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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is dw news life from the russian missiles hit, the ukrainian port of odessa. you can says bombs have destroyed tourist sites as a top b u official visits, the strategic city. and germany's foreign minister travels to ukraine to see the devastation. that's where the bomb dropped. i was at the crater. i filled it with and planted potatoes that frontline village ruined by war dw, meets one resident holding on to hope for peace. despite the destruction. and the
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son of a dictator is set to become the next president of the philippines and marcos junior . it takes a commanding lead with twice as many votes as he was nearest rival. summary, what he's with me for democracy. ah, i've been fas all and nice to have you along. germany is foreign minister is expected in key of soon it's adelina box 1st visit since a diplomatic spat between berlin and cube over german weapons supplies was resolved . is comes as a top b, you were official, witness the devastation of russia's war 1st hand. european council president shy me show was in the southern city of odessa when it came under intense missile attack. she was forced to take shelter away air raid sirens went off, creating
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a president. blood of mister lansky says russians, a soul makes clear disdain for europe. dw corresponded amin s if is in leave, if more air strikes have been launched on that southern port of odessa. could you tell us more about the situation on the ground? several missiles hit that port city, as you said, as the european council president charles michelle was there. these hit residential and recreational areas, including a hotel on the port which was destroyed. and these are cruise missiles, which have been launched from the black sea, from warships in the black sea that belong to russia. these are not art, this is not artillery fire, which means these are long range attacks. very similar attacks of the ones hitting western cities like levine, where i am now. what this means is, these are heading areas where russia does not have enough power to go in and to attack the city directly. but odessa is expecting,
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or at least preparing for such attack, because it's on the port or not so far west from mar, you pull, and they have seen what has happened to that city. so they've mind the beaches and they prepared for it all out attack from russia. but so far, these are just laundry long range attacks by cruise missiles launched by russia. i mean, i mentioned the germans are ministers visit. how does ukraine support or view it support rather that it's getting from berlin? well, there's a difference between how the government season, how people on the street see it in that the government might be following the news a little bit close, closer and know that more german, a politicians and officials have visited ukraine in recent days. analynn, a bareback foreign minister is a meeting with officials in keith to day. and they know that germany has decided to support ukraine with heavy weaponry, including howitzers,
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which are the strongest artillery that germany could send. a 7 of those will be arriving in ukraine soon. but on the street, a lot of people remember that germany has always been the last to agree to any kind of escalation in this conflict, sending a weapons that they were not sure would escalate the conflict with russia. germany has been very careful not to provoke a wider conflict here to get nato involved to at least show russia that nato is getting involved. and to make this a worse conflict, not germany has taken that kind of name for itself as the reluctant partner in the european union, and that has stuck. i think at this point a lot of ukrainians would like to see olaf shoulds, the german chancellor vit. visit ukraine and i think until a big act like that really makes its rounds in the media. most ukrainians will still still see germany as the european country. that's holding back. i mean, as
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a force in the live. thank you. western military analysts say russian troops have made little progress in their invasion. in recent days, franklin shifted slightly as russians and ukrainian forces tried patches of territory, many places in the path of the advancing and retreating army, so empty of residence. but some people are staying behind, holding out hope for peace as dw mathias pulling a found out in a town named life. a village you raised rebushka is right on the frontline. virtually no house remains on damaged. the village ones had 2000 inhabitants. now, only a handful are left. i luna lucian car is one of them. yes, from us. vicky sher, it's com nice. corey were resting a little. but a few days ago it was terrible because the bombs were falling, shooting fire things falling, dan. a bomb fell down in my courtyard. 12 meters from my bedroom. there was
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a loud bang and fire. i'm surprised my house didn't burn down. that's how it goes here. what ducks yoke, what she calls com means just that fighting is less intense. the village was overrun by the russians, and then re taken by the ukranian. yeah, no, i don't judge the soldiers, neither the russians nor the ukrainians. it's not their fault. they're forced to do this. she lives here with her son was mentally ill. she says she has not left because she fears not being able to take care of them as well . when the selling starts, they hide inside the home. do you? this is our little corner. the i'm afraid is basements there. i was told there are basements where i can go. 3, we've been here in our street. a woman was buried while she was in her basement.
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i'm not going the need to have it happen when shelling stop. this is where we sit together. meanwhile she tries to make the best of the situations what those are. so that's where the bomb dropped . there was a big crater. i filled it with us and planted potatoes. helena was born during world war 2. no, she spends the night on the show. houses take you severe hit, but unlike others it's still standing and she is maintaining spirit or who i am holding on growing. our life was always more days than mine, but it wasn't bad. i pray to god, this is over soon. i lena survived road would to as
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a total now with she plans to survive this war as well. you as president joe biden has revive the 2nd world war program to speed up weapons shipments to ukraine. he signed a new version of the lease act, which was 1st used to supply weapons and the soviet union and other allies. they fight against nazi germany. he said blood made hooton's war in ukraine was once more bringing wanton destruction of europe us will make is proposing to leave $40000000000.00 and additional late for ukraine. the son of former philippines dictate of ferdinand marcus is set to become the country's next leader . after a presidential election, vote counting shows ferdinand michael studio has received more than twice as many ballots as his main rival, many brutal protests is full of water. michael's presidency will mean for the philippines demonstrated outside the offices of the election authorities in the capital. manila marcus junior is expected to continue with the hard line approach
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of his predecessor outgoing president, brought reader to tanti. ah, late on monday, the name of the presidential election winner was clear. ah, shouts rang out for a b, b. m. the nickname for ferdinand bung bung. marcus junior. as news of the election results spread, his supporters took to the streets to celebrate. ah, the candidates himself reached out to his supporters. i want to thank you for all you have done for us. there are thousands of you out there, volunteers parallel groups. political leaders that have cached their lot with us because of their belief in our message of unity because of their belief in the
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candidates his when cement his families returned to power in the philippines. following the revolution, the toppled his late father in 1986. the elder ferdinand marcos ruled the philippines as a dictator for 2 decades, and his tenure was infamous for its corruption and brutality. for many, it was unthinkable that the marco's clan would ever run for the highest office again. after returning from exile the marcus's return to public life in the philippines with several family members taking on political positions, many of bong bongs, younger supporters don't connect him to his father's crimes. but i'm unable on thought like we believed that b. b. m is starkly different from his father, the v b m. so the ferdinand bung. my chris ran his election campaign on the promise of
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unity, but has failed to explain his policy plans in detail. analysts war and at his administration will most likely mean more strong men, postering and less democratic freedoms. and transparency of philippines correspond, guild matters says a new era is beginning to really looks like we see history in the making here in southeast asia. a, with that a marco's dennis to you, are coming back to the seed of power. 40 years after his father was ousted by you, a people revolution issue is really looks like his son, a credit on markers junior, will make it in, in this race. and quite, quite an historic moment for, for the philippines he has teamed up with to doubt his daughter. and the concerned here by many, particularly in the south of the philippines where there is a strong hold of his biggest opponent or lenny rob rate, or is that the authoritarian style of ruler to do character. i has a use in the past 6 years, or will now even worse than under a marco's to tear to
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a team approach, or whether the daughter of to dare to being the vice vice president in the countries. i'm really one has to see what, what, what comes out of that when you talk to people. a concern, of course, is that whoever wins this race, it has been such a divisive campaign that healing those wounds, bringing the people back together. it will be essential that is one of markers, a key promises, and for many of his supporters hold that he will help make true on those promises. is coming to sri lanka after the prime minister announced his resignation. a bit, escalating political violence may hinder roger ponce's. decision to step down came after several people were killed in mass protests demonstrate as have been demanding his resignation for weeks protest as blame roger pox or for the economic crisis that led to soaring prices and shortages of basic necessities. chaos
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on the streets of colombo, the crisis intro lanka has reached a tipping point. ah, government support. those have had enough of the protesters. and now to get them the bond on that ends and wreak havoc across the capital. she longer is facing its worst economic crisis in decades. it's foreign currency resolves, have virtually run dry, forcing the government to ban all imports. this has led to severe shortages of food, fuel, and other essential items. many blame, the president for economic mismanagement had come up. thank god i
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with. 7 prime minister my in that i job boxes resignation was a small but important brief for the protesters. but many now one the president to go as well. oh wow. wow. wow. it can be happier and i think the people on the longer must be war, joined us by the the fact that he has designed it. it's probably one step good. going to add something good. but i think we have a long way to roy in terms of finding people that i places, but this is a fantastic these are, these are these people. if this actually happened, the military has deployed hundreds of groups to had contained the unrest and government has imposed an indefinite gov. you. ah,
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but the that's all for now coming up, business use oil prices a higher, they could get even higher as leading economies consider the banding. russian oil, that's on business. next we'll have more headlines coming up next hour. void. i've been puzzling with, [000:00:00;00] with naturally spectacle and an improved world


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