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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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don't be afraid to make mistakes. nothing can soften that. you are right. i am actually to feel with her wynja sees into such july 6 mm. with this is the, the other news aisha coming up to date 25 years after as human control of hong kong from the british, china takes a victory lap president huge and big visits, the city to oversee celebrations and the integration of his chosen men. as leader, and he leaves no doubt as to how china sees the cities future. today, i would like to stress again that one country to systems has been repeatedly tested
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in practice 5. there's no reason to change such a good system and it must be maintained for a long time. and that's what beijing says. alaska respected former hong kong lawmaker what she thinks than later in the program. we meet the hong kong journalist fighting to keep the facts of hong kong past alive before beijing changes them as well. ah, i british manager, welcome to did other news asia, glad you could join us 25 years ago today. hong kong returned to chinese control. the british colony was handed over with a special promise political autonomy and freedoms guaranteed under a set up gold, one country to systems chinese president sheet and being on his 1st visit outside
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the mainland in 2 years said the system was working as well. other draconian laws soothing, sang one far the enactment of the national security law for hong kong. b. as in she established in the hong kong special administrative region. we were rules and regulations to safeguard national security and go shinji to the revision and improvement of hong kong electoral system has ensured the implementation of the principle of patriots administering hong kong. shanker kirby, assuming she, the mean jewel jewel, the democratic system of the hong kong special administrative region is in accordance with the principle of one country to systems. and the constitutional status of hong kong, which is conducive to safeguarding the democratic rights of hong kong residents.
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democratic rights on beijing's terms, which meant hong kong new chief executive, john lee was elected by a closed committee of hand picked electors nor direct vote for hong kong residence . and today she didn't bring precise or least inauguration a former policeman. he was the sole candidate for the top job and secured 99 percent of the election committee's vote. a landslide when which convinced children being to remark lee's rule would deliver, got a new chapter for hong kong. and it is quite literally new books with new chapters are safe to be introduced in the fall this year to hong kong schools. the lesson, hong kong was never a british colony because britain assumed control illegally. it's historical revisionism like this, as prompted a group of hong kong journalists into action there once worked in some of the cities most venerated organizations. before they were shut down,
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these journalists are determined to preserve a true record of hong kong past. the journalists who run this bookstore can't write about hong kong present any more. so they've decided to said an accurate record of the cities passed alongside the books for sale. they've put up newspaper clippings like from july, 1st 19971 of the oldest english language papers here, the south china morning post ran the chinese characters for handover on the date, shyness hume control of hong kong from britain. there's also a press kit given to reporters who covered the hand over 25 years ago. proof of key events in hong kong past. now, under official dispute, you close head or why they, it's how you feel, what might happen, said them, what will be changed after the handover say yet the thought the answer is very little. it is
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a historic document. now when you say we want to share these histories and values similarly, since they can hardly be found elsewhere in hong kong, as he looked all emotionally at holland, that's because begging is changing the narrative of hong kong past, which was under british colonial rule for a 150 years. now, the government is amending middle school textbooks saying hong kong was never a british colony, because beijing didn't recognize the treaties that signed authorities. every moved news clippings and books deemed as political dissent from public libraries. people fear this could be part of a plan to reshape public memory. chinese and hong kong flags now fly everywhere is officials deck out the city for a festive celebration of the handover anniversary. but many hong kong as view the state with mixed emotions. the number of citizens identifying as chinese reached an
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all time low in recent years. observer say, although beijing already controlled hong kong, politically, the handover of people's hearts remains a challenge is road difficult to up? what are the core beliefs of the hong kong people? they will see themselves not as seen, poll or narrow a sense of nationalistic, a sentiment. as a hong kong chinese e ordered the force, everyone can give up what they have been the leaving you. the plastic eat might be our goal for the high support used to do so by very hot line approaches. so it is very obvious that now one country will systems become a more door for china. that they only expect hong kong to be at economic city without any political gravity. and with the cities future out of their control. many hong kong, as of voting with their feet and mass exodus is underway since mid 2020, when the new national security law came into effect, more than
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a 100000 people have chosen to leave the city rather than live under beijing's rule . but others have remained. emily lauer is of the democratic party and an ex lawmaker. she covered the hand over negotiation between the you care and china before 1997 and has witnessed hong kong changes since then result in 1984. you asked to then yuki prime minister, margaret petra, if it was morally defensible to hand over hong kong to a communist dictatorship? those were your words. did you imagine then that hong kong would turn into what it is now? well, not exactly, but of course i was very, very concerned. and of course i wasn't the only one because many hong kong people had fled from mainland china to come to hong kong where they as political or economic refugees. so to hand them back to mainland china, of course,
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some people were alarmed and concern. but you know, i did not foresee things happening in exactly in the current ways. you would ask me about the sino british joint declaration of 1984. that guaranteed hong kong autonomy for 50 years, beginning in 1997. do you think britain dropped the ball as it became clear? china wasn't respecting this agreement? well, as in britain, its role was quite terrible. because britain had run hong kong for one and a half centuries, although the government now in hong kong said hong kong had never been a colony. well, whatever you caught it, they ran the place for so long. and when they pulled out, and they did not offer the people much, and there was, you know, they were over 3000000 british subjects living in hong kong at the time. but
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britain just said, no, all we give you is the joint declaration, which of course, was not enough. i wasn't asking britain to fight a wall with china like britain for the war with argentina over the falkland islands . but at least britain should tell the people, at least the british subjects that okay, now we're gonna hand you back to china. but if things go wrong, which they said would not because the joint declaration was so good. but if things go wrong, you will have a place to go to. but of course, britain didn't say it then and only started saying so after the national security law was imposed on us. and that was very, very late. and the joint distribution that you're talking about also promised the one country to systems arrangement. and today we heard president, she jan being saying that this arrangement works and will stay for the long time in hong kong. how do you respond to that?
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well, one country to assistance means that in hong kong, and we will have a different system from mainland china and as fast, many of us i concern it will be about human rights, freedom, personal safety, rule of law, independent judiciary. and we hope, of course, china will develop and then all those things will also happen over there. but right now, as we speak, we have thousands of people. active is young people languishing in jail. some of them are my party members and some have not yet had a trial, but they've been locked up close to 88600 days. so we are very, very distressed, and we don't, of course, we want one country to system to continue, but that would mean that people would have personal safety. people would not be
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lock up with such a long time without trial. so it's not enough to say, oh, you can have one country to system for another 200 years. but we need to see the essence. people need to have the freedoms, the human rights, the rule of law, the personal safety. and then of course, try to develop democracy ms. law. do you think we have seen the full extent of political changes? the bridging wants to see in hong kong, or do you think a bit more to come? i have no crystal ball, my friend. neither have you. but i mean can, would, can things get worse? of course. i mean, hong kong he's better than ukraine. we're better than afghanistan. iraq, mia mama all ends up in some cases that mean mainland china because there are activists who are locked up in mainland china and tortured. so what we want to do
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is to urge presidency, jim ping and the mainline authorities to ensure that we will be free, we will be safe. hong kong can continue to be economically prosperous and stable. these are all the same promise in the joint declaration and a basic law. and we hope that we can go back to that lifestyle. but i will not tell you that the game is over. we're finished because we're not. we still have over 7000000 people living here and we want, you know, to go back to that lifestyle and of course, to have the ability to fight for democracy and which is something we've never had a really low. we leave it there for the time being, but it's been such a pleasure talking to you. thank you so much bye. and that's it for today we leave you with some more pictures of the hand over of hong
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kong from british to quincy back here on monday. a back tooth pulled sheet up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program on line d, w dot com highlights. will you become a criminal m. franklin may i already know who's with hackers and paralyzing the tire
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societies? computers that awesome are you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go, it will soon for. and that's how they can also go terribly. watch it now on youtube. oh, nuclear power gets a new look as europe scrambles for energy. countries like the czech republic say it's their best option to quickly replace russian fossil fuels and meet climate goals. what does the rest of europe agree? also on the show, more worried about food security as a major drought in italy threatens to wipe out this years. harvest of staple cra, hand plastic trash. plagues much of the world when canyon start up is now turning
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it into every day items below. welcome to the show i'm seeing because the invalid could have you with us. might europe be on the cost of a new era of nuclear power? beginning today, the controversial energy source is getting more support on the e. u level. as the czech republic assumes the e u counsel presidency leaders, there's a pushing up support for atomic energy is a priority. a parts of europe, germany, denmark, and austria in particular, have fiercely opposed efforts to encourage nuclear in the past. prague, however, sees things differently of special delivery from russia as the war rages in ukraine . uranium fuel rods are being delivered to the timely nuclear power plant in the czech republic. many lights would go out in the country without the russian uranium fuel rods. nuclear power accounts for 40 percent of the country's energy production .


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