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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 22, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. and joining us tonight. we're doing very well, and it's all because of you. now lou dobbs is next. keep it here on fox business. lou: republican house and senate leadership slow walking the trump agenda on taxes and obamacare. patience wearing thin on the house. congress and senate went on recess while president trump and the white house were hard at work preparing a budget, tax cuts and a new health plan, the president says could be ready by the middle of next month. >> so we're doing the health care, moving along very well, sometime during the month of march, mid to early march, we'll be submitting something they think people will be impressed by. lou: congressman mark meadows says voters may send republicans packing next year,
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that is if house leadership doesn't follow through on the president's agenda on the budget, tax cuts and the repeal and replacement of obamacare. leading conservative congressman mark meadows is our guest tonight. also, president trump dispatching his secretary of state and homeland security secretary to mexico to meet with president pena nieto. the president obviously looking for a responsible partner in the leader of mexico on the issues of border security and fair trade between the two countries. we take that up with the dean, republican strategist ed rollins, here tonight. >> shame on you! >> shame on you! >> shame on you! >> and republican lawmakers facing angry protests in home district. president trump today suggested these demonstration are the work of left-wing activists trying agitate constituent crowds. our special guest is leading
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conservative, former senator and the heritage foundation president, jim demint. good evening, everybody. president trump tonight hard at work, delivering on his campaign promises while congressional leaders remained on recess over the past week slow walking his agenda now, and the president meeting today with budget officials, working on tax reform, the repeal and replacement of obamacare. >> i want the american people to know that our budget will reflect the priorities. health care is moving along nicely, it's being put into final form. as you know, before we do the tax, which is actually very well finalized, but we can't submit it until the health care. lou: and the trump administration also hard at work on a revised extreme vetting order that is expected next week. a senior administration official telling fox news that order will implement a temporary visa ban on the same
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seven countries as the new order. the new order will drop the indefinite suspension of syrian refugees calling for the temporary suspension of all refugees from any country until those nations put in place background security tests that meets u.s. standards. the new order expected to explicitly exempt legal permanent residents and other visa holders. a lot to take up with our guests tonight gooding ed rollins, jim demint. nigel farage, and mark simone and the press says to repeal and replace should be moving faster. joining me to talk about the congressional leaders' slow walk. the chairman of the freedom caucus congressman mark meadows. this is stunning to watch the
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pace at which president trump is working and moving on executive orders, moving on the dakota access pipeline, keystone pipeline. putting forward his nomination for the supreme court, and then to see what messrs. mcconnell and ryan are doing, it's a little -- it's a breathtaking gap, isn't it? >> it is. lou, the interesting thing is the president is working 24/7. congress needs to get up to speed. we promised a full repeal of the taxes, the mandates, obamacare. and we've already put that on president obama's desk, i don't understand what's holding up the vote. why we don't put at least that on president trump's desk. we've got to catch up to his work ethic and the time is not only put a plan out there but be specific that on what it means to the american people. lou: speaker ryan might say he
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has put forward a specific plan. ryan care, if you will. but moving a proposal forward was senator rand paul, and as i've looked at that proposal, it makes more sense than anything i've taken a look at. what is your reaction to that plan? >> well, obviously, lou, we support senator rand paul's plan because it puts the focus back on the patient and gives the patient the ability to use their health care dollars the way that really they should be the ultimate arbitrator of how they do it. now the ryan care plan that you just talked about, i guess they're still rolling out the specifics. we've yet to see legislative text, but really when you start to look at it, we can't just replace the affordable care act with something that is just like it, but just a different name. so it's important we push back on anything that doesn't reduce the cost, and i, for one know and the freedom caucus stands with me in endorsing senator rand paul's plan and believe a
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repeal needs to be voted on right away. lou: and a founder -- a founding member of your caucus, the freedom caucus is mick mulvaney, the new director of the federal office of management budget, the president is discussing budgets, discussing his priorities, he's talked about whether it's health care. he's talked about the importance of competition among states to provide health care plans. the director mulvaney is going to have a lot to deal with here particularly if the plans are not, not marked and scored as, well, absolutely sustainable and practical. >> well, and i can tell you mick mulvaney, the new omb director, not only a personal
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friend but understands the numbers. president trump said something in the lead-up to this interview. if we don't get the obamacare repeal and replacement done, it's holding up tax reform, infrastructure, a number of other things so they're all bunching together, so it's incumbent upon us to not delay longer, to gift specifics of what a replacement plan is all about and act accordingly, and i have good faith in the president and his new budget omb director and hopefully see real responsible policy that comes from that. lou: the president saying that he will have a health care plan forward by, he believes, the middle of next month, with ryan week have heard all sorts of varying and different targets over the course of the year. there is time for action right now. this president is a man of action, and the leadership in the house and the senate right now appear to be, well, not
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acting as one would expect given the leadership being provided from 1600 pennsylvania. >> well, we've got to follow his lead, but also have to make sure that we put in place something that we can debate. we are not even debating the specifics yet, lou, and when we look at potentially a new entitlement program, sending that to the president's desk and one of the first major action would be for him to sign onto a new entitlement program, i don't think so, that's not what my constituents want, not what the american people voted for on november 8th either. >> it isn't, and as you describe it, signing onto entitlement program would do this president no favors. in fact, there would be a betrayal in my opinion by the house and senate leadership to put him in that position. so is there a prospect here for closer coordination among those who are responsible in the house of representatives and understand that this president was elected to pursue his
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agenda to the repeal and replacement of obamacare, tax cuts, not 20% border tax increases as is proposed by ryan and brady, but rather to follow the lead of this president. >> well, we need to not only follow the lead the president. they're reaching out in a real way to members of congress not just on the house side but on the senate side. we're seeing interaction from this administration that i haven't seen in the last four years, and it's really about critical components, you know, what matters to the people that you represent back home? they want to get it right, but the other thing is this is the land of promise. there's a lot of promise that happens in washington, d.c. with very little action, i'm time that we make sure we follow up on the action to support the president. lou: there's a little swamp draining to be done, isn't there? >> a lot of swamp draining to be done. sometimes when you're in the swamp, it's hard to recognize where you are.
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as i've got good friends in north carolina reminded me of that. it is critical we drain the swamp and get it right. lou: there's an expression that has to do with crocodiles and alligators and a part of the anatomy i won't bring up tonight. congressman, thanks for being with us tonight. >> lou, good to be with you. lou: good to see you. we're coming right back. as you can tell, we've got a lot to cover tonight. stay with us, we'll be right back. president trump vows to cut government waste in his first budget. >> that's why i will direct them to manage the country's dollars and your dollars very wisely. we won't let your money be wasted anymore. lou: that's right, time to restore prosperity to all americans. the dean, republican strategist ed rollins is my guest next, and 24 executive actions and counting, but mr. trump isn't counting, but mr. trump isn't slowiyour insurance company
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . lou: breaking news now, the trump administration has lifted federal guidelines that said transgender students should be allowed to use public school bathrooms and locker rooms matching their chosen gender identity rather than their
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biological identity. the wednesday decision is a reversal of an obama-era directive issued in may. it will now be up to states and school districts tinterpret whether federal sex discrimination laws apply to gender identit a stunning admission by a member of the national left-wing media. listen to msnbc this morning talking about the media's role. >> he's trying to undermine the media, trying to make up his own facts and it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermind the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think, and that is our job. lou: it's her job apparently and her mind to control what people think. extraordinary. joining us tonight, veteran of ten presidential campaigns,
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leading republican strategist, ed rollins. great to have you here. just your reaction -- >> when i read that, i've known mica for a long time and father was national security adviser for jimmy carter. i've known the family a long time. most absurd statement i've ever heard. like the front of the "new york times" all the news is fit to print. it's not all the news is fit to print, it's the news they choose to put in there. job as a journalist is to educate the public. your job is to write the story, tell the people what is happening and not your interpretation what is happening what is happening. too many want to write opinions on the front page and forget the opinion page, that's what the issue is. lou: turns out, she must be an acolyte of hillary. >> she definitely is. lou: hillary clinton, this is reminiscent of hillary's remark that she wants the voting puic to be educated and compliant.
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it's stunning stuff. let's turn to this, what appears to be a source of considerable disagreement, perhaps friction between republicans in the house and in the white house, and that is on the issue of the repeal of obamacare that's replacement. a budget that is moving forward, the president putting a target at mid-march, and at the same time, moving ahead with tax cuts which he says and acknowledges will have to wait on the repeal of obamacare. >> well, it's all intermingled, but the reality is the president promised and the congress promised. congress promised over and over and over again elected republican majority, elect the republican president, we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. that should be hr number 1, the number one priority, they can figure out the details as they go through the process. they need to get it started and get it done. lou: congressman meadows talked about the fact they don't have a debate going right now. the congress went home last
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friday instead of for their recess rather than work alongside the president. there's no sense of urgency emanating from the officers of ryan or his leadership or of that mcconnell and his leadership. >> well, the bottom line here is that the president is working a breathtaking pace. lou: historic. >> historic. and the congress is part of his team, obviously they have a different role, but they all ran on the same thing he ran on. so they basically -- if they become a block to what he wants to do, i promise you the country will turn on them and to a certain extent he will turn on them. they need to get the details done and sell it to the country and he needs input into it, but the idea that ryan has been the speaker for three years, is going to draft this thing and write it a little better than obamacare is absurd. we need to change it, we need to cut the costs down on it and fix it and wear it proudly for the next several years.
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lou: do you think ryan and mcconnell -- do you think they are -- do they have the desire to follow president trump and his leadership on these issues, or frankly are they going to stay with their usual friends, that is the lobbyists on k street and drag their heels as long as possible to prevent the trump agenda from being implemented. >> he wants to change the budget by doing medicare and social security reform. lou: he hasn't passed a budget. >> and won't be able to. and the country has no stomach for those things. country does have a stomach. lou: who does ryan think he is, he has 700,000 people electing him from the first disict of wisconsin. the president of the united states is the only nationally elected figure. >> he thinks the constitution equally is 435 members. lou: i have no problem with him thinking that. >> mcconnell i think basically
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is a different animal. been around a long time. my sense is he will be an ally of the president. lou: i sure hope so. >> and important on some of these senate confirmation battles and certainly important on the supreme court challenge. but the legislation, the details of legislation, need to get it out, there the president needs to sell it. lou: sounds like that's what exactly what he has in mind. he promised the american people and so far working like the dickens. lou: what better communicator do you have? >> that would be an easy answer. none. lou: ed rollins, thanks as always. appreciate it. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs, we'd like to hear from you. i would also like to add, we have a tweet from mika which she explained herself as the
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saying goes. if we could put that up. do we have the full screen. i'd like to put it up for the audience. either way, well, that's a nice clarification, and there it is. follow me on twitter -- . on wall street today, stocks were mixed but the dow industrials closed at new record high. take that goldman sachs and your cognitive dissidence. the s&p lost three points, the nasdaq down five. volume on the big board, 3.5 billion shares. the dow closing at all-time high for a ninth straight session, that is the longest record breaking streak since 1987. markets posting $2.9 trillion in paper gains since the
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election of donald j. trump. existing home sales climbing to the highest level in a decade up 3% in january. more cognitive dissidence. and a reminder to listen to my report three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next here, an assassination straight out of a spy movie. two women suspected of killing the brother of north korean dictator kim jong-un were trained to coat their hands with poison, then place those hands on the face of their target. the full report on the shocking story here next. and china now building what are suspected to be missile silos on the contested islands in the south china sea that it built. we'll have the breaking developments, the very latest for you. stay with us. we continue right after these this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow.
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lou: a commander of ir iran's elite guard saying that u.s. should get a strong slap in the face. but, we have noticed, the iranians always predicate these big talk threats on a hypothetical. if united states does this or if -- anyway. it is amusing. >> fox news reports that china finished construction of two dozen new buildings on the partfitiaattar -- artificial islands they have built, they could possibly be housing surface-to-air missiles, although no missiles have been detected at this time. this is days after navy deploy
10:28 pm
aircraft carrier to south china sea. >> and an intrigue involving the assassination of kim-jong nam. right now speculation swirls he was killed to be removed froms line of succession in north korea. >> new development and new questions involving last week high profile killing at a malaysia airport of ki kim jung nam, for first time official naming a number no north korea a diplomat at embassy in kuala lumpur in the alleged poisoning death. it is suspected others assisted in the killing and fled there. >> we believe they left the country, we believe that they have arrived in pyongyang.
10:29 pm
>> the women doused their hands with a toxic chemical and applied it to the victim's face. this, in an attempt to break from the morgue. security has been increased there are no definitive autopsy results yet, and no official identification of the remains. >> family members, travel to identify the deceased. to give us dna samples. >> kim jong-un continues to reject any role in the killing, malaysia has been one of few go between countries, including for u.s. in effort to deal with the rogue nation's growing nuke lur nuclear threat. >> we need to have a good and fair for everyone.
10:30 pm
reporter: malaysia officials reportedly willing to accept a dna sample from kim youn -- kim jong-un himself. lou: we're coming right back, more ahead, stay with us. >> leftest activist targets republican town halls across country. >> there is a bit of professional manufactured protests based in there. there are people who are upset. but when you look at some of the districts and things, it is not a reputation of -- representation of a member's district. lou: we discuss the left's effort to sabotage the trump presidency with leading
10:31 pm
conservative, jim demint, next. >> and feel the chill, that free runner takes you on a journey across one of the coolest places on earth, his
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lou: anger on display at some congressional town hall meetings across the country. >> is going to be a fine -- >> oh, my.
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>> everyone has the right to free speech. and what i asked what was you could hol ar all yo holler all you want at me. >> shame on you. >> this is wha democracy looks like. >> there is no question some people have a good experience with obamacare, most people had a bad experience with it. lou: that done look like a republican crowd, did it? president trump is also skeptical about who is behind these protests, he tweeted this today, saying so-called angry crowd in home districts of in republicans are in numerous cases, but not all, planned out by liberal activists, sad. joining me now, president of
10:36 pm
heritage foundation, former senator from south carolina, leading conservative, jim demint, great to have you here with us on the show. >> thank you, lou, there is little doubt that obama's organizing fraction and george soros' -- these groups are actually fanning the flames, they are taking people on buses to the events. we've seen th the manuals is tells them what they are supposed to say. lou: i don't think many people are misled by that. but, certainly, there is a to me it is a open question, and an important one. to why the tea party, other conservative and republican groups are not organizing and bringing their activists to bear to be a countervailing force with all o these
10:37 pm
activists that are disrupting town halls? >> tea party, had a different mission, they were protesting policies, bailouts, spending, debt, the left here is -- they are protesting the election. man that american people elected last november. they are having a temper tantrum because they lost. this is not about policies that have been implemd. unfortunately congress has been very little. so these people at the town hall who say, shame on you, they don't know what they are talking about. lou: perhaps the correct in shaming on them for not doing about. to move forward the president's agenda.
10:38 pm
this is a very troubling delay. president is moving ahead, he is working hard, he set a standard for work ethics that we've not seen in modern presidency. your judgment about what is happening on capitol hill? or not happening? >> this talk to replace obamacare before we peelin -- repealing it is ludicrous, we had the best health care system in the world before obamacare. we need to remove the cancer, then begin to improve it the congress passed a bill that repealed obamacare in 2015, all republicans in house and senate voted for it they need to send that bill again to president trump, and begin the process of unwinding obamacare, then once that cancer is removed, we can
10:39 pm
begin to make our health care system work better for everyone. lou: they had i think over 60 votes on obamacare's repeal or some part of it. over the last several years, and then, when it matter the most, the speaker is frozen, clinging to his own agenda. your thoughts? >> well, speer reason is trying to include some elements that will improve the healthcare system and make it work better with the repeal. and you know that is a wonderful motive, but in this political environment, when they have no support from democrats, they need to start the process, because lou, all these pros about not re-- protests about not repealing obama carry would be nul and void if house and senate
10:40 pm
passed first step in repeal. so, they made a huge tactical mistake by not moving quickly. lou: i think you and ed rollins agree it should have been, hr-1 without question. let's turn to the president right now. moving ahead, in a furious pace, pipelines, both dakota access and keystone, nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. the man is moving at a lightning pace, is there any prospect we'll see the house and senate join in that ethic and that effort? >> i think so, lou, i think -- i think that commitment is there, i am worried right now, they took a language break for this week. when they needed to be confirming nominees, president, does not have all his cabinet, much lissemore
10:41 pm
than 400 other appointments that have to be confirmed. it is hard for trump to get things going when he does not have his open people there i believe, from talking to the speaker and from leader in the senate, the commitment is there, but i have to confess to be being concerned they are not working as har as esident trump and his staff are working right w. lou: jim demint thank you appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: this is a busy week for the president, who is speaking at cpac friday, largest annual gathering of conservatives. and i will speak with cpac and joining sean hannity there. he gets there before i do. and we'll see friday, and i'll be giving a extraordinary speech, amazing, friday morning could we hope you can
10:42 pm
make it cpac, underway. roll the video, one adventurer taking phrase chill out to the next level, he whips through this icy wonder land. this is china. he jumps and flips over ice sculptures, slides down ramps of ice, look at this. amazing. it is beautiful. double digit subzero temperatures no match for the free runner, navigating this. it hardly seems real but it is. lou: riots breaking out in sweden's capital of stock home this week. nigel farage said that swedish government is in denial. >> what is going on in their effort to be politically
10:43 pm
correct they are not being factualy correct, they are trying to hoodwink sweden in the world. lou: nigel will join me next, and i will join bill o'reilly tonight on the o'reilly factor, talking about george wills predicttion. join us 8 p.m.o fox news channel, we'll be right back with much more. stay with us. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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lou: joining me now, former leader of uk inspects party, nigel farage, a fox news contributor. let's start with sweden. they are now rape capital of the world. by some standards. >> yep. lou: and their former prime minister tweeting, to donald trump. our president, saying, sweden? terror attack? what has he been smoking in questions abound. about, no, answers abound, don't you? >> i do, to give viewers from perspective, swen had a population of 9 million 6 year
10:48 pm
ago it now has a population of 10 million, and nearly all of it through immigration. yes, that is right, they have increased their population by 10% in the stace of 5 years, a lot of those who have come are young males from country, in which women are treated with very different standards. yes, there has been an explosion in rape numbers and murder numbers, but the swedish public. not only do politicians not tell them what is going on, media does not tell them what is going on, in sweden there is a law that prohibits anyone from saying the race or religion of any perpetrator of crime. it is astonishing, political correctness is put above public safety. lou: there are news organizations in this country that have on their own, adopted similar standards, not releasing pictures or times of
10:49 pm
suspects, committing heinous crimes, this is an extraordinary movement, i believe many americans are aware and appalled. can't the rest of europe, the united states, see what the prospects are if we continue down the same road as the european union following a ma a like merkel throwing borders wide open, saying come on in have your we. >> i believe mrs. merkel has now learned her lesson, but that is like shutting the gate after the horse as left. but in sweden, they have not they keep the door open, that is why in sweden there is a protest party, swedish
10:50 pm
democrats rising in polls, we have elections in netherlands, and france and germany. i believe you will see globe at revolution of 16, we saw with brexit and with trump, it will go on rolling. lou: and indeed the populous in france and the netherlands, leading right now as we speak. nigel we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. lou: up next, president trump said he is ready to clean up the mess, that president obama left him. >> unfortunately the budget we're inheriting essentially, is a mess. finances are our country of a mess, but we're going to clean them up. lou: that is a difference between a businessman and a communitying o organizer. isn't it. >> stay with us, we'll be right back. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,
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lou: inure on-line poll last night we asked, does it seem odd to you that left wing news media does not understand that a nation must control its borders and those who are allowed to cross, 89% said yes, it does. seem odd or something, joining us, mike gallagher, host of mike gallagher show on salem radio network.
10:55 pm
and wor, mark simone. let me start, mark, this is the paul ryan insists to slow walking the president's agenda. doesn 't he. >> it is not easy to drain the swamp, the alligators do not go down easily, they like the old system, the donor work well for them. with this new stem, you s donald trump in meetings, tell me what you need i'll give it to you, that is not the way it is supposed to work. lou: you hear president of united states saying that the finances of a mess, president obama left a budget a disaster. and he was very kind. he did not say that so did that republican senate, and republican house that went along with president obama. president trump is only one with clean hands in this thing.
10:56 pm
>> and as his campaign staff reported they have a hard time keeping up with him. the guy goes at a friendet -- frenetic pace, when you are in the establishment, you are entrenched it business is as usual, nobody can upset the apple cart, he has, and he is, they need to catch up. there is a lot of work to be done a lot of heavy lifting, he is doing it. >> they are not used to write it up, send it over, they want to send it to lobbyists, make a donation. >> if we may, michigan state and white boards, michigan state banning white boards because they were afraid of foul language that was being littllit were putting on
10:57 pm
white boards, how ludicrous. >> foul language is a wonderful part of my childhood. when i was a kid, i never saw a bike helmet, we did not protect everything, we drank water right out of the guar garden hose, we're raising a generation of weak, participation trophy, in-- ineffective people. >> people have an masters degree in being outraged. there is a huge push back that is where terms like snow flakes and butter cups and daff -- daffodils. >> take down the comments second to the web site that is where bullies takes place. lou: my wife enjoys reading
10:58 pm
comes as much as articles -- if. >> if i want to cry myself too sleep, i read comments about something that i have done. lou: she is careful. let's turn to keith ellison, trump saying about keith ellison and leading in the race for the head of dnc. i'm not sure that is a good thing to aspire to. one thing i will say about kooglkeith ellison said president, he was one who predicted early that i would win. ellison responded, my latest call? >> there you go he took a compliment and ran with it. >> i think that donald trump
10:59 pm
is praying that keith ellison wins this weekend. this donna brazile, i would keep her, she gets you the questions, what more could you want. >> i'll borrow a page from melania trump, in praying, i echo your sentiments from my perspective, let's pray that keith ellison on face of the dnc . as party goes more to left, more and more americans are embracing the republican party as a result. >> it seems that democrats doing best to unite republicans who have been struggling a bit with unity. >> thank you for that. lou: mike and mark thank you. >> if you. lou: that is it for us, we thank you for being with us, and be sure to join us tomorrow night, things just keep getting better. one of my favorite people, governor greg abbott of the state of texas will join us, we'll talk about a number of issues that are about his
11:00 pm
attack on san carry cities. -- sanctuary cities, join us, thank you for joining us tonight, and good night from new and joining us tonight. we're doing very well, and it's all because of you. now lou dobbs is next. keep it here on fox business. lou: republican house and senate leadership slow walking the trump agenda on taxes and obamacare. patience wearing thin on the house. senate went on recess while president trump and the white house were hard at work preparing a budget, tax cuts and a new health plan, the president says could be ready by the middle of next month. >> so we're doing the health care, moving along very well, sometime during the month of march, mid to early march, we'll be submitting something they think people will be impressed by. lou: congressman mark meadows says voters may send


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