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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 12, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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more life starts may 28 on d, w ah ah, this is going to be news life from rural in turning point of finland takes a 1st step towards joining nato and it moved there would and decades of military non alignment. the finish president and prime minister saying to their country should join were about delay moscow. meanwhile, war in the move is definitely a threat. also coming up the un launched as an investigation into a legit rights abuses by russia in ukraine,
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claiming moscow is responsible for the vast majority of civilian casualties. also coming up astronomers casting lights on the dark hearts of our galaxy. they reveal the force images of the super massive black hole at the center of the milky way. ah, we have a heart. thank you so much for joining us. we open our cover. it should what could be a historic turning point for european security. finland's president and prime minister have called for the country to apply for nato membership as soon as possible. in a joint statement, they say nato membership would strengthen finland's security as a member of nato fin that would strengthen the entire defense alliance. finland
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must apply for nato membership without delay. while the announcement is expected to put pressure on neighboring sweden, which is also considering applying to join, now you're about to see a map behind me or in front of me. i see on the screen of the current nail members on the european continent and that long border that finland shares with russia. it measures some 1300 kilometers. the national mood has changed dramatically, infant inland since moscow's invasion of ukraine. as this next report explains, finland is looking to ditch decades of military non alignment. while helsinki has moved closer to the nato in recent years, it just will stay out of the alliance to avoid antagonizing russia on to know. but the invasion of ukraine has battled much of the finished public who now worry that they could be next. give us security nature of course. yeah, that's why i want that we, i nature. and i think that we should have been
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a door reading a new 1990 s money. when it was possible we stood alone in 99. we don't want to stand alone again. every veteran who fought and survived the winter was had never, ever standalone again. finland jazz at 1300 kilometer long bordeaux with russia. it's a session to the military alliance would more than doubled the russia. anita lombardo thompson is diplomats believe nieto would benefit greatly if they joined. he are convinced that a thin uncle bring added value to nato. a war time strength of the defense forces is 2280000 troops and the trend reserve is 900000 men and women. philip has many high and come abilities including a 5 digit fleet of if eighty's gradually to be replaced by recently ordered. $64.00, if $35.00 jet fighters,
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the gramlin has said its response would depend on the extent of needles, military infrastructure. we have repeatedly said that the expansion of nato and the approach of the military infrastructure of the alliance to our borders does not make the world. and most importantly, european, eurasian continent more stable and secure. this is unambiguous. finland could make its formal but do need to membership in the coming weeks after the move has been approved by parliament. earlier i spoke to these of you nato correspondent terry schultz and asked her just how significant this dramatic shift in public opinion is later, this would have been unimaginable just a few months ago. public opinion in nato last time that it was, was measured, this consistently was in the 20th 20th percentile. and now it's above 70 percent. i mean, this would have been unfathomable, unfathomable, without russia's war on ukraine. and you know,
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it's not just that finland stayed out of nato to avoid what could have been a provocation of russia before. that certainly is a large part of it. but finland has felt quite secure with its very strong national defense. it has one of the largest standing armies in europe if its reservists were called in to duty. and so it felt like with the low level of threat coming from the kremlin at that time, it certainly could, could take care of itself. of course, now that russia has attacked a peaceful neighbor just on another border. villain is thinking again terry moscow has already reacted, is warding, it will be forced to take retaliatory steps. good this potentially us coit. certainly moscow would like finland and sweden to, to think that it could escalate. and it tried to warn these 2 countries to not to make this decision. and you can see in finish president sally mean as to how annoying that was to him. and he said yesterday in
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a press conference that moscow should look in the mirror if it wants to know why finland is joining nato. is moscow that cause this? he said, so yes, russia may take some steps. it's not going to be conventional warfare like we're seeing in ukraine, but it is likely to be cyber attacks, other kinds of hybrid warfare, disinformation campaigns. those are done against finland because sort of all the time at a low level. so i think that the fins are expecting perhaps to see an uptick in this, but they're ready for it. there are some of the most resilient among europe when it comes to dealing with these kinds of hybrid attacks, dw nato correspondence or shall speaking to me earlier. the un human rights council meanwhile, has launched an investigation into alleged rights abuses committed by russia and ukraine. the council voted overwhelmingly to prove the pro, which will look into abuses in the regions of chief journal heath harkey and
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sumi, you and human rights chief michelle by chalet, said russian forces are responsible for the vast majority of civilian deaths in ukraine. she added that the bodies of more than 1000 civilians have been recovered in areas north of keith that were previously occupied by russian troops. the investigation comes as ukrainian forces report progress, pushing back russian troops from the north eastern city of har cave. some residents who fled the fighting there have now become returning to their villages. go home at last. tatiana has returned to her village for the 1st time in 2 months. but there's not much left of her house. her garden is littered with the aftermath of russia's invasions touch on his goats, at least, survived the onslaught your mother with them you are russians are brothers though.
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i couldn't never imagined anything like this, this aggression and destruction. and when i came home, i kissed the ground. now i have nothing more. where am i supposed to live? and what did you do? was your neighbors in the village weren't spared either. and also came back to find the piles of rubble where their homes. one stood but perhaps nowhere are the ruins greater than mar you, paul. after weeks of relentless bombardment, russian forces and their separatist allies are now in control of almost all of the strategic port city. before rebuilding can begin, cruise must 1st clear massive amounts of rubble. i used to have 3 rooms now only half of one. when i came up from the shelter,
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i opened the door and there was no apartment any more. that was scary. residents who have remained behind are now trying to get on with their lives. and in many cases, that means improvising the loan hold out of resistance remains the as of style steel plant where fighters trapped under ground have been withstanding russian pounding the ukrainian government has proposed swapping them in exchange for russian soldiers captured during their invasion of ukraine. these are the other stories and headlines right now. the united states, as it has now seen more than 1000000 cove at 19 debts, and joe biden described it as a tragic milestone. his comments come ahead of a virtual summit on the pandemic, at which he will appeal for a renewed international commitment on tackling a virus run. russia to run to u. s. senate democrats have failed to pass
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a bell that would have made right to abortion. a federal law the legislation was meant to counter the supreme court expected move to overturn the landmark roe vs wade ruling, which originally legalized abortion across the united states. for ministers from the group of 7 wealthy countries have begun a 3 day meeting in northern germany. their agenda includes worldwide food shortages and energy price increases and other fall out from the war in ukraine. the meeting at the baltic sea resorts of bison house will likely also focus on relations with china and on climate change. the foreign ministers of ukraine and moldova will take part in the meeting on saturday. the foreign minister of indonesia, which chairs the wider g 20 group of economies, is due to join by videoing. germany currently holds the presidency of the cheese and german foreign minister, angelina bare bark, said the world's wealthiest nations, have
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a responsibility to aid the country. suffering from the economic consequences of russia's invasion via jackson is he not still has the strongest industrialized nations among the democracies. we have a special responsibility and we don't just assume this responsibility. we want to work together to ensure that the 141 states that have condemned this brutal war of aggression in the strongest possible terms within the framework of the un or not now left in the lurch is on and as far as but rather we stand by their side and in solidarity with all countries in the world suffering. the brutal consequences of this war of aggression light is in. we see you, we hear you and we support you on dashed. it's neu, astronomers have unveiled the 1st image of a super massive black hole located right at the center of our own milky way galaxy . a groundbreaking image is the product of an international team of scientists,
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known as the event horizon telescope collaboration. the cosmic body is named secretary is a star. the black hole is estimated to have 4000000 times the mass of our son, and is located about 26000 light years from earth. scientist say the discovery will help improve our understanding of what happens at the center of our galaxy. and earlier i had the chance to catch up with dr. sarah is soon a nasa einstein fellow at the harvard and smithsonian center for astrophysics. and i asked her just how significant this breakthrough is. and so it's a big day for us. it's the 2nd image of a black hole after rear build the 1st image back in 2019, which was the black hole at the center of the empty 7 galaxy. that is 55000000 light years away from us. but today we're seeing the black hole in our own backyard, basically at the center of our milky way galaxy. and this black will image is kind
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of amazing because we've been studying the cycle for a long time. and the story of building the e t was to chase this image, the image of fatty terrace, a star, and it feels like the culmination of efforts of so many people. it's such an exciting day. i imagine how difficult was it to produce this image. it was very difficult, salazar gave us a lot of headaches for the past 2 years compared to and maybe 7, it's a much smaller black hole. it's over a 1000 times smaller than maybe 7. and so the gas around it takes less time to go around. so gas that would take days or weeks to go around and maybe 7 take just minutes to go around add to terrorist a star because it's smaller. and so the gas in the image aside to tennessee far changes during are 8 hours of observation. whereas the 7 states fell to taking a photo of it. it's like taking a photo of
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a running toddler running around the room at night. it was just very, very challenging. we're dealing with motion blur, we're dealing with things going around all the time. so that gave us a lot of work to do it, trying to understand how this motion can be captured in the image. and we finally did it amazing, amazing stuff. how will this break through have an impact on us here, right on earth? i think it's exciting because we're seeing the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. and we think there are super massive black holes at the centers of most galaxies. and they have a central role in how galaxies evolve, how we grow, how you know galaxies are formed and, and are part of the universe. and so thing the one at the center of our galaxy kind of makes us part of something bigger than the earth is in the milky way. and this is our black hole that is lurking there. and, you know, having an impact on how our galaxy evolves and grows. that was
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dr. sarah's going from harvard and smithsonian center for astrophysics. speaking to me, a moment ago, he wanted me to renew and thank you so much for your company. coming up next is doc film with a look at prime minister to render modi's ambition to turn india until a global superpower on iraq and berlin on behalf of all of us here. thank you so much for making us part of your date of lead. niko is in germany to learn german lodge, benita, why not learn with him online, on your mobile and free chest c w e learning course eco speak.


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