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[000:00:00;00] ah this is the w news life from by laying germany is foreign minister on a mission to repair ties with keith atlanta. babcock is a new crane to show support delay to sign of germany's changing approach. after agreeing to send heavy weapons and to face out russian oil also on the program, the son of a dictator is likely to become the philippines. next president, ferdinand mar, cost junior appears to one slide victory with the daughter of the outgoing hard line leader. as he's vice president,
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and what is about what bear with me for the countries democracy. until anchors prime minister, designed to meet a crippling economic crisis to hinder roger patch, the steps down as mass protest turned deadly. but the president, mister roger packs, his brother refuses to go straight to say they won't give up. ah, i'm feel good. welcome to the program to diplomatic risk between germany and ukraine appears to be healing asset. germany's foreign minister visits cave alena bab august, 1st, a cabinet minister to travel to ukraine, since russia's invasion began in february, ukrainian government to criticize germany for its initial reluctance to supply heavy weapons and fruits and continued economic ties to russia. road berlin is now
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sending tanks and artillery and has dropped its opposition to an e. you let phase out of russia. energy will. the foreign minister visit comes a day after the president of the european council witness the devastation of russia's war. at 1st hand, as a desert came under intense missile attack. more buildings reduced to rubble. the port city of odessa, after it was pounded by russian missile strikes. the missiles struck on the same day that european council president charles michelle visited odessa. the e official was forced to take shelter when air raid sirens went off. president lansky said rushes, assault makes clear it's disdain for your l. blue joke in his nightly address. he was hopeful that ukraine was one step closer to each membership group there. well, all europeans for me to do, we expect to receive
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a positive response in june regarding ukraine's application for you. candidate status in the tone of nikolai of ukrainian soldiers are regrouping after rush. as most recent attempt to capture the area, ukraine will need more weapons to be able to fend off further attacks legitimacy. so marlow with the war people have been fighting for 3 months. we were ready to go further because we need a victory, but we'll fight for it and complete at any time. oh yeah, the end to live with all the more resources are needed, maybe because of human resources, for now there'll be no one to fight law. so we need drones and we need artillery on the books of the course that is good at a sort of the new political way. back in odessa, firefighters and soldiers worked tirelessly through the night to pitch i to police at a shopping mall, caused by several missile attack. ukrainian officials said russia use new
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hypersonic missiles fired from a plane. so that's the situation around a desa. d. w corresponded to funny for shock and tell us what's going on in the ukrainian capital. welcome funny. so what, what's happening there in keith? even though the situation is quite harmful, now they've been very, very regular air raid sirens over the past couple of days. and the conversations that people have over the coffee break because some restaurants have reopened supermarkets open as well. you see how much to war is integrated in a way in the data conversations, talking about whether is it possible that is going to be a nuclear attack on ukraine or asking themselves on which flow is your apartment? you think it's safe to sleep on that flow. so you realize how really this entire ongoing war, this raging now for 3 months, is taking a toll on people here mentally as everything is just so unpredictable. and as you have just seen in that report, once again, civilian infrastructure has been hit in odessa, a shopping mall, in fact,
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a military spokesperson there was taking an ironic line. are they saying really, is a shopping center, extremely dangerous? is it really necessary to hit that? so people are not just fed up with the situation that they really don't understand why civilians are the targets here of russian forces. but also they grow exhausted by the ongoing rule, not knowing what's going to happen to morrow. i am, i go to wake up the next day are without any shelling in them in the residential building. ryan, this is how people look at the war here in keith. and now the german foreign minister is in cave after a couple of months of frosty relations between the 2 countries. how significant is on the box versus it is very much significant, given the fact that she's the 1st member of the gym, a government who is visiting keith today,
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but also given the heightened alert that there is in key. if you cannot tell that much of what she's going to do today, simply to not jeopardize through security but also the security of the delegation. what we can say for the 1st stop was in boucher. that place is about 2 to kilometers here from the capital, that gain sagittarius, t for atrocities have been committed there. about 400 debt bodies we found in a way that just really just horrendous to describe, let alone witnessing for the people who have an x. you in these people and it's russia to stand accused of these potential crimes babe, up to 4 minutes to meet very clear during that visit in butcher. that there must be justice to that. this is, these are crimes that, that need to be investigated because this could happen for to any one of us. so it was very important for her to show support a that germany standing on the side of ukraine, even though there was some sort of a diplomatic ro, miley put over the course of the past a couple of weeks as president sty, my,
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a german present time. i was an invited recently as a result, german chancellor did not come to ukraine yet, but that seems to have been sorta via a phone call between sky, my and zalinski recently. so actually everybody expects that it's not going to be the last visit that he's just a german for a minister for now. but that, that also german government in the light of germans, a chancellor schultz is going to pay a visit here. and by that show support for the ukraine and people here on the ground in ukraine. thank you for that for funny, for sure, for sure. and keith western military analysts say that a russia has made very little progress over recent at days in its invasion. the frontline has its lifted shots, has shifted slightly as that the 2 sides trade patches of territory. many places in the path of the advancing and retreating armies are empty of residence. but some
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people stay behind hoping for peace as dw mathias bullying discovered in a town near mc alive a village he raised both his right on the front line. virtually no house remains and damaged the village. ones are 2000 inhabitants. now only a handful are left. you are luna lucian cook is one of them. yes enough, vicki here. it's carl now are you were resting a little you with a few days ago it was terrible record. the bombs were falling, shooting fire, things falling down. my level a bomb fell down in my court yard 12 meters from my bedroom. there was a light bang and fire moving over. am surprised my house didn't burn down. yeah. that's how it goes here. what dr. young, what she calls car means just that fighting is less intense. the village was overrun by the russians,
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and then re taken by the ukrainian younger female. i don't judge the soldiers, neither the russians know the ukrainians. it's not their fault. they're forced to do this. she lives here with her son was mentally ill. she says she has not left because she fears not being able to take care of him elsewhere. when the shelling starts, they hired inside the home didn't have to do with you. this is our little corner. the i'm afraid of basements. i was told there are basements where i could go to the luxury room that here in our street, a woman was buried while she was in her basement. i'm not going that lead to well, k was it was when shelling start saying this is where we sit together. meanwhile, she tries to make the best of the situation. oh don't,
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i shall fall of love. that's where the bomb dropped there. there was a big crater. oh, i filled it with earth and planted potatoes there. helena was born during world war 2. no, she spends the night from the shell to houses take the severe hits. but unlike others, it's still standing. and she is maintaining her spirit. here who i am holding on is growing up. our life was always modest mine, but it wasn't bad. what is the i pray to god that all this is overseen. i leena survived road would to as a toddler, now it 80. she plans to survive this war as well. we'll take a look at some or stories from around the world. no. the so 43 people have been killed in classes between rival gangs in a jail in ecuador relatives have gathered to wait for news of loved ones and police
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have taken control of the site in the city of santo domingo. they also sees firearms, explosives and other weapons, more than a 100 inmates are reported to be on the run. south korea's, the president is called on north korea to give up its nuclear weapons and exchange from massive economic aid. conservative a unit. so y'all are made the offer at the swearing in and during his campaign the former chief prosecutor pledge to take a more hard line approach to the north took his president, reggie type irma as pledge not to send syrian refugees back to their home country. turkeys taken in more than 3 the half 1000000 syrians who fled the simply, the civil war of lucian parties, have been pressuring him to start repatriated, them gimme that is slang to where the prime minister has announced his resignation . after months of economic crisis may hinder roger packs as decision followed mass demonstrations, which left several people dead. while the prime minister has gone,
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his brother, president, to go to bio roger packs, is refusing to step down. as process continued, the military has been given power to detain people without warrants gale's on the streets of colombo. the crisis entry lanka has reached a tipping point. government support does have had enough of the protesters. i and i know how to get them. the bond on that ends and wreak havoc across the capital. she lanka is facing its worst economic crisis in decades. it's foreign currency resolves, have virtually run dry, forcing the government to ban all imports. this has led to severe shortages of food fuel and other essential items. many believe the president for economic
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mismanagement, correct then got lander with . 7 prime minister my in that i'd, your boxes resignation was a small but important degree for the protestors. but many now one to president to go as well. oh wow. it can be happier and i think the people on the longer must be or joined us by the the fact that he has design, it's probably one step good. blank to add something good. but i think we have a long there to roy in terms of we are finding people to the right places, but this is a fantastic leave. are these are these people. if this actually happened,
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the military has deployed hundreds of troops to contain the unrest and government has imposed an indefinite gulf view. but the protesters show no sign of quitting. ah, let's take a closer look at this with a sinker who's a senior assistant editor of the news magazine here, miles south asian joins us from a capital columbia. welcome to the w, who's running the country and now that the prime minister has gone i thank you for me. so yeah, we've had a quite an event. we're pretty close and this is our question. for the moment president got out of pocket healing power and the designation of the p and means that a new cabinet has to be appointed. the parliament was a john lost by the 17th. but that would be, the speaker has requested the president,
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we can reconvene the body of the media. so it's still very much developing situation. all right, and so will it be that they are going are prime ministers, a party who run so well that what, what, how is that going to happen? how are you going to put a cabinet together of people of people that the civilians trust? yeah, i think that's, that's again, a very important point the people do not trust the current current government. this is why they've been out on the streets for over a month now. protesting. so any government that has previous lead allegiance with the government will be i feel rejected by the people. so it's going to be a very tough you know, couple of days and you know, a couple of weeks before long, politically as well. right. and let's talk about the, the crisis. the country is in. at the moment you know,
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around the world. lots of countries are suffering. they economic effects of things like coven and the cost of a fuel. if this what's going on inside or longer, or is this about economic mismanagement and corruption? yeah, i mean you have to do it, right. that's no argument that the pen to me has history. lots of hogs. you know, along that i do, stumbled towards that i was, but there have been other factors like what you just mentioned. economy mismanagement by the government, which led to the current crisis and the current depleted state of the foreign exchange rate. so now the government acted against the found economy policies and the advice of free lunch. i mean, we can go back to the sounds like the fertilize the been the artificial inflation of the b by the central bank. you know, these, these have facilitated the sizes and now we don't have, we simply don't have dollars to be for essential. ready imports and sheila has,
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has become like of course, retail, you know, of, you know, of what not to do. so that's the kind of state you know, that's the kind of say that again right now. well, thank you for joining us and outlining that so clearly for us that model. and i think from him out, sanitation magazine. thank you. thanks. bye bye. of the philippines, where the sun, the former dictator ferdinand mock us looks likely to become the country's next leda. macos junior is poised to win the presidential election with more than twice as many boats as his main rival. protesters have taken to the streets of manila rejecting the count and alleging irregularities, supporters of his nearest challenger, as former human rights lawyer lemming with abrazzo express shock and outrage the outcome. to return a copy of the daughter of the controversial outgoing president, looks likely to win the vice president's position critic. see the vote as
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a back slide in the countries democracy? ah, late on monday, the name of the presidential election winner was clear. ah! shouts rang out for a b, b and the nickname for ferdinand bung bung. marcus junior as news of the election results spread, his supporters took to the streets to celebrate. ah, the candidates himself reached out to his supporters. i want to thank you for all you have done for us. there are thousands of you out there volunteers parallel groups. political leaders that have cast their lot with us because of their belief in our message of unity because of their belief in the
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candidates his. when cement his families returned to power in the philippines following the revolution, the toppled his late father in 1986. the elder ferdinand marcos ruled the philippines as a dictator for 2 decades. and his tenure was infamous for its corruption and brutality. for many, it was unthinkable that the marco's clan would ever run for the highest office again, after returning from exile. the marcus's return to public life in the philippines with several family members taking on political positions. many of bong bongs, younger supporters don't connect him to his father's crimes. but i'm enabled want badly. we believe that b, b. m is starkly different from his father, the v. b m, so that ferdinand bung bung mar. chris ran his election campaign on the promise of unity,
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but has failed to explain his policy plans in detail. analysts war and at his administration will most likely mean more. a strong man postering and less democratic freedoms and transparency. as john d w asia, california, gail gam matters to saint john is from a polling station in minnow. minner, welcome georg to 40 years after the marcus family was kicked out of the country while they back and white people trust them for dinner. marcus junior appeals to a particularly young audience and audience that simply does not remember of the atrocities the killings. the corruption of the regime, of the father of the president, that is most likely going to to make this race to your president marcus junior. and the reason for that are, experts have taught me are twofold. on the one hand, ever since the family was ousted, as you have said some 40 years ago,
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there are simply be that the memory of that iraq, that dictatorship was not kept a life. and secondly, you had a huge media social media campaign, white watching the history that was basically in favor of my costume. you're now right. and so does the philippines know what to expect from bump bump residency? like we've seen in the report, a lot of promises were made, but also no specifics given what is actually going to happen. so he wants to boost jobs. he wants to bring down prices the philippines, up in a hard hit, as many countries in southeast asia, or by the pandemic, and an indicator of what is to expect may also be that he's teamed up with sarah to the daughter of the current strong man who has ruled the philippines with an iron fist the expect at that kind of a rule to continue in this way. now you mentioned that the importance of social media and your,
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your 1st to answer it does seem increasingly important and has dental elections. project outlined was why that it was absolutely breathtaking when you take a closer look at when one expert explain to me that many suspect behind this white washing machinery one read really as to say, hundreds and hundreds of watts and people boosting tweeds and driving and misinformation campaign is the, is the marcos dynasty and that's what it least what they suspect. although markers himself markers junior did nice that. but the very fact that he's, he may be behind that shows how the system can be changed from and really a terrible dictatorship that people to day when you ask them. remember, a golden iraq of stability and richness. they say the marcus family is rich and has brought stability and we'll bring that again. and so that's, that's one of the reasons. and of course,
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another thing on social media was that opponents were badly batched. the men of opponent lenae operate off, for instance, was suspected to be backed by communist rebels. there were a sexist, her falls on the on social media on her. so real antique campaign and a white washing campaign and the combination of that has helped markers tremendously. good talking to gail, thank you so much for joining us today. the correspondent gale got matters in manila with war and ukraine is having an impact on universities in the country, leaving many damaged and research programs disrupted. but support is coming from france. a government program there that's already helps that. scientists in places like syria, yemen and afghanistan is now providing grants to ukrainian academics. i think w's sonya follicle that ukrainian researchers now studying in leo the cloth bene,
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university in leo. it's known for its programs in science and medicine, as well as its research facilities. helena could see at silva and the tanya's winkle arrived here in march from ukraine to sleep. i'm out of the biologists and long time colleagues that fled cliff along with the children during the russian mobbing, even children, the lab, the harrowing events unfolding back home on never, far from their minds was on the, on the property. and i was no way. yes, i begin every morning, my schooling to the news and checking of my parents and my husband and ukraine are okay, cause i, but i also have to use this opportunity being here in the you ensures that my children are safe. that makes me feel less guilty. oh yeah, it's important to be able to continue doing scientific work and keep my mind busy. it helps preserve my mental health over what the price of all that say. yes boy, 2nd was but a slim. and then as the lawyer, the continuing warden ukraine, has meant that like helena and natalia scientists and ph. d students are
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increasingly seeking refuge on foreign campuses, especially in france. and then so somebody on recent years, scientists from around the world who faced serious threats to the work into the lives have come to france, thanks to a special government program. but now the focus has shifted to ukraine with the program is providing emergency funding to help host ukrainian scientists in french research institutes like this one, natania and helena about of a cutting edge european research project indian. oh, you the learning new techniques. the study of nanoparticles and the impact on cell cultures the mr. detect and treat cancerous tumors without the harmful effects of chemo or radiation therapy. and these have been, but it's not all about work. today, the scientists stick a day off from the campus to explore the city of liam, along with the children. the side seals still memories of their own home city and
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what they left behind in, what as a way to support yard the caution. they knew he yet the course, but you know, optimised you and i really hope and believe that we will return to q for that and with the machine we absolutely need to go back in the more because most of my life is there, you are who are you the when that does happen, natania and helena plan to use the know how they picked up and leo to help the development of research in ukraine based on a policy that other. okay, so before we go, this iconic anti war, whole print of marilyn monroe has become the most expensive 20th century artwork ever sold at auction. darwin at 130000000 for the wall is selling hair. use the silk screen portrait. they're called the shot sage, blue, maryland changed hands in new york for a $195000000.00 as a high option price for
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a work by an american artist. 964 image was one of a series war home made after the actors death. thomas famous examples of pop art answers for countless imitations. more world news at the top of b ah, abundantly go round up of much day 3 is next to provide me with
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with a pulse, a beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective culture
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information is either you news and more w made from mines or of russia traveling to the edge of the a on the borders of finland, norway and lithuania, the war and ukraine's army. in the past contact with russia was close and commonplace. how has he been dealing with the new threat encounters at the border case in 60 minutes, dw, with natural, with the mash movies in return to the cost of the remainder. alrighty, of say,
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a one of the many success stories. rational bio diversity. stores may 20th on d, w. a. flying high on hydrogen will alternative feels by placing kerosene make a growth basis for the environment. could mas submitted with intelligent technology help, whereas to breathe more easily. just what's


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