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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin, the long wait on ukraine's front line as russia's war stalls in the south and east dw visits ukrainian forces as they faced down russian troops. also coming up the doomsday playing over moscow brushes here, bore nuclear command, post takes part in preparations for annual victory day celebrations. our correspondent tells us it could be
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a warning to the west and tracking rushes where both crime and decease. a new film explores the life of jails, anti corruption activists, alexander brownie as moscow labels his allies foreign agents. ah, am jared read? welcome to the show, ukraine's military. he says its forces have now killed more than 25000 russian soldiers since the war began. president vladimir lensky says he'll reject any peace deal with russia that does not include a full withdrawal of russian forces from the territories that they've occupied since the war began. now more than 2 months into the conflict rash as offensive is stalling in the face of ukrainian resistance and new shipments of western arms. moscow's apparent, quit aim of quickly seizing the capital. keith failed. it's goal now is to capture
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ukraine's south and east. but it's failed to make any major gains in these areas. in recent days, i'll corresponded. mathias burning is embedded with the ukranian army on the front line near me. call live in the south, where roches forces are being kept at bay for more than 3 weeks. the ukrainian and russian soldiers have been standing with an eyesight of each other, a few kilometers outside of mac alive. when they have listened at 1 o'clock to and help us too much at night, we can see the outgoing fire. the russian troops came in here in the beginning of the war and were then driven out by the ukrainians. now their positions are about 5 kilometers that way they are digging themselves in deeper. initially, the russians were advancing quickly. they were able to capture her son, but here a little over 20 kilometers from the center of mc alive. they were start
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michelle, suppose we are now in position, but they are also in the trenches. they've been here before. so they had dug themselves in well. and now shooting from their positions community lead, the war has changed. initially, the russians were advancing, straightforward with massive troops and equipment. the ukrainians were ambushing them with small mo bile attack groups for 3 weeks. now both sides are in a war of attrition. nice them out and it was going on with this is one of our helicopter the work the only out of you can see the smoke over there on the soldiers say that especially at night shelling is intense when nicholas on trying to out gun out of my quantity that is not working on him, they might still hope to get past us,
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but they weren't the ukrainian soldiers. he say that they are ready to move forward as soon as they're ordered to. but for now, each side is stuck where they are and t w's correspondent emmanuel shaws is in ukraine. earlier i asked her about the situation on the eastern front. well, a indeed in area says last, hersh as such as her harkey for her son, the ukraine, an armed forces have managed to regain some territory. oh, so we can say indeed that they are good to have made some advances. but the last and the last night, for example, was quieter than before with ukrainian authorities urging the population to still stick to her to go into the shelter when they are asked try alerts because they are expecting especially on may aids and me and 9 suites, russia cause it's victory, daddy, i expecting more offensive on from the russian side. now,
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emma ukraine's president vladimir zalinski has been laying down. he has read lions for peace negotiations with russia. let's take a quick listen. only if the russians kill people who can be this changed get released or treated warmer or it doesn't matter if they are civilians or military or people see the fake kill them. there is no point in talking to russia on a diplomatic level. he's caught up with that. what you're shown is mish florida. me zalinski there. emanuel shes in la. viv, is this a sign of defiance from zalinski or confidence on the ground that ukrainian forces are gaining? well, i would say confidence better. so determination. you can see here on the ground the how just a determined determined or ukrainians, or are to not lead or russia, or, you know, get a hold on their country, you know, or we can take more, you pause, still planned, for example. there's a still sold is there,
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ukranian forces are up to 2000 soldiers west 3rd there and they will simply not surrender. they will fight it up until the very end are ready to give their lives for their country. and this might be the last a strong hold of ukraine and resistance in my you ball. but it is very representative of the spirits that has animated ukrainians, or since the beginning of this unprovoked war. as you were saying, they are very ready to resist. and that's, that is, i think the main take away from, as a landscape or a declaration, emma just quickly, if you could, how much is the recent increase in military assistance from the west having an effect here? ah, well, or of course, or this is, are also given confidence. so ukrainian forces there have been also some criticism from the population or on the front line seeing where they don't really see. or the result of all that ed are coming. but as we were mentioning,
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this is very much award of attrition between ukraine and russia. the moment that was our correspondent in manuel shars in levine, ukraine emanuel, thank you. now on to some of the other developments in the conflict authorities in italy have impounded a luxury your to link to russian president vladimir putin. the huge vessel had been undergoing repairs at a port in tuscany, but recent activity suggested the crew might be preparing to sail. ukraine had urged italy to seize the ot as part of europe wide sanctions on putin and his associates. the un security council has adopted a resolution expressing quote, concern over ukraine and backing efforts to find a peaceful solution. it's the councils 1st statement that's been met with support from russia since the war began ahead of the meeting demonstrate as including ukrainians, living in the us protested against the violence will may, the 9th is victory day in russia,
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marking the soviet union's role in defeating nazi germany in the 2nd world war, president person will lead the celebrations, which include a military parade in moscow. you'll see images of today's preparations. futon will be looking to use this pump and pageantry to put a positive spin on his war and ukraine. that despite of course, the russian military sluggish campaign there. earlier i asked dowdy, w, corresponded and russia, expert konstantin egg. it what the main line celebrations will be like given that russia hasn't had the triumphed hope for visually there's going to be an interesting element to this parade in a flight block which, which has become a pretty standard staple of this event. every year there's going to be a participation by you should 80 the command and control presidential flying
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headquarters that are supposed to be used also in case of nuclear. so this huge one is going to be the 1st time flying around to see along the red where during the rain. and i think this is quite significant. and i would say only because it is very likely that in his speech to move probably mentioned some kind of doomsday scenario. he will essentially threaten unleashing russian nuclear weapons in case the world. and the great, don't bet been there need to to mosque where they think that this particular sort of elements are the great dissertation by the presidential. kind of flying fortress h q in is a signal. now, huge preparations and ominous ones, as you say, you've just been speaking a little bit about what we can hear from vladimir putin can. can you elaborate
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a little bit more? well, i suppose there were lots of speculations about what exactly was going to say. and i may be wrong, but i think that because of a lack of visible, clear victory integrate good will have to go around it. and it's promising. the rational play territory is like they don't ask regionals or they have some reason was just mentioned in the previous to be accepted into russia. but i think with no preparation or no visible preparations for a referendum, that's probably it's risky for him. or he will have to say that rushing, stronger than ever. and if anyone question here, we're going to strike, you would think where they think that this is a bit more probable. although it's quite disturbing with d. w. russia,
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analysts, constantine a good speaking to me a little bit earlier? well, you're some of the other stories in the headlines today. japanese and south korean sources say north korea have fired a suspected ballistic missile off its east coast. now this comes just 3 days after young yang of last miss our launch. as warnings grow, it may conduct a nuclear test. cuban authorities say at least 22 people are dead and dozens are injured after an explosion ripped through a hotel in the capital, havana rescue operations are underway. authorities say preliminary information suggests a gas leak is to blame. the fivestar hotel was under renovation when the blast heath bulls latimer putins war on ukraine is costing. and you live on an acclaimed documentary film about the child ration distance, and alex saying the valley. the film simply titled no valentine follows the charismatic person critique in the aftermath of the 2020 poison attacked that
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nearly killed him. it's already won awards at both the sun dance and the toronto film festivals and has just had its german release. what come on for them? i found the canadian director daniel rule who follows the former russian presidential candidate as he goes behind the brazen plot to have him killed with the lethal nerve agent. navi choke in 2020. the real life spy thriller is inspiring shocking. and at times very funny. yeah, i think that my favorite part of the movie is the unmasking of this, of i guess this trope or motif. we have this idea in our heads that russian spies are the best in the world. but what i found is that really it's just like a school bumbling morons. well, the email or the very to brother,
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guy from intelligence, was hacked several times, and he felt better what was most cool one. and they had him. so his 2nd few beth, what was most cool to and they hacked him as well. and so the 3rd time he had bethought most go 3 and just guess what was the his 4th best for nevada and also shows private side to the opposition politician when he strives for his goals with the seemingly blind courage while remaining a devoted family man. the director says working with the social media sapping of only meant it wasn't always clear who's film it was later. right now. volley is very conscious of his own image. he's very conscience conscious of how he comes across in the media. and so something that i was always aware of is how nevada me, the politician and the social media fee nom was weapon izing. and using daniel the filmmaker and i had to be aware of that dichotomy. and i think the meta narrative,
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the film is that tension who's directing who the warren ukraine has given the documentary a renewed urgency, palpable at the film showing at the munich documentary film festival. and we're thinking about the mission if the house is shed. and most importantly, i hope this over my role, and i hope all of you is a planner who does not. and russia is not. this is the point of only himself is often stressed to day, despite being locked inside a russian prison navarro. his message is still reaching a wider audience. finally to sport now troubled english premier lakeside chelsea have confirmed that a consortium led by us invested todd burly. well, by the club after agreeing to terms in a deal worth around 4900000000 euros. burly is also the car, are in all of the allied dodges baseball team. the takeover is still subject to
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government and premier league approval. the sale would in 19 years of ownership by russian billionaire romana abramivitch. he was forced to sell the club after he was sanctioned, after his links to russian president vladimir putin. following the invasion of ukraine came to light i'm of course, we'll have multiple news on sports life up next. don't go with sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world


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