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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2022 6:30pm-6:45pm CEST

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discrimination qualities are part of everyday life. for many we ask why? because life is diversity. make up your own mind. d. w. need for mines. this is did avenues, asia coming up to date the price isn't you? lanka has entered a dangerous new phase. troops have been ordered to shoot to kill, but protest as are showing no signs of backing down. violence fled after peaceful demonstrators were attacked by pro government support as the president has appealed for moderation and has been listed calls to step down. but why are people demanding his ouster? we look at how good alberta watches family has dominated top posts in the government and why people are fed up with their rule.
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ah, i british manager, welcome to the dublin news asia that you could join us troops armed with orders to shoot those, indulging in violence. patrolling she lancoste capital colombo today. i'm at personnel. carriers and soldiers with guns have been deployed to prevent writing and violence. a state of emergency that was to have ended to day has been extended by another day in a country facing it's was economic crisis in 74 years. the true president on the ground has raised fears of a military takeover of the country. though soldiers on the streets, a response to this, a wave of violence after pro government supporters attacked peaceful demonstrators in the capital, colombo, demonstrate as a demanding president, gustavo roger, fuck,
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just stepped down for his government's failure to prevent the economic crisis. demonstrators on tuesday beat pro government supporters who attacked them with sticks and rods. a 104 buildings, many belonging to lawmakers from the ruling party were taught. 60 vehicles were burnt, including buses, which were used to ship pro guffman supporters to wear peaceful demonstrations were being held. at least 8 people have been reported killed, including a ruling party lawmaker. an opposition politician sought to explain what was behind the violence on tuesday. he said, it has been provoked by the government and its supporters. m. o goes in. admiral, all protests were peaceful protests. there was no violence, there was no rioting. the protests were aimed at specific demands of the people in the month when former prime minister may hinder roger packs are launched a planned attack on these peaceful protests he should have known. and there would
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be a reaction to that. my daughter marcella. it does edison, the crisis force mind are under bucks out to resign as prime minister at the start of the week. his brother gustavo roger buckshot continues, however, as president following tuesday as violence. he tweeted a message of unity urging all she lumpkins to join hands as one to overcome economic, social, and political challenges. he also warned against sri lankan falling prey to attempt to push them towards of racial and religious dis, harmony of you, asking and listen columbo about what the president was alluding to in that last bit . but 1st, a look at why so much of the public anger is being directed at the raj. a bunch of family political observers have called roger puncture did misty, the most unashamedly nepotistic regime in sri lanka, history, family members held crucial ministerial births. in addition to being in parliament and other government departments, the family has been offered
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a few lanchen politics for nearly 8 decades. starting with d, a roger parcher, he was a member of parliament right off of the country, declared independence. in 1948, 4 of his sons followed him into politics by hinder, our departure was for years re lancoste most powerful person. during the 2, thousands serving as president for a decade and prime minister twice got davia served as defense minister under my him there and is the current president. their brothers basil and jermel also held cabinet positions, finance and irrigation before getting sacked in the current crisis. and many in the next generation that his sons, daughters, nephews in laws and cousins, all found purchase in government. he can't fit them all on our chart. but here's more on sri lanka under melinda, and gustavo badge butcher. the streets of colombo, burned with anger,
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against the right to pock says symbols of their power had come under attack. a dramatic turn of fortune for a family that dominated sri lanka, politics for nearly 20 years. starting in the mid to thousands to roger pox. the brothers rose to power as a package deal may hinder, 1st, as prime minister, then elected as president in 2005. he appointed his brother, catawba, defense minister. in 2009, they brutally crushed the tumble tiger insurgency. and in a decades long civil war and the family brand sword ma hinder one a 2nd term in a landslide. he packed his cabinet with family members who used their political clout and billions borrowed from china to plug budget shortfalls, and fund extravagant infrastructure projects drowning the country in debt. and
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2015 melinda lost the presidency to a non family cabinet member. but 4 years later, an islamist terrorist attack renewed public fears over security. the roger pox is about to get tough and the people voted them back into power. again, a package deal, but this time, go tub ya as president and melinda as his prime minister. but in just 30 months, their grip on power has started to unravel. experts say their lax finance policies have caused the islands economy to crater shortages of fuel. food and medicine. have prompted mass protests. oh, calls for the roger pucks, a family to go at 1st went unanswered. but then one by one, those in government have started to resign. including melinda, very well had,
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when evacuated by army commandos. after angry crowds reached the gate to his residence. go tabaya still remains in charge of the mess of his family's making while at the me out of buddha. and joining me now for more from glum boys and because i'm going to announce and she's chairperson of the endo, the nealon jell trust and former commissioner in the human rights commission of felucca america. there's a lot i'd like to get your perspective on. but 1st, how are you coping with this crisis? i would say that probably better than most because i think it's important to check one privilege. and i would say in many ways, in comparison to the daily wage earners, for instance, the pharmacy, in comparison to many of those people, i would say i'm actually doing much better because they are in dire,
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straight particular communities via the impact and continue to be so particularly those who is livelihood depend on the fuel, for instance, which is seen in shortage, the kerosene, which has been in shock age. and we saw a lot of them attacked by pro govern supporters on the tuesday. yet earlier today in the treat bed and got i better departure issue not going to court, rejects of both of attempts to push you towards racial and religious this harmony. what was he talking about? good question. it's quite interesting bad, the president said, bad considering dive, he came to power on an overtly thing halliburton. nationalist platform. got was. i'm t channel. i'm t mos lynn. i'm a wine by and he boasted about the fact that he was elected by the thing color, majority and doubtful for him. and we have seen even since then,
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since he came to power, how the government tries to use religion. i know mr. d. to create this harmony to create social instability, we thought that multiple trying, even in fighting hatred, inciting violence, etc. down for i feel bad. the president tweet is quite hypocritical. in this instance. there are also demands for president departure to step down. yet a lot of the anger appears to also be directed against the roger, but i'm really in general, why do you think that is? absolutely it is. the initial demand was for the president to step down and back to continue at that demand, then evolved to asking all the raj boxes to step down and back to because this is, and this is something that if you go to many of the project sites and particularly the main, the large flagship kind of site that is a goal face. they call it a family business because one of the brothers, the president, the other,
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one of the prime ministers, several of the other brothers on ministers, they've got their family members relative. that in laws appointed to many of the positions dad, so it's, it's a family business that is run in a very non transparent and democratic manner. and this is something that the people have seen how there is corruption, barriers, nepotism, there is patronage, and public resource is used for private purposes. and this is why the demand is not just for the president to step down, but for the entire family was seen to have a slice to the country for their personal benefit. yet one can't help, but notice that a lot of the people who are out on the streets who are protesting other very people who voted this family into power repeatedly. i mean, number of times, the power has alternated between my and that our departure and go to our departure to go back to the point you were making earlier. this was primarily on a sin haley's majority,
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nationalistic platform. do you think these people are having a change of heart? is that a different expectation? but she, lunk and now have of their politicians? yes. and no. i would say largely the demands or the protest athletes in the south because the much remember the, not these protests have been taking on, you know, they have existed for a long time. the families disappeared. for instance, i've been protesting, peacefully, non stop for more than 1900 days that are constantly protest again, the military takeover, occupation and acquisition of private lands in then also the east of those protests have be ongoing. but i pins in the house is primarily stocked out only about economic and now is, is the ball to asking for the abolish and of the executive presidency and also demands related to corruption. once again, a lot of the there is some difference between. 0 demand from the urban protests as opposed to the rule of protest, etc. but one demand is very clear for the family to step down in terms of the other
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issues, i would say, particularly among the younger people, there is an awareness or wanting to learn more about the historical issue, the ethnic conflict, etc. i'm there finally, i feel true, i'm cans. many of them are beginning to understand what it means to be a citizen and to hold your elected representatives accountable. so that notion on citizenship is definitely evolving and changing and their understanding that rule or what a democracy should be. those values i feel i have slowly becoming internalized. we love, we'd love to talk more, but unfortunately we're running out of time because up going on up and we'll have to leave it there for the timing. but thank you so much for joining us today. thank you very much. and that sits up there as ever. others more on our website, we leave are now with images from shalanda, where the economic crisis has escalated. troops of shoot tricky loaders
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with him? with the chef, it's simple online on your mo bile and free t w's e learning course. nikos vague. german made easy. ah, ah. a power vacuum at the top riots in the streets. 8 people dead since monday, slackers and turmoil amid the worst economic crisis in the history of the country will have wives analysis. also coming up, consumer prices are rising in china, but not nearly as shortly as in other places around the world. we'll talk to our correspondent why, and despite a geographical distance of more than 7000 kilometers, who show you how to warn you, crane is taking its toll on the economy of taiwan
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empress cobra in berlin. welcome to the program. sri lanka has in crisis. dwindling foreign reserves and skyrocketing kidding. debt levels have left the country struggling to import staple products. 4022000000 people, but the crisis moved into a darker phase this week when government supporters with sticks and clubs, tact demonstrators who had peacefully been demanding the president's resignation. ha, there's evil or food in sri lanka, at least if you ask these protesters, they're hoping this exorcism will help drive members of the ruling bridge effects, a family from office, blaming them for the economy, hardship, bettering the island nation. major infrastructure project like the construction of these harbor.


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