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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. >> 5 a.m. here are your top stories this is hour, the trade war slams chinese economy now growing at its e sloughest pace in 27 years. with that can mean for u.s. companies that second quarter earning season kicks off today plus why china is in the middle of the new call to investigate google. ready set go amazon prime day is underway but while shoppers punch in credit card numbers for best deals amazon workers punch their time card to go on strike. >> president trump is rampingtsa twitter tirade against four freshman congress women the new backlash brewing this morning and you have what it takes to go up against serena williams you
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won't believe how many people think they have a shot against the tennis star is. it is monday, it is july 15th fbn:am starts right now. ♪ good morning everyone i'm shale cheryl. >> good morning i'm lauren simonetti on this sunny bright monday green arrow across the board and nasdaq up 9 points. there's a lot of talk about negative yield and if they'll hit the u.s. well not the case right now. the tenure is at 2.14%.
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>> we're watching oil after tropical storm barry cut more than 70% of oil production down in the gulf as you can see we're up just two cents but above 60, 6023. take a look at asia on that weak gdp number out of china. shanghai composite up 1.5%. south korea down 5%. for the japanese market now europe kind of a mixed bag but flat there you have the cac 40 lower the dax is slightly highser. fasten your seat belts everybody it is one busy week for wall street. second quarter earning season kicks off today. the spotlight will be on the financial companies. 25 financial firms in the s&p 500 reporting including citi group bright and article this morning and get key economic reports on housing sectors chink will be in focus after country's economy grew 6.2% in the second quarter. it sounds great, but the slowest
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pace in at least 27 years, of course, following the trump administration tariffs. peter says that the fbi and the cia should investigate whether google has been compromisedded by chinese intelligence. it is reporting that the billionaire investor and facebook board member made comments during a speech at the national conservatism conference in washington yesterday. teal wants to know how many foreign agencieses have infiltrated the froment for artificial intelligence and as goolings senior management consider itself have been infiltrated by chinese intelligence also he he calls out google for its decision to work with chinese military and not with the u.s. military. so far there is no comment on all of this from google. >> a major shakeup at huawei company is reportedly planning extensive layoffs right here in the u.s. >> jillianturner in washington with all a of the details. >> chinese tell come giant huawei world leading commitment
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splicer number two smartphone manufacture set to lay off hundreds of employees here in the united states according to "the wall street journal." these layoffses are expected to hit workers and in texas, california, and washington the hardest, the huawei has r&d lab sped out across the entire country. sources say some employee have been notified of their terminations and that many others will be notify iminnocently. move comes amid deepening trade tensions between the u.s. and its primary technology competitor, that is china, and follows on heels of the commerce department putting on nefarious entity list in may. experts told sunday morning futures that trade relationship reached a tipping point. we share same value such you that every time we fight, and they crack us down, we are reminding the world that china is not to be trusted. sources say that some of way chinese employees here in the
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u.s. are being given the option to return home and to stay on with the company there. something they say will come as a blow to trump administration which has made keep jobs state side a core issue. some promising sign came this week, though, commerce secretary wilbur ross announce u.s. will grant export licenses to huawei suppliers who sales aren't putting national security at risk and then treasury secretary steven mnuchin is reportedly urging u.s. suppliers behind scenes to apply for licenses overseas. in washington, jillian turner fox news. today amazon workers are expected to go on strike they're planning to protest outside of a an amazon warehouse in minnesota as retail or kicks off prime day employees dpangding higher pay and better working conditions we're going to have more on this later this hour certainly stuff to watch. >> and this is going to be a big stock story today. boeing -- there is another hit now for the boeing 737 max, american airlines is canceling more
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flights now taking the plane after another schedule for two months until november third americans move follows similar announcement by united on friday and there's more. wall street journal is reporting that the 737 max could remain grounded in a 2020 paper says boeing needs to fix flight control software and complete other steps. big stock today the stock is town 1% right now in the premarket that is loss of more than $4. well a nationwide crack down certainly underway immigration and custom enforcement agents launched raids in quotes, in major cities targeting people with deportation orders. kevin corke is live in washington with allful latest with an update for us. kevin, good morning. >> great to be with you guys good morning you saw what the president tweeted over weekend right he said listen if they don't want to be in these crowded overcrowded conditions over at these detention centers don't come to the country this way. come the legal way stopping in a third country and apply for that way but whatever you do don't
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come this way because you end up in a circumstance which have been absolutely devastating to watch for just about everybody involved. let me show you some of the removals under each president, now for context do keep this in mind clinton president obama and trump off the pace at a shade of 400,000 removal so far then again we're only talking about two and a half close to three years. nevertheless, enforcement actions will continue. as i.c.e. looks to remove thousands of illegal aliens ordered to leave our country but have ignored our laws. here's ken . >> this is their job every day. we've got compassionate loyal i.c.e. agent as just doing their job about, and it shows you how far we've fallen that it has become news that they would actually go to deport people who have removal ordering. ken on "state of the union" over the weekend democrats on capitol
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hill say this is not as simple as enforcing our laws. this is also about the humane treatment of people who are coming here to escape violence and seek a better life. >> you know there are a lot of families in our country that are mixed or blended families. we're in that household there are documented undocumented immigrants and people who have visas, and they're living in fear. >> kamala harris senator from the great state of california also a presidential candidate quick look at the map, at the major cities that are expected to see bulk of the enforcement actions although sources confirm to me over weekend this will not be limited to just those major cities, new york baltimore, chicago, denver, san francisco, los angeles, houston, atlanta, and miami. a big day here in washington as a president gets a chance take part in made many america showcase that is his chance to not only talk about american made goods but hear from u.s. manufactures having a roaring year looking forward to that but
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for now guys back to you. >> kevin corke great to have you with us sir, good morning. empleg well, today members of the house appropriation sub committee plan to visit a florida shelter for unaccompanied children out of hearing on oversight of the hss program that handles care for those children. >> well ron says it is ready to negotiate with the u.s. but with conditions -- tracee carrasco has the details. hey, tracee. >> good morning iranian president rue man said that iran is willing to talk with united states but only if sanctions are listed. iran recently begun surpassing iranian limits set in the 2015 deal but says these moves can reversed given enough economic incentives. in an interview with with "the washington post," secretary of state mike pompeo dismissed rouhani's idea. gilead is increasing, and wall
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street reports they'll pay more than $5 a billion to boost its ownership stake to as much as 30%. gilead will get three on board of directors as part of the deal. jeffrey epstein due back in court today for a bail hearing the convicted sex offender has offered to put up his 77 million dollar manhattan apartment and private jet as clad rile to garn he'll show up for trial on federal sex trafficking charges but federal prosecutors are opposeing bail charging that epstein fade $35,000 to buy the silence of the potential witnesses. spider-man is a box office hero for second week in a row. >> calling it -- i don't to talk -- why? >> because to you don't talk i have to. you sent nick to voice mail? you do not go -- >> the sequel far from home adding 45 million dollars in its
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second weekend bringing its domestic total to 274 million l globally the movie has grossed get some competition this week disney's live action remake of the lion king opens up on thursday, and that is what's happening now. >> the live action remake usually do well. >> yeah. thanks tracee. thanks. all right we've got a lot more coming up. facebook fined $5 billion over privacy violations but do they catch a break? what this could mean for the technology hearing that is on the hill this week, and a major shakeup for 007. >> the name is bond. james bond. it is but daniel craig is passing secret agent torch -- wait until you find out who is beginning to be the next james bond you didn't see this coming. trust me keep it here on fbn:am. ♪ limu emu & doug
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. china's economy is tapping the brakes that expand by 6.2% of the second quarter that is the the slowest face in 27 years is this going to help move along the pus and china trade dispute
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maybe get us to a solution? let's bring in doug flynn financial planner cofounder of capital management and chief strategist above a hey guys, good morning. >> good morning. talk fist to you. does this weak number i can't believe saying this gdp growth this week but for chinese it is and this is lower than first quarter rate that's do you think that helps push us towards a deal with them? >> you know sure i don't know if it will or not but first of all getting members of china is always iffy if they're ac are the to begin with. i think they're willing to try to wait it out. how far in the other side they're going to get a deal den and i don't think there's any question but biggest part of the deal right now is just the way they put it together where both presidents cool out looking live they've done right thing for their countries. as we lock at numbers coming out of china exports were down and also finding out that a lot of u.s. manufactures are moving their supply is chain out of china looking for other avenues factor into second quarter
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earnings what are you expecting to hear from ceos and these cfo or more importantly and they're commentary on the tariff work? >> i think most of the firms have not had had a major impact a slight impact on some of the companies trying to do it to things that you mention to move some things to different places but that takes a little bit of time so it might have a slight impact in near term but in long run that's what companies do they need to adjust on ground and change their supply chain and keep their growth going because that's what they're hard to do for shareholders i think that's going to continue and see that in third and fourth quarter where things pick back up again. >> move on to economy guys i want you to listen to an interview that jerry baker had cofounder of silver lake listen to what he said about the economy. >> what's more important here of this balance? that concern about the economy or fact that interest rates are going to be going down? >> that i think concern about the economy, if the fed chooses to reduce introduce rates and i have no doubt if they do that it will be because of solid and
5:17 am
thoughtful and deeply reasoned economic analysis. you don't think president trump is leaning on them too hard? >> zero. >> what do you make of that? >> well i don't look ting that fed is trying to be independent. i think paul i think actually the fact that the president is pushing on paul may keep had him from lowering rates but lower rates i think they're making a mistake anyway. thing entire situation is ridiculous if our economy is destroying us they think it is and we say it is then there's no reason to lower rates if they lower rates they're taking away ammunition for later because i already think that we're almost in the start the very early stage of a recession here. so i think that if they lower them now they're making a mistake into a market that's all time high. >> but market love it is like given candy to a baby and they want more canty they can't stop themselves. really quick i want to move on to facebook before i let you guys go towing this is to you elizabeth warren you have a big fine against facebook now that has been settled $5 billion.
5:18 am
elizabeth warren said that you know she's is going after them from a political stand point saying that they made $5 billion in profits they're too big they need to be broken up we have hear technician this antitrust committee in the house what you you expecting and call to breakup facebook? >> that i think democrats definitely want more oversight possibly a breakup and i think, you know, fine they've already worked that into their earnings set aside 3 billion of the 5 billion and i don't think money is beginning to be as big a detractor as some might think it should be. so i think there is beginning to be some push to it to break them up although companies they've tried to break up whether they have or haven't -- in the long run they find a way to come back together. so i think it is a short-term type of the thing. >> i mean 5 billion to facebook probably is $5 to me if they fix it this morning. doug inside thank you very much appreciate it guys. >> you too. [laughter] coming up, thousands are waking up in the dark this morning after a barry slams through louisiana coastline.
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where the trop l call depression is heading necks and who is still in danger? we're tracking the storms every move this morning for you. and back here at home new york city mayor bill de blasio under fire for how he handled the massive blackout in new york city over the weekend. why some say he should be removed from office. you're watching fbn:am.
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tropical depression barry moving north right now after slamming louisiana. pfnlg doug is live in new orleans with the latest and doug i guess the good news is that big easies was ultimately fair here, right? >> absolutely. though most people across louisiana now have the
5:23 am
opportunity to pick up but north of here other people still bearing down because former storm barry has potential to dump tremendous am of rainfall and cause flash flooding but here in new orleans people are breathing sigh of relief. and large part because of upper level wind sheer that ten to 20 inches of rain never materialized. >> made it -- tomorrow barry dump rain in parts of louisiana and mississippi as one-time hurricane slowly moves inlapgd but for some parts of the state the damage has been done severe fooding spilling over banks filling streets and yards coast guard crew rescuing dozens from swollen water overnight 50,000 people in louisiana were still without power. >> it is a little stress powerful because you know as i would like to go home. on sunday louisiana governor john edwards hope to tour damage but grounded survey flight say it was grateful not as catastrophic as first predicted.
5:24 am
i for one am extremely forecast that rain and flooding did not materialize. we're thankful that worst case scenario did not happen. meanwhile somes of the state beginning a return to normalcy. some evacuees trick pling back to their homes to assess damage and start the process of cleaning up. >> we have probably six feet of quarter up here. but area is not entirely out of the woods. heavy rain and life-threatening flooding remain a threat for south central louisiana and parts of arkansas. ands mississippi, and beyond in the coming days. not to let your guard down become too complaisant too soon. remain vigilant and pay attention. >> you know, lauren and cheryl it was almost 15 years ago that the new orleans superdome shelters and tonight it is hosting mick jagger rolling stone as thousand gather to breathe a collective sigh of relief here in new orleans.
5:25 am
back to you. >> something to celebrate doug thank you so much for the live report. doug. here at new york conedison excuse me has apologized after a major power outage hit midtown manhattan parts in the dark in several hours saturday they said nothing to do with demanding on electrical grid the exact cause is still under investigation. and new york city mayor bill de blasio, of course, campaigning in iowa at the time facing heavy criticism this morning. the new york post editorial board sayses that de blasio must be removed. they claim he does not care about new york city they also say he cares about himself. but how strange was it to be in new york city. >> it was like the broadway show is dark. i was in new york city looking down columbus avenue and it was just all a of the lights out everything pitch black people l were very calm i have to hand it no new yorkers people were very polite cars let each other by it was eerie. >> no injuries also.
5:26 am
up next as i.c.e. is conducting pour train station across the nation democrats unleashing on the agency former chief. >> i'm not calling on you. you're not at the border. you're not at the border right now you're in a hear room. it is my time. it got fiery what this all means for crisis at our southern border and fight for the white house in 2020. and a twitter tirade between president trump and these four freshman democrats. the war of words heating up this morning. we have details, coming up. we're changing what's possible every single day., and if you run a business, that means a lot. we create financing options for your customers. to help them get the things they love instantly.
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take ac loot how money is moving this morning futures hitting new records particularly on s&p this morning we shall see dow is up 20 point in premarket s&p 500 is
5:30 am
up 2 and a half and nasdaq up three and a quarter. taking a look at tenure treasury right now as you can see it is up a basis point so a little bit of optimism there if you look at the ten injury and look at oil tropical storm barry cut more than 70% of oil production in the gulf now a tropical depression barry. we're up 20 cents on oil 60/41 on barrel on weak number enchinese markets gained strength both shanghai pane south korea slightly lower japan market closed for a holiday finally to europe you've got slight red numbers across the board for your european indices. lauren. only back here at home truch is facing tough challenge from democratic candidates. "the wall street journal" nbc poll shows joe biden bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren with an edge over the president. this survey was conducted just before the nationwide i.c.e. raid took place we bring in lowe of the washington examiner to discuss. good morning.
5:31 am
>> good morning i'm curious if raids or enforcement actions change anything, the new york times in an opinion piece over the weekend wrote this, all presidents are deporters in chief. it shouldn't be a provocative assertion but it is certainly provocative now. >> well "times" is correct and if you're looking at who is being deported these are people who have had their day in court it is not as, though, trump is mercilessly going after dreamers who are protected by dhaka but people found by a court of law to be in surveillance of immigration custom enforcement. , though, the issue is that trump, you know, he, obviously, ties in this relatively inflammatory rhetoric resaw over weekend with tweet thread about congress women like elin omar and presley who was born in america. inflaming racial tensions as they relate to immigration, does not help his case when from a policy perspective trump isn't doing anything very controversial.
5:32 am
>> so you are against the way he handled this situation on twitter attacking those four congress women but what he's doing at the border you say is entirely what presidents are supposed to do. >> well exactly, i mean, any sovereign nation needs law enforcement and that includes enforcing our borders, and if congress is going to tie his hands then what mechanism does he have next, obviously, the solution is not declaring a national emergency it is not a wall. it is if congress can help -- family celebrations are a big issue and on friday at that fiery hearing, you have aoc accuse ex i.c.e. director of recommending them. watch. >> i recommend a zero tolerance which includes family separation. >> same as with every u.s. citizen gets arrested with a child if i get arrest ad for dui and i have a young child in a car, i'll be separated from the family. all due respect --
5:33 am
legal are not charged with any crime. we earn country violation and 2035. seeking asylum is legal. >> do you want to seek or go through port of entry do to legal way? >> the point that crossing border illegally is a crime? >> well certainly it is, and you know, if congress wases able to allocate more money to these ports of entries people would be kept in more knew hain conditions but, obviously, you know, the message has gotten out and now we have more border apprehensions and people coming to ports of entries so it is very difficult for us to have enough resources to make sure everyone is kept humanely and congress members like aoc absolutely should use congressional authority to amend a the floor of the agreement that you know, we're required that children are celebrated from their parents. congress is in charge of all of this. and if -- the responsibility. >> and congress speaker pelosi are the ones telling illegal immigrants hey this is how you can avoid these raids that is
5:34 am
how you can get out of trouble is that what they should be doing are immigrants nervous going to work illegal immigrants going to work this morning? >> not a day in court if again what it feels like raids not 2,000 as of yet but what it seems like ones who have had their day in court. >> lowe thank you very much. >> thank you. about >> well, president trump slammed four outspoken liberal congress women in a tweet last night. here's what he wrote so sad to see democrats speak up for those who speak badly of our country and in addition hate is real with a true passion and they call adversaries including nancy pelosi racist. >> we have the details fors. a war of words and lawmakers fighting back in response to a presidential tweet aimed at democrat congress women
5:35 am
alexandria cortez saying in part, so interesting to see progressive democrat congress women who originally came from countries whose government are a complete and total catastrophe. why don't they go back and help fix this totally broken and crime infested places from which they came? and it didn't take long for the backlash to begin. new york representative replying with a policy driven response. blaming him for the crisis at the border, and accusing him of ruling by fear. you are angry because you can't conceive of an america that includes us. you rely on frightening america for your plongder michigan representative who was one of the first muslim women ever lengted to congress, you think her voice to push for impeachment, quote, he is the crisis, his dangerous ideology is the crisis. he needs to be impeached. the twitter tirade coming on
5:36 am
heels of between cortez and house speaker nancy pelosi, the president using his tweet to wedge himself between the lawmakers even saying pelosi qowld pay for them to leave. but she fought back along party lines saying that president tweet was strictly about race and not politics. quote his plan to make america great again has always been about making america white again. of the four women at the center of the tweet storm all are american citizens and three were born in the u.s.. xepght for congress women omar who was born in somalia. in new york, fox news. >> well the front runner to be britain next prime minister wants trade deal with the united states. tracee carrasco has the details for us. hey, tracee. >> good morning boris johnson strike a deal with president trump if he becomes prime minister. london times says one of jan son first acts will be to repair relationship with the u.s.
5:37 am
however britain international trade secretary and liam box say negotiating with a third country prier brexit one with a breach of the u.k. treaty obligation. a disturbing prank causing major security scare at the airport. someone reportedly sending a pirp of a suicide vest to flight attendants and passengers on a flight. fully forming jetblue train at newark airport before it took off for tampa. a 150 passenger were evacuated while police dogs infected luggage. nothing was found on the plane. >> baronie filing for bankruptcy protection reports say that retailer has hired lawyers to weigh with a potential bankruptcy filing among other option it is that could occur in the next coming weeks. the move is largely to address expensive leases especially in its flagship location on madison avenue in manhattan that are hampering retarialers business. and there's no need to panic the great taco bell shortage of 2019
5:38 am
has come to an end. taco bell confirming to fox news that they've resolved the issues with their suppliers and that the effective restaurant should be able to offer customer the entire menu company was going through what many on the internet were calling a apocalypse that's what's happening now. >> i have friends that were losing it over their lack of tore tortilla at taco bells. >> i'm glad it is over. indulge. gosh. we've got a lot more coming up. ready set, shop, amazon prime day is underway right now their busiest deal dash. but employees are dashing the other way. will protest impact you? plus how are retailers spoiling amazon's big day and historic day at wimbledon. novak claimed men title. we've got highlights of what turned out to be longest singles final ever. that's coming up on fbn:am.
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that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win. well amazon prime workers plan to stage protest today in minnesota just in time for company annual prime day underway right now calling for better working conditions and other big name wal-mart target ebay are challenging amazon with sales of their own.
5:42 am
can amazon still deliver? >> it is a good question and ask gibbon founder of nonpolitical news diagnostic and chief research officer, at ace research as well as a retail analyst thanks for joining us ladies. >> thanks for having us. i want to start with first of all did you buy anything today and do you think this a.m. disoon prime day is really going to -- stack up how it is supposed to and how it has in years past? >> you know as a new mom or gave birth about a year ago, you're certainly on amazon prime all of the time. so i'm constantly buying stuff on amazon prime for the kids, however, i think because people are -- they really push this marketing message out there so what they're trying to do especially with new prime members are people that aren't prime members yet. they want to make sure that that membership increases. so you know they have this amazon prime concert, they're really trying to go and kind of
5:43 am
take market share away from the target customer through wal-mart mirrors. so there's that big push. >> but wal-mart is become a very strong competitor especially online, and you know if you think about it what was popular last year for amazon prime was, you know, consumer goods, electronics. you know, things -- but wal-mart can sell that stuff too. >> wal-mart target best buy these are all in the game trying to capitalize on the whole -- christmas in july thing going on hoping that site crashes or people go there to find site wide sales on entire categories like back to school that amazon might not have and amazon uses day to promote its own products like alexa and kindle get a kindle get that device of some sort but they have very good loing deals people love them result in impulse purchases. >> some of those deals, though, last year crash the sight right? >> it did and they have some problems and i think at this point they are anticipating those problems to dissipate,
5:44 am
however, you know, when you have this increase of surge of people kind of coming to site in order to get those products, you're going to encounter problem. i mean company like amazon should have structure together so that doesn't happen. but to give you some of the numbers behind it, the amount that they did it was around 6.1 billion dollars in sales. that surpass not only cybermonday but black friday, and also the day after christmas for them. so this is a very, i mean, talk about christmas in july that's what's happening here across all category they are focusing on amazon product. but they really want to try to ramp up especially where they're lacking on the apparel category. so that's what they're really trying to push. >> amazon what is own afailure line by the way. some of us have bought that -- so talk about the deals you're always looking at the best deals what do you think? >> in the market for? >> all -- running outfits? >> i've been to el doos and we're seeing a little more
5:45 am
brand, better brands i think this year than in previous years. so some of those name brand you might be tiebl get on amazon if you're in the market for like small appliances i saw great deals on blenders for example. and approach a crap shoot as to where those deals twal are. but they are across all different categories and you will see them and they are expecting most amazon prime members so that's majority to actually be shopping today and they are expecting to be a $6 billion day when they first started it was like a billion dollar day. >> how long are protest going on in minnesota -- keep the cloud or effect big prime day promotion or not at all? >> we've seen in the past and have been doing this almost 13 years where protesters from workers have happened. but to your point there is such a marketing push to try and get people to come to the site. unfortunately, i don't think it is really going to have an impact. i mean sure there's beginning to be some noise but people definitely have right to voice whatever they want to say. but it is not going to have an impact on sales for sure?
5:46 am
>> we're covering that today as well. thanks so much for coming in you guys i want to let everybody know that suzanne lee is going to be reporting all day long from a minnesota amazon plant you want to stay request fox business we're on the story all day today. we certainly are and still ahead u.s. women soccer team getting major donation to help close the gender pay gap. and a mascot puts new meaning to ending party with a bang. [laughter] you've got to watch this one. we'll be right back. we're the slowskys.
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after pounding louisiana
5:50 am
tropical depression barry is now moving its way north all right meteorologist live in fox weather center with an update. janice, good morning. >> good morning storm made landfall as minimal hurricane now it is a dispretionz but legacy is rainfall although wind gust of excess of 70 miles per hour for portion of louisiana, stretching as far west as texas. here's some of the rainfall estimates in some areas across louisiana 8 to 10 even 12 ifnls of real we're still going to see potential for flash flooding, along the mid-mississippi river valley towards ohio river valley. so all along the mississippi river valley, the potential for very heavy rainfall, so we're just starting the peak season of the tropics this was a good learning lesson for folks loons the gulf coast. that it takes minimal hurricane even a tropical storm to bring a foot of rainfall and potential for heavy flooding. so that's going to be the big concern as question go through next couple of days. other big story in the wake of this storm is beginning to be the extreme heat.
5:51 am
so temperatures if in the 90s for a lot of folkses across the plain states, up towards the northeast here in new york city. will, you know, get close to 100 degrees on friday. so heat indices are very warm there's your forecast today still watching the rem innocents of barry across the mississippi river valley, and then the story will be the summer time heat, for at least two-thirds of the nation as a we head into the weekend. back to you, ladies. >> janice welcome back from your wonderful hawaiian vacation by the way. >> thank you i know it is one of your favorite places of all time. we have a wonderful trip. >> we missed you. thank you janice, so much. see you soon. froct earn and gamble by a soccer team for equal pay p&g a sponsor of the team through its secret deodorant says it will donate 529,000 dollars to 23 players to help even playing field when it comes to pay. u.s. women won the world cup earlier this month. beating the netherlands 2-0
5:52 am
still a choir still celebrating all right. well everyone is talking about the epic superlong final at wimbledon yesterday i'm tired federal watching that. >> jared could have driven from new york to washington, d.c. and match still over. four hours 57 minutes long fest final in wimbledon history between two of the sports all time greats. roger federer at age 37 nearly 38 became old pest male grand slam single champ but missed two championship points in the fifth set and eventually where they were tied 12-12 novak won fifth straight tie break in final 7-3 takes the match djokovic second straight and won five tomb there is 16 grand slams two behind rafael four now behind roger federer. two days after the los angeles angels threw a no-hitter tampa bay rays flirted with a perfect game. ryan, the race starting pitcher did not allow a hit for a walk and two innings.
5:53 am
ryan work six in the thirled. rays lead to orioles in the 9th but son of a gun leadoff schedule that ended perfect game to win it 4-1. check out this next video. the mascot for new jersey devils hockey team. at a kids birthday peat all fun and games until this. [laughter] he thinks he's like -- like he's going to use -- and glass breaks. that's like he was doing it that forcefully, though. it didn't. but a lot of -- in there. all of that. a little more story right? this next story my favorite one. serena williams so she didn't win wimbledon final but hot topic of conversation a poll that was taken of people in britain asked do you think you could score a point against serena williams? 12% of men said yes.
5:54 am
compared to 3% of women. you survey 72 in britain last friday. i've made points about about serena williams, but i could never score a point against serena williams even with her eyes closed. versus percentage of men in that survey. if she were serving a double false the only chance a really -- she's across -- solis a force shared there. catch fox report on siriusxm channel 115. a new double 07. >> my name is bond. james bond. bond. >> bond. james bond. [laughter] but get ready the one big difference that is beginning to set the new bond apart from the others. and this summer you can look good enough to drink. with budweiser line of fashionable swimware here's a hingt. we'll be right back. -driverless cars... -all ground personnel...
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the next james bond with a license to kill is a first in franchise history.
5:58 am
"daily mail" is reporting that lynch is going to be revealed as next 007 a woman a new bond 25 movie coming out next year and she'll be first quell to play that role look at that. now you can bring your ear bud to the pool and you can wear it as well. that's because budweiser and bud light teamed up with to launch a swim and summer clothing line. the company says outfits are designed to get you out of that 9-5 working uniform and loosen you up and official line officer swim lware robe, hawaiian and pajama which are overall as made with sweat pants fabbic also sun glass sock and hats there you have it looks good very festive. that is it for us thanks for watching fbn:am this morning everyone. mornings with maria starts now good morning dagen. >> good morning ladies in for maria bartiromo monday july 15th your top stories at 6 a.m. eastern. markets poised for a higher open
5:59 am
looking to push to new all time highs. this following a record setting week for the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500, all three major market gauges rising to new highs on friday. the s&p 500 closing above 3,000 the very first time. investors have their eyes on earnings. second quarter earning season kicks into high gear this week big banks reporting will kick off with city this morning. we've got everything that you need to know. barry still dumping massive amount of rain, the storm hitting land at the hurricane causing damage and descrupghting oil production of the gulf of mexico. now downgraded to a tropical depression. but stl a danger as it heads north. we have a live report from on the ground. high-tech threat millionaire peter teal is reportedly calling for an investigation into google over its work with china. what these ailses could mean going forward. mornings with maria starts right now.
6:00 am
>>♪ a big show coming up this morn and every morning i'm going to be speaking with mark shorts the vice president chief of staff, act aing director for u.s. citizenship and immigration services, and capital market chief financial strategist you don't want to miss any of those gentlemen or fantastic people from fox business coming up. joining the conversation this morning, fox business deirdre speaking of fantastic. [laughter] mitch rough shell and form white house correspondent welcome, one and all -- mitch i know you've been crunching numbers all weekend long other than going to home depot. >> i was -- that s


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