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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  November 22, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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tradg. ♪ >> good afternoon, everybody. turkeys may be flying this thanksgiving, the planes may not be read a major thanksgiving storm is brewing. since we need to name everything we're calling it thinks nail. it could wipe out travel for the holiday. lori: at least chardonnay know was clever. something else to be in the forecast. a market correction. rolling onto its gains after closing above 16,000 for the first time ever yesterday. it may not last long. the morning in minutes. ashley: ditching the deal. up in the auto sales. our guests are helping to do their part and save you some
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money. founderr of the new card vending machines that could revolutionize of the sales. lori: and it was this hour 50 years ago today that america lost its 305th president. we reflected the nation pays tribute to john f. kennedy. welcome, once again, to this new hour. we are monitoring events across the nation and the ceremonies remembering president john f. kennedy. ashley: in 30 minutes there will be a ceremony at dealey plaza in dallas. we will bring that to you when it occurs. lori: other news across the nation and it comes in the form of a huge storm. ashley: it could start with snow in texas and in this trip the all important things giving commute for more than 43 million people that are expected to hit the road. that turns the storm into a potential economic story. lori: this check and with rick joining us from the fox business weather center with the latest on this forecast. when and where.
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>> well, you got a good start of this. a storm going right now. you will have a storm on wednesday, a couple days more and we will know exactly where. this is you look in your wednesday forecast. a lot of it you will notice, very cool. greens are the airports, no flight problems across the eastern two-thirds of the country. going to see. maybe a slight delay. very significant delays because of the storm is brewing. i will show you how we get to there. temperatures have plummeted. take a look. in the last 24 hours midland, texas, 45 degrees colder than you were yesterday. the cold there is certainly come and all the way down to a crossbar and mexico, at bedtime times around the freezing mark. this is that front. rainy weather, but today we have some high and sank to mislead commix across parts of texas and oklahoma.
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it is a slow-moving storm. that is why this is the main energy bringing very heavy rain. across parts of arizona and higher smell, that will be the storm that takes until about wednesday to get toward parts of the northeast. it will be talking about pretty significant snowfall accumulation, higher elevation. the southern parts of colorado and new mexico needs no. by tuesday ec we have a big storm brewing down across parts of the southeast. that tells you where the snow kind of on the other side. the rain on the eastern side of it, but we will be talking about potentially a snowstorm, definitely a windy day by the time we get to thursday. a cold one for your thanksgiving. a couple of things that will continue to treat this forecast. everyone needs to be whether we potentially have a storm for soles on wednesday. lori: winter, the official start is still a home of the weight.
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>> forget it. it is here. you will be able to believe it is winter. ashley: thanks again. time to check stocks. to the floor with the new york stock exchange. contract for its seventh straight week of gains. >> reporter: the bells and whistles. you are leaving this market. session highs. the nasdaq up half a percent. a gain. quickly let's get to the news in the cable industry. it is suddenly a battle brewing. what you're seeing, time warner cable's trying to head off a big charter communications. time warner cable has reached up to comcast to discuss a possible combination in recent months. keep an eye and all of these things. time warner update%.
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ashley: eyeing its largest weekly running streak since january of two dozen seven. maybe a little short lived. you are bullish. a good entry point and a good buying and opportunity. >> i agree with that. the time model, this week and next week 1760 on the s&p pit really could turn into five to 7% decline. said of the markets for the fabled santa claus rally. lori: a we do get it. your forecast works out. what would you do in that case? >> i'd like just about all the major sectors except for three,
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telecommunications is a very crowded trade because of the dividend play. a lot of people that have not believe this rally but had to put money to work have piled into consumer staples. i think they are a little rich. utilities. my three favorite sectors are industrials, technology, and consumer discretionary. lori: and these are your recommendations for folks putting new money into this elevated market. >> well, i am not so sure the market is that elevated. it is up and tries, but we are trading at the historic multiple of 64. next year's bottom of operating its earnings estimate. if the estimates are correct you're talking about little over 2,000 on the s&p 500. lori: sometimes it's mind over matter. everybody is debating, are we in a bubble or are we not. everyone the falls to the valuation definition. i agree with you. there is a great debate.
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16,000. forty records for the year. on and on and on. that in and of itself could it not cause a correction, something even more catastrophic >> bubbles tend to come when gdp growth is a lot faster than where gdp growth is right now. gdp growth is going to accelerate next year from my capital expenditure cycle. below trend growth but simple unsustainable. i would argue that is the sweet spot for the equimark it. what is your forecast? scientists to the taper begin in federal. >> i got it right. ellis said it was not going to be larry summers on the show. analysts said that the september was less talk to taper. if tapering comes is likely to
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come around march of next year when the gdp number is moving up toward 3%. i think they're targeting them more than they are the employment even though they're not saying that. lori: so a year like this year next year, 22% gain, another year, subsequent year? >> probably not. i think earnings estimate to grow by about 12%. you can get somewhere around ten auto percent growth in the s&p next year. given the alternatives i think that is pretty good. lori: take that. have wonderful holiday. by the way, credit where credit is due. i do recall that conversation. ashley: gamers will want to take note. the x box one consol goes on sale today. expected to rival that of the place station for which seldom million devices on its first day last week. customers of already been lining up to get the latest toy. have to shell out an extra
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benjamin. retells for $499 to replace dishing cost 399. the exports one can actually stream broadcast television. ashley: there was the football. lori: older school with the atari we are also watching shares of urban life. the stock jumping even as activists and mr. bill asman renews his attack on a company which she believes is a pyramid scheme. shorting the stock, it is actually a doubling in value, leaving him with the loss of up to $500 million. other activists taking the long side. they are making big bucks. ashley: we have an update on the story told you about yesterday. lg is working away the stop
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savas televisions from sending users viewing information to the company's servers. the tv actually spies on you. the company will rollout a firmer update that will disable the transmission of that information. elegy says it regrets any concern these reports may have caused and will continue to strive to meet the expectations of lock customers in the public. lori: oh, please. [laughter] lori: i can't help it. another change for obamacare. talk that next year's a roman will be pushed back which means you'll now see the full effect of obamacare on your insurance premiums until after the election. ashley: waiting on the judge. no ruling about detroit bankruptcy eligibility. ahead, the six options left for the struggling city. ashley: looking for to this one. you may not know them by name, but you know their beer. the company is helping consumers mind their beach. my mantra? family first.
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♪ ashley: trying to work at all
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the issues in this year's rollout. the obama administration is announcing a delay for open roman next year. jeff flock is in washington d.c. with the details. >> reporter: republicans say the administration is trying to avoid another political mess from vulnerable congressional democrats up for reelection next year. open enrollment was supposed to start october 15th next year. the administration has announced it will push that back to november 15th. that means the administration has moved up in a roman from three weeks before the november 4th midterm elections to weaken a half after. the white house says the change was simply to give insurance companies and customers more time after this year's rocky rollout. >> the idea of pushing back the 2015 schedule by one month has to do with one thing. several things. good for insurers seeking take into account and iii march. there will be substantial numbers of people still in rolling right up until that
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deadline. ashley: republicans disagree. iowa senator chuck grassley rights, this is clearly a cynical political move by the obama administration to use extra regulatory by any means necessary tools to keep this program offload and hide the information from voters. before n aroma the ministers and asked to fix the white house website which will be working for most customers by the end of the month. only eight days away. back to you. lori: oh, my goodness. so many questions to all political implications. tell us more about the republican push back on that. >> well, the republican push back has been just that, to call them out and say, what you're doing is purely political. you would want to delay that if you are the party attached obamacare. that is what republicans are saying, especially when you consider that the poll numbers and decline has suddenly gone along with the declinable numbers for obamacare after this
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rocky rollout. ashley: thank you. lori: fascinating. an update on the market. on the floor of the stock exchange taking a look at a couple of retail names. >> reporter: the gap and a locker. now, footlocker, should not write off the bat is at an all-time high today. down. gap, third quarter profit rose. they did well abroad, in particular they get namesakes store, sales were better. pull back a little bet and footlocker came out and continues to beat the analysts estimate. we watched nike on the move after they raised their dividend recently emotional and very competitive. lori: going underground. an interesting move to take over into ticket offices in london's
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tube. could be coming to new york? ashley: mind the gap. these days that says a lot. what if we told you he never had to deal with them again. on a vending machines next.
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♪ >> reporter: i'm arthel neville with your fox news minute. the death toll from a devastating typhoon in the philippines says top 5,000, and it's expected to go ire. officials say more than 1600 people missing. recovery efforts are starting to pick up. major roads to been cleared of debris to and some bank stores and gas stations are now open. bart trains are back in operation in the san francisco baa area, but delays are expected systemwide. a computer problem shed down the train service over night, forcing some commuters to find another way to reach their destination. and it is a somber day in dallas where the 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's assassination is being observed. a live look there at dealey plaza. memorial events also planned today in boston and washington. a moment of silence marking the moment when the president was lane will be held in just a few
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minutes. those are your news headlines and the fox business network. would you back to lori and adam. >> have a good day. buying a good car is never cheap. working with on the dealers only adds to that cost. our next guest has started a company that is taking a used car salesman out of the buying process and replacing them with a vending machine. ernie garcia is co-founder. we want to welcome you. explain to me -- it is not a vending machine where you put your money in, but it is a vending machine, negotiating the the internet. >> basically where an online. we have no physical. you gonna website, figure out financing. warranty commentary in kamal handle read their greedy test drive the car in your house, and then there's a seven day return policy. that's when we deliver the car. if you choose to come pick it up it is very much a vending machine concept. you get a unique code, walk up and attack the number in.
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your car is sitting by the grass. adam: this is up and running in atlanta. >> correct. adam: nationwide by the end of this month and next month. >> and of this month. adam: nationwide. so is it a of room size kiosk that i walked into mr. negotiating with you over the inventory that you have for some kind of other experience? >> first of all, you can access it from anywhere begins a bride in. there's no haggle. we pride ourselves on being extremely straightforward. adam: what you see is what you get. and you can actually say about $59 per car. >> a is an expensive endeavor. a thousand dollars and label, sales, general managers, the stuff is not cheap. that comes across. the physical infrastructure costs about a thousand dollars. by getting rid of that and replacing it with our photography technology and website in the new machine.
1:24 pm
>> you can check out. but them of quantitative for a test drive, do you have people in every state are everyplace prepared to drive said vehicle to me said i contested? >> anywhere we have a vending machine will bring the car directly to you. we can use third-party delivery services are you can fly in and pick up the car. we will subsidize your flight by $200 a big deal but the airport. in this kind of going away. adam: a publicly traded company. >> i suppose everyone has that plan. at some point. i think we are always remember. adam: this will be different. my first thought was you are competing with ebay to read know because ebay is an individual transaction where you are literally idiolect that you have eliminated the brick and mortar portion. >> we sit in between those two. 27 million new cars sold a year in a 13 million sold person to person, many of which are on the bank.
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so we're trying to do is fit in between there, give the price of a person to person transaction with the ease of transaction to you from the. financing, title or, registration. it's easy. adam: where you making the money? >> we make the money the same way a does. we have a margin. barrell to make the same automatic by virtue of not having on the cost we can also save $59. adam: in this area where will the man and machine b? >> the nearest one to new york city will be in atlanta georgia, rolling more on the future, but we can deliver a car to you. adam: by the end of the year you will be nationwide. the access for everyone. >> exactly. anyone can go on the lead set by the car. we can ship it to you. adam: this has a great idea. a lot of people want a trip down to a lab. all the best. new issue success. >> thank you.
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appreciated. lori: at tragic anniversary. fifteen years ago today that president john f. kennedy was assassinated in downtown dallas. a stunned nation grieve and today america remembers. that's arlington national cemetery. also live in dealey plaza next. ? [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync?
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we'll go to dallas for a moment of silence. we'll take a full minute after moment of silence from dealey plaza in dallas, texas. [bells tolling] ♪
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♪ ♪ america, america, god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> the u.s. naval academy men's glee club honoring president john f. kennedy on the 50th
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anniversary of his assassination. from dal lace to times square in new york to arlington national cemetery where the president is buried. adam: we want to bring in fox's michelle macaloso, she joins us from dealey plaza, the site of the assassination of president kennedy. michelle? >> adam, you can see it is very cold and very wet here but it hasn't stopped a lot of people from all over the country to come to dealey plaza to commemorate president john f. kennedy, to honor his life and legacy. here right in dealey plaza. you heard the u.s. naval mens glee club perform. john f. kennedy was in the navy. he served in world war ii. as you can see there's a lot of people here and all bundled up with ponchos to stay dry. this is very important thing of the mayor spoke a second ago to say they will unveil a permanent monument honoring president kennedy. if you take a look hyped me you can see the top, the sixth floor
1:34 pm
of the school book depository where lee harvey oswald shot john f. kennedy and the moment of silence at 12:30 was 50 years ago today when the three shots rang out and hit mr. kennedy, killing him 50 years ago today. today is about honoring the president, honoring his legacy. honoring his life and here in dealey plaza 50 years later. adam: michelle, thank you very much for joining us. >> when it comes to stock market shocks, the assassination of president john f. kennedy on november 22nd, 1963, ranks high in wall street history. the dow jones industrial average opened on that morning at 732. wow, we're at 16,000 today. that in and of itself is impressive. after that, the word of shooting and the death, took a sharp 2.9% dive, earning the day at 711 points. aaam: now some of the 30 stocks making up the index back on that day are still represented in the dow today including american
1:35 pm
telephone and telegraph, now obviously known as at&t. dupont, standard oil, or exxon standard oil of california. and texaco, aka chevron. general electric, proctor & gamble, and united aircraft, which is now united technologies. >> there are some stocks that have fallen out of the dow but are still publicly-traded such as, aluminum company of america. better known as alcoa yaw. it was. it was recently booted out of the dow. eastman kodak and international nickel now known as veil limited. international paper, owens-illinois, glass, u.s. steel, gm, good year, sears & roebuck, sears holding now of course. international harvester. you know what that is called now? give you 50 bucks, adam. adam: i'm reading it. lori: navistar international. adam: there are two companies in the dow 50 years no longer publicly-traded but the brands are still in business. westinghouse electric and
1:36 pm
chrysler. lori: then there are those companies, iconic enough to be included in the dow 30 back in 1963, spun off, bought out or completely defunct. al qaeda chemical, american can, american tobacco, bethlehem steel, general foods, jobs manville, swift and company. union carbide. that is a division of dow chemical. there is woolworth. adam: some of those brand there have been so many iterations it has been hard to keep up. but it faces nating to see the dow move as lori said from 700, to 16,000 points in the 50 years since the assassination. lori: with all this market talk let's go ahead and get on update where things stand today. jason weisberg joins us on the floor of the new york stock exchange. jason, the dow holding pretty well above 16,000. where do we go from here? >> from this very moment? i would like to see the market go a little sideways from here and finish at the year on the highs.
1:37 pm
i imagine we'll go up between another two and 3% when it is all said and down between now and the end of the year and that's where we'll wind up. we had such a great move to the upside, the market is due for a pause. if we want to see market stay at these higher levels on sustained basis, we do need to see some form of a pullback, not a correction, just a healthy pullback, that way things can normalize. lori: there is growing chorus for consolidation these days. jason, see you. adam: waiting on the judge. still no ruling on detroit's bankruptcy eligibility. ahead the six options left for the struggling city. lori: taking be like mike to the extreme. michael jordan's chicago area mansion is up for auction. you can't take part unless you put down a cool 250 grand. we'll show you around the place next. yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate.
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so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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>> i'm dennis kneale with your fox business brief. a bankruptcy court in manhattan will decide whether to approve the justice department's settlement between american airlines and us airways. the court already approved the merger that will create the world's largest airline by traffic but doj's antitrust lawsuit held up the deal. unemployment rates fell in 28 states in october. new data from the bureau of labor statistics found payrolls increased in 34 states. florida led with the most new
1:40 pm
jobs led by california and north carolina. the state with the highest jobless rate in october? nevada. sony says it will make fewer motion pictures and shift to more profitable t have production and operating tv networks around the world. it will trim movie releases from 23 down to 18 a year and identified quarter of a billion dollars in cost cuts. that is the latest from fox biz, giving you the power to prosper.
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adam: okay. so the entire nation is actually waiting for a decision on the detroit bankruptcy. it has been two weeks since the city's eligibility hearings wrapped up and still no word whether detroit can move forward with its bankruptcy but what are the key decisions that all of us should look for? joining us now to discuss this john pat , professor at the university of michigan law school. thank you for joining us. i think it was the "detroit free press" actually spelled this out
1:42 pm
in six different options. again, everyone is watching this because other municipalities are at least in distress so let's talk about these options. the first one seems to be the most simple, if it is approved they would still perhaps delay a decision over pensions. what does that mean? >> yeah. this is a good question, adam. so i think one of the biggest issues in this bankruptcy is going to be the michigan constitution and the extent which that precludes any adjustment of those pensions. and they came at it full blazing that makes the city ineligible to file for bankruptcy if the plan is to reduce those pensions. the problem with that argument we've seen, this happened out in california where they have a similar law, there is suggestion that's jumping the gun. you can't make the constitutional argument unless and until a plan gets proposed that does in fact cut those pensions. so the pushback is, it is not an eligibility question. it's a plan legitimacy question and the city has said, we're not
1:43 pm
going to put together a plan until december 31st at earliest. so the most contentious issue may very well be punted even if the city is eligible to file for bankruptcy. adam: under option one, they have approved eligibility to file chapter 9. the second issue part of one if they delay the decision on the pension, we're talking about the contract clause of the u.s. constitution which essentially says you can't go backwards and address a contract that has already been made and constitution in michigan says you can't change these deals. >> yeah. the michigan constitution is even stronger. i don't think the federal constitution will put that much pressure on it because the bankruptcy clause is probably okay with that but the michigan constitution is pretty clear that says these are contractual benefits that basically, i'm paraphrasing can not be reduced f that applies to this case, pensions have a legitimate argument, they say, look you can't reduce us in bankruptcy because we have a state constitutional protection. there are a ton of legal arguments. adam: let me interrupt you, in
1:44 pm
rhode island, they could cut it, 55% of the pensions in. extreme other end, option 6. no one expects this, judge rhodes said denied, you can't go through the bankruptcy process. what happens at that point? >> if he boots the case, adam, case is dismissed, appellate rights kick in. they take it up to the appellate chain, whatever happens someone will appeal. whatever the ruling is, someone women appeal. the tougher thing if he lets it go forward, can they appeal. if he denies the case, it ends, you get to appeal, if he allows it to go forward, there is question whether you appeal or wait until the end of the whole case to appeal eligibility. adam: do we get financial armageddon for municipalities nationwide if he denies eligibility? >> if he denies eligibility, there is lot of other cities watching what is it going on, it doesn't really solve anything. you're still left with a city that can't cover checks to make certain payments. you go into a no-man's land of
1:45 pm
negotiations unsupervised by the bankruptcy court. so a dismissal, i'm not sure what happens then. i guess we go, we go into the void if there's a dismissal. adam: there are so many void here. will we finally get some kind of a concrete definition what it means to negotiate in good faith? there are some things we can continue to talk about. i hope we invite you back once we get the decision from judge rhodes which could come at anytime. john, thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure, adam. lori: well the oldest underground mass transit system will soon run for 24 hours a day. this is a big move and it is grabbing the attention of those living outside of london. here's why. the online retailer amazon is hoping to cash in on the city's plan to close the current underground ticket offices in 240 stations. amazon right now in talks with london to convert closed ticket offices to 24-hour drop-off points for its good. with new york city subway booths closing down it may be a matter
1:46 pm
of time before amazon bring as new strategy across the pond. adam: only problem, they rip out the booths. 86th street. lori: that is great point. nowhere to put the actual goods. time to go back to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole looking at a couple of drugmakers hitting new highs. >> that's right. let's take a look at them right now, biogen idec which is leader for the s&p 500 today. just less than one point away from its all-time highs. just so you know. biogen idec, up 3/4 of a percent. novartis up 2/3 of 1%. -- biogen wins ms protection in the europe which they won in the united states. novartis has a share buyback, five billion share buyback working on acquisition and the like and changing the company strategy to a certain extent. back to you. lori: nicole petallides. adam: big win for rm auctions at sotheby's. the art of the auction at
1:47 pm
sotheby's new york gallery put 31 cars on the auction block. after two hours of furious bidding, the auction, drum roll please, $63 million in sales. top sale, 64 ferrari rare sports car that sold for 14 million bucks that is a world record for the model. lori: that looks beat up. adam: that is not the ferrari. that white, beautiful convertible, is that the, the first major car collector car auction. hardly an expert. i'm frustrated, in manhattan. more than a decade. let's hope it brings more of these things. >> that is great turnout compared to the dueling dinosaur bones which got 5 million. they were looking for over 10 million. that was disappointing. at least people are showing up depending on the product, cars are shiny and fun. dead dinosaurs are dead. lori: speak for yourself. i like dinosaurs. think it is fascinating.
1:48 pm
speaking of auctions there is home for a sale that could be a real slam dunk. check this out. this is michael jordan's 56,000 square foot mansion on chicago's north shore. this includes full size basketball court, tennis court, putting green and nine bedrooms. the highland park home has been on the market since last year but failed to sell for the listing price of 29 million. if you are interested, you have to fork over 250,000 deposit that's is just to bid. i almost said downnpayment. no, no. that is he have about the down payment. adam: you have to settle at the end of auction if you win. lori: whoa. adam: 5:00 somewhere, and summer all year-round. stop top selling imported beer in the u.s. an its holiday ad campaign. lori: we'll speak with the corona exports president next here on fox business. ♪ twins. i didn't see them cing. i need a new investment pn.
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i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. ishares core etfs are low-cost funds. so you can keep more of what you earn. get started with the new ishares core builder. design personalized plan that can help you achieve your investment goals. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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lori: let's talk about beer. back in 2006 constellation brand formed the crown imports joint venture with grupo mode dell low to import the mexican brewer's beer in the u.s. corona extra, and corona light are the number one imported beers in the country. we have bill hackett, president of crown i'm ports. we're pleased to welcome in this exclusive interview. we're pleased have you with s. >> i'm pleased to be here, lori. lori: everyone thinks of it as summer beer. a lot of people don't like to drink especially corona when it gets cold outside yet a lot of people are, right? why is that? >> we consistently challenge our consumers to find their beach.
1:53 pm
the holiday season is incredibly important period of time of for us. there are weeks over the holiday season we'll sell if not more beer than we do during weeks in july and august. lori: is it people are strictly con sures of beer, imported beers, craft beers, they have restaurants designed to taste beers? almost like being a wine aficionado these days, right? >> i think that is part of it. consumers have gotten more sophisticated when it relates to beer. during the holidays it's a natural time to trade up. there entertainment between families and friend. you want to serve the best. lori: do you serve a corona at the christmas table i mean -- >> absolutely a slightly. lori: really people should top the pop to the corona, squeeze the lime, and say merry christmas. >> merry christmas, works very well during the holidays.
1:54 pm
lori: i say last year, 4.7% in overall sales increase. the core rosina -- corona extra, 100 million cases. what are you doing right that some competitors are not? >> well i think the reality we've got a pretty good sense what our consumers are about and wee have insights into our consumers and we're really responding and giving them the messaging and the support that they're looking for. we've gotten very creative. we've spent more money than we've ever have year-to-date and will continue spending against our business through the holiday season. and we're coming out of, coming out. summer selling season with a record sales. that is strong momentum as we go into the holiday season. lori: here in the business world, we follow these so-called, vice indexes because which more often than not show sales of alcohol and cigarettes and gambling casinos, always do
1:55 pm
better when the economy is little slower, we have the market new record seemingly every day and the economy is showing signs of improvement as well? i'm wondering if that is contrarian indicator for you. if things are better than perhaps we'll have softer sales in the new year? >> i think we, again, i think that there's, with our business we look at, at continued to build our business, no matter what the economic period. and, even though the overall industry has been a little bit soft this year, our brand are performing. our business is performing. and we attribute that to, great advertising. extended marketing support. and, great execution by our wholesaler network. lori: i was teasing you about the christmas table because i think you do capture your customer with those ads showing the beaches somewhere. i think that may be, with all of us about to be freezing this thanksgiving they're predicting a nor'easter here in new york over thanksgiving. maybe we are desperate to
1:56 pm
capture a little bit of sunshine and good "weather on the 1" beach. maybe corona will help us do just that. >> absolutely. everybody is looking to find their beach and what better time to do that than during the holiday season. you know, i like everybody else. we get together with family and friends. and that is always a great time to, to envision and, enjoy your own personal beach. that is what we, that is really what we're directing our consumers to do. lori: bill hackett, thanks so much. >> thank you very much. adam: that is the toast.% drink a corona. lori: i thought that was fraternity drinking game or something. adam: all right. 80 is the new 60, unfortunately for many when it comes to retirement. coming up next, our tips to prevent it from happening to you. lori: how annoying, fcc proposing to allow cell phone conversations on airplanes. tweet us. ashley webster, cheryl casone
1:57 pm
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cheryl: welcome back to "markets now." i'm cheryl casone. ashley: i'm ashley webster. how annoying, fcc proposing that cell phone conversations would be allowed on planes? tweet us. cheryl: 80 is the new 60 when it comes to retirement that is the projection for working americans. we'll talk about how you retire younger than 80 with ubs's managing director. >> i hope so. the geeks are out early as microsoft's xbox one hit the store shelves taking onnsony's new playstation 4. cheryl: and 50 years ago, today, the dow closing at 711. air fares, new york to washington, $15. and a president was struck down. we'll be live in dallas as ceremonies are happening all around the world actually to
2:01 pm
remember the day john f kennedy our 30 fifth president, was assassinated. first the top of the hour and time for stocks now. let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we do this every 15 minutes. i guess this is the day after we hit 16,000. nice to see it holding. >> it sure is. you know what? we set a record of our own today. yesterday was a record, 16,000, first time we closed above 16,000 ever in history. today a new record for the dow jones industrials as we broke an intraday record. we traded as high as 16,036. a new high there. s&p a fraction from its all-time high. that being said we're seeing drug stocks and banking stocks doing well. the u.s. dollar is pulling back. i do want to get back to herbalife as battle continues. you have bill ackman, who has been very obvious with his, very forthright with his short position on the company and says investors should be troubled about this company. he has been calling herbalife a pyramid scheme. herbalife repeatedly denied it
2:02 pm
does exactly that. feels it has been the target. so you are watching herbalife today. they have been sneaking back. four .25% to the upside. up 116%. back to you. ashley: nicole, thank you very much. as we said at the top of the show, how annoying would be in? the fcc is proposing cell phone conversations being allowed on planes. please tweet us. you already have. your responses will be at the bottom of the screen. cheryl: joining us with her take, department of transportation, mary schiavo. you think the airlines are so good at this would find a way to generate revenue off such of a proposal? >> absolutely. the airlines will generate revenue from both sides of the equation. they will have a quiet zone as they already do on some airlines. you can pay extra to get a seat in the quiet part of the plane. that airline is banning
2:03 pm
children. there will be a section of the plane for phones and a section of the planes for no phones and each will carry a fee with it. vast rest of us will be in the middle somewhere. i think it will be a money-making opportunity. once the faa said cell phones do not pose a danger then the government has no jurisdiction to band them. it will be up to the airlines. they don't have the regulatory authority if it doesn't interfere with the safety of the flight. ashley: mary, the flight attendants union, say quote there are far too many scenarios where in-flight cell phone use would have negative effects on safety and security. is that an issue here? >> well, that is probably from young flight attendants. they're not remembering the olden days of gte air phones, where for exorbitant amount of money could call. a lot of us did. got out of hand or too long or noisy they told you to keep it down. so they managed in the olden days. it cost a lot more money then. but i think they're probably overreacting.
2:04 pm
there will be areas where it is allowed and where it is not and some airlines already said absolutely not. i think it is a mistake because there are times when you really need to make a call. i had a couple of personal crises and couldn't once and on a gte aii phone. i think airlines will take in stride and make more money. cheryl: you have a fair point. the customer has a voice in all of this statements came out from united, southwest, delta, every airline said we have heard overwhelm mingly from the customers they do not want informations happening onboard a flight. emergency situations may be a different thing but airlines are saying their customers are saying 100% do not do this. maybe that is where this goes. >> right. well, that plus, now, you know the business customers might have a different take. from time to time i have to do work on private planes too. there the communication system never stops. you can get on your cell phones and do work, et cetera and i
2:05 pm
think planes will have to address that because there may be a certain section, a segment of business travelers who don't want to be disconnected for eight hours on a flight or for five hours transcon, and those people will opt to have communications if they want to keep working. i think that the people are calling in might be segment who want to nap on planes. there are segment who can't afford to stop working eight hours while they see scenery of fly over country. ashley: i don't know, mary, i could see it being a real bone of contention for passengers if this goes ahead and probably will go ahead because there are those that have different volumes on their voice. they think they're speaking normally and actually screaming into the phone about some inane subject, not just business people in business class that could create some tension, don't you think? >> well, frankly i find the most annoying things on planes are the video games. pong, pong, pong noises. they allow those to go on.
2:06 pm
what will happen there will be a few weeks figure out how this is going to work. then in a couple of months we'll wonder why we were all excited and worried about it. i think it will sort itself out in really quick order and i think they will have no phone zones. ashley: mary, thank you so much. mary seas it is inevitable. i wish it wasn't but i think she is probably right. cheryl: i trust mary's judgment. she always knows what she is talking about and she is right. thank you, mary. i guess you can call this advertising first. british airways is unveiling new digital billboards that interact with their planes flying overhead to remind people about the magic of flying. ashley, i hope you like this. take a look at this. this is london. notice how the child points up airplane and follows above him. flight number, departure city is then shown on the billboard. ashley: wow, that is pretty cool. cheryl: cool. how does this work though? they use surveillance technology and flight schedules to determine a british airways plane flying above billboards.
2:07 pm
at piccadilly neighborhood. ashley: and in, piccadilly circus, half of those go through every day. fascinating stuff. what will they do next? cheryl: new york, hopefully. after a glitch-filled rollout of obamacare there year the obama administration is announcing plans to move back the enrollment date for a month. rich edson is in washington with more. rich? >> cheryl, the administration says the change makes it easier for insurance companies and customers. republicans say the administration is only carrying about the election calendar. open enrollment was supposed to start october 15th next year. that moved open enrollment three weeks he have about the november 4th midterm elections to a week 1/2 after. the white house denies the change is political. >> what we're saying is, as, democrats who support the aca would agree, we need to make sure that the law is being implemented and that the
2:08 pm
enrollment is being improved so that we can deliver on the affordable care act's promise. we believe, that there is time, because of the extensive open enrollment period that is allowed here to make that happen. >> a spokesman for house speaker john boehner writes, quote, it is a transparent attempt to lessen the impending political fallout from this terrible law. meanwhile the administration says it is on track to meet its goals for by the end of this month. 50,000 simultaneous users they say. officials say the site can currently only handle 25,000 though they're adding more hardware this weekend. republicans point out that promises the administration is on track is the same description officials gave he have about the botched october 1st roleout. back to you. cheryl: rich edson out of washington the thank you, rich. ashley: made in the usa, remember that? ahead we talk with clothing manufacturer who is bringing that label back, making apparel only in california. cheryl: in today's tech minute,
2:09 pm
spotify, we'll look whetter or not the music streaming service is worth $4 billion. ashley: dennis kneale weighs in as time warner cable reaches out to comcast. cheryl: as we go to break, take a look every day as we look how oil is trading. oil has been so active over the last 24 hours. here are the metals. there's oil. metals and oil. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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♪ cheryl: had to listen to a moment of james taylor singing. looking at live picture of jfk library in boston, where ceremonies marking 50th anniversary of the john f. kennedy are underway. learning actually during this hour 50 years ago. they had a moment of silence at the library. a little james taylor. ashley: people all over the world will remember that. james taylor, what a great voice. time to make a little bit of money. why not. shares of applied micro circuit surging. chars, what is up?
2:13 pm
what is driving all of this? >> looks like this company may be turning it around. just to give you perspective on this, go back to september of 2,000, it was $414 stock. it is surging today and its 12 bucks. so, they have been sort of sideways. they have been sort of sideways for a while. but i tell you, i really think they're turning it around the semiconductor company. they just reported numbers. top line doing very well. margins are beginning to expand. 61.6 from 59 just quarttory quarter. a big jump year-over-year. finally come out with an array of products that i think it is going to take market share and give them pricing power. they have one they collaborated with cisco. it will be a big analyst meeting on december 4th, from credit suisse. i expect them up to date the street. that could be another catalyst from the stock. from risk/reward -- i think thereewill be several legs up. i think initial legs up come from people learning more about the different product that is
2:14 pm
they have. and then, as they start to really gain market share, continue the margin expansion and start to break some key resistance numbers, i think you can see the stock, it used to be a momentum darling. but that was way back in the day. cheryl: what is more important to you sometimes, is it technical performance of a stock or look more of it as a growth stock or strategy? >> fundamentals are much more important. what i like for charts is, they give us an idea, maybe when to buy and sell. in other words, i used to do a lot of technical stuff. i get 15 buy signals, 23 sell signals and two punts. you drive yourself crazy. ashley: what do you do? >> exactly. there is a point where you can see all of the weaker hand, probably, are already out of a stock. that you can support. there is resistance where people stop buying it. when those dynamics change, it does mean something. it does mean something changed, even fundamentally, you can tell from the charts. don't get too crazy with it. 70% fundamentals. 20% technical and what we call
2:15 pm
behavioral analysis that more or less people going crazy. and they do. the final part of the move. everyone is talking about bubble is people going crazy. we're not there yet with applied materials. still has a way to go to get back to the 414. ashley: very interesting, charles. have a great weekend. >> you too. see ya. cheryl: it is a quarter past. time to check the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole, what are you watching right now? >> looking at a few retailers, ann taylor and foot locker. let's kick it off. both are hitting record highs worth speaking b ann taylor hit a new high of 37.40, since pulled back. it is down half a percent. foot locker hit all-time high of 39.15. still holding on to a gain of more than 4 1/2%. everybody knows holiday seasons are challenging and promotional and competitive. let's see what we're see so far with foot locker if particular. they have seen their same-store sales on the rise.
2:16 pm
part offit is rising costs. seeing same-store sales on the rise is a good sign. you've seen retailers like abercrombie & fitch having second r seven consecutive quarters where it is slipping. ann taylor reported weaker than expected sales for holiday season which i noted. analysts say it might be as difficult as 2008. they came out third quarter results and gave forecasts. new high for ann day lore but since pulled down. cheryl: nicole, see you later in the hour. ashley: mayor michael bloomberg finishing out the term but before leaves office he has styrofoam cups in his cross-hairs. tomorrow's business news today. that is coming up. cheryl: we're live in dallas, city, nation, the world remembering our 30 fifth president 50 years after he was gunned down. you're looking right now at a live picture, arlington national cemetery. the eternal flame. ♪
2:17 pm
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>> at 20 minutes past the hour i'm arthel neville with your fox news minute. the death toll from that devastating typhoon in the philippines has topped 5,000 and it is expected to go higher.
2:21 pm
officials say more than 1600 people are missing but recovery efforts are starting to pick up. major roads have been cleared of debris and some banks, stores and gas stations are now open. marijuana will be legal in colorado on january 1st but that is not stopping the feds meantime from cracking down on growers in the state. federal agents and local authorities raided pot dispensaries, ripping plants from warehouses and piling them on the side of the road and parking lots. the u.s. attorney in denver says the action was consistent with recent guidance from the justice department. bart trains are back in operation in the san francisco bay area but delays are expected system wide. a computer problem shut down train service overnight, forcing some commuters to find another way to reach their destinations. those are the news headlines right here on the fox business network. get you back to cheryl and ashley. cheryl: all right. arthel, thank you very much. those were the lines for the ferry in san francisco.
2:22 pm
oh, those poor people. it was 1963. the 30 fifth president of the united states, john f. kennedy, was assassinated as his motorcade made its way through dallas's dealey plaza. let's look at the cost of living was 50 years ago. a car went for $2300, a stamp was four cents and gasoline costs 30 cents a gallon. the dow jones industrial average opened that mornings at 732 points but took a sharp 2.9% dive on the news. fox news's michelle maculoso joins us live from a very rainy day in dealey plaza, from the site of the infamous grassy knoll near where president kennedy was shot of the michelle. >> a very wet, rainy, cold day in dallas. the rain has picked up a lot since the ceremony just ended. orchestra was supposed to play. they did not play during the
2:23 pm
ceremony because of weaaher. what did happen, you see media from all around the world is here, covering this event where jfk, john f. kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago today. around the ceremony did not get as many visitors as they probably would have hoped. they were expecting about 5,000 people from across the country to come here. from what we could tell, didn't look like they quite reached that amount. as we did see, orchestra was canceled. the u.s. naval choir, mens glee club performed. john f. kennedy was of course in the navy and served in world war ii. there was a lot of different readings from famous speeches by his, famous historian david mccullough. we're having difficulty with the rain and things blowing around at this point. so if you take a look behind me, you can see, you can see is the texas book depository. from the sixth floor there is where lee harvey oswald shot
2:24 pm
three shots from his rifle that killed, that hit the president right here in dealey plaza. now, in dealey plaza here, there is the grassy knoll like you mentioned. there is where a lot of people, there is still conspiracy theory it was another shooter around it wasn't just lee harvey oswald that carried out this attack. now, like i said, everyone came from around the country to be here. and you know, it commemorates the life and legacy of john f. kennedy. cheryl? cheryl: michelle, live for us, ddllas, texas, dealey plaza. thank you, michelle. ashley: very wet and chilly looking. is 80 the new 60? it is unfortunately for many when it comes to retirement. we'll talk about how you can retire younger with ubs managing director louise gunderson. that is next. cheryl: plus a big cable tie-up may be in the works. dennis kneale ahead on time warner and that cable company reaching out to comcast. ashley: in tech minute videogame
2:25 pm
wars, crowds were out early as microsoft's xbox one hit store shelves to take on sony's new playstation 4. cheryl: we'll look at some of the winners and losers on the s&p. biogen a winner. time warner cable. the stock is moving on the news.
2:26 pm
♪ (train horn) vo: wherev our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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2:28 pm
tracy: we are high by 30 points. closed above the 16,000 mark. unless research on them. also taking a look. during the day. a lot of the sports apparel makers. having a strong impact on the dow. almost three points.
2:29 pm
the new york stock exchange. you're looking at this. what a stock today. >> what a stock. at $20 up 42%. $28.32. water run for this particular name. they have their opening today. the ipo. and they're known for their style for both men and women. they compete against the likes of course in coach and also ralphs ran into the. sorta the luxury type retailer. because of the retailers, doing incredibly well today. the other retailers, cuts is the only one to the downside. ralph lauren, tiffany year today with winning numbers. tracy: thanks, nicole. ashley: when it comes to retirement, 80 may be the new 60. americans of being forced to
2:30 pm
work wonder because they are basically underestimating how much money will take to finance a long retirement. joining us now, louise gunderson. they do so much for being here. we are hearing about this story more and more. what is the big problem? >> well, frankly, the big problem is that people are just underestimating expenses. they're underestimating a lifestyle cost. they're not doing a plan about it really sitting down with a financial adviser and accountants, state attorney to really defies and determine what they're going to need to live on ashley: the baby boomers lost a lot of money, didn't they? the financial crisis. that plays into this. >> to dozen day was not a happy time to be in the financial markets. people lost a lot of money. there are still recovering. they're having to live longer. that is where the 80 becomes the new rule. tracy: is it because they just don't understand what they're
2:31 pm
making assumptions that simply not true? >> i think they just don't spend enough time trying to forecast what the lifestyle is estimating what health care is. the costs associated with that. my advice right now is for people to the try to estimate some of those long-term health care care costs. and the younger that they did at the less expensive it will be at a policy in place to cover that. ashley: what is the long-term impact? if 80's in the 60 emmy's that we are not creating new jobs because they can't get in because the baby boomers are still working. >> of people's children are not getting jobs the coming into school. you're having to take care of sick parents because the parents are still alive and around and you're having to support your children that you saw once they get a job and get out of school there will be will be self-sufficient. creating a real divergence in the workforce. ashley: if people can retire early today or is that a personal choice to make some
2:32 pm
people like to say i'm 55, very secure. i'm not a fear prefer the majority of people that is not the case. >> people feel when they lose there house. a telltale sign. people want to travel. they still want to maintain the lifestyle. and they still want to work. so whether they're working at their company or add not for profits, you know, 60 is still very young. believe me. it is. ashley: absolutely. you want to stay in the work force, stay engaged, as they say the problem is is that if you retire and then find that you cannot pay your bills, you are already in trouble and it is already too late. >> that is why we advocate sitting down with your three legged advisers, meaning your account, you're a state attorney in your financial adviser to determine exactly what type of lifestyle you what, what your needs will be, how much and set
2:33 pm
expectations early on. ashley: when should you be doing this. obviously the earlier the better. sixty-five, 60, never too late. >> never too late, never too early. even for the regeneration people should be sitting down and educating their children about the needs and wants. the earlier you do it the better you can be prepared insurance is cheaper the earlier you get it. it becomes a planning exercise. ashley: a big part of that planning is the needs and wants. you have to have the needs. riyal have wants, but they may not be in your future. >> for short. ashley: thank you so much for beiig here. very wise words. appreciate ii. tracy: it is time for your tech minutes. gamers out in full force waiting in line to get there hands on the latest microsoft exports. the council went on sale at midnight and is the first new excise in eight years. limited quantities are available . customers cannot purchase the council on amazon.
2:34 pm
export retells for for $99, 100 more than the sony play station for which launched last week and sold more than 1 million units in just 24 hours. and gaming councils, office products, and e-mail encryption feature available next year when their releases its office 365 software. this is in response to the privacy concerns. users will be able to automatically send encrypted e-mail to recipients of southern company. a cryptic as well. it does not matter if you're using yahoo or lotus notes. the feature will be free. and spot on, spot a fight, 250 million in new financing. the music streaming service will use the funds to launch in japan and other countries. revenue comes from advertisers and premium subscriptions than 6 million members painted $10 a month.
2:35 pm
pressured recently by higher royalty costs. apple. both stocks down today. ashley: all about spot a fight. bringing the label back. the a big bet on it. tracy: from los angeles to hollywood. it's kind of the same thing. ashley: that is about 2 miles. let's take a look at the ten and 30 year treasury. the yield dropping. as we take a look at the 30 year , as we head to the break. there it is. the yield is coming down. we will be right back.
2:36 pm
2:37 pm
♪ tracy: time for your fox business brief. sony will make fewer of motion pictures and shift the more profitable television production . casone also identifies tumor and $50 million in cost cuts. a bankruptcy court in manhattan will consider approving the american airlines in the u.s. airlines approver. the world's largest airline. but the antitrust lawsuit held up the deal. a corner has robbed a 21
2:38 pm
year-old bank of america merrill lynch and turn her back after working 72 hours straight at the investment bank's london office died of natural causes. because the bank to review the working conditions for junior employees. as the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. we will be right back.
2:39 pm
will the new one woman pitbull 1 and and now. tracy: made a los angeles. trendsetting resell american apparel has begun champion at u.s.-based manufacturing. with the cost of our early factory worker compensation nearly 30 times more in the u.s. than some other nations, is made in america profitable? the company's founder and ceo joins me now from los angeles. thank you for being here. this has been the biggest problem for american companies
2:40 pm
move across the country lunette want to manufacture in the u.s. the labor cost. are we seeing a shift? >> yes, we are seeing a shift. wages overseas are going up. we have passed the high near and as far as the to the cheap labor , the expectation have cheap labor and the overseas markets. there is now going to be gloom many companies re-examining the opportunity to manufacture closer to their points a distribution. then maybe in china if you're selling in china, but that also might be in the united states. tracy: it is not just for company like yourself been beaten you have to deal with the costa fabric as well, the commodities cost. is that a universal cost the you're going to pay no matter where you live, or is it cheaper to get the material overseas? >> in certain cases is cheaper it the material overseas.
2:41 pm
in many cases is cheaper to get them here. most of the icon that is grown in the united states or one of the biggest importers of a lot of it is being exported back to china. it's a long way to go to go from the united states to china and then back. american apparel and los angeles making teachers' domestically. very often we are using the material similar line that were drawn on u.s. farm. nine. tracy: energy costs as well. so many things to go into manufacturing anything in this country. i am curious what you're hearing now from the president when it comes to immigration reform. there seemm to be more of a movement to change from both parties, not just on the side of the president in more. are you encouraged-immigration restrictions release of? that will appeal as above the
2:42 pm
continuous stream of iran's coming to the united states because they motivate the economy. they become business leaders and they also become motivated workers. immigration is the fuel that has made america so powerful. i think if we're going to become a manufacturing oriented country above 20 to encourage that and encourage liberal immigration policy for high level programmers and high-level professionals as well as entry level workers. tracy: if you find that you do have to raise prices a little bit because of this decision, even if it is a few extra cents for a shirt. we. >> in certain cases, but this isn't about pennies. it's about dollars. tear out of stock and waiting for a factory in china to replenish your verses being able to cut, so, and manufacture
2:43 pm
within days from what is the cost of that? might be losing hundreds of dollars. so we're moving away, at least in the clothing business, from just focusing on the pennies off. the industry is becoming much more logistically oriented him where it's all about avoiding stock counts. it's all about servicing the customer. offline or on line. so a variety distribution channels. is the cost of the labor goes up, as the cost of distribution from china to the united states increases in now because interesting to look in manufacturing in the united states which is the bed i am making here. tracy: you could say that the united states actually built the chinese no class. now we're seeing those jobs come back here. american apparel. thank you very much. >> thank you. take care. ashley: with the holiday shopping season kicking off next
2:44 pm
week the country who is waiting to play with toys. and we. tracy: addison i want to get to the new york stock exchange. be standing by. a new record intraday high. >> stocks close out the week. i am hoping that people don't sell there profits for the week. i hope we see a little more indication that with these long-term investors now playing in the market almonds, i think that if we close on top oppose welfare next week. a think bill of the anticipation of night -- black friday. hopefully we can carry we tell numbers that we saw or have seen last week into the holiday season new. we will and the airline of.
2:45 pm
tracy: that you. and do. ashley: let's try this again. the holiday shopping season ticking off next weee, the country's biggest carmakers have descended on chicago to show off their latest creations. jeff flock is at chicago's navy pier. no one better and not the orient unwilling. tracy: no wonder was not working. >> reporter: g. moi this is something. i find it very hard to control this thing.@ it's called the razor. tracy: the new razor crazy car, the ultimate drifting machine. kids can spend and draft like a pro at home. you can ride it in regular go car about four lift up on that drift barney will be drifting. >> reporter: have to believe. and it may be the style of the
2:46 pm
year. famous. >> it has transformed transportation. >> reporter: this is electric. you charges up. the idea is, once the barn. ish -- >> the ghost of miles-an-hour. it runs about 40 minutes of one continuous charged. i tell you, the funny thing is this is for kids, but a lot of adults apparently of picking up on this thing. >> surprised to see a lot of adults buying the story. posting videos on youtube from writing it. it is popular. >> reporter: italian to a whipping along.
2:47 pm
ashley: this is why we don't let them have then is vehicle. >> we hope parents can get ravening rabbah before they're gone. ashley: that looks like some much fun. ashley: let them go. somebody get him off that thing. tomorrows business today. first kroger. in his last month in office new york city mayor michael bloomberg is taking on styrofoam at his request the city council committee will hold a hearing monday on the bill to prohibit the use and sale of plastic foam cups and plates. sanitation officials say than non biodegradable container is at about 23,000 tons of trash per year.
2:48 pm
but a group calling itself the american chemistry council says put a lid on that idea. cost about 91 million. and though, yes, eliminate more than a thousand jobs in new york if the bill passes the new law would not take effect until july july 1st 2015. tracy: can we go back tap the three, the live shot. ashley: he will still be going around. tracy: there is a big merger. talking. ashley: and why the military is staying away from cows. the moving story is next. you make a great team.
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♪ ashley: jeff flock. he is used to facing hurricanes. tracy: this is a man that has been 25 years his industry facing every hurricane. he looked more frightened. jeff flock and the must have toyed. ashley: the country's second-largest cable operator is in play. time warner cable stock up. popping on as one of takeover speculation. join now with the latest.
2:53 pm
>> reporter: called on. the latest support says that comcast, the number one player may team up with the number four cable player charter communications to make a bid for time warner cable. this is a betrayal of sorts. time warner cable popping up. time warner cable was reported to returned to the number one guy comcast. the best of the clutches of a much smaller cable act. and now blue book reporting that it could, as comcast teamed up with the number four chartered to buy. now, the stock has been up today. that is where it all started. went into bankruptcy protection a couple of years ago. now it's run by this guy, one of the most highly regarded executives in the industry. that connection can play a role. this idea of comcast acquiring
2:54 pm
seems kind of unlikely. the obama administration may look unkindly on the number one gun moving -- merging with the number two. twice as many as time warner. the notion that charter could gobble up time warner alone also maybe a stretch. a market cap is almost three times that of charter. more than twice as large. yet this combination still would not let them be bigger than comcast and is one reason regulators may be less opposed to that idea. the two together is one reason to take charter more seriously. 27% stake held by cable billionaire. malone says cable is ready for a new consolidation wave. charter is the trojan horse to do it. this could spread beyond charter and time warner to enveloped comcast and cablevision. perhaps cox. and when in doubt bet on john malone. ashley: bet on higher cable rates.
2:55 pm
we continue consolidation. >> reporter: your point being that there will be a raising of prices. we can't get any other competition. it will lead to lower prices because they can band together and negotiate from lower prices. ashley: i like the way you think. i don't know if i agree. >> reporter: plus u.s. satellite and the internet. they're not that big and scary. ashley: stay with television. the away military taking a different kind of fellow. global warming. the scandinavian country is announcing his soldiers will put on the vegetarian diet once a week. the united nations says that livestock farming is this possible for 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions in the army is taking that to heart. this is a step to protect our climate. the idea is to serve food that is respectful of the environment . some needless mondays. ashley: and army munching on
2:56 pm
carrots. tracy: all those cows out there. a lot of energy. be. coming album on countdown to the closing bell, racing to be the first to produce the next generation including the smart watch. a 19 year-old boy may have developed hissown smart watched. he will tell us why we could all be wearing the next we sticking around. [ female announcer ] tide pods three-in-one detergent.
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liz: i am liz claman and welcome to "countdown to the closing bell," last hour of trading for the week and if you thought we were in for a pullback after the
3:00 pm
record close on the dollar above 16,000, guess again. normal behavior would be a fullback but no pullback friday. the dow jones industrial average poised for another record close. if you are invested in stocks it would make a two record closes in a row, three this week alone and the most astonishing of all, 41 record highs this year. think of that. win was the last time you vested your last record at anything 1 to 2 times, the s&p 500, much broader sense of how the market is doing as it considers 1798 and we are just about there. it will be a record, only the first for the week but the 37th for the year. don't ignore the russell 2,000, small stocks on the screen, just need to close above 1121 for 60th new record. back to the dow, look at wha


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