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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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welcome, funny, i'm friends up to date with what's happening out there in here at the moment. situation is quite calm here in key for either at the doesn't take away the fact that people are on edge for days now actually because they've been so many errors. sirens of the course of the past couple of days, leading up to me and i thought was yesterday, and even now as people are looking at the situation day in odessa, you saw that just happened yesterday overnight with the super mavita shopping center being attacked. people are really concerned that these albert treasury attacks are going to continue and they just are wondering, what does that mean of to them? he keith, is it likely that also civil infrastructure is going to be attacked here as well? and the german foreign minister, of course, and i've lost you. all right, that's unfortunate. let me just check again just to check if you can hear me funny . no, it was like and now it looks like it looks like the gremlins have. i'm will try and
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come back to funny later in the program. for now though, a western military analysts say the russian invasion has made that little progress over recent days of the front line has shifted slightly as the 2 sides trade patches of territory. many places in the path of the advancing and retreating armies are empty of residence, but some people are staying behind hoping for peace as t w's. mathias pulling discovered in a town them alive. a village you raised rebushka is right on the front line. virtually no house remains on damaged. the village ones had to a 1000 inhabitants. now, only a handful are left. eye, luna lucian, could his one of them get from us. vicky sher, it's come now. corey were resting a little, but a few days ago it was terrible because the bombs were falling, shooting fire, things falling down. when a bomb fell down in my courtyard 12 meters from my bedroom. there was
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a loud bang and fire. i'm surprised, my house didn't burn down. that's how it goes here. what duck? no yoke. what she cause car means just that fighting is less intense. the village was overrun by the russians, and then we taken by the ukranian. yeah, no. i don't judge the soldiers, neither the russians nor the ukrainians. it's not their fault. they're forced to do this. she lives here with her son was mentally ill. she says she has not left because she fears not being able to take care of them as where when the selling starts, they hide inside the home. do you? this is our little corner the i'm afraid of basements. i was told there are basements where i can go. luxury we've been here in our street. a woman was buried
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while she was in her basement. i'm not going there. need to have it happen when shelling start, this is where we sit together. meanwhile she tries to make the best of the situations. i don't know, so that's where the bomb dropped. there was a big crater. i filled it with us and planted potatoes there. helena was born during world war 2. now she spends the nights under shirley houses take you c, b a hits, but unlike others, it's still standing and she is maintaining the spirit. here who i am holding on growing our life was always madison mind, but it wasn't bad. then i pray to god that all this is overseen.
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i leena survived world war 2 as a toddler. now with 80, she plans to survive this war as well. or the 2nd brief look at a couple of stories away from the war. now, britain's prince charles has read the traditional speech at the state opening of parliament for the 1st time. his mother, the queen, queen elizabeth pulled out of the event on the advice of her doctors. the 96 year old, the monarch has that council, several public appearances recently raising questions about her health. lease 93 people have been killed in classes between rival gangs in a jail. in ecuador relatives are gathered to wait for news of their loved ones, and police have taken control of the site in the city of santo domingo. they also see to firearms, explosives, and other weapons. more than a 100 inmates are reported to be on the run. south korea's new president is called on north korea to give up its nuclear weapons and exchange for massive economic aid . conservative units. ok?
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oh i made the offering. i made the offer that he's wearing him. during his campaign, the former chief prosecutor had pledged to take more hard line approach towards the north. took his present, reggie pie bird one has pledged not to send a syrian refugees back to their home country. turkeys taken in more than 3 and a half 1000000 syrians who fled the civil war position parties have been pressing pressuring her to want to start reporting them. jim's is the son of former philippines dictator, ferdinand marcus is set to become the country's next leader, ferdinand macos junior. please point to when the presidential election with more than twice as many votes as his main rival is expected. victory has sparked protests in the capital manila with demonstrates as alleging voting irregularities . candidates notice bong ball has released a statement in which he asks people to judge me, not by my ancestors, but by my actions he's running. mater sarah, deter, take carpio is daughter,
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be controversial. outgoing president, and he's likely to become vice president critics regarding mark auster territory victory as a blow to democracy and civil rights. ah, late on monday, the name of the presidential election winner was clear. ah! shouts rang out for a b. b. m. the nickname for ferdinand bung bung. marcus junior. as news of the election results spread, his supporters took to the streets to celebrate. ah, the candidate himself reached out to his supporters. i want to thank you for all you have done for us. there are thousands of you out there volunteers parallel groups. political leaders that have cast their lot with us
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because of their belief in our message of unity because of their belief in the candidates his when cement his families returned to power in the philippines. following the revolution, the toppled his late father in 1986. the elder ford and on marcos ruled the philippines as a dictator for 2 decades, and his tenure was infamous for its corruption and brutality. for many, it was unthinkable that the marco's clan would ever run for the highest office again, after returning from exile. the marcus is returned to public life in the philippines, with several family members taking on political positions. many of bong bongs younger supporters don't connect him to his father's crimes. i'm in a bubble on thought. we believe that b. b. m is starkly different from his father. the bbm silva,
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ferdinand bung bung markers ran his election campaign on the promise of unity, but has failed to explain his policy plans in detail. analysts war and that his administration will most likely mean more strong men postering and less democratic freedoms and transparency. well d, w asia correspondent gail motus is in the philippines. he told me more about why voters seemed unconcerned about restoring a member of the macos family to pow a non markers. junior appeals to a particularly young audience, an audience that simply does not remember of the atrocities, the killings, the corruption of the regime, of the father of the president that is most likely going to to make this race here. president markers junior. and the reason for that, experts have taught me are to fault on the one hand it ever since the family was
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ousted. as you have said some 40 years ago, there are simply be that the memory of that iraq, that dictatorship was not kept alive. and secondly, you had a huge media social media campaign, white watching the history of that was basically in favor of my costume. you're now right. and so does the philippines know what to expect from bump bump presidency? like we've seen in the required a lot of promises were made air, but also no specifics given what is actually going to happen. so he wants to a boosted chops. you want to bring down prices, the philippines, up in the heart here, as many countries in southeast asia, by the pandemic, and an indicator of what is to expect may also be that he's teamed up with sarah to tout the daughter of the current strong man, who has ruled the philippines with an iron fist that many expect at that kind of a rule to continue in this way. now you mentioned that the importance of social
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media and your, your 1st to answer it does seem increasingly important in presidential elections. project outlines was why that it is absolutely breathtaking when you take a closer look. and when one expert explained to me that many suspect behind this white washing machinery, one where really as to say, hundreds and hundreds of bots and people boosting tweets and riding and misinformation campaign is the, is the market dynasty. and that's what it least what they suspect, although markers himself. marcus junior did nice that, but the very fact that he's, he may be behind that shows how the system can be changed from an oh, really a terrible dictatorship that people today when you ask them. remember a golden iraq of stability and richness. they say that the marcus family is rich and has brought stability and we'll bring that again. so that's,
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that's one of the reasons. and of course, another thing on social media was that opponents were badly bashed that the mean of opponent lenny operate off for, for instance, was suspected to be backed by communist rebels. there were a sexist assault on her, on social media on her. so real antique campaign and a white washing campaign and the combination of that has helped markers tremendously good talking to gail, thank you so much for joining us to doubly correspondent gail got matters. in manila, only 7 people have been killed in protest against the salon governments, a handling of the country's economic crisis. why midsummer hinder roger poxy announced his resignation on monday, but his brother, president, got a by roger packs is refusing to step down. a curfew has been announced on the ministry given powers to detain people without warrants but protest continue.
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nonetheless. after a day, a violent flashes that killed several people and enjoyed hundreds and uneasy dom has returned to the streets of columbia. the island nation is undergo few till redness due. the military and police now have emergency pause to d, dean beeper, and search homes without warden for more than a month now, demonstrators have demanded the designations of the dodge of bucks abroad, those at the helm of government for the mismanagement of the economic crisis with but on monday, weeks of beastly protest give be to violence when government support,
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dose adapt. activists. just odds liter, melinda dodge bucks a step down as prime minister his dad's residence in columbus was stone, dodge park, so was evacuated by the military. and moved to a safe location. oh, some protesters and opposition leaders. he'll continue to defy the go few more now the only condemned the brutal attack, padded out my good darby and my head that i checked back saw on the truck that will test across the country. to be such as this one. 02 testers. i'm now demanding the president good job in i to park. so follow his private lead and design something the president few setting the stage for the standoff to continue.
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so with the prime minister who's running streamline? because government, i asked to mon, on our, in sinca who's an editor of the news magazine. him out south asian. so yeah, we've had a quite an eventful 24 hours. and this is our question for the moment. but didn't go out of pocket stealing power. and the designation of the e m means that a new cabinet has to be appointed. the parliament was a john lost by the 17th, but that would be the speaker has requested the president to reconvene, reconvene the body of the media. so it's still very much developing situation all of you. right. and so will it be that they are going are prime ministers party who run so well that what, what, how is that going to happen? how are you going to put a cabinet together of people of people that the civilians trust? yeah, and i think that's, that's again, a very important point that the people do not trust the car hadn't gone. and this
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is why they've been out on the street for the last hour or a month now for testing. so any government that has no previous allegiance with the government will be i feel rejected by the people. so it's going to be a very tough you know, couple of days and you know, couple of weeks, but for a long time, politically as well. right. let's talk about the crisis. the country is in, at the moment you know, around the world. lots of countries are suffering the economic effects of things like cove it on the cost of fuel. if this what's going on in sri lanka, or is this about economic mismanagement and corruption? yeah, i mean you have to write that argument that the pen. let me has a very hard, you know that i do some of what i said i was. but there have been other factors like what you just.


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