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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 4, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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it is time for "varney & company." thank you for joining me. stuart: no sign the fighting is ending in ukraine. the stocks go straight up. good morning, everyone. kerry heads to kiev. triple digits on the dow. the s&p 500. a new record there. amazing what a nice cash flow can do for you. the architect behind obamacare. he sings the praises. all thanks to his law. that ought to wake you up. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
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the local there appears to be no imminent threat of a shooting war in ukraine. that is why the market is going straight up. look at that. all in green. now take a look at the s&p 500. that is record territory. the new intraday high was 1869. now we have hit 1874 the -- i say this market just wants to go up. the lack of a shooting war in ukraine is a good excuse. >> the industrial names are leading this. the risk on trade is coming
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back. stuart: it is not our beloved technology stocks? technology stocks? sandra: has been in big momentum player but it is not the leader in this rally today, but i know i will tee up charles when i say this, the fed has not gone out of our business yet so how do you know if this rally can sustain itself? charles: i don't care. you talked people out of this -- we know what the fed is doing. janet yellen tells us they tapered twice, they announced on december 17th, we are up -- here is the bottom line. you hit the nail on the head with industrials, we are rebuilding america, we hired 48,000 construction workers still we don't have enough construction workers. when pending home sales came out we didn't have enough inventory, but the great news, yesterday
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overshadowed a stronger than expected manufacturing number, in command spending. stuart: two types of trading going on. the big-time traders who trade by computer and they look what the fed is saying, every minutiae of the fed that is a whole group of traders. the others are people who look at individual stocks and by the companies they like. charles: we should call those investors. stuart: to the g wishes story of the day. there are reports that facebook is in talks to buy tyson aerospace, the makers of solar power drone that can fly for five years without needing to land. facebook wants to use these to cover parts of the world that don't have internet access starting with africa. amazing what you can do with a company like amazon, massive cash flow and all kinds of
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things you are interested in. >> nice to be talking about the drone story and companies making investments and not the drone delivering pizza or beer to your doorstep. we are talking about a global picture, practical use and also by the way, speaking to charles's rally nice to see these companies putting this cash they have been sitting on to work. that is a very bullish sign. stuart: facebook reminds me of amazon, lots of money, lots of areas to get into. drones, facebook, remember when we had j.c. penney on deathwatch back in september? standard and poor's raised its output, it believes the company's performance has begun to stabilize. charles payne is and was a believer, you stuck by opec. 8:47 you are still in and, not selling, you are not going to tell you not taking profits, not tell -- you are going to stay. look at another of his picks.
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the scratch proof glass for smart phones, goldman sachs says to buy it, they will be watching charles because he likes it too. charles: 100% after we had it. stuart: you are pretty gold. i want to relate to you a loser, radio shack. remember this ad from the super bowl making fun of radio shack's outdated image. let's look at that image, radio shack is closing 1100 stores across the country. nicole petallides, that holiday sales to blame. what do you think? should we put this thing on deathwatch? sandra: radio shack changed their business model. yesterday you went in fur all kinds of gadgets and remote controlled toys and then they tried to reinvent themselves as some sort of mobile telecom score. i went in to buy a game consoles
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and nobody could help me because they were trying to sell a phone to somebody. meantime the stock has tanked, it is down 15% today because they had a total fourth quarter and this, having to close stores, a 1100 stores, that is 20% of their stores. we will see what the outlook is that it is a tough day for their shareholders to watch it fall again. stuart: market doesn't think you adjust cutting costs. they are thinking about survival. thanks very much. the dow industrials now up 200 points. why is that? developments in ukraine. vladimir putin pulling some troops back to their bases in crimea. that may remove temporarily the threats of a shooting war in ukraine. here is what president obama had to say before vladimir putin made that move. >> the strong condemnation it has received around the world
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indicates the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history. stuart: president obama wants to impose economic sanctions that vladimir putin says would be mutually hurtful. stuart: joining the republican congressman adam -- you support the president's sanctions plan. why would that be? >> a couple things. hopefully things are settling down in the ukraine but this is a long game, long hall strategy. to the extent we could impose energy sanctions on russia, understandable and effect because they rely so much but i would go one more step and say by 2020 we are expected to be the world's leading producer of energy and there's talk about exporting natural gas, we need to make it clear we need to start planning for the long game and we will have natural gas with allies that reliance on russian gas to be accountable. stuart: it is all about energy, isn't it? a lot of europe is supplied with
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natural gas, a lot of that comes through ukraine and from russia. therefore, there is a limit to a and forbid its natural gas to get into europe. the europeans will never look at that. stuart: we have to take into account the effect this will have on their economy, doing things that will affect their allies may not be beneficial but if the president came out today, he won't but if he came out today and said we are an energy powerhouse we are committing that in ten years we have great contract with our allies that would scare the russians. vladimir putin does things with long hall and he knows is only play in building up the soviet union is through energy. stuart: he said get out and fractal the cows come home across the united states of america, build that pipeline, drill on federal land, get the energy that is ours.
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i agree with you, congressman, that could have a material impact. you will say forcefully and say it right now. thanks for being with us to a day, we appreciate it. busy day. secretary of state john kerry heads to the capital of ukraine, kiev. listen to what he said last year about the gop concerns about russia. >> he has blurted out a preposterous notion that russia is our number one political geopolitical foe. sarah palin said she could see russia from alaska. mitt romney talks like he only sees russia by watching rocky 4. stuart: that was that the democrat convention. they laughed when now secretary of state said that. we are joined by colonel bill cowan. great to have you with us. this statement that
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putin has ordered russian troops who are in crimea back to barracks. it seems the stock market is hanging its hat on that. the withdrawal of troops may lessen the danger of a shooting war. >> teammate be withdrawing some troops. he won't withdraw all of them but the good news is he appears to achieve the strategic victory, major strategic victory with no shots being fired so vladimir putin comes out winner on this and he will withdraw some troops if he feels it necessary, feels no threat but the ukrainian military, he is still a winner no matter what he does. stuart: what should president obama do now? you are a military guy. i am not suggesting the presidential order an aircraft carrier to the black sea but what you think about using strong hard force, our power? what should the president do? >> we have no options for hard power. our military is tired, beat up, the equipment is beat up but we have a strong military force and
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i don't see anything wrong with putting a naval presence in the black sea just to remind everybody in the region that the u.s. is still a military power. we might consider giving some assistance to the ukrainian military, the ukrainians work with us innings -- in afghanistan. a lot of combat experience, race relationships with ukrainian military, let's go public and say we will provide them material and training and put u.s. troops inside ukraine to train with them. let's establish the fact the we do have a military and although we don't want to do it and don't intend to use it we have it and we can use it if we have to because no question about it vladimir putin is not going to stop with crimea or a little bit of eastern ukraine. you wants a lot more and whatever time it takes to achieve it which includes other places like belarus and lithuania. stuart: i you ok with being provocative like that? put an american naval presence
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in the black sea, and get some military advice or weaponry to the ukrainians that would be a serious escalation from our side. you are ok with that? >> it depends on how we do and what we do with them but military provocation has been set forward by vladimir putin. we don't want to engage them militarily so we could clean them out quickly. we at least need to say we are here, still somebody to be reckoned with. if circumstances take us there. so i do think of modest naval presence and some support to the military on the ground would be helpful. stuart: the president -- our troops who remain in afghanistan are supplied in part from central asian republics, not sure which one. they have a lot of material and transportation and supplies from
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there. very easy for vladimir putin to break that connection. >> absolutely would. my son is serving in afghanistan on his fifth tour. a lot of things russia can do to tweak as a little bit. i don't think vladimir putin is afraid to do anything and i think the terror about where will the u.s. stands in the globe is where china liens on this incident in crimea. of china sides with russia that tells us how the rest of the world views us. if they side with us we have some backing by somebody that matters. stuart: wait until china takes a look at that vast, empty, resources rich area known as siberia. colonel bill cowan. great pleasure to have you with us. >> wonderful to be with you. stuart: we have a rally, 190 points from a dow jones industrial average and seat emanual, brother of rahm emanuel has a message for you. prepared to kiss your insurance company good bye.
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more on this next.
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stuart: secretary of state john kerry is about to speak. he is in kiev, the capital of ukraine, about to speak. we will bring you what he has to say when he says it. i have the dow jones industrial average up 205 points. that is a rally and a half. i wonder if john kerry will say anything that moved the market up or down. obviously that is why we are watching. it is a crucial moment in the ukraine crisis and it will be added to by john kerry moments from now. where is the price of gold? it is down $13 this morning. we follow tesla very closely. yesterday one of our market watchers on this program said now is the time to shore tesla, bet that the thing is going to go -- go down for a couple weeks. stock is up today after jpmorgan raised its target price to
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$1.64. raised its target price to $1.64. is now $2.55. what am i missing? charles: wall street analysts, it is almost a joke. stuart: wait a minute. does he mean to as low will come all the way from $2.65 to $1.64? charles: it was a $65 target still, i think. stuart: maybe i missed worded. he did not raise his price. charles: the target might have been lower. >> the target was lower than that. stuart: the inference from the analyst was this is going down. >> this stock is expensive right now. stuart: i will give him that. before john kerry speaks, i want to move on to obamacare. zeke emanual is securing the end of health insurance as we know it thanks to obamacare. this is the quote from an odd that in the new republic and i am quoting directly, insurance
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companies as they are now will be going away. indeed they are already evolving. insurance companies will continue to provide services to employers can compete against each other -- all right. here is the story. right now you have got patients that you and i in the middle is the insurance company and you have doctors and hospitals, the insurance companies are the middle guys. bets in look-alike is with us, authority on obamacare and i need you to explain this. hold on, i have got to repeat this. you have patients, you and i, in the middle, insurance companies and here you have doctors. ziti manual says this middle bunch are going away. is the right? >> there is at trend in that direction even without obamacare. accountable care organizations, hospitals and doctors who band together and make a business and accept a flat rate to take care
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of each patient. even go to big business and say we will host cell health care to everybody. stuart: we got to hold the viewer's interest. can have them go off because they don't understand. the insurance company gradually goes away and i the patient will be dealing with doctors and hospitals as a group and they are charging me a flat fee to cover them for year after year? >> this is why there's a lot of push back from doctors and patients. these accountable care organizations have a conflict of interest with the patient like the insurance company does. every time the doctor prescribe something for a patient that comes out of the doctor's don't pocket at the end of the year. like the hmos of the 1990s the american public rejected. stuart: would you get the cost down? >> they do skimp on care.
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that is how they make money but they also promise better quality and studies don't show that. the second problem is standardization. that is the word you see in zeke's article, they will standardize the practice of medicine. science is moving in the opposite direction and it would deny patients the benefit of that. line of three women with breast cancer, each with a different genetic mutation. you standardize their kerri is a death sentence for one of them. stuart: if you get these accountable care organizations the price, the patient, the consumer will probably go down. >> he admits in the article of you want to second opinion don't expect it of an a c 0. i cut this out because i couldn't believe it. they will be restricted to the physicians in the system. we should know many people pick kaiser or group health and get
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all of their care from the integrated systems and they don't seem to worry they don't get highest quality care. maybe they don't worry but most patients would wary especially if they have cancer. stuart: another one. report about another delay coming su in time for the midterm elections. health-insurance, allow you to keep your plan even if it doesn't comply with obamacare. >> this health law is great. they have to keep delaying it. stuart: it is not for sure. >> we heard about it last night, haven't seen it in black-and-white. healthcare is dictated by the president not by our elected representative torres in congress. people with preexisting conditions are very relieved, those are the people you see in the ads a guy won't be able to keep my doctor or my medication entities obamacare plans, they are relieved. and frankly it will be
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impossible for them to reinforce this mandate, this tax penalty of people who don't have insurance when they delay their definition of insurance. obamacare looks like it is crumbling. stuart: got it. betsy mccoy, thank you very much indeed. two stories we are following. a great big stock-market rally, really cool. we are up 212 as we speak. there's less risk of a shooting war in ukraine. and john kerry has arrived in the ukraine capital of kiev is about to hold a news conferences, and answer some questions and i will bring that. fox news radio is on the phone with us right now. where are you? in the crimea? >> yes. stuart: what we have over here as i am sure you are aware is a
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strong stock market rally primarily because we hear that vladimir putin has ordered russian soldiers in the crimea to get back into their barracks. you are there. what i use seeing? >> i am thinking president vladimir putin didn't order troops in crimea to their barracks, he ordered troops around the ukrainian border that word doing naval exercises and military exercises, 150,000 of them back to their barracks. the barracks are not that far from the ukrainian border. also russian troops that have been in the past five or six days are not going anywhere. they have encircled several military installments including a barracks down the street, the head of the ukraine navy has surrendered. you will be tried for treason. stuart: i want to add something. would it be true to say if you remove russian troops from the
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actual border, if you remove the troops from the border you do in fact lesson the risk that someone will fire a shot in either direction and there will be a shooting war between ukrainian guys and russian guys. that is a pullback in the risk factor? >> absolutely. the problem is when you have hundreds if not thousands of russian-speaking troops in crimea that have taken over military installations, that is something to take note of as well but there is a pullback from the ukrainian border. i have heard explosions off and on that no one can seem to figure out where they are coming from so that is something else to consider. stuart: is there food available in the stores? are there people on the street? what is going on? >> absolutely. people have resigned themselves that russian troops are here. they are not going anywhere at least according to vladimir putin because he says they are
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here to protect russian interests. people have gotten over the initial shock, then the status quo but the in the back of our minds you never know what is going to happen. stuart: john kerry is about to speak from kiev. we will listen. >> good afternoon, everybody. let me say first of all, the plan was to walk down and have a chance to pay my respects at the house of president obama and the american people at the site of last month's did the shootings.
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it was quite remarkable. i have to tell you, to see the barricades, the tires, the barbwire, the bullet holes on street lamps, the extraordinary number of flowers, the people still standing beside apparel with a fire to keep them warm. the shrouded vision in the clouds and fog, the buildings from which this shots came and the pictures, the photographs of those who lost their lives, of the people who put themselves on the line for the future of ukraine. deeply moving to walk into a group of ukrainians, spontaneously gathered there, and to listen to them, to listen
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to their pleaes of passion for the right not to go back to life as it was under the former president. and the rich lived well and how they were left behind and particularly one man who told me recently when he traveled to australia and traveled back here. and the germans to live as he had seen other people live in other parts of the world. so it was very moving and gave me a deep personal sense of how closely linked the people of ukraine are not just to americans but people all across the world who today are asking for their rights, asking for the
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privilege to be able to live, defining their own nation, defining their futures. that is what this is about. the united states extend our deepest condolences to those whose grief is still very fresh. and those who lost loved ones who bravely battled against snipers on rooftops, people aren't against them with weapons they never undreamed of having. these brave ukrainians took to the streets in order to stand peacefully against tyranny and to demand democracy. instead they were met with snipers who picked them off, one after the other as people of courage notwithstanding the bullets went out to get them, drive them to safety, given comfort, expos themselves. they raised their voices for dignity and for freedom but what
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they stood for so bravely, i say with full conviction, will never be stolen by bullets or by invasions. it cannot be silenced by a blood from rooftops. it is universal, unmistakable, and it is called freedom. today in another part of this country, we are in a new phase of the struggle for freedom and the united states reaffirms our commitment to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity according to international law. we condemn the federation's act of aggression and we have throughout this moment evidence of a great transformation taking place and in that transformation we will stand with the people of
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ukraine. today ukrainians are demanding a government with the consent of the people, and i would have to say we all greatly admire the restraint the transitional government has shown as it makes this transition. they have shown restraint, despite an invasion of ukrainian homeland and the russian government that has chosen aggression and intimidation as a first resort. the contrast really could not be clearer. determined ukrainians demonstrating a strength through unity and the russian government, out of excuses, hiding its hand behind falsehoods, intimidation and publications, in the hearts of
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ukrainians and the eyes of the world there is nothing strong about what russia is doing. so it is time to set the record straight. the russian government would have you believe it was the opposition who failed to implement the february 21st agreement calling for a peaceful transition. ignoring the reality that was janakovic when history was calling and his country was in need and this city was the place where the action was, where the leaders of the nation were gathered in order to decide the future he broke his obligation to sign that agreement and he fled into the night with his possessions destroying papers. he abandoned his people and eventually his country. the russian government would have you believe that the
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ukraine government somehow his illegitimate or led by extremists, ignoring the reality that the elected representatives of the people of ukraine overwhelmingly approved the new government even when if members of yanukovych's party deserting him, it was votes from yanukovych's own party that the future of ukraine changed. today the rada is the most of representative institution in ukraine. the russian government would also have you believe the calm and friendly streets, one of which i walked down but many of which i just drove through that somehow the streets of kiev are
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actually dangerous. ignoring the reality that there has been no surge in crime, no surge in looting, no political retribution here the russian government would have you believe against all the evidence that there have been mass defections of ukrainians to russia or mass at tax on churches in eastern ukraine. that hasn't happened either. they would have you believe that ethnic russians and russian bases are threatened and. they would have you believe that kiev is trying to destabilize crimea or russian actions are legal or legitimate because crimea's leaders invited intervention and as everybody knows, the soldiers in crimea at the instruction of their government have stood their ground but never fired a shot, never issued one provocation,
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have been surrounded by an invading group of troops, and have seen an individual who got 3% of the vote installed as the so-called leader by the russians. they would have you believe that kiev is trying to destabilize crimea or it that some halt russian leaders invited intervention in. not a single piece of credible evidence supports any one of these claims, none. and the larger point is relieve this. it is diplomacy and respect for sovereignty, not unilateral force, that can best solve disputes like this in the
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twenty-first century. president obama and i want to make it clear to russia and everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. there is some better way for russia to pursue its legitimate interests in ukraine. if you are legitimately worried about some of your citizens then go to the government. talk to them about it. go to the u.n. raise the issue in the security council. go to the oecd. raise it in one of the human rights organizations. there are countless outlets that an organized structure decent world has struggled to put together to resolve the differences so we don't see a nation unilateral we invade another nation. there is a lot better way for russia to pursue its legitimate interests in ukraine. russia can choose to comply with international law and honor its
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commitments under helsinki's final act under the united nations charter. if it wants to help protect ethnic russians as it purports to, and if they were threatened we would support efforts to protect them as what i am told the government of ukraine. but if they want to do that russia could work with the legitimate government of ukraine which it has pledged to do. it cannot only permit, but must encourage international monitors to deploy throughout ukraine. these are the people who could identify legitimate threats and we are asking together with the government of ukraine, with european community, for large numbers of observers to be able to come in here and monitor the situation and be the arbiters of truth versus fiction.
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russia, if it wanted to help the escalate the situation could return its troops to the barracks, live by the 1997 base agreement, and the escalate rather than expand their invasion. we would prefer that. i come here today at the instruction of president obama to make it absolutely clear the united states of america would prefer to see this the escalated. we would prefer to see this managed through the structures of legal institutions, international institutions we have worked many years in order to be able to deal with this time of crisis. but if russia does not choose to d escalate, it is not willing to work directly with the government of ukraine as we hope they will be, then our partners will have absolutely no choice
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but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically and economically. i would emphasize to the leaders of russia this is not something we are seeking to do, this is something russia's choices may force us to do. we have suspended participation in the preparations for the g-8 summit. we have suspended military contacts and we have suspended bilateral economic dialogue and we are prepared to take further steps if russia does not return its forces to the barracks and engage in legitimate policy of the escalation. at the same time the united states and its partners, our partners will support ukraine. we will support it as it takes difficult steps to deal with its
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economy and i appreciate the meeting i just had with the acting president and the prime minister and other leaders as we discussed how to strengthen the economy and move rapidly towards free, fair, open elections that take place shortly. we are working closely and continue to work closely with the imf team with international partners to develop an assistance package to help ukraine restore financial stability in the short run and be able to grow its economy in the long run. i am pleased to say this package includes an immediate $1 billion to support ukraine's recovery and we are currently working with the treasury department of the united states and with others to lay out a broader, more comprehensive plan. we will provide the best
11:41 am
expertise available to help ukraine's economy and financial institutions repair themselves and work towards these free, fair, fast, inclusive elections. we are also working with the interim government to help combat corruption and to recover stolen assets and we are helping ukraine to cope with russia's politically motivated trade practices whether it is manipulating the energy supply or banning the best chocolates made in ukraine. the fact is this is the 21st century, we should not seek nations step backwards to behave in 19or 20st fashion. there are ways to resolve the differences, great nations do
11:42 am
that appropriately. the fact is we believe that there are a set of options available to russia and all of us that coulddmove us down the road of appropriate diplomacy, appropriate diplomatic engagement. we invite russia to come to that table. we particular levy invite russia to engage directly with the government of ukraine because i am confident they are prepared to help work through these issues in a thoughtful way. i am very proud to be here in ukraine. like so many americans and other people around world we have watched with extraordinary awe the power of individuals, unarmed except with ideas, people with beliefs and principles and values who have reached for freedom, for equality, for opportunity. there is nothing more important in this world. that drives change in so many
11:43 am
parts of the world today. is partly why the world is in such a state of transformation, so many places at the same time. we are all connected. we all understand what other people are doing and the choices they have and the lives they get to lead and all over the world young people are saying we do not want to be deprived of those opportunities. that is what this is about and it is about all those who value democracy and support the opportunity for this country to join the legions of others who want to practice it. the united states will stand by the ukrainian people as they are the democratic country they deserve and of their country men and women so recently gave their lives in extraordinarily courageous acts in order to ensure for the future. we must all step up and answer
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their call. i will be happy to take some questions. stuart: let me just tell you what secretary of state john kerry, the message he delivered. he told the russians you should allow the deployment of international monitors into crimea to check the treatment of ethnic russians in that region. he said if you don't do that, we will expand -- america will expand steps to isolate russia economically, diplomatically as politically. one more point. the secretary of state said it would deliver an immediate $1 billion loan to ukraine with expertise to return their economy to prosperity. $1 billion immediately. that is what john kerry delivered. i believe that was a fairly forceful message. judge andrew napolitano is with me watching as we speak. we will monitor the questions, and his answers.
11:45 am
i thought that was fairly strongly worded. judge napolitano: i thought was very strongly worded for john kerry and this administration and whatever you think of president putin's behavior which is profoundly unlawful this was not a diplomatic overture to president putin. this was get out of our way because the dish if you don't unleash and return to the ukraine the crimean peninsula. stuart: no threat of the use of force at all. dow industrial average was up 210 points when john kerry started to speak. it is up 197 points. no threat of the use of force. judge napolitano: extremely unwise and unrealistic laughed at by vladimir putin. he has the upper hand with respect to the desert, there is next to nothing we can do militarily and i don't think he fears diplomatic or even financial -- charles: he talked about that,
11:46 am
the idea that this is a double-edged sword. europe gets 30% of their oil and natural gas, 25% of coal. if you want to play that game. they crawl out of this deep abyss of repression they were in. if you want to play this game we can play this game. it felt to be quite frank with you that the white house felt vladimir putin put up a good argument in the last 24 hours and needed to come back and rebut everything he said went through line by line by line. stuart: 7 the yield on the ten year -- go ahead. stuart: we have the president making an address. let's go to him immediately. >> condemned russia's violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. we condemned their intervention in crimea, and we are calling for a d escalation of the situation and international monitors that can go into the country right away. above all we believe the ukrainian people should be able
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to decide their own future. which is why the world should be focused on helping them stabilize the situation economically and move towards the fair and free elections that are currently scheduled to take place in may. there have been some reports that vladimir putin is pausing for a moment and reflecting on what has happened. i think we have all seen from the perspective of the european union, the united states, allies like canada and japan and allies and friends and partners around the world there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making the difference at of interpretations. i don't think that is fooling anybody.
11:48 am
everybody recognizes that although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in the neighboring state that does not give it the right to use force as a means of exerting influence inside that state. we have said that if in fact there is any evidence out there that russian speakers or russian native or russian nationals are in any way being threatened, their ways of dealing with that through international mechanisms and we are prepared to make sure the rights of all ukrainians are up held and in conversations we had with the government in kiev, they have been more than willing to work with the international community and with russia to provide such insurances. so the fact that we are still seeing soldiers out of their barracks in crimea is an indication to which what is happening there is not based on
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actual concern for russian nationals or russian speakers inside of ukraine but is based on russia seeking through force to exert influence on a neighboring country. that is not how international law is supposed to operate. i would also knows the way some of this has been reported, suggestions somehow that the russian actions have been clever strategically. i actually think this has not been a sign of strength but rather is a reflection that country's near russia have deep concerns and suspicions about this kind of meddling and if anything it will push many countries further away from russia. the ability for ukraine to be a friend of the west and a friend
11:50 am
of russia's as long as none of us are inside of ukraine trying to meddle and intervene, certainly not military with decisions that probably belong to the ukrainian people and that is the principle that john kerry is going to be speaking to. i have been making additional calls to our key foreign partners and i suspect i will be doing that all week through the weekend but as i indicated yesterday the course of history is people want to be free to make their own decisions about their own futures and the international community, i think, is unified in believing that it is not the role of an outside force where there has been no evidence of serious violence, where there has been
11:51 am
no rationale under international law to intervene in people trying to draw their own destiny. we stand on the us side of history that more and more people around the world deeply believe in, the principle that a sovereign people, independent people are able to make their own decisions about their own lives. vladimir putin can stroll lot of words out but the fact on the ground indicate right now he is not abiding by that principle. there is still the opportunity for russia to do so. working with the international community to help stabilize the situation and we sent a clear message that we are prepared to work with anybody if they're genuine interest is making sure that ukraine is able to govern itself and as i indicated before, something that has not been emphasized enough, they are currently scheduled to have
11:52 am
elections in may. anyone in the international community should be invested in making sure the economic deterioration in the ukraine stops but also that these elections proceed in a fair and free way in which all ukrainians including russian speakers inside ukraine are able to express their choice of who should lead them and if we have a strong, robust, legitimate election, there shouldn't be any question as to whether the ukrainian people are governing themselves without the kind of outside interference we see russia exerting. thank you very much, everybody. stuart: in the last half hour we have seen secretary of state john kerry appear in the ukraine capital of kiev putting america's position right into the heart of ukraine. simultaneously president obama and began by talking in his
11:53 am
budget presentation then moved on to talk about ukraine and said something similar to john kerry, namely we want america wants international monitors in the crimea region to look at the treatment of ethnic russians. also there will be an immediate $1 billion loan from america to the ukrainian people to stabilize their economy. president obama suggested congress should stand behind that loan and the economic expertise that we will send with it. both were a fairly formal, poignant statement of the american position very much supporting the ukrainian people and calling on the russians that if they don't belong with monitors, if they don't back off a little bit then there would be serious repercussions and expand the economic, diplomatic and political alienation of vladimir putin. that is where it stands. throughout this there has been virtually no movement at all of the stock market. of 210 with secretary of state
11:54 am
john kerry starting to talk, of 208. sandra: they got the initial boost because they were anticipating the announcement of the billion dollars in loan guarantees and that being said the bond market i want to point out quick yields spiking right now, a huge movement in the bond market, the ten year bond market as session lows so they are dumping out of the safety of u.s. government. stuart: out of treasury debt pushing interest rates up into stocks, dow up 208. you are still with us, thank you very much indeed. i return to this, a forceful diplomatic statement from john kerry and president obama. judge napolitano: i can to imagine there are no back channels going on, this was very much in your face to vladimir putin, who was notoriously thin skinned. stuart: vladimir putin has won. he won't withdraw from crimea.
11:55 am
judge napolitano: he controls two provinces from georgia, 40,000 troops in this week to problemss, costing a fortune to sit there and do nothing. the same will happen with crimea but basically he will have extended the borders of russia closer to the old soviet union borders which has in a life goal of his. before the giant navy fleet, the president displayed his thin skin as well. he was really upset at the narrative that vladimir putin won, wasn't going to give up and the president lost. this is his quote. not a sign of strength. everyone in the world phil vladimir putin is not afraid, flexing his muscles, he wrestles tigers when the president where's mom pants. he had to get it out there. stuart: what about the supply of energy? you know about this. western europe is heated during the winter in large amount by natural gas from russia which passes some of it through ukraine.
11:56 am
what is the energy situation? sandra: russia supplies 70% and natural gas to europe. what i have been observing listening to john kerry and president obama is there has been absolutely no mention of any discontinuing of national gas or boil for those pipelines but we have to start looking at the neighbors of ukraine and russia. we are looking at belarus' which carries a lot of pipelines. there is more to the store. stuart: one thing you can keep away from this is why doesn't america increase its own domestic supply of natural gas? judge napolitano: the president's left-wing base. stuart: surely this points out of the need to be energy independence and export our natural gas. judge napolitano: keystone pipeline this afternoon. he won't because of that base of his. stuart: thank you for going through this with us. we appreciate it. of a flower of stuart varney
11:57 am
next, market reaction to president obama and john kerry, the rally is holding up, 205 up for the dow industrials, lot more to come. [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. [ male annncer ] with nearly 7 million investors... oh hey, neill, how are you? [ male announcer'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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11:59 am
stuart: it is a market rally. this is our two of party and company. climate change is not man-made. the man who wrote the book about amazon. talking about everything stocks. so what's app guide. we are on that story.
12:00 pm
did you hear about the spoiled teen who is suing her parents about her college tuition? governor brown of california says you are crazy. can you believe that? a pot smoking entrepreneur. ♪ ♪ stuart: absolutely. no affect on the dow jones industrial average after mr. obama addressed the situation directly in ukraine. election assistance. they are trying to put more pressure on vladimir putin. they are calling on the u.s. the dow industrial average is up
12:01 pm
210. it is now up 203 points. no impact from those two statements. as for the price of gold, it was down before and it is still down now. where is the price of oil? now at $103 a barrel. let's move onto one of of the many financial angles in this crisis in ukraine. this was brought up by k.t. mcfarland yesterday. >> it could go down 20%. stuart: if we frack, and build the keystone pipeline, it makes russia less relevant to us. patrick moore joins us from vancouver this morning. i suspect that the need to
12:02 pm
frack, get out there and produce natural gas, that is even more important now bearing in mind the russian, ukraine crisis. am i right wish to mark. >> yes. absolutely, stuart. it has carpeted emissions. from and air pollution point of view, it is so much cleaner than coal. stuart: do you think we should be exporting natural gas that we produce here in the united states? >> of course. it is a global world. i do not see anything wrong with united states exporting to other parts of the world. i am sure that that is what is going to happen.
12:03 pm
stuart: do you think that president obama will move more quickly and in fact agree to the keystone pipeline? >> i am not a betting man when it comes to these kinds of political decisions. i cannot read what president obama and john kerry are going to do. it is obvious that it should be approved. that is where the markets are. as you know, they try to demonize our oil. there is something different about it and other oil. it is no different in that regard. stuart: patrick, you made a big splash recently. you said that climate change is not man-made.
12:04 pm
do you want to respond to that? >> trying to revise the out of the history for some years now. especially about five-ten years ago when i started speaking out in favor of nuclear energy. nuclear energy can replace coal as a source of large scale reliable cost effective electricity. the thing is, i was a cofounder of greenpeace.even the greenpeae international website lists me as a founder. it is in the history books. they can say that all that they want. i was there for 15 years. i was there to all of that.
12:05 pm
i had to leave in the mid- 80s. my director started taking it too far to the political left. stuart: i want to move on to global warming. there has been no warming over the last 17 and a half years. show it to us, please, and explained it. >> it is way more accurate than surface stations. what you see here is very clear evidence that even though carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase, there has been no increase in temperature. that is just one of three facts that lead me to say that there is no scientific proof that
12:06 pm
humans are the main cause of global warming or climate change. the other important fact is that there was also a warning in the first part of the 20th century. the international panel of climate change does not claim that we caused the warning in the first half of the century. why would they be so certain about what caused it in the second half? if you go back, you will see that it is lower now than it has been for most of the history of life on earth. in fact, so is temperature. for most of the history of modern life, it was more closer to 70-72 degrees fahrenheit.
12:07 pm
a much more comfortable temperature for life to be flourishing. we are now in a cold. in the history of life. everybody is worried about it getting too hot. stuart: you are the cofounder. we thank you very much indeed for being on today. thank you, sir. i am sure you have been watching the ukraine issues. no impact on the stock market at all. i have a geewhiz tech story for you. talk that facebook is in talks
12:08 pm
to buy high-end aerospace. they are the maker of the solar panel drones. apparently, facebook wants to use these drugs to become a part of the world that do not have internet access. first of all, nicole, share prices please. you have to wonder why facebook wants drones. they are aiming to connect, do not forget, though he and the people in nations across the world. this will help them do that. it could be a $60 billion deal. solar, battery, there's so much much that goes into this. stuart: nicole, thank you very much indeed. liz: nicole is absolutely right.
12:09 pm
it is moving the facebook stock higher. that means facebook stock, if it goes higher, that acquisition is easier for facebook to buy. >> they have currency. liz: that is exactly right. charles: this is the basis of what i talk about every single day. americans doing smart things. it has nothing to do with that said. we want to start this company. high altitude. 65,000 feet. right now carrying 70 pounds. not the only ones doing this. there are deeper implications.
12:10 pm
you need to have great carbon fiber technology. you need to have battery technology. all of the things that we talk about, all of the aspects of technology coming together to create something amazing. this is the underpinning of what i think people should never give up on america. never ever persuade themselves on how great they can be. stuart: a direct down and internet connection to africa. that is something else. >> the same sort of concept. a guy who years ago was an amateur cyclist. he merged the two together. anyway, he made "time" magazine.
12:11 pm
>> have we seen him again? charles: absolutely. the drones in the solar panels. his 13-year-old son flew that. lockheed martin is way behind its competitors. stuart: got it. thank you, charles. a lot going on in the market today. abercrombie is up 6%. they have upgraded that stop. a nice 6% gain for abercrombie. we used to have jcpenney on deathwatch. up 6%. 848. after this break, the man who wrote the book. he will give us an inside look on who the man is reinventing
12:12 pm
our new shop and live on a daily basis. mr. amazon. the guy who wrote the book next. ♪ there's this kid. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer.
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♪ stuart: listen to this. apple is showing off its new and car dashboard system. lawrence of and that he is here. >> hey, stuart. hey, everybody. the dashboard on your car. this is what all the companies want right now. you can talk to it. it is apple maps, by the way. not google maps. you get music and text messages. you can voice text messages, etc. it is expected to be really cool. the stock is moving on this. stuart: that is interesting, indeed. here it comes. the computerized dashboard is on
12:16 pm
its way. some workers explained 30 minutes a day. no impact on the stock. it is up four points. there is a new book. it takes a behind the scenes look. everyone buying into the books claims. here we have rats don't. the author of the everything store. i ask the question because that stock has gone to the moon. they literally are the
12:17 pm
everything store. what is wrong with that? >> hi, stuart. i do not think anything is wrong with that. i wrote the book. i am a huge admirer. i wanted to tell the story. i do not think it is a perfect company. no companies are. it is worth exploring. stuart: they are famously private. we do know that. i was fortunate enough that i had a pretty good relationship with the company. i was able to go and tell jeff what i was doing.
12:18 pm
i do not know how he personally reacted to the book. the story is complicated. it is not all roses. i wanted to get in there and tell the stories of the conflict. the moments have made the company great. stuart: when does amazon stop reinvesting all of the money that comes in a new area. when does it return some of that money directly to shareholders. when does it make that switch? can you answer that question? >> the answer is when jeff is no longer running the company.
12:19 pm
not just the everything store, at the everything company. amazon stock is doing well. they will not have the luxury of continuing to invest. >> do you own the stock and if not, would you consider buying it. i am not really a stock advisor. i would consider any advice that i give to not be worth taking. stuart: how many stars would you reward for the guy who leaves the company? >> there is no quibbling.
12:20 pm
i think it is a tad. he has proven himself to be. he may just be getting started. he has to answer some pretty tough questions. they have really relied on an influx of human labor. not everything about the business is scaling quite so smoothly. the performance so far inability to get into new market like a cloud in the kindle has been incredible. stuart: fascinating. thanks indeed for joining us. come again soon.
12:21 pm
thank you, sir. my take on the forbes listed billionaires coming up after the break. ♪ [ female announcer ] who are we?
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that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. ♪ stuart: look at this. comments on ukraine are not affecting the market. all green. thirty dow stocks are all up. much broader-based. 1872. that is a new record high. we have governor jerry brown from california. plus, the teenage earl who is suing her parents over college tuition. issue spoiled? issue justified? the forbes list of legionnaires is in. it tells the story of our times. here is my take.
12:26 pm
america remains a mayor -- a mayor across the seat. you build your fortune. technology is clearly the driver of new wealth. twenty-six of the new billionaires on the list made their money intact. it was technology. that is where the really big bucks were made. innovation is america's really strong suit. they spoke zuckerberg, he increased his wealth by 50 billion. drew houston, he found a dropbox. it is a long list of brand-new
12:27 pm
tech moguls. this is where the bad news comes in. we have said it many times. new billionaires valuing the company at 19 billion. facebook itself is worth as much as boeing. this is a dilemma. there is no ideology involved here. it is not the democrats or the republicans fall. the digital age needs innovation . the republicans may try to create problems. neither side will get any help from modern technology and the creation of jobs. that is the bad news.
12:28 pm
12:29 pm
♪ see what's new at predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done.
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12:31 pm
stuart: an honor student in new jersey is suing her parents. her parents claim she left voluntarily. the girl, she is asking a judge to force her parents to pay the rest of her high school tuition
12:32 pm
as well as college. look who is here to discuss this. welcome back tracy byrnes. i think that trumpets were justified there. stuart: you have three children. she says she left voluntarily. she says you have to pay the rest of my high school tuition and college tuition. stuart, you have kids. 18-year-old say dumb things. i think the story is shame on the father, the attorney that took the case on. how dare he do this. >> she is suing the parents. shame on him.
12:33 pm
they think that they can conquer the world. the fact that this man took the case on, i think that is you are bigger problem. stuart: do we know whether she left the house voluntarily or whether she was kicked out? >> they did not kick her out. we do know that they said she had to start paying for stuff. >> i understand that this is hard to do. >> the curfew was 11:00 o'clock at night. 11:00 o'clock is pretty late. i do not have teenagers like that.
12:34 pm
stuart: good stuff, tracy. welcome back. stuart: a lot of retailers blame the winter for slumping sales. profits is up 9%. lauren simonetti, are they profiting? >> yes. have you had any potholes this winter? all of this is helping auto zoned out. take a look at the stock, however. same-store sales in the quarter. both the expectations. autozone is a loser today. stuart: a heavy price.
12:35 pm
tell us about autonation. once again, we are telling you. it does not necessarily mean that people are staying at home on the couch. stuart: very interesting. lauren, thank you very much indeed. i am quoting him directly. the world is pretty dangerous. i think that we need to stay alert. joining us from los angeles. founder of marijuana dispensary ebv you. you are a pothead; right? [laughter] >> i would not say that.
12:36 pm
stuart: have you smoked it? have you done that? >> absolutely. i find it to help quite a bit. stuart: does it help you? >> what we are seeing is a stigma. it is hard to blame governor brown. at the end of the day, it is really the only way to progress as a society. we had a stigma about women wanting to vote. the world is a much better place because of it. that does not take a constitutional amendment. stuart: the characterization of the pot smoker.
12:37 pm
>> you are calling him lazy. they went on to become the president. bill grates, some of those successful people in our society. i hate to break it to you, there are a lot of lazy people in this world. some of them are bound to smoke marijuana. stuart: are you the gentleman who is trying to brand different types of high? >> that is true. we are a marijuana infused marijuana company.
12:38 pm
i would love governor brown to come down and sample our product. stuart: okay. governor brown, we will see if he wants to partake. we want to stay on top of this marijuana story. it really is developing very quickly. >> thank you. it has been an honor. stuart: refusing to grant immunity to lois lerner. we will play the sound bite for you next. stay right there. the real halftime report is coming up next. ♪ ♪
12:39 pm
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12:41 pm
i do not know what that is all about. they spoke. they makeed drones. you need to land. facebook will use it as a signal. facebook stock is up $1.26. the chipmaker boosting its dividend 20%. adding $5 billion. look at it go. 4% gain. back after this. the dow is up to 20. ♪
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
stuart: it is time for the real halftime report. first to you -- do you think the market is more concerned with friday's big job report or what is going on in ukraine? >> i think the markets are absolutely focused on ukraine. popular discussions is missing the biggest risk to the united states. clearly, the russians have identified. you identify the weakness of your opponent and you exploit it.
12:44 pm
if the russians are able to chip away at the reserve status of the dollar, that is what hurts us the most. we better be aware of it. all right. stocks for you. let's make a deal. dish network will disable its featured during abc shows. nicole, though. please. nicole: that is right. hitting a new high. take a look at disney. it is up almost 3%. the content will be over the web via smart phone. that is a big deal there. both are hitting new highs. stuart: that is interesting. an outage in canada. give me the stock, nicole. nicole: they found something that may be the potential
12:45 pm
problem. they are working on it, stuart. stuart: thank you. nevermind deathwatch. things are looking good for jcpenney. tracy, do you shop at jcpenney? >> no. anyone you talk about jcpenney, they do it down at the trading station here in new york. put a starbucks right at the entrance of the store. they make it a shopping environment. we know you love tesla.
12:46 pm
tesla is going down. the stock is up today. does he mean, or she, do they mean that the stock will go down? >> i do not have a comment on it. whether it will have a powerful battery to lower the cost of the model. can they make a battery? solar city. tesla invented a battery. who knows.
12:47 pm
local, chapultepec, a new high, i believe. nicole: the shareholders love to see it. it hit 579. up about 4%. just recently hit another high. do not forget, now they are offering shredded tofu. stuart: who saw $500 a share? nicole: a mcdonald's spinoff. you remember when. stuart: take a look at radioshack. the company is closing 1100 stores. now they have announced they are closing 1100 stores. is this a possible turnaround? liz: i do not think so.
12:48 pm
we have been talking about radioshack for years. i think the cost is way too much. stuart: the last comment from you. >> you go for doctors. stuart: welcome back, tracy. we thank everybody for participating. thank you. an attorney for lois lerner says she will only testify under two circumstances. it did not settle down well. listen to what he said this morning.
12:49 pm
>> she is not getting immunity. if i could save in another language, i would say it in another language. no. she is not getting immunity. >> this is the least sincere policy ever on record by any government official. >> you will not hear from her again. stuart: get a court order. >> and they should. >> this is wrong. >> dunkin donuts revealing a new breakfast sandwich. eggs benedict. do you think -- we will deal with it. ♪
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
stuart: call it what it is, a very solid rally. comments about ukraine.
12:54 pm
it did not move the market up or down. the market has rebounded so much. we have an update on a story we brought you last week. et california company found gold it was stolen from the u.s. mint and 900. and that is the case, the couple will have to return it. some new breakfast changes at dunkin donuts. eggs benedict. lauren, what do you think this will taste like? >> i can bring you a sampling tomorrow. the first meal market. they need to make a hollandaise sauce that would not grip so you could eat your sandwich in one hand and drive or text with your other hand.
12:55 pm
i do not know if it is good or bad. dunkin donuts is getting in on this breakfast market. the breakfast sandwich from dunkin donuts is being offered all day. when will mcdonald's extend their breakfast menu past 1038 special he on the weekends. starbucks has a new breakfast menu out today. a vanilla monkey otto. stuart: thank you, lauren. good stuff. stuart: criticism from the garden state. dear new jersey, when people call you the armpit of america, take it as a compliment.
12:56 pm
why do we take such stick from everybody? >> they are all jealous, stuart. everyone is jealous at the end of the day. they are in new jersey. they are the ones who put the ad up. up the street from the billboard. stuart: liz wants to get in this. liz: they are saying new jersey is the armpit of the united states. they photoshop did. stuart: your take on potheads. that is next. ♪ our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share.
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(announcer) scottrade knows ourg and invest their own way.bout. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. in the one we have a lot of
12:59 pm
topics on the program today so here is your take on what we have been covering. joe allen had this to say about pot making people lazy. no more than legalizing alcohol did. at least marijuana as many redeeming uses in medicine. mike said this about the crisis in ukraine little leasing thati president, not a community organizer. 0 little harsh. gin that had this to say about zeke emanual's comments, i will not register all my family on the government insurance plan or my guns ever. i will negotiate directly with the doctor. not sure where guns came into that but it was in the e-mail to us over the facebook message. it is yours now. adam: i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in your morning meeting the talking about a young woman suing her parents because she had to move
1:00 pm
out. cheryl: i disagree with tracy on that. what a difference a day makes when it comes to your money. i am cheryl casone. adam: adam shapiro. russia is retreating and the market's doing anything but. the major averages wedding out losses and continuing to gain ground, a better than 2 and the points. cheryl: president obama and john kerry condemning russia's actions but offering few other details. president putin pulling back troops that says he reserves the right to use force as a last resort. the standoff may not be over. adam: facebook is looking to the skies to spur growth. it is betting on drone technology to bring it social media site areas unable to access the internet. cheryl: dish network disabling the controversial ad skipping technology but playing favorites, doing it only for disney. as the satellite cable provider moves to offer streaming content for those who don't want a dish


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