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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 3, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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nike, meantime playing defense, the company standing by decision to pay pull patriotic betsy ross flag sneaker, record quarter for tesla, stock surging up more than 8% in premarket trading, what's behind delivery boost, that's coming up. mornings with maria starts right now. ♪ ♪ dagen: early happy fourth, 55-point gain on the dow, futures, s&p and nasdaq 100 futures heading higher as well.
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this after a day of trading that saw s&p 500 hit another all-time high, second straight day of record. meantime investors are cautiously awaiting upcoming earning season with 80% of s&p 500 companies reportedly cutting earnings forecast. joining me research chief macro strategist lenor hawkins, what is driving the market to plus side if you watch the bond market, 10-year yield falling and closing below 2% yesterday and then you this percentage of s&p 500 companies cutting their earnings forecast? >> this is really all about the fed in the hope that easy money will keep prices going up because this has nothing to do with fundamentals, if you look at what happened at first half of the year, s&p 500 rose 17%, the strongest first half of the year since 1997 but if we look
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at earnings, if we look at what's going on with the fundamentals, earnings declined 4.4 for the s&p 500 for the first quarter and expect today decline negative 2.3% in second quarter, you have prices going up while the actual result is going up, this is really about the fed and the hope that the easy money is going to, again, raise all asset prices. dagen: certainly lower long-term interest rates, lower 10-year yield does make stocks more attractive because that's how you essentially value future earnings and the lower the interest rate the most valuable those earnings would be, nevertheless, is the market looking out into 2020, is that how far investors are looking out to justify what has been a record run in the s&p? >> i think what the market is doing right now is just that basic -- the fear of missing out and what you said, there's not a whole lot of other options when you've got so much of sovereign
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debt, so much of global debt is actually yielding negative returns, so what do you do, what is an investor going to do? we have a lot of concern, a reason bank of america, merrill lynch fund managers, survey, record number of fund managers are not overweight, the same level we haven't seen since 2008, so the pros are nervous, the pros are thinking, oh, this is not good. dagen: how do you allocate capital, maria uses that phrase, how do you allocate capital in this environment where treasury -- we were looking at the 10-year yield is actually lower this morning, 1.96, when treasuries look very overvalued potentially and then stocks do too? >> well, u.s. treasuries may be overvalued but if you look at around at the rest of the world, when you've got negative
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interest rates, the u.s. looks pretty good given that austria issued century bond, 100 bond at 1% return, if you look within the u.s. doesn't look so attractive but if you look outside of the u.s., we are still looking pretty good with bond market. dagen: given level of indebtedness in the country, near close to running 1 trillion-dollar annual budget deficits, do you think the u.s. needs to do that, do you think we need to issue a 50-year bond, i know it's come up in the past? >> massive issue. not only do we have a record level of debt at the federal level that we haven't seen this kind of outside of a war but if you look at corporate debt as a percentage, that's also hit record highs, going back to the fed, i think -- the thing the fed is most concerned with is deflation, why is it a good
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thing to have value of my dollar declining year after year, we have mountain of debt, that much debt, if we actually get deflation that means that tomorrow's dollars are going to be paying that debt off and more and more expensive levels, you cannot deflation with this much debt. dagen: i want to talk about the federal reserve and job's report which comes out on friday, the expectation is that 160,000 jobs were created last month with unemployment rate holding steady at 3.6%, how does the fed react to this, a lot of what we heard from guests this week, a lot of what i have been reading is really the markets are counting on the fed cutting interest rates at this meeting later this month but what if it doesn't? >> exactly. the market is pricing in quite a few cuts this year. the fed is really finding itself between rock and hard place.
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don't fight the fed and now seems like turning around, you can't fight the market because it's really turned into that the market has become this metric for success for both federal reserve and the presidency, like the tail wagging the dog, so the fed is under a lot of pressure but first, they are under pressure of what's going on with the trade wars, well, the trade wars have become game, who knows which group we will be fighting with next, the problems with china, that kind of slowing down, not so bad right now, that's not as big of a concern, maybe rumbling with europe again, but overall the trade wars are little less concerning today than they were last week and the job's number doesn't come in bad like it did last month. if it comes in pretty solid tough for the fed to really argue that it's important to cut. dagen: sticking of the federal reserve, president trump has named economist judy sheldon this as monetary fund chief,
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former french finance minister kristin to become the first woman to replace mario droghi, again, keep the easy money flowing, but lenor, what do you make of fed nominees and the change, changing in the guard, guard coming to ecb? >> we have a race to the bottom, you've got mario droghi saying he will do what it takes and start with the stimulus, and, of course, trump got upset about that because when we are talking about stimulus it's really kind of a relative effect because at the ecb is following the easy money and a lot of stimulus, the euro and that makes the dollar stronger and he wants a weaker dollar to help with all the trade wars, the stronger the dollar is, the tougher our exports become and that i think what we will be seeing, more and more for who is going to get
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down there facióner. dagen: lenor great to see you, leanor hawaii -- hawkins all starting at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. american icon has died, cheryl casone has details, hey, cheryl. cheryl: hey, dagen, good morning, ceo of iconic ford mustang who also helped launch the mivi vans, ford escort, had 32-year career that will go down in history books, also well known for familiar tag line on chrysler tv commercials. one more thing, if you can find a better car, buy it. >> will be remembered from
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saving chrysler from bankruptcy in 1980. >> a lot of you remember from the chrysler bailout, the government came to rescue chrysler and few weeks ago government gave bailout. >> i didn't get a bailout, had to go through the president of the united states, he had to sign an act. >> wrote two best-selling books, son of italian immigrants, legend of american business died reportedly from complications of parkinson's, he was 94 years old. all right, another headline we are watching for you, navy seal and gallagher is freeman found
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not guilty of murdering isis prisoner, faces sentence for lesser charge, post for picture with the corpse, the 40-year-old is not expected to be sent back to prison and will be free for the fourth of july. tesla coming off record sales quarter, the electric car makers says delivering 95,200 vehicles, increase from a year ago and well above analyst expectations, they rose more than 6% in after hours trading yesterday, look at this in the free market, dagen, up more than 7 and a half percent, of course, tesla has been interesting stock to follow for all of us here. never know what the tweet is going to say. >> by the way, i want to point out something about lee iacocco.
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it was loan guaranties that lee i think in his own words fell to his knees and went to congress and the company was able to borrow in loans, basically the bank loan market shut him off and they were able to borrow all the money to finish and lee iacocco in a big ceremony paid back that load, $813 million, paying guarantied loan, 7 years ahead of schedule, so we all get guarantied loans from the government like anything touched by fannie and freddie is essentially a guarantied loan. cheryl: check interview with neil, he was 84, about 84 at the time he looked and sounded just great, it was fascinating to hear perspective of his life at this point. 84. dagen: neil loves lee, i've
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worked here for a long time, about 19 years -- almost 20 years and used to have lee iacocco all the time. neil loved to talk to lee. unique thing about him, how many people really associate mary barra, you gave me government loans and use them for the benefit of the nation really. cheryl: he gave us the mustang. dagen: a few other people involved in the design of the car i will add but we remember lee iacocco, thank you, cheryl. nike defending, pulling new betsy ross sneakers amid a lot of controversy now spilling over into congress. and hey, alexa stop storing my data, the shocking report that amazon is keeping your voice data in transcripts, how the
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liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, hmm. exactly. so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ dagen: big show this morning, ig report, inspector general report about conditions at detention facilities along the border, he will respond to that, new jersey congressman house agriculture committee member and director of domestic policy studies, marie, you don't want to miss any of the fine folks, nike playing defense, the company standing by the decision to pull its betsy ross shoe featuring revolutionary war era flag with 13 stars representing the 13
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original colonies in a circle, nike releasing a statement which reads in part, nike made the decision to halt distribution of air max one quick strike fourth of july based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from nation's patriotic holiday, nike proud of american heritage and continuing engagement support thousands of american athletes including u.s. olympic team and u.s. soccer team. joining the conversation fox business dierdre bolton and market strategist mike watts and president of strategist monica and in fact, the wall street journal even has an editorial on this, we commend nike executives for original patriotic instincts assuming they were sincere but they didn't this one through, last year the company watched ad campaign featuring colin kaepernick believe in something even if it means sacrificing
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everything. making in-kind donation to trump's reelection by the the decision, monica, your thoughts on this, nike's response? >> the idea they say they don't want to unintentional offend, i'm very concerned, legitimate concerned of the state of america today that the betsy ross flag can somehow unintentionally offend people, that people need a safe space protecting them from the betsy ross flag and backlash is that it does inspire patriotism, ironically, if you will, i'm not sure that we live in world colin kaepernick, how many nike executives were involved in in additionally to issue shoe. dagen: jack brewer was on the shoe yesterday and said that goes back a time when his family members were slaves in this country and he was -- it -- he s
6:19 am
passionate about that and one of the excuses that extremist groups have appropriated the betsy ross flag, used white nationalists, the wall street journal interviewed people that study flags, here is what one person said about the appropriation by white supremacists group. this is the first i've heard of it. a new one, again, looks like on overreach. >> business consequences, the arizona governor, wow, we will be speaking with the congress authority and making sure that there's no financial incentive for nike plant which was supposed to go into good year arizona, 500 jobs were going to be created and governor doug doozy saying, well, we don't need nike in our state. dagen: i want to get mitch mcconnell's comments speaking of politics, majority leader mitch mcconnell says he hopes they
6:20 am
release the shoe because he wants a pair, listen to this. >> i hope nike either releases the shoe or some of other shoe maker picks up the flag, i will make the first order. dagen: also the governor of new mexico, governor grishim and newsom reached out to bring nike into the state, nike is entitled to cancel products for any reason but the rest of us are entitled to point out that no flag of the united states is a symbol of oppression and racism and colin kaepernick's suggestion that this one -- that it is one with nike's agreement is political theater based on false history and i pointed out yesterday that the flag as it exists today has 13 stripes so you're offended by the 13 colonies. >> the groups have hijacked something symbol that stand for
6:21 am
everybody and hijacked. dagen: that's not my point. this is not broadly -- the betsy ross flag is not used for racist groups. he had a problem with it and called nike on the horn and said i want you to remove it, he's not playing anymore, is nike being managed by ceo colin kaepernick. >> multiyear deal with colin kaepernick. nike has chose to work with them. dagen: my point, mike, people have a problem, that we will listen to, the suggestion that this is a broad symbol of white nationalists and basically white supremacist. >> easy solution 50-star flag on the back of the shoe
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dagen: headlines across america this morning, one person dead in explosion in valentine that leveled a million dollar house according to north carolina authorities, one woman was killed, at least 3 people were hurt, one man who first called 911 telling dispatcher he was trapped in home after the explosion, so far no word on the cause for the disaster but incredible pictures and one person dead. the seattle times writing amazon plans tallest tower marking presence in belleview, unveiling 30-foot story that would accommodate thousands of employees, amazon aim to go finish the building in 2024 and the mississippi ledger says selling veggie burgers in mississippi can land you in prison. companies sue state over law.
6:26 am
upton's naturals is suing over a law that prohibits companies from using meat terminology when selling vegetarian and vaguan products, you can't say vegan burger or meatless hot dog, remember the controversy about almond milk or oat milk because it's not really coming out of the mammaries of an animal so you can't say milk, violaters can face up to a year in prison and 1,000-dollar fine. somebody is taking money from the meat lobby, the beef lobby. >> you think? dagen: yeah. [laughter] dagen: this is how we are spending tax dollars? >> i don't think anyone who has ever eaten a meatless hot dog thinks it's a hot dog, we all need to just chill. dagen: i think it's much to do about nothing. can we come up with another name, if it's a patty why can't it be a hamburger, does
6:27 am
hamburger really mean meat, what's the origin of the word origin, i understand hamburger -- >> meat substitute product, i guess. dagen: meatless sandwich. >> also burger but don't say it in mississippi because it's illegal. dagen: democrats head to iowa as new polls show senator kamala harris in virtual tie with joe biden, more amazing photos from around the globe of yesterday's (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage.
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dagen: welcome back i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo, wednesday july 3rd,
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top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern, features showing gains across the board, short trading week, markets close tomorrow for independence day but we have 58-point gain on dow futures, s&p 500 up 8 points as well in premarket after s&p closed at another all-time high yesterday. second straight day, dow and nasdaq also rising short of record, however, in europe, england, france and germany, gains across the board, all up roughly 7 tenths of 1%. in asia overnight, different version, the kospi in south korea down about quarter percent. so much for hopes of u.s.-china trade deal fading there. jobs in america, the adp report out on private payrolls created in june is out later this morning, 8:15 a.m. eastern time, we will look at the small business when we talk to one restaurant owner that's facing
6:32 am
worker shortage, big deal in world of broadcomm, in advanced talks to acquire semantics, shares surging on the news, only up slightly up at the moment. amazon is listening and recording you, the retail giant admitting its keeping voice recordings from alexa devices indefinitely, who uncovers it, one senator, we talked about privacy concerns as well, that's ahead, plus another win for the u.s., the women's world cup advancing to championship game, the dramatic highlight from the big game and, again, these women are bad you know what. 2020 democratic race tightening as new post debate national poll now shows california senator kamala harris surging to virtual tie with former vice president
6:33 am
joe biden, take a look at this, the latest quinnipiac university poll of democratic and democratic-leaning show that is bide within 22% support, harris a close second at 20%, that's a double-digit jump for kamala harris since quinnipiac's previous poll last month, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, 13 and 14%, pete buttigieg is bringing up the rear big time, the leaders narrowing, 4%, joining us right now to discus republican strategist, and democratic strategist kelly grace gibson, kelly, good to see you this morning, what do you make of this and do you think this is a lasting shift in leadership among democrats running for the nomination? >> no, i think it's pretty early in the race to say the performance on the first crowded debate will have a lasting shift although i do think that she set the bar for anybody that will
6:34 am
come for vice president's numbers, now the harris campaign really needs to keep up their momentum and make strategic decisions as they made on the debate stage for getting the right voters and right audience going into early primaries, i think what she did, what she had to do in the debate she did it with everybody else after getting new voters but now they got, once you press gas you have to keep your foot on it. dagen: kamala harris, no one has gone after her record yet, joseph, as the attorney general in california, this is an individual who actually prosecuted parents for truancy although i don't think anybody went to jail, that's criminal prosecutions and that's just sliver of record, in part she's a women, i always said hillary clinton that she would use gender as crutch to lean on and when you weren't looking she would wack you with it. >> i think we will have many iterations of front runners as
6:35 am
we go through process. i think with the senator, when it comes to vice president, as he tries to hold onto lead and african-american support he must be prepared to lose it, he must be willing to challenge kamala harris on her legacy of race as prosecutor in california and if you look at it from that standpoint, unwilling to do that, realistically his support will crack and like titanic. dagen: is beto o'rourke over, kelly? >> i mean, it's hard to say but he needed to step up and show sort of a beto thing in that debate which he didn't do, i think the thing about kamala harris' track record is a lot to be proud of, she chose something that she could land on the vice president and attacks on primaries need to be thoughtful and considerate because that's what voters expect. the biden team better make
6:36 am
strategic decisions where to take her to task. dagen: he also be prepared at the next debate because it was awkward watching his defense, no one under the age 50 really remembers the history and didn't come naturally that, hey, this wasn't a universally accepted practice by the black community in the 70's but she knew that and then vice president biden, abruptly ended his answer, just to kind of get away, get away from the topic, that was awkward and he clearly wasn't prepared for these hits. >> i think -- sorry. dagen: go ahead, mike. >> yeah, so we are watching senator harris and talking about record as prosecutor, now one thing republican wills go after democratic party about is maybe being weak on crime, how does that reconcile as record as prosecutor, what can gop really do here? >> well, i think realistic if a gop has a challenge when it comes to senator harris, again,
6:37 am
she's going to, i think, enjoy now rising support with african-american voters, i think she's going to rise, have rising support with those ranking-file democratic voters who do believe still in law and order and talk about rust belt and places like that where they didn't necessarily know her moving forward but i do think there's some opportunities there going to record and talk about the fact, to your point, she's going after parents, to earlier point, she wants to talk about busing, busing has never worked. i think if you look at when you talk about there, ncaa presidents say busing does not work and some schools in america that have been more segregated than they were in jim crow, i think that she's been pandering to an ill-informed base, i think to my earlier point, not that i'm giving joe biden free advice, i would encourage, look, some of the stuff feeding you is comfort food for the masses. dagen: that's what i was saying, she used, she knew that people have -- that anybody who is
6:38 am
young don't remember what it was like in this country and like the general reaction where young people were spending hours and hours on buses every day and couldn't participate in sports and extra curricular activities. i want to move to iowa because you talked about the rust belt, a new university poll among iowa democratic caucus goers show bernie sanders slip to go fourth place, sanders well below 16% showing in early des moines register cnn poll, iowa first in nation contest for democrats and probably a must-win for sanders, maybe not like a good showing but, again, it's the ground game and former vice president biden. bernie sanders 18 million-dollar quarterly hall, still waking the money in, pete buttigieg,
6:39 am
however, mayor of south bend, indiana in that neck of the woods, he brought in incredible amount of money, 24.8 million over the last 3 months. >> yeah, i think a lot of the earning will be spent in early states, iowa being obviously the top of their minds, you know, i think that iowa voters are frequently polled, they are polled after every single political sort of contest and debate and doesn't surprise me that right now its representational of how candidates performed in debate stage, senator sanders didn't make a fuss and did not insert himself, perhaps strategic decision but generally speaking he's much better when he's out on the streets and talking to sort of large groups, progressive voters and my guess is we will see him pretty strong on the ground in iowa but he does not have the same benefit that he did in '16 campaign, he doesn't have a single person to be running against, he needs to
6:40 am
find his way and clearly have the money to do so we will have to see how he spends it. dagen: republicans learn one thing, everything that you think is going to be wrong, everything that you are going to say is wrong about who wins this contest for the nomination and i think -- because driving down in the south listening to news networks, people discussing all these polls over and over again, i'm like y'all don't know anything. >> it's really crazy. i think a lot of people are realizing right now that people forgot that, you know, senator warren is the original trillion dollar give away, when you start talking about the fact that she didn't run the last cycle, voters are reintroducing themselves to this person that actually was the person that wanted to run previously, that's why we see declining and realistically again, in iowa specifically if biden cannot come out with convincing victory there unlike hillary that enjoyed the carolina backstop,
6:41 am
if he can't demonstrate he's the person to take on trump come november, again, those voters particularly african-american voters will start looking for new homes. >> he's not in favor of take get away the health insurance for 180 million people because that goes to his union base. >> exactly. >> so elizabeth warren good luck, we are raising your hand with all unions across the country, you're telling people, those cadillac plans that you have, buy, -- bye, i get to run your health care company. joseph, thank you so much. kelly gibson. cheryl casone has details, hey, cheryl. cheryl: that's right, dagen, reports are that chip maker broadcomm is in advance talks to acquire security firm. no where yet on potential terms of a deal but would expand if it happens, failed to buy qualcomm,
6:42 am
there's qualcomm year to date stock. more disturbing news of privacy when it comes to amazon alexa, keeps your data indefinitely and can share it with third parties, even if you manually delete alexa's recordings information can be retained by amazon. well, the afternoon sky darkened in chile and argentina thanks to total eclipse of a sun, tourists from around the world gathered to witness creation showing in argentina, only inhabitant places where eclipse could be seen, the next one, though, get ready, october 14, 2020, only hitch, guys, you will have to go to south america. dagen: no problem with that, buenos aires, can you see it?
6:43 am
>> argentina and chile. dagen: i'm there, coming up jobs in america, 160,000 jobs expected, 3.6 unemployment rate. plus american victory, the u.s. women's soccer team heading to world cup finals, the highlights ahead. ♪ all right brad, once again i have revolutionized the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, but this... this is my forte. obviously, for auto insurance, we've got the wheel route. obviously. retirement, we're going with a long-term play. makes sense. pet insurance, wait, let me guess... flea flicker. yes! how'd you know? studying my playbook? yeah, actually.
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>> america will never be a socialist
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dagen: an emotional night in los angeles as angels win in first win of 28-year-old pitcher. >> angels super star mike trout says he's in shook. walking in the hotel you're always thinking about him and return to go work to play a game. >> a moment of silence in honor of los angeles angels pitcher tyler. >> number 45 jersey in dugout, beat rangers 9-4, something to smile about but the emotion of the team captured by its leader mike trout.
6:48 am
>> it's tough, you know. i'm first at bat and i get up there and -- all i do is think about him, you know. jared: we don't know why tyler, 27 year's old died, body discovered monday afternoon, autopsy results not expected until october. third straight women's world cup, the united states will play in final match, team usa scored 2-1 victory over england in yesterday's semifinals in leon, france, 30th birthday alex morgan scored the tie-breaking goal, she celebrated in a way that just lit up twitter. at this point you have probably scene it, sipping tea, there she goes against the english, said her team megan repinoe has the best celebrations and she had to step up her own game. repinoe did not play for hamstring injury, the americans
6:49 am
will face winner of today's match between sweden and netherlands, all about the tea party, everybody celebrating this one, big victory for team usa. dagen: i love that, alex morgan, some people upset that she was celebrating that way, as a woman, i always find that highly irritating that woman somehow can't celebrate the way that men do in sports. i think that -- not by women, they don't, we love it. i think it was it was the female watcher that brought the end zone celebrations. jared: sometimes you can celebrate and sometimes like jerks on the field and i think they get fairly -- dagen: you know what, they beat england, that's all i know. stick it, stick it. beat england, yes.
6:50 am
have a little tea. >> one thing that happened in the game, england had chance to equalize in penalty and goaltender made save. >> she was huge. dagen: i am over the top in celebration, i'm all in favor. >> came out of july 4th week as well. dagen: the better. fine with me. thank you, jared, jared sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115, coming up the business, we are live at beach club in new york to discuss hiring, that's next. truecar is great for finding new cars.
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dagen: summer hiring in america, jobs for millions of part-time workers across the country but the u.s. is experiencing lowest unemployment rate in years. some businesses struggling to fill part-time positions, one of the factors hit with labor shortage the restaurant industry, joining me now is restaurant owner, owner of malibu beach club, butch, regular guest on the program, good morning, butch, tell me what's going on in terms of how many positions you have open and are you -- are you in the back washing dishes? >> i'm doing everything, i wash dishes, bus tables, whatever it takes, great year for economy, it's worst year ever. we have hundreds of jobs and can't do it. dagen: are you having to raise
6:55 am
wages or not possible because eats up all your profits? >> i mean, eats profit, even if you raise the wage you're finding high school kids that have no experience and the more business that we do requires experience labor and these kids are just, you know, they don't want to work. it's tough. >> butch, that lends itself to my question here, i'm curious to hear your reaction to just a changing perspective around the dignity of work, there is the idea that people today especially young people don't value hard work like going in the back and washing dishes, they just don't want to do the jobs, so would raising wages even make them come to want to work for the summer at your restaurant? >> it doesn't even matter, you can pay them $25 an hour, doesn't matter. they feel entitled, they want to go and stay home watching tv, on their phone, ordering amazon, they don't want to come wash
6:56 am
dishes, these are kids, their parents enable them, so parents don't call me up, that's like taboo subject, we can't do that. they're okay, they want to walk around and get paid but they don't want to do the work for it, it's amazing how bad it is out there. it's killing us. dagen: i did everything -- like, you know, i have done everything, like even after i had a college degree i was a gardener. i sold booze on a golf course. what changes this, though? >> i think people are afraid of their children, i mean, they want their children to be happy and no matter what they'll be happy and nice, kids that are living at home with parents 30, 40 years' old, that's crazy. i was 21 when i moved out of the house, i delivered newspapers, washing cars, whatever i can make a buck, you we wanted to exceed what the parents made, these kids want to go backward
6:57 am
and lay in the couch. dagen: that's the message for the fourth, get out of the house already, great to see you. >> move out. [laughter] dagen: friday job's report, stay right here, we will be right back. it started when scores more people came together, just down the street and traded bonds that helped pay for the revolution, and the nation it created. it started in an office on the corner where the right people witnessed the telegraph and brought information and humanity together forever. it started with the markets, bringing together steel and buildings and silicon and medicine and rockets. we believe the possibilities of life and investing are greater when we come together. it's why for eighty years we've connected ideas with technology,
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, july 3rd. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. eastern. futures are showing gains across the board. the markets will be closed tomorrow for one day for the july 4th holiday in the us. the s&p up 8 points in futures trading. s&p closed at another all-time high yesterday, second record in a row. the dow and nasdaq gaining as well. in europe, we have gains across the board to tell you about. in england, france and germany, all those markets up more than 6/10 of 1%. in asia, different story, selling across the board as hopes of a u.s.-china trade deal begin to fade a bit there. the biggest loser, the kospi in
7:01 am
south korea, off by nearly one and a quarter percent. healthcare in america, attempts to block next week's obamacare hearing fail. the hearing is a go. this as some drugs soar in price despite the president's promise that, well, he would keep drug costs in check, bring them down. look at what is at stake.
7:02 am
7:03 am
>> if you have a a portfolio where -- >> if you're investing in stocks and bonds you're happy right now. there's major strategies that are based on that. the thing is, where do we go from here. personally, i look at stocks and i say for the first time this year i've been relatively bullish all year. i look at tech stocks and i say maybe it's time for a time-out here.
7:04 am
valuations are getting ahead of themselves. they're not ridiculous. maybe there is steam that needs to come off. the bond market, the data -- the bond market seems to be in a dysfunction. is it telling us to sell bonds here? i don't see it. i think that's something you can hold onto. yields can drift down a bit. the curb needs to uninvert. dagen: reduce your stock allocation but hold your treasurya allocation. >> or make it more defensive. instead of buying tech, maybe switch into real estate. i'm not going to say bayou tilts and cons -- buy utilities and consumer staples. somebody needs to explain the fundamental case, other than it's rate sensitive. >> hewlett-packard, dell, amazon, considering moving manufacturing out of china, sony, nintendo, this will have long-term consequences. dagen: the president, whatever his strategy is, like it or not, it's working. it is sending a signal to these nations that you should not -- these companies that you cannot
7:05 am
depend on china. and that you basically sold your soul in essence by moving production there and they're trying to diversify their manufacturing base. i would suggest -- >> looking at southeast asia san countries, among others. dagen: coming up this morning, sonny perdue, jeff van drew, and from the heritage foundation, marie fishfall. you don't want to miss any of those folks. our top story this half hour, crisis at the border, the situation at detainment facilities called out by one official as a ticking time bomb, in a new department of homeland security watchdog report. the office of inspector general warning about dangerous over-crowding in border patrol facilities in the rio grande valley of south texas. this on the heels of a federal judge in seattle blocking the trump administration from detaining asylum seekers while they pursue their cases.
7:06 am
joining me now ise is former acg r director of u.s. customs immigration and enforcement, tom homan. what do you make of this report? and what can and will the trump administration do to alleviate this, what is very disturbing overcrowding in these facilities? >> these facilities weren't built for these family groups. the administration made it clear for months. these are jails. they're built for mostly single adults, that's usually about 90% of what border patrol apprehends. when the family groups come across, it's either detain them along with making sure you know who they are before they're released or release them from the border which is unacceptable. the administration asked congress for months please give money to the department and hhs so family type beds can be found, children beds can be found, which are built for that purpose. they have facilities for the children, medical care for the children. they passed something out of the
7:07 am
courts. but it will help, but it's late. so all these pictures are nothing the border pa l troll pn prevent. the men and women are doing the best they can without assistance from congress for months. dagen: i want to go through the numbers. the numbers are staggering and the report is disturbing and anybody who reads it would be upset about it. but the question is, what's going to be done about it more than 332,000 migrants traveling as families have been arrested at the border since the start of the last fiscal year in october. that is more than any other full year. a 56,000 unaccompany children have crossed the border illegally since october. if you compare that to the deportation numbers, 332,000 migrant families, president obama, his peak in deportations was only a little more than 400,000. and this is october, just october not even a full fiscal
7:08 am
year. the numbers in terms of the number of families coming in, in the current year, will top the number of deportations, even a record during the obama administration. so how would this money -- is this money enough, this $4.6 billion, tom, that was approved last week by the house and the senate and by president trump, is more money going to be needed at the border? >> absolutely. this money will douse the flames for now. but if you notice, that bill did not really address the enforcement component of all this. without interior enforcement, you got no border security. the numbers are staggering. back during the obama administration when the family numbers were less than half of this, we built 3,000 family detention beds. we built the facilities for the unaccompanied children that came across, the that was done in fy14 and 15 when numbers were half this. the leadership for the democratic party does not recognize this as a crisis as the level it actually is. the money will help.
7:09 am
but there's more money needed. there needs to be interior enforcement. i said for months on this network, those families and adults that came across, they had due process at great taxpayer expense, billions of dollars spent on the system, when the federal judge orders them to leave, they must leave. in fy15 i did this. the border numbers plummeted after we did it because we showed there's a consequence to committing immigration fraud. dagen: the president promised interior raids to basically get people out of the country who have been through due process. do you think that happens, because it's -- >> abs a lieutenantly. dagen-- lieutenantly.>> -- abso. dagen: the leadership in a lot of the cities is pushing back, like chicago, for example. >> it's a sanctuary city. either there's a rule of law or there isn't. if a federal judge comes out with an order says you must leave, if the order is not carried out, if the order
7:10 am
doesn't mean anything, there's no integrity for the system. just open the border up, let everybody in because there's no consequence. i've done this for 34 years. it's unfortunate and it's sad. it is. but it's a either that or open borders. we can't have both. i think the president has the right ajen dam i think that nationwide -- agenda, i think that nationwide that needs to happen. the other option is, no border. dagen: i said this yesterday, with alexandria ocasio-cortez and she makes this trip to the border and part of her accusations were people being told -- women being told to drink out of the toilet. alexandria ocasio-cortez did not vote for this aid. she voted no on this humanitarian aid. speaker pelosi was not pushed and not dominated by the far left past of her democratic caucus. >> ocasio-cortez lost all credibility. nobody is making anybody drink out of toilets.
7:11 am
if you look at the commode in the he detngthe detention centea commode on the bottom, on the top there's a sink. dagen: i know what the numbers speak. she didn't vote for the $4.6 billion in aid and she -- for whatever reason, she said she talked to her consistent at this timconstituentsand they tot want her to vote for it. >> last week, the employees at wayfair were infuriated they were purchasing beds for facilities. there's a very -- i can't understand the logic when you don't vote for the funding, when you think we shouldn't purchase beds. we are dealing with a crisis and if we are attempting to address it in a hah humanitarian way, we can't have leaders in the party dictating a narrative that doesn't make sense to solve the problem. dagen: the leader of the democratic party pushed for the aid. >> social media leaders. >> i give nancy pelosi no
7:12 am
credit. she never came to the table during the crisis. 31% of women are raped making the trip. children are dying. they're going to continue to die as long as they keep loopholes open. nancy pelosi came to the table when she heard president trump is going to remove people that had final orders. that's when she came to the table, to protect illegal immigrants who had due process in the country. that'that's what brought her toe table. not the deaths, not the rapes, none of that brought her to the table. dagen: senator lindsey graham had a bill, from before president obama was inaugurated in january '09 that basically opened the door for children to-basically encouraged unaccompanied minors to be sent here because it makes it more difficult to deport them and to send them back to their home countries if they're noncontiguous with the u.s. among the things senator graham wants to fix that.
7:13 am
is there any chance between now and the election next year that something on immigration is i'm- immigration is fixed and the holes closed. >> i hope so. i think the bill works. they've used this as a loophole to come across the country. one thing people aren't talking about, when did the families start coming? fy13. what happened in fy12? d12?daca. dagen: part of the problem is, the economy in this country is so strong, it's giving them incentive to come here. >> the president of el salvador said he failed, he took aren't foresponsibility for that whichi thought was standout. >> two things on the economy, it would be nice for the democrats
7:14 am
to recognize the economy is doing well and fix the sis l sy. let's not keep bringing crimin criminals into the country. dagen: tom, good to see you. we'll be right back. their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits. defy the laws of human nature,at the summer of audi sales event. get exceptional offers now.
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dagen: a judge cutting a major award in a round-up cancer case. cheryl has details. cheryl: the question by how much. a judge in san francisco said he would reduce the amount to $50 million or less after a federal jury awarded $80 million to a man who was diagnosed with cancer. bayer is insisting roundup is safe for human use. the company faces lawsuits by more than 13,000 plaintiffs in the united states. in austria, lawmakers voted to ban a key chemical used in roundup. shares of bayer are down more
7:18 am
than 40% from a year ago. lawmakers are asking facebook to hold off on their project, libra. they want to look at concerns about hacking along with data and global financial security. the committee will hold a hearing on libra on july 17th. same day as the mule rer mueller testimony. crocs are getting a makeover from vera bradley. the company teamed up wit vera bradley to create new designs for the shoes. they go for between 40 and $50. they're available in-store and online. i know you want them now. you better hurry. they're selling out. dagen: i think that you kind of have to own your ugliness and crocs are ugly, so why try and gussy it up, so-to-speak. lauren.cheryl: or make them mo. dagen: with vera bradley floral which i think are ugly too. so ugly plus -- cheryl: they're unique.
7:19 am
dagen: ugly plus ugly doesn't make pretty. cheryl: yeah, i'm good without the crocs. dagen: coming up, helping america's heroes. my next guest's company unveils a new program making life easier for military members and veterans. plus waymo getting the go-a ahead. the self-driving company given a permit to operate in one western state. details ahead. ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free. ♪ i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. ♪ hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
7:20 am
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i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. dagen: welcome back. as we celebrate our 4th of july holiday, it's important to stop and thank the men and women who fought for our freedom and continue to fight for our freedom.
7:23 am
my next guest's company provides luxury amenities for residential living, amenities, services in apartment complexes and now he's doing more to help america's heroes. joining us now, valley living president and ceo, shawn handderhan. tell us about what you're doing for veterans. >> the genesis was you about four years ago. i had a meeting with former congressman jeff miller, to hire more veterans. we started doing that, went from 11 to a little over 300. started sponsoring warrior games and other events. we wanted to give more in return back. we started a process where communities and family members and friends could nominate veterans that lived in apartments. we would choose one and provide a suite of amenities to that
7:24 am
veteran for a year. >> my husband served in the marine corps. i have to say, the veterans commune you at this and the people that -- community and the people that we know, there are two things you can't help but notice. it's a difficult transition back to civilian life and it's difficult for veterans to ask for help. have to believe there's a tremendously positive response, especially for injured veterans, those who may have lost limbs, those who have difficulties doing their day-to-day tasks and the help you give must be tremendously appreciated. >> there was a gentleman, i won't give his last name, his name is andy who is a disabled vet and we selected him and he said it's transformed his live he's wheelchair-bound. we were very pleased to be able to offer that. part of our service, waste and recycling service is a nighttime
7:25 am
deal. as people are assimilating into society, working outside, unsupervised at night tends to be a great steppingstone to bring them back into the workforce. >> it's a great growing business. the secular trend is towards more rentals and multifamily. i'm looking through what valley living does. there might be a corporate application as well. is that a market you've considered entering, it would be a wonderful way to expand veteran eve employment even mor. >> we looked at it. we have so much going on. we acquired a company called torch fitnes fitness. we've got 6500, plus, associates. we have a lot of opportunity. i think that's something that we could consider down the future. right now, we've got our head down. >> you mentioned the two private equity firms, was it a tough sell to them or did they see the value right away? >> they saw the value, actually.
7:26 am
blackstone committed to hire 8,000 people over the next five years through all their portfolio companies. new mountain capital did the same thing. fortunately for us, we were acquired by aries and harvest and they allowed us to continue to facilitate that program. so we're not near as large as some companies. to get to 300, we committed to 300 by 2020 and we exceeded that by the beginning of the year. dagen: a 5% of your workforce is made up of veterans, roughly. where do you see that number five years from now. >> as we continue to work with the local bases, we're based out of tampa, to macdill is there. we're working with the bases of the veterans departments to be able to post those jobs internally. we would like to t get it to 8 to 10%. dagen: that's a awesome. it's different growing up in the rural south, where you spend a lot of time in and around bases like eastern, north carolina for example, fort bragg, camp
7:27 am
lejeune, cherry point, you have a different sense of the sacrifice, a different sense of the needs of people who are coming out of the military, who are leaving service and entering private life again. i encourage people to really get to -- to get to know those communities, people who are in service and who have served. >> it is a different mindset and you feel exactly the pain that they're going through. but we're a servant leadership type company and what better pool of candidates to pull from than veterans that have come back. they exhibit that relentless effort and leadership we try embody. dagen: a shoutout to tom bryant, my buddy from nascar -- well, he served admirably. i'll leave it at that. shawn, good to see you. shawn handerhan. >> happy 4th of july. dagen: how are you celebrating? >> i'll be out on the bay, watching fireworks in pensacola,
7:28 am
florida. dagen: nice, i love it. coming up healthcare in america, drug prices rising. we take a closer look at what's going on. imagine a trip to taco bell where you can't get a burrito. or a quesidilla, the fast food chain facing a shortage of tortillas. ♪ i'm really into this car,
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7:32 am
gaining yesterday. in europe, we have some buying across the board in england, france and germany. it was a completely different story in asia overnight. red across the board as hopes of a u.s.-china trade deal, we got the truce, we're starting to make some phone calls back and forth, lighthizer and and la hu from china trading phone calls, but where do we go from here? jim beam up in flames, a major fire at jim beam's kentucky bourbon warehouse, the latest on the blaze ahead, in woodford county, kentucky. waymo self-driving cars now allowed to carry passengers. there is a catch. a tortilla shortage at taco bell, what is behind this crisis? it's not too late to book a trip for the holiday weekend, where you can find some last minute deals, coming up. to our top story this half hour,
7:33 am
healthcare in america, a federal appeals court rejecting a request for a delay in next week's hearing on the constitutionality of president obama's healthcare law. joining me now, director of domestic policy studies at the heritage foundation, marie fishbau. what do you make of this decision and what is going to come out of this hearing? >> no matter what happens with next week's hearing, obamacare is not going to change any time in the near future. so if you are getting your benefits from obamacare right now, nothing is going to change for the foreseeable future. this court case has a while to go, it's going to wind its way through the legal system and may well end up at the supreme court. the most useful thing about next week's developments is that it's a good reminder for all of us that congress is going to eventually going to have to come back to health reform and deal with it, because only they can really tackle some of the real reasons that costs have gone up so much, choices have gone down for consumers under obamacare. dagen: what's going to happen, do you think, because this is a
7:34 am
debate that's playing out in the race for the democrat nomination for president, where you have some individuals, paltry few willing to raise their hand on a debate stage and say i want to take private insurance away from 180 million people but a lot of talk about a public option in the affordable care act. how do you see the fix playing out in the next year, next two years, for obamacare? >> well, the left has made it really clear that they have their preferred solution to obamacare. they would like to move on as well. and replace it with a government-run program for all of us that outlaws private health insurance. those somewhat to the right of that would like to do similar things that would end up in my view to getting us to the same place, just more slowly. the public option is -- these are all options that double down on the same recipe as we've seen that have led to higher costs, fewer choices for consumers.
7:35 am
so the conservatives need to come up with an alternative that speaks well to those real concerns by americans and conservatives have been working to do just that over the last few years. we came up with a proposal that would lower costs by 30% while increasing private coverage. >> mike block here. a lot of what we hear from the republican party is really based upon this rel peel and replace. we-repeal and replace. we never hear the replace part of that. the solutions you're speaking of, what does that entail? is it rel pee repeal and replacr making adjustments to aca. can that work under what we're seeing here? >> i think it can work. one of the reasons costs have gone up so much in recent years is that obama gives insurance companies more taxpayer dollars every time they raise prices which is a recipe for the kind of cost increases and choice decreases we've seen. one of the things that needs to be done is to address a that. the trump administration is taking all the steps within their power that they can to
7:36 am
provide relief now. that's leading to real cost reductions in some states that have gotten waivers from some of the more rigorous obamacare mandates. we've seen costs go down in those states, coverage go up, through tools that help protect pre-existing conditions. we need congress to do more to enable some of the relief that's been put in place in smaller ways by the trump administration. dagen: what are some of the other things the trump administration has done to basically open the insurance market to more individuals? >> they've done a lot to increase choices. doing things that will lead to lower costs, both for individuals and hopefully down the road for more people, even if they aren't in those plans. one of the biggest steps they took recently was a new regulation that came out in the last couple weeks that allows employers to offer effectively defined contribution to health plans rather than defined benefits. so people can buy the plan that makes sense for them rather than having their employer do it for them. this is going to help small businesses who may not be able
7:37 am
to afford to offer the obamacare plans at such expensive premiums on the market today. >> if there were one change -- i heard you said congress needs to be more involved, but if there were one change that you could magically wave a wand and have in place in the next 30 days what would it be. >> it would be to shift the notion that there is one change that could solve the problem. dagen: she just -- >> i want the information. dagen: i'm kidding. again, that's how these democrats are selling their idea of -- they call it medicare for all but it's not medicare for anybody. it gets rid of medicare, gets rid of private insurance in this country. but that is the messaging, is oh, dealing with the health insurance market is so difficult. let me, elizabeth warren, take that on for you. i'll make decisions about your
7:38 am
coverage, what health services you'll get, what health services you'll want. that's the messaging. >> right. that's good messaging, because in the sense that americans are frustrated and we're right to be frustrated with many aspects of our healthcare system. costs are too high. we don't perceive we're getting value. there's so much paperwork and red tape we have to deal with it. it's frustrating to patients and frustrating to doctors. the answer to that is not more of the same reasons that created our frustrations in the first place which is misappropriate government regulation and financing of the system. we need to peel away the layers of the onion f you will, that have led to the mess we're in and end up with a place that empowers patients and doctors to work directly together on the provision of their healthcare. >> won't insurance companies have a problem with that? >> well, insurance companies do benefit from the current financing model that we have. but i think that at the end of the day, putting people in charge of their healthcare
7:39 am
decisions will end up in a similar -- end up in a more robust market where costs can come down and people can buy the right plans that work for them. dagen: i wanted to ask you a quick question if we can go back to that, i'm doing my tv anchor best in the tell prompter. prescription drug prices are up 10.5% in the last six months according to rx savings solutions, despite pressure from the trump administration and congress to lower prices. what's going on here, maria? >> well, i mean, first thing is congress and the administration is right to be looking at rising prescription drug costs, like all rising healthcare costs. it's a major point of frustration for consumers in part because we don't really know what's going on or why things are -- the prices are moving around the way they are. but it's really important that policy makers who are taking a really hard look at this continue to try to figure out the root causes for why we ended up in this situation. a lot of it has to do with
7:40 am
misregulation after misregulation from the government, applied onto a situation where the real signals of the market can get distorted. so the more that the policy makers can take a hard look at what's happening there, the more i think they can figure out how to get the incentives right to reverse the situation. dagen: maria, thanks for being here. great to see you. have a happy fourth. >> you too. dagen: come back soon. coming up, waymo getting the go ahead, the self-driving company given a permit to shuttle passengers. the rules it needs to follow, however. plus, thinking of the beach, the top travel deals as americans get ready to celebrate the fourth. live from lido beach, new york. ♪ living in america. ♪ eye to eye. ♪ station to station. ♪ living in america. ♪ al customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no...
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dagencheryl: welcome back to "mornings with maria." multiple crews are fighting a major fire at a jim beam warehouse in kentucky. the flames happening overnight to barrel warehouses at jim beam's aging facility, caught fire last night and the fire is still burning. the facility holds about 45,000 barrels of bourbon, two buildings are damaged. but so far no one is hurt. the cause of the fire hasn't been identified. but it may have been sparked by lightning. well, waymo's gotten the green light from california regulators to start carrying people in
7:45 am
self-driving cars. it will allow employees and guests to use the service. the passengers won't get charged for the ride and there will be a test driver behind the wheel. aprofit of the three-year permit a big step forward in waymo's plans to launch a commercial service. finally, this, taco bell has been struck by a major tortilla shortage. because of this, taco bell restaurants are temporarily reducing menu items because they don't have the tore till torti. a supplier issue caused the shortage. yum brands are up 20% so far this year. the stock may be up but people will be down when they hear there's a tortilla shortage at taco bell. >> it's one of these things where you think to yourself, they had one job here, one job is tortillas. there's an old letterman sketch where someone was pranking people at the taco bell drive-in, where they said did
7:46 am
you hear they're out of tacos here. this reminds me of -- dagen: one job, come on, yum brands, you're not producing a movie at the same time. twitter is going bananas about this. >> a high class problem or what. the waymo news is exciting as well, looking at that that is going to become normal technology. the question is whose first. that's something interesting for alphabet's stock, putting the stock ticker hat on. dagen: that's a good point, they are going to have people in the driver's seat, test drivers as a backup. we'll see how it goes. >> it's a lot more reassuring. >> they can go to the taco bell drive-through. >> there's the plan. thanks so much. dagen: we've got a lot more coming up, everybody. celebrating america. millions of americans are hitting the road for the holiday weekend. we have got the top travel trends coming up next. ♪ america america, may god's
7:47 am
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♪ vacation, had to get away. ♪ vacation -- dagen: we're celebrating this nation's independence at the malibu beach club in lido beach, new york. lauren simonetti is there with
7:51 am
mark elwood with a look at trip ideas, last minute. hey, lauren. lauren: if you need vitamin c, if you get my drift, we have options for you here from the beautiful beach club of malibu in lido beach. here is mark elwood. the contributing travel editor to conde nast traveler, i'm impressed. he's been to over 100 countries. so i was saying it's july 3rd, i've got no plans. 50 million people are basically traveling this weekend. i feel like i need to stay home to avoid the mess. you say there's no places to go. >> i don't think you should give up. people are traveling for a reason. remember, i've been to a lot of places overseas. there's plenty of places in our backyard. i think if it's july 4th you want to celebrate america, you want to go to all-american places, can i recommend somewhere that i would go? >?lauren: please do. >> i would go to st. louis.
7:52 am
i think the arch, the silver, crazy thing, was just renovated, almost $400 million they spent to sort of celebrate america's history, there's a new museum, a great park, a very good july 4th celebration so you're getting recent american history. i would also send to philly. that's really from the beginning. as a british person, i shouldn't recommend this, should i. signing the declaration of independence there, philly doubles down on july 4th. betsy ross will have you singing happy birthday. lauren: there's trends people are following right now. whether glamping or camp nonni when you send kids to the grandparents. >> we call it glamping. let's talk about graha about gl.
7:53 am
why don't you take your kids to an american safari. lauren: is bug spray included? >> i think you have to bring your own bug spray. all of these camping sites, they want to get you to enjoy the outdoors without roughing it. so there will be barbecue pits, places to make smores. lounge areas, they're very affordable. there's a site in utah, a site on governor's island off of manhattan. not far from us, there's a site so we can go there also. lauren: that trend is called skip-jening. >> if you want to talk about skip-jening, it's skip generation travel. it's where grandparents take grandchildren away without the parents. the parents go we want a weekend away. i can see where you're going with this. the grandparents say i would like quality time with grandkids. lauren: it's great exercise for
7:54 am
the grandparents. >> absolutely. lauren: millennials are doing the weekending thing. >> a lot of companies are changing vacation policies, often giving things like unlimited vacation, netflix does that. suddenly people have more vacation than they know what to do with. they're hesitant to book extra weeks off. one recent survey showed among millennials, 80% of them would rather do a whole load of long weekends instead of one big trip a year. so we're seeing he hotels hotelg outside of big cities so you can drive into them. lauren: you're full of ideas. i wanted to get your thoughts on one more. it wouldn't call it a trend, it's actually a staple of how we travel. cruises, how have they changed? would you recommend them? which ones? >> so many questions. i've got them all covered. we're obsessed with cruises right now. there's a new cruise issue on the newsstand. lauren: convince me. >> i would say people don't realize that cruises are a great last minute travel choice. you can book up to 96 hours
7:55 am
before you go, always book with a travel specialist, we called them travel agents in the past. they'll give you the best price, a lot of ship bonuses. you can save up to 80% if you book at the last minute. lauren: why is that? because cruise lines are thinking we can't sail a half empty ship, we might as well book it. >> i don't even need to be here. that's why. lauren: you can get up to 80% off? >> you'll get at least half hour. you have to be flexible. you can't say i want the hent house ship no matter -- penthouse suite no matter what. always check what the price will be. lauren: here in new york, you can go straight to the harbor. >> you just jump on-board. that's perfect. lauren: any ideas, what you might want to do. dagen: i love all of mark's ideas and tell him i said that because i always tell people
7:56 am
before you go overseas, see america. see the west. go to st. louis. i was cheering when he said that. that's the finish american architect designed the arch. if you don't want to go to st. louis, you can go to jfk because he designed the old twa terminal out there which has reopened. so i love all of those ideas. and rhonda haynes, who works here, she's a camera operator, a film maker, she went on her first cruise to alaska. so that's another way to see america. yeah, rhonda. so i'm not a cruise person, though, but i'll drive. lauren: i have to figure my weekend out. but i got information from mark. dagen: send the kids to grandparents. lauren simonetti. we'll see you next hour. thank mark. jobs in america, we get the adp report on private sector job creation, that's in about 15 minutes' time. we'll bring you those numbers as soon as they hit.
7:57 am
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you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. dagen: i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, july 3. happy independency day america! that is tomorrow top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern futures gains across the board 42 point gain dow futures as we are waiting for breaking news 15 minutes from now, on he private sector job creation not the government that adp report out 8:15, we are looking for 140,000 jobs created in private sector this, of course, is ahead of friday's big jobs' report, from the government. and we watched treasury yields look where yield on 10-year treasury is 1.955% lowest since november of 2016 about a
8:01 am
2 1/2-year low, what does that say you have the stock market at all-time high, s&p closing at a record for the second day in a row yesterday, geotreasury yields -- you have treasury yields phamming usually sign of nervousness fright fear you run for the heaven treasurys stocks up treasury yields falling treasurys gaining put more in portfolio europe gains across the board in england france, germany with selling across the board, in asia overnight, the biggest loser kospi, south korea losing almost one and a quarter percent u.s.-china trade, where highest stakes talks do be happening remembering a legend in audible industry icon, lee
8:02 am
iacocca dead at 94 worked for ford most certainly known for saving chrysler going to if government onbended knee asking for loans backed by the government government guarantee for loans repaid those loans seven years early saved chrysler, look back at his life and legacy. can you think of somebody an automobile industry executive certainly no your lifetime who was front man the pitchman? he had to stand by the product that chrysler was making and he sure as heck did that. >> lee iacocca dead at 94 we remember him coming up moving to new age car tesla the stock surging after new delivery production numbers. what is behind the boost stock up 7 1/2% more good news from tesla delta stepping up for passengers in coach you get a free drink, a cat of, of
8:03 am
course, to wreak it down fox business neshth determine dca bolton mike block president of clear strategies ronica, welcome one and all watching 10-year yield fall to 1.95% stock record 2 1/2 low. >> lowest since early when president trump was elected. >> would be obvious choice to say you should go against the bond market here the bond market telling us something doesn't stop, data that is justified rate going higher fed going to cut rates if not july sometime soon. data comes in choppiness data point in 12 minutes or so justifies how rates are down here, a lot of people when rates of 3% say they are going to 5, not -- >> i like where you said getting it both ways asset prices risky bid up it also ones that are risk off getting
8:04 am
bid up raet portfolio manager saying markets pricing in heaven -- and hymnl. >> if they said it you can say. >> it there you go i. >> i think back to summer of 2007 the bond market falling out of bed bear stearns hedge funds blown up fixed income markets signaling what eventually happened stock market hitting record after report dow hit record in october 2007 that year it was are literally a matter because the housing market had completely fallen part all lenders going out of business it was only a few short months later it was about six months later that bear stearns cleansed out of business. >> i was on buy side actively trading pretty much 24-7 during that time a great time in 2007, august 2007 crazy flash crash stocks going haywire when markets go hay
8:05 am
wire we have extreme moves like in treasury market now i consider say fundamentally justified but kriz moves beget other crazy o moves into summer things choppy buy protection on portfolios think about the fact crazy long tail things can happen. >> sunny perdue talking delayed and farmers how they are about impacted by these fights you don't want to semisl miss sunny purdue. >> day after trading s&p 500 record second straight day, again, we are counting on good news, coming out of u.s.-china trade talks. fox business confirming lawrence reporting there was a phone call between the united states, and chinese trade delegations involving robert lighthizer steve mnuchin chinese premier, basically leading the negotiations, for the chinese, another meeting could be set up as early as
8:06 am
next week, joining me now, new jersey congressman house agriculture committee member jeff great to see you this morning, do you have any can you give us any insight into what is going on, with these trade negotiations, at this point and your expectations? >> first of all, great to see you as well great to be with you on july 4 coming up, my expectation that we're going to move forward i think it is us advantageous not only china about it united states certainly affects agriculture in our area when you look at products like almonds, soybeans products prou china buys want to keep that relationship. estimating we must maintain strength in these issues very serious issues speaking about with china, that theft of intellectual property theft of technology money manipulation that goes on make no mistake
8:07 am
about it, china wants to be number one, china plays hard, while we have to do everything we can, to make this work. we are also going to have to play hard as well. i am hopefully that this is going to work out. this is the only way to really work it out, because certainly we are don't want to leave it as it is just do nothing, at the same time, obviously, we don't want to be involved in any kind of military action. so the real approach here is negotiation negotiation negotiation till we have a mutual advantage for both of us. >> crises at border i want to move ton the situation was laid out in this i iggic report calling the situation ticking time bomb that is new dhs watchdog inspector general
8:08 am
warning about, texas. >> federal judge dining asylum-seekers while they procure cases did you vote for this did you vote in favor of this package that was passed last week that 4.6 billion dollars most of a majority of it going to basically help unaccompanied alien children in health and human services program? >> i did let me be very clear, was part of a group of individuals that said we can't keep going along this way we need to do much, much, much more. but we at least need to get that aid there, and i put out a statement that i was not going to go home july 4 it wasn't going home period until we have at least aid situation straightened out, in senate
8:09 am
you by partner action taken 87, to 8 republicans a democrats working together in houseworking on the same bill, that wasn't going to go through wasn't going to achieve finish line unacceptable, unacceptable to go home not have at least little pizza straightened out the bill in the house pulled senate bill put in, majority of republicans, by far, the majority of democrats did vote for it not everyone, but there was no way we could let this continue, absent i believe it was the right thing to do. that is much, much more to do. we have to in fact i'm going to be going over to to border about 10 days at multiple spots visiting it, but we have to make it safe we have to make it better, and as i've said before there is an answer to this there is a bipartisan answer if we would all show leadership deal with those
8:10 am
undocumented here in the united states make a deal, and tie it all together with what is going on at it border have more security physical bair allows folks to become united states since the way our parents grandparents said so we have safe borders we have people legal here that would be paying taxes here finally an immigration system that hopefully would work. we need better work visas all can be done. dagen: congressman great to see you good to point out the democrats who voted for this aid package many of you, congressman, take care have a great independence day. >> you, too, a deteriorate time to celebrate this is a great country, and i thank you. dagen: indeed friday we have jobs coverage june jobs reports jobs in arm 8:00 a.m. eastern coming up the adp
8:11 am
report out on private sector job creation, looking for an increase of 140,000 private jobs in this country private sector jobs not government bringing that number right after this a record quarter for tesla, the stocks surging after record delivery numbers, what is behind that boost? straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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dagen: june adp out less than a minute everybody expectation is for 140,000 jobs added. in the private sector. for the most recent month this is ahead, of course, of the june jobs' report that comes out on friday. >> the pig number there watch stocks markets, futures trading right now it will be interesting to see what
8:15 am
reaction markets are counting on a federal reserve interest rate cut this month, we will see if that happens. a lot of debate about whether that is going to -- if the fed is going to pull tricker on that this month or trigger a bullish report mys give fed if you will waiting for adp payroll number to come out, number on -- it is 102000 jobs, 102. short of expectations. 140,000 jobs added ins private sector that was expectation, 102. mike block what do you make of this futures kind of steady right fou this is a disappointment not catastrophic disappointment but soft job citation in the private sector nonetheless. >> plus 102 not recessionary number but does highlight how job growth is slowing here that supports all the big rally and low yields we've
8:16 am
seen in the bond market does somewhat strengthen the case for rate cut in july let's be clear a federal reserve rate cut at the end of july, is not going to instantly make ad.b from 102 to 02 it showed federal reserve is watching and trying to think of ways to use our to use jay powell's words whatever appropriate action they can, in order to you know, sustain, sustain the current economic growth rate and keep us out of recession. what a rate cut would do help normalize that inverted yield curve a bit create confidence among business owners there would be cheap credit money philosophying around hopefully to purposes such as, increasing productivity of workers wages higher et cetera, that is the hope here, it is like a giant rube goldberg. >> could be disappointed
8:17 am
friday number seems small businesses construction mining were areas that slowed down a little bit. dagen: what happened with manufacturing that has been a weak spot this year expectation for friday no manufacturing jobs in adp report there was talk -- >> there was a little bit of growth, just less growth than i think a lot of analysts are expecting. dagen: i want to point out the job market job creation has been falling this year, through the months reported, so far, through the month of may, the average job growth has been 164,000 jobs, compare that to 223,000 jobs last year. and then it was till north at 200, 217 during president obama's second term. so, again, when you -- 164,000 expectation kind of right in line with that for the month of june that is an okay job market, but not great let's get to gerri willis on floor at new york stock exchange seeing treasury buying i know 10-year yield dipped lower
8:18 am
gerri reaction down there, to the adp number. >> this is important number because there isn't a lot of economic data today everybody watching number of people who are here, disappointment this is confirming some negativity from last month number came in 27,000 look this is an important number to traders because they actually believe this number because it is based on real data isn't survey this is hard data they take it was seriously two straight days of record s&p closings for that reason, traders have been telling me look all the risk is to downside we are fully valued market firing on are all cylinders anything negative will hurt market market risk to downside trust this number you could boost the likelihood of a fed rate cut i know traders are very, very interested in dagen back to you. dagen: gerri thank you so much for that we want to remember lee iacocca the
8:19 am
former ceo of chrysler the crecr. >> he knew running ford that americans were acquiring second car, he wanted something sporty, so he charged people at ford to create what is still iconic vehicle, he helped launch the minivan in the 80s chrysler k carr ford consort over his 2-year career i correa well known for familiar tagline in chrysler's tv xhergs. >> if you don't agree to the best chrysler every made very best america has to offer at sensible price i am in the wrong business. one more thing if you can being find a better car, buy it. >> iacocca wrote two best-selling books considered running for president son of italian immigrants tapped by
8:20 am
president reagan to head a campaign to statue of liberty reportedly died from complications parkinson's disease was 94 frequent guest with neil cavuto over the years, and i would always pay attention stop what i was doing, when lee -- lee i o cocoa came on he fell on knees begged for loans august 1983 lee i correa staged a ceremony in new york presented a big billboard side of check paying off government loans, seven years early. that was a good bet a good bet for the government, and american icon lee iococo, he
8:21 am
was 94. i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:24 am
dagen: adp report out on private sector job creation last month coming in at 102000 below expectation 140,000 jobs, joining us now wilmington trust chief economist lueck with a are that are your thoughts chose cho it change what federal reserve does. >> i think this report confirms where they were headed leaning towards bias of cutting rates, because o what we're seeing we think a clear slowdown, for labor market sometimes, the official report adp an argue with one another this report combined with last month, clearly pointed to the downside with much slower job growth looking at either
8:25 am
sfloort mike block here, the bond market is really, playing to that theme thesis you mentioned about you know the slowing growth, we're seeing year over year change as you point out is falling down it is weaker. yield curve is inverted here everyone talks about three month being well above 10 year we have a five year note below 175 here, recently. what is it signaling a recession or and/or dysfunction in the bond market how does it resolve. >> are there clearly concerns in markets about growth slowdown we've had about path of economy going forward, so one of two things had to happen you either had to have positive data that will get lift for longer end of the curve or you have the fed recognize what bond market is telling them reduce rates, that is why we think that fed is going to end up cutting probably by 50 basis points upcoming meeting july 31st
8:26 am
would bring interest rates more in to line. on the jobs' report, i should point out that one point of concern is smaller employers, adp showing subsequently two month in a row decline for employment very small employees are less than 50 employees first time that happened during recovery so we really want to pay attention what is going on with smaller employers as we see weakening in the labor market. >> we spoke about that conversely seems large businesses are adding like crazy medium businesses hanging in there when you say watch it what is important about this bifurcation if you like. >> yeah so we do have that positivity on big business our survey, survey of business owners earlier this month, shows that larger employers are very optimistic and still planning to hire. but what we would be look for anything in the economy that is really hurting those smaller businesses whether it
8:27 am
is tariffs the cost of imported goods or just a general weakening, perhaps in consumer spending februaryinging small businesses, so we want to be looking to those small businesses and seeing, what it is that they are seeing, that might be causing them to reduce their employment or cut back on hiring. >> thank you so much for being here this morning, i hope you have a great july 4th holiday. >> thank you too. >> cake care hope to see you soon in person maybe, be sure to tune in on friday morning for coverage of the june jobs' report jobs in america, 8:00 a.m. eastern, when it starts, farmers in america concerned about potential impact of usmca, agriculture secretary is here next to weigh in. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere.
8:28 am
but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits. defy the laws of human nature,at the summer of audi sales event. get exceptional offers now.
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8:31 am
maria bartiromo top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern futures gains across the board still, 55 point gain on the dow futures, s&p futures up nearly 7 points, this despite adp report on private sector job creation, showed employers adding 102000 jobs, that was below expectations, 38,000 jobs below expectations but still six figure job creation we wait for big jobs' report out from labor department on friday morning, in europe, we have gains across the board, to tell you about, buying england, france, germany asia overnight a different story across the board, again hopes paying fading that united states china will put a trade deal together some u.s. farmer concerned about potential negative impact of an
8:32 am
agreement, between the u.s. canada and mexico, agriculture secretary sonny perdue the react to criticism in moments, a big deal in rosts said in advanced talks to acquire symantec shares surging up 16 administrators dea administrators. >> delta adding free drinks, there is a catch. we want to bring the latest president trump tweet. talking about the economy, we have the greatest economy anywhere in the world. we have the greatest military anywhere in the world. not bad. exclamation point top story trade ab tariffs hitting america's heartland jackie deangelis strobing with farmer in georgia yesterday what they see as potential impacts from usmca yet to be ratified by congress, listen to this.
8:33 am
>> here in georgia, across the southeast we just want to level playing field when you've got, a labor cost that are you know, 10 to 15 dollars an hour here in the states, versus you know, some places in you know, dollar an hour, 8, 10 as there are a day, comparison, it is hard to consider a level playing field. >> right now we are trying to decide how do we -- how do we prosper with lower price product, prices have come down significantly. >> trade deficit out moments ago widening to 5-month high gab grows with mexico and china part of that is our strong economy, joining us now with reaction, the secretary of agriculture former governor of georgia, sonny perdue, governor, and mr. secretary great to see you what do you make of what farmers have done
8:34 am
in your home state told jackie deangelis yesterday. >> forensics of mine folks i know very well, obviously, they are expressing some real difficulty in profitability today on the fruits and vegetable, and i understand that, i think what is mischaracterized is usmca to proclaim we were hopeful to get increases in relationship it was on the table with ambassador light lighthizer fro very beginning on vegetables on seasonality not consensus among u.s. producers not able to get that done a red line for mexico, and yet the fact is, the growers in georgia and florida don't go backwards we just not able to either improvement there is difficulty obviously, competing usmca we want to make sure that we compete on a level-playing field as possible but we can't enforce protectionism in some sector of the economy when trying to have a free trade agreement in
8:35 am
other parts dagen: what is the solution for those farmers in your home state then? not just that state but everywhere. >> i think again usmca is good for agriculture in general, this is a group of people and georgia and florida and berry fruit, i understand that we want to work with them there are tools, about in florida, our dispositively over dusting trade violations our responsibility to make sure these products produced safely with constraints that local domestic producers have to produce with one of the things we can do i think there are things we can do to work with industry to help grow market share to look for being markets elsewhere, to help those seasonality profitability. >> are those market when markets are those markets that are open to united states? because again a lot of the pressure that farmers broadly
8:36 am
speaking soybean farmers hog farmers in this country are feeling is because of trade fight we are in with china, china about and restrictions put on imports of our farm products into that crunch. >> exactly why president trump has -- particularly china others not treating farmers fairly that is what this is about trade a bizarre nontariff a bizarre get to level-playing field free, fair recyclical trade i am convinced georgia florida prours vegetables other things can compete as well as our soybean wheat corn farmers, all across this country beef hog farmer can compete across the world with a level-playing field what this is all about, that is what the president is determined to get for u.s. producers. >> a new report out from associated press that finds big farms are finding easy ways around trade limits
8:37 am
farmer getting aid as a result of the tariff fight, iowa republican senator chuck grassley calling for more oversight saying this, the department of agriculture, needs to reevaluate its rules for warring federal funds conduct more thorough vooist where funding taxpayer dollars your reaction to that. >> actually we are complying with law in fact senator grassley stroke very strongly for this in farm bill was not ab to get that provision of in the farm bill this year we are taking really what the farm bill had to say about farmers that have 75% of their income originating from farm income not outside income, and utilizing that, so everyoning we are administering as fairly as possible i don't think we ought to be in the business pushing sufficiently people whether in business or frrj we've got successful farmers there produce a great portion of america's food.
8:38 am
>> mr. secretary much discussed because again this is about the business of of farming what about plichts america's farmers i know you talk to them all the time. are they still with the president? again, many of them experiencing hardship, because these -- because of trade fights united states is in. >> i was in kentucky yesterday with leader mitch mcconnell, and -- a hemp roundtable many came up unsolicited to me you tell president we're with him obviously, we have been hurt by some tariffs retaliatory actions of china particularly tobacco let him know we think he is doing the right thing i thinking where farmers are there was survey not too long ago indicated almost three-fourths of farmer believe he is fighting for them doing the right thing to level that playing field so they can compete without harassment around the world we've got a lot of places we've got places not in india,
8:39 am
malaysia, indonesia, thailand fill pooengs a big world out there trying to reach all those people to feed a hungry world. >> mr. secretary you were at the in the event farm did legalization of marijuana come up at all. >> it came up with really one of the press questions that was not the purpose of our being there, industrial hemp was as you know, 18 farm bill legalized took industrial hemp off control substances where farmer can grow it legally in process of between regulations along with state regulations so farewells can comply with this new crop. it is a lot of interest nationwide, about that. and i look forward to seeing what our producers will do with hemp product. >> do you think that legalization of mairijuana a boost to farmers do you think that comes to pass at federal level. >> look our farmers are so productive i am not sure it would be a boon we already see stacking up in oregon already legal within the state, but i
8:40 am
don't anticipate a legalization federally of that i don't know farmers really want that or need that our farmer are looking for good crop where they can do right feed aefrn. >> we had online florist on some weeks ago she had to start sourcing flowers are in arrangements from outside of the u.s. because all the flower growers have started growing marijuana where here company is based. >> in california, we were in southern california, where a lot of cut flowers were grown green houses taken over by marijuana there the impact you get. >> states rights, agriculture secretary, mr. secretary thank you for being here. >> thank you have a good day. >> you, too, coming up security deal in the works, broadcom set to acquire according to reports cybersecurity symantec in momentum-billion-dollar deem how stock is reacting delta
8:41 am
rolls out free drinks in coach but there's a catch, details ahead first a special update from the tennis channel. >> welcome to tennis channel court report for fox business i am andrew super stars came out to play day two at wimbledon. >> roger federer may have dropped first set against south africa lloyd who aris the swiss star found feet on the grass closing out 6-2 in the fourth. >> fird would i say -- first wimbledon also a, so different to any other court in the world the way ball bounces the doesn't go my experience stay calm i have other things in the bag i can come up with other tricks so -- i just took -- >> women womened prime time has wimbledon primetime air
8:42 am
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dagen: navy seal speaking out found not guilty of wounded isis fighter cheryl has details. cheryl: that is right gallagher accused of stabbing issis prirn in 2017 in iraq could have been court are in a she would cleared of attempted
8:46 am
mirror spoke to fox news moments ago. >> i just want to say that i'll have completely grateful blessed to have the support that i have the whole time from the country, and from all the troops. around you know around the country, and i want to say thank you to fox news to you guys, for being with us from day one. >> gallagher going to -- face for lesser charge by same jury that acquitted him expected to go free. >> merger possibly in the works broadcom in advanced talks to acquire symantec. >> plays symantec shares up almost 15%, broadcom down about 4% that is how stocks react in this situation. >> delta, giving coach
8:47 am
travelers a perk, starting in november passengers can be treated to a complimentary drink right at departure one with alcohol in it also up grading food menu new exterrace only offered on get this international trips, lasting more than 6 1/2 hours back to you. >> a free drink on that cart here is the reaction of passengers where is the cart? in the air for 10 minutes where is leaning over looking down the aisle where is the cart? that travel is stressful. >> thank you, mike block broadcom deal explain that why it is important. >> okay, couple things broadcom has you know, really been chip company we have known a lot here looking to move into security software is that right strategy what they say they are going to do see what happens symantec rumored target for many companies over years the thing to remember broadcom last year, was trying to ply qualcomm, that was actually blocked in president trump had an opinion on it
8:48 am
because broadcom was singapore domiciled having a lot of influence by some governments in asia yes talking china that that could be issue as well especially the sense of the business symantec is in. >> doesn't matter -- controversial. dagen: management turn over, over a month and dearth earnings they have so many competitors it is security company but so many new companies, offering services. >> broadcom has been very well run but big earnings warning last quarter a lot to watch. >> a lot to prepare for when it comes 20th -- comes to 4th of july celebrations a couple tanks bradley fighting vehicles, came in on railcar carted through streets d.c. last night business of fireworks with company ready to light up the skies over our nation's capital we are live
8:49 am
from new york with more. .
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
dagen: president trump salute to america military vehicle in washington, d.c., earlier in the week railcars from georgia. transported through d.c. on trucks hillary vaughn in d.c. with more hey hillary. reporter: hi dagen the president will be celebrating 4th of july like everyone else with fireworks fighter jets battle tanks some military vehicles right here are going to be rolled on to lip cop memorial where president will be speaking but made their way by train from fort stewart in georgia all the way here to a rail yard in washington, d.c., they were taken right outside the lincoln memorial by
8:53 am
flatbed trailer late last night, they needed a crane to lift over an overpass they were too high to get under it now they are here the question was are they too heavy to roll directly on road theyaway about 30 tons each, two other tanks arriving one abrams tank heavier than these, a show tomorrow firework supposed to be biggest longest show the capital has ever seen, the total cost for this national park service reportedly put aside 2.5 million dollars to pay for this extravaganza fireworks donated fireworks show is free. >> this you anybody can go right much ado about tickets being given out to republicans rnc but anybody can show up in washington right? >>. reporter: exactly you can see the firework show from all over district you don't have to be directly at lincoln male
8:54 am
if you want seating there are tickets for that everyone can do. >> lauren simonetti live from lido beach new york with fireworks by scott, hey y'all? dagen this is the man in charge of making the fireworks go boom and lighting up the sky tomorrow. so this is a major donation, what is this donation size of it the effort making it -- >> the donation between us and fireworks close to -- mildz in total able to be involved for salute to america celebration manpower we have close to 40 people down there i think 37 to be impact sport pyro technicians tremendous
8:55 am
undertaking incredibly proud to be involved. >> i can feel excitement i want to underline how big this is going to be 15 minutes of explosions lighting up the sky. >> exactly, 15 minutes over 19,000 firework devices between shells, ares the fan ton collection of consumer class products it is really is a collaboration between the two families in order to bring an incredible patriotic celebration to the american people. >> you have -- done 8 since ronald reagan will this be bigger the biggest d.c. has seen. >> can you give us a tease of the firework we will see tomorrow. >> some exclusive scenes that we will be presenting tomorrow is exclusively to gucci designeds manufactured by played in usa, a american flag
8:56 am
700 feet wide 600 feet tall will unfurl like star-spangled spectacular in baltimore 200th anniversary. happy 4th of july thank you for work donation back to you. >> awesome scott cooper this you finally thoughts from all stars we'll be right back. ♪ in the usa ♪ hey ♪ usa ♪ to customize flood coverage for this house. so that this team, can inform this couple, that their payment will arrive faster than this guy. hey. ♪ ♪ so whether i'm processing claims due to this fine gentleman... (car engine starting) or suggesting premiums for this young lady... ai can help change everything at this company.
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dagen: final thoughts from our all-stars. you first. >> i think in light of the nike controversy and with it being the fourth of july tomorrow, it's important that of course we learn from our history but we should not ever let that overshadow the pride that we have as americans. dagen: and remember what all the american flags represent. >> big jobs number coming up on friday. we saw the lower adp number.
9:00 am
let's see what it does to the bond market. volatility begets volatility. be prepared. >> i'm with you on that. disappointment there on adp, paying more attention than ever or as we say in new york, "evah." dagen: happy fourth, everybody. david, take it away. david: have a very happy fourth of july. god bless you both. good morning, everybody. i'm david asman. stuart is off this week. washington, d.c. is getting ready for president trump's salute to america. the country's military might will be on full display. is the president, though, injecting politics into the fourth of july? lot of democrats are saying that. we have the story for you. meanwhile, the president dropping plans to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census form. decision coming just days after the supreme court ruled against the administration in a case related to that. tesla is the stock to watch today. it had a record second quarter. it actually delivered finally, delivering more cars than in any prior


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