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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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by fraud, ah ah ah. d w. news live from berlin. a deadly attack on civilians lean war torn ukraine. at least 50 dead and dozens more war did as missiles strike. a pack train station cream, condemns it as another russian war, crime, european union. chief ursula on the line tells president of a little dinner zalinski. she'll speed up ukraine's bid to join the block. she also sees for herself a mass grave which shocked the world. and frances presidential race heats up
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current leader, a manual mccall faces off against far right challenge money le pen contenders are tip to go through to the 2nd round. ah american tilton. welcome to the program. a russian missile attack on the train station in eastern ukraine has killed at least 50 people and wounded dozens more. authorities say rockets struck the crowded train station in the coma tourist. and rather in chrome, a tourist in the done that screeching hundreds of people were waiting there to board trains to safety. ukraine is calling it yet another russian war. crime. me while president older zalinski is demanding more weapons and a tough global response. the leaders of france and germany have condemned the attack while the white house has described it as a horrific atrocity. scenes of carnage and destruction.
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in easton, ukraine streets littered with smouldering debris and the bodies of dozens killed. the governor of dun ask said, at least 5 children are among the dead. after several rockets hid chrome, a tossed station on friday, edward speaking to the finished parliament president vladimir lensky, condemned russia for striking clear civilian targets. they hid. yeah, but little foolish. i will start with what happened this morning when you are a russian forces hit the train station in our city of chrome at oscar, an ordinary train station with ordinary people, cannibals, it is, though no military personnel. and though people who are waiting for a train to get to a safe territory where russian forces hit them with military missiles, would that only academy or lose the criminal has denied they employed this type of
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projectile. but ukrainian military officials said they being used throughout the war on a visit to london to meet british prime minister boris johnson. german chancellor. ola sholtes, never called the attack. atrocious pleasure after welcome you. the bid at the veils will be images we have seen from bushels here from maria pole. and from many of the places the dramatic attack we have been told about to day to it shocks us. and we must say here in clear terms. it is a cruel, cruel wall. loudon. von gazette then goes on as a st. garza, my creek around 4000 people were thought to be at the station. they came with their pets and personal possessions, hoping to escape the worst hazards of wall european commission prism. ursula funder
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line has been in ukraine. she sent a strong message or support for the people there, including for cubes. good to join the block from the line with president woocommerce zalinski. she also visited the masquerade and gotcha, which shocked the world. the chief also had a clear message for the people of ukraine. i started my day to day with a visit to woodshop because being in good shape and seeing what has happened, you can tell that our shoe manatee was shattered in boucher and it is right and just that the world has voted to suspend russia from the human rights council. it is a war, yes, that russia unleashed against an innocent ukraine. but it's much, much more than that on top. it, these, these big questions that will be decided in this war. so your fight is also our fight. and i'm here in kiff with you today to send
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a very strong message that the european union is by your side. we stand by your side. this is the message that you have. a lot of me i want to bring to you, but also to the ukrainian people. dw correspondent, alexander phenomena has been following the story for us from key of. she told us about the latest you support for you cream. what was left on the line had in her luggage was a 5th sir. package of sanctions, including a ban on the coal imports from russia and other measures. this is of course not enough from the ukrainian perspective. they would like, for instance, to see a total ban on energy importance, all energy inputs from russia. however, we also have to acknowledge that those sanctions imposed by the european union against russia are taken altogether at the toughest to measures that the european union imposed against russia ever. so that is also something that we have to
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acknowledge. and what sir was a life on the lion didn't bring to key of was a concrete perspective, a concrete date for a potential you membership of ukraine. however, what he, what she brought and handed over to zalinski was a questioner and says, she said that the european commission is going to help ukraine. answer all the questions and then they will make a recommendation. and we can expect the european union to propose to accelerate the proceedings so that ukraine could become a candidate for e. u memberships did a be corresponded alexander phenomena and jeff jeff, some other headlines regarding the war in ukraine. slovakia has donated air defense systems, ukraine. the soviet era, as $300.00 system is already ins by ukrainian forces requiring no extra training is
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ukraine's only defensive was missiles. the were says, it's regrouping for lucky with a modern he treat missile defense system. the german government says 40 russian diplomats have left the country full in order that exposure insanely we're carrying out espionage or a danger to poet. security. the leaders of germany and britain have pledged to work together on renewable energy and reduce the need for russian fuel imports. all of sholtes and bores johnson have been holding talks in london. schultz insists it will take time to reduce germany's dependency on russian gas. the u. k. as said, it was in more weapons to cranes more your pool, and also the worn ukraine pushed world food prices up by nearly 30 percent last month. the united nations is warning the costs are likely to rise further. the with food agency says the increase puts much of the world's population at the risk of malnutrition. more details are emerging about how people survived under russian
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bombardment and morrison ukraine. now that fighting in some cities has subsided, many are emerging from bunkers to find their homes destroyed. in the meantime, they've had to get used to living under ground. abandoned weapons, devastated buildings. the russian soldiers might have withdrawn from chair need, has that they have left an indelible mark on the town and on the minds of the people, as homes were attacked and destroyed, the people here took shelter together in places like this, sharing the relative safety of underground spaces, but now that the bombing had stopped some of finding it hard to leave the places that saved their lives. some have nowhere else to go. others feel unsafe, going back like eula and her 8 year old daughter. madame a chancellor syllis neither about 60 people here. the mostly people who lost their
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homes and people whose houses are no longer in habitable, etc. ah not. so at some point there were about 600 people. they were seeping all over the place at that time. post on the board in the besieged town of maria, paul bunker living has become a way of life. 12 year old masha and her sister valeria have dared to come out into the courtyard. they spend most of their time in the shelter or a hillock before i was scared of everything, the tiniest noise person. but you get used to it bit by bit. a few weeks ago, they tried to leave by car in the middle of a battle, but had to turn back after a few meters. another shelter had been fatally hit. maria helene and we were on our way with the children and grandparents in the back. i was in the front of them with the other one when we turned in funds with the theater looks something exploded in front of us and the windscreen blew out with us.
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now they have been living under ground for several weeks, with little light and 12 other people. there are a few home comforts, but masha longs for her old life. this is the most of them. i just want to go home and go back to school. do my activities to live like i used to go, could i while millions of displaced ukrainians have fled to europe for safety? those left behind have little choice but to shelter from the storms of conflict. or some more stories making headlines around the world. the new head of humans internationally recognized government, has pledged and 7 years of civil war. despite rashad, all alaneese words who the rebels and government forces accuse each other breaking of fresh cease fire. the war has killed more than 150000 people and created a humanitarian crisis. saudi arabia says it will allow 1000000 people to make the
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hodge pilgrimage this year. as an eases covered, $1000.00 restrictions pilgrims must be fully vaccinated. and under $65.00, for the pandemic, several 1000000 muslims would make food journey to mecca every year. space x has launch its 1st private flight to the national space station. the craft is taking 3 executives from the u. s. canada in israel, on a week long trip. the space tours of paid $100.00 or sorry, $55000000.00 each for the ride. actor will smith has been banned from the academy awards for 10 years. it's punishment for slapping comedian chris rock. at this your ceremony. smith has not been stripped of his best actor oscar, but he also won that night. frances presidential races tightening just a day before the 1st round of voting. pole shall fall. right. challenge moving a pen, gaining on the current leader among them, look
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a manual rather mccall who is seeking a 2nd term an office. a manual ma crone is asking voters to back him for another 5 years in power. a few weeks ago, he enjoyed a comfortable lead in the polls. but his far right challenge a marine le pen has steadily closed again. she's focused her campaign on the cost of living crisis that low to say is that biggest concern, while still promising radical anti immigration policies barring and upset, she expected join micron in the run off on april 24th. micron is blaming his own loki campaign and having to focus on the war and ukraine. he still tips to when in the 2nd round, with le pen only narrowly behind and gaining, but with up to a quarter of people thought to still be undecided. and many planning not to vote to tool an upset remains a possibility. mackerel and his supporters are hoping that back as a fall at firebrand john nick mental show who sits a 3rd place in the poles,
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will vote from a crone in the 2nd round. keep the pen out as many did the last election in 2017. but this time may be different. o told you listen to day left when voters consider him to be too right wing to day lettering voters can here's messages on the political and economic order. but there is these speak more to the right than to the left alone. so yes, it's a challenge for the president to reassure the left with regard to social norms on one hand, but also his ability to protect purchasing power. yep. ra galaxy. in fact, the, to quote a shot. while net crohn's margin of victory looked set to be narrow, he does remain the favor to win and become the 1st french president to hold on to power in 20 years. german tennis, dora boris becker has been found guilty of illicitly moving thousands of dollars from a bank account after he was declared bankrupt of the court. or when the jury rather convicted becker on 4 charges over his june 2017 bankruptcy, including failing to clear property and shares could face up to 7 years in jail. 6
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time grand slam champion told the court is millions and career earnings were swallowed up by an expensive divorce and his lavish lifestyle. in washington w. news, she's a reminder of our top story, least her 2 people, including 5 children, have been killed in a rush, an air strike on a train station in the eastern ukrainian city of crime with horse prison bullet. to me was a lensky is demanding weapons and a tough global response. that's it for now. coming up next is world stories the weekend reports. remember, you can always get the latest news on our website at t w dot com. i'm aaron chilton from me and the entire news team here in berlin. thanks for watching and see again next hour. ah
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ah ah. with closely listen carefully. don't know how those things you need to do go. ah,
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