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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  July 2, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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grover norquist on with us. melissa: all right. that does it for us. connell: that was it; right? melissa: i have nothing left to say. connell: thanks for joining us. melissa: bulls & bears starts right now. oh there it is! connell: wow! just don't do it that's what ex nfl quarterback colin kaeper pick reportedly urging -- kenner nick -- kaepernick reportedly urging nike to do it. this would have been a new nike plant that could have created 500 full time jobs in arizona. hi everybody. this is bulls & bears. i'm david asman thank you for joining us today. we have the panel here today. good to see you all. arizona governor making this announcement on twitter, quote, nike has made its decision and now we are making ours. i have ordered the arizona
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congress authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under their discretion that the state was providing for the company to locate here. arizona's economy just fine. it's doing fine without nike. we don't need to suck up to companies that consciously denigrate our nation's history. so question should nike be getting involved in political activism >> absolutely not. nike clearly has the obligation to get a return, profitable for all its stake holders, first the shareholders, and you know what, the governor of arizona has the same obligation to make sure he's creating a vibrant economic environment for his residents. and the thing is that, you know what? he's doing the same thing that a lot of politicians did in new york. they drove amazon out. david: that's right. >> so they should stay clear of political activism. >> first of all, it is a shoe. it is a shoe that nike itself
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introduced and then withdrew. this whole thing is -- if not a teapot, then a sports shoe in the sun devil stadium. this is probably going to hurt in the state of arizona. [laughter] >> i'm trying here. this is going to hurt arizona more than it is going to hurt nike. after all it was their shoe that they withdrew. the "wall street journal" reported that there was some, you know, white nationalists using this as their own thing. i have no idea. david: we tried to find it. we couldn't find it. >> again, nike has every right -- not every right. like bank of america last week not lending to detention centers -- they don't want the bad press. they now have some bad press. that's just what companies do. and it is a shoe. >> well, speaking of press, nike of course had a statement of their own that they made. they said we already employ 35,000 people in the u.s. and remain committed to creating jobs in the u.s., including a significant investment in an
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additional manufacturing center which will create 500 new jobs. and listen, guys, i think at some point here they have to stop with the outrage and the vocal minority. if you listen to the boy who cries wolf every time, it no longer has any meaning. if everything is a crisis and everything is an outrage, then when something is actually a crisis, it doesn't mean anything. i think these companies have to stop saying sorry unless there is something to actually be sorry about. >> yeah, but nike's not saying that this is a crisis. this idiot governor of arizona is saying this is a crisis. the border is a crisis. this shoe is not a crisis. for this governor to renege on a promise he gave to a publicly traded company because he doesn't like how they are handling a product recall shows you how politicians have a favorable rating in the single digits. i'm not sure why it is that high. it is typical political pandering to go after some company like this instead of
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going after real issues. nike is trying to stay apolitical with this. look, they put out a colin kaepernick commercial, that was inspiring and inclusive. they did this in china as well. they put out a product. they got some pushback because the japanese designer backed protests in hong kong they withdrew the product. they realized this product could be polarizing. this was the american flag 200 years ago, the betsy ross flag, they realized it could be polarizing. they tried to quietly take it off the shelves. nike isn't creating this as a crisis. tv and politicians are doing that. david: i'm going to push back a bit, john. you know nike loves controversy. it helps the company, controversy does. do you think it's any coincidence this is all coming out on the week of july 4th? i don't. forgive me for being paranoid or suspicious here, but i think some of this is planned crises by nike itself. they do well with crises.
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i think that's what's going on here. >> it is cleared a manufactured crisis. >> colin kaepernick commercial. we many that was an inclusive inspiring commercial. they were going to put the shoe out and realized it could be polarizing and they withdrew it from the store shelves. i don't think nike wanted controversy with it. david: you don't? i disagree with you. >> they just created a collector's item; right? david: that's true. >> had i known this was going to happen, i would have bought a pair. [laughter] >> this is a lot of free advertising. i mean, we are -- david: that's the point. that's the point. >> we're learning about the betsy ross flag. we're learning about slavery versus -- david: we're talking about nike. >> it is a civic moment in a sneaker. >> nike is actually changing the advertising model. invite controversy. you know what? you get earned media. >> i've got both a bridge and a parachute to sell you, john. i think that they revel in the fact that there is controversy, but you have to be really careful.
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we are at a time where everybody is polarized about everything. and when you go to one side, you end up excluding a bunch of other people who feel very differently. a lot of times it is a very small group of people who are very vocal and are the squeaky wheel that ends up getting oiled but doesn't necessarily represent what the consumers want. nike did really well the first time around the way they handled kaepernick but probably something they shouldn't be doing over and over. >> you know what? during the take a knee controversy, that didn't hurt nike's bottom line. >> right. >> that's just going to encourage them to do more things like this. >> look, nike's bottom line is a lot more in peril from the china trade war, whether there's a truce or not, than they are from this kind of controversy in terms of how much they are selling to china and how much they produce there. i kind of wonder -- i mean this without joking -- i wonder if this sneaker was made in china given everything else -- it was probably a betsy ross shoe made in china. now recalled. and sold on ebay. and john, you can buy it in
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bermuda without the taxes. [laughter] >> i just feel bad for betsy ross. i mean poor betsy ross got cancelled. near the 4th of july and everybody is hating on betsy. come on. david: what about betsy's husband? he was a slave owner. i think he had more slaves than thomas jefferson did. what are we going to do next? are we going to take his face off the $1 bill? >> cancel the $1 bill. >> what about our nation's capitol? do we need to rename washington, d.c.? i mean, you know, how far does all this go? >> i think -- >> david this isn't a slippery slope here. i disagree with your premise here. i understand what you are saying, david. i agree with you. this flag doesn't represent slavery to me. it represents the start of america. but we are not talking about rewriting history. we're talking about a product that could have been viewed as polarizing that nike decided to pull off the shelf. i think nike made the right decision here. david: they are taking their
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advice from a guy who took his knee saying it wasn't about the flag and now he's saying it is about the flag. frankly i think there's a lot of funny business, a lot of contradictions in what various people are saying. it's just -- it seems too -- there's too much funny business, and i understand, it is just a shoe. believe me, zach, i understand that, but at the same time, it is a flag, and the flag is something that men and women in this country, patriots have died for in the past. that does mean a lot to a lot of people, particularly on july 4th. >> the debate we had over the confederate statues and whether or not that should be honored. david: that's different. >> that's significant debate. that's front and center in the town. it is part of our civic identity. this one a little bit more of a manufactured crisis. i have the agree with carol that, you know, companies have to be really careful about how much they give strength to small -- to marginal voices. i don't mean that -- but companies will do that.
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they are going to avoid controversy. david: we will come back to this later. let's give you a quick check on tesla's stock. the company reporting a record quarterly delivery of 95,200 cars for the first quarter of this year. tesla says 77,550 of those deliveries were model 3 cars. the stock popping over 7% in after hours on this news. we will continue to monitor it. it's almost 7 1/2% right now, up to 241. tesla very strange stock, ladies and gentlemen. coming up, the battle over the border crisis heating up with customs and border patrol agents blasting alexandria ocasio cortez for calling detention centers inhumane. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan is here with his reaction. he is joining us next. >> ocasio cortez is actually going up to our agents and being very threatening and being abusive with our border patrol
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the battle over migrant detention centers intensifying as border patrol agents are pushing back on the claims by new york democrat congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez. listen to her. >> there's abuse in these facilities. there's abuse. this is them on their best behavior and they put them in rooms with no running water, and these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet. and that was them knowing a congressional visit was coming. this is cbp on their best behavior telling people to drink out of the toilet. >> did you see somebody actually do that? david: national border patrol council vice president hector
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garza told our neil cavuto earlier today that ocasio cortez was actually the one whose behavior was threatening and abusive to border agents during her tour of a detention facility. we reached out to aoc for comment and have not heard back. let's bring in former i.c.e. acting director and fox news contributor tom homan. tom, do you believe aoc? >> no. that's ridiculous. i mean, no border patrol agents are making a female drink out of a toilet bowl. if she would have looked at the apparatus that's in every county jail, every i.c.e. facility, every border patrol facility, it is a stainless steel apparatus. there's a sink above the commode. if you have never seen the apparatus before, it's a lie. no one is drinking out of a toilet bowl. as a congresswoman, if she heard that, it was her responsibility to go immediately to the management of the border patrol while she was there and say show me this. tell me about this. but no, she's an expert now.
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she spent three minutes at a facility. she has her opportunity to, you know, again, denigrate the men and women of the border patrol who are serving this country the best they can. >> so thomas, carol roth, it is interesting to me, alexandria ocasio cortez was one of four congress people who voted against funding that would help this situation. now she's down with a lot of photo ops going on. do you think that she has the intentions to actually fix this problem, or is she using this to raise her profile? >> the border patrol has been asking for months for congress to give funding to hhs to move these women and children out of a detention facility -- this is a border facility where they are processed and move on. they weren't built for women and children. they need additional money to build beds that would be appropriate for women and
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children where they have the services they need. she failed the american people because she voted no against a supplemental package that finally addressed the humanitarian need. she's the last person that should be pointing finger at the fine men and women of the border patrol. i was a border patrol agent. no one's talking about the 4,000 people the border patrol saved this year that found them. no one is talking about sharing their lunch. no one is talking about border patrol taking sicknesses home to their families every day because they are dealing with sick people. it is a travesty that a u.s. congresswoman would say something like this and not be held accountable. >> thomas, thank you for joining us on the show today. i'm not sure what ms. ocasio cortez is doing down there to begin with. her district is about a couple thousand miles away in new york city. congress, if they would do their job, you wouldn't have this issue on the border. what do you need to stop this?
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>> ocasio cortez needs to do her job in congress. they need to fix the asylum rules, they need to fix where children from central america are treated the same as children from mexico. children from central america need to be treated the same as children from mexico. they need to be sent back to their home country if they are not a victim of trafficking. if these people are coming across claiming asylum, they need to have the right to do that. but they need to see a judge. we need to show a consequence to deterrence. >> why only recently has the asylum rules been used in that fashion? meaning, there's not nearly as much illegal immigration into the united states as there was in the 90s and 2000s in the past couple of years, but you have
5:18 pm
this asylum issue that's suddenly come to the front, why was it never part of the mix until the past couple of years? >> because in the past history, it was mexican nationalists coming across. we didn't see a lot of central americans. so they can easily use the loopholes and asylum. mexico had a hard time claiming asylum because we all know mexico -- >> they could have showed up at the border and said we're fleeing drug violence. they could have claimed asylum -- >> absolutely. they did not take advantage of the loopholes at the time. look, when i was a border patrol agent, i'd be lucky if i process ten central americans in a month. 95% of mexican nationalists who where a good border patrol agent can process in 20 minutes. there was over a million back then. but guess what? 95% were home in an hour.
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that 1.2 is probably more like 400,000. now this population, these million people aren't going home because they are making fraudulent claims of asylum which will back up the system. people in this world who really are escaping fear and persecution like from some other nations, they are in the back of line because you have 200,000 people clogging the system up with claims. if you look at the data, 90% of central americans that claim asylum don't get to u.s. courts. david: breaking news, the trump administration has dropped its bid to put the citizenship question on the 2020 census. just yesterday president trump told reporters we're still looking at ways to try to delay the census from printing. i want to get your thoughts on this, tom. >> i think they should ask that question. i think the american people need to know how many people are in this country illegally. right now they say 12 million. we all know it is more than
5:20 pm
that. they have been using that number for over a decade. i think the reason the left has pushed against it, all about electoral college, getting count in their jurisdiction, get more seats in their house and electoral college. this is about votes. this is not about getting to the truth. this is about power. david: tom, forgive me, we have to move on. among other charges that are being made by democratic congress people going in these fa facility, charges of racism. i want to mention that the last five of the many many border patrol agents to have been killed in the line of duty are these people: >> now, these are spanish surnames. they are obviously hispanic individuals who died in the line of duty as border patrol agents and these congress people have the gall to call border patrol agents racist against latinos,
5:21 pm
your final thoughts? >> over half of the border patrol agents are latino. they want to serve their nation proudly. a lot of border patrol agents, i don't know a percentage but a large majority of them are veterans of armed forces. they have served their country before and they are serving their country again. they leave their home every day to defend this nation. don't call them a racist. call them heroes. david: thank you very much. appreciate you coming in. next president trump talking tough big tech on an fnc exclusive interview. could some legal action coming down the pipeline? the president making his case, right after this. ♪ all right brad, once again i have revolutionized the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument,
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david: president trump considering taking on tech
5:25 pm
giants like google, facebook, twitter and amazon. here's what he told tucker krrlson in a fox news -- carlson if a fox news exclusive -- in a fox news exclusive >> what they are doing is wrong and possibly illegal. >> is there a role for the justice department -- >> there could be. there are a lot of people who want us to take action against facebook and against twitter and frankly against amazon. >> yep. >> amazon also. a lot of people want us to take action >> are you going to? >> i can't say that, tucker. david: is there a legal case to be made against these companies? >> absolutely. here's the thing, you know, we've seen these big tech companies manipulate what consumers see and what they think; right? because you go by what the search results come up; right? and we see them manipulate the data in the search results in the 2016 election. also when you look at, you know, the big platform amazon, you
5:26 pm
know what? they have -- they want to sell you anything and everything. they sell you home security; right? they sell you streaming services. they collect so much data, and what do they do? they turn around and sell it; right? it's high time for the government to actually look at these big tech companies because we went from big brother is watching to big companies are trying to manipulate what you think. >> amazon uses its own data to sell people more. facebook sells its data. depends on the tech model. for to the point, arguing for constructive regulation, and i have said and we have had this argument on this show that these companies should regulate themselves before they are regulated and saying there should be justice department action because the president of the united states doesn't like what he perceives to be a political bias endemic in these companies, that's much more alarming and much more inappropriate response. the president is free to say he doesn't like these companies, doesn't like the fact they are liberals, that is totally fair game and exercising his own 1st
5:27 pm
amendment rights when you threaten to use the powers of the u.s. government to potentially silence speech and attitudes you don't like, that's a line that should not be crossed. >> are you talking about president trump or the big tech companies? when you ask the public, right, that's suffered from being censored and booted off a platform. >> many people are booted off the platforms for all sorts of reasons. that goes across the political spectrum from left to right >> here's the issue, guys, there's a difference between intentions and outcomes. and while certainly we all know that the intentions are good that we don't want big tech to do these bad things, they love the idea of having government regulation because it is anti-competitive, and it actual makes it more difficult for small businesses and start-ups who don't have the same resources to comply. so it becomes a very slippery slope. that's why you have heard people like mark zuckerberg call for that kind of regulation. i'm not happy with the way that they are conducting their business.
5:28 pm
but i think it is basically shareholders and users that need to stand up and demand action, not the government. >> yeah, i agree with that, carol. i saw facebook a couple months ago, i was scared as far as what's coming with government regulation. government regulation is coming. governments love going after somebody, going after banks, after companies, they love going after somebody. right now the red meat for their base is big tech. they are defending the average american out there with the privacy issues. i'm not sure these privacy issues are what they are made out to be. look, you put your picture on facebook, you think there's 2 billion people on it and you think someone is not going to see it? this is insane to me. you don't have to use these social media platforms. you don't have to use google. i don't agree with monopoly or government intervention, but i think it is coming. >> i'm not saying we should overregulate. i think there's something called
5:29 pm
smart regulation. would you at least to agree to that? >> there's no such thing as smart regulation, john, you know that. [laughter] >> i agree with smart regulation. david: i think we all agree there aren't many of that. okay. [laughter] >> that's the end of it. new irs data out showing americans are getting smaller tax refunds this year, but there's a positive catch to that. details coming next. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage.
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david: so did you get a smaller tax refund this year? the irs saying that is likely because you're paying less taxes overall. now, the number of refunds is down just 1% from last year, and while 2/3 of americans actually paid less in taxes overall, polling still shows that most americans think they now pay more in taxes because of trump's tax law. so question here, it might all be perception, but should we all go back to getting more taken out of our weekly paycheck just to get a bigger refund at the end of the year? >> this is like teeing up a ball for aaron judge. you don't have to do this, david. [laughter] >> this is insane. this is simple economics. like we had a very long bull market. we had a very long expansion. president trump greatly expanded that by the tax cuts and cut in regulation. i'm not a fan of the trade wars or the tariffs.
5:34 pm
but this has been the longest expansion in history. it is simple economics. if you give people more of their money back, the economy tends to do better and you take mount of government's hands -- and you take money out of the government's hands which is always a good thing. >> this is why we need financial literacy education. we need it in grammar, middle, and high school. all you care about is on a percentage basis how much you are paying, and if you are paying less, fantastic, and at the end of the day, you want to get as small of a refund as possible because if you are getting a high refund, that is a tax-free loan that you are giving to the government all yearlong. so no, betsy devos, please get us some financial literacy education in this country. it is insane. >> amen to that. the reality is this tax bill was never primarily about a middle class tax cut or increase. it was more or less a small tweaking of it. it was about cutting the corporate tax rate, which was long overdue. and it did shift some of the tax burden, made it very attractive to be wealthy in a republican
5:35 pm
state in the south and very unattractive to be in a higher tax bracket anywhere in the northeast or places like illinois because of the removal of the state deduction tax. that's what this bill was. and there was never -- it was never going to change middle class ie most people's taxes a whole lot either way because that actually is not in the bill, regardless of whatever spin either side puts on it. david: even though 2/3 of americans did get a tax cut. >> i'm just saying it was a very small shift. david: it was still a tax cut. >> not for them. >> i completely disagree with zachary; right? the first thing in business, you look at a time line. money is better now than a year from now. david: yeah. >> right. so when you look at that factor it is better to return money sooner than later. these tax refunds should have came with a disclaimer, your refund check may seem smaller than it appears. [laughter] david: right. bottom line who would you rather have investing your money? you or the government?
5:36 pm
if you want yourself to be able to invest in money, then don't worry about the refund. take the money now. new advertisements on facebook and youtube could be giving you false information about your serious health issues and how to treat them. we're going to tell you everything you have to know. you should stay tuned for this. coming next. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ most people think a button is just a button.
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david: if you have seen an ad for alternative cancer treatments, you are not alone. the "wall street journal" reporting that youtube and facebook are now going to be cracking down on these bogus treatments that are flooding their platforms and not a moment too soon since millions of people are being misled every day. alphabet and facebook both releasing statements that they have now taken steps to address the issue, but is it enough to just reduce these posts or should this type of content be
5:40 pm
blocked completely? what do you think? >> you know, in 2006, i lost my old man to prostate cancer. he actually fought for a very long time. and, you know, when you have the emotions of a loved one, you try to do everything possible, right, you search the internet. you look at, you know, drugs in the pipeline in terms of fda approval to see if there's a way to test some of those drugs; right? because you know time is limited. i can only imagine the millions of americans that are scouring the internet trying to figure out -- david: desperate for a your. >> desperate for a cure; right? so i think if the social media companies -- i think it is the social media companies' responsibility to understand this need. it is really between life and death and try to make every effort to protect us from, you know, these alternative drugs that prey on people. >> john, you reference the food and drug administration, because these issues, right, people trying to sell people bogus cures for a profit is hardly a
5:41 pm
new thing with the internet and the technology age. the difference of course is the ease of reaching that many more people. although you could advertise i mean as we just see, snake oil treatment in a newspaper in 1910 or 1920 and reach a lot of people. this is a societal issue that's always been there, as well as some people offering legitimate interesting alternative treatments. the question does the platform bear responsibility versus is it purely caveat emptor, first of all, everybody needs to make sure they do their own research and don't fall in their emotional state for something that promises that is in fact too good to be true. i'm wary that holding these platforms responsible. it is good they are doing it themselves. i think you need to be careful about that because back to carol's point about regulation earlier, it is almost impossible to overregulate the bad without also overregulating the good >> zach, i guess that's the big issue here is censorship, where does it stop and how do they know what's bogus and what isn't bogus?
5:42 pm
in the health realm, how many times have we heard that wine is bad for you, wine is good for you. eggs are bad for you, eggs are good for you. at what point do they stop with the censorship? i'm for more speech. i think it trains people to be more discerning about the content. if you start saying we're going to take away everything that's bad, then people become reliant on everything else and assumes it is good. i think that's dangerous. let it all live out there and let people do the homework. >> i think these platforms do have some responsibility to try to take away the bogus stuff. there's a sign on facebook that explains the unexplained. they explain how aliens built atlantis. if you are getting your health information and your health advice from thoo same platform -- from this same platform, somewhere there's a personal responsibility. i'm not making light of the people who go out there and in need and searching, but you have to take into account where you are getting this information. at some point, facebook the largest repository of cat videos can't be held responsible for
5:43 pm
people making bad decisions. david: i'm kind of stuck in the middle. on the one hand, i agree with you john and carol, you know, buyer beware. jesse ventura when he was governor of minnesota he said there shouldn't be stupid laws out there because there is always going to be stupid people willing to do stupid things and get themselves and loved ones killed as a result and you can't legislate on that. on the other hand, as john was saying you have desperate people desperate for a cure and they are so desperate and sometimes they go for the magic cure and get sidetracked from legitimate treatment and die or their loved ones die as well. >> at least have a disclaimer or an expanded self-reporting element so that way the comments that people leave, hey, i tried this, don't do this because this will only lead to false hope. something along those lines so that way the government doesn't have to, like, overreach and come up with all this regulation, but, you know, we could come up with a sensible
5:44 pm
way where people could be informed >> the reality is no matter what we do, these things will likely to continue to be prevalent. people will find them whether they should or should not and no amount of regulation -- david: i'm afraid you might be right. >> but do nothing is never an option. david: president trump is telling iran you are playing with fire guys. house foreign affairs member is joining us next to discuss the situation in iran. >> they know what they are doing. they know what they are playing with. i think they are playing with fire. no message to iran, whatsoever. we call it the mother standard of care.
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a lot of great capital and if something should happen, we are in a position to do far worse by not doing it. but hopefully we don't have to do anything. you can't let iran have a
5:48 pm
nuclear weapon. and you can't let certain other countries have nuclear weapons, too devastating. so they are having a lot of difficulty in their country right now, and hopefully at some point they will come back and they will say we're going to make a deal. see what happens. david: that was president trump last night issuing a strong warning to iran in an exclusive interview with tucker carlson. this new tough talk comes after iran has admitted to breaching the terms of the iran nuclear deal from which president trump withdrew earlier. joining us now is florida congressman. congressman, as a member of the house foreign affairs committee, how should we respond to iran admitting it is building up its uranium stock pile? >> well this is something we anticipated they were going to do anyway. if you look at the past, they have always said they weren't doing this but then we caught them or the iaea has caught them. the best thing to do is the course that's been laid out and toughen the sanction up until they are serious about really
5:49 pm
coming to table and let's negotiate some kind of an accord to where they are not looking to develop nuclear weapons. after all, they are the number one state sponsor of terrorism. is that a weapon you want in their hands? i think not. >> congressman, it's carol roth. i saw some news -- >> hi, carol. >> -- coming out of israel a couple of hours ago saying they are bracing militarily for a potential escalation with iran. at what point, what does that red line when we go from a nonmilitary course of action to a military course of action? >> well, i think that's a pause for everybody to pay attention to what's going on and how serious this threat is. and you know, iran was going to be able to do this in i think in another seven years, they would have nuclear weapons. they're hellbent on getting that. this is something we all need to come together as nations of the world and try to deescalate this now. we saw the buildup of the iranian troops and assets around different areas. there was the proposed strikes on our military in syria and
5:50 pm
possibly in iraq. they are using the proxy groups either hezbollah or hamas and the rebels that are inflicting conflict in those areas in acts of terrorism. we saw what iran did with the four ships in may that had ordinance on them and had explosions on them and then the two in june. and so this is an escalation of what iran is doing, and this i feel is a big result of the obama administration doing a failed treaty with the jcpoa that was a bad deal and john kerry said no deal is better than a bad deal and this was a bad deal. >> congressman, it is a pleasure to have you on the show, sir. i'm on your side here. i want america to be able to denuclearize and keep iran from getting nuclear weapons, but, sir, when you look at sanctions how they work against autocratic regimes they have not worked more than they have worked. you look at north korea, iraq,
5:51 pm
cuba. most of the time these autocratic regimes will do anything to survive. once they get pushed into a corner, they usually do something stupid. how do you think that these sanctions will work this time, and do you think this thing escalates from here? >> i would think the rest of the world would come on board, you know. if you look at the u.n. security council, when we put -- we all agreed that sanctions should go on north korea, the service unanimous vote but then russia and china backed off it immediately, that weakens the whole thing so that we're the ones that look like the bad guys. and this has happened other and over again. -- over and over again. you know, fortunately, because of the policies of this administration, america's energy secure. if we throw in canada, the prux of oil there and -- the production of oil there and in mexico, we are energy independent in north america, we don't need that oil. china does need that oil. i would think they would come to the table and negotiate a deal >> the fact is whether you think the deal is a lousy deal or a good deal, it was at least a
5:52 pm
multilaterally one that had a cohort with our allies, when we unilaterally ditch that and then complain that iran is working around it, renegotiating, trying to work with europeans to, you know, follow their own interests when we have kind of unilaterally abrogated our ability to lead a coalition, that puts us in an incredible weak position now you are saying we should do a few sanctions and a lot of our allies haven't even gotten on board with. >> i disagree with you on that because that deal -- those other nations really didn't want this. we didn't negotiate with israel or saudi arabia or the uae that are right there and have a vested interest in that. we didn't bring those in there under the obama administration. so i disagree with you. you know, i respectfully disagree with you on that. this was something that those other nations almost coerced to go along with president obama and john kerry and said all right we don't like this deal but we're going to, and then that billion dollars plus that
5:53 pm
the obama administration released, i feel very illegally to iran in a cash payment, that went to fund hezbollah and hamas, and we know they are working down in venezuela now propping up maduro, so iran has taken an opportunity when we freed them up with sanctions and with money, did they do good with their economy? no. they created more strife in the world. >> congressman, we know that the red lines obviously if they attack anything american or israel. right? >> right. >> but we also know that with these sanctions, it is going to drive them to desperation. right? so what are they likely to do short of attacking america or attacking israel, that we need to think about early? >> well, i think we have already seen actions that they have already done with, you know, attacking those tankers. two of them were saudi. one was an uae. two of them were norwegians and one was japan. these countries have a vested in
5:54 pm
this, the japanese and norwegians, would think they would put more pressure, i hope they come to the table and say enough is enough, let's negotiate something we can get in the middle east and finally get a peaceful resolution. you know, if you look at iranian regime of the ayatollahs when they came in in the 70s, 79, there's been nothing but conflict that's come out of that region, and they are the number one state sponsors of that. you look at the marine bar racks that were blown up, the attack in argentina -- david: they have a long long history. congressman, we have some breaking news. we have to cut it short. thank you very much. have a wonderful july 4th. thank you for being here. >> happy july 4th. david: breaking news, commerce secretary wilbur ross now responding to the trump administration dropping its bid to put the citizenship question on the 2020 census. in a statement ross says quote i respect the supreme court, but strongly disagree with its ruling regarding my decision to reinstate a citizenship question on the 2020 census. the census bureau has started
5:55 pm
the process of printing the questionnaires without the question. my focus and that of the bureau and the entire department is to conduct a complete and accurate census. stay with fox business for any updates on the developing story and we will be right back. you know there's no path. just the determination to get there. perfect the craft. move the impossible. knowing the more you take on, the stronger you get. the 2019 ram heavy duty pickups. always on to bigger things. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, ..
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david: triple aaa expecting 4th of july travel to set record. states with high taxes like illinois and california among those raising the gas tax. residents in illinois are getting the 19 cent hike with protests. why did democrats support hiking the most of regressive tax in america? >> all they do is spend other people's money. by the way, they gave themselves a raise at the same time. it's having major implications in illinois.
5:59 pm
there is a mass exodus out of the state and they can't seem to figure out it's because they are taxing their citizen to death. >> the gas tax in new york like all the other taxes are too damn high. we have to block it and stop it. but as a republican, i love when democrats talk about raising taxes, because that means we are going to keep america great. you ray taxes on gasoline and you are an easy target. it i an incredibly regressive as is any consumption tax. >> john's reference to too damn high. if you are a non-new yorker you may not get that.
6:00 pm
politicians wanting more money? first time i ever heard of that. david: democrats say they are for the little folks, but they are always sticking it to the little folks when it cops to taxes. li democrats trying to ramp up the outrage against president trump, trying to sue the irs and the treasury department to get president trump's tax returns. that will fail. we'll he can chain why tonight. outrage and the push back against the outrage on the border facilities. democrats spend more time on that. and green room hopping to get on tv to shamelessly score points about the border and why they are not fixing the border and the laws they themselves passed that created the crisis to begin


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