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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 11, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: all right nancy reagan's funeral has begun. trish regan will take you through. trish: the nation mourns the passing of one of the greatest first first ladies to ever serve our country. first lady nancy reagan's funeral is just about to begin. we will bring you the reading of one of the hundreds of love letters that ronald reagan wrote to nancy. we will hear from journalist tom brokaw as well as her to children, pam and ron junior. i am trish regan.
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welcome to the intelligence report. form override -- former rival. the candidates banning some of those insults. instead, embracing the issue. we have all of that covered for you coming up over the next hour. first, i want to go back to nancy reagan's funeral. chief of staff. he joins me now with a look back at who she was. a pretty remarkable lady who was deeply in love with her husband. >> hi, trish. how are you today.
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i was just saying how much nancy reagan loved her husband. >> that was obvious from day one. she was there early in the campaign process and never left. we will hear from a number of dignitaries. also hearing what if ronald reagan's love to nancy, he used to write to her whenever they were apart. what is your most favorite moment of the white house? >> a state dinner for the president of italy. afterwards, we went into the ballroom and everyone was dancing. dancing with nancy in a way that he could only dance with her. they were truly in love. the president did not want to let him cut in.
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[laughter] finally, trish, he let him cut in. he stood with me. a few of the other people that were attending. you could tell that he was very perturbed. he went back in and tapped frank sonata on the shoulder. get out. trish: i love it. it is wonderful that they were married all of those years. somebody else dancing with his wife. jumping in. that, of course, nancy reagan's coffin up to the podium there. you can see the reverend kenworthy speaking. again, we will be watching all of this as it comes into us over the course of the next hour. nancy reagan is laid to rest.
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>> that is coming to us live at the reagan library. nancy reagan, the devoted wife to ronald reagan. late to rest their right by his side. i want to turn to another storage that we are following at this hour. a powerful interview that we did yesterday. the mother of a murdered benghazi victim. just plain wrong in her
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allegations with clinton. about whether she lied to the benghazi victims and to the american public about what happened that terrible night when four americans were killed at the diplomatic compound in libya. she said the attack was spontaneous. privately, telling a different story. here is what she said that the debate. >> secretary clinton, on the night of the attack in benghazi -- however, you lied. >> all told me it was a video.
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they know that it was not the video. they said that they would let me know what the outcome was. >> look, i feel a great he alone sympathy for the families of the four brave americans that we lost that benghazi. i certainly cannot imagine the grief that she has for losing her son. she is wrong. she is absolutely wrong. >> that mother sat down with me in an exclusive interview where she blast clinton. demand that they tell the truth. >> i was there and we were nose to nose at the coffin ceremony. >> she said, she was going to
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check and if it is any different, she would call me back. she has never once spoken to me. i do not need to know. you are his mother. >> that is what i said. they do not care. they go on with their lying little ways. i know what i heard. judith miller, good to see you. period no one from the administration did.
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absolutely. hillary clinton wanting answers. a woman who has a lying down. said the words that she understands the grief. what you remember and watching hillary clinton with that debate. and lack of response from her office. that family is entitled to an explanation. getting ready to happen. we know that the administration was desperately trying to cover things up. there were talking points. we have to blame this video. one is the issue.
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we are still getting answers. the separate issue is what they said about it and why they said it. on that, it is very clear. yes, there was conflicting answer. at that time the time they were making public statements. it was definitely a video. they knew that that was not the case. they knew it seemed to be a terrorist attack. terrorism was under rich ried. what do you think could be done now? >> mrs. clinton, even though she says the words, needs to demonstrate compassion. they do not feel that there is
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empathy and sympathy there. that is one of the problems that she has. i would like to play the sound for you. here is what she said. >> what could she do, should she do now? >> column, i want to speak to her personally. i want her to be able to tell me what happened. i do not believe that she has the guts to do that. there is a special place in hell for people like her. i hope that she enjoys it there. the mac the pain and the grieving and some one from mrs. clinton's office. presumably, mrs. clinton should take the time. secretary of state clinton said,
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to pride her management and efficiency, campaigning for president. >> i want to go back right now to the reagan library. the former prime minister of canada and a close friend of both the reagans, he is actually about to read one of the hundreds of love letters that president reagan wrote to nancy. >> in the spring of 1987, president reagan and i were driven at the auto what airport to await the arrival of mrs. reagan and my wife. prior to the departure ceremonies. following their highly successful state visit to canada.
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president reagan and i were alone except for the security details. when their car drove in a moment later, nancy and mila. as they headed towards us, president reagan beamed. he threw his arm around my shoulder, he said with a grim, you know brian, we sure married up. [laughter] i mentioned this again because it reflects a unique reality. she really always was on his mind. we all know love ron's great love and admiration for nancy. a constant manner in which he publicly expressed that. one day at the white house after another, absolutely falling
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tribute by president reagan to his beloved nancy, i said, you will get me and all the rest of us here. the president chuckled. the irish twinkle in his eye. well, brian, that is your problem, not mine. it is absolutely unique. a letter to nancy on their first christmas together in the white house. december 25, 1981. dear mrs. r. there are several much beloved women in my life.
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on christmas, i should be giving them gold and precious stones. how much these women need to meet and how empty my life would be without them. she brings grace and charm to whatever she does. everything is done with class. all i have to do is wash up and show up. here is another woman in my life. she does things that i do not always get to see, but i hear about them. she takes an abandoned child. the look on her face, only if madonna could match. one of adoration.
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i adore her to. she bends over a wheelchair or bad to touch an elderly voice with tenderness and compassion. just as she fills my entire life with warmth and love. there is another gal that i love. if she were stopped for three days in a hotel room, she managed to make it home sweet home. she moves things around. looks at it. straightens this, straightens that. you wonder why it was not like that in the first place. if we are tidying up the woods, she is a powerhouse. pushing over dead trees. she is a wonderful person to sit by the fire with or to ride with. or just to be with. when the sun goes down and the stars come out.
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if ever she stopped going to the ranch, i stop, two. i see her in every beauty spot that there is. i could not stand that. then there is a sentimental lady that i love. her eyes fill up so easily. on the other hand, she loves to laugh. i hear those. i feel good all over. even if i tell a joke. she has heard it many, many times before. fortunately, all of these women in my life are you. fortunately, for me that is, for it to be no life for me without you. how do i love the. let me count the ways. for me, there is no way to count. i love the whole gang of you. mommy, first lady, the sentimental you, though fine you
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and the peewee powerhouse. merry christmas to all, with all my love. lucky me. [laughter] theirs was a love story from the ages. the first couple. ron and nancy reagan represented america with great distinction. they had a magnificent sense of vocation. they had style and they had grace and they had class. some of you may have heard my reference to lines from william butler yeats. what the reagan meant to us all. today, those same golden words tumbled across continents and down the vista of the years. as we think of nancy reuniting finally with her beloved romney.
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he wrote, think though glory. most of it begins and is. mike lori was that i had such friends. >> we just heard a love letter. a beautiful love letter that had been written by president ronald reagan to his wife nancy reagan who he was deeply in love with. throughout their marriage. one of the most touching lines in that letter. there could be no vice from me without you. everyone said that was absolutely true. it was felt by both sides. certainly a love story for the ages.
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i am here again on set. he worked with the reagans in the white house. as the assistant secretary of labor and chief of staff. we have heard so much. how unusual do you think that their relationship was? especially from a political couple. >> you could almost hear president reagan. his tone and his voice boys in the way he talks about nancy. i was hearing the president right there. he was right on stage. >> you are right. the way he mentioned the twinkle in ronald reagan's side. you could almost see it there. >> that was a special part. not only in love.
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after the president was shot and was in the hospital. he was coming out of the coal mine. was in good shape. for the first words to nancy, they tell you about the nature of your relationship. i think i forgot to duck. right. period for sure, a definite appreciation. helping make him into the man he became. that nancy, i would not be your president of the united states.
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politics can be pretty tough sometimes. people try to take advantage. that was not going to happen. they filled each other up very nicely. they complimented each other. ♪ trish: nancy reagan being laid to rest. alongside her beloved romney. we will be right back. ♪
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when you think about success,
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what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. trish: up almost 200 points.
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meanwhile, the investigation claims. she was assaulted by donald trumps campaign manager. at a trump rally. meanwhile, doctor ben carsey out they are endorsing them in that he was called a pathological temper. rather civil for a change. gop debate. our very own political reporters. covering these campaigns from day one. this police investigation into the assault allegations. we have learned they are now reporting that maybe it was not actually campaign managers. it may have been someone else. a member of the secret service team.
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roughly treating michelle fields. >> possibly a security person. very confusing at this point. the ceo of the company actually back up michelle fields on this. it also published one of its own reporters. reviewing the videotape of this alleged in the videotape. whether it was somebody in the security detail. we were therefore this press conference. here is the actual report. filed by michelle fields that alleges this incident. >> michelle herself does not actually know whether or not it was cory. apparently seeing the whole thing. that was trumps campaign
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manager. >> a washington post reporter. there is also an audio tape that has surfaced. that was cory. i think that may have been. >> he will not put this in my she was basically in a state of shock. lagarde lists of list of whether it was cory or a member of the secret service team. that is not how you handle reporters. >> we also had one of the spokespeople on with stuart. let me get this exactly right. acknowledging that something happened to her.
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>> the whole thing was made up. they did .22 other incidents where they did find herself in altercations. i want to go over to blake for a moment. suggesting that his supporters vote for john k sagan all ohio. if you are not going to vote for me, that is okay. if you are not voting for rubio, blow for kasich or cruz is a vote for donald trump. the inverse of that, four john
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kasich and ohio. rubio was asked that earlier today. at this point, he respects if some of his voters end up voting for kasich, stopping trump. if we have some of that sounds, i will take it really quick. >> a better chance of winning all ohio then i do. >> not wanting donald trump to win ohio. the low for john. i respect that. >> how often do you hear that in the political arena. the kasich campaign, i just got a statement from them. this is from one of their top spokespersons. we agree with the rubio campaign that the best chances to vote for john kasich.
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this is one of those cases of who was is on first into his on third type of thing. trish: how soon should he get that? i do not know how he runs in his home state and runs the risk that he loses. loses, potentially, quite badly to donald trump. >> marco rubio began his campaign as a politician. all the way back in 1988. it is a question that a lot of people are asking. he has been running and not stay for 18 years. >> rumors that he may want to -- >> you do not necessarily want to go through with that after
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losing your own state. a lot of the big donors that are backing him, consolidate the boat around someone else. having both of you weigh-in. the speeches are about to begin at the nansen reagan funeral. >> a beautiful and smart woman. loving his craft, country and his countrymen. especially loving this remarkable woman. ronald wilson reagan would never happy, the 40th president of the united states. or, succeeded as well as he did. though cold war that president reagan did so much to and brought them together.
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1950, the name nancy davis appeared on a list of communist sympathizers. the hollywood blacklist her's of knowing that this was a different person and not the young actors. she took her problem to a union boss. they met at a hollywood restaurant. the dinner would be brief, they agreed. each had an early casting call. in fact, neither had an early casting call. [laughter] and early casting call was the standard hollywood excuse. i knew that he was the man i wanted to marry. at a nearby club.
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the third age and shakespeare's seven ages of man is the lover. sighing like a furnace. shakespeare, of course, mocking young lovers. their passion always burns hot, he said. never met nancy or her romney. prime minister pointed out, they could hardly be a part. when he was on a movie set or on the road for general elect trick or as governor or as president, he wrote her. every single night. when they were together, he had love notes around the house. one christmas at pacific palisades, he wrote, all would
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be without meaning if i did not have you. a shopping bag in her closet. she reciprocated by slipping little notes and jellybeans in the suitcase. i would knit him socks. i was asked the old school she wrote. they took on whatever the interest were. they became your interests, too. if ronald reagan had owned a shoe store, nancy would have been very happy pushing shoes
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and working the register. turned in a different direction, of course. to politics and public service. nancy who may have preferred a more private life, became the political life and first lady. owes much of the success of his presidency to her. she had an instinct for reading people. that the president knew that he lacked. nancy, he wrote, sees the goodness in people. she also has an extra instinct. he came to personnel. she knew who was paddling their own canoe and two was loyal. as tough as a marine drill sergeant. keeping her informed.
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seeking her support. he would at her voice to theirs. she was without a doubt his closest advisor. she is the one who said you need to do this, romney. you need to find a way to negotiate. the only time i saw her lose her composure was the day the president was shot. she was devastated and, in fact, she fell apart. even in his condition, she did her best to give him strength. honey, i forgot to duck he said. that was his way of comforting her. president reagan had left the hospital. the first lady left with a fierce determination to protect him in every way that she possibly could. ronald and nancy reagan were
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defined by their love for each other. as close to being one person as it is possible for any two people to be. when the president made his slow exit from the stage, she dedicated her service to his memory and place in history. now, she, too, has exited the stage to join her beloved romney in eternity. i can just imagine st. peter let the president know she arrived. a jar of jelly beans. a shopping bag full of letters. a suitcase filled with hand knitted socks. we love you, nancy. we miss you. we will see you on the other
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side. >> a very emotional time for me. i wrote arrived in los angeles to join nbc news. i was 26 years old. the geniuses said to me, running for governor of california. you do not hang that he is going anywhere. you are the junior guy, you get on the bus with him. [laughter]
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it is also to point out that was before the brown family put a semi permanent lease. [laughter] it was such an instructive beginning for me as a bulleted goal correspondent. the best campaign i had ever seen. by the time the governor got ready, i went to the los angeles press club where he was going to make his announcement. walked into the holding room early. then i realized it was kind of reserved for reagan supporters and family friends because they began to line the walls. nancy came in and kind of on autopilot. made her way around friends and supporters. it dawned on me, she would get to me.
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[laughter] i am the outlier at that point. i am a reporter from the press. she got to me and she leaned back. i quickly said, whatever it is, it is not catchy. i can promise you that. she laughs, leaned over and gave me a kiss. that was the beginning of a remarkable friendship between the first lady and a reporter. there was also a time that i began to appreciate just how much he meant to the man who became president of the united states. his best political advisor. she could be, as we all saw in those photographs, the adoring wife in public. an analyst and the keeper of the flames. we stayed in touch, but it was not always easy.
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i made some public comments about his early years and which i said i thought the poor boys narrative was somewhat overblown. after all, he had been in a successful broadcast since his early 20s. nancy was furious. stay clear of the white house for a while, brokaw, we will let you know when it is safe to go back. appointed to a state dinner. i would have to think what i was going to say to her. do not say anything to the president. he does not care about this. making my way for her. i have not yet come up with anything to say to her. finally, i stood before him. he could have -- i spontaneously
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said, nancy, she looked at me for a moment and roque up laughing. tom, back to square one. arriving with the inscription. tom, back to square one, love, nancy. that was such a telling moment. a political wife. someone who knew about personal relationships. quickly moving on. also, those other moments utterly and commands. that awful day when the president was shot. we did not know what the condition was. the president has been rushed to the hospital. she said, i must go. she said quickly to them, you give me a car right now or i will walk to the hospital. the president and i shared a
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birthday. february 6. it came okay she and to share phone calls and notes. when the president was going through his ordeal after leaving the white house, our calls became more regular. i could hear her loneliness. i suggested, the next time i am in california, we should invite our mutual friend warren beatty. oh, no, tom, it is enough to have lunch with you. the next day when the phone call arrived, it was nancy saying, oh, tom, do you think you would like to have lunch with us? [laughter] of course. i am here to tell you, nothing like walking into a los angeles dining room with mrs. reagan on your arm. warren and i turn to those. she always arrived with these
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observations. the best gossip from both coasts. as a eula just that president ford's funeral, i looked down at the first view. i decided if it was my duty to name them. president and mrs. bush. president carter. vice president dick cheney. you did not mention nancy. i had not seen her. i admittedly called our mutual friend who answers simply by saying, what were you thinking, pro- call? do you think she noticed? [laughter] are you kidding?
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i took my medicine for the next full 15 minutes. she accepted my explanation. then it was back to square one again. the way i got out of it was i agreed with her, she had been given a terrible seed. what i so admired about nancy. she knew how to protect her husband and her president. stand her ground. once it had been resolved, to moveon. the many occasions when i spoke at the library. we meet in a holding room downstairs to catch up on the latest gossip. what was going on in our personal lives. after everyone had been seated,
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especially once she was confined to a wheelchair, we would take her to an entryway that had been curtained off. we could hear the music begin to swell. ladies and gentlemen, the former first lady of the united states, nancy reagan and her guest tom brokaw. i escorted her into the auditorium and into the front row. i sat there beside tom selleck her friend and gave her my luck. the last time we were there together, i received them modestly. i wanted to be sure that nancy approved. i leaned over her seat. i hope that was okay. tom, give me a little kiss. they will love that. [laughter]
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our shared editor ran the house. will we lost nancy last weekend, it would have been the 60th anniversary of their marriage. god bless nancy. mrs. ronald reagan. first lady. the friend of a reporter. thank you, nancy. >> the month before my father died. she had to be there at the last
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moment. he determination was ferocious. i said the only thing i could think of and what i thought my father would say. it was in god's hands. she was there. occasionally, i thought that even god may not have the guts to argue with nancy reagan. [laughter] as her own health declined, she was quite adamant and vocal about reuniting with my father on the other side after her passing. i am hoping for god's peace of mind that she got her wish. my parents were to have so they circle. closed tight. their love for each other was the only answer they needed. no one truly crossed the
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boundary into the space they held as theirs. i saw this portrayed in front of me one summer evening when i was a teenager. we used to rent a beach house a few weeks in the summer. on this evening, streaking across the sky. i looked out and saw my parents sitting on the stand close together. heads tilted in conversation. there was so much vastness around them. though orange and pink sky. miles of white sand. then there was the circle of their own private world. indestructible, impenetrable. an island for two. i knew i would carry that image with me for the rest of my life. when my father was shot in my mother rushed to the hospital, they first would not let my mother see them.
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though moment before my father died, he opened his eyes which had been closed for days and you look straight at my mother. the circle was drawn again as he left this world. in the weeks after he died, my mother thought she saw his footsteps coming down the hallway at night. he would appear to her long after midnight sitting on the edge of the bed. i do not know anything about the possible passages between this world and the next, but i do know it is some of her loneliness. it made her feel like he was close by. on one occasion, i am quite certain that she was channeling my father. i found her very busy making phone calls to elected officials. trying to gain their support. something she was quite passionate about. she ended one phone call and gave me a somber look.
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well, she said in a calm tone, sounding much more like my father than herself, coral world is dogging my phone calls. everyone i call, he calls right after and tries to get them to oppose stem cell legislation. right after i asked. are you sure your phone is not bugged. no. i have a secret service check on that. [laughter] you must be furious, i told her. puzzled by the fact that she did not seem. is that all. even then, people that have never met my mother knew that the words had never been applied to nancy reagan, but that is what i saw.
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i have to keep moving forward. i admit, i did say, who are you and what have you done with my mother. she no longer heard his footsteps in the hall. she never stopped missing him. she told me once that the reason she had the television on all the time was because it filled the house was sounded made her feel less lonely. another remedy was to fill the empty spaces with the stories and memories. i reminded her of something that happened many decades ago when we lived in pacific island states. my father used to get massages from a large eastern european man that would come to the house and set up his massage table and my parents dressing room. my mother tiptoed in.
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kissed him lightly on the back of his neck and tiptoed out. [laughter] he did not know it was her. [laughter] never said a word. after the much door left, he said, mother, i do not think we can have him back anymore. [laughter] why? what happened? well, he kissed me. when she told him it was her, he was flooded with relief. he said, thank, god. i did not know what to do.
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on the announced to me, turning out to be the last time i would hear her laugh. it is no secret that my mother and i had a challenging and often contentious relationship. when i was a child, i imagined having warm and comfortable conversations with her. the reality was so different. i tried her patience and she intimidated me. we were never mild with one another. whether we were distant and angry or bonded and close, our emotions burned up the color chart. nothing was ever great. there were moments in our history where all that was going on between us was love. i choose to remember those moments. i choose to remember the mother who held together the gaping wound on the back of her guilt
2:55 pm
dollars had after she fell at a friends house and cut her skull open. she drove with one hand and held my head with the other. talking soothingly to meet in trying to conceal the fear in her eyes. watching was have nodded. it made my head hurt less. i told her that i had been involved in a complicated relationship for two years. i had cruelly been tossed aside. were wounded there many 19 -- more wounded than any 19-year-old should feel. i held onto my mother. she did not judge me. she was not punishing or accusatory. she was tender and understanding and loving. i remember walking with her
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along the beach. somehow the ocean always columns the air in between us. most of all, i will remember looking out the window at the sweetest sunset and see my parents sitting together on the sand. maybe on the other side they are in most shores. maybe it is possible to sit there forever undisturbed. two souls happily entwined. robert sexton road, wrote, across the years i will walk with you. indeed green forest. when our time on earth is through, and heaven, too, you will have my hand. i hope for my parents that it does not only live in the imagination, but are what they both longed for.
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>> i loved that story about the much lesueur. waiting for this big man to do something else. what must have been going to his mind. [laughter] i guess i am clean up here. let me, on behalf of my family let me thank you all for coming here. we really appreciate it. we really appreciate being surrounded by so much love and kindness. to jim and tom and everyone else who spoke. i appreciate that very much. to the folks at the library who put this whole thing on.
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what a terrific job they have done. we so much appreciate that, too. she did love a party. she would want this to be a party. this is not a tragedy. this is a celebration. i hope you had a chance to look around. some of you have been here many times before. i hope you realize that none of this, none of this would have i don't mean that she was active in fund-raising and building the library. of course, she was. what i really mean to say is that there would be no ronald reagan presidential library without a president ronald reagan, and there likely wouldn't have been a president ronald reagan without a nancy reagan. of course, it may not have happened that way if she was not made of such stern stuff.
2:59 pm
she may not have made it to being mrs. ronald reagan. my dad was playing a little hard to get when they were dating way back when. he had already purchased a ranch not too far from here in malibu, and he loved to go there and ride his horses and buck hay and generally get dirty and sweaty outdoors. not the kind of thing she's crazy about, my mother. but she was a good sport and wanted to participate in this. if he loved his ranch, well, she was going to love the ranch, too. so she would go out there and he would do his thing, and he would wonder about how she could help? now this ranch in malibu is about 700 acres or so, had a long driveway that led to the house. about half a mile with fences on both sides. so they would go out there and they would hang out and be ranchers, but she wanted to help, as i said, so she asked him, what can i do to help?
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did i mention that the fences lining that half mile driveway were unpainted? [laughter] so he handed her a bucket of paint and a brush. and my mother painted a mile's worth of fence. every post, every plank, both sides. once! [laughter] that paint job lasted for the duration. now, my father was confident, but he was not an arrogant man at all, and it takes a great deal of chutzpah to run for president of the united states or even governor of california, for that matter, and her absolute belief in him gave him that chutzpah to run for


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