and it is taking a toll on gulf oil production what it means if prices at the pump as they rise. plus amazon prime day how a strike could impact you. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes.
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you're so cute when you get excited... anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. tornado in flash flood warnings are are threatening the gulf coast as water start to recede
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in louisiana. thousands remain in the dark with tropical depression barry slowing moving land. fox news casey stegall is live in new orleans with an update for everybody. hey casey. >> hey dagen good to see you a 5-1,000 customers around the state of louisiana still remain without power this morning although the number is going in the right direction considering the energy company here says that service to about 188,000 customers has already been restored nearly 4,000 energy crews are out and about put out new pole and lines working to get everyone back online as soon as possible. meantime as you said the recovery has already started in some of the lower lying parishes that took on water. look at this video out of grand aisle louisiana south of here where the u.s. coast guard says it is infecting the waterways to make sure that they are safe for
6:21 am
boat traffic to resume. that is a huge fishing spot down there and shrimping spot a lot of boats in and a out. louisiana govan saying he is grateful barry did not pack as big of a punch as they were thinking. >> obviously barry has been an extremely slow moving storm that from its very own section has behaved differently than other storms other tornadoes that we have experienced. that being said i for one am extremely grateful that the forecast did rain and flooding. did not materialize. >> meantime flights are slowly starting to resume at new orleans international airport today, last night delta airlines started bringing in aircraft and trying to get flights going. bus services are supposed to resume today here in new orleans. so no doubt this thing is starting to lift up into
6:22 am
arkansas right now create a problems up there and right now new orleans really breathing a collective sigh of relief this morning. dagen. >> city thanks so much for that. city stegall in new orleans. meantime oil production in gulf of mexico taking a hit as tropical storm barry makes its way through the region. tropical depression causing a 73% shutdown of production there joining us now price futures group, flynn good to see you phil as always this production can get back up pretty quickly assuming there's not any damage. >> it can and we're already seeing that some of the exxonmobil and couple of other companies are out there restarting production. and it is almost amazing to me had you consider the fact of what they have to do to get all of the people off these platforms out in gulf of mexico safely. if the production gets out of harms way moving thing he is around and immediately after the storm almost within -- you know 24 hours of 48 hours they'll be back to full production it is just amazing.
6:23 am
>> good morning. phil it is mitch rochelle where's the play of supply and demand of oil not just the domestic supply that we have but also if you look at more globally. >> you know globally if you listen to international energy they're sayings there's plenty of supply and by 2020 international oil glut. but that prediction really comes with a really negative outlook for the global economy. you know they're looking at a some short-term data telling us that they think that demand growth is going to, you know, stop because of u.s. china trade war. i don't think they're taking into consideration all a of the symptom plus around globe and we saw that in data this morning for example with the gdp even though that was weak we're starting to see stimulus kick in we retail sales good for oil demand. l what about prices for gasoline at the pump because problem in the u.s. has been for months
6:24 am
really getting the crude oil to the refineries and the pipeline capacity in some way right, phil? >> it has been. you know with the u.s. is producing a record amount of oil, but aren't we doing it efficiently are we able to get it to where we need to know and more pipeline in the country not only for oil but for natural gas really reflect growing demanding. from this storm you know we've seen prices nationally go up about 4 cents gallon since the storm began. i assume that we're going to start is to give that back when production comes back on. but keep in mind you know u.s. gasoline demand is stellar right now here all time highs and that's good news because it is reflecting of very strong u.s. economy had. >> so i know there's new emission starngdz meant to come online is this going to change? i've heard analysts say energy market is beginning to be very different because of these. do you agree? >> i do agree. these maritime starngdz for diesel fuel is really going to
6:25 am
have a major impact in the industry has been trying to get prepared for this for the last couple of years. it reminds me of when they took initially sulfur out of heating oil, and diesel fuel, it was a process it meant high per prices tighter supply prices will be high per because of this had, the question is by how much. the refiners are doing a great job trying to keep that not too much but i assume it is at least ten cents gallon. >> real quick what about east coast exact on gasoline because of that refinery buyer? pennsylvania? thank you europe they saw a great opportunity e here and every gallon of gasoline they could and nots selling over here send it to the u.s. and you know they saw that statue of liberty with a -- flag and we need gasoline and they sent them tankers right away. >> that's called trade that's why we like -- free trade.
6:26 am
because they're there if they've got the excess supply, they're there when we need it. phil thank you so much. >> thank you. great to see you you have a fantastic week hopefully see you before the end of it. coming up 2020 outlook new head-to-head matchup against top democratic candidates plus lights out. a backout leaveses parts a of new york city in the dark. j.lo's concert at the garden had to stop yep why some say this is it -- over -- done, out for mayor bill de blasio. we're changing what's possible every single day., but what does "changing what's possible" mean anyway?
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, monday july 15th, top stories at
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6:30 a.m. eastern. markets poised for higher open looking to push all-time highs after record-setting week for the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500, gains across the board. record closes for all. s&p 500 closing above 3,000 for the very first time. investors have eyes on quarterly earnings, second-quarter earning season kicks off this morning really with citigroup, we have the numbers and we will tell you everything that you need to know. in europe, we have buying in england and germany, loss on cac quarante in france. gains in shanghai and hong kong as well. more signs of slowdown in china, economy there growing, yes, it's strong 6.2% second quarter, slowest rate since at least 1992. moving on, amazon prime day is here as consumers shop for
6:31 am
deals, workers in minnesota protesting the retail giant. lights out in new york city, massive blackout over the weekend bringing business to halt, broadway shows could not go on, broadway was dark, parts of the city were dark and the mayor was in iowa, the calls for him to resign. billionaire peter teal, what allegations could mean for company. following last week's comments from president trump saying he's not a fan of bitcoin and other crypto currencies. 2020 vision, new head to head general election polls polls frc news top democrats beat president trump in 2020, beat --
6:32 am
trailing former vice president joe biden, 51 to 42% in head to head with senator bernie sanders, the president doesn't fair much better, trailing sanders 50% to 43. the president losing in polls to senators elizabeth warren and kamala harris, joining me now media director, what do these mean at this point in the cycle, if anything, the head to head match-ups? >> i don't think they mean as much as democrats would like them to be. i would like to remind people in 2016 jeb bush was going to be the nominee, clearly didn't work out that way, bottom line americans when asked on the phone who you are going to support, i don't like donald trump, he's mean to me, i will support the democrat but the bottom line is from history people vote with pocketbooks, based on the economy is doing and when it gots down to them and polling booth, they see record wage growth, unemployment plunging, 16-year high confidence from consumers in the
6:33 am
country, they are not going to want to reshape the economy and that's what democrats are promising, that's a mistake of the democrat party, people see economy thriving on the leadership whether they like him or not, unforeseen, i think he will cruise through reelection. >> you talk about mistakes, i think there's a misneighboring the focus that people put on things like polling, lack of attention put on the economy and also the idea that polling candidate like joe biden today versus who joe biden maybe forced to beat by the time we get to primary and pushed further and further to the left, so much still has potential to change, where would president trump be pushed over this time? >> i think the democrats will try to push him on things that aren't the issues, they know if it comes down to the issues, our country is doing very well and right now on the debate stage they are making a mistake of saying the economy is not working for anyone, people are not happy, we will come in and
6:34 am
opportunity mentally reshape things are going, that might work if the economy was not working, the vast majority of americans saw tax cut proposed by the republicans and they are looking around and doom's day being pictured by democrat party not being matched up with the results they are seeing, that's misplaying of the democrat hand. the democrats will beat up in debate stage and pushed further left, a lot of more moderate candidates will realize that rand dates are more extreme than they need because the debate will draw people to the left to win primary. dagen: raise your hand away if you want to take private insurance for 180 million americans, elizabeth warren did that and will come back to haunt her even as democrats gear up to start voting in january. i want to ask mitch roschelle about the economy given the length of the expansion, mitch, longer than a decade, longest on
6:35 am
record, can the economy keep growing at modest pace, decent pace into next year because we have a tendency to focus on any sign that is might say weakness, from 35,000 feet looks solid what you have been talking about. >> i would say since two-thirds and 75% of the economy and any given quarter comes from the consumer and the consumer is fundamentally strong and stimulated with low-interest rates, business investment is not overly robust but strong enough and then government investment is the last piece, there's nothing in that equation that looks like it's really retrieving, even if the economy grows at the new normal of 1 percentish, it will still continue to grow and not contract, so we will not see a recession, i don't think. dagen: i want to move on to the president on twitter, president trump taking aim at far-left progressive house members an house speaker nancy pelosi tweeting this, so interesting to
6:36 am
see progressive democrat congresswoman who originally came from countries whose government are complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world if they even have a functioning government at all, now loudly and viciously telling the people of the united states the greatest and most powerful nation on earth how our government is to be run, why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came, then come back and show us how it is done. these places need your help badly, you can't leave fast enough, i'm sure that nancy pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements. called by many particularly those on the left racist, nancy pelosi said that that was xenophobic, the comments, the democrats with the fight between the 4 individuals who we assume that the president was referring to including alexandria
6:37 am
ocasio-cortez, that he basically to use the term that the wall street journal editorial board uses, he flopped into a situation where he did not need to be. >> yeah, i think that's absolutely the case, plenty of times where people get riled up for no reason and president trump, this is not one of those times, people have every reason to be upset with this rhetoric, the fact is if you're american citizen that emigrated here you have no where else to go back to, this is your home now, unforced error from the president. absolutely a conversation to be had about why we should be embracing policies that have failed in other countries but say that someone you disagree should go back, they are every bit of american, there's no where you need to go back because you disagree with people. this is unforced error, it's not what the republican party is about and president trump is help to go reunite with him at time with where democratic party infighting, giving them easy target, unforced error on his
6:38 am
part and i do think it was a mistake and people do have right to get upset about. dagen: i will add one thing and we assume that the reference was to as i said alexandria ocasio-cortez, tlaib, aina presley and ilan omar, omar is the only one of the women born outside of the united states and this was democratic party that was essentially eating itself and destroying itself and the president, again, to use that word belly-flopped during the middle of it and said something that was offensive to many americans. >> and in 2020 democrats do not want to make this campaign about the issues, their rhetoric has been what the republican antiimmigrant, the republican party is insensitive, they don't care about you and this makes it easy for them to try to paint the picture which isn't true but again, if this campaign is about the issues in 2020, democrats lose every single time, that's why they don't want to make it about the issues, they don't want to make it about the economy, they don't want to make it about tax reform, they want
6:39 am
to make on tweets like this that are unnecessary. dagen: the president united the democrats and every liberal voter in the country. good to see you. >> appreciate it. dagen: amazon workers on strike during prime day, cheryl casone has the details, coming up, hey, cheryl. cheryl: hey, dagen, we will do it right now, am done workers in minnesota using major sales day today at the company to call for higher pay and better working conditions and amazon to deliver 100 million products during last year's holiday, 250 competing retailers, wal-mart, target and ebay will be put items, wal-mart got sale yesterday, amazon, though, slightly higher in the premarket. well, increasing take in biotech firm, pay more than 5 billion to boost its ownership stake to as much as 30%, the company going
6:40 am
to get two seats on board as part of the deal as it's structured. then there's this, u.s. air force has issued a warning against facebook group that plans to storm a major military base, more than 400,000 people have joined facebook event final storm area 51 in nevada in september to get secret information about aliens and, and,ufo's, air force stands ready to protect and joke in the beginning, now 400,000 people on the darn page, good luck with that, folks, back to you. dagen: good luck not getting arrested. cheryl: have fun in jail, ufo's in aerial 51. dagen: desert in that part of the country is very unforgiving. >> and in september it's pretty darn hot too.
6:41 am
dagen: indeed. [laughter] >> i have t-shirt. >> people protecting us, this is the stuff that they deal with all of the time. all the things we don't know. [laughter] dagen: exactly. coming up left in the dark, parts of new york city suffering from a major power outage over the weekend and now they call for mayor bill de blasio to get out, next bitcoin under pressure this morning as more questions come up about regulating crypto currency, more when we come back. ♪ all right brad, once again i have revolutionized the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, but this... this is my forte. obviously, for auto insurance, we've got the wheel route.
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dagen: headlines across america this morning, new york times says blackout, apologizes but offers clues about root cause, apologizing for saturday outage that left at least 72,000 customers in the dark, officials with coned saying there was disturbance an outage was not caused by demand. new york post editorial board also calling for the removal of mayor bill de blasio, campaigning in iowa when the power went out, yeah, the milwaukee journal, fewer people smoking cigarettes so state tax revenue is down, wisconsin will
6:46 am
tax e-cigs, $100 million less in cigarette taxes last year compare today 2010 as a result lawmakers passed 5-cent on e-cigarettes fluid. new tax projected to bring in $5.5 million in the next two years, the state reporting taco bell releases new menu item with south carolina heat, the chain releasing two new dish that is incorporate the carolina reaper pepper, declared the spaceyiest in the world. stake ripper ranch burrito at participating location. i doubt that there would be much reaper in them because you could not eat them. somebody said -- i think it was musician, his wife grew reapers
6:47 am
and went and took a bite one. i want to talk really quickly when you think the mayor can't get any worse, he's in iowa when the power goes out. i think the j.lo show at madison square garden had to stop at mid show. >> apparently she will do another one. dagen: never underestimate the ego of politician, that this man thinks, he can't get trains to run on time and clean streets. >> i'm interested in rain-free subway car. dagen: basically giant testimony to the failure of government, of bureaucrats and -- and lawmakers when it comes to the social safety net in new york, this man
6:48 am
has failed every new yorker. >> dangerous for older people to be stuck underground, tons of people who live in high-rises with babies. dagen: this man has fail today take care of at-risk children, failed to improve homeless situation despite spending several billion dollars on the homeless problem, public housing and receivership because people were getting sick in public housing, mental illness, a billion dollars on mental health, schools here, the school program had to be shut down because it was a complete failure, failure, failure and now blackout. >> for all of the things that you're saying, failure to respond properly to a crisis like the blackout, that's the icing on top. we can't forget -- remember chris christie and obama hug. dagen: this is new york city. >> they remember heist in iowa.
6:49 am
dagen: president trump tweeting on china, china second-quarter growth the slowest it's been in over 27 years, companies want to go leave china for nontariff countries, thousands of companies are leaving, this is why china wants to make a deal with the u.s. and not broken the original deal in the first place, in the meantime we are receiving billions of dollars in tariffs from china with possibly much more to come, tariffs are paid for by china devaluing and pumping not by the u.s. taxpayer mitch, it's being paid -- it's being paid by some american companies. >> yes. absolutely. tariffs do not get absorbed by a company and not alter how they do business as a result of the tariff. passed along to consumer or somehow eaten up in their system which means they are not paying for something else. they will not compromise profitability.
6:50 am
dagen: right, peter teal takes on big tech, why the billionaire investor says that google has been compromised by chinese intelligence agencies, bitcoin slides, how criticism of crypto currency is driving the digital coin market. that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
dagen: big tech in focus, teal calling for fbi to investigation whether chinese intelligence has infiltrating google, teal slamming google for refusing to renew contract with the u.s. department of defense. joining me now disruptive tech founder chief analyst lou, lou, good to see you, is there a back story that we don't know? >> look, think of huawei.
6:54 am
it's a legitimate threat and question that needs to be asked that google should be willing to answer and be transparent about. >> when you talk about google being transparent, peter teal seems like he's raising questions, tricky questions, one of which, why isn't google working with the fbi and cia but is willing to be developing this product with china, you know, the search engine that could be more or less controlled by the chinese government and then heavy implication here on military, i mean, is peter to dagen's point, does he have an ax to grind with google? >> he's raising legitimate concerns here, google has had plans to have a different version of search engineer in china, couple of months ago that they denied rumors that they
6:55 am
were working again and put those to bed, sounds like peter that has information, again, we are dealing in a world where the weapons of today are digital, not physical, i think he's raising perfectly legitimate concerns and they should be answered. dagen: turning to crypto currency, sec is looking whether libra should fall in oversight, facebook hasn't provided enough details on how it would regard against money laundering, how much control and bitcoin prices sliding at the same time, your take on that. >> look, i went on the record last week i think libra will be a flop, bitcoin in desperate need need to go to front line. in the wake of what's happening, all the scrutiny coming on libra, i don't think it's going to happen. you know, in the most likely scenario, now, we will look at capital controls put on facebook
6:56 am
for them to launch this which really turns crypto currency away from everything it's supposed to be. it's supposed to be unregulated, anonymous, really therefore not much of a crypto currency which is why i think we see bitcoin trading in high correlation with libra and that's why we are seeing selloff continue. dagen: it's like trading, i don't know, rocks. [laughter] dagen: whatever value that these -- that speculators and gamblers want to assign to it. >> rocks are more tangible, come on. [laughter] dagen: yes. >> libra is backed by hard assets, government securities, you to have a local bank account on libra or at least that was the plan. dagen: you have facebook behind it, 50 black eyes in terms of not protecting people's privacy, lou, thank you so much. president trump tweeting again this time on democrats, we will run out of time because i can't
6:57 am
talk fast enough to get through this, we will get to this at the top of the next hour, i promise you that, more of mornings with maria when we come back. can't see what it is . . . s beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these.
6:58 am
that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, in more maria bartiromo. it's monday, july 15th. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. markets poised for a higher open, looking to push to new all-time highs. this following a record-setting week for the dow, nasdaq, and s&p 500. all three major market gauges hitting new highs friday. the s&p 500 closing above 3,000 for the very first time. in europe there's a little bit of buying to report in england and germany. gains there. very slight loss on the dax in france. ithe economy in china growing by 6.2% in the second quarter. sounds great but it was the slowest rate since 1992, since
7:01 am
at least 1992. the nikkei was closed for a holiday. gangs in shanghai and hong kong. president trump has been tweeting about that this morning, the slowdown in china. boeing meantime under pressure. the 737 max jet might not return to service until 2020. the stock set to shave about 35 points off the dow at the open. investors have their eyes on earnings. starting today, second quarter earnings season kicks into high gear this week. big banks will report. citigroup is out in about an hour. we have everything you need to know. taking flight for bastille day. the amazing video of a french soldier taking to the skies. no plane needed. all that and so much more coming up. fox business network's deirdre bolton, mitch rochell and former white house correspondent ron
7:02 am
ica cleary. negative earnings but it's really about the outlook, is it not. >> i think it's about the outlook and the guidance for the rest of the year. investors will pay more attention to the earnings calls than the earnings numbers to see what the companies say about the rest of the year. >> citigroup is the first one this morning. dagen: investors need something to keep the markets propped up. >> all-time high records. dagen: there's a lot of hope in those numbers. and we'll get to more of that. president trump tweeting again this time on democrats. when will the radical left congress women apologize for the foul language that they used and terrible things they've said. so many people are angry at them and their horribly disgusting actions. that, we will cover more of that right now. but our top story this hour, let's move down to cracking down on illegal immigration. immigration and customs enforcement launching a
7:03 am
small-scale roundup of undocumented immigrants yesterday. it comes as vice president mike pence toured migrant detention facilities at the southern border on friday. senator lindsey graham accompanied the vice president on his visit. and maria, maria bartiromo, spoke with him yesterday on sunday morning futures. maria: we've got pushback from some democrats and liberal mayors, trying to stop the i.c.e. officials and border patrol officials from carrying out their directive. >> the i.c.e. raids today are focused on criminals who have gone to court and lost their case. democrats are also advocating decriminalizing entry into the united states and providing free healthcare to illegal immigrants once they get here. this is insane. it's going to blow up in their face and it's doing damage to our country. maria: you were with the vice president on friday. you've been studying this and leading this effort to change
7:04 am
these loopholes in a big way. i want to get your take about what really you saw there. >> what did i see? a system about to break. i saw brave men and women who are doing an incredible job under difficult circumstances. i saw 900 illegal immigrants that were captured for coming into our country illegally, housed in detention facilities that was meant for 385. what i saw is a bunch of people who have been here before, broke the law before, and we're not going to let them go. dagen: joi.dagen: joining me k short. >> thanks for having me on this morning. dagen: what is the administration going to do about the horrific conditions at the border? >>let's break that apart for a second, dagen. we took a tour of two separate facilities. one was a facility for children and parents that i think we were planning to alie the allegations of alleged concentration camps
7:05 am
that some democrats have you alleged when the reality is that nazis were killing children and the reality is in these facilities, they are provided them with food, care, hygiene and medical facilities. some of that rhetoric is way out of control. separately, the vice president took a delegation to a separate facility at cbp where we house individual adult males who have fled from cbp. in many cases these people are repeat offenders and also have criminacriminal records. they're housed in a separate facility on a temporary basis until beds are provided at i.c.e. this administration has been asking congress to provide more beds so we have the appropriate facilities for these individuals. congress has not been willing to give us that funding. we did get additional funding most recently in the supplemental. again, democrats in congress refuse to fund a portion of that which was a request for
7:06 am
additional detention beds for i.c.e. the vice president was interested in showing, one, the facilities we have for families are actually providing great care for those families. but separately, the facilities for adult males are overcrowded and that's what this administration has been saying from the first day of the administration, that we need to provide more assets and resources to i.c.e. so there are beds there and provide the proper care. dagen: that $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid that was passed, even by most democrats, $2.8 billion of that is for the unaccompanied alien children program and health and human services to take care of those children there. how much more money do you need or do you want from congress and is there a time line we can watch for that? >> again, i think it's partially the additional resource, it's partially how congress ties our hands and allocates those dollars. they're specific in requesting that i.c.e. not have the resources i.c.e. needs. they may give more funding to
7:07 am
customs and border patrol. they need to have the backlog freed up in i.c.e. to move them out of temporary facilities into facilities that i.c.e. has with beds. it's partially sa additional funding. the reality is that democrats want the system we currently have. that's the reality we're facing. we're trying to show it's an overcrowded system but it's one that democrats have refused to provide any additional assistance to free it up. dagen: can you do anything excluding congress, just push congress to the side, what can the administration do to improve these conditions at this male detention facility and where other problems might exist where cameras have not been present? >> well, i think that for one, as the president said, what we need to do is showcase, because where there's overcrowding there's a process for coming into our country that is legal and that is going through a port of entry. for those who choose to come through illegally and are fleeing customs and border patrol, they are likely to end
7:08 am
up in an overcrowded facility. one solution is to basically continue to highlight this and to show this is not the way to come into the country. dagen: are you saying you're not going to alleviate clear problems in terms of no showers, people not being allowed to brush their teeth because it sends a message to democrats and illegal aliens? >> the reality is that these individuals in detention have been provided access to showers and there's been many lies about tooth brushes. there's thousands of tooth brushes provided in the family and adult facilities. many of the reports have been proven to be factually incorrect. so they are being provided with those resources. we're not denying the fact that the facility in temporary facilities are overcrowded. we've been saying we want more resources to provide additional beds so we can move them out of cbp into i.c.e. detention facilities. dagen: it's worth noting that on friday enough democrats joined republicans to block an amendment from alexandria ocasio-cortez to a defense bill
7:09 am
that would have banned the president from sending u.s. troops to the border. there was some bipartisanship there. speaking of one of those congresswoman, president trump targeted those progressive congress women. it was a controversial tweet storm over the weekend. he wrote this. so interesting to see progressive democrat congresswomen who originally came from countries whose governments are catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt anywhere in the world, even if they even have a functioning government at all. now telling the people of the united states the greatest and most powerful nation on earth how our government is to be run. why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came. then come back and show us how it is done. these places need your help badly. you can't leave of fast enough. i'm sure nancy pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements. mark called racist, disbelieve y
7:10 am
pelosi. why would the president intervene when the democrats are essentially destroying one another. he belly-flops right into the middle of that and essentially unites the democrats once again, against him. >> well, if the democrats choose to want to align around ilhan omar, it will be interesting to see how that plays out. when i came back to the white house, i joined the vice president on independence day. when the vice president swore in 50 new naturalized citizens, it was a remarkable day. that day, he was joined by a cabinet member in this administration who came to the united states as a child, unable to speak english, learned english and eventually became a naturalized citizen. she is an asian american, elaine chow, serving in the cabinet of the trump administration. when people write the president has racist motives, look at the reality of who is serving in
7:11 am
donald trump's cabinet. he is making a point about a great frustration. i think it's hard to find anything that ilhan omar that has said that is positive about the united states of america. dagen: i said repeatedly that the democrats not calling out antanti-semetic remarks and thee of tropes as anti-semitism, calling it that, marginalizes and ultimately normalizes it when it was several decades ago that 6 million jews died because of that very kind of anti-semitism. nevertheless, is anybody in the white house aware that the president is going to say something like this on twitter? does anybody -- is there any stumbling block to prevent something like this from getting out, simply because it turns the attention away from someone like elaine chow. >> well, i think the president has the great ability to draw
7:12 am
attention to elaine chow and his ability to tweet has been an effective communication skill, he reminds people he probably wouldn't have been elected president in 2016 around it because it's a way to get around some of the mainstream media coverage. i don't think there will be change in that pol policy. dagen: mark short. please come back very soon. coming up, 2020's healthcare debate, joe biden rolling ows ot his plan, details ahead. the fight is fix obamacare, fix affordable care act or rip up everything we know as a nation in terms of health insurance. and superhero, the flying soldier wowing crowds over the weekend, the new technology, next. ♪ been here all night. ♪ been here all day. ♪ got me working side to side. .
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7:16 am
joe biden releasing his healthcare plan this morning. cheryl casone has details. cheryl: former vice president joe biden unveiled that healthcare plan. it would add a public option to obamacare with expanded coverage paid for by raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. >> i believe we have to protect and build on obamacare. that's why i proposed that in the public option as the best way to lower cost and cover everyone. i understand the appeal for medicare for all. folks supporting it should be clear that it means getting rid of obamacare. and i'm not for that. cheryl: biden also says that under his plan, middle class families will get a premium tax credit to help them pay for their coverage. well, another hit for the boeing 737 max for the company and the stock. american airlines canceling more flights now taking the plane off the schedule for another two months knoll november 3rd. american's move follows a similar a announcement by united on friday. the journal is reporting the 737
7:17 am
max could remain grounded until 2020. the paper says they need plan to fix software and other steps. that will weigh on the dow on the opening bell. the stock is down almost 1% in the premarket. this is kind of cool. crowds that attended bastille day celebration in paris were treated to this. this is a man flying on a hovering board. he said he created the fly board to work over water. it has the power to take off and reach speeds up to 118 miles an hour. he wore a military style suit to show what future soldiers could look like. he's a former jet ski champion, believe it or not. guess that's where all the good balance comes from. ma.dagen: in the prompter, it looks like frank zappa. i was like all right, all right, all right.
7:18 am
>> add some hollo hol ograms ine and we have a party. >> almost beats broadway people serenading people in the streets during the blackout. dagen: saturday night. >> it's one big weekend to me. dagen: exactly. >> or little weekend. dagen: coming up, barry heading north, the next steps for louisiana as the tropical depression leaves a wake of flooding in hits path. the private sector taking control, one company donating to the u.s. women's soccer team, trying to close the pay gap. how much that company gave, straight ahead. ♪ up in the morning, yawning, t geget the work boots on. ♪ working like hell until the dinner bell.
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dagen: it's amazon prime day, the online retail giant offering exclusive deal for prime members during the 48 hour sale. started at midnight. amazon's influence growing, according to new data from e-marketer, more than half of u.s. households will have an amazon prime member this year. this comes as some amazon workers are going on strike today to protest working and wage conditions at fulfillment centers. joining us now charlie o'shay. is this old school call to marketing, is it running out of juice or its novelty. >> i think it might be going the other way.
7:23 am
with extending it an extra 12 hours this year on top of last year's 12 hours, now amazon redefines what a day really means, i think. now it's 48 hours in amazon's clock. i think the consumers like it. i think what you're seeing with competition is kind of getting a free ride off the buzz that gets created by amazon online. one of the theories we have, and we've been putting it out for a while, if you're a brick and mortar retailer, you want to be the second site. amazon won the online battle against anybody, except for the rest of retail in total. you want to be the sanity check. that's the aspirational goal for brick and mortar i think in a practical sense. i think they have to understand that amazon's amazon. they can pick up kind of the rest of it if you will. dagen: which retailer does the best job riding on amazon's coat tails. walmart would be the obvious one. >> i would say walmart. i would say target has done a
7:24 am
phenomenal job. they're using retail stores more than a lot of other retailers will use them because of the sortments. -- assortments. a lot of retailers are using the actioam xiom if we take the stot of the h equation, we reduce co. >> i'm a regular amazon prime shopper. i didn't know it was amazon prime day. are they advertising -- i mean, how come i didn't get an e-mail about this. you have to turn on "mornings with maria." are they advertising this in a way i'm missing. >> good question. i've been getting hit. they've been blitzing me over the last several days, weeks. the big announcement was june 25th where they announced exactly when it would be. you kind of knew if you're an amazonophile. then they hit you with it's going to be 48 hours this year
7:25 am
instead of 36. they may be missing you. >> maybe i'm lucky. >> going back to what you were talking about before with the brick and mor mortar, as real ee folks like me like to call stick and brick, dagen referenced getting a free bag from whole foods, but how is amazon integrating whole foods. they own brick and mortar as well. how are they integrating the two? is prime day an opportunity for them to showcase the fact that they're not only a digital business but they're also an analog business. >> it's a great opportunity for amazon to do just that. what we've seen with whole foods, we've been talking about that for quite a while, amazon recognized the food business wasn't getting where it wanted to go and buys whole foods to get a brick and mortar presence. if you go to a whole foods, there's a whole foods two blocks from my office in tribeca, there's a lot of nonfood stuff,
7:26 am
there's a lot of yoga mats, clothing, everything, prime deals abound in that store as they do in all of the whole food stores. amazon's really pushing it. and i think they're still experimenting with what whole foods actually brings and how they can deploy it and how best to leverage it. it's still early innings. they've only been in it a couple years. >> the food business is tougher than the electronics business. things spoil after two or three days and you have a lot of people saying that the quality at whole foods was not as good. i don't know if that's true. if you go on message boards, there's people saying after amazon bought it, it's less good quality. what does this mean for other retailers. i heard you give target a shoutout. you can order on the app and people will run things out to your car for you. everythineverybody else is tryik up with convenience. your next best pick is target then? >> i would say so. best buy has done a great. >> with the geek squad.
7:27 am
>> integrating. a lot of folks were throwing dirt on best buy, it was the next borders and linens and things and circuit city. we took an opposite view because of the brand power. >> and service, they're actually offering something. >> you're going to go in and spend 3 or $4,000 on a tv, you want someone to talk to you about it. you won't buy it and have it drop-shipped to your house. you needed the added feature, you need the added help. >> you pay extra but that's still a good service. >> exactly. i think that unlocking the value of the real estate is important for retailers and every single store you have can function as an integrated component of a multichannel system. and retailers that have closed a lot of stores i think are missing the boat. leverage those stores. buy online, pick up in store is a weapon, it's a big deal. walwalmart is using it to grow s food business.
7:28 am
walmart's food business is going to hit $300 billion in the next couple years in the u.s. that's a staggering number. amazon's in the high teens right now. when you look at things, you have to keep it in perspective and the stores are, -- again, we call them assets. they're on the asset side of the balance sheet for a reason. have you to use them effectively. you made an investment. they're your brand identity in a market. have you to use them. dagen: real quick. with the trade war, the tariffs on about half, a little less than half the goods that we import from china, front page of the wall street journal that a lot of companies are starting to manufacture elsewhere, crocs, yeti coolers, you can't get away from those at dick's sporting goods, the roomba, for example. which one of these, of the large discount retailers do you think is best positioned to withstand the margin pressure, the higher costs because of tariffs. >> i don't want to sound like i'm advertising for wal-mart,
7:29 am
because the food business, you strip the food out and the rest of walmart's business is potentially tariff impacted. if you're a large retailer with a strong balance sheet, good credit statistics, you've already taken care of that, you've already diversified your supply chain away from a focus anywhere. vietnam has been popular. some of the other asian countries have been popular. i think they've done the best they can. we've seen port strikes. we've seen bankruptcy that disrupted supply chains. they already had a pace to this in the past and if they -- again, if they've been savvy, they've already taken a lot of the risk out of the supply chain where tariffs will hit them. dagen: are you most bullish on walmart as a stock? >> not an equity analyst. from a credit perspective, from a market power perspective, walmart is still the dominant retailer in the world. dagen: fixed income rules, if you're a nerd like me, fixed income rules. i didn't just call you a nerd.
7:30 am
i promise, charlie. >> it's okay. dagen: i call myself one, myself all day long. charlie, it was good to see you. >> great to be back. dagen: barry heading north, the impact still being felt asthmas i've rains continue to fall. plus budweiser's fashion play, the beer maker entering the world of swimsuits, that's straight ahead. ♪
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, july 1 15th. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. markets looking to push to new all-time highs. it was a record-setting week for the dow, nasdaq and s&p last week, all three major market gauges rising to new records on friday. the s&p closing above 3,000 for the very first time. in europe we have a little bit
7:34 am
of buying to tell you about in england, france and germany. the french market turning around to the plus side. in asia overnight, there were more signs of a slowdown in china. the economy growing by 6.2% in the second quarter. that's the lowest rate since at least 1992. the nikkei was closed in japan for a holiday. the shanghai and hang seng heading higher. investors eyeing earnings, second quarter earnings kicking into high gear today. big banks begin reporting with citi out in about half an hour. we give you everything you need to know. but these companies given where their stock prices are, many of them need to put up and give good outlooks for the rest of the year, even into 2020. we will see what happens. closing the pay gap meantime, one company taking action and donating half a million dollars to the women's soccer team. budweiser's newest vei venture,
7:35 am
swimwear. we take a look ahead. communities in louisiana cleaning up after hurricane barry made land fall as a category 1 storm saturday. it has since been downgraded to a tropical depression. it caused flooding and power outages. joining us now, retired lieutenant general, former hurricane katrina joint task force commander, russell onorai. good to see you. lieutenant general, tell us what the aftermath of this storm is and it certainly -- the impact wasn't as grave as many thought it would be. >> absolutely. we dodged a bullet in a way. there's still people that got some flooding and some infrastructure that was broken down in the saint mere parish and along the primary route in
7:36 am
iberia and throughout the state as it moves north, a lot of tree damage that caused at one time over 100,000 people to be without power. that number is better this morning, it's around 70,000 still remaining that has to be restored power. the other thing is we dodged a bullet, no major accidents or incidents on the mississippi river. you know, between baton rouge and new orleans, we have over 100 petrochemical plants. any one of them on any given day can be a mini chernobyl if they were to be violated because they're right on the river and hats off to the coast guard and first responders for taking care of people and closing that river down at the right time. it is back open for commerce today and you know the port of new orleans, about 40% of our exports, the stuff the united states industry makes money on, in agriculture goes out of the port of new orleans, so it's
7:37 am
significant to our country. that being said, we still have some work t do, we have learned, on how we manage the river. dagen.>> as you say, the port io important, which is a great reminder. deirdre here. you said you dodged a bullet. is there anything that can be done? the storms are coming with more and more frequency. what can be done to prevent, put in circuit breakers if you like for the next one? >> i think we're going to have to take a big look. you know, the wind bands at the height, we might have had one recorded around 7 a 5 or 80 --5 or 80 miles an hour at one time. we have to spend more time on tree maintenance. everybody loves trees, we've got to have them. it's ridiculous when you ride around south louisiana and many of our other states. we've got trees with the power lines going through them. that's going to have to be addressed. because at the end of the day,
7:38 am
it affects people's lives and it almost looked third world the way we maintain our power lines. most of the new subdivisions have underground power. all of the old historic communities here in baton rouge, new orleans and lake charles, and lafayette, we literally have power lines going through trees. we're going to have to fix that. that was very last century. now we need to go in and reset that because it has an impact on people's lives as well as our economy. and we've got to do better. that infrastructure has to be fixed and we've got some drainage issues we've still got to deal with that we knew about going back to katrina that hadn't been properly addressed. even though the federal government did a great job and we saw that levee system in new orleans hold up to the tropical storm. think about a category 3. we still have work to do on our drainage system, how we get the water that we can predict that's coming, places that repetitively
7:39 am
flood, we just have people getting back into their homes at denim springs that flooded in 2016 and we have talk about how we do recovery in a more expeditious way. >> real quickly, mitch rochell here, most people didn't know what levee's were other than a don mcclain song. the levees were pushed to the limit because of the winter and the rain that flowed down the mississippi. is that a recurring problem or is that unique to this year because of the winter they had up north. >> in 2011 we had a big challenge to the levees. we had to open the bonnie carrie spillway. those spillways are critical to prevent baton rouge and new orleans from flooding. i think the corps will have to take a relook at the bogansa control structure, if that
7:40 am
structure fails, the mississippi river could change directions. i don't mean to scare people in america but that infrastructure needs to be upgraded and we need to more quickly open the morgansa. if the mississippi river changed direction, new orleans will be out of water and the port will be closed. there won't be enough water in the river to sustain operations. that's a big man talk we need to have in washington and congress needs to fund these projects dis dagen: and big woman talk, general. you know who gets things done. i'm just joking. >> you're right. dagen: i'm just joking with you. >> my mama told me. dagen: yes, she did. it's great to see you, sir l. thank you so much. we will see you soon. coming up, closing the pay gap, one company taking action, donating half a million dollars to the women's soccer team. those details. plus, budweiser's new fashion just in time for summer.
7:41 am
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dagencheryl: welcome back to "mornings with maria." i'm cheryl casone. president trump is tweeting again about the democrats. here's what the president wrote. if democrats want to unite around the foul language and hatred spewed from the mouth and actions of the very unpopular and unrepresentative congresswomen it will be interesting to see how it plays out. i can tell you they made israel feel abandoned by the united states. that tweet coming out by president trump. other headlines this morning, hong kong leader carrie lamb's new comments raised tensions with protesters. she is calling protesters who clashed with police rioters. several police officers were injured in violent protests against an extra decisio extrad. maria had an exclusive interview. maria: you said if this bill goes through it's the end of hong kong.
7:46 am
explain. >> well, if this bill goes through, they can get anybody to jail in che china and the rule f law in hong kong, without the rule of law, our financial status will be undermined also. cheryl: lamb last week declared the bill dead. protesters say they want to see a formal withdrawal from the legislative process. that has not yet happened. listen up if you drive a sue suu sedan, they may have to be replaced. they may not be strong enough to hold up in a crash. they are recalling legacies and outbacks. less than 20 of the cars in question have been delivered to owners. we've got a stock alert for you right now. take a look at this. shales of general electric under pressure, gone almos down almosa
7:47 am
percent right now. ubs downgraded the stock to neutral. they're saying it's time for the stock to take a bit of a breather. shares of ge are up more than 40% so far this year. take a look at that chart. now you can bring your bud light to the pool and you can wear it at the same time. that is because budweiser and bud light teamed up to launch a swim and summer clothing line. there you go. the company says the outfits are designed to get you out of that 9 to 5 working stiff uniform, loosen you up a little bit. i thought beer was supposed to do that anyway. the official line offers swimwear, robes, hawaiian shirts and pajama-alls. there's su sunglasses and hats f you want to complete the whole budweiser look. dagen: does the women's one piece hold you in like a girdle? cheryl: doubt it. dagen: like spanx and hold in
7:48 am
the love hand l tells. cheryl:-- handles.cheryl: it's. it's kind of cute, i've got to say. dagen: sort of. except you're a billboard. cheryl: there's that. dagen: thank you so much for that. do you wear pajama-alls, i see you in those at the home depot. >> i think you would get throb out. >thrownout. >all these companies do itjust . dagen: mitch, you clearly went to an upscale home depot. they will not throw you out of home depot for wearing the pajama-alls. >> those in westchester are a little different than -- dagen: are you fancy. the private sector taking control. the company donating to the u.s. women's soccer team, trying to
7:49 am
close the pay gap. will half a million bucks do it? next. ♪ i try to say good-bye and i choke. ♪ try to walk away and i stumble. can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car.
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dagen: the u.s. women's soccer team wins big again. one major u.s. company stepping up to close the pay gap. lauren simonetti has all the he details. lauren: i sure do. that company is procter & gamble. it's a major corporation who is also a sponsor of u.s. soccer donating $529,000 as this ad in the new york times sunday edition points out. it's by p & g's secret deodorant, my favorite line to be on the right side of history. this is explicit sponsoring,
7:53 am
about play and pay and values which the ad shows out. we've seen nike, they supported the players, they have ads that are inspiring. but they're general. they're about breaking the glass ceiling in general. p & g's ad and its donation directly mentioned the pay gap and calling u.s. soccer to close it. here's a little bit of the back story. in march, the u.s. women's team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the soccer federation. the suit was about pay and the more packed schedule, the worse travel conditions, less training than the men's national team despite, oh, more winning. the men's and women's national teams compete under separate collective bargaining agreements with u.s. soccer. that disparity gets more attention now because let's face it, the women's team won two consecutive world championships. some say they should pay more. companies putting money where
7:54 am
their mouth is. the energy bar maker luna bar is promising each player who made the world cup roster a bonus, which will represent the difference in bonuses made between men and women. politicians are reacting as well. dagen: what do you sunshine i was saying -- what do you think? i was saying that me megan rapi, she's made it more than just the play on the field and the women's greatness, that she turned into a preacher and someone with very, very hard political opinions. >> it's difficult for sports figures now. even espn, i think we heard the president a couple months ago, saying you know what we realize from our audience, the audience wants to hear athletes talk about sports, not about politics. dagen: you can talk about whatever you want. but if you are the spokesperson for your team, for women's soccer, you want more people to come to your game, you want more
7:55 am
people to buy your merchandise, to watch on television, you want to be a spokesperson for these companies. again, you lead with your athleticism and you lead with your sport. you don't lead with your political opinions. i do think that that has overshadowed it. >> your argument would be that if she had welcomed going to the white house it would have been a stronger position for her to say you know what, equal pay, pay us the same. dagen: it wasn't even the white house. it was the speeches that she gave. it's the preaching. >> negativity. dagen: just the preachiness. she did certainly alienate a good part of the country, if you're going to talk that way about the white house and the president, to people who do support him. anyway, secret stepping up with some -- lauren: i wonder if secret's sales go up for women who are saying it's about time, this is the deodorant we're going to
7:56 am
use. i think that will happen for p & g. dagen: it's virtue signaling on behalf of procter & gamble. >> i hope procter & gamble has equal pay inside the ranks of itself. it's easy to dive into the conversation. dagen: a lot of tech companies brag about equal pay but they have a small percentage of their workforce represented by women. apple in their tech jobs, it's a little more than one-fifth of people in actual technical jobs are women in that company. lauren: senator joe manchin proposed legislation that would block funding for the 2026 world cup unless the women's team gets equal pay. dagen: this is something somete teams can fix. citi numbers out ahead. stay with us. ♪ get up off of that --
7:57 am
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dagen: breakings news citigroup earnings outs ashley webster has everything you he need to know. >> i wish i did most headlined but not adjusted, per share revenue 18.76 billion slightly better than expected, look at premarket on citigroup up well 53 cents about one and a half% coming back just a little bit the banks have had a better time this year they got hammered end of last year citi up 38% this year, but here we go we have 195 on eps is that correct that means that is a that is a nice beat on the earnings front, the estimate was 181 guys the actual was 195 positive, big financial company out of the gate on second quarter earnings up more than 1% in premarket, we know we were warned a month ago that fixed income equity trading revenue are going to
8:01 am
be down in mid single digits what people will look for how they did in asia concerns about strayed dispute with china helped citigroup many countries in asia maybe more business picked up as countries leave china to go to other asian countries first blush dagen not bad on help numbers we know interest rates are low banks are not making much more than that net interest margin not making a lot on loans with interest rates so low. >> charge more on loans than i pay in deposit. >> right. >> longer like longer term rates sinking, in anticipation federal reserve is going to cut rates shortly -- that is potentially squeezed -- the margins there. >> a beat on top line a beat on bottom line thank you. >> bikhave you gotten a clangs o
8:02 am
on there what ashley was talking about a peek at numbers for citi. >> i apologize i haven't seen numbers at all i had computer focused on it will the point is citigroup and other banks should have a deent quarter, because you have to look not at interest rates, you have to look what the is going in the quarter what they sell primarily in loans you know we are decent in second quarter you had, good results from commercial industrial side, you know you had he mortgages you know picked up somewhat. you know, consumers borrowing money like crazy through credit cards, also, you know, coming back in auto loan sector if you have you be the volume increasing interest rates have not changed yet even though they are expected to change, then your margins should be relatively stable if
8:03 am
stable sherngs be up, in addition you know you had basically so some very big high ipos this quarter, you had you know, the yield about curve go down across the board, actually creates a fortune in profit for banks they have 3 1/2 trillion dollars securities they own if you get whole yield curve dropping you are seeing a big increase you know hundreds of billions of dollars, in profits for the banking industry. so you know, this should be a decent quarter the problem is nobody will care. and the reason they won't care is that you say they are going to focus focus focus on you know, what is going to happen with interest rates at fed taking the opinion that if interest rates go down bad for banks, even though there is no historical evidence whatsoever to indicate that that statement is true. so i don't know, my guess is you ought to be buying citigroup big banks but market is going to be very ask ittesh
8:04 am
about these companies. >> you have always said companies that if the economy and borrower and consumer is healthy that is one of the most critical things to pay attention to, and i will turn to a quote from citigroup, and it is earnings announcement quote we have good momentum in solid growth across our consumer franchise particularly in the u.s. we navigated in uncertainty environment successfully by executing strategy showing duly licensed in expense credit risk management according to citigroup. >> if you take a look at the way they have reshaped the company, right they have gotten rid of you know most of their foreign involvement, getting out of you know countries all around the world closed down businesses in united states, they've eliminated the facilities all over united states, and they have got let's say two really he really strong, one a dominate credit company a
8:05 am
credit card company around the world the credit card business looks great because, you know, earnings are up slightly for individuals in real terms obviously, jobs are up significantly. the second business that they focused on, is trading in investment banking, and while trading always goes down in second quarter, versus the first quarter, from the seasonal standpoint, you know investment banking is terrific right investment banking all of these companies that came to market prices went up, are there the green chutes extraordinarily profitable for companies part of the as i understand ification you should see decent numbers out of banks this quarter, if you take a look what the the banks do, relative to what supposedly the s&p 500 is going to do the banks are going to show up earnings s&p flat to down, according to other people, i don't make that, if, if that is true,
8:06 am
then the banks should be bought in addition to when multiples are very low the problem is nobody cares about anything i just said all they care about what did chairman powell is a i to senate and house last week what is going to happen to interest rates, and that is just -- it is a far. farce not going to kill banks. >> up 38% wildly out performing broad market gage even s&p 500 myou have a question. >> almost two times s&p -- >> if not going to care about bank stocks not going to care about -- the question either, which is one of the things that was a big talking point, in the earnings calls of all banks after first quarter was expenses and then this press release talked expenses are banks cutting back their spend and is that really part of what is driving the earnings? you see revenue up, and
8:07 am
earnings per share up expense control wig part of the equation? >> absolutely you are definitely correct one hundred percent, basically, technology you know people think that another false expression about banks theying a in technology, banks are the most advanced companies in technology in the united states, other than the technology companies themselves. and they use that technology, extraordinarily effectively to replace labor-intensive activities with machines. as a result of that, you know their expense are not growing their loan losses are going to creep up, but loan losses are extraordinarily low so huge part of the story on banks the last few years has been the fact that their expenses don't go up their revenues eke up in small amounts when leads to you know relatively good increases in pretax income. >> quickly, you mentioned investment banking, as a strength obviously, it is we
8:08 am
examine to see from he peers through the week what do you make of more and more companies going public with direct listings, spotify was first to do it will not been a loan, and seems more and more companies are going to be doing this essentially means cutting out middle man, in this case investment banks. is this business being disrupted ? or are we looking at a few companies that have just chosen to go public differently? >> well the -- you are right the whole structure of the market has changed, right? in other words, you got private equity companies you've got, money flowing in from overseas the need to go to big bank to do a a public offering is becoming significantly reduced. however, you know you get all unicorns coming to market that don't have any profits of, perhaps never had profits, you do need someone to sell that story. and in order to get someone to sell that story you do have to
8:09 am
go to a big bank these big banks i think have done an extraordinarily effective job for themselves, and shareholders past quart i think that will show up when all these numbers are out for citi and jpmorgan goldman morgan stanley all these guys. >> good to see you this morning thank you so much. >> thank you. >> turning to u.s.-china trade president speaking out this morning, on china's economic growth in second quarter edward lawrence live at the white house very latest good morning ed. >> the president woke up with economy on mind first set of tweets on that talking about how he is talking about antiquated his words antiquated policy of federal reserve we are growing he said much room to grow, for the u.s. economy then president turned to china, president saying that chinese have had the slowest growth they've had in 27 years as of right now president pointing to fact that tariffs are playing a
8:10 am
major role in that economy, also, playing a imagine role in the fact xaengz are trying to leave china for nontariff companies saying china wished that it did not break the deal that it made with the united states, the president making the case, that china is actually paying for tariffs something you said before by devaluing pumping money into their system here the president holding off though on everything emphasis china imports into united states placing under tariffs all still is an option for the president now right now the talks on the phone are still happening, between the two trade groups, u.s. trying to get a date for the next round of face-to-face talks. >> we are facing a country that hacks our computers steals intellectual property forces technology transfer manipulates its currency and dump fentanyl into our communities so those are kinds of things we are trying to negotiate.
8:11 am
>> peter on that council trying to negotiate with this trying to gage how amenable chinese will be when they come back to the talks, to see what the concessions they made taken out of the deal will be placed back into trade deal dagen. dagen: thank you so much, edward lawrence at the white house coming up louisiana underwater we take you live to new orleans for a closer look at how that as i is recovering from tropical depression barry. >> action against amazon as strael giant kicking off its global shopping event. how your deal could be affected. ♪ ♪ this is the couple who wanted to get away
8:12 am
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8:14 am
>> barry make landfall over
8:15 am
weekend into tropical depression good morning jeff. reporter: good morning to you prepared for the worst hoped for best got what they hoped for this is new orleans mississippi, and maybe you see -- i don't think you can tell you know you have had a hurricane coming in with river at record high levels for this time of year in fact to give indication how high a marker out there, that is on dry land, actually you see how much the mississippi has come in. but despite that, it wasn't as bad as they thought yes overof levees blackman's parish south of here a big difference between overtop and failure there you are means big needs outside the levee system, yeah there was flooding, and we got pictures of some of the
8:16 am
rescues that took place some people from roofs of their houses but these are people that live in low-lying areas probably should not have stayed in the face of this hurricane anyway. i leave you perhaps with a picture of new orleans blocked a little by a tree frank takes a look down here 224 floodgates in new orleans that is one of them there they closed them all now in the process of reopening them. that one leading into the french quarter right there open protected the city did they learn from katrina? by gosh i think they did. dagen. dagen: jeff good to see you my friend jeff flock in new orleans. >> thank you. >> coming up, taking action against amazon retail giant kicking off annual global shopping event how this would impact your deals big tech threat blillionaire calling for consolidation over rep with
8:17 am
china more details on that. ♪ ♪
8:18 am
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treasonous amazon prime day two days of deals amazon employees in minnesota going on the strike, covering the story live from minneapolis good morning susan. >> good morning to you dagen that is right christmas in july amazon kicking off two day prime-day event to bring in 4 to 7 billion dollars, over the next 48 hours given scientific amazon has become a political flash point they make billions of dollars off the u.s. consumer some say
8:21 am
they don't pay fair share when it comes to corporate taxes and don't treat workers with as good as they should outside minneapolis expecting first of its kind worker strike for amazon this is not first worker protest we have seen at the center in fact once in december last year but we are expecting one of the most important days for amazon, here on this prime day, and we are checking with one of the primary organizers in this protester expecting 100 workers to go on strike, i am wo wondering what are they protesting. >> working at amazon difficult very hard to work one of the things would reduce very he is if management would reduce the rates the production rates that we are required to meet every hour. >> have productivity quotes numbers of packages within an hour, 600 whether big or
8:22 am
small, some say that seems a little unfair. >> right in my job it is 600 items an hour i handle. and we also would like to see, some improvement made in ergonomics, repetitive nature of work leads to workplace injuries. >> you are on medical leave ensures that is correct. >> were you injured at this center. >> i was yes. >> so roobs -- how big ri looking for. >> what would be fair. >> even 10% reduction in rate across the board, would help workers quite a bit. 10% reduction 540 packages an hour down from 600 that is what you are looking for. >> right in my particular case the rates do vary depending what position you are in. >> another issue that workers are protesting the fact they are hiring more temporary staff not giving out full time positions, right temporary workers they are held to same standards that full-time amazon employees are held to yet don't have amazon
8:23 am
benefits. >> to give other side of this we did get in contact with amazon say 90% workers here at this center are full-time staff. >> right, well -- um -- the integrity um workers are full-time but still not employees. amazon employees. >> what i am hearing from you it is i guess by working conditions, and also full-time positions not about money, because amazon moved up minimum wage to $15 an hour told us at this center the average wage is around 16 to 20 dollars with benefits. >> that is correct, i make 17.15 an hour. >> what about unionization are you getting pushback in terms of forge one by amazon? >> right, sedan is antiunion that is not what we are protesting that could be something we look at in the future. >> not just workers here, i believe a pilot is coming to
8:24 am
join also well paid engineers in seattle, here as well. >> right we have quite a show of support, from -- other coworkers. >> why prime day why not select another day? is this make your message heard loudly. >> yes if a destruction in work would transfer work to another center but that is not possible today because all the centers are busy. >> what would you like jeff bezos to hear from you richest man in the world founder owner of amazon. >> well, management demands best from workers now we want management's best. >> thank you so much we are expecting a so itdown walkout to take place in the afternoon at end of the day session, then heading into the night session as well, first of its kind because workers don't go on strike this busy back to you. >> thank you for that suzan li in minneapolis have you been
8:25 am
being look at think raised issue with on of our guests charlie o'shea is prime day losing oomph maybe given oomph to other retailers walmart target. >> i think helped entire retail ecosystem whether or not digit or in store, and going back to something talking about earlier the consumers very, very strong right now that is, the part of the economy probably strongest no better time than when consumer is strong to create retail buying opportunities i think, prime day is a great catalyst to sort of get people to think about shopping six months away from biggest time of the year for shopping. >> reminded people, if you haven't been on amazon past 48 hours here you go, there you go. >> lots of amazon products like -- the deals on echo, dyson vacuum jooum.
8:26 am
>> amazon wanted peaceably addicted to system much like people are with apple which you talk about offering checko anything by alexa we heard developing kind of minirobot they want you to withdrews their services as much as the shopping. >> also creating products like the video -- tying into other products what is next especially when we get into 5g internet of things all devices are connected to one another. >> may not affect the woman that we just heard, with susan but there was a report outlast week sedan is spending 7 hundred million dollars to train workforce in light of a third of their workforce, in response to us automation a better way to adapt to how technology is changing things performance center that woman works in may not exist with any humans working in it so many years there is some sort of response maybe not direct a
8:27 am
response -- on point so a. >> even. >> costs money to replace workers. >> right this falls on private sector rather than politicians who have been talking and doing nothing. not walking the talk for literally decades in this country, and comes down to what are private businesses doing, to make sure that their o workforce are trained retrained. >> relevant for skills needed to drive business in the future it is a lot cheaper to train existing talent than replace them. >> president trump's nationwide raids against undocumented immigrants not unfolding that way so far billionaire peter thiel said calling for investigation, into google over its relationship with china.
8:28 am
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for maria bartiromo. monday, july 15 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern. >> markets poised for a higher open looking to push new all-time highs 52.gain on dow futures all three major market gauges in the green following a record-setting week for the dow, nasdaq and s&p. >> is it citigroup double beat profits rising on lower comforts gains in consumer lending the news lifting citi other banks ahead of the open. you have gains across the board citigroup stock is up almost more than 35% year-to-date, adding nearly 1% in premarket action. in yoorp you have buying england france and germany this morning biggest winner there the dax in germany up half of 1% more signs of a slowdown in china, that was kind of -- factored into the asian markets, china's economy growing 6. % a second quarter sounds strong, but was slowest
8:32 am
rate since 1992 at least 92. >> slowest rate on record. >> in japan the nikkei closed for a holiday border battle ice going ahead with crackdown on illegal immigrants some ll leaders fight back against the raids. >> is if bitcoin plunging cryptocurrency diving more than 10% over the weekend, briefly trading below 10,000 dollars pb this follows last week's comments from president donald trump saying he is not fan of bitcoin cryptocurrency talking about regulation, high-tech threat billionaire he peter thiel reportedly calling for investigation into google over work with china. what allegations could mean for the tech giant. >> top story this half hour a nationwide crackdown on he immigration ice action planned 10 major cities trying to round up thousand already
8:33 am
ordered out of the country lindsey graham visited the border on friday maria bartiromo spoke with him yesterday on "sunday morning futures." >> we've got pushback from some democrats, and liberal mayors trying to stop the ice officials and border patrol officials from carrying out their directive. >> ice raids today are focused on criminals who have gone to court lost their case, democrats are also advocating decriminalizeing entry into united states provide free health care to illegal immigrants once they get here. >> u.s. citizenship immigration services acting director cubing until director. >> good to see you -- >> large scale immigration raids failed to materialize in "the wall street journal" reports ice agents put on standby for potential raids this weekend, while some operations continued in individual cities, agents were
8:34 am
never given order to execute on nationwide scale one administration official says. what do you make of this? again, it seems like the public was led to believe there was going to be something kind of massive and widespread, not happening. >> so the way i understand the -- acting director set this up has given discretion to local responsible officers to perform their responsibilities as and when they see fit now i am speaking very generally, but that is the way law enforcement should operate. law enforcement operations have to be taken on case-by-case basis if for no other reason officers safety. so the notion that you are going to hear some national rollout announcement, is really i think kind of people are -- are miscon construing
8:35 am
that ice doing job so many competent officers doing their job has suddenly become news. and this is what they do every day, whether it is cracking down on employers violating our law or whether it is gathering people who are disobeying federal orders over a million people federal removal orders not obeying orders and they do target as you heard senator graham say still prioritize criminalize in this country, but that is not an exclusive target. anyone in that million people have been through massive due process and gotten removal order are subject to removal and ice's job to do that take their job very seriously very good at it, despite a lot of vitriol lobbed at them by elements of the political class. >> ken we should point out i want to make this clear your agency is not directly involved in law enforcement.
8:36 am
>> correct. dagen: it is charged but you administrator the country's legal immigration system. >> and asylum. dagen: green cards eligible asylum-seekers that is what you handle. >> correct. dagen: i wonder about wisdom of talking about these raids because president trump started talking about them last month announced a similar raid last month, it was postponed amid concern over the officers safety. and you have been asked about it and commented about like i said last unique about why give illegal immigrants in this country would be eligible for deportation why give them a heads-up it just seems is this just political? is it to rattle left to basically -- is it a political move to get the left liberals or democrats to see like siding with illegal immigrants versus those here who are here legally? >> first of all, it is important not only that a
8:37 am
justice system work and be just but that it be seen to work and be just. the importance of that is that people who are considering coming here who think all they have got to do is get by the border illegally they are home mystery ice stands in the way of that they are the wall there. and when those people come in illegally, and get orders of removal they need to know that even after that point that our legal system the rule of law still applies and that they will be removed or they are subject to removal that is who this is important for in addition to just maintaining the rule of law. dagen: ken my question is when you talk about raids that are going to happen across the country, you are giving people who might be deported a heads-up, and giving people the democrats in somes sanctuary cities a heads-up it seems like you are doing it for political purposes if you
8:38 am
were quiet would be easier for agents themselves to go into communities and actually apprehend people here illegally offered deportation send them back to their home country. >> unfortunately, this particular subject matter illegal immigration is a hot button, it is -- major subject of policy debate, and so you do get public discussion including of law enforcement operation at a general level should it never get specific beforehand that causes all sorts of problems but you are right. it is discussed publicly, but what people should understand is that for those more than million people who have had due process have removal orders they are always subject to this removal. it is -- and ice doesn't sit around say all right on x, and such date we are going to go after 1 now, -- 1,000, 2000 people this is a rolling
8:39 am
effort what you have heard talked about a broader push understand ice is doing their job every day. whether it is enforcing against employers breaking the law, whether it is people with removal orders and so on. dagen: the mayor police chief why los angeles pushed back against ice listen to this. >> i want every angeleno to know their rights and how to exercise them i want you to know do you not need be afraid your city is on your side rest assured here in los angeles we are not cooperation. >> immigration is a federal matter, safety is a police matter. so we're not going to mix those two. >> this is a partisan politics it is about being a good neighbor -- >> ken your reaction to that. >> pathetic that is pathetic! we are talking about people would who have been through a massive due process, and by and large broken law to come here and, and, remember, ice
8:40 am
still targets criminals meaning people who have committed other crimes after coming into this country. and so for the mayor and police chief of one of the largest counties in the country, largest cities in the country to speak about harboring criminals by and large remember the priority for ice prowled say we audly lee not going to help protect people not 15 miles from where i sit prince georges police in maryland saying same thing after killed 14-year-old girl the people killed her illegal aliens previously deans should have been happened to do ice but no maryland proudly claims its a sanctuary state proudly didn't hand people over another girl is dead an illegally alien seditioned to life it isn't just victims
8:41 am
victimized. >> protecting against that. >> when you have administration officials talking to the press about the upcoming raids upcoming raids upcoming raids turns into back-and-forth political posturing rather than allowing ice agents to quietly go into communities, and apprehend these people who are here illegally. who potential criminals, who are -- have their deportation efforts -- um, already in place. that is my point. is that when you talk about it so publicly, it turns into this left and right back-and-forth and it is just political posturing actually isn't following through with the deportations in if law. >> look there are pros and cons to being more public about this, you have just identified i think quite accurately one of the cons one of the negatives as i mentioned earlier one of the pros is we are trying to
8:42 am
create a deterrence effect as well because we are trying to affect future behavior calculus each may come to maybe a little different you think that it shouldn't be talked about beforehand obviously, the president thinks somewhat differently weighing more in favor of the deterrent effect those are honest debates but i think are legitimate to have and, of course, always prioritizing safety factors in the president has come out a little bit differently from how you feel about it i try to focus maximizing deterrence opportunities here as you note this is an ice responsibility, it is not my agency we have a lot of respect for our ice agents and for the work they do. we want them safe as possible but we also want to take advantage of the fact to tell the rest of the world look this is how we operate we enforce our laws, and you can't expect to simply ignore them if you come to america.
8:43 am
dagen: ken cuccinelli thank you acting director u.s. citizenship immigration services, christmas in july retail giant amazon kicking off annual prime day, prime two day shopping event not everyone is onboard stuart varney weighs in big banks in focus, shares of citigroup jumping up almost 1% after beating wall street expenses on quarterly, we take you to the trading floor for a look next. ♪ ♪ take me to -- see l.a. ♪ ♪ you will be -- ♪ (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage.
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dagen: citigroup first of the big banks to report quarterly earnings posting a beat jackie deangelis on the floor of the new york stock exchange with details jackie. >> good morning to you dagen traders watching citi very closely this morning kicks off the banks, earnings season and earnings season in earnest traders wanted to hear there is more than attending pending rate tax cut to drive stocks higher and strong earnings from banks could be it we got earnings per share from citigroup 1.83 higher than expected on revenue 18.76 billion dollars. and so everyone will be watching what is bank of america going to say goldman jane, morgan stanley going to say in the week, meantime, they said a jump in fixed income training helped
8:48 am
earnings at cost-cutting 10:00 a.m. people want to go hear about international business specifically asia i want to switch gears take a look at google for a promptly, because, over the weekend, axios reported that peter thiel was speaking in washington, d.c., and he said the fbi, cia should actually investigate google see if it has been infiltrated by chinese intelligence google not responding to this yet but certainly this could open pandora's box. dagen: jackie thank you so much for that jackie deangelis new york stock exchange amazon prime day in full swing only shoppers get two days of deals employees in minnesota planning to on strike joining me host of "varney & company," what say you sir. >> i as i christmas in july that is what i say, i mean, i think what amazon has done with the -- i don't know exactly when it started prime days, it started expand and grew and it is a revolution in
8:49 am
the rallyings business walmart joined target etch bay starts day 4 hours prime days, 18 countries involved, a million products will be what is it a million deals that are on offer it just turns the retailing business on its headed it used to be black friday day after thanksgiving or back-to-school, i see the lines out the doors for to special offers, now it is all done online gigantic retailing operation christmas in july, frankly i love it. but -- i don't think it is we quite understand how big a deal it is. dagen: stuart i am on the phone shopping for you -- >> oh, thank you very much. >> trying to figure out what would you buy you are not really a -- a much of a shopper, but i know you love a deal. >> why do you say i am not much of a shopper? >> i don't think because i think that you are very --
8:50 am
careful with your money. >> are you calling me cheap? >> no, i am just -- laugh lawful no! not at all, i don't think you are a frivolous person. >> where is maria? [laughter] >> i am not, you are quite right i do have a hard time putting my hand in my pocket putting money down right there or slapping down plastic i have a hard time doing that i am thrifty. >> thrift as a virtue young lady. >> i agree. >> there you go. >> i agree with you one hundred percent. all day long every day. >> stuart starts in less than 10 minutes thank you so much. >> see you later "varney & company" every day, 9:00 a.m. to noon eastern coming up facebook under microscope security and exchange commission considering a crackdown on cryptocurrency. and casting a new bond james bond, daniel craig passing torch to a new double 007 we tell you who might be taking over that iconic role next.
8:51 am
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dagen: major lay-offs reportedly coming at huawei in u.s. cheryl casone has details aye that is right the "the wall street journal" is reporting this morning, that hundreds of people can be let go after the trump administration black listed the company job cuts expected to reflect the huawei research and development subsidiary in california texas and washington state huawei pass declined to comment. >> the securities and exchange commission reportedly examining whether fact libra should fall under agency oversight "the wall street
8:55 am
journal" reporting if they decided is it structure makes it etf would need approval to launch cryptocurrency, bitcoin under pressure president trump has criticized cryptocurrency that was last week that concludes libra holding 10,000 dollars, there is a lot you can see. >> the james bond franchise getting shaken and stirred. >> . >> daily mail is reporting british actress is going to be revealed next double 07 agent in bond 25 movie out next year lynch first woman black woman to play the role there is a twist, do i give it away or hold back? i don't know. dagen: give it to me. >> okay, daniel craig in this put two together that would
8:56 am
kind of make sense. of why she is 007 he is also 007. >> okay double o double? that is all i got. >> this is his last movie as james bond he said. darn it. >> darn it. >> he doesn't look so good in person though. >> doesn't? >> he looks like cheese have a has been left out in the yard for like a week. >> still ahead final thoughts around all-star panel. we'll be right back. most people think a button is just a button.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
dagen: outperforming the broad markets. the economy looks good. that's the most important thing. retail sales out later in the week for last month. does the u.s. consumer look healthy? mitch says yes. >> i say yes. dagen: no recession. deirdre, mitch, veronica, thank you so much. mr. stuart, take it away. stuart: i shall indeed. good morning, dagen. good morning, everyone. christmas in july has begun. amazon prime days are off and running. 18 countries, a million deals. amazon won't give official numbers but the analysts expect more than $5 billion worth of stuff will be ordered in the next 48 hours. it's an extravaganza. walmart's in this, too. they have four days of deals. ebay has crash deals. target is joining in. you add it all up, this is now as big a retailing event as black friday or back-to-school. let's get to the markets. yes, it is monday morning and we're starting out with new highs. a good start, i'd say. last week, the value


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