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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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everyone wants to tune in and watch this today. abby: and you can tune into fox and see it. good job, rick, out there. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, president donald trump preparing the give his first speech to congress this tuesday night as the white house puts the finishing touches right now on a revised travel ban. i'm mara bart row know -- maria bartiromo, welcome to is "sunday morning i futures." new executive orders could come tomorrow, plus a crackdown on illegal immigration underway. chairman michael mccaul just back from a trip to the border, he'll join me live. and ahead of the president's address to congress tuesday night, some democrats say they are inviting immigrant guests to send a message.
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democratic congressman jim langevin is here to explain who he's invited to sit with him tuesday night9 and why. then tax reform had been a big part of that speech. new treasury secretary steven mnuchin calls it the number one priority. my sunday, collusive interview -- exclusive interview this morning as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: president trump is getting ready for his debut address before congress on tuesday right hill his team -- tuesday night. we could see his revised executive order as soon as tomorrow after the court struck down mr. trump's first order multiple times. the new version expected the target immigrants from the same seven predominantly muslim countries without singling out refugees or green card holders. meanwhile, the president took a hard stance last week calling it, quote, a military operation.
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that have a day after a group of lawmakers toured the southern border including the chairman of the house homeland security committee who later announced a task force to focus on terrorists. congressman michael mccaul, republican from texas. congressman, thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: i want to get a sense of what you saw, but first, let's talk about this executive order that we're expecting tomorrow. what are you expecting and how might it look different from what we saw initially? >> i think what they're going to do is tailor it to conform with what the courts came down with, and i think the problem was in the implementation, not the policy of the executive order, and that was denying laurel permanent residents -- lawful permanent residents who have green cards the ability to come back into the united states. i think that's what caused a lot of the chaos after the executive order was issued and the implementation of it. with respect to the seven countries, they came from the visa waiver security bill, i passed that in my committee, three of those countries were added by the obama administration, and that
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comprises the seven countries. that was signed into law by then-president president obama. so i think the policy of trying to put a pause on people coming in from these high-threat areas and have higher vetting is entirely appropriate. i think it's more the implementation and denying people with lawful status back in the country. maria: so what do you say to those house democrats who say, look, we're going to be at the president's speech tuesday night, and we're going to bring guests that put a face on the immigration story? we're going to be speaking with congressman langevin, and he's bringing a pakistani, miss him-american -- muslim-american born in pakistan as his guest. and he says, look, i want the president to understand who's impacted. do you believe that that's a fair be portrayal of who's impacted? >> well, look, it's a democracy, people can make statements and try to put a human face on things but, you know, i put a human face on the black widow from pakistan in san bernardino
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who killed so many people in california to row hammy, the new york bomber who we allowed back into the united states when he traveled to some pretty radicalized mosques. so i could put a face on that as well. i think what we're looking at is what giuliani and i worked on, and that's sort of a more high vetting process to high threat areas. i think from a policy standpoint, most people would agree we need to have better vetting. we don't do that right now. we didn't look at the social media of the widow from pakistan. we had warnings of the father and the new york bomber about his being a terrorist, and yet that wasn't factored in overseas when he was let back into the country. so, look, there are two sides to the story, and i'll err on the side of protecting the american people. maria: let me ask you, congressman, about your trip because you along with house speaker paul ryan and that delegation of house lawmakers went to the southern border and toured the rio grande valley to
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observe border security operations. we've got some pictures of you at border. tell us what you saw. >> well, we flew by blackhawk and horses on the ground and patrol boats in the river, and we saw, you know, how open, wide open the rio grande valley sector is in my home state where most of the illegal crossings take place. more importantly, we got an intelligence briefing, the speaker and myself, about the threats south of the border from the drug cartels and potential terrorists. human trafficking, drug trafficking, violence and corruption coming into the united states. that's why the completion of the wall is necessary, to keep these threats out of the united states. and the trump administration is moving very quickly, in fact, a request for proposals were just sent out by the department, and responses will come back probably next month in terms of how are we going to construct this, what is it going to look like. it's important to note that it'll be comprised of not just
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physical barriers and infrastructure, but also technology, aviation assets and personnel on the ground. maria: yeah, i know that you met with local leaders to try to figure out the challenges that they face as they are right there in the thick of things at the tip of the border. what did they say about the vetting process, about the challenges that they face in terms of securing that border? >> well, we worry about what were called special interest aliens that come from areas of high threat regions and some we have apprehended at the border,, but in terms of the construction of the wall and the physical barrier, one thing we found that was very creative was the idea you can construct a concrete levee system on the river, because the river's more of a challenge for us. but this concrete levee provides protection from floods for the local residents and yet also provides a concrete barrier for illegals and drug cartels to cross into the united states. we thought this was a really good sort of take beltway.
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and finally -- takeaway. and finally, maria, the morale of the border parole i've never seen higher than it is right now because they know there's a political will in washington to get this done, and the president has their back and is very, very supportive of their mission. i can't stress that enough. maria: so as a congressman representing really a border frontand you being in touch lines, what do you want the so-called extreme vetting to look like then, congressman? >> well, when we say that, and i have a task force that's going to report to the president on how we can close off terror pathways, it really goes back to the giuliani/mccall/mukasey memo where we said you can't ban all muslims because we don't think that would be constitutional; rather, you should look at increasing the vetting process from high threat areas. what does that look like? i.c.e. personnel, consular offices at embassies looking at social media, connecting the
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dots with, say, the fbi which was not done well in the rue hammy new york bomber case. it's really a combination of a lot of factor, but right now we're letting people in. you know, no employer would hire someone without looking at their social media, and yet we're letting people into the united states without doing that basic, fundamental search. maria: that's incredible. congressman, we appreciate you coming back with this report from the border. we'll see you soon, sir. >> thank you so much, maria. martha: meanwhile, president trump is expected to talk about tax reform in his speech to congress on tuesday night, so what will get done? >> for us to get this done by august, which we anticipate we'll do, it's going to be really fast. so the fact that we're not ready to do it next week and they're working on obamacare now, you know, that doesn't mean that this is less important. they're both very important. maria: my exclusive interview with new treasury secretary steven mnuchin this morning, that is coming up. plus, many democrats plan to send a message to the president
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♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. ing president trump preparing for his first address to a joint session of congress this tuesday night. democrats are planning to send a message of their own. they're inviting people impacted by some of the president's policies to attend tuesday's speech. my next guest is one of those lawmakers. joining me right now is congressman jim langevin. it's good to have you on the program. >> good morning, maria. great to be with you. maria: member of the house armed services committee, and you've decided to bring a guest to the speech on tuesday night, correct? >> that's right. both armed services committee and the homeland security
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committee, so i certainly understand security issues. but on this first address to the nation that president trump will be giving, i hope to remind him of the importance of diversity and inclusion. that's the real strength of our nation, and each member of congress gets one guest ticket to invite someone that they would like to have in attendance, and i've encouraged members to use their one guest ticket to bring someone who, despite discrimination, despite obstacles and being marginalized, has made great contributions to their community and to this country. maria: right, but -- >> i'm excited about that. maria: your guest is legally here, correct? >> that's right. he's a muslim-american, emergency room doctor from pakistan. and he's also been very involved with bringing together interfaith groups to promote inclusion because that really, again, is the strength of our country. maria: but i don't understand, because the president is trying
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to target illegal people and criminals here in the country. i mean, the guest that you're bringing is legal, and he is american, he's a muslim-american. the president's just trying to go over people illegally who are deemed dangerous and have had criminal activity. do you not support that? >> of course we want to make sure that people are here legally, and the point of my, making sure that we have an inclusive audience when the president is addressing the nation that night is in respect to the things that he has said and done both during the course of the campaign and even in the early days of the administration to marginalize individuals, the not focus on inclusiveness -- maria: but, sir, just to be clear -- >> so i want when the president, when the president is looking out at the audience the night that he's giving this speech, i want with it to be a subtle but respectful reminder that we're a diverse nation, that this is
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about inclusiveness -- maria: right. >> -- and that he's not the -- maria: inclusiveness, but legal inclusiveness. do you distinguish between illegal criminals and legal immigrants, yes or no in. >> well, of course there's a distinction -- maria: but that's the distinction that the president has made. that's the distinction the president has made. so it's not like you're bringing an illegal criminal to sit next to you, you're bringing a muslim-american who's here legally. there's a major difference between a legal immigrant and someone who is here illegally committing a crime, yes? >> well, of course -- maria: that's what the president's executive order is targeting, illegal criminals. you recognize that. >> yeah. my, my bringing a guest encouraging members to bring diverse guests to this has nothing to do with the -- maria: but this is not about diversity, this is about criminality. it's not diversity, it's criminality. >> well, the president both during the course of the campaign and now in the early days of the administration has not sufficiently focused on
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bringing the country together. we're a divide canned nation, and -- divided nation, and i think that the president needs to do more to bring us together, and this is a subtle, respectful reminder to the president that we are a diverse nation, that is our strength, and that i would hope going forward he would be mindful of that and do more to be the president for all americans -- maria: but are you mindful? are you mindful when you put all immigrants in one, under one umbrella, legal immigrants and illegal criminals, are you mindful that that's an insult and that is wrong to do to legal immigrants who have gone through the process, the process of coming to this country legally? so do you understand that you're actually insulting and basically saying you did all the right things to come to this country, but i want everybody to come in even though it's illegal? i mean, are you distinguishing legal versus illegal? >> i've said, i've said nothing about condoning any kind of illegal activity. and by the way -- maria: so then you agree with the president. so then you agree with the
6:17 pm
president. >> i agree with the president that, certainly, we should have people in the country here legally, and we want to make sure that we're protecting our communities. maria: right. that's what the president is trying to do, right. >> and what i'm trying to do is remind the president that he's not the arbiter of patriotism, that we all love this country. our various backgrounds and ethnicitieses and whether you have a disability or whether you are -- maria: yeah, this is not about disability, sir. just to the to be clear, this is not about disability -- >> walks of life -- maria: right. >> that we all love this country. and that we want president trump in his policies, in his words and his actions to promote inclusiveness and not marginalizing individuals, and, by the way, throughout the history of this country -- maria: are you saying including illegal immigrants that are committing a crime? when you say inclusive, is that what you're including, illegal immigrants committing a crime? >> not at all. maria: okay.
6:18 pm
is so you do distinguish -- >> maria, the way that the president has gone about conducting his words and his actions has been very disrespectful to various groups around the country. and instead of promoting inclusiveness, he's trying to denigrate groups and marginalize groups -- maria: but, sir, aren't you doing the same, aren't you doing that right now? aren't you doing that right now by being -- >> no. maria: -- offensive to those countries that have gone through the process of coming to this country legally who are leading lives that are honest and not committing a crime versus illegal immigrants who have come to this country illegally and who are committing crimes? aren't you being offensive right now by your inclusiveness and disability comments by saying everybody should come, not just those people who have done it legally? >> and that's just the point, that the president is focusing on only the negative or anecdotal cases where -- maria: criminals! right, he's focused on criminals.
6:19 pm
>> -- as opposed to the vast majority of people that are in this country, love america, are law-abiding citizens from various -- maria: yeah, i don't understand the point, sir. you've got a guest who's a muslim-american -- >> well, that's was you're not listening -- because you're not listening. yeah. maria: it has nothing to do with the executive order, so i don't understand how you could equate that to an illegal immigrant who's committing a crime. it's just -- >> well, first of all -- maria: we'll agree to disagree. >> you haven't read my press release, and you're not listening. what i said, this is about reminding the president that we all love this country, that we're a dwears nation. -- diverse nation. i said nothing about the president's executive order. we don't even know what the new executive order is going to look like. my point is that both in the campaign and the president's -- maria: we're no longer in the campaign, sir. we're no longer in the campaign. the campaign is over, he won. >> well, even his inaugural address was a missed opportunity to talk to the vast majority of the country to try to bring us together.
6:20 pm
instead, he was talking to his base, and that was a disappointment. maria: okay. >> i'm hoping this address to the nation, his first one, that he's doing things and say ig things that brings the country together because i believe our strength lies in our diversity. maria: absolutely. that we agree on. sir, we appreciate your time, thanks so much. president trump says the republican tax reform package is coming together as well. his new treasury secretary calls it the biggest priority of his young tenure. when will stephen my knew chen be ready to roll it out? be ready to roll it out? my exclusive interview as we afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. tomorrow marks two weeks since treasury secretary steven mnuchin has taken the job.
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he says tax reform is his number one objective. he also said we are not likely to see much economic impact from the president's economic policies until 2018. i sat down with treasury secretary mnuchin for an exclusive wide-ranging discussion of the economic issues that he and our country face. the president will be giving the joint session to congress this upcoming week. what can we expect in terms of budget can the state of things right now? >> well, i would say the most important issue is economic growth, and the president is very, very focused on us getting back to sustained, long-term economic growth. that the american economy has been too slow for too hong and we're going to start -- too long, and we're going to start with tax reform. we're focused on regulatory relief, and we're focused on just a whole lot of changes to make the middle class tax cuts and to make business competitive. and that's a big focus of what we'll be doing. maria: will the president be touching on that this upcoming
6:25 pm
week as well? >> he will be in part of the speech. maria: in terms of overall growth, i was talking to a banker the other day, and he said to me i feel like the shoe has been taken off my throat because of the rollback in regulations. people feel like this could be a big deal in terms of growth. >> well, i think it is a big deal, and i think you've seen the markets react to that positively in regards to the response and the expectation of growth from a trump administration. and let me just say, we believe in proper regulation, so this isn't about creating ris the taxpayers, this isn't about letting banks do things that they shouldn't be doing, this is about sound regulation, and we've just gone too far to the other extreme. maria: so talk to us about what you'd like to see happen in terms of the tax code. you want to take corporate taxes lower, individual taxes lower. what else should we understand fully about what the tax package will look like? >> sure. well, first, we're working very closely with the house and the senate, and this is my number
6:26 pm
one priority. so on the personal side, it's really about tax simplification, fewer tax brackets, simpler taxes and creating a middle income tax cut. that's really the focus on personal taxes. and on business taxes, it's really about making u.s. companies competitive. we need to create a level playing field for u.s. companies to be able to compete in the world, and they just haven't had that opportunity. maria: people will be able to keep more of their own money. >> not only will they be able to keep more of their own money, but we expect companies will bring back trillions of dollars that are sitting offshore and redeploy those in the united states. maria: let me ask you about the idea of a border adjustment tax, because that seems to be the big issue and debate right now. it feels like the president is warming now to a tax at the border. >> so let me just say this is something we are studying very carefully. there are certain aspects that the president likes about the concept of a border adjusted
6:27 pm
taxes, there are certain aspects that he's very concerned about. so we're looking at these things, we're looking very closely with the white house, te senate, and you're going to see a combined plan that takes the best of this when we bring it forward. maria: you're looking at a lot of options, and i know the president has been talking to manufacturing ceos this week about the idea of a retaliatory tax. how is that different than a border tax? there are countries that have a tax in place right now, and if china is charging us 90%, what, we would charge them 90%? >> first of all, it's not a retaliatory tax, okay? it is an idea that he's looking at calling a reciprocal tax which is basically saying we want to create a level playing field so that other countries treat us the way we're treating them. maria: but to do you worry about retaliation? if we have something that looks like a border tax, are we going to get into a trade war, a tax war with other countries that say, yeah? you're going to do that, then i
6:28 pm
will retaliate. how worried are you about that? >> we're not going to get into trade wars, but what we are going to do is the president believes in free trade, but he believes in fair trade. and we're going to renegotiate these deals so they're good for the american public, they're good for the american worker and they're good for american companies. and all we're looking for are fair deals where the deals work for us and they work for the other parties. maria: it's complicated, because u.s. companies are importing exporters. in other words, they import raw materials that ultimately are put into products that they export. an auto company is the perfect example. one auto ceo said to me the components in a vehicle go back and forth on the border seven times because maybe the seat is made in mexico and something else is made in the u.s., it's got to keep crossing the border. how do you track that and figure out what the right tax is? >> march ya, i can assure you when we come out with the plan -- and, again, this is going to be a joint plan -- i can assure you this will be something that will be simple,
6:29 pm
that companies will know how to incorporate. and also we will have had lots of feedback from different industries. we're going to make sure this works. this is about creating growth. this is all about creating growth, and we're going to get back to a 3% gdp or higher. maria: what do you think your timing is? that was something we discussed last week. the markets had this sense that tax reform was going to be a number one priorities, and then now we see that obamacare, repealing and replace, is really the number one priority followed by tax reform. what's your realistic plan? you said to me last week you'd like to get something out by august, but the real impact won't be felt until 2018. >> let me just say they're both really big priorities. this is not about one is one and one is two, they're both really big priorities, and they both have very important impacts on the economy. we need some more time to get tax reform done, and we're doing it under lightning fast proposals. so for us to get this done by august which we anticipate we'll
6:30 pm
do, it's going to be really fast. so the fact we're not ready to do it next week and they're work on obamacare now, you know, that doesn't mean this is less important. they're both very important. maria: by the way, repealing and replacing obamacare is a huge tax cut in and of itself, i recognize that. and in terms of that, what kind of an impact do you think the cost of obamacare has had on overall economic growth? >> i think it's had a huge, a huge negative impact on economic growth, and as you know, under obamacare the cost of health care has gone way, i way, way up. so this is as much about how do we bring health care costs back into reality, how do we create affordable health care for people and how do we create economic growth. that's what this is all about. maria: mick mulvaney was one of the colleagues of yours who basically was pretty vocal about the entitlements. we can't be faced with a $20 trillion debt and not actually change social security, medicare
6:31 pm
and the others. what's your take on that? do you need to hit the entitlements sooner rather than later? >> we are not touching those now, so don't expect to see that as part of this budget, okay? we are very focused on other aspects, and that's what's very important to us, and that's the president's priority. maria: let me end here on the regulatory part of things because the rolling back of regulations is, arguably, as powerful in terms of its impact on growth. and i know you've worked with jeb hensarling in the house financial services committee. what do you want to see dodd-frank look like? will it all go away? what's most onerous about the rulemaking in dodd-frank right now that has stunted growth? >> is as you know, the president signed an executive order on the core principles around financials, and we are now beginning a process where we're looking at all different types of regulations, we're working with all the different regulatory agencies, and within 120 days we're going to come back and report to the president
6:32 pm
what things do we think should be changed, what things are changed at the regulatory area, what things can be changed by him and what things do we need legislative approval for. and that's a big priority of what we're working on. maria: for example, in the memo that jeb hensarling wrote recently, he said the consumer financial protection bureau, it's been a controversial regulator, and he wants to eliminate its authority to supervise financial firms. is that something you would be on board with? >> he does x that's something we're looking at, but what we are absolutely on board with right now it's being funded out of the federal reserve. we think they should be funded as ore parts of the government are funded and going through an appropriations process. that'll be the first priority. maria: my thanks to treasury secretary steven mnuchin. now will see more of my interview tomorrow morning on mornings with maria on the fox business network. please join us tomorrow as we show you exclusive video and more of that conversation tomorrow. sheriff david clarke, meanwhile,
6:33 pm
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♪ ♪ >> we seem to have fallen to a place and a time in our national discourse where even the mere restatement and affirmation of laws long ago crafted and duly
6:37 pm
enacted by our constitutional republic's legislature, laws that were formed and codified in the people's house by the people's representatives is now considered controversial? maria: that was milwaukee county sheriff david clarke taking the stage last night to close out cpac, defending the trump administration's crackdown on illegal immigration. clarke praised the focus on what he calls the rule of law and rallied conservatives to support the president's policies. sheriff david clarke joins me right now. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: congratulations on a speech that a lot of people are talking about this morning, and you ended the speech last night by saying go forth to stand and fight. what did you mean by that, sheriff? >> well, we're at a crossroads in this country right now. we have of a new administration, and we finally have some pushback against this lawlessness and this chaos that's gone on probably for the last decade. and so this country now define itself probably for the next
6:38 pm
generation, and i'm -- i took people back through the history starting at the founding of this republic and what george washington said about it, thomas jefferson, dr. martin luther king, ronald reagan to remind people of how we got there and how people had to fight, people died, they gambled their fortunes, their lives, their family, their existence so that future generationses could be free. and so i think we're at that right now, and i wanted to give people, again, a reminder what it took. it took a fight, it took a struggle, it wasn't easy then and it's not going to be easy now. maria: well, you know, it's hard to understand how sanctuary cities, for example, have existed for so many years even though it has been, in fact, against the law. and here you have a president coming in saying i'm the law and order candidate, we're going to start following the rule of law, and it becomes controversial. >> you know, that's amazing, and i was hoping maybe you could help me out here, because i'm just as lost as it, that
6:39 pm
enforcing the rule of law, the bedrock of freedom and liberty, is now controversial. and i thought to myself just because prior administrations, for a long time -- and it's transcended political parties -- weren't enforcing our borders, weren't protecting our borders, weren't enforcing the immigration statutes on the books, now all of a sudden president trump comes along, and he told us what he was going to do with existing law. he didn't make any new law, and now all of a sudden that becomes controversial. just because it wasn't in force, our borders and our immigration laws, for the last three decades doesn't mean that president donald trump is obligated to follow that. he's not. he's getting back to the rule of law. and the illegal immigration is a crisis in this country. most of the people in washington don't want to touch it, it's kind of like that third rail. but president trump decided and has told us he's going to lead this country, he's going to get his arms around this thing even though he knows it's going to come without that, you know, with that struggle, so to speak. but he's willing to do this
6:40 pm
because, like i said, this is a crisis. this has to be rectified. there's numerous reasons why we need to protect the border. we have some national security issues, domestic security issues, we have drugs pouring in across our southern border. also you want to be able to protect public health. remember the ebola outbreak? maria: right. >> we started doing that overseas and at the border. and then also you want to control the amount of immigrants -- i'm sorry, refugees coming into the country because it's a strain on our limited resources. so that's why you have to have a border, we're a sovereign nation, and if you have that border, you must protect that border and defend that border, and right now it's pretty porous. maria: right. so the presidents has taken this position that those seven countries that are largely muslim countries are going to be the countries that are blocked in terms of people coming in. we're waiting on this new executive order that's expected to be out tomorrow, sheriff, but what about this intelligence report that found that in the past six years foreign-born individuals who were inspired to
6:41 pm
strike in the u.s. came from 26 different countries, not necessarily from those seven muslim-majority countries that are being blocked due to terror risk in the president's executive order? what do you say to critics who say, look, we just heard from the department of homeland security and this intelligence report that says otherwise? >> you know, i trust the people at the national security agencies, i trust the people at the state department who looked at the data, looked at the research and came up with this group of seven nations. i don't know how they came about it, but i trust what they did to do that. this was very -- and that's what i think the hang-up is -- maria: right. >> -- you can't just have this broad blanket of countries. you have to narrowly define it, and that's what the president did. now he's going to refine it some more. and once this thing is finally rectified, it'll be fought in the courts. the courts will decide, probably, in the end, but i don't like the fact that the courts are intruding on the executive branch and taking over
6:42 pm
national security which is the purview of the executive. it is the president of the united states that takes the oath to defend the united states against foreign threats, not the courts. the courts get to review some of this stuff, but that decision that was made out of that washington state court to strike down the immigration -- the illegal immigration order, i think, was plain wrong. we have a separation of powers, and i think the courts seeped into the executive branch's responsibility for domestic and national security. maria: sheriff, before you go, there was a lot of talk at cpac yesterday about the possibility of you running for senate. there's a big push for you to run in 2018. are you planning on it? >> well, you know what? i haven't really thought about that. that's why it's a draft moment, trying to drag me in kicking and screaming. you know, i never say never, but at the same time it's not the highest thing on my priority list. but i like the energy and the enthusiasm that people have shown all across this country. the it's a national movement. so i'll take my time with a decision like that, and we'll
6:43 pm
see how it plays out down the road. maria: all right. we'll be watching. sheriff david clarke, thanks very much. >> thank you, maria. maria: we'll see you soon. all right, democrats select a new dnc chairman, but can an establishment favorite really reach out to the party's progressive side? the panel is on deck next to discuss that. we're looking ahead right now on "sunday morning futures." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: welcome back. the democratic party electing president obama's labor secretary, thomas perez, to head the dem market national committee -- democratic national committee. >> we need to make house callses, we need to listen to people, we need to get back to basics, and we need to move forward because i am confident, my friends, i am confident that when we lead with our values and lead with our actions, we succeed. that is what the democratic
6:47 pm
party has always been about, and that is what we will continue to be about. [applause] maria: on that note, let's bring in our panel. ed rollins, former white house adviser to president reagan, former senator al d'amato served three hills on capitol hill, and jessica tarlov, senior director of tom perez, jessica, kick us off here. what do you think? >> i'm excited by it. i think it was the right choice for the party. keith ellison was a great candidate as well, even though i was from mayor pete who didn't endorse east candidate, there was a little scuffle when ellison's camp reported he had backed ellison once he dropped out. i think it's kind of a dream team here with perez at the top and ellison as his deputy and, hopefully, we can come together as bernie sanders was talking about yesterday and this morning as well. we need unity if we're going to take on trump 2020. maria: perez was, obviously, the
6:48 pm
more moderate candidate, and keith ellison is considered more toward the left. let me show you these tweet that is the president and tom perez, actually, put out yesterday, late yesterday. the president says congratulations to thomas perez who has just been named chairman of the democratic national committee. i could not be happier for him or for the republican party. [laughter] okay. so that's his tweet. and then we've got tom perez's tweet: call me tom, don't get too happy @keith ellison and i and the democrats united across the country will be your worst nightmare, speaking to the president. ed rollins? >> it's still the same left. he's a former ted kennedy counselor, his whole world has been civil rights, labor stuff. that's not a new democratic party, that's not a working party, and the deals that he made as labor secretary in the last four years have been pretty atrocious. my sense is he's never been a public figure in the sense of raising money. the lesser of two evils, all the more power to them, but it's
6:49 pm
still no new leadership for the party to bring back the blue collar democrats that they needed. maria: senator. >> he was probably one of the worst labor secretaries in the history of this country as it relates the creating jobs, helping business, moving the economy forward. everything was anti-business. he had down to minutiae so that small businesses with 50 people or less were impacted. i can't see how he's going to strengthen the democratic party. and the fact of the matter is that the business community is going to have a real adversary in perez. he can't change, and that's the way he was, and i think donald trump mitt the nail on the head -- mitt the nail on the head. congratulations to the republicans. maria: it sort of divides the party even more, doesn't it? because the far left is saying we wanted keith ellison in charge. even before he said, look, i'm going to have keith ellison as
6:50 pm
my deputy, people were mad as hell in that room, weren't they? >> bernie be supporters and elizabeth warren supporters and chuck schumer even endorsed keith ellison. this wasn't just a -- maria: but that's the difference. people don't want the far left, right? >> well, they don't. people who are actually showing up and voting don't x. this is what i don't understand, with all due respect to keith ellison. when the electoral map lit up bright red, i don't know why anyone thought the answer was to move further left. maria: that's what i'm saying, ed rollins. >> that's where they are. this is going to be the party of warren, sanders, perez, what have you, and it's not a mainstream party and, obviously, trump will have a field day with them. my sense, it's a good thing just as he said in his tweet -- >> i think that's a stretch, that it's a good thing. i think tom perez can be a voice of mode case, i -- moderation, i think he can be a prolific fund raiser for us -- >> he never has been -- >> right, but his messaging -- maria: he's got that jobs record also to contend with. all right, we've got more on this. let's take a short break, then
6:51 pm
we want to look at the big week ahead for president trump, his first official speech in front of congress on tuesday night. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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maria: president trump preparing to give his first speech to a joint session of congress this tuesday night. we're previewing it. white house advisers say it will focus on the president's goals for the rest of the year. back with the panel, ed rollins, what are you looking for? >> that's very critical. he can't give a cpac on campaign speech, it has to be a visionary speech. here's what i want to do, and if we can accomplish these things together, we can move the country forward. maria: and one of the things he wants to do is tax reform, senator. >> let me tell you, number one, number two and number three is taxes, tax reform and cutting the corporate tax. when you cut the corporate tax, you move america forward, you create more jobs. you'll see the stock market
6:55 pm
really boom. maria: it's already up, what, 13% since election night. >> and that's what he has to do. and it has to come into effect this year, and they can do it during budget reconciliation. if they don't do it, i am very fearful that we could lose the congress. if he does it and if he sticks to it and fights for it and gets it, we all win. the country wins, the people win. maria: steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary, jessica, just told us that both are important, obamacare repeal and replace, tax reform -- >> tax reform is more important to americans. yeah, no, i totally agree. i think, and i've said this all along that if donald trump can deliver 4%gdp growth or 3 and americans can feel better about how much money is in their pockets, republicans can do well. elections are won and lost on the economy, obviously, obamacare has repercussions for the economy. but i think if he stands up there and says this is the tax plan, this is what i'm doing and this is how quickly it can get
6:56 pm
done, it will help him. i'll be yourtous to see -- curious to see if he can control himself and read from the teleprompter, not ad lib, not talk about his electoral college win, what's gone on in the past few weeks, leave the travel ban out. >> also you have half the audience there, over 200 members of congress cheering against him. he's not been in hostile audiences. i mean, he's a tough guy, but it's a different forum than ever before. the cheers are split. maria: as far as the tax reform, they say a border adjustment action -- do they need to also raise revenue while cutting taxes? >> that gets passed on to consumers, and it's going to get trashed bigtime, i think. maria: senator. >> let me say this to you, the border tax may not necessarily pass this time -- maria: a hundred countries have one, by the way. >> well, a hundred countries have it. if we can articulate -- and he does articulate -- the congress will support it -- maria: right.
6:57 pm
>> and it will be a tremendous revenue producer -- maria: yeah. that's what they're saying, $1.1 trillion over ten years. great to see you all. great to see you all. thank you so much, ed rollins, afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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7:00 pm
>> lou: republican house and senate leadership walking on the tax and obamacare. patience wearing thin. the congress went on recess while the president is working hard. >> president trump: we are doing health care and march, mid to early march, we'll be submitting something that people will be impressed biechlt lou piniella voters may send republican ares


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