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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 12, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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citizenship is counted so that we know how many citizens we have in the united states. make sense? david: a very busy day for us. cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. right now, millions of americans are bracing for what could be the first hurricane of the season. overnight, president trump declared a state of emergency as tropical storm barry heads towards the coast of louisiana. we're live on the ground, tracking the storm. lauren: fresh off his social media summit, the president upping his fury on facebook. how he may have put a wrench in the cryptocurrency crusade. cheryl: the fighting between democrats is heating up. the latest war of words between nancy pelosi and progressive darling alexandria ocasio-cortez and how it could be helping president trump. lauren: it is not just your google home device listening to you. the latest report on how your smart speaker may be spying on
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you as well. it is friday, july 12th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ hands on your waist and go. ♪ get up, get up. ♪ hands on your waist and go. ♪ get up, get up. ♪ lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning to you. happy friday. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: let's take a look at how your money is moving. u.s. futures moving to the upside. the dow record close yesterday, above 27,000 for the first time. futures gaining 86. s&p up 7, nasdaq up 22. cheryl: optimism on wall street has been showing up in rising bond yields and right now as you can see the 10 year is actually
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down. they were at 2.12%. so a little bit of caution today with the 10 year. lauren: a storm in the gulf of mexico boosting the price of oil, $60.68 a barrel, that's a gain of almost 50-cents. cheryl: we just learned china's june trade surplus with the u.s. rose to 29.92 l billion dollars, that could add another layer of tension in the ongoing talks. asian markets across the board were in the green. lauren: european stocks have opened to the upside this morning. the best performer is the cac 40 in paris, up half of 1%. cheryl: louisiana is on high alert as tropical storm barry approaches. barry could become a hurricane before making landfall late tonight or early tomorrow morning. lauren: president trump declaring a federal emergency for louisiana and the national weather service issued a hurricane warning for several parts of the state. barry is expected to dump up to 15 inches of rain in some areas. >> there is a possibility that
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it's moving slow and we're going to get heavy rainfall for up to 48 hours. cheryl: evacuation orders were issued for low-lying areas. for on this, our chief forecaster joins us now. we're waiting on that new update on winds but still, 50-mile-an-hour winds, gusts even stronger. what are you expecting and is this going to be a hurricane? >> well, the problem with the storm, it's going to intensify until it makes landfall tomorrow probably around 1:00 in the afternoon, 150, 125 miles west, southwest of new orleans. the other problem with the storm is even though it may not have focused fury at the center, it may be spread out quite a bit. new orleans' problem also comes from what happened this winter and spring in the northern plains. we had a brutally cold winter and an amazing snow pack late
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into the season in that area. that started to melt of course in the springtime and then we had the heavy rain amounts in the central part of the united states. so that water that you heard about flooding a couple months ago back in that area of the country, that water is down -- it's elevated the mississippi river up much higher than it normally is at this time of the year. a storm like this, wind gusts of 60 to 70 miles an hour in new orleans, 6 to 12 inches of rain, perhaps 15, and with the mississippi up so high, the surge coming up the river from the south and southeast, it jams the river up, extra rain falls and that's why we're so concerned that the levies could be topped. cheryl: can i ask you, i wanted to ask you about the mississippi, 16 feet of water. what do you advise to people living up and down the mississippi. as you dually noted, that is an incredible amount of water that
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area is not used to, a lot of shipping traffic as well as homes. we could be looking at loss of life. what do you say to those folks right now? >> i forecast the weather and tell people to follow fema and what their emergency management is saying. i'd be getting out of there if i was prone to floods in that particular area. the interesting thing about this storm, again, it's a combination of long-term events. by the way, this is the kind of storm that my company back in april said we've got to watch out for, in close development, within a day or two of landfall because it's the nature of the season. this isn't from climate change or anything like that as a matter of fact, there was a stronger example of this in 1983, it came off the gulf coast, became alicia and hit texas as a category 3. this is probably going to be barely a category 1 but the configuration of the problems
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that are in front of us now are unique to the situation because of the brutal cold, the heavy snow, and then the enhanced spring rainfall over the central united states. that is enhancing it. cheryl: joe, thank you so much for joining us early this morning. we appreciate it. lauren: president trump has done an about-face, dropping his controversial plan to put a citizenship question on the 2020 census. cheryl: he found another way to get that information. we get more from edward lawrence. >> reporter: we were the first ones to tell you what this executive order would do. the president ordered the executive order for the commerce department to basically be a clearing house for all the records in the federal agencies. he said records including the tax records, social security records, even records related to the department of homeland security to determine how many citizens are in the united states and the president says this will give an accurate count of about 90% accuracy how many citizens are here.
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>> we will utilize these fast federal databases to gain a full, complete and accurate count of the noncitizen population including databases maintained by the department of homeland security and the social security administration. we have great knowledge in many of our agencies. we will leave no stone unturned. >> reporter: and the president will bordered this to be done immediately. this was tested in the 1990 census, 2000 census and 2010 census. the president said the democrats want to block the citizenship question for political reasons. >> the far left are determined to conceal number of illegal aliens in our midst. they probably know the number is far greater, much higher than anyone would have ever believed before, maybe that's why they
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fight so hard. this is part of a broader left wing effort to erode the rights of the american citizen and is very unfair to our country. >> reporter: at the social media event the president brought together conservative voices who have been muted he said about social media caps. the president said he will have twitter, facebook and other social media companies to a conference for the white house to try to figure out more transparency. he credits social media for the reason he got elected and he vows to make sure both sides, all information gets out, unfiltered. back to you. lauren: as president trump was hosting the summit, twitter experienced an outage. hash tag irony, right. twitter blamed the problem on, quote, an internal configuration change. and we wanted to show you this. a heated exchange happening at the rose garden between the summit's conservative attendees and reporters, arguing over
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journalism. here's former white house advisor sebastian gorka confronting a correspondent from playboy. >> you're a punk. >> gorka, gorka. lauren: the secret service had to step in there to calm the situation. cheryl: well, president trump is no fan of digital currencies. trump tweeted yesterday, quote, i am not a fan of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which are not money and whose value is highly volatile. it can facilitate unlawful behavior including drug trade and other illegal activity. libra will have little standing or dependability. if facebook wants to become a bank they must seek a banking charter and be subject to all regulations just like other banks. shares of facebook, as you can see, slightly higher in the premarket. lauren: we have breaking news
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to get to right now. the wall street journal is reporting that turkey has started to receive a new air defenses missile system from russia. the paper says the move could trigger u.s. sanctions on president erdogan's government and test the country's position in nato. it's not clear what kind of sanctions turkey could face. cheryl: r & b singer r kelly has been arrested for the third time this year. lauren: tracee carrasco has the details for us. tracee: r kelly was arrested last night in chicago by the nypd on federal sex crimes charges. he's expected to be extradited to new york to be charged in a 13-couldn't indictment. indictment.kelly was last in coe where he pleaded not guilty. president trump heading to wisconsin to push for congressional aprogram o approve usmca. the president is expected to
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visit the air base in milwaukee. arizona governor doug doocy reversing his stance on nike after nike's decision to pull a betsy ross themed shoe, doocy rescinded financial incentives for the company to build in arizona. nike committed to bring 500 jobs to the state. doocy said on twitter arizona is open for business and we welcome knenike for our state. the impossible burger he creator is taking on a new challenge. the california company is developing a plant based seafood alternative. they're working with a plant made a anchovy flavored broth ad a special protein, they're hoping to offer alternatives for every animal-based food by 203 a 5 according to the new york times. that's what's happening now. cheryl: hold the anchovies, tracee. lauren: let's check in with futures this morning, higher
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across the board. we will see more records for the dow and s&p, maybe the nasdaq today. dow's up 82, s&p up 7, nasdaq gaining 21 in the premarket. still ahead, president trump took on social media at his summit yesterday and now big tech is heading to the hill next week. but after two years of talking about regulation, will anything finally change? and stranger things is breaking records. >> no matter what happens, we have to stop this. >> together. lauren: but is the cast benefiting from the show's knock-you ounow performance? we'll have he details in just a bit. ♪ i don't like it. ♪ no, i love it. ♪ i don't like it. ♪ no, i love it.
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lauren: president trump the latest critic of digital currency. the president tweeting that the currency is highly volatile, it's based on thin air. we bring in lou bastinest and carl zarvow. as for libra, the president says facebook, if you want to be a bank, be get a banking charter. how do we move forward? how do we go from the experimental phase to the legit, actual digital currency. >> i think libra's our best
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chance at it. bitcoins and cryptocurrencies have been on the fringe. this is a chance for it to go to the straight line. i'm going to predict it's going to be a big flop. it's not because the president has an objection to it or there might be banking generations. we are talking about the company we can't trust with anything, particularly our privacy, now we're going to trust them with our money? i find that far-fetched and unlikely to gain mainstream adoption. lauren: i want to talk about the social media summit yesterday and also look ahead to the hearings next week, tuesday house testimony from amazon, apple, facebook, google and more throughout the week. we've been talking about how to regulate big tech for about two years now. at what point does the talking become action, does something really happen. what can the trump administration really do here? >> thanks for having me on, really appreciate it. yesterday's summit was a good
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discussion point and starting point to begin bringing people to the table to talk about concerns that are flairing and it is how are these tech companies moderating content. now, the rules are clear, if you actually read them. but nonetheless, there are concerns out there. what i think is being missed in the conversation is how technology has propelled conservatives to victory back under president trump's inauguration, as well as looking forward to 2020. and that's what i think's really being lost in the conversation is the opportunity for conservatives to harness the power of social media and social technology to reach voters who they otherwise could never reach. lauren: so you don't think, carl, they should be as critical as they are? >> criticism is always well come. i think criticism is important. but what i worry about is violating conservative (pell (ps principles by turning to
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government. lauren: maybe regulation, lou, is the wrong word here. maybe some sort of rule book because it feels like big technology and social media, now digital currency and libra, it's the wild, wild west and you have these companies raising their hands, saying yeah, give us the rule book and what we're seeing is a lot of them going overseas as they try to foster innovation. how do we welcome innovation and do it the right way here in the u.s.? >> i think it's maybe it's a misnomer for regulation like you said. this is really about the public square going online and we have to have some way to have oversight of that. you know, and i would say that this is not about forgetting about how conservatives are harnessing the power of social media, it's preserving the opportunity to do it in a fair way. i think this is the thrust of everything we're seeing is the threat of regulation is just to make sure that voices on both sides of the aisle, any part of the spectrum, have an opportunity to reach the people that would be interested to hear what they have to say.
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lauren: free speech versus censorship, an argument coming from republicans. the democrats, a big talking point is break the big tech companies up, undo some of the mergers like facebook and instagram. can that actually happen? you used to work at the ftc, can that happen? >> it is possible to unwind a previously approved merger. that is within the realm of possibility. what you're seeing is a populous call to solve a problem that doesn't exist. what i really worry about is what is essentially a weaponization of anti-trust. you're seeing people from both sides of the aisle trying to solve political problems, whether it's redistribution of wealth or just trying to attack some sort of industry and they're using anti-trust as the sledgehammer with which to advance their own narratives. lauren: all right. we've got to leave it there. carl, lou, thank you. have a good weekend, gentlemen. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: we've got a lot more
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still ahead this morning. tropical storm barry bearing down on new orleans right now, winds already hitting 50 miles an hour. we are on the ground there for a live update. then, family members try to take their own justice in an ohio courtroom. but they became internet stars instead. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ i want more. ♪ i want more. ♪ of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying.
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when you're not, you pay for data by the gig. use a little, pay a little. use a lot, just switch to unlimited. get $400 back when you buy the new lg g8. call, visit or click today. cheryl: now back to our top story, louisiana is preparing for the worst as tropical storm barry threatens to turn into a hurricane. thousands are getting out
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sandbags to protect life and property from potential floodwaters. forecasters predict dangerous storm surges and potentially life-threatening flooding. lauren: doug mcelway is live in new orleans as the storm begins to lash the coast. doug, what is the latest? >> reporter: preparations are underway as folks here in new orleans and virtually across the gulf coast brace for what could become the first hurricane of the 2019 season. >> i've been through one, maybe three, seems like every time it gets worse. >> reporter: a dangerous storm bearing down on the gulf coast. thousands gathering supplies, filling sandbags and boarding up homes and store fronts as tropical storm barry threatens the region. the storm strengthening a little on thursday and while it's too early to know if it will become the season's first hurricane, it's still expected to be a serious situation with torrential rain, dangerous storm surge, and damaging winds.
5:25 am
new orleans drenched by several inches of rain this week and with an already swollens mississippi river, the storm will likely put the levy system to the test. >> life-threatening flood is the potential. >> reporter: president trump announced a federal disaster declaration, tweeting a warning. as you make preparation toss protect homes and loved ones from flooding and the coming storm, it's imperative you heed the directions of fema, state and local officials 678 we are working closely with them. please be prepared, be careful and be safe. with voluntary and mandatory evacuation orders in safe, some in the projected path are making their way to higher ground while others are choosing to stay put. >> well, it's my property and i worked my whole life for this and i'm afraid of looters. so i'm just going to stay with it. >> reporter: national guard troops and rescue workers in high water vehicles are already in place and they're going to be
5:26 am
put into action if it requires they be put into action. that's it from new orleans. cheryl, lauren, back to you. cheryl: doug, thank you for the live report. lauren: prayers for that city, right? let's take a look at the action on wall street this morning. nice gains, look, the dow is now up 93 points after a record close yesterday. the nasdaq is up 23, the s&p gaining 7. up next, the democratic party, the in-fighting is out of control. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's chief of staff tweets a post that nancy pelosi, the house speaker called flat-out offensive. what does this all mean for the other side of the aisle? and capitol hill is preparing for one of the biggest events to hit the beltway. robert mueller facing two committees next week. will the democrats finally move on? you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ yo do you have to let it ling. ♪ do you have to.
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lauren: let's get you caught up on global market action this friday. u.s. futures are higher but some market participants they're repricing the aggressiveness of rate cuts after the hotter than expected read on consumer prices, producer prices due out today. we have a small rally, dow up 87, nasdaq gaining 22 and-a-half. oil another big story as tropical storm barry lashes at the louisiana coast, as doug mcelway told us, a potential category 1 hurricane shutting down some oil operations in the gulf of mexico. oil is up 50-cents, $60.70 a barrel. cheryl: the in-fighting among the democrats hit a fever pitch. alexandria ocasio-cortez's chief of staff compared nancy pelosi and other democrats to seg grow gasegregationists. after aoc herself accused pelosi of singling out newly elected
5:31 am
women of color. doug clay said it was a weak argument to say she was being picked on and four women of color were being picked on, it shows a level of ignorance. joining me now, former white house deputy, brad blakeman and howard. how do you respond to all of this? >> i responded a little bit of laughter. everything that aoc has accomplished in her relatively short political career has been done because of two things. defying conventional wisdom and taking her message directly to the voters. it should come as no surprise she does those two things. that got her past a 20-year incumbent and into the u.s. congress and what got her the green new deal announcement. cheryl: it's race baiting, though. >> i'm not defending --
5:32 am
cheryl: this is within the party. >> i'm not defending the actual comments. the way she's comporting herself, and the tactics is based on what she knows and what worked for her historically in a very short political career. cheryl: it's something else to watch. i want to move to the census question. we saw a reversal with the president, initially they were going to let it go. now the president is leaning onn an executive order. is that a political risk for the white house and the republicans to take the census question down the line as they are? >> not at all. i think there's several ways to skin the cat. and if you can't get into a battle now with getting the question on, because you're going to head into a congressional -- not only a congressional battle with congress, but also a battle with the courts, i think the president's correct. we have all the information we need to cross-reference what comes back on the census from
5:33 am
other results and we'll be able to get the answers to how many people are here. isn't that what the constitution requires? the constitution requires a definitive count as to how many people are in our country. we need to know how many of those people are citizens of this country so we can allocate resources. cheryl: that's what he's doing. i want to move on to something else with you, howard, a brand-new fox news poll out of south carolina. let's talk about your candidates that are up there. a big win if you can see the numbers for joe biden. joe biden is polling way in front of the other candidates by a big margin in south carolina. he's also polling really well with african americans and that's despite the fact that kamala harris had a pretty strong debate performance. what do you make of these numbers, howard? >> i think those numbers are evidence by two political lifetimes, building a coalition of voters of all different ages, colors, orientations, and one shaky debate performance won't
5:34 am
be enough to unravel that coalition, especially considering how crowded the democratic field is. i think certainly folks like kamala harris can keep chipping away at it, but it won't be undone in a week's time. cheryl: i want to focus one more thing with you and this comes from joe biden, same topic but a different story. he went after president trump's foreign policy and he did not mince words. he said basically he's conducted himself as a. hillaryas erratic, chestpumpingn by twitter tantrums. what do you make of that. >> democrats and joe biden are the boy who cried wolf. for years, we heard that donald trump's going to lead us to war if he's president. he's going to be d divisive in creating enemies. he's taken it to our enemies and adversaries. barack obama and joe biden were apology and apeasement people.
5:35 am
cheryl: i like to thank you, brad blakeman for being here and thanks to howard franklin for being here on your birthday this morning. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. cheryl: fellow cancer, by the way. guys, thank you so much. >> pleasure. lauren: i'll say it too, happy birthday. new data showing china's june trade surplus with the united states rose to nearly $30 billion and some critics questioning the trump administration's approach to china. senate minority leader chuck schumer often a supporter, believe it or not, of the president's strategy on beijing became a critic yesterday. >> every time the president gives in to president xi, president xi smells weakness and says i can get even more out of the americans. i generally am supportive of the president of a tough policy on china on trade. the chinese smell they can out-fox the president. lauren: scott shelidy joins us
5:36 am
now. good morning, scott. >> good morning. lauren: senator schumer was talking about reports that the u.s. eased the criticism of beijing the way deals with hong kong, saying our role in the u.s. is to support democracy and human rights. he was also critical of the loosening of the huawei restrictions. are we standing down a bit to china here as senator schumer sees it? >> well, no, that's how he's going to see it. i don't think so. that's not the case. i mean, look, i've got an egrearian background. we're not standing down at all. may 10th was a watershed moment for me, the friday before the weekend where the chinese pulled out of everything, basically, or tried to change the whole deal. what that told me was -- i used to be in the camp of i thought this would kind of work itself out sooner rather than later. there's every chance they want
5:37 am
to wait until 2020, the election of 2020, because hey, they know they have to deal with donald trump today and there might be a chance if they wait 18, 17 months that they deal with somebody else next year. so i think they're going to wait this thing out. i don't see them -- there's no -- nobody's hair is on fire on either side and just seems to me that everybody's entrenched and we're not going to do much between now and then. lauren: there's a new wrinkle in trade talks. by the way, we have no formal date set up for the next face-to-face meeting. this is the latest wrinkle. the administration says that china has violated u.s. sanctions on iran by buying iranian oil and now china could reportedly face secondary sanctions. they're not going to like that. does that bring them to the table or does that push them further away? >> i don't think it brings them -- look, we're dealing with somebody that doesn't have anything to lose. look, we have to be very careful. they're willing to sacrifice 20 million people for a cause,
5:38 am
right? so they're going to be entrenched, they're going to do what they want to do and they're not going to want to lose any face. i think the only thing the president's done really well here is he hasn't dewha defineda win would be. this is one of the arrows in the quiver we can use to help the u.s. economy if we falter down the road soon. he could get the things going again. we don't have metrics to judge it by. he could say we've come to an arrangement and we're good to go. nothing is going to happen overnight on this one. i think we're going to have to wait. lauren: that's a good point, what would a win constitute? a loss would constitute hurting the american consumer. and we got that consumer price report yesterday and it -- modest inflation. it did show higher prices for many items that china supplies to us, like home furnishings and clothing, right? so the consumer could be impacted by that, vis-a-vis the
5:39 am
trade relationship with china. does the cpi report yesterday change your view on what the fed does, their narrative that a rate cut is happening this month? >> well, i'm not a fan of the rate cut. i understand we could take away the rate hike we had in december and i think -- that's the worst it would do. we're growing but at a slower rate. if your basketball team was improving at a slower rate would you sack them all and start five new guys? i don't think so. is this economy the great economy that trump is talking about that is going to win him the next election or do we need a rate cut to keep things going? you can't have both. something's got to give. be careful what you wish for. make sure you know what you want out of a rate cut because if you don't get it and we spiral lower, what will you do to t get us out of that problem them. i would be very judicious with you how i use the rate cuts. one of the things we have is a deal with china and that's up to
5:40 am
the president and the other thing we have is rate cuts and that's up to the fed. we have to be careful how we use those two arrows. lauren: we certainly do. thank you. cheryl: let's take a look at futures on this friday. after the dow crossed 27,000 yesterday, we're poised to stay above that level as of now. futures pointing to a higher open, dow up 91, s&p up 7 and a quarter, nasdaq up 22 and three quarters. coming up, tropical storm barry bearing down on new orleans. we just got an update on the storm's track. and remember the big campaign slogans from 2016? >> we will make america great again. >> let's be stronger together, my fellow americans. cheryl: well, we've got a way to find out your winning slogan. keep it here, "fbn: a.m.." ♪ you can go your own way. ♪ go your own way.
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lauren: louisiana is on high alert as tropical storm barry's outer bands are already starting to hit the state. cheryl: chief meteorologist rick rikemuth has all the latest. >> big storm size-wise, not that strong of a storm. the bigger problem is all the water that's already in the area
5:44 am
that's been draining across the mississippi river basin for the last number of months. all that water still wants to go out. it means all the rivers are very full and we'll add a lot more water into the equation and that's our big concern. we have hurricane warnings in effect, maybe we'll see some winds get up to the 75-mile-an-hour range. that won't be the biggest story. it really doesn't matter if it does or not. the wind damage won't be that significant. the storm has had a hard time getting together. expected to strengthen as it moves to the west. it doesn't move very quickly. that's the other big problem. the moisture is going to take a long time to fall out of the sky because it's going to move so slowly. really warm water, water temperatures pushing 90 degrees as it's moving towards the shore. that's why we think it still has a little bit of time to strength strengthen. we have flooding going on for the snow pack this last winter, the incredible rainy spring. all that water eventually drains
5:45 am
out the mississippi. the river is at high levels already. we add in 10 to 20 inches of rain and storm surge and that's why we're concerned about the flooding, especially around the new orleans area. lauren: the levies cans only handle 20 inchess, right? >> it would be really hard. the levies at 20 feet is the height of them around the river. the river's at 16 feet already. when katrina came on-shore it was at three feet. there's so much water in that, it's not going to have anyplace to go. lauren: thank you. cheryl: the robert mueller appearance on capitol hill could be the super bowl of congressional hearings. he's going to go before two democrat-led committees on wednesday. 12 subpoenas have been approved for witnesses. lauren: all this as house speaker nancy pelosi reportedly showetold democrats to show a ll of calmness and no drama during
5:46 am
the appearance. >> reporter: less than one week before robert mueller's testimony, and logistics are in flux. robert mueller is currently scheduled to appear before two house committees next wednesday, answering questions about the report on russian interference into the 2016 presidential election as well as president trump's alleged obstruction of justice including the firing of then fbi director james comey. many details will likely be up in the air until the last minute with public testimony before the judiciary and intelligence committees slated to begin at 9:00 and noon eastern respectively, with each session limited to just two hours. >> they'll handle it very well. i wish we had more time but i'm glad we had the time that we have. >> reporter: the time constraints mean many committee members might not have a chance to ask their questions. >> for the leadership in this committee to decide that only certain members, and there's
5:47 am
only time for certain members to be questioned even on your side of the aisle is just plain wrong. >> reporter: democrats may be hoping the hearings will give more weight to impeachment. mueller's appearance could grab the public's attention in a way his 448-page report did not, but judiciary committee ranking member doug collins believes anyone expecting fireworks or any major revelations will be disappointed. >> his investigation is closed sos there's no new information that should be coming out here. >> reporter: democrats are holding multiple closed door meetings in the coming days to craft their line of questioning. in washington, katherine kathe e fox news. lauren: mike pence heads to texas today to tour the facility aoc claims people were drinking water out of toilets in. we'll have the latest on the crisis at the border. u.s. coast guard officers, look at this, jumping on top of suspected drug-running submarines, this video that will get your blood pumping this
5:48 am
friday morning. wow. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ standing on top of the world. ♪
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lauren: vice president pence is set to visit the southern border with members of the senate judiciary committee to get a firsthand look at a migrant detention center in texas as house democrats are holding a hearing on the treatment of migrant children and democratic presidential candidate, senator elizabeth warren, unveiled her immigration plan. it would dramatically increase the number of refugee admissions by about, get this, 800% over 2018. she also says she would welcome 125,000 refugees in her first year as president. that would be a massive increase from the 22,000 admitted in
5:52 am
2018. her plan would also decriminalize border crossings. cheryl: google says that employees around the world are listening in on customers. lauren: tracee carrasco has the he details. we might not want to know. tracee: google announcing the contractors are hired worldwide to listen to some recordings of conversations that people have with their google assistant. the company says it's to better understand languages, accents and dialects and stranger things,let's talk about that now, season three breaking records for netflix. nielsen is now confirming 26.4 million people watched the latest season over the july 4th weekend. and the salaries for some of the show's stars have been revealed. mille bobby brown pulls in $350,000 per episode. that matches her adult co-stars, six other main cast members each
5:53 am
pull in a quarter million dollars per episode. and chaos in an ohio courtroom when a fight breaks out. >.two family members of elizabeh pledger try to jump her killer, dale williams. one of the family members was hit with a taser. both were arrested. williams pleaded guilty to the crime in 2017. his sentencing will be rescheduled. that's what's happening now. cheryl: thank you very much. all right. well, we've got more video to show you. check this out. this video shows the moments a u.s. coast guard team stopped a drug smuggling submarine. crew members yelled in spanish to stop the boat before they leapt on top of it. wow. the ship was spotted off the
5:54 am
coast of the ecuadorian, colombian border, carrying more than 17,000 pounds of cocaine valued at about $232 million. this is one of 14 drug smuggling vessels that have been intercepted with 55 suspects in custody. president trump tweeted, do you believe this kind of bravery, amazing drug seizure. watch. and he put up a link to the video you just saw. lauren: coming up, what would be the best campaign slogan for you if you wanted to sit in the oval office? we have a foolproof formula coming up. and the gob-smacking statistics just released about legalized marijuana. cheryl: interesting. ♪ i'm a joker, i'm a smoker, i'm a midnight toker. ♪ i get my loving on the run. ♪ -driverless cars... -all ground personnel...
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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♪ ♪ [laughter] cheryl: incredible statistics about legalize marijuana. this would shock no one. >> good morning, everybody, yeah, one of the stories of who would have thought, but, yes, in 11 states that have legalized marijuana the sales of candy and snacks has skyrocketed.
5:58 am
>> you're kidding? >> munchies are big hits, $29 billion the snacking industry. cheryl: wow. >> companies are very happy it's legalized in certain states because it's booming, good for them, i guess. sneakers, doritos. lauren: perfect campaign slogan. >> to get your presidential slogan, everybody can do at home, you take your last name, year 2020, your last text message and that's your slogan. so mine would be don 2020 i have no idea where my keys are. [laughter] >> here is mine, casone2020 no idea.
5:59 am
[laughter] lauren: he made the soup? >> a lot of fun, everybody is tweeting about it. everyone chiming in. cheryl: look, everybody is gearing up for 2020, all kinds of ways we will be talking about it. >> losing my keys, that's relatable to everybody, you can't go wrong. cheryl: you can check out mike fox news headlines 24/7 today. lauren: have a good weekend, everybody, mornings with maria starts right now. hey, maria. maria: happy friday, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday july 12th, top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, breaking news this morning, we are bracing for barry tropical storm causing flooding in louisiana which is expected to get much worse as it intensifies, oil rigs, refineries being evacuated as we speak, we are tracking the storm, impact as it nears landfall, market this is morning pointing to record day, take a look at futures indicating a
6:00 am
higher opening this morning for broader averages following yesterday's historic close, dow and s&p ending day at all-time high. president trump weighing in saying he's not a fan of bitcoin and warning that facebook may need banking charter to break into the field. democrats divided, nancy pelosi the speaker, no longer commenting on the feud with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, this as other democrats go after the freshman, the latest on the public battle coming up. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪


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