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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  May 20, 2022 10:30pm-10:58pm CEST

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unfortunately, a south, a mother is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering her 3 dog . with was part of psychosis is an awful illness. post partum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d. w. ah. the west is accusing russia of weapon ising food of deliberately starving millions of people around the world by blockading ukrainian ports, keeping millions of tons of food and fertilizers off world markets. russia of course blames western sanctions. so to day on the day,
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if the west can cripple russia's economy, why shouldn't russia try to starve us? i'm fil galeon berlin and this is the day. ah, browser has launched a grain on stocking it globin food prices. there is the last food security. last house is security, last income. i mean, she already food insecurity at very high levels. cost you use a while, the keys to last in peace and the security. this is really a crisis, davis forced to get worse. also on the day germany has detected its 1st case of monkey pox. clusters are springing up around the world, and scientists are baffled by the spread of this rad virus. the you says it's
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monitoring the outbreak closely. the monkey pox virus is considered to have moderate transmissible t. among humans, the likelihood of further spread over the virus through close contact. for example, through sexual activities is considered to be high. the likelihood of transmission between individuals without close contact is considered to be well come to the day. well finance ministers from the group of 7 leading economists meeting here in germany have been grappling with the economic effects of russia's war in ukraine. german finance minister christiane lintner, who has been hosting the talk said the g 7 has agreed to provide ukraine with a liquidity, lifeline of almost $20000000000.00 to insure it has enough money to defend itself against russia's invasion. the i m. f predicts, ukraine's economy will shrink by more than a 3rd this year and next virtually and, and we stand with you green,
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you cream is realizing it is right to self defense. more than that, if you defending our shared values on the finance can, is it a financial situation was especially the supply of liquid funds must not be allowed to restrict the possibility of military action on the soviet suzette and franklin and to 7 ministers of war and that the war is causing global economic disruptions impacting energy supply of food production and export, as well as the functioning of supply chains around the world. and ukraine accuses russia have deliberately targeting food supply infrastructure. russian missiles took out a grain warehouse in eastern new crane on thursday. official say the storage facility, the southeast of zappa's asia, is not completely unusable. ukrainian, president of loudermilk lansky, a cas accused russia of using food as a weapon with global consequences. the cranes, one of the world's most important supplies of grain and sunflower oil,
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but russia's blockade of black c port has halted shipments. the colors of ukraine countries, endless golden wheat fields are reflected in its flag. but rushes invasion means some of you, cranes, rich farmland. now, looks like this. ukraine has accused russia of deliberately targeting its agriculture sector, tearing up fields, planting land, mines and destroying equipment and warehouses in safer parts of the country, farmers have been tasked planting extra crops in a bid to make up for the losses elsewhere. but the threat to food security goes far beyond ukraine. the country is one of the world's biggest exporters of food products like wheat corn and some flower oil. but russia has blocks ukraine's key ports, leaving it unable to ship vital food supplies in level around all
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without our agricultural exports. dozens of countries in different parts of the world already on the brink of food shortages. and over time, the situation could become, frankly speaking, terrible. politicians are already discussing the possible consequences of the sharp rise in prices with famine in african countries asian countries. russia has blamed the situation on western sanctions. but some experts suggest russia is manipulates in grain markets using wheat as a bargaining chip to its own advantage. as the world's number one wheat exporter there are warnings, russia could withhold its own wheat exports for political gain. according to the world food program, around 4 and a half 1000000, tons of grain is stuck in silos at ukrainian ports. it's particularly disastrous for countries already suffering from food shortages. yemen for example,
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gets more than half of it, sweet from ukraine and russia. these were ukraine were, has, is overlapping. the impact is overlapping with a crisis that has already been unfolding other countries, the u. s. now racing to work out alternative routes across land to secure supply chains. meanwhile, the u. n. is leading negotiations to get shipping rates reopened, and get vital food supplies to whether desperately need it. let's look at this with michael kim h, who's professor of history of the catholic university of america and the fellow of the german marshall fund. he served as an expert on russia and ukraine for president obama state department. welcome to d. w. s. looking at what's going on there is, is a pattern that you said you could do. see russia deliberately creating a food shortages around the world as part of this war?
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i'm not sure if it's a deliberate creation of a food shortage. it's certainly a consequence of the war. and i don't think that russia will lift its naval embargo of ukraine for many reasons. what it will try to do is to exploit this crisis to make it the fault of western and transgender nato expansion and such. it will try to use it for propaganda purposes. every once i miss propaganda game though on may because you know that the west is there imposing sanctions on russia regarding it as a legitimate tactic to try and bring down it's a banking system. and, and of course, if we can do that, why shouldn't russia try to do the same with whatever tools it has at its disposal? i don't think that western policy is to bring down russia's banking system. the goal of the sentence policy is to limit the development of russia's war machine. and so it's, it's, it's, it's targeted and i don't think that so, you know,
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sort of sabotaging the world's food supply is a proportional response to that. so these are 2 separate tracks. i would say, but yes, all of this is a feature of widening tension between russia and the west. and that's going to be a very long term phenomenon with many, many negative consequences. so let's think about that idea of each side are blaming the other as a side of the western poses, are sanctions on russian fuel and, and the banking system and russia. and it's, it's apologists and it's friends. i say, well, this is the west side, so we'll hear from china's permanent representative to the united nations. jang june young kim to show you so weaponized in economic interdependence will only create artificial difficulties and amplify local risks. we call for the lifting of unilateral sanctions and restrictions on food production and exports as soon as possible, so as to stabilize on smooth food production and supply. i call kim,
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it's due by that the west removes it, sanctions and russia lex, the grain out of ukrainian ports and the problem goes away. seems to go that thinking it doesn't really make any sense for western point of view. the sanctions are there because of the war and the violations of ukrainian sovereignty. and i think for that reason that the sanctions have to have to stay and something can be worked out about the grain. that would be excellent, but it wouldn't be through sanctions or the if that just not going to it's not going to happen on the western side and it shouldn't because it's not connected to the stated names of the sanctions policy. ok, so both sides say it's your fault and we're not moving. i wonder if you could just expand on an idea that was, that was touched on in our report that russia could also withhold its own wheat from the market for political gain. because on the face of it, this seems like the last thing that a cash strapped severely sanctioned country with limited access to international market would do. it's very true. it doesn't seem like there's any reputation again
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in russia. in doing that, they would just seem less reliable supplier of grain to those parts of the world that consume rush and grain. so it would be an odd policy unless the russian calculation is that the instability that the global grain shortage is going to cause at the instability is so useful to russia. that it would do it for that sake . but that seems like a very, a very unusual policy putting it mildly well, this is been unusual. conflict happening because on the one side, okay, we have what we understand. we have the bombs and the bullets flying, but on the other we have all these other weapons being used, whether it be the food or fuel and the rest of this were in the space so called a hybrid warfare. have you seen it's like before? no, i think that this is a very perplexing war, and it's, you know, very local and regional up to a point me, in the battlefields are all on the territory of ukraine. but it's certainly a war that's global in scope and meaning, and you know,
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from that you can extract one significant point, which is that the western response to the ukraine has been much more critical of russia than the global response. so that's certainly something that russia is going to try to turn to advantage, and that may be where some of this grand politics comes into play. and it's interesting that the battle lines, as it were, in terms of who's for and against russia on clear. you look at countries like india, already turkey, which has interest on both sides of this. so that's correct. also brazil, south africa, and most importantly, china. i don't think any of these countries really strongly supports the war or things that the war is a good idea. but at the same time, they don't strongly oppose it, they're not a part of the sanctions regime. and they are trying to operate in their individual ways to, to benefit at times from being either in between or closer to the russian side. so it's a very important part of the picture. and what are the things that is perplex?
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lots of observers has been the lack of what would appear to be a cyber response. because russia has been accused of exploiting tactics and cyberspace for years disrupting elections in referendums, in foreign countries that we don't appear to have seen so much of this in this current hall war. why do you think that is? well, not yet. don't, don't forget that it's early days for this war. it's about 2 and a half months old. so we'll see what the future brings in this regard. i think that there is one clear explanation which is that russia has undermined a lot of the political support that it had before the war. so it doesn't have as much to work with now. in terms of, you know, information, meddling, political meddling and such, but where i would anticipate cyber attacks in the future would be on critical infrastructure in places like poland, the baltic, republics, or perhaps germany or the united states. i don't think that that's a science fiction at all. it's a, it's
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a probable outcome of the work continues to escalate and a very, very material way that this is sort of spread out. we've seen russia switch off gas supplies to poland and bo guerria and finland is due is next on the list from saturday. why do you think russia has picked of those particular dogs will fill and we know, but why st. weiss why start with bulgaria and poland when they're a bigger fan of fish like germany or hungary? well, poland has been, you know, really front and center with this crisis. it's taken in a very large number of refugees and pollen is the country from which weapons are flowing into ukraine. so i think it's just a target for russian animosity. and then in other countries, it's degrees of vulnerability and degrees of leverage. germany may be vulnerable, but it still has lots of leverage. bulgaria in a different situation, could tell you. thank you so much for joining us. michael kim mentioned from the
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catholic university of america and the german model. and thank you for having me joe. this chancellor says guitar will play a central role in his countries, plans to cut its dependence on russian gas. all of shots made the remarks of the hosting, the emir of guitar. tommy bill hammered out tiny talks here in berlin. it has the world's leading producer of liquefied natural gas and hopes to start sending the fuel to germany. a by 2024, chancellor shoals said germany would develop its infrastructure to import energy by ship. and while germany proposed to do without russian gas, vigilant has had this thrust upon it. russian gas, a giant gas problems cutting off supplies just days after finland applied to join nato. moscow says it's because hell think is refused to pay in rubles. but gas only accounts for 5 percent of finance energy needs and officials say,
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there'll be no disruption to consumers as hell. think he's already signed a replacement deal with a u. s. company. so let's explore this aside of this war with dr. benjamin estimate is a post doctoral research fellow at harvard, recently and sent for astrophysics. he's also served as european energy security advisor to the u. s. state department of welcome back to d w. so russia says it's cutting a felon daft because hell think he isn't pay for his gas in rubles, which of course was a condition that must go imposed in response to western banking sanctions. but presumably we should read this as a punishment for finland seeking data membership. yeah, absolutely. i mean, i think that still what we can, we can see here, this is just the latest move in a long running kremlin instigated gas prices that it has built up in europe since mid 2021. all to undermine the west response to russia's leader,
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re invasion of ukraine. and we've seen these cynical statements where gas prom apologists and the vendors. people like me to pass car. people like former german chancellor, gerhard schroeder, they continue to perform implausible logical gymnastics. we try to explain away the company's behavior as quote, just commercial, and they really represent kind of extraordinary conductors of a decade, blong symphony of absurdity aiming to drown out anything that doesn't harmonize with variations on the kremlin. really farcical. refrain that quote, russian has always been a reliable energy supplier to europe identified on twitter just last week, a thread with over 25 different interruptions and other non market actions. and of course, been when energy cut off last week electricity and upcoming got cut off. you know this, this is right in that wheelhouse. all right, so it was germany is now looking to katara for it's for it's l n g supplies.
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but 11 does what sort of bargain you can strike when the market knows that you are desperate. we'll hear from germany, economy administer a robot hardback, and then we'll come back to you. but it's, it's obvious that we need natural gas if you want to get rid of russian nation natural gas. this is the situation, but we won't be hijacked. and if someone is using the situation to ask, asking for too high prices are 2 long term contracts, then we would find about hotness, benjamin smith. how done is this deal with guitar is, can germany dictate terms or walk away? well, they certainly can walk away. i mean the, the big thing to remember about ellen g is that, unlike oil, it's less fundable, but it is going in that direction, right? so it is, it is something that you can go to a global market and try to reply to the greatest extent possible. right. and so presumably, then a nice circumstance bell is not in
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a position to impose conditions that ethically or otherwise it's not clear. i mean it's, it's, you know, it's a little bit different from the long term contract that berlin had in previous government tried to build and remember, and the rest of the european union from 2015 after russia initially beat them. ukraine was working to actively diversify away from over dependence on russian natural gas in particular, but energy in general. germany took the other approach if it followed this flawed o politic policy where it was trying to actually entrench its energy relationship through the now defunct nord string. to pipeline, and these are the sort of things that germany is actively moving away from and getting onto the global market is, is really, you know, a big, big step. something that other countries like poland in bulgaria and others, which i heard you talking about earlier. they've already taken those steps. germany really need to take a page out of their energy security playbook to become more resilient to kremlin
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pressure as ever good talking to thanks so much for joining us. dr. benjamin smith from the harvard smithsonian center astrophysics. thanks so much. ah, viral infection usually found in small mammals in west and central africa. the spread of the virus is usually caused by people traveling to those areas. but for the 1st time, the disease appears to be spreading among people who have not traveled to africa. germany, belgium, italy, and sweden have become the latest countries to confirm cases. following britain, portugal, spain, and the united states. there is something very unusual in terms of those speed in which it spread, and also the long incubation time. 12 days, sometimes potentially 21 days. i mean, sir, are you could silently or incubate in many people before we realised it? in australia, one man who had recently returned from britain is also infected. a 2nd case was
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awaiting confirmation. the individual who's been diagnosed in victoria. i came from london a so flu on the 14th landed in abu dhabi and then was on an ebay darby, melbourne flies landing in the early morning of the 16th. i had some symptoms prior to being on the flies, but hes attended for our medical care almost immediately. monkey pox, similar to human smallpox though milder. most people recover from it in a few weeks. symptoms include fever and had egg, feeling tired and swollen glands. the virus is usually transferred through close bodily contact, a bodily fluids. their world health organization says the general public should be aware of unusual skin rashes and acknowledged that there were still many unknowns. also in terms of transmission. one of the theories of health officials is that the
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disease is now being sexually transmitted, but further investigation is needed to be relatively presented in afghanistan are no longer allowed to show their faces on screen. they now have to cover them with a mask or veil. the new addicted adds to a growing list of taliban restrictions on women. this includes covering themselves in public, from head to toe being allowed to travel only with mail guardians, restrictions on work under ban on education for teenage girls. a popular tv presenter shows herself getting ready for show the same day she wrote a woman being erased on orders from the virtue and vice ministry. but on the hold on the back, this was yelder ali, back in september 2021 on me right now, showing her face on air has become a crime on her protest. her strong widespread support on twitter some
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se, yelder ali is a hero. others ask her to stay strong, but there are also comments like this. seeing westerners have brainwashed, muslim women and opinion shared by the taliban, which less than 2 weeks ago, ordered women to where they're all covering, had to told walker in public. despite vows to respect women, when it came to power in august, it also asked them to stay home. schools for girls remain closed. long distance travel for women is no longer possible without a close male relative. the tale bounce, growing. repression has confirmed the fears of the international community. what we're seeing is i as an expanding sort of restrictions on our, on women. and it's quite systematic and it's certainly not looking good as, as well as one of on women characterized to me. she said that she had
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a sense that there was a tall about war on women. and this i think is something to, to really take stock. is that women and are honest, feel under siege yet many remain resilient. these women say they will not lead to booker hide their identity. they're determined to defend their rights for as long as they can over there is almost done, but the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter, either at dw, usually before me, out of the day of good weekend. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah.
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with a making the head like what's behind them d. w, news, africa. the show that was the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally on the streets to give you enough reports on the inside. our correspondence is on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trends doesn't matter to you. i want to make a big change in the environment, being an eagle warrior. what, what are they demanding? a ban on plastic toys in india. young activists are also thriving in pakistan to this little girl is designing eco friendly dolls. i call her facade because there's
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an early means environment. he goes india in 90 minutes on d w i. we're interested in the global economy. our portfolio d, w business beyond here is a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the flight for market dominance. good us did the head with d. w. business beyond the w's crime fighters are back africans, most successful radio drama series continues. stories focus on hate speech, cholera, prevention, and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters,
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tune in now with with oh,
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d, w, news line from berlin. russia says it has taken full control of the as of style steel plant after ukrainian officials ordered the last remaining defenders to surrender to save their lives. also on the program, a former german chancellor finally cuts his ties to russia, state own oil company. and that says, gal shudder is leaving its port was facing the threat of a u sanctions over his times to the crap and spiking.


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