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ah, ah ah, this is deed of the news live from berlin. finland says yes to nato countries. parliament voted in favor of joining the military alliance. the country's leaders say the application process should start immediately. moscow called to move a clear threat. also on the program. you, when launch is an investigation into a lead to rights abuses by russia and ukraine, claiming moscow is responsible for the vast majority of civilian deaths. also
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coming up, astronomers casting light on the dark heart of par galaxy. for the 1st time, the scientist reveal images of the super massive black hole at the center of our milky way they say, a new era of learning about the mysterious objects is just beginning. ah hello, i am told me aladdin. well, it's good to have you with us, finland's president and prime minister have called for the country to apply for nato membership. as soon as possible. in a joint statement, the leader said nato membership would strengthen finland, security, and as a member of nato, finland would strengthen the entire defense alliance. finland must apply for nasal membership. without delay of the announcement is expected to put pressure on sweet,
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which is also considering applying of this map shows the current nato members on the european continent and that long border that finland shares with russia spanning some 1300 kilometers. now the national mood has changed dramatically in finn and since moscow's invasion of ukraine as vis report explains finland is looking to bitch decades of military non alignment. while helsinki has moved closer to nato in recent years, it just will stay out of the alliance to avoid antagonizing russia under now. but the invasion of ukraine has battled much of the finish public. who now worry that big would be next. give us security nature of course. yeah, that's why i want leslie i nature and i think that we should have an benita already in a near 1990 s money than it was possible. we stood alone in 1939. we don't want to
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stand alone again. with every veteran who fought and survived the winter was never ever to stand alone again. finland chairs at 1300 kilometer long border with russia . it's a session to the military alliance with more than double the russia need or land border stop. finish. diplomats believe nieto would benefit greatly if they joined. he are convinced that synagogue bring added value to nato. oh, war time. strength of the defense forces is 20. 280000 troops and the trend reserve is 900000 men and women. finland has many high end capabilities, including a 5 digit fleet of 8 this gradually to be replaced by recently ordered. $64.00 if $35.00 jet fighters the government has said its response would depend on the extent of needles, military infrastructure. we have repeatedly said that the expansion of nato and the
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abroad of the military infrastructure of the alliance to our borders does not make the world and most of bodily european, eurasian continent more stable and secure. this is unambiguous. finland could make its formula but do need to membership in the coming weeks after the move has been approved by parliament. russia used to move by finland as a threat and has condemned the announcement. he w. natal correspondent, hurry schultz has been following the story for us and shared this assessment. finland felt that said that, you know, it's very strong. national defense would be enough to deter a russian attack. but clearly, after this war started a on ukraine, now all bets are off, and that was certainly what changed the public opinion. now russia has reacted antagonistic. lee saying that i today, that is going to cut off finland's gas supply for this. and they've even threatened to move nuclear weapons closer to the finish border. so certainly this is something
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that, that finland, sweden and all of nato expected. and they're not actually that worried about after the resilience is high, the mindset is stable and they were expecting this kind of response from the kremlin. the un human rights council has launched an inquiry into a ledge rights abuses committed by russian troops in ukraine. the council voted overwhelmingly in favor of the investigation. it will look into abuses in the region surrounding give and other areas where russians withdrew. un human rights. chief michelle bachelorette and russian forces are responsible for the vast majority of civilian deaths in ukraine with you canyons, ukrainians rather returning to the city of hockey, dw correspondent, much as belinda told us about the situation in other cities in the east of your brain. so yeah,
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we have different situations at different parts of the front line around hard keep, the ukrainian forces have been able to push the russians back almost to the russian borders in some areas and in other areas quite far away from the city. which means that the city is out of artillery range and that's why people are returning to the city because it's now less, it's being less it showed less than before. and that's, but basically this due to this offensive, which seems to be quite successful in don boss, which is further east. the situation looks a bit different. fighting is fears there. and we have, in the past few days, seen some gains by the russians, not breakthroughs, but the russians are still on the offensive, although things might not go as planned for them either. the ukraine is, are resisting, but nothing is decided there yet. it's still a very intense battle. russian troops have withdrawn from northern ukraine,
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but the impact of their souls in the early days of the war will likely home to people. for years unexploded munitions mines and rockets pose a threat to civilians trying to rebuild their lives. and de mining teams face the dangerous task of removing the explosive devices. a broken leg, an injured spine will let em invaluable. barely survived a land mine explosion. but you see you need time. much needed comfort from his wife, while at amier was on assignment, restoring electricity in the key phrygian when it's happened. just when we host, when we were driving in the car with my colleagues. there were 3 of us, the driver image, myself of and my boss. so are going to, we were talking about our plans for the next day and then i don't remember anything from the, from a blue. that's when the car drove over
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a land mine value only survived because he was in the middle seat. he's colleague sitting next to him. died demining teams like this one work against a clock here in the churn have region. sometimes they're able to remove about 40 explosives per day. it's not nearly enough. like a kid you might, it's a 3 amount of work is huge and now because the grass is growing and everything is blossoming, it makes it impossible to work faster than it was harder. for instance, to see booby trap was to renew. roster. oscar booby traps are banned by international law. the teams task today, a controlled explosion of this hurricane rocket full of cluster munitions, indiscriminate weapons that can cause many fatalities before the war. people came here to walk. now,
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even that has become risky after the withdrawal of russian forces, as you can see, they have left behind a lot of land mines, unexploded munitions like this one. and now they pose a threat to farmers who need to work on their land, but also to all the civilians who simply accidentally happen to step on one of these here in the forest or in their backyard. it will likely take yours to the mine ukraine, as the war ages on me, how yellow explains felicia sophisticate, one month of war equals one year of d, mining over civilians get blown up by these traps. words those who have nothing to do with any of this and never wanted to be part of this war in the 1st place that wasn't brought to part. one of them had physical injuries were he'll say, but he must cope with the mental impact to glibly bouquets. one can i say when you speak to a person who's and a minute or 2 later, you understand that this person is not alive anymore. this is very heart difficult,
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but someone needs to know the charter woman. mother's comes with 2 of these by the hidden danger of mine and other explosives. he wants to continue this dangerous job and bring electricity back to the people. experts in south africa say new sub variance of on the kron could cause a 5th wave of coven 19 infections. only around a 3rd of the population is vaccinated. though experts a most have acquired a degree of natural immunity through previous infections. and they say it is, this is what's helping keep hospitalization. rates down the doubly correspondent, edge increase reports from cape town. ah, the crowded venue life music, good to pipes. that's what i'm doing. 200 and his band have been missing for almost 2 years. south africa, strict cove at 19 restrictions have kept things quiet during that time. it really
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feels good for them to open up even though things are still weird. but i'm happy to see that everyone is enthusiastic. most importantly one's died of being tired. so we just happy to be outside and see if we can make it work, i guess will never be normal, but will establish when you know, of course, we have to be vigilant and still take care of ourselves. but i'm feeling positive and got a feeling people out and about here in cape town, seem to share most ignore the rules and don't wear a mask while indoors. this despite rapidly increasing numbers of infections, but even viral adjusts and not ringing the alarm bill, because about 80 percent of the population have already developed some immunity, mainly due to previous infections. the big round of natural infection and increase in coverage of vaccines is really, really been very helpful. is tisha, those 2 things that the immunity is important. boosting that community with the vaccines natural immunity and then vaccines is very important. we really need to get most people vaccinated this, especially as early data on the new or me concept variance be a for and be
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a 5 begins to emerge. both strains were discovered by south african scientists and data suggests they transfer much faster than other people that were just infected with on the chrome. be a one that was the original one. they can easily get rein, faxed it with v a foot and v a 5. so we know that this previous immunity from previous infection, it is not very protective from 2nd infection. but we still expected that this immunity will be protective against hospitalization and death. as long as hospital to remain relatively empty by role of just say there is no need for bass to remain empty to. that's why they are not calling for tighter cove at regulations in south africa and are looking to space. astronomers avail the 1st images ever captured of a super massive black hole located at the center of our milky way galaxy. black
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holes are actually invisible. but with the help of super computers in germany and the u. s. scientists have been able to produce these new images. they say the discovery will help us understand these massive magnets and what they're capable of . what scientists have long waited for the 1st ever picture of the black hole known as such a serious a star. you are the 1st to see our image of the black hole in the center of our galaxy as close as it gets. our entire galaxy revolves around sagittarius, a star. these images helped an international team of researchers prove that black holes are constantly in flux. there gravitational pool is so strong that the swallow everything around them, including light. but when gas around the black hole heats up, it produces radio emissions. and these were captured by 8 connected telescopes.
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still getting a photo of the black hole was a huge challenge because it just won't hold still resign kindness be that it's like a little baby bouncing around. it's hard to catch an object. so to less what i'm farming was, it took 2 supercomputers in the usa on germany, 5 years to generate images of the black hole. it is covered by gas and dust in the milky way. and that made the imaging even more difficult than capturing this. the 1st ever picture of a black hole from another galaxy researchers are hoping they'll be able to capture moving images of black holes one day. but to make that possible, more specialized, powerful telescopes need to be built. as a reminder of the top stories fallen view. moscow was accused finland of tiny its border with russia into a line of military confrontation. after finished nita's announcement country would apply to join nato matri lance has promised to finland the swift accession. croesus,
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watching the use of next doc film takes a look at the healing of music. we'll have more headlines for you on the top of the hour. we'll meet somebody, a thanks wanting ah ah, she's got any issues or thoughts. they will grey you over to .


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