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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 2, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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the treasure map for modern gold trotters discover some of human wicker breaking sights also in book form. ah ah ah, this is dw news alive from berlin, ukraine's presidents as a 5th of the country, is now under russian control. let him lensky comments. com as the west promises more weapons to cave, and russian forces edge closer to capturing the key eastern city of severity. and that's also on the show. the e. you makes
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a nother concession to hungary in order to pass the latest sanctions package against russia. the block will now drop the head of the russian orthodox church from its proposed blacklist. she's been on the throne for longer than any monarch in british history. we look at how can u. k is celebrating queen elizabeth, platinum. julie ah. hello, i am claire richardson. thank you so much for joining us. ukrainian, president of holiday moore's zalinski says russia has now seized one 5th of his country's territory. russia has been making slow but steady gains as it intensifies its assault on it. the country's eastern don bass region. so landscapes as ukrainian forces are now battling russian troops along a front line extending more than a 1000 kilometers from hi keith in the north east. to me call i of,
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in southern ukraine in the fight for ukraine's east. another life is lost, locals was sheltering in this school in the hockey region. when it was hit. here the russian ground troops have been pushed back, but the air strikes continue to kill civilians. duck with us to pull by, i wish they would see those so called liberators. what did they liberate us from here? but your home is getting out and read the feed these such pain over 3 months into the wall. the head of nato. want the west must brace for a, drawn out conflict wars or boy, nature unpredictable and therefore we just have to be prepared for it all goes legacy. is that so this war has no comma war. trish
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or the premiums or paying a hot was for the funding that all okay. all the above through sweden and the u. k. have now joined germany and the u. s. in offering more advanced weaponry to help defend ukraine guy and i met the kremlin claims, new military aid wouldn't stop russian advances, saying it will only further prolong the wall is undeterred. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski hold for more weapons in a speech to luxembourg, parliament outlining the enormity of what ukraine has already lost. standing there wouldn't be controllable by herself to day. the occupiers control almost 20 percent of our territory. my. that's almost 125000 square kilometers. now this is much larger than the area of all the ban alex countries combine. neutral rosalyn was an
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almost 300000 square meters. are contaminated with unexploded mines and ammunitions scenario them. the yuki narrows animals, russian forces are pushing forward towards ukrainian, held cities in the dumbass region. the shelling here is relentless. russia now controls most of the city of soviet odon. ask, closing in on full control of the loo hunts region of the dumbass. or correspondent nick connelly is in kiff. earlier, he told us more about the development on the ground in light of president zalinski claimed that russian forces control a 5th of the country with that figure that includes crimea and the areas in east and on best, that russia controlled before fabri 24th before the beginning of this war, but they have made quite significant turturro gains in the south, can sworn in that land bridge, linking russian annex crimea with russia. and then also in the north near had give in dawn. but actually, strange enough, there has been less in the way partially of movement on 4 lines. so this is the
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region where ukraine has been defending itself against russ proxy for 8 years. and where the defenses are the, the best developed and the strongest. and we've seen so ordinarily, heavy fighting around several dozen ask in recent days we heard from zalinski today that ukrainian losses are at about a 100 soldiers a day with about $4500.00 additional casualty in terms of wounded, heavily, severely wounded. so these are very, very significant losses. and right now ukraine doesn't have the heavy weapons systems and doesn't have ammunitions to totally use them even if they did have them to really go back into a kind of full count attack in those areas. and as basic now playing for time, the hope that those western spies will turn up or faster than has been feared him. in addition to the casualties on the battlefield, on one of the biggest consequences of this war is the deepening global food crisis, or as millions of tons of grain are stuck in ukraine waiting export. to day, the russian defense ministry has said that ships that are carrying grain will have
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safe passage out of ukraine. he tell us how much faith we should put in this statement. while there are lots of question marks about this or announcement coming out of moscow in the same way that lots of the humanitarian corridors to allow civilians are marable, especially at the beginning, failed. after lots of p, i ended up with people basically ending up being fired up new trying to leave the city. so similarly, lots of skips them here in ukraine at least that this is actually gonna happen. suggestion that this is more about russia trying to detoxify its brand, especially in parts of the world that are dependent on grain from this region. who maybe don't care as much about the war as such. but who has very carefully following increasing food prices and food shortages that so a sense that rushes trying to pass the blame for those shipments not going out to ukraine. i think it was a very questionable whether the commercial companies that organized that kind of shipping would be willing to take that risk even if they were given some kind of guarantees from moscow. or if there was some kind of military convoy taking those ships through the black sea. so lots of question marks and still everyone in
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ukraine here expecting that that huge green crop that is sitting in ukraine silos and it needs to be exported. or that will be exported west via poland, by rail, by truck in the that's obviously much less efficient a lot, much more costly than the usual way by see them i get your take on some more news coming out today with the u. k. and sweden, or that's 2 more countries now promising to deliver weapons to ukraine. how is that being received in case of so that's welcome. this isn't really much surprised. the u. k. has been very proactive on sending weapons, much before even most of the european countries, even before this war started. and i think the big question here is just about the logistics and the dates. ukraine right now is not in position to really plan or more than a couple of months ahead. they are really losing equipment and people at such a rate that this needs what needed to have been here yesterday. but anything that's going to take months and months is kind of irrelevant at this point. so it's really question of how fast this can be delivered if it's already been bought and he's ready for dispatch. and if they can also get it to the front lines without the
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russians trying to take, put shot at it with senior se new russian attacks missile attacks on railways in western ukraine restaurant really close down those logistics and those paul's into ukraine to prevent that weaponry coming in from europe and heading to the front lines in numbers or python and nick connelly reporting from ukraine. thank you. as always and b, e u has agreed not to sanction the head of the russian orthodox church after protests from member state hungary. it's one of several concessions made to budapest, as the block seeks to impose a 6th round of sanctions on russia, over the war patriarch carol is believed to be one of the wealthiest men in russia . and is an avid supporter of president vladimir putin. you, my boy, hungarian prime minister victor or ban said his opposition to sanctioning cadell has been long known and should not have come as a surprise relatively monsieur. my love, while our correspondent christine boy is in brussels and told us more about the use reaction to hungary obstruction tactics. can tell you that there is
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a lot of anger high, especially among e u invoice, our, who feel at that that the hungarians are effectively being given too much a, in a sense. or we know that, for example, the, the ambassador, our, for our france who was cheering the meeting yesterday we hungry ab voiced it, sir. opposition suit to this black listing of this se, senior cleary. and was really frustrated saying it that kind of change could not be made at the stage in the game, but it appears they are, are seeking to press on with this to go forwarded this than guarantee, clearly dug in their heels and were not willing to compromise on that because these sanctions need to add an agreement, consensus agreement from all of the member states. so if the hungarians were going to be digging in their heels on this, this package could not go through. so am i remember listening to the lithuanian foreign minister a few weeks ago talking about being held hostage a by, by hungry. and that is that, that the feeling and the sense add that, that many member states do share that the hungarians are in the way of delaying
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this round of sanctions. and now of course, this looks like latest impasse and are really dragging the heels of the entire block. christine ones are reporting for us from brussels. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. protestors rallied in ramallah in the occupied west bank over the death of a teenager who was killed by israeli forces, according to the palestinian health ministry. the 17 year old was reported the shot dead after he approached and his really security barrier. the israeli army said it's investigating the incident us vice president comma harris has said congress needs to act while commenting on a series of recent mass shootings across the country. she spoke ahead of president joe biden's address on thursday evening. biden is expected to reiterate, calls on lawmakers to amend the country's laws to combat gun violence and thousands of people have attended the annual pride parade in jerusalem and had
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heavy police presence. the city is home to israel's largest ultra orthodox, jewish community, and various conservative groups opposing the event. police said they arrested 3 people on suspicions of threatening the parade. and thousands of people have gathered in central london for the start of 4 days of celebrations. mark and queen elizabeth's unprecedented platinum jubilee. 70 years on the throne makes her britons a longest reigning monarch. but amid the festivities, there were also renewed concerns about the queen's health. buckingham palace said the queen was experiencing discomfort and would not attend a national thanksgiving service scheduled for friday. ah, they were in high spirits from the salt. 2 2 i'm this is walt that we had to see trooping the cooler took place under semi london skies among the queens platinum
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jubilee. ah, there was the usual pomp and circumstance. we've seen the royals arriving courage of what has happened often a recent events. prince charles stood in for the queen, arriving on horseback for his ceremonial duties. several people were detained after breaching the security perimeter on the mile. but most were here to enjoy the party. i just think is a moment in history, whatever. have you know, you from england or from anywhere in the world. this is a history we know is a moment that i don't know when when we're going to see again i'm so she has chance and is my i am broad mother, my mother myself on my daughter for generation and it's just an amazing achievement . lien. so much fun. the queen made the 1st of 2 appearances
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on the buckingham palace balcony, to welcome back the procession. following an $82.00 gun salute, crowds flock down the mall, to witness the main event. after much anticipation, it was time for the honorific fly past, celebrating her 70 years on the throne until my colleague moments in british history, ah, and dw correspondent charlotte shall some pill is in london. we asked her if the queen's platinum jubilee is more than just an extended public holiday foremost, brits, she is marking 70 years on the throne that does make her the longest reigning british monarch in history. and that means that this event, this 4 day celebration,
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is completely unprecedented. i think it's a fad. best for me to assume that i won't see another one of these events in my life time. and i think that is the reason that so many thousands of people turned out on to the streets earlier today. they wanted to witness this moment in history . essentially seeing the royal family on the balcony, the queen crucially who's dropped out of a number of public public appearances lately. seeing her, we in fact, spoke to people from around the world who come here for this. we can specifically so a group of people from the us who addressed up in real sort of royal wedding vibes who said that they come to specifically and really looking forward to all of the pump and pageantry that to day entailed. and regardless, really, whether or not you are a fan of the monarchy, a lot of people really just reflecting on the fact that she has been this centerpiece in britain the 70 years. that's 14 prime ministers,
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14 us presidents. a lot of people really taking the time to reflect on that. and before we go, let's get a reminder of the top story we're following for you. ukraine's president of all a demure zalinski says russia now controls a 5th of ukrainian territory. russian forces are also edging closer to capturing the key eastern city of silverado, next with 80 percent of the city now under russian control. that is your, he's update at this hour. my colleague christy watson is up next with the business had lines. the statement for that, i'm clear, richard than in berlin for me in the team. thanks so much for watching. it's just a question of whether the next crisis will come. but only when and how the media will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important.


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