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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 8, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ tonight. ♪ we are young. ♪ so let's set the world on fire. ♪ we can burn brighter. ♪ than the sun. ♪ maria: we've got a big show this morning. coming up, former speaker of the house, author of collusion, newt gingrich is here. fox news senior judicial analyst, judge an du andrew napo is here, along with marty davis, interesting story with his business in china. former connecticut sense connee lieberman is here. joining the conversation this morning, fox business networks jackie deangeles, tom b,tom be d
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jack ho. markets under pressure, one of the lead stories in the joint venture nail thijournalthis mor. 62 points bother on the dow futures, s&p down a 5 and nasdaq lower by 28 right now. you've got the u.s.-china trade, officials from both countries working toward a phone call this week as the chinese vice president is taking a swipe at the u.s., saying the world cannot shut out china. president trump commented on the negotiations yesterday. watch this. >> we're doing very well with china. that's right. most importantly, we're doing very well with the tariffs. we've taken in billions and billions of dollars from china. we've never taken in 10-cents from china. right now, chaff i china is noty happy because thousands of companies are leaving china and they're going to other places, including the united states. because they don't want to pay tariffs. maria: joe biden weighed in on the trade talks, speaking in south carolina yesterday. the former vice president
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acknowledged china is a problem but says that only thing that can defeat america is america itself. lots to talk about this morning. first, china-u.s. trade, how do you see things? >> the market is waiting for this, the news of the job report being positive and putting pressure on equities, the fed more likely not to cut soon puts more pressure on the china negotiations. there was a checklist for nature get. this is the last outstanding thing that everybody is waiting for and they're very optimistic about it. but it's no surprise that we're seeing a little pressure on futures because they were looking for that rate cut too. maria: that's right. we've got that very strong jobs number out on friday. maybe this pushes a decision from the federal reserve out farther in the year? >> yeah, that's why people are saying good news is maybe bad news because you won't get that rate cut. who is the person in america right now who is thinking about doing some big project and they're looking at 4% financing and they're saying you know what, i'm going to hold out for
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3 and three quarters. you can't make it work at 4%, it's a bad deal. walk away from it. i don't think rates are impairing business whatsoever right now. i don't think we particularly need this rate cut. the economy to me looks pretty healthy. maria: last week, jp morgan lowered its expectations for global growth and for growth in germany, europe is still a question in terms of growth there. so we'll see what that means. deutsche bank actually announced it's cutting 18,000 jobs by 2022. the company restructuring, focusing on the european business. first, tom, you heard joe biden weighing in on china. your reaction? >> joe biden seems to be a step behind. he came out originally and said that china was not a problem and suddenly now he's reoriented himself to say china is a problem. look, this is going to be a major focus of the 2020 campaign, regardless of who the democratic nominee is. if it is biden, that represents a big target for trump politically. this is one of trump's core sort
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of issues that he ran on, that he's trying to deliver on. it's important for the economy. and if he has joe biden up there saying china is, well, they're not really a competitor, maybe they are, maybe they aren't, it's a big opportunity. maria: michelle obama was talking with gayle king about the 2020 election and why she and president obama haven't gotten behind anybody, i think the obama's will get behind kamala harris. that's my bet. >> i don't know if they're going to jump in the primary. it's interesting. what they're not doing, they're not defending joe biden and that speaks volumes. they don't have to endorse him but they could defend him. maria: on the deutsche bank story, your reaction? deutsche bank keeps getting weaker, getting out of global equities entirely, stock is down to $8 right now. >> the germans had their fun. things got too exciting for them for a while in banking. we don't want banking to be that large of a portion of an economy anywhere. i don't like layoffs anywhere.
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if i were seeing them here and it were in the banking sector, i would say how is manufacturing doing, how are other sectors doing. we don't want financing to be the whole story. this is everything to do with germany getting banking back to something simpler and more controllable. maria: it's also about leadership. deutsche bank couldn't keep up with competitors globally. >> some of the people they were trying to keep up with, the goldmans of the world, how is goldman doing? not especially well rights now. bond trading, that's not what it used to be. today, everyone has the special data, the margins aren't there anymore. it's not as attractive. >> since the financial crisis you have the business mo l del l changing and also lek of to eles and technology have come into the picture. it's expected you would see consolidation and job cuts. never a positive thing but not really that surprising. maria: makes sense. the u.s. women's team winning the world cup for the fourth time, beating the netherlands,
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2-0. what a series this team has had. >> it's been amazing. it's been so fun to watch and the united states has just really gotten out there and gotten out front and there was some struggle early on, remember when they beat thailand in that huge blowout. maria: right. >> sportsmanshoship and whatnot. maria: celebrating too much. the president tweeted out congratulations to the team, saying america is proud of you, taking home the fourth world cup trophy. pretty exciting to watch. >> it was awesome to watch. this team is a dine city. what they've done is incredible. >> how do we get that to seep over to men's soccer is the question. maria: the pay divide between men and women in soccer has been totally identified and talked about a lot throughout all of this. >> someone tweeted, if this is accurate, that the women -- for
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winning, they'll win a quarter of a million dollars each. on the men's side even if they don't win, just for playing, they win $1 million each. >.maria: riddell me that. -- riddle me that. we are looking at markets under pressure this morning. and a house divided, the democrats split over the billion dollar border bill. who is speaking out, coming up. boeing losing big to airbus works made the deal. we've got the details. taking a look at the stock as well when we come right back. stay with us. ♪ lightning before the thunder. ♪ thunder, thunder. ♪ thunder, thunder. ♪ thunder, feel the thunder. yo. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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maria: welcome back. breaking news this morning, a sheriff's deputy in georgia was shot and killed in the line of duty. cheryl casone with ted lines this morning. cheryl: the unidentified deputy
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was killed last night as he tried to stop the driver of a stolen car. police believe the car was involved in several auto burglaries over the weekend. the suspected shooter was shot, taken to the hospital. the search is underway for the remaining suspects who are considered to be armed and dangerous. this marks the 24th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. well, billionaire financier jeffrey epstein expected in court today. the registered sex offender arrested over the weekend on new sex trafficking charges here in new york. the charges stem from allegations of trafficking underage girls from his new york and florida homes in the 2000s. the daughter of former fbi director james comey, maureen comey, is reportedly one of the prosecutors in the case. well, boeing has lost a deal for its 737 max jet to its european archrival. saudi arabia will buy up to 50
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a320 jets from airbus. the deal between the audi airline and boning was valued at more than $5.5 billion if it happened. the setback for boeing follows the fatal crashes of two max jets within five months. the wall street journal says the lost business is one of the first signs the 737 max crisis could shift more business to airbus. as you can see, maria, there is the stock in the premarket, down more than one and-a-half percent. then there is this, spiderman swung to the top spot at the box office this morning, grossing $185 million in the u.s. and canada. the movie has also been cleaning up worldwide, to date surpassing $580 million. rounding out the top five this weekend, disney's toy story 4, universal's yesterday coming in at number three, the horror film anna bell comes home and disney's live action aladdin, still going strong, maria. so big weekend for movies obviously with the holiday.
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maria: thanks, cheryl. the boeing and airbus story is important. boeing is losing a big order, the saudi order, jackie. your reaction. the stock has already taken a hit. somebody has had to do a real mamea culpa here. >> the plane was such a large part of its operating profit, now to lose these orders is just more evidence that people are -- they're concerned about this, even if the fixes come out as promised, as scheduled. do you want to get on one? maria: there's a steep competition with airbus even before all of these issues. now, airbus stands very much poised to take a lot of market share. >> if you think about how travel has changed over the past 2 of 0 years, whoever used to think about the model of plane you fly on. today you make your res i vacation, you can see the plane, so suddenly 737 max, that's become a brand with huge negative perception and if you're an airline out there buying planes, you've got to
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think about that going forward. maria: the government orders were a big piece of the business and to lose a big government order from the saudis and, et cetera, is also major. >> these are really long sales cycles. they're taking orders now for maybe five years from now. so it's not like this is immediately going to impair their cash flow. but it does matter what's going on with the order book. >> still, this was boeing's best selling, they had sold thousands of these in the pipeline. we knew this was coming and there will be more. maria: stock is down one and-a-half percent this morning. it will be one of the issues for the dow industrials this morning, certainly at the open. home plate horror, jonathan lucroy carted off the field after a nasty collision, we'll tell you all about it when we come back. and wework looks to shore up investor confidence ahead of the ipo debut. wait until you see what they're doing before raising money in the debut, next up, right here. ♪ it's the same old song. ♪ but with a different meaning
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since you've been gone. ♪ well, it's the same old song. ♪ but with a different meaning since you've been gone. ♪
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maria: welcome back. markets are lower this morning, take a look at futures indicating a decline at the start of trading of 59 points on the dow, 5 points lower on the s&p, nasdaq futures lower by 29. story in the journal this morning, the chances of a rate cut from the federal reserve are slipping amid the strong june jobs report on friday. president trump said that without the fed involvement, the markets would be even higher. >> our economy is doing incredibly if the fed didn't do what it did or if it didn't even half, we would have a dow that would be as good as it is, doing so good, but we would have a dow that would be anywhere from 5 to
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10,000 points higher. maria: joining us right now is sound income strategies founder and ceo, david scranton. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. maria: we've got rock bottom rates on the one hand. you've got a federal reserve that seems poised to lower interest rates at some point this year. you've got a jobs market that continues 51-year low on unemployment, another good showing for the month of june that we got on friday. and then you've got some uncertainty there. how do you want to position yourself with all of these things coming at you, knowing that we don't have a china deal yet? >> well, i think right now if you can forecast what the federal reserve is going to do with interest rates, you'll be able to forecast what the stock market's going to do. you know, so ironic that in may, the may jobs report was so bad, but yet in june the markets did really well. june's report was wonderful and now the markets are starting to slowly pull backwards.
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so everything is based on the anticipation of what happens with the federal reserve. if you could forecast that one thing, if you could handicap that one thing, you'd be a wealthy person. maria: it's more than that, right. we're on the doorsteps of earnings season. next week we'll be seeing the second quarter numbers from corporate america. what are you expecting there? isn't that the ultimate driver, growth? >> well, traditionally, yes. and we love to think that that's the case. we love to think that market participants are acting rationally. the reality of it, though, is a that they're not. right now, it's all about whether or not the federal reserve is going to give them that drug fix that they want. so to answer your question, though, the quarterly earnings should be still pretty strong. some companies thought they might have to pull back, could actually revise their earnings estimates. they've given lower guidance so as a result, we'll still get more companies certainly beating estimates than trailing estimates.
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so i think earnings season would have to be really, really poor, extremely poor in order to really affect the markets adversely. >> david, it's jackie deangeles. on the fed, the fed funds futures right now pricing in 92% that we're going to get a 25 basis point cut in july. there are some who say jerome powell is going to be watching for a china deal potentially this summer. it's not going to happen in july. it could be down the pike. what are your thoughts? >> yeah, i think when you're pricing in 92% on a 25 basis point cut, you're setting yourself up for failure. there was a lot of talk about maybe a 50 basis point cut. i think that's pretty much off the table now with this new jobs report for june. so now it comes down to are we going to get the 25% cut or not. if we don't, you'll see the markets retract. if we do, they might bounce up a little and they'll level off again and wait for the next thing. as far as china is concerned, every time we think we're ready
6:22 am
to have a china deal, we don havdon'thave it. i'm not one to question the president's strategies for negotiation. every time i've done that in the past, he's proven himself to be right. with china, you are dealing with a very proud people, a proud government, and every time the president tries to play hard ball with them, they like to push back. so hopefully he'll prove himself right once again with his tactics for this china negotiation but time will tell. >> the rate cut, is it a sure thing that a rate cut from here sends stocks higher. i look at the past seven cycles of rate cutting back to the 1980s, the first five sent markets higher, the last two didn't. is there a chance we get a rate cut and investors take that as a negative thing and it sends stocks lower? >> this time, i don't believe so. this time, the markets have become add indic addicted to thf
6:23 am
although interest rates. let's make no bones about it. as a result, it's about getting that fix. in the past, they looked past that and said interest rates are dropping, that means the economy is weak. this is a real issue. this time around, they're not looking at that. they're looking at the short-term and of course if the president has his way with all the pressure he's putting on the federal reserve, they will make a rate you cut at the end of july. >> this is tom bevin. you mentioned the market keeps a close eye on this stuff. i'm interested to see -- to hear your thoughts on president trump -- i mean, a lot of presidents have not gotten along with the fed but we've rarely seen one that jaw-bones their fed as much as this one does. how closely does the market pay attention? are they cre reacting to what president trump is saying and tweeting about the fed? >> i think they're reacting to what he says but they're also just reacting to what the fed says. you know, at the end of the day, the fed spent a lot of time wondering where's the inflation, where's the inflation.
6:24 am
what they failed to see was all of the things they had done with qe and low interest rates, they created a new type of inflation. inflation is no longer about the consumer spending money. it's not about growing the economy in a traditional way. it's more about asset inflation. so the fed has been successful at creating inflation. they created it on the asset side with the stock market, with the bond market. how many days last week did the stock market go up, the bond market went up. you can't judge real estate on a daily basis. if you could, that probably went up also. that's really what's happening right now is all the speculation, all that optimism and although the markets have always been an emotional place, they seem to be more of an emotional place these days than we've seen in the past. maria: having said all that, how do you position yourself today. you have the 10 year yield back above 2%, 2.03% on the 10-year, down just a fraction this morning in yield. how do you want to allocate capital here?
6:25 am
>> i think right now we've seen a little bump in the stock market. it's going to take a breather. if you're a long-term investor, the stock market is a good place to go. fixed income is a decent place to go. the head winds we've seen for fixed income for the last several years has ended. it seems obvious that interest rates, the next move in interest rates is going to be down, not up. you've got more security in the fixed income world and the stock market if interest rates go down, the stock market should be strong. keeping some money in cash, waiting to see what the fed wall reserve does, -- federal reserve does but keeping a traditional allocation along the way, nothing too much out of the norm. maria: david, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. maria: we want to just keep a watch on apple and boeing this morning. these are the two issues for the market. take a look, both these dow components set to cut at least 60 points off of the dow this morning, out of the gate, with
6:26 am
boning doubt 1 and-a-half percent, apple down 1 and three quarters percent. apple cut to sell from neutral. they say the new -- appee appees been on a -- apple has been on a wild run. president trump's approval rating hitting the highest level of his presidency. we'll show it to you. and how shocking a bolt of lightning strikes a boat sitting in a boston harbor. wait until you see this. what incredible video we've got here on what took place this weekend. stay with us. ♪ you go, you go, go, go,. ♪ until you hear a banjo. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage.
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, monday july 8th, top stories
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before 6:30 a.m. on the east coast, futures indicating decline at the start of trading. s&p 500 futures down 6, nasdaq futures lower by 30 points. third of a percent. trade tensions and concerns about the federal reserve keeping rates on hold, weighing on stocks, maybe those jobs numbers on friday as strong as they were mean that the fed won't lower rates so quickly. the averages were lower on friday but higher for the week, nasdaq leading the group rising nearly 2% on the week, in europe this morning take a look at indices which were lower across the board. cac quarante in paris also lower by 8 and dax index in germany low other by 15. selloff across the board, worst performer china, shanghai composite down 2 and two-thirds percent overnight. kospi in korea down 2% as well. japan put export controls on
6:31 am
semiconductor materials bound to south korea. president trump's approval is hitting all-time high, he is still under water against joe biden, however, according to latest polls, we've got the latest on 2020 coming up. we were ready for own ipo, selling debt before the ipo. frightening collision on the field, scary scene last night, the very latest on his condition this morning coming up. plus, wild weather hitting the east, video capturing boat struck by lighting in boston, look at that picture, wow, all the stories coming up monday morning but first top stories this half an hour, 2020, the race is on, washington post poll shows former vice president joe biden would beat president trump 53 to 43%, other head to head polls show bernie sanders and kamala harris beating the president as well, but the president tie with elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg.
6:32 am
the news improves for the president, same poll shows approval rating among registered voters holding strong at 47%, that's up 5 points from april, joining me right now former trump campaign director of data and strategy and look ahead america executive director matt and ceo defiant strategies malia fisher, great to see you both. >> thanks for having me. maria: malia, your reaction to the president's approval rating and most recent policy decisions? >> well, we won't underestimate poll ratings, over 50% of voters still believed that he is doing a good job and that's first 2 and a half years of his presidency, we really wouldn't want to overestimate these and under water in general election and margin of error with pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren,
6:33 am
democratic contenders who aren't at the top of the ticket, this is exciting for president trump, we see that, but we really need to dig. maria: so we shouldn't read too much any poll that says joe biden will beat president trump then? >> perhaps not, perhaps not, and joe biden thinks his own headwinds for the democratic primary as we have seen in south carolina, going up against, you know, accusations that he has -- party positions with segregationists in the past, that's a real issue for him forward. maria: joe biden is apologizing for, former vice president expressing regret for his support of segregationist senators during the 1970's, biden made the comment in south carolina in front of the mostly african-american audience, 2020 hopeful spoke out yesterday as to why he chose the weekend to apologize, watch this. >> if any comments i made were taken in a way that people took offense from them, then i am truly sorry for that, have i
6:34 am
made mistakes, yes, do we grow, yes, but the fact of the matter is that's why i chose here in south carolina and shows an audience that would likely would have been offended by anything that i would have said. maria: matt, your reaction. >> fourth position in a week, by what his advisers are telling him to say. we can't let senator harris off the hook, his position of voting against federal busing but then she herself came out oppose today federal busing, she used this issue to try to differentiate from vice president biden but reveals she's another candidate to do anything and say anything to get elected and most people of the country are opposed to busing. >> yeah, it was interesting to see kamala harris take the same position as joe biden on busing,
6:35 am
people under the age of 50 doesn't have any clue about. i'm interested to get your thoughts, the interview that nancy pelosi gave in new york times over the weekend and the scuffle that's going on between pelosi and the more centrist democrats versus aoc, tlaib, omar and those folks, how do you see that playing out and in 2020 race? >> yeah, this is really important conversation within the democratic party right now. it is aoc's prerogative to come out at nancy pelosi, she's the progressive, she leads the progressive voice within the party right now and which she sees crisis in the border, report this is tbreekd children, mothers in facility having to drink toilet water because the facilities are so understaffed and held in horrible conditions. maria: a lot of people said what she said was actually not true, i spoke with a lot of border
6:36 am
patrol sources that i met when i was in el paso and they said, we don't know what planet she's living on, there was actually no indication that anybody was drinking water from toilets or being told to do so. >> it would much easier to have a debate about this issue if the border patrol agencies would inspect what's going on there, it's incredibly difficult for members of donning get in there and see conditions and reports conflicted all over. maria: what about getting in front of it so you could slow down the flow of migrants coming to the border, how about fixing the loopholes in. >> fixing the loopholes would be important but i don't think the trump administration remain in méxico policy would be the answer to that question. we may -- people will continue coming over the border, mothers and children are fleeing absolutely the horrid conditions in central america and united states needs to have a policy where we will be able to give people asylum when they need it.
6:37 am
maria: former first lady michelle obama explaining why she and president obama so far have not made any 2020 endorsements, listen to this. >> barack and i are going to support whoever wins the primary, so we are -- our primary is letting primary process play out. it's very early, one of the things we learned in the campaign, it is early, it's like trying to figure out who is going to win the world series on the first 7 games, i mean, that's where we are right now, it is so early. maria: you made the point earlier that it speaks volume that is the obamas are not getting behind the former vice president. >> not getting behind, past presidents have not gotten involved in primaries either, they don't have to endorse joe biden, they have to defend him of not being racist which they have not done, i think that's what speaks volume, you're not willing to step up and defend the guy who spent 8 years as their vice president. but, matt, question for you,
6:38 am
donald trump hitting highest approval rating, yet to malia's point still running behind many democratic candidates, why isn't trump getting the sort of credit for the economy, why is is that not reflected in head to head polls, i know it's early, given where the economy is, why isn't he doing better? >> two things are happening, numbers are starting to rise because people are recognizing because he's doing what he said he would do, job-creating tariffs, building the wall and starting to be reflected in the numbers and the other thing that's happening is this antitrump voices are starting to become fatigue, the overpromise for years now about evidence of russian meddling, the economy was going to self-destruct have been proven wrong over and over again and that's starting to set in. something about the poll, particularly approval numbers, these are not polls of likely voters, the top numbers are
6:39 am
straight up, any body answers the phone, the president running essentially tied with almost everybody in the democratic field is not about place to start and many presidents have been behind that number and been able to come back and win in spite of it. >> i mean, i think that he has a lot of work to do. must be scary for him to look at the entire democratic field and see him running neck and neck within margin of error and if you expand to all voters, you are looking 6 points behind a lot of the fields. that's a tough place fb them to be, democrats will be registering a lot of folks, young voters come 2020 so he will have more people than he might expect. maria: new report this morning that billionaire environmentalist tom styer reconsidering decision to entering 2020 race for president, outspoken critic of president trump, we know that, is that you laughing, matt?
6:40 am
>> i am laughing because, look, this guy has been spending millions of dollars, he invested $100 million in democrats to impeach trump, turned out to be terrible investment. they have been kind to that party since he's funding them, now that he's in the race they will eat him alive, private prisons and fossil fuels, that would go really well in democratic primary? >> not what the democrats need, biden and sanders are on the slide and real clear politics, kamala harris has taken second position and elizabeth warren tied with bernie sanders. >> trump's approval numbers are high enough that when combined with this economy it makes him the early favorite here and does not bode well that joe biden is being crucified and analyzed for every statement while trump can come out and say like archie bunker, different standard.
6:41 am
>> also i don't think he's that worried about the polling numbers per se, they are not bad numbers, the polling numbers didn't tell as much. maria: that's true, it's interesting to see what's happening in terms of tom styer, does he have a shot, malia sn. >> i don't think he has done -- we are looking for folks who are going to cut back the influence of billionaires, millionaires in our economy and society, tom doesn't fit the bill. >> no problem with him when they were funding all the efforts and now that he's gotten to the race it's strange somehow. maria: they will eat him alive, thank you so much. exciting year and a half, meanwhile california is assessing the damage from two earthquakes, cheryl casone with the details now, cheryl, the numbers are incredible. cheryl: two very large numbers,
6:42 am
maria, recovery efforts underway out in california after back to back earthquakes rocked the southern part of the state over the weekend, causing more than $101 million thus far, congress man kevin mccarthy, things falling off store shelves, causing dangerous cracks causing them to close. gavin newsom declared state of emergency out in kern county. no deaths or injuries reported. wall street journal reporting that it's offering billions of dollars of debt to fund growth until it can return profit, losing office space manager, as much as 10 billion over the next several years. and check this out, dramatic video of a huge bold of whitening in south boston, look
6:43 am
at the fire, shaky video, it's crazy, saturday night at a yacht club, lighting strike, severe electrical damage, luckily nobody was on board, nobody was hurt, we have some crazy video and a damaged sailboat to show you this morning after that. maria: incredible, cheryl, the fact that it was that one boat, no other boats in the area were hit. cheryl: when lighting strikes a person out in the field, how did that happen in the video is wild. maria: fascinating, cheryl, thank you, catcher jonathan hospitalized after nasty collision at home plate, we will tell you all about it. critics in california going after san francisco for ban that they say is in several communities in the pocketbook, details right after this, back in a minute.
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>> welcome back headlines across america this morning, the sun reporting clean-up at plantation explosion site as authorities search for cause, investigators searching for what sparked the blast at southwest florida shopping center and business owners are assessing the damage while on-lookers are checking tout aftermath themselves, nearly 2 dozen people injured in the explosion, none of those injuries considered life-threatening, san francisco chronical writes, chain store
6:48 am
bans in san francisco leave more shops empty, fashion's biggest names but in north beach chinatown and haze valley the brands are banned from opening stores, ban is a bad idea making it a challenge to fill empty store fronts, the denver post, welcomed baby giraffe on saturday, is it a boy or a girl, no matter it's definitely a giraffe, zoo in colorado springs joined new member to herd, the baby won't be named until it is 30 days old. [laughter] maria: san francisco retail ban is what i haven't heard -- >> you will not ask me about the giraffe gender? it's a little bit, it's just too much esthetics here. why would you need a ban?
6:49 am
if the economics are not good enough that you don't have mom and pop operators, you know, located there, i would invite anyone who wants to take the space. >> why would the city ban this? >> yeah, really trying to engineer the perfect-looking village, people have real estate to sell. >> san francisco is not known for great governance, they have a bunch of other issues i think they need to handle before getting into banning companies from opening stores. maria: good point. >> if they want to change stores there and that's what they are flocking towards, that says how society is changing a little bit too, leaving it empty won't help anybody. maria: controlling the narrative of what the city looks like. >> give me a home depot. maria: coming up scary moments in the baseball field, the angels jonathan carried away after dramatically collision in home plate, the u.s. women's soccer team to win fourth world
6:50 am
title. more coming up so are you feeling? on a scale of one to five? one to five? it's more like five million. there's everything from happy to extremely happy. there's also angry. i'm really angry clive! actually, really angry. thank you.
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maria: welcome back, the u.s. women's national soccer team world champs again, jared max with the story of a fourth world cup, jared. jared: the women's world cup was born in 1991 and since the americans have won 4 of 8 times, yesterday second straight, first time this tournament. the americans did not score in first half but penalty in 61st minute, repinoe breaks the
6:54 am
score, tie sixth of tournament and any potential controversy, penalty call squashed 8 minutes after, victory was near. [cheers and applause] >> united states beats netherlands, 4 world cup wins, twice as many as any other country, the golden boot award to megan repinoe, 6 goals in all, she also start in new commercial released after the match by nike. >> we will be four time champions and keep winning till not becoming the best soccer team in the world and the whole generation of girls and boys will go out and play, i want to be like megan repino when i grow
6:55 am
up. jared: several shouting equal pay, fight against u.s. soccer federation. the women argue more successful than u.s. men's team, the american men lost concacaf final with méxico yesterday. so before the baseball all-star break arrived, angels jonathan suffered a bad injury, the astro jay, plows him over, ruled out, he went to a hospital for a cat scan and evaluated for possible concussion, jake who wrote, i thought the play would be outside of the plate, i made split-second decision, that decision got another player hurt, i feel awful, i feel nothing but the best for jay.
6:56 am
baseball all-star game tomorrow on fox, live from progressive field in cleveland, ohio, tonight the home run derby. what an amazing performance by the united states' women national soccer. maria: just great, just great. >> dynasty, right? >> yes, also the leaders, i would say the leaders in the world for this and what's so great about the equal pay is that the rest of the world is seeing this is how the champs do it, and i don't know any other country where maybe women have the rights that we have in our country for the period of time and i think that goes hand in hand with success that soccer team has had as well with resources and being the leader and great to set the tone. maria: on the equality salary equality thing, it's about revenue, you know, and the men's soccer team brings in more revenue than the women's even performance is obviously better. >> yes, that's the world thing, fifa being soccer world's
6:57 am
governing body of soccer, if we are only here in in the states i bet we would have equality. maria: catch jared max, fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115. still retirement game, one quarter of americans fear that they will never stop working, next hour right here mornings towith maria. most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles . . .
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, july 8th. your top stories right now, 7:0. markets are beginning the week lower. futures indicate a decline at the start of trading, dow futures down 78 points, nasdaq lower by 37. trade tensions, concern that the fefedwill keep rates on hold impacting stocks this morning. the major averages were lower on friday but they were higher for the holiday shortened week. the nasdaq was up nearly 2% on the week, as you can see. there are the numbers for the week. even though weakness on friday
7:01 am
capped off what was a really good week. european indices are lower, as well as the u.s. fq100 down 6, cac down 12 and the dax lower by 28. in asia, it was selloff across the board. japan put export controls on semiconductor materials bound for south korea. the nikkei average down 1%. the shanghai down in china by 2 and two thirds percent. border crisis, the white house is gearing up for major deportation as the justice department shakes up the legal team. nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez trading barbs on twitter, what it means as lawmakers get back to work today l. amazon is making returns easier, now a a major retailer will accept amazon returns in-store. not ready for retirement? a new poll reveals the shocking number of americans who say in wiltheywill never retire and wh.
7:02 am
joining me to break it down, jackie deangeles, tom bevin and jack howe. great to see you this morning. thank you for being here. here we are on the doorstep of second quarter earnings which is also important and we are expecting a pickup from the first quarter. but you think that's priced into the market? how do you see the second quarter earnings playing out. >> the number to beat is like zero on earnings. no one is looking for growth. the companies always exceed expectations. they set expectations -- they may set expectations low enough so we'll end up with a new points of earnings growth. much of it will come from stock buybacks. most of it is good enough. the comparisons get easier in the fourth quarter. there is no one looking for gangbusters growth. maria: it's all about what they say about the future, of course here we are talking about a rate cut, seven months after we were talking about three rate increases for 2019. >> i still think folks looking
7:03 am
for the 50 basis rate cut in july, i think that was aggressive. the fed didn't say they would give 50 basis points off the bat. i don't even think you'll get the 2 a 25 basis points. i think jerome powell will stand back and watch it unfold. maria: what happens to the markets if they do cut rates by 50 basis points? we must be seeing a sharp slowdown. what do they know that we don't know of. we have a 51 year low in unemployment and growth of better than 3%. why 50 basis point? >> that's the resuscitation paddle. you don't want to see that. maria: exactly. >> according to trump, the dow would be 5 to 10,000 higher. maria: coming up, joining the conversation, fox news senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano is here. marty davis has an interesting story in terms of beating china. nigel vas joins us this morning, as well as joe lieberman.
7:04 am
joe vila is back with us this morning. don't miss a moment of it. we have a big two hours coming up. we're kicking off the top story with iran, tensions are rising. iran says it will breach the uranium limit set by the 2015 nuclear agreement, putting pressure on european allies to salvage this deal. president trump issued a warning to tehran yesterday. watch. >> iran better be careful. you enrich for one reason and i won't tell you what that reason is but it's no good. they better be careful. maria: mike pompeo said there could be increased sanctions and the europe mean union is extremely concerned and calling on iran to reverse any actions that go against the nuclear deal. joining us right now is former speaker of the house, you author of the book, collusion, newt gingrich. always a pleasure to see you. thanks so much for joining us. >> it's good to be with you and you're right, you have a lot of things going on. i want to go back to an earlier
7:05 am
segment and tell you i have been to the zoo on shyanne mountain. it's a great zoo. they had a remarkable experience of breeding animals of. thrilled that a baby giraffe made it onto your show. maria: us too. it's so cute. it's a beautiful picture. waiting to see actually what -- is it a boy or a girl? we'll let you know when we find out. there's a lot going on in materials of the 2020 race. you know that. the president and his handling of foreign policy, whether it be iran or china, who in the democratic field could come close to the president's handling of some of these foreign policy issues and now you've got this split going on with house speaker nancy pelosi criticizing far left house democrats including congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez for voting against the $4.6 billion border deal that the president signed into law. >> yeah, look, i think you're beginning to see the bloom come off of the excitement the democrats had after they won
7:06 am
last year. speaker pelosi, who i think is essentially right in this argument, is really faced with some people who are virtually crazy. and she doesn't know what to do with them and i think she's going to keep taking them on and of course they're counter-attacking, taking her on. on the question of foreign policy, this is a major challenge when you're running for president. vice president biden clearly has the experience to have been in the room, he knows leaders around the world. maria: right can. right.>> he's probably the po has the best opportunity, except he's joe biden and in the end he's not going to be there. when you get past biden, they have a problem that isn't obvious yet. you talk about nuclear weapons, negotiating with china and north korea, i'm not sure of any democrat who can stay in the a
7:07 am
arena with trump who can have any kind of believability. maria: you make a good point. they're not focusing on it at all right now. some of the most important issues you don't hear at all in the conversation among the democrats. the speaker said in an interview with the new york times, quote, all these people have their public whatever and their twitter world but they didn't have any follo following. they're four people and that's how many votes they got. ocasio-cortez fired back on twitter. she said this. that public whatever is called public sentiment and wielding the power to shift it is actually how we actually achieve meaningful change in this country. you were critical of congresswoman ocasio-cortez. what about this most recent fight? >> i just think that what she said about the border, what she said about american government employees was viciously dishonest. she knew it was dishonest.
7:08 am
it weakens the united states. here you have a person who votes against paying for the extra money which the border pa l troll saipatrolsaid they desperd attacks the border patrol when they don't get the money she doesn't want to give them. there's something profoundly wrong about her and her approach to things. the person that captured the current mood was willie brown, the brilliant former speaker of the house in california who knows kamala harris very, very well and he just wrote a column that said based on those first round of debates, there is nobody running who is going to beat donald trump and i think that should sober democrats. willie brown is one of the smartest professional politicians the democratic party's had in the last generation. he just thinks none of these people have the ability to stay in the ring with donald trump. maria: and he was very -- for a long time, very close with kamala harris. >> he really was.
7:09 am
and i think they may have had a falling out. he's just a great professional. i used to watch him when he was speaker of the assembly with great admiration. he could out-maneuver everybody in both parties and i think what he's telling you is when you think about getting beyond the -- all of them raised their hand, for example, and say they want open borders. maria: and they want to give healthcare to illegals. there are people in this country, legal citizens, who are not getting proper healthcare and yet they want to give health scare to illegals. >> now you have the new game where they go across the border to help teach people how they can break into the united states so you have senator booker in essence helping people learn how to violate american law. well, all this stuff erodes their ability to get to the center and my next newsletter is going to be about george mcgovern, the election of '72,
7:10 am
and what we're seeing right now. there are powerful parallels, i think, to the isolation of the mcgovern campaign. >> jack howe from barons bag disbelieve. if i watched those debates, let's say i agree with your analysis, that i was looking for something to like and i didn't find it, how late is too late for some new face to show up in this race? is it already too late? do we already see everybody we're going to possibly see running for the democrats. maria: tom steyer says he wants to get into the race, newt. >> you raised a really good question. my sense is -- i'm trying to think back to my own experience. i think you could probably, if you have enough resources and steyer obviously is a billionaire, if you have enough resources, i think you could probably get in the race as late as december and be competitive almost everywhere. the question will be, when can you get on the ballot in iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina. that will be the first break point and then the democrats
7:11 am
have brought a lot of their primaries up so they're earlier than they used to be. if you had enough resources, you could see one or two more candidates come in. in the age of instant television and cable and twitter and facebook, you can move very, very fast. maria: tom. >> this is tom bevin. back to iran, obviously events can intervene an in presidential campaigns and where we're going with iran, tensions rising, trump keeps making veiled threats, warning iran to be care careful. how do you see it playing out? is there a chance we'll get european allies to come on-board with sanctions and keep this thing contained? >> there's a chance. secretary pompeo is working very hard to do just that. the challenge is, even when the iranians announce they're breaking the deal, that the europe perneuropeans are so deso sell them goodies and help the european economy, which is not
7:12 am
strong, they close their eyes and cling to it and hope something good will happen. if you look around the planet, i think this is sobering. you have an iranian problem. you have north korea. you have venezuela. you have negotiations with china. you have russia being as aggressive as putin can figure out how to be. all of these are challenges that are very real and at the same time you have the kind of weakness we see with brexit and the collapse of the british government. this is a time of very substantial uncertainty. maria: all this while the president will be meeting with the amir of qatar tomorrow. he is in town apparently there's a big dinner that steven mnuchin is hosting for the amir and the president will meet with him tomorrow, critical ally in the middle east. what's your reaction to this? >> look, i think that there's a very important issue here and i've talked at great length with the american airlines that are
7:13 am
deeply involved in this. qatar claimed it was going to quit cheating on the deals it had with the united states and undermining the american airlines. qatar has been deliberating undercutting and acting in ways that make it impossible for a free market company to compete in the middle east. they promised several months ago that they would stop. they haven't stopped. and certainly those of us who are working this issue hope that the president's going to look them in the eye and say look, you've got to keep your word. we expect results, not just worse. fowords. for the future of the american airline industry, this is a very big issue. maria: they're a supporter of the muslim brotherhood. the president has not deemed them a terrorist organization yet. that's coming, i understand. >> by the way, they're pretty isolated. the saudis are against them. the uae is against them. the united arab emirates. so qatar is not coming from a position of great strength. i suspect they're eager to find some way to make secretary
7:14 am
mnuchin and president trump happy. maria: that's a good point. newt, great to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> good to be with you. maria: a new amazon dropoff, a major retailer now accepts amazon returns. retirement out of reach, why many americans fear they will never stop working. back in a minute. ♪ what if i lose it all. ♪ twenty-four people came together to sign an agreement that created the stock exchange. just the right elements coming together. it started when scores more people came together, just down the street and traded bonds that helped pay for the revolution, and the nation it created. it started in an office on the corner where the right people witnessed the telegraph and brought information
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maria: welcome back. conservatives regaining control in greece. cheryl casone with details. cheryl: that's right, maria. greek voters electing the opposition leader as prime minister on a promise to cut taxes and spur economic growth. effectively removing the left wing government that couldn't end the country's long economic slump. this comes as greece struggles to emerge from a decade long financial crisis that saw the
7:18 am
economy plunge. back at home, kohl's is helping amazon with returns. the partnership starts in stores just in time for prime day and back-to-school shopping sprees. kohl's says it's going to accept amazon returns at all of its stores nationwide. and we are often told to save money for retirement. but according to a new poll, nearly one quarter of americans plan to keep working because they need the money. 23% say they intend to stay on the job, about 25% of americans want to keep working past that 65th birthday but that may be an unrealistic goal because illness, injuries, layoffs can force older workers to leave their jobs before they're actually ready to retire. and we've seen this in particular in the great recession, maria, the older workers had a tough time hanging in with the workforce. maria: you never really expect somebody to just go at 65 and like head to the hammock. people like do other things. cheryl: true. they say keep moving, keep
7:19 am
doing, keep thinking. maria: the crisis at the border, the white house ready for more he deportation as the justice department shakes up the legal team over the census issue. no more manic mondays, how some employers are looking to sunday to set the tone for the week. back in a minute. ♪ corn makes whiskey. ♪ whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky. ♪ we're the slowskys.
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we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback
7:22 am
or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. maria: welcome back. a shift for the justice department, the doj announcing it is looking at appointing a new legal team to handle the citizenship question on the 2020 census. james burnham will no longer head efforts in this case. president trump said he is considering an executive order to add the question. joining us rights now is fox
7:23 am
news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew nap natch napolita. assess the situation. >> i think the president and the doj are looking for a way around the supreme court decision in order to get the question on the ballot. there is no way around it. there are two injunctions signed by federal district court judges, one in new york, one in maryland, saying to the census department or the census bureau and the commerce department, you shall not add this question because the supreme court does not believe the reason you gave for it. so the president is -- after the justice department gave up the ghost last weekend, the president said no, no, no, we're not giving up the ghost, we're going to find another way to do it, send another team of lawyers there. guess what? you can't come up with a reason for government behavior that's an afterthought. you can only come up with what the true reason was at the time the government made its mind up to put this question on and the supreme court has rejected that reason, saying it's lacking
7:24 am
credibility. so the bottom line here is, i don't think the president and the doj can get anywhere. the president can't order this by an executive order because that would be violating the restraint order imposed by the two courts. maria: it's really about the reason that the supreme court knocked it down, right? >> yes. maria: when you think about what we're talking about, isn't that the reason that you have a census in the first place, to figure out how many americans and how many illegals are in the country. >> no you have a census to figure out how many human beings are here. this is the first time in the modern era -- the last time it happened was the early '50s that the government was attempting to discern -- it's not necessarily illegal. you can be not a citizen of the united states but here legally. the census question the president wants to ask is not are you here legally but what is the citizenship of everybody in the house. maria: i don't have a problem
7:25 am
with it. like so what? what's your citizenship. >> well, the statute says, which the supreme court construed, that the questions in addition to how many people live there, which is the only question the constitution authorize, and by the way the only question you really have to answer is how many people live there. now they ask you about toilets and education and when your roof was put on your house and all kinds of things. but the government would have to show that the citizenship question is relevant to counting heads. the president said over the weekend, the citizenship question was relevant to readie districting. that is not relevant to districting. districting, deciding how many people live in a congressional district is based on human beings, no matter what country they're a citizen of. so i don't know where this is going to go. the doj has some egg on its face to switch teams like this right
7:26 am
after the supreme court defeat. a supreme court defeat that by the way invited them to go back to court to see if they could resolve this, is either embarrassing to the lawyers that were involved or they asked to get off because they don't think there's any way around the supreme court decision. maria: you don't think he'll be able to do an executive order on this. >> no. and i believe that the inquiries, the census forms are being printed without that question as we speak. >> correct me if i'm wrong, judge, but the court rules -- asking the question itself is constitutional. it was the reason question. they said go back and show us your work and give us a better reason. >> the statute requires a reason. the statute says if the census wants to ask questions other than how many human beings are living in this dwelling, they have to give a reason that connected to their purpose, not a political reason, but to their purpose. maria: okay. >> so that's where we stand.
7:27 am
i can't predict how this is going to -- i mean, i can predict how this is going to end. it's nearly impossible for the justice department to come up with an afterthought, a reason now that was a true reason then that they didn't tell the court about then. maria: let me switch gears, ask about facial recognition and privacy. the washington post reported that the fbi along with immigrations and customs enforcement have been scanning state driver's license photos to gather information on millions of americans without knowledge or consent. documents reportedly show federal investigators using dmv databases. judge, this is exactly what china does. they are tracking all their citizens. when you start looking at the u.s. government tracking citizens in any way, shape or form, people's backs go up. >> there's two arguments. the government's argument is when you get your driver's license, you are waiving your right to privacy in your face. you give a picture of your face to the government. so you don't have a right to
7:28 am
privacy in it. the other argument is, my goodness, the government can't be gathering information on us as if it's putting a fishing net out there because the whole purpose of the fourth amendment, which guarantees the right to privacy, is to prevent the government from using a fishing net. most people don't know that 21 states have statutes that allow the fbi to use these fishing nets and the other states either prohibit it or are silent about it. americans should know about this. has the congress authorized this? no. and yet the fbi is doing it, much to the surprise of many members of congress. maria: there's an incredible database of people's faces. >> there's close to 700 million photos in the database. maria: exactly right. >> who are they? maria: great op ed in the journal from mike pompeo on unalienable rights. he's starting a new commission on unalienable rights, separating your rights that
7:29 am
could never be taken away. >> does the government believe there are no rights it can take away. maria: versus the rights of governments that, like, for example, a right to healthcare, a right to other things. it's worth a read this morning from secretary pompeo. >> i'll read it as soon as i get off. maria: quick break and more controversy at starbucks to report. six cops asked to leave starbucks after a customer is uncomfortable. starbucks is apologizing. what the police are saying. fighting back against china, how one ceo won a trade case against our biggest economic competitor, he's here, marty davis. stay with us. ♪ don't leave me high. ♪ don't leave me dry. ♪ don't leave me high. ♪
7:30 am
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo.
7:33 am
it is monday, july 8th. your top stories right now, 7:3. china trade turmoil, president trump saying the tariffs are working but china's vice president is taking a jab at the u.s. now, saying that the world cannot shut out china. markets are starting the week lower. take a look at futures, we're off of the lows, but still in the negative. dow futures down 54 points, s&p down 4 points and nasdaq down 26. the journal is writing that the markets are down because there's concern that the federal reserve is going to keep rates on hold and not cut interest rates, though, so quickly after that he very strong jobs report on friday. the major averages were lower on friday despite the good number. they were higher for the holiday shortened week. the nasdaq was up nearly 2% and of course we've got the better than expected jobs numbers on friday morning. european indices are lower this morning. fq100 just slipping into
7:34 am
positive territory, up 4 points. the cac in paris is down 4 and dax index in germany lower by 9 points. volume on the light side after a holiday shortened week last week in america. in asia i it was a selloff across the board. japan put export controls on semiconductor materials bound for south korea. the nikkei was down 1%. the real big hit was in china, shanghai composite down 2 and two thirds percent overnight. controversy at starbucks once again. police are asked to leave starbucks after a customer complained of feeling uncomfortable because they were there. the backlash and the company response coming up. a major fine for british airways over a data breach. how much it will pay coming up. sunday night is the new monday morning for workers. people getting busy before the weekend is over. what employers are doing to he prevent burnout. all those stories coming up. first, our top story this half hour, u.s.-china trade policies, president trump talking about
7:35 am
success with china. >> we're taking in billions and billions of dollars from china. we've never taken in 10-cents from china. china ripped us off during obama and biden, during bush and other presidents. maria: meanwhile, cambria winning a trade disabout against china with the u.s. international trade commission saying cord surface products from china harm the u.s. industry. the ceo of cambria marty davis joining me right now to talk more about that. congratulations. this was an important ruling. >> it was important. maria: tell me about this and what you have faced over these last several years as china has come in and put cheaper quarts on the market. >> i think what we faced, we built a business, a product line in an industry in a space, surfacing with other competitive companies from around the world. as the market started to grow
7:36 am
rapidly and expand and blossom, the chinese supply chain, in my opinion driven by the chinese treasury and their communist dictator, party dictatorship, targeted our industry and brought in huge amounts of chinese quartz supply funded by the government. it's not chinese q uartz that plagued our business, it's the subsidy and dumping of the chinese treasury, manipulated by their government, to viserate u.s. manufacturing spaces. maria: we saw them do this in steel, in a lot of other industries as well. as a leading american produce i of this, what was the impact to your company? >> it immediately started to disrupt the economics, the free market fair economics born of the competition. many people feel you're trying to prevent china from coming in to get commercial pricing or
7:37 am
economics. it's to protect economicking born oeconomics bornof free mar. in our case they were dumping material into our country, violating existing u.s. trade law, lower than our raw material cost. that made it apparent to us there was something beyond you just low priced labor in china that was playing a part in what was happening. that's what the president understands and what he and his team have said and what they're really prosecuting by the advent or the use, utilization of tariffs which really are a trade enforcement tool. china violated the worl world te oranization laws ever since president bush and president clinton brought them in as a favored nation status on a permanent status. we've lost upwards of a 5 million manufacturing jobs. president trump and his team understand that and they really have been going forward to save
7:38 am
american manufacturing and have begun to do so. maria: did clinton and bush not understand that, marty? >> i think president bush, president clinton obviously did what they thought was right for america. they were leading our country. but they just got it wrong. and i think it would do them both well to stand up and say we got it wrong. it's a policy issue, not a political issue, proven by both parties. it was a republican congress. and saying hey, we got it wrong for america. we have to be a little bit more concerned about getting it right rather than being right and come out and support the president and say thank you for stepping in, having the courage, vision, boldness to fix the problem we created. maria: in 2010, china exported only $5 million of quartz to the united states. by the time 2018 rolled around, china was exporting $600 million in chinese quartz to the united states. i think for so many years american companies were so interested in getting a foothold
7:39 am
in china to sell to the 1.4 billion people there, that they forgot to protect their own products. >.>> it's been a big failure of the entrance of china to the wto. for us, they displaced over $1 billion worth of free market economics. it's a command economy. if you take it back to russia, and the nixon administration's efforts with russia and their communist government employing themselves in our markets, our free markets, this is really the same thing all over again and it don't work. it's a critical aspect to our economy. take it back to alexander hamilton and lincoln ran on this. if you look at the record. he ran on the american project, if you will. which was to protect our manufacturing. maria: the itc and commerce department investigated and found the dumping was so bad from china, they had to impose
7:40 am
300 to 500% duties to offset the level of unfair trading. do you think there's a downside risk to the president not doing a deal with china? >> there's a downside to that, i believe. but i believe the upside is greater for the country in the long term. there's a study put out by a mrt said that clinton's own analysts understood this if you read the report, that this wasn't going to go well as related to the math. it would be 60 to 70 years before there would be a chance of balance. it's gone worse than predicted. we won our case. so we're handled. we prosecuted. we spent $4 million petitioning the u.s. government. they found that china was violating existing u.s. trade law. we as a company don't he get any of the duty money. we're back to work. and they dump tremendous amounts in during a that period of time that we were fighting them. now they moved shop over in some cases to india and turkey where,
7:41 am
again, it's the same quasi-command economy economics that come in. president trump on a policy basis understands that america truly has been ripped off. it goes back to 1962 when we really started moving from the gap thing and we for the first time gave the president the power of tariffs but opened up our trade because of agriculture and really expanded it greatly after the hw bush administration and clinton administration and now the george w bush finalized it with permanent most favored nation and we don't hold them in check. they violated u.s. trade law very shortly after we put them in the wto. maria: there's a lot of lobbying going on right now on behalf of the chinese in washington where as the chinese are saying, look, we want to be able to compete. you saw what the vice chairman said just overnight, the vice president saying you can't shut
7:42 am
china out of this market. what do you think is going to happen here? how does this play out? will the president have enough support in that region, whether it be vietnam, philippines, other countries to import from if in fact a deal does not materialize? >> i think those raw material and supply chains will develop elsewhere. they'll develop in a free market with economics that are fair to the competitive landscape and will continue to sustain themselves. we're not asking china to stay out. we're asking them to play fair. free trade demands fair trade. and the chinese don't play fair in any level, at any level, a and this doesn't even speak to the fact they closed their markets and the they violate all kinds of ip law and ip practices within the wto and beyond. maria: is that a culture? can you really move the needle on something that's been cultural, the theft of intellectual property for decades and decades and then there's all this money. you mentioned the treasury.
7:43 am
china has so much money to just go and acquire all these companies anywhere it wants that have specialities. >> one of the ways they subdies their companies, they have the largest bad debt book in the world because they fund companies and forgive the debt. they do have a lot of money. but they need our markets and they're hijacking american prosperity and free enterprise through the virtues of a communist dictatorship. it surprises me that american citizens across the board look at this as a political issue when it's a policy issue and that we're talking about a communist party dictatorship here. really hijacking our marketplace without having to play by the rules. maria: the president is keeping his boot on xi's neck. i mean, whether it be through twitter or his statement, it's pretty incredible in terms of -- >> i'm sure xi hopes that trump doesn't make it through this next election. maria: which is why the media
7:44 am
has been so complacent and a part of this. the mainstream media telling the story of how trump is doing tear terribly and all the chaos, made china believe we'll be done with this guy in the next two years. >> if our politician woulds worry about getting it right instead of being right, they should be supportive of the president. i mentioned former administrations that should support the president. it's a policy issue, not a political issue and if the chinese got that message, president trump and his team would be in a much better negotiating position with china. maria: before you go, from your demand side of the story, how's business going today because we're always trying to get a read on the economy and yours is a very good indicator in terms of building. >> i think it's -- maria: real quick. >> it's flat to some growth but it's hesitant. i think the economy is a little hesitant for us right now. but we've had a lot of dumping that occurred during this last year so those inventories
7:45 am
haven't vetted themselves out yet. maria: marty, great to have you on the program. thank you so much. marty davis joining us. we'll take a break. starbucks is in hot water, police officers were asked to leave one of its stores. we've got the details, next. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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maria: welcome back. an apology from starbucks this morning to police in arizona. cheryl casone with details now in headlines. cheryl: that's right, maria. the coffee giant's vice president traveled to tempe, as
7:49 am
to make amends after a group of officers were asked to leave the store when a customer complained they didn't feel safe. this incident sparked outrage on social media. the hashtag dump starbucks started the trend. the tempe officers association said they were encouraged after the meeting between the police chief and the starbucks executive. this is what they wrote, as you can see, on facebook. british airways is being fined a record $229 million after a data breach last year credit card information belonging to half a million travelers was stolen in an attack on the airlines' website. an investigation by u.k. regulators found, quote, poor security arrangements by british airways. the air line said it is surprised and disappointed by the fine. well, the workweek starting a little earlier than usual for many employees. i'm sure a lot of you relate to this. more employees find themselves on the job starting sunday
7:50 am
night, according to the wall street journal. ththe it has become a leading contributor to job burnout which is officially recognized as a syndrome. access to smartphones and productivity apps has people starting to dread monday as early as sunday evening. i never dread it because i watch you, maria. maria: having the phone, you're working all the time. cheryl: it's seven days a week. my phone's always with me. maria: coming up, business in the digital age, how one company is helping big brands get a foothold in the digital market. we're going to check it out when we come right back. stay with us. ♪ say it ain't so. ♪ i will not go. ♪ turn the lights off. ♪ carry me home ud? ud? it has to work like air traffic control. it's gotta let new data integrate with data from our existing systems. ♪ ♪ be able to pull from reservation platforms built 20 years ago.
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maria: transforming business in the digital age. a must do for so many. that's the foe focus of a digitl consistenconsulting firm that wh major brands to improve the way they work and serve their customers. joining us right now the ceo, nigel vas. thanks for joining us. what i found when i was in cannes is it doesn't matter how established your brand is, you could be the nfl, bank of america, levi strauss, whatever, everybody is dealing with the same struggle, that is how to reach young people and how to reach women. >that'swomen.>> one of the big e seeing is they're behaving differently, not just young people and women but people are behaving different than most of the businesses were used to. for a long time, you could say one thing and do something different and the difference wasn't affecting your business. today you absolutely have to be,
7:55 am
do and say the same sets of things because people actually experience your brand and very quickly start to believe what they feel rather than what you're telling them. maria: tell us how you help companies do that, reach all these brands and make sure to transition to digital. >> i think the first thing we try and do is get this idea that whatever you experience as a brand is essentially what your brand is saying. for the longest time, marketing and communications was separate from customer service, from platforms, from technology that you use to -- let's take an airline as an example. you could be showing wonderful ads on tv about a flight attendant caring about somebody on the plane. when they lose your bags or you're trying to check into the airport you have a real problem. the kind of stuff we do, for example, is saying how do we look at every single step in the customer journey and help a that step become seamless and more efficient. we ask why do i have to go into a bank to open a bank account,
7:56 am
why does the mortgage take 10 days. why can't i pick the hotel room and get the view before determining to pay the extra money to stay on the 19th floor. >> how do you adjust the messaging. you say the younger generation is harder to reach, women, how do you adjust that message and try to encompass everybody? >> i think the message -- our primary focus is basically not just the communication of the message. we try to think about this as marketing as a service. how do you create a service. let me give you an example. if you were watching television and in many markets one of the biggest challenges you basically have from a network perspective is understanding what the advertiser can advertise on based on who is watching. what we did is created a mobile app that you can use from your cell phone to start to switch channels where your phone becomes your remote control. in that situation now, not only are you creating more
7:57 am
convenience for the customer, but you're basically providing the network a way to connect to the consumer that is different than how they otherwise would. maria: i love it. great ideas. good to have you on the program. thanks so much. major shakeup at deutsche bank, that's next. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits.
7:58 am
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customs. welcome back bad monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo happy monday. it is monday, july 8 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast markets looking to start the week on downside check out futures right now, indicating a decline of 73 points on the dow quarter% lower s&p futures down 6 nasdaq futures lower by 31 3/4 points almost half a percent after good week last week about but this morning talking trade tensions we are talking concerns federal reserve may in fact keep rates on hold, after a good jobs number friday all of that weighing on markets this morning, there is this apple and boeing losers in the
8:01 am
morning hitting dow these two together, are set to cut 6 o points off dow boeing down one and one half% apple down one and a half% the reasons major averages lower friday despite good jubs numbers higher for short endz weekend nasdaq led rising almost 2% for the week, last week. >> dow industrials up one and a quarter %, european indices a que from wall street fractionally lower a low volume day, this morning, f2 down two cac quarante in paris down nine dax in germany down 37 asia overnight sell-off across the board take a look japan export controls on semiconductor materials to south korea nikkei average down one percent shanghai composite down 2 2/3% major cuts it is a deutsche bank a top story deutsche bank will cut thousands of jobs 18,000, in what is likely the largest cut for the industry, since at the collapse of lehman
8:02 am
brothers president donald trump approval rating all-time high still underwater when you look at the polls comparing him to joe biden very latest on 2020 coming up, too close for comfort a cruise ship dangerously close to crashing into a doc, in venice, all those stories coming up monday morning joining me to break it down fox business neck jackie deangelis realclearpolitics founder precinct tom ben "barrons" associate editor jack how. >> what is on your mind. >> the futures you mentioned two stories boeing and apple, very company specific stories that are dragging the dow down so while investors i think are worried about what the fed may do what may happen with china i think they are also, you know, watching those things play out, and looking at things in a reasonable rationale way remember wednesday, abbreviated session records again stock market strong. maria: jo understand why talk
8:03 am
50g basis point cut going to hear from fed players this week jay powell speaking again we had jobs numbers on friday 51-year low unemployment rate cuts 90% chancie? >> trying to bring down financing you saw 10 year earlier 2%. >> 2.-- >> there hasn't been action on the long end of the curve in terms of rates higher borrowing rates already rock-bottom for people looking to do business out there i don't think we need it i mean if a quarter point won't necessarily hurt. maria: you wonder do they know something we don't slower than we thought? we will see how market would react, to a rate cut a lot to talk about joining the conversation former connecticut senator united against nuclear iran chairman joe lieberman here singer-songwriter back with us this morning, we've got lot to talk about with her don't miss a moment a lot coming up china
8:04 am
trade is in focus of course, both sides looking to schedule the next round of talks, as china takes a jab at u.s. overnight blake burman live at the white house this morning with some reaction good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you trying to figure out what happens next there is no formal publicly laid out schedule for potential talks between robert lighthizer u.s. trade representative steve mnuchin treasury secretary and the top negotiate for china, i am told maria at least as of this morning, the expectation is that there won't be any face-to-face discussions this week. on friday, lar larry kudlow said face-to-face discussion would happen some point quote in the near future, confined of piqued interest when this could take place over weekend president trump was asked if those talks would occur this week, and he would only say the following. listen. >> doing very well with china that is right meeting -- where
8:05 am
most importantly doing very well with tariffs. we are taking in billions and billions of dollars, with china, we have never taken in 10 cents from china, china -- ripped us off during obama and biden's in office -- and --. reporter: in a rare address china vice president told students at beijing university the following apparent swipe oftentimess saying quote china development can't shutdown off the rest of the world the wold development can't shut out china, china ambassador to malaysia struck a slightly more optimistic tone saying since discussions between president trump and xi at g20 there is a quote ray of hope so maria bottom line here face-to-face discussions we are told at least as of this point not scheduled for this week but of course, both sides, they have got he telephones, pointed out in the past to pick it up. >> not scheduled for this week so far. >> yeah, i was told at least
8:06 am
that is where things were left off friday heading into holiday weekend start off monday morning, of course, that could all change but when you are talking about, you know, mnuchin lighthizer, one going there, or two you know, coming here, at least as of this morning that is where things are but, of course, there can be phone calls. maria: the president is going to be preoccupied with qatar, we will watch that as well thanks so much blake burman at the white house joining us right now former commerce department deputy director financial ceo, good to see you thanks for being here this morning how important is a deal with china in your eyes. >> significant significant development we just saw, this is actually, going to reinforce what i suspected china will continue to kick can down the road this development about huawei relaxing of huawei sanctions or lifting of huawei in exchange for -- the -- the
8:07 am
immediates comofimposition by ca not a big development we around the that far where we were, when steve mnuchin said 90% way there in may before beijing backed out the this is a killer, killer deal president has been trying to make for a long timing china has a -- last 10% concessions i expect they are going to kick can down the road i think not expecting to see major developments, why we don't have a timetable just yet. >> how important for the president to have some kindly of a deal before we really get into the heat of campaigning, and election season or doesn't it matter? seems market holding up okay economy hogged up okay doesn't matter? if this stretches on. >> it is important we have a unified front, one of the things mentioned over weekend is what former vice president joe biden is doing
8:08 am
representativesh with respect to china democrats have to be unified with president trump china is watching to see what happens at election, if they suspect that they can find a more relaxed, approach from united states from a democrat nominee, of course, they are going to drag this out wrults possible rate cut i think something perhaps we don't know perhaps white house is expecting there is a future trade tensions with china or some type of over tensions happening with india eu we don't quite know yet i think that may be one of those reasons but extremely important to have a unified front, from both democrats and republicans, going into this election. >> i want to point out this op-ed in journal from secretary of state mike pompeo, writes america's founders defined unail yenble rights life, liberty pursuit of happiness designed constitution to protect individual did iing to me and freedom what founder put in
8:09 am
place versus unail yenble rights versus socialist programs right to health care to free education very important column secretary rights launching this commission on unail yenble rights at state department chaired by marryian glendon to make people understand what is our rights, what are our rights? >> very much -- >> i'm sorry very much a domestic audience framing election between you have all democrats now who are basically taking the position that, you know, health care is a right, not a privilege, and that is certainly going to frame the -- the debate forward through 2020 election no question about it. maria: what were you going to say. >> essentially what i am seeing is we have not taken a global approach to this, something like a very socialistic policy like just discussed is a completely weakened united states
8:10 am
bargaining position over economic strengthen dealing with a real threat like chin i remember what maritaly davis says about unfair competition china presents to his business a great guest, by the way, spelled it out we're not trying to freeze out china we want to compete fairly with china for commerce the decision was handed down, to open up 232 investigations steel and aluminum for 300 to 500 percent tariffs to have to be could imposed that was a significant development so i'm very displeased president continues to hold hard line commerce secretary wilbur ross continuing to hold hard line bob lighthizer got to get everybody onboard all americans including democrats. >> 2010 china ask exported 5 million dollars quarter to 600 million chinese quartz what marity was talking about dumping quartz on market
8:11 am
making it so cheap china is going to be take share one of the issues on 2020 race as well right former vep joe biden making rounds south korea over weekend when asked about china threat said this, no other country if we invest in our people invest in who we are is competition for the u.s. only thing that can defeat america is america itself. your reaction. >> there is no question about it, united states, excels in innovation dominance in any new technological development everything great comes out of united states because we o protect free market environmental we want to dpeet fairly we to understand china entire mo approach to dump and subsidize state owned industries, to compete unfairly for him to say they were coming in under the cost of goods for them, [laughter] i think, cheaper than raw materials a significant -- >> -- stops somewhere right jackie china dumping products
8:12 am
on u.s. the president has stood up to them. >> absolutely. >> you snow part of what it we're doing here part of it is a global economy, and china is right when it says, that you can't operate without china we have to find some sort of way to put checks and balances into place so that the system works better you can't ail alienate completely. >> i wondering if a culture very hard no move needle on theft of intellectual property forcing transfer of technology, boatloads of money acquiring company after company in silicon valley eventually china can overtake that american company, and at its own game. >> that is exactly why president trump put chips on table bar gaining chips new tariffs throats of 300 billion dollars goods on -- remaining china goods why president opened up negotiations taking a hard stance, i expect that
8:13 am
the president is going to keep that hard stance, we have to an remember that china chinese president xi jinping does not have a term expiration this president for life no matter who the president will be i think that china finds very difficult to beat president trump o in 2020 we have to make sure we have a unified approach, plain and simple. >> call -- him dictator for life right that is what he is good to see you thanks so much, coming up deal breakers middle east tens soar iran plans to breach 2015 nuclear agreement is options coming up this morning we will talk with joe lieberman just about accounts at deutsche bank steep cutting 18,000 we will have new plan as it gets out of global equities entirely. back in a minute. ♪
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
inalienable right. blaming cuts deutsche bank to report company announced it will cut thousands of jobs exit global equities business entirely deirdre bolton on the floor with more deals good morning to you. >> these are brutal cuts maria 20% of deutsche bank staffing you mentioned hard for this company, we all remember 1999 acquired bankers trust past two decades trying to compete with morgan stanley j.p. morgan goldman sachs especially, along with its own competitors in europe 8.3-billion-dollar overhaul people here will be affected maria, there are more than 9,000 jobs that deutsche bank has based in north america most in u.s., so some people here are going to be affected by this, you know there er going to be cutting equities sales trading business, and that is very clear, that that is diminished part there are some saying it should have
8:18 am
done done years ago. >> some respects too little too late clearly for positions eliminated don't feel like that apple moving lower premarket rosenblatt securities keeping 150 dollar price target on stock down grading from neutral to sell saying going forward that there is going to be deteriorating demand for some products, iphone sales ipads back to you. >> thank you so much on wall street this morning, so apple is still up 29% year-to-date you've got markets near all-time highs you wrote about this in "barrons." >> i liked apple in the breakdown lane like 10 times earnings, the world could understand -- counted it out they make a lot of money from services i think still do well long-term in the stock this next generation of phones we can say diversified a little
8:19 am
bit but live and lie on iphone who is going to buy knowing not having 5g next generation will absolutely no one. >> you've got a year and a half to two years of dry spell. >> i think a really weak cycle for them if you are a tactical investor own here sell it now wait till next spring. >> where is value right now you wrote about some stocks even though they are up they are still very cheap. >> what has happened in this market even though market as a whole got withen more expensive number super cheap tripled, pe's below 10 blue chip companies you can find delta here, as world suddenly discovered a new way for long distance travel apart from airlines i don't think so consolidation delta good one. >> what is trading on delta is it a p.e. below 10. >> p.e. in single digits and the best among u.s. carriers,
8:20 am
warner makes components everybody thinks moving from dplaen going to electric cars not doing it overnight they make components for hybrid cars 10, 15, 20 years great growth for hybrid cars where are outlets for electric cars. >> other value opportunities you think a i like delta. >> i think a big banks very cheap, bank of america, you know -- bank of america has been trading at a low multiple for a long time even though it had a fantastic couple years, yr brian moynihan. >> not getting we no longer have raising rates to look forward to thought better money on lending spreads not getting that still rising fees quality bank great leadership a stock i don't think a big move into value, by the way, is that has been a deadly call for years now value going to make a comeback val is not making a comeback you can pick and choose. >> you think growth is going
8:21 am
to lead. >> because growth is all about tech cuts keep leading pick and choose from breakdown lanes blue chips. >> good analysis we are taking a break being leading left one group encouraging millennials to splits walk away from democratic party the strategy coming up, then say cheese, please supermarkets mirroring amazon offering customers a new way to pay, coming up. ♪ ♪ you didn't stick around ♪ ♪ xfinity mobile is a wireless network
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designed to save you money. whether you use your phone to get fit or to find the perfect gift, you'll use less data with a network that automatically connects to millions of wifi hotspots and the best lte everywhere else.
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so you save hundreds of dollars a year on your wireless bill. xfinity mobile has the best network. best devices. best value. simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. >> welcome back a movement aimed at exposing alleged hypocrisy in democratic party is gathering steam, joining us right now founder of the walk
8:25 am
away campaign, brandon, singer and songwriter joy joining us as well. >> good to see you. >> looking great thanks so much for joining us it is great tough to have you what idea to create this walk away movement first what led there you why did you create this. >> i am a former liberal former democrat voted for hillary clinton 2016 devastated when donald trump was elected president i was believing everything liberal media was saying a monster a racist a bigot followers all no better, and it was through sort of a string of currency after his election when media really, really doubled down, that revealed to me that we're being manipulated by liberal media nothing honest nothing truthful for me as gay man very clear the way using fear to control behavior, and so ultimately it sort of sent me on a journey of research
8:26 am
resulted in walking away from democratic party i wanted to do something about it encourage other people open eyes see what i was seeing started campaign put out 6-minute video talking about why i was walking away individual went viral campaign was launched. >> what bothers me is the way the critics or you could call it the left try to shame people online, did you have an opinion about something you state it if they don't agree with it they will take you down. through just bullying, name-calling on twitter, social media that is really bothersome. >> very bothersome not even actually the worst of it that is if only stopped at social media things like that they go out for people's business after livelihoods destroyed people's work businesses things like that maria: joy you have been talking about this as well tell us how you see it, and in terms of why you joined this movement the walk away
8:27 am
campaign. >> absolutely, well i walked away very publicly in 2017 with my -- i did, compassionates political activist for a while when i came out trump supporter scared to death to do it because of the bullying this was no walk away no movement for people like me who have left the left. so when brandon came fresh on the scene, i would immediatelydrawn to it i wanted to support it, he had me out many events i have been able to speak at events, tell my followers it is okay to be different even if you are african american fr latino if you are gay, straight, whatever -- wherever you come from, it is okay to walk away from the left. and look at other avenues of expressing yourself we see left no longer moderates no longer a place you can think differently it is very much a dictatorship, they are very much fascists they call us the censor ship is out of control i am so glad i walked away
8:28 am
voted for trump proud of this movement the lives this movement is changing for the better. >> brandon, we don't get a lot we don't see a lot in mainstream media coverage. >> not at all. >> give a sense out around the country how many people joined how many people are coming to your rallies events. >> you, too, two too young fashable don't you know conservatives suppose to look like me with -- >> let me -- >> say that. >> you guys -- >> first time joined a have got to do interview together hi, joy. . >> really fun to be able to do this say we think this joy and i represented what we think new conservative movement is more diversity more inclusive factionble cool we see different conservatives. >> will that resonate with young people. >> they have to, yeah i think absolutely. >> it has to -- >>. >> how are you going to have
8:29 am
it resonate. >> it does already, i mean the work that walk away has cone brandon team what we have been doing out there hold town halls hundreds of people that come out say wow you changed my viewpoint changed where i used to think i had to be a liberal because of my skin color because of where i come from, i am in hollywood, so i am representing for peopleing musicians singers actors don't have a voice cannot speak out say well i kind of like donald trump i kind of like what conservatives are doing. maria: you get pushback being in hollywood this mass -- >> big time. >> against donald trump do you feel like you get alienated because of your viewpoints. >> yes, brandon and i did daytime emmys together pushed ourselves on to red carpet i wore, he talked about walk away i am blacklisted from many events don't want me
8:30 am
"rolling stone" told my publicist they nat out will not write about me crazy number one recording artist bill bored amazon itunes doing it independently song is about fighting censorship fighting hate called freedom fight for it proud to have released that music video that i also features brandon because he has been heavily censored as well. >> wow. >> i love the fact that joy you used your celebrity and your -- sheer tallent top get your messaging through. >> it is a pleasure, i love doing this because as a singer like this is communication, this is what i say this is who i am, and if i don't be the voice of this generation, if i am not the person who is putting my values above i guess could you say self gain what am i doing this for? you know i went through very much soul-searching 2016, voting for trump back to conservative values walking
8:31 am
away as if i am getting a platform like this i worked so hard independently artist going to take it count for something, so i am proud to do that freedom fight for video drops on youtube today, about flash miss joy villa. >> showing tease rz while you were talking congratulations on single come back let us know how this is senateing what reception you are getting. >> love to come back any time. >> thanks very much to you both me tensions soaring iran officially breaks 2015 nuclear agreement united against nuclear iran chairman joe lieberman here next. how close is too close how about this one cruise ship nearly crashing into venice dock we will take a look when we come back. stay with us ♪ i'll always be true so please
8:32 am
love me do ♪ . >> welcome back.
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8:35 am
good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, july 8, top stories right now 8:34 a.m. east coast, u.s.irran tensions are flaring up again, iran is enriching uranium beyond limits set by 2015 to look for deal putting it closer to having material for a nuclear weapon effect on global relations coming up this morning, markets lower this morning take a look we are basically at lows of the morning right now on dow, dow industrials, futures down 78 points largely due to boeing apple down a quarter percent s&p futures down 6 nasdaq fighters legislator by 28 trade tensions this morning also concern as "the wall street journal" writes that federal reserve will keep rates on hold followings that better-than-expected jobs' report, on friday european indices mostly lower take a look ft 100 back in negative
8:36 am
territory down two points cac quarante in paris lower by 12 docs in germany lower by 39 asia overnight sell-off across the board japan put export controls on semiconductor materials bound for south korea nikkei average nooemg down one percent shanghai composite down two and 2/3% sprmentsz looking to go high-tech adding artificial intelligence at the counter what it could mean, not so happy meals mcdonald's targeted over its kids toys find out why, plus this too close for comfort for sure cruise ship comes dangerously close to wracking into a dock in venice this morning right here, all those stories coming up first top story this half an hour the iran nuclear threat iran is beginning to enrich yooirm to -- yooirm to uranium secretary of state pompeo weighed in threatenings sanctions on iran if it continues to expand the
8:37 am
nuclear program joining me former connecticut senator former democratic vice presidential candidate chairman united against nuclear iran joe lieberman good to see you. >> good to be back. >> reaction to what iran is doing right now. >> predictable or go back into the president trump's decision, to pull u.s. out of iran nuclear agreement to me was one of the most important national security decisions best skigs president has made in recent memory it was a terrible deal bad for united states bad for the world. and then to impose sanctions on iran hurting iran what are they are going to do to respond, breaking out of agreement themselves to me about iranians trying to put pressure on europeans to break away from united states i don't think it will work. >> this is the point why isn't europe following u.s.' lead here and saying to iran no.
8:38 am
stop. otherwise you will also pull out of this deal. >> up until you are right. >> should not we get more support from europe. >> we he should be getting more support from europe the truth is that europe is threatened at least as much probably more than we are, by the radical islamist regime terrorist group took over great country iran they missed that have been working with iran to try to circumvent american sanctions but in my opinion european businesses will not go along with that because they don't want to be pushed out of the united states financial system and markets. so that is what is this is all about. the first reaction from the europeans to latest iranian break out of nuclear agreement has been not encouraging to iranians i hope it continues frankly i hope that the trump administration not only threatens more sanctions on iran, but makes very clear to
8:39 am
our european allies that this is important to us, and if they continue to try to work with iran to get around our sanctions, we will sanction them, i mean we will sanction this entity that europeans iranians talking about creating to get around our sanctions. >> president told me in interview a couple months ago he has no problem putting new sanctions on any european country or company, that goes around these sanctions, what is your reaction then today, what do you want to hear the president say to the emir qatar, in washington meeting with president what is this all about? hasn't qatar supported iran? >> yeah, among the sunni arab countries, in middle east and in persian gulf particularly, qatar has been closer to iran, than any of the others, the others feel threatened by iran -- >> muslim brotherhood yeah supported muslim brotherhood
8:40 am
et cetera, et cetera i think the president in a moment of strengthen because the strength of american company to say to them it is time for you and country to make a choice you can't walk on both sides of the street at the same time. >> you think that is what this is about. >> i hope so it is came for you qatar emir to get with us and arab neighbors against iran you are playing with now, but -- really in the long run going to be a threat to your security. that would be a big development. >> i think the qataris want to invest in u.s. one way or the other that is part of the conversation when president meets with emir you got to believe this comes up, giving qatar support for must rimm brotherhood and iranians -- >> correct president trump cannot aallow qatar to think they can buy us essentially by saying. >> good point. >> saying they will invest in united states that will -- close our eyes to their -- quiet alliance, iranians they
8:41 am
ought to be on our side on the side of the other arab nations, against the threat that iran represents mostly to them. >> senator there is china, joe biden is apologizing did say over weekend former vice president expressed regret over weekend for supporting segregationists, he spoke out yesterday why he chose this weekend to apologize watch this. >> if any comments i made were taken in a way that people took offense from them then i am truly sorry interior have i made mistakes yes do we grow? yes, but the fact of the matter is that is why i chose here in south carolina chose an audience would be most likely to have been offended by anything that was said. >> what do you think senator. >> well first i don't think joe biden had to apologize for those comments because i don't think there was anything wrong with them, he is not a
8:42 am
segregationist everybody knows that he has great record on civil rights i think the point he was trying to pick a is really an important point. when you are a senator, when you are vice president when you are president, you got to work with people you don't agree with. to get things done for the country to solve problems a that is what he did with those senators so this was not a -- what do i want to say -- a strong apology basically saying, if i hurt your feelings, because of what i said, you misunderstood but i apologize. >> you snow how to do that you know how to work with the other side to make concessions to move the ball forward to make progress there is a real battle within democratic party right now look what pelosi nancy pelosi criticizing far left democrats like congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> ilan omar, taalib they
8:43 am
voted against border deal president trump signed into law complain about the border, speaker says in interview with "new york times" this quote all these people have their public whatever, and their twitter world they didn't have any following, there are four people that is how many votes they alexandria ocasio-cortez fires back says to pelosi that -- whatever is called public sentiment wielding power to shift it is actually how we achieve meaningful change in this country. she, of course, has been krim -- critical of you for being too moderate your reaction to alexandria ocasio-cortez and pelosi. >> important discussion dialogue talked about what the future of the democratic party is going to be. maria: right. >> the democratic party going to be a certify lenter left or left party is it going to be a party that works within system to solve peoples problems or as revolutionary party if a
8:44 am
revolutionary party far left party as alexandria ocasio-cortez said wanting to be not going to win elections in america, that is not america so i really -- appreciate that the speaker of the house nancy pelosi a liberal democrat basically said these three or four members of the house caucus and others are taking us down a road that is not right that, bill they are complaining about passed last week that bill passed the senate with something like 85 votes pat leahy dick durbin liberal democrats said a good bill for border security and children of immigrants need humorous humanitarian assistance. >> they are hanging out in the middle -- >> what they really ought to do go back to 2016 when they got elected about they weren't
8:45 am
it will be democrat elected democrats who were elected were center left why unanimous naps is speaker if party goes too far left he she will never be a speaker and there will never be a democratic president. >> we'll be right back stay with us. don't miss your golden opportunity to experience our most advanced safety technology on a full line of vehicles. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing.
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maria: welcome back, get this your happy meal may lose some joy, cheryl casone with dale. cheryl: actually true maria. petition circumstance lateing
8:49 am
asking mcdonald's in britain to get rid of plastic toys that come with happy meals votes say customers have to open plastic bag to get plastic toy, with play a little bit before thrown away made with different plastics can't be recycled yaegz petition got more than 325,000 signatures targeting -- free market on mcdonald's, google in talks to create a fourth u.s. wireless carrier "new york post" says former chief of staff of ford current alphabet director leading those talks the idea for google and dish to launch a wireless giant with help of assets from t-mobile that company under pressure from department of justice to help along a project to get clearance for 26-billion-dollar merger with sprint. and the very, very moment venice a cruise ship almost crashes into a dock, and a
8:50 am
yacht during a thunderstorm it happened yesterday, cruise ship thank youed towed out of port sound had the emergency horn three tugboats pulled it away, others jumped out of dock a huge cruise ship in same dock last month? ring january 2012 concordia where an aground 32 people died kind of sparked a memory with this. >> of course cheryl thank you. >> you bet. >> shopping for the camera supermarkets adopting a new way to pay inspiration from amazon details there when we come right back. ♪ boy you -- and round and round, up, and down ♪ [ sigh ] not gonna happen.
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maria: welcome back you could call this next story amazon effect, supermarkets are looking to swap cashers for cameras artificial intelligence at center of it joining he is right now morning anchor for fox news headlined 24-7 sirrious xm radio brett larson great to see you what is going on. >> going to -- putting cameras in stores to watch you, so when you walk into the store you will -- kind of like when at work badge on this thing door unlocks or use an app to identify who you are, then camera will watch you go through the store and see what you are taking off the shelves, and putting into either your bag or pocket, they will make note what it is you got when you walk out you get charged for it what could possibly go wrong? [laughter] >> the first question. it -- i rarely do this read comment section one person had a good point what happens if something on sale they don't
8:55 am
ring it up right no human can say wait they were 99 cents you charged 1.99 where do i go for that. >> interesting idea we have experienced the self-checkout when you go to the grocery store although my reservation with self-checkout if i am doing some won else's job should get a zount 10% off on groceries ringing it up you are doing somebody else's job like a sucker. >> if cameras in surcharge i figure out a way to take something off shelf cameras don't see it. >> another good point, the amazon cameras sensors a lot of cameras a lot of computing power, in this instance what they are using is cameras to create 3-d image easy to argue you could create a position in the store where you could block the camera from seeing what you are doing, and that stealing? i think a lot of these things
8:56 am
are technology for technology's sake now we have computers can watch you, firing out what you are going to do maybe if i go our your intention being in the store point in you direction of applying other stuff. maria: i don't like any of it i know jackie -- >> nodding your heads. >> following you with cameras, stop selling my data stop infrifrnging. >> people load up bags walk out with two things change their mind? in the store hopefully technology. >> get that. >> close eye on that, walmart is doing a test not even doing this in stores yet just doing it for their warehouses it really comes down to a lot of computing power. >> interesting stuff great to see you -- >> catch on fox news headlined 24-7 siriusxm 115. we'll be right back. and most os actually from credit cards.
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maria: markets are opening lower
9:00 am
this morning. thanks to jackie deangelis, tom bevin, jack hough. big day. >> yep. maria: we'll be watching earnings. thanks, everybody. have a great day. seize the day. thank you for joining us. "varney & company" begins now. ashley webster in for stuart this morning. take it away. ashley: thank you, maria. i'm ashley webster. stuart is back tomorrow, i promise. let's recap, shall we? friday's strong jobs report, 224,000 jobs created in the month of june. markets looking to open down, though. why? well, we'll get to that in a minute. right now, the futures show down 100 on the dow, down also on the s&p and the nasdaq. why lower? two dow stocks for a start. boeing and apple, pulling down that average. also in focus, president trump's message to the fed. he says markets would take off like a rocket ship if the fed cuts rates. by the way, mr. trump's job approval at an all-time high. one of the main reasons, you es


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