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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 9, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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kennedy. goodnight. good evening, everybody. if you were wondering why in the midst of an international crisis president obama, today delivered a remark that a small, little-known university in connecticut, there are answers. and the answers are contained in the latest fox news poll, and those answers are devastatingly negative for the president. brand-new fox news polling shows president obama's approval rating at an all-time record low at 38%, that is down four points since last month. and his disapproval rating has moved up to 54%. that is one point from his
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all-time high record of disapproval. his other numbers are even worse, believe it or not. president obama's job approval on foreign policy, 33%. a staggering 56% disapprove of his handliing of foreign policy. 6 in 10 americans also say that the united states is worse off than before mr. obama took office. a majority of americans now say the president has failed on health care, failed on the economy, jobs, transparency and making the country safer. there is no consolation for president obama in th disparity between his poll numbers and those of his secretary of state. john kerry's job approval rating in the latest gallup, at a robust 55%. only 4% disapproval. the secretary of state used strong words following a meeting
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with russia's foreign minister, while president obama went back to campaign trail, pushing his nationwide min mainimum wage hike. here's secretary of state kerry. -- we cannot and will not allow the integrity of the sovereignty of the country of ukraine to be violated and for those violations to go unanswered. >> joining us now to answer as many questions as possible, foreign pentagon correspondent, k.t. mcfarland. doug schone. thank you all for being with
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us. these numbers for the president don't bolster in any way his standing in the international community, at the same time, his secretary of state seems to be standing tall, to forgive the expression, and seemingly advancing u.s. interest successfully, your thoughts? >> i wouldn't say successfully. compared to what? the president looks like he's sort of flailing around. the red line over iran. the red line over syria, well, we know what happened there. the red line with north korea, you shouldn't test the missile. a hapless foreign policy with regard with ukraine, i think secretary kerry is trying, i don't think he's succeeding. but at least there's forward progress. >> doug, your thoughts on the ukraine, the president's policies or lack thereof, and where we appear to be heading in
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the relationship with the ukraine and really with eastern europe. >> i think we're in an absolutely weakened position as we sit here today. there is no clear consensus about what the western response should be to the incursion into can crimea. there should be sanctions. but we really don't have anything in place, we don't have the europeans onboard and bottom line, we look like a weak nation and it raises concerns about other former republics of the soviet union. >> matt, it's clear that the president is trying to bolster nato, stepping up, adding i believe six aircrafts into a rotation with a refueling
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aircraft, to patrol the northern region of eastern europe, that's principally the balkans, what is your reaction? >> i think what's making the american people nervous is that there doesn't seem to be a plan and if we look at what they have been doing in syria and other places, it dund lead to some coherent approach. secretary hagel announced all of these new cuts to the budget at defense. today, we're supposed to believe they're going to take tough new steps and implement even more budget dollars toward this problem. if you look at it politically and if john kerry is out polling you with the confidence of the american people, and if you're barack obama, you've got to be worried. >> i think that's a terrific point and doug, if i may, the
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ukrainians themselves right now, they're at the center, the epicenter of this crisis, they must be anxious about their future, is there any clarity here for them whatsoever in. >> none, as far as i can see. first, vladimir putin made it clear that he's not invading eastern ukraine for now. he's made it clear that he is not an anning crimea now. they look and we're going to try to have presidential elections in may. we'll try to have economic assistance from europe and the united states put in place quickly, and while they are the outlines of those processes in place, there is no certainty. >> markets have recovered, k.t., from the nose-dive of the first
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news that russia had indeed invaded, if you prefer incurs n incursion. it's unclear where those troops are. but markets for now seem satisfied. your thoughts about where we are? >> i think you view this as a cautionary tale. why was ukraine up for grabs? why is ukraine so vulnerable? >> they're massively in debt and no one wants to bail them out. secondly, more importantly, they don't control their own energy, they have to get energy from russia, they as well as the europeans get russian energy. when you think, how do you solve ukraine? europe can't stand up to russia, because europe needs russia energy. what nobody is talking about is
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the chinese have come out in support of the russians. while putin was preparing this, during the middle of the olympics, he left sochi, he went to moscow and he met with the egyptian defense minister and they signed an agreement, that russia is going to replace the united states as the primary weapons supplier for egypt. egypt and israel at peace, have kept the peace for 40 years. it's not just what we're all focused on the tragedy of ukraine and et cetera, but it's a much bigger picture of whose destiny is anyone controlling. don't get in debt. make sure you're energy-sufficient. >> we're working on the latter. we're so in debt, there's not much we can do in the short term. k.t. brings up a very good
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point, the role of china, to this point, it said it will be understanding and recognize the cultural and political complexities of the relationship between ukraine and russia historical historically. that sounds an awful lot like we're with you. >> it does. the other thing they've said, they've said that this needs to be worked out with a negotiated settlement with all of the parties, which also means we're not going to do anything to preclude the russians from their incursi incursion, their invasion, call it what you will. there's a defacto alliance between the russians and the chinese. >> and that's horrifying. >> matt? >> what k.t. said on energy, you got to be careful when washington comes up with quick fixes. one of the quick fixes that we're all reading about, liquefy
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our american gas and send it to ukraine. the fastest that could happen would be 2017. the we need to help them frak and get their own natural gas. we have our own energy security issues we need to focus on. >> helping the ukraine with the exploration or production of their energy reserves is a monumental, complicated and an expensive task. there is no short-term answer, at least in sight now. the idea of sanctions and i can't believe the number of people who keep talking about imposing sanctions on russia, matt, very quickly, your thoughts? good idea or bad? >> i think it's -- it's worrisome. i think we have to project strength but in a way that doesn't harm our own economic
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interests. if we press this reset button again, i want to be able to do it. >> if we never hear the word reset again, it won't be any discomfort to me. >> your thoughts. >> i'm a mother. when i tell my children don't do something or else, i got to make sure i have the "or else" planned. yet another threat the president is going to make and he's not going to be carried out. >> doug? >> bottom line, i haven't seen anything or anybody who has the ability to compelling tell vladimir putin no. >> thank you very much, doug, we appreciate it, k.t., matt, thank you. >> thank you. an american anchor who works for russian state television delivering a surprising on-air critique of russian invasion. i can't stress enough how
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strongly i am against any state of intervention in a sovereign nation's affairs. what russia did was wrong. >> her bosses at russia today, they decided to send her to crimea so sh can lere aboueisis. stayh us. we're coight back. w a the center o w a the center o th irssc, ping t
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house oversight hearing on the irs targeting scandal turned tense after former irs official lois lerner refused to testify for a second time.
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>> ms. lerner you're released. but first i would like to use my time to make some brief points. for the past year, the central accusation -- >> close it down. >> before our -- a single document. >> if you'll sit down and allow me to ask the questions. i'm a member of congress of the united states of america. i'm tired of this. we have members over here. each who represent 700,000 people. you can't have one-sided investigation. that is absolutely -- there's absolutely something wrong with that. and un-american.
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>> the hearing is adjourned. >> i do have a question. >> wow. joining us now the cohoff ost of the five on the fox news channel. good to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> that was an amazing display. lois lerner after being told that she would testify, again, taking the fifth. >> that was an amazing display and distraction. i actually regret playing that footage on the five earlier. he said it's un-american, what's un-american is what happened at the irs and the distraction that coming from the other democrats don't want you to know about is the smoking gun memo that shows lerner referring to tea party groups as dangerous. lois lerner being worried about the koch brothers. and lois lerner cutting out
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cincinnati, at the irs, oh, cincinnati was rogue, they acted on their own, no, this was a striblgtly washington, d.c., operation. the hysteria by representative c cummings. >> do you think it was theater? >> looking, he gave chairman issa -- i think he gave him an excuse to crying. let's let him then respond to this memo. instead of cut the mike, i'm sorry, and make this now the story that his mike was cut instead of the smoking gun proof that we have been looking for that surfaced today. >> it speaks to her knowledge and awareness, the memo, i'm not convinced perhaps as you, that
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it does represent a smoking gun in terms of demonstrating her guilt, but there's no question it should be explored and it is a significant move forward. but, on that issue, where does this investigation go from here? the attorney general of the united states has been held in contempt by congress. there are six major investigations going on by the issa committee. where are we headed here? why not at least have at least one successful result stir one liberal news organization to interest and concern and produce a result. this is now, far flung unwielding and approaching unseemingly. >> the talk has turned to holding her in contempt. what does to? nothing. this is a woman, again, i think the smoking gun was her not
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putting all of the facts today and pleading the fifth again. i think, lou, she's waiting for immunity from this. as far as i understand, she can still logon to the computers at the internal revenue service. the media doesn't care, the administration doesn't care. they'll convince america they shouldn't care, either, where this is a second to benghazi, the biggest scandal to hit this white house. >> and i agree with you on that. but the other part of that is, we now look at eight open seats, eight seats that are being challenged that look like they're going to go republican. we look at a generic poll, saying the democrats are running eight points behind republicans going into these midterms. these are very positive signs,
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the latest poll that produced today by -- that came out at 6:00 today, the fox news polling, this president is in -- he is in so much trouble politically, that it has to influence the candidates in his party. >> 100%. if you look back at the president's numbers, when they started to erode, it was the beginning of the ishs scandal, this tipped it off, to see, lou, amazingly the senators up for re-election, others flips on the killing, it shows you how scared how the democrats are and how out of touch this white house is, but the fact that the white house decided to put up someone for an anomination that's so politically polarizing and they lost. the vice president was humiliated today. they're completely devoid of any
8:22 pm
touch with reality or the american electorate. > >>. >> certainly a reach too far. at least according to the vote today. always great to have you. >> always great to be with you. former first lady barbara bush soften her declaration that we have had enough bushes in the white house. a little. >> it just seemed ridiculous in a country this size that we didn't have other families, i mean, we got great governors and other people, i just don't understand it. and maybe jeb's given all he should give.
8:23 pm
because he worked awfully hard for a long time. but he is the best qualified person in the country there's no question about that. >> i think leaen, 243 days to go before the midterm elections. do you agree with barbara bush? >> can you imagine? bush and clinton. >> we have had a belly full of obama and he's just one. i think she was very adept in handling that question. however, she was being a good mom by saying, he's the best candidate, he's my son. >> she covered all of the base and she did. >> thank you. forget the oscars selfie and i hate to bring it up, a danish fighter pilot might have the ultimate selfie, we'll show you that. the very moment he fired a
8:24 pm
missile from his f-16. that's pretty spectacular. and these bald eagles were stuck together after they got into a fight over territory, the birds were untangled. they flew away just as rescuers got close. we are coming right back, stay with us. the fog of incursion, russian troops, what are they really doing? withdrawing or taking up new positions? what is the u.s. position? an 18-year-old high school student suing her parents. our legal panel tells us why she has a case. that's next. announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scotade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions,
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you can try fixodent plus gum care. thanks to its formula, your gums become one with your denture. this helps stop movement and helps prevent gum irritation so you can keep enjoying life. [ apple crunches ] fixodent. and forget it. the obama administration trying to down play russia's successful test today. my next guest says that president obama should provide missile defense to poland and czech republic, reversing the president's 2009 decision, that's necessary to put pressure on putin. joining us now a retired
8:28 pm
four-star general, general jack kean. general, great to have you with us. is it -- it is your belief that mr. obama would be open now to putting the missile defense shield in poland, in czecho slovakia. >> i suspect no, he moves cautiously in this confrontation. and i think, really, he has to step up here. fundamentally, what we're seeing here is 21st sergery global power politics played on a world stage and it's a test of wills. putin understands that, he understands the psychology of it. we don't seem to grasp it. the fact of the matter is, we should be doing things, reputational things to him, not the united states not going to the g-8, we should oust him from the g-8 and oust him from the
8:29 pm
g-20. that would pow bother him. you just mentioned the missile defense, we could accelerate georgia into nato, which is moving slowly towards that end, but we could put it on a fast track. and there are things that we could do about syria, recommits ourselves to syria, where putin is heavily engaged. then of course, as other guests have talked about, there's much we can do in terms of freezing personal assets. but, we have to do something, lou, we just can't talk about deescalation without doing something. i'm convinced that putin should pay a price for what he has done. even if he volunteers at some point to move away, there should be a price exerted for this or we're going to see it again. >> it is -- it's puzzling, certainly at least to me, that the administration was caught so
8:30 pm
apparently flat-footed by putin's move on ukraine. there was scuttle butt of all sort. that putin would move after the close after the sochi olympics. just everyone was waiting for him to make a move, but seemingly the united states government was not connected to that possibility or at least the administration was not. >> well, we have had this kind of surprise before and i agree with you, it's mystifying, because the fact the matter is, put putin they miscalculated, it resulted in yanukychov for fleeing. putin is not going to stand by
8:31 pm
because that guarantees that you ukraine will move towards europe with his him gone. >> the g-20, the g-8, the first reflex of this administration and others in europe was to exclude putin rather than just simply withdraw, they think of a ban rather than taking action themselves. and to create a new structure for a 21st century world in which we exists. there doesn't seem to be an original thinker among a single one of them. it >> it's amazing to me, now, listen, that wouldn't be decisive to get putin to do things that he doesn't want to do. he enjoys this world stage, he enjoys the platform. part of his plan to restore
8:32 pm
russia to prestige it once had with the soviet union and to be taken seriously as a country, so those things would actually matter to him. boot him out of it. vote the g-8 vote the g-7 member out. >> putin has made it clear that he's not interested in annexing crimea, but when starts to think about the similar man ticks involved, what do you think the future holds? >> yeah, i think he's going to continue to put pressure here, because the fact of the matter is, what is driving him is the ukraine moving toward the eu and moving away from russia, he does not want that, geopolitically that is a disaster for him, so his presence in crimea, i don't
8:33 pm
believe it will be permanent. but he's sending loud message to this new government, he's going play his game here, he may -- we have to deter him from going any further and we have to get him to move those troops out of there. that won't happen with rhetoric, we need to step up and that seems blatantly obvious to anyone who's looking at this situation. the rhetoric has to be over, it has to be matched now with some action. >> general keane, thank you. facebook reportedly in talks to buy drone maker titan aerospace, they want to be wireless connectivity to remote parts of the world, principally, africa. if it goes through, it will be in direct contact with google. competition, a lovely thing. up next -- the government
8:34 pm
suing one of the companies that went along with their controversial phone-tapping program. bizarre. bizarre story, we'll have that for you. and a new jersey 18-year-old suing her parents. that's next. what does everything mean to you? with the quicksilver cash back card from capital one, it means unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. it doesn't mean, "everything.. as long as you buy it at theas station." it doesn't mean, "everything... unl you hit your cash back limit." it means earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every place, every occasion, all over creation. that's what everything should mean. so consider... what's in your wallet?
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the justice department today filed a lawsuit against sprint allegedly that sprint overcharged our government for compliance of secret wiretaps of american phones. improperly inflated charges to $20 million. there will be an accounting. a new jersey judge has just ruled against an 18-year-old honor student, rachel canning left her home and immediate lly sued her parents for financial support.
8:38 pm
joining us now to sort it out, lis and mercedes. thanks both for being with mercedes, let's start with you, this looks like a clear victory for common sense. >> oh, my goodness. this young girl can -- is honestly a brat with a capital b. she goes, i don't want to follow your rules. by the way, the rules were, stop bullying your younger sisters. and treat us with respect and you can live here, i'm sorry, she wants to control -- i don't want to -- i'm out. by the way, i need money, because i didn't factor in when i walked into the house. she walked into a house of a best friend. >> her best friend's father is a
8:39 pm
lawyer. i blame the lawyer. who was asking $12,000 in legal fees. i mean, it's, you know, we're all parents here, under my roof, it's my rules that's as simple as it is. >> it's pretty clear that she walked out. >> they didn't kick her out. >> amazing. a californian couple that found that $10 million in their backyard, well, they got some problems, and mercedes, it turns out, those coins, well, were stolen from the u.s. mint in 1900, so, it could possibly be considered property of the u.s. government after these many years. >> undoubtedly. because, you know, because they were buried, if it was open and the government didn't seize them, seize the property, maybe there would be an argument of find ers keepers or loser weepers. unfortunately for them, because
8:40 pm
i mean, everyone of us, this is going to be such a great start for this couple. it will probably likely be seized. >> they do have an argument, some of the coins weren't listed on those -- that had been stolen from the bank in san francisco. they've got some legal arguments to make to say, you government, you got to show us that these really are the coins that were stolen, because, right now, i'm not sure they have made that case completely. >> let's get over this hurdle right now, for those folks watching who may or may not find -- who may find $10 million or some sizable value >> under the couch? >> in the backyard. what is the best legal advice here? one of them should probably don't run to the media and tell everybody about it. what should they do? >> just spend it. >> they should go to a lawyer. >> go to lawyer and spend some
8:41 pm
money. >> that's mercedes' answer to everything. >> exactly. >> is there any smart way to handle this that's also, of course, entirely and proper and legal? mercedes? >> you know, they would have to contact the irs, because it's a wind fall, ultimately, the government will be involved, they have to pay taxes on it, they're not going to get around it, if it's stolen property, perhaps some of those coins can be kept by the family, but they're still ultimately going to pay taxes. >> put it under the mattress and send it little by little. we have a minute here. the world war ii memorial for soldiers to be taken down because it has a cross affixed. what should be the outcome.
8:42 pm
>> the outcome should be it should be allowed to come. whether or not a court decides it's historical monument as opposed to a religious symbol. >> mercedes? >> that's exactly right. if it's historical, it could go beyond the constitutional power. separation of state and religion. >> it's unfortunate and i think at lot of people would say as crazy as hell, that's just one country boy's opinion. thank you for being with us. from naples, florida, have fun. >> thank you. french and russian scientists releases video of 30,000 individu 30,000-year-old virus. the ancient virus apparently only attacked single-cell
8:43 pm
amoebas. it's unlikely that any real pathogen could be thawed from the frost as it melts. up next -- governor jan brewer vetoing a law to allow what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. [ male announcer ] just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. [ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now.
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cascade. beyond clean and shine every time. arizona governor jan brewer vetoed the controversial religious freedom bill, after my next guest and other business leaders, community leaders and faith leaders slammed the bill, joining us now is glenn hammer, glenn, great to have you with us, you know i think -- >> thank you, lou. >> i think that governor brewer deserves great credit to having reach this decision and having made it, your thoughts on the decision itself and the role of the chamber in business in
8:47 pm
supporting that decision? >> well, first of all, we are deeply appreciative of governor brewer vetoing the bill, she's arizona's iron lady, we feel we have made more progress than any other state in our economic competitiveness. it was the faith-based community and also a lot of republicans, a poll came out last week, that showed 2 to 1 republican primary voters wanted her to veto it. as well as five republican candidates running for governor in the state also requesting a veto. >> we reported that on this very broadcast. go ahead. >> we appreciate that, lou, and this was one where, look, we all respect religious liberties, in fact arizona has very strong laws and we passed the state version of -- >> do you sport them if they
8:48 pm
intervene with the super bowl -- >> well, we want to make sure that arizona is a welcoming society and this type of bill, you need to bring people together on different sides of the issue and vet out all of these issues. >> one of the things that a i think at will of people don't realize, this all apparently started because of an event in the state of new mexico that had nothing to do with arizona. governor brewer told me herself, that she and her people looked for a single instant of a violated of religious freedom that this bill would have been act to overcome, they couldn't find a single incident of it's laughable. >> when you balance that with very severe economic conseque e consequences wheconsequenc
8:49 pm
consequences in a state where we have a growing tech sector and we have to attract talent, governor brewer reached the correct decision. >> i should also say, we talked about the faith-based communities supporting the governor's veto, merely the entire faith-based community came to the governor and said, veto the law, the bill, before it becomes law. and that's really commendable as well. >> lou, the entire arizona -- i moon, i have never seen the community in arizona really come together like this. faith-based leaders, the business community, we all -- we all came together and again, i mean, think about this, five republican candidates running for governor as you reported came out and forcefully said that the governor should veto this legislation. >> we're out of time, glenn, we appreciate you being here, thank
8:50 pm
you so much. >> thank you, lou. >> congratulations to you and your support of the governor. coming up, my commentary on this nation's
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
seemingly the only one not talking publicly about the ukrainian crisis the man who precipitated the crisis for his order for russian troops to invade or to put it to carry out an inkushs in crimea, that man of course is president of russia, vladimir putin. not talking comes easily to the kgb colonel, not talking and in particularly not talking tough is quite a bit more difficult for quite a few of our
8:54 pm
government officials. they have been silent on russia and putin for most of their careers, but now they're talking and talking tough. here's secretary of state john kerry. >> the fact is, he's going to lose on the international stage, russia's going to lose, the russian people are going to lose, he's going to lose all of the glow that came out of the olympics. his $60 billion extravaganza. >> and of course, secretary kerry precisely the same fellow in the 2012 democratic national convention mocked governor romney because he was concerned about russia and putin in particular. house speak john boehner was more succinct and talking tough when he called putin a thug. and they sounded as at least as angry with president obama as with president putin.
8:55 pm
inhofe saying -- inhofe remembers too well president obama's dismissal of his presidential opponent romney's concerns about russia. >> when you're asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing the united states, is russia. the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> the man mr. obama who's bringing up al qaeda was the same candidate who had said al qaeda was on the run. well, it turns out, senator inhofe was correct all along, but this white house wouldn't listen to him. just as they dismissed romney's russia worries and the words of
8:56 pm
sarah palin. one thing for the president to not listen to inhofe, palin and romney, another to not listen from such mistakes. let's see if president obama has listened and learned. some top comments -- raffle says -- p.j. in arizona -- thank you, i didn't believe that anyone was ever going to say anything about mexico's responsibility for the illegal immigrants in this country. keep saying it, lou. and skully tweeted, what does obama have in his arsenal against russia? his pen and phone and tell prompter? heavily armed and dangerous. keep those comments coming. we're giving away copies of my new book to comments we read.
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nice office. how you doing? good. automatic discnts the moment you sign up.
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>> i will send congress a budget that creates new jobs in manufacturing and energy and innovation and infrastructure. john: how will he pay for it? >> we'll pay for every dime for it by cutting unnecessary spending. john: give me a break, they never cut anything. this asks for billions more for universal preschools. >> it is right for america. john: billions more on infrastructure. >> but you need to fund the projects. john: already $17 trillion in debt. must government spending go up. this is per person since america began, it was 5% of the economy, here's world war i.


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