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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2022 12:15pm-12:31pm CEST

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levine, thank you so much and please try stacy were wanting to w newsline from berlin after the break. chris cobra will have all the latest business headlines for you looking. of course, at one ammonia my calls, when will mean the french economy, there's also plenty more for you on our website that it's data with people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border. families playing phone tag with people. lean extreme ross getting 200 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge.
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yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. w. made for mines. ah. ah. a 2nd term secured. now what's to come up, man ran across will remain france president for 5 more years. who take a look at his economic agenda and its impact on europe and the war. also the show for the 1st time countries are spending more than 2 trillion dollars a year on weapons even to for the start of the ukraine war, talk to an expert on whether the next global arms race is on. and we'll show you a couple of v bikes that are not only fun to ride,
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but which also have their makers keep their business spirit intact amid the woman ukraine. i'm 1st colbert. relent. welcome to the program. there is a huge sigh of relief in europe and the west following french president emanuel microns victory over the far right candidate marine la penn policy makers and investors can now count on a continuation of frances work was in the global community. europe 2nd largest economy still has major challenges. resident, crohn's previous economic reforms, attempts, changes to france is labor law and official retirement age were met with violent protests by the so called yellow vest movement. all right, let's get some reactions. so here from germany from clemens foose, he is the head of germany's e for economic research institutes. a good to have you back on the show clemens. let's take a look at the french economy here with inflation rising. purchasing power has
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evolved as the dominating theme during the election campaign and france. what do you expect the president to do? i think that the president will continue to be under pressure to hand out goodies to offer relief to various groups of the population. and that is a problem because the country is so highly indebted, and in the current situation, it is very difficult to react to rising fuel prices to rise and inflation in general and maintain purchasing power. the problem is that this is mostly imported inflation. energy prices are rising, food prices are rising, the prices of important commodities are rising. and the only thing the french government can do is yes, cut taxes for the population to damp on this price increase. but that will drive up public debts. it will drive up public that in
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a situation while public that is already very high as a consequence of the corona crisis and tax revenue with faltering due to the to through the bad economy. so it's the problem at the same time stabilizing demand in a situation with high inflation, makes inflation that was in a way. so this is a tricky situation. a man, i'm a chrome will also continue to apply himself as someone trying to stop the war in ukraine. of course, no fighting is far from over in ukraine, yet business confidence in germany has been up surprisingly what's behind that? we shouldn't forget that business confidence kilometer last month and what we have now is a stabilize ation. i would say not much more. and what we see here is a mixed bag, in fact, so there is some, a stabilize ation and some improvement in the manufacturing sector, which was, of course, most affected by the outbreak of the war by rising energy prices. at the same time,
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we get very mix news from other sectors. the, the best news comes from services because the opening of the economy, the relaxation of the corona pandemic situation improvement of the situation that helps a little but the in other sectors in particular, in construction companies are telling us that the business, the business outlook is bad. so i would say it's a 7 as ation at a lower level, but still a project situation. clemons, host of the economic research institute of munich. as always, thank you. thank you. there is not enough support among each member states for a complete embargo or punitive terrorist on russian oil and gas that is, according to the blog stop. top diplomat is up. ralph who spoke to german daily, developed many, whether you have called for an end to oil payments,
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arguing that they effectively finance russel's war and ukraine and could be used to force an end because the urban central bank has also been warning of a european boycott of russian all and gas here is the to be president christine the guard. if we were to take abrupt measures that would induce an increase of the price of oil or gas around the world from which the russians would eventually benefit, then that would not be the right policy move. so we have to do it in sufficiently smart and subtle away so that we actually achieve the goal that we have, which is to reduce the financing, the head of the c b christine regard. speaking there now for the 7th year and a role countries around the world has spent records sums of money on weapons, even before russia's war in ukraine started. that's according to the stock home international piece research institute,
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total global military expenditures for the 1st time exceeded 2 trillion dollars last year and increase of point 7 percent from the year before the big spenders were of the united states. china india, the u. k. russia, france, as you see there, india as well and germany. now together, they account for about 2 thirds of global military expenditure. china's military spending group for the 27th consecutive year and with many countries propping up their defense and mid russia invasion of ukraine military expenditures are likely to rise further. that's why i asked alexandra mark steiner, of the start call international peace research institute. if we were in the middle of a new global arms race, it's always been difficult to judge based on just the numbers, but we are the new record high in global we were expenditure
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20212021. we reached over $2.00 trillion dollars. whether or not that car is in the matter, but we were definitely observing in continuous increasing tra what is your forecast for the coming years. how will the war and ukraine boost military expenditure? so shortly after russia launched its invasion against your brain, you know, there were being announcements made every, every couple of hours that governments intended to further increase. or, you know, we saw that in germany and we saw it in sweden, romania, poland. there's also a good chance that the u. s. congress will further boost. i'm spending beyond what the bite and ministration question. so, you know, we see that this trend will probably continue for some time. now obviously you are with a piece research institution, but
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a mid rush has aggression in ukraine and fears of neighboring countries that moscow wants to reach even further. isn't increased military spending a good thing at this point of time? well, i think, yeah, you know, everyone kind of has to find that for them. so on the one hand, you know, it's true that rushing me ukraine. really. i did shadow that european security order threat receptions are now i'm all i'm, i would think it's understandable that many people are calling for increased military spending. but on the other men, you know, you always have to consider every money spent on the military. is you know, a dollar or euro that's not be spent on education, health care, social programs, economic relief, and not sending. so that's up to every country. that is, that is a given if a country ops its military spending, the money is lacking elsewhere. well, i mean, it also depends on how,
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how the funding is finance re, you know, governments that they can take out loans. they can, they can make cuts elsewhere, but in principle, you know, we talk about a trade off between military and other funding. alexandra do higher military expenditures immediately lean more guns and rockets. i mean, where exactly is the money going? so military is the name doesn't automatically mean procurement spending, right? there are other types of spending you need to pay the salaries of troops. you need to buy fuel for your tanks. so you know, procurement is only a part of it, but we are seeing that many of these announced increases are very much focused on, on military or german, as well as research and development. and it's under mark steiner of the stockholm international piece research institute. thank you for your time. thank you. it is
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off to the west coast of the united states now where an e bike business has been setting up shop. the bikes have been lauded for being top of the line, but there is more of the story. because the makers of the bikes, the stem from ukraine, and with some colleagues working from bomb shelters, the founders are not trying to navigate the war and how to keep their business spirit intact. the w's warrant. imran reports across the street from one of southern california, the biggest oil refineries sits e ride. one of the areas stop destination for all things electric and more. one unique set of wheels that catch the eye. this one, the del fast, top 3.0, e bike, cancel the manager at this e ride bike store is full of praise for it. he does us, it's made by a team of ukrainians. they walked in and there was the most arranged bike you have and now is this one of the okay, that's cool. it took me outside and show me what they had. and i was
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a jesus 200 miles range, 50 miles per hour. and i test road it had to and to my boss, he, oh the you, we have to get the bike here. and so they did in 2021. the 1st ukrainian adventure bike made it sweet, the u. s. market. and this is del fast or part of it. the company found a new address in tampa city in eli county, c. e. o. daniel and marketing executive. andre, run the company from this home, turned headquarters, their bike sell like hot cakes, but it hasn't been business as usual for dell fest with a team of 35 and some still in ukraine. this has taken a door on the c e o. one of our team members, her name is daria. she lives in harkey city, and her gift is almost demolished by rushing bombs when we have for our weekly room was every one i can see a concrete walls are on cure because she's in the basement. and the underground
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garage, i can see a concrete to a staircase above your head, and i can hear a siren. the city is being born, been currently working from bomb shelters and under extreme circumstances, the team managed to engineer a new model of their top selling bike with an enhanced design. the feeling that we are together and that we are continue working on it. give sir, this unity feeling, daniel and the da fast team i determined to become a big, clear in the back business, and continue to help those back home in ukraine. and his reminder of the top story we are following for you at this hour. a man on the crop fast secured his 2nd term as french president, even as voters voice concerns over the state of the french economy, including the cost of living and mr. promised handling of the corona mars.
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it's a show for now. for more check out our website. that's d, w dot com slash business. and of course, the detail, the news youtube channel. i'm chris kolber on berlin. thanks for watching. every self a successful with nature flowing how to exclude 2022 in the mother lives with green, living and innovative next edition for the cities of the future. your role max on d. w. ah,
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she's got any issues with all say what grade level we were able to do with a with of the popular british tdc fountain abbey will recognize it immediately in the show . this ag manor house is home to lot grand them and his family. but it's not just the fact it actually exists and we'll find out will really live there. and what it's like from the lady of the castle.


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