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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2022 12:00am-12:15am CET

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oh oh, this is dw news live from berlin, fears the war in ukraine is expanding. russian missiles hate near the airport in the western city of eve, the air strike destroyed a military aircraft repair facility, just 70 kilometers from the border with poland. will bring you the latest. also coming up. a rare public appearance by the russian president vladimir putin praising his troops for carrying out what he called a mission to d not suffice. ukraine. plus a trip of more than 3000 kilometers to safety. the surprising way,
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a group of more than 100 ukrainian refugees made it from war. so all the way to madrid, ah, i pablo foliage. welcome to the program. there are serious concerns. the russian invasion of ukraine is expanding deeper into the country. on friday in western ukraine, russia missiles stroke, an area near levine airport damaging a military aircraft maintenance facility. levine is around 70 kilometers east of the polish border, and had so far been spared of major attacks. ah, emergency sirens in ukraine's western city of levine, russian forces targeted
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a repair plant for military aircraft and damaged to other buildings, smoke billows over the city that was largely untouched by russian bombing on to now . you don't want me that may strike against live war is for the proof. the doubt not fight in you can troops were you. they are fighting the population. my children are women, refugees, nothing is sacred to them. and you know, many of the residents feared an attack was a matter of time. he, i don't wish to serve. i think this war will last a long time. it's possible that this war will become a frozen conflict in some regions of our country craziness. i'm rosanna, e aaliyah, the merchant, somebody to be rock we those when it would have been with the belly. mercy vickery will continue bombing our military target when it was in your when it was a jubilee. and it's also possible that they will target civilian infrastructure here as well. touching mallos the dog they can do anything. scrub sizzle,
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i think their goal is to scare us, not that we will not be frightened touching void of silicone in the eastern city of hot fire fighters battle the plays triggered by russian shelling it targeted one of the biggest shopping centers in ukraine's the 2nd largest city and the capital of keith also came under attack. at least one person was killed and several others injured in the neighbourhood. a podium, ronald william was rather now in the key of district a window crowd. maria was been shelling here we go room. we see a big funeral roughly what, what is horrible is that near here? there is a children's garden and playground on this side. there's a school. ah, she's wood with several houses have been damaged, looking for warners burn. we can see what condition they are in. the windows are broken and they are no longer put for little desert. yeah. the perceived city of mario poll remains under constant russian bombardment. president putin says his actions unnecessary to prevent what he calls
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a genocide in ukraine. a claim dismissed as baseless by leaders around the world. and now the war has reached live to a city that's been seen as a safe haven. but now empty plans are placed in the city square to honor the children killed in this war. it's the places where people are seeking safety, which continued to be targeted and civilians are paying a high price. well if eve has been a safe haven for 200000 ukrainians, fling the fighting. our correspondent mathias billing is in the city and we asked him earlier if the attack had changed, the general feeling there at the people i spoke to have said that they did not or not surprise them. they did not. um, see it is this as a changing as changing their situation on the ground. but of course everybody takes this in a different way. and of course the people who were closer there, even if you know that this couldn't, can happen. it's different if you hear it and you and you see it than if you just
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know it. that's for sure. but and, and everybody here knew of course, before that the city has never been out of limits out of reach. but still it continues functioning as a major hop for refugees. and it's still a place where people find refuge. and i've also spoken to people who have said, yeah, they're here now they want to return to the places they have come from that are under much more threat under much more damage, but they do not want to leave the country. so it's a very mixed feeling on the ground, but i wouldn't say that this has shifted so dramatically. russia's defense ministry says its forces are quote, tightening the noose around the besieged port of matthew polt. maria pole has suffered some of the war's fiercest attacks. local officials say as much as 80 percent of homes have been destroyed. more than 350000 people remain trapped in the city. rescuers are still working to care the rubble of
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a theatre that was sheltering hundreds of civilians when it was hit by a russian air strike. there is still no word on casualties. now it's hard to know what is actually happening in mario poll. but dw correspondent ne conley made contact with a 19 year old uni inside the city. and he sent these voice messages. in right now i hear planes. i hear shooting every 5 or 10 minutes with the sound of fighting never goes away. so we can just bloom would need that visit. it's been days since intense shelling started here where i am now. he seems theo is for cool. us ukrainian and russian forces are fighting for you. and i haven't been able to leave my house a week in all it's. this is the 5th day. i've been stuck inside from shiny new home
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. nicholas sleeman was armitage, near you pictures. i've seen people dead on the streets with my own eyes turned on me. some are you near my house? there is a shop. i was near by when it was hit by a shell. i went to see what happened and saw 4 bodies. if they were probably hit by shrapnel gear, their bodies were only picked up 2 days later. a couple of them obviously should his teachers did either 3 or 4 days after war began. people started running out of food and yet both in the even shops were shot and people started rating shops that had been damaged by shelling in search of food ongoing. another 3 or 4 days later, people were so hungry that they started breaking into shops that had stayed on damaged. that's because they needed to eat like magazines, allows you to switch it to the you do i to just post on this new the water. the
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sure city is gone. food doesn't exist any more. your it's been destroyed with. the shops have been smashed up by hungry people, he could do it, and our buildings have been pulverized, says daniel bruce, this to my friends, went round the city and saw 5 story. buildings were only the seller was left and was dan you. i thought that the couple of wall sodium yellows or blue costumes over time, which it used to all the explosions. lincoln said, you're not really scared any more perfectly when something hits nearby. i've stopped running into the cellar, then you just becomes normal. but i'm still new credit. the bluish closure, i get stressed when there's no internet down and i can't reach my relatives or my girlfriend who already managed to get to germany. we had to use neil chicago to roaches in blue. and all i think about mine is when i'll be able to get out of here and see her cooking in the near. the veronica is this voluminous the explosions and the shooting aren't as scary anymore as losing touch with the people. you love
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about weiss who says, submitted an immunity while we believe unity has now managed to escape motto. russian president vladimir putin has held a rally in moscow to mark 8 years since the annexation of crimea. couldn't praised what he called his country's special operation in ukraine, and again, pushed his narrative that it's a mission to rid you. crane of naziism? tens of thousands were at the event, though there are some reports that people in public sector jobs were pressured by their employers to attend. so many turned up for the event that they couldn't all fit into the stadium. organizers bossed in some of the participants, urging them to support the russian army in its military operation as it's referred to in russia. the term war is not allowed to be used. the semester bizarre army is liberating the platform. so finding the nancy sanchez and the band
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groups, the civilians are receiving humana, terry aid and are being rescued as a ship spa soap, new pro difficult, i use an against naval craniums. it's against the fascism. they're just like when we fought nash's in europe during the 2nd world war, i don't. this is bush's mom. you little the inside the stadium patriotic songs and praise of the soviet union. lenny installing, that's my country. this one goes referring to ruthless former soviet leaders. ah, then president putin takes the speech referring to what he called a genocide russians, and the don boss and naming crimea as part of russia. the speech ran on all channels and then on all channels simultaneously, the unthinkable occurred. hootin was cut off mid speech. instead of putting the pop singer was shown again. what exactly happened is unclear. the kremlin leader said there was a technical problem. put in speech was later repeated,
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this time uninterrupted. oh, let's take a look at some other developments in the conflict. the white hive says u. s. president joe biden has warned a chinese leader shooting ping. there will be consequences if he provides his ally russia with that material support in its war in ukraine. the 2 presidents spoke on friday for 2 hours and a video call. china's foreign ministry said she told biden the war must and as soon as possible a u. s. military aircraft with 4 people on board has crashed in northern norway. the vehicle a v $22.00 osprey was taking part in an ongoing nato military drill when it was reported missing. bad weather had been reported in the area. the fate of the crew was not immediately known. the united nation says the fighting has displaced nearly 6 and a half 1000000 people inside ukraine. that's on top of more than $3000000.00 refugees
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who left the country in total. those estimates that mean around a quarter of ukrainians have had to flee their homes. while a group of over $100.00 ukrainian refugees has arrived safely in spain, after a long journey from temporary accommodation in poland, a convoy of determined spanish taxi drivers made the the trip of over at 3000 kilometers possible. let's take a look. hunks and hugs welcomed them, unlikely heroes back home, barren i and refugees who have found a new home in spain. the aid mission began 6370 kilometers ago. here in madrid, that's when the spanish caravan of 32 texas hit the open road for poland
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and was left last week on wednesday and got back today. drivers hauled tons of food, warm clothing, and medicine to a reception center in warsaw. but they didn't make the return trip with empty cars . they shuttled 135 ukrainian refugees with them. we as came to poland her from ukraine bugs are a lot of pressure refuges her right now and her. we just want to go as far as it possible to to be him. you know, to be safe and to feel say she's among more than 3000000 people who have fled, rushes attack on ukraine. most of come to poland, either to wait out the war or plan another destination for those madrid band. the
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ride is bittersweet. i know where i'm going to live, but i don't know what i'm going to do. how am i going to work? where's my life going and what's the future for my family and ukraine? this initiative is just one of many springing up across spain and europe, aimed at helping refugees. those who made it here will stay with people who are opening up their homes to strangers. asked for the once he brought them, the volunteer taxi drivers hope to bring more ukrainians to safety. soon. russian football fans will have no tear team to cheer on at the man's football world coping guitar this year. the court of arbitration for sport upheld the decision of footballs, world governing body fifa to suspend all russian teams and clubs from its competitions. in response to the invasion of ukraine. the court rejected
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a request from russia's football association to have its suspension frozen until its appeal is hurt. russia was due to play poland in a world cup qualifier next week. all right, well that you are up to date, daniel winter will be here next with all the latest business days for me and the team here in berlin. take our seats top the next hour. a man with the memories of a woman oh, from syria is born in a female body, forced into marriage. great escape will be the journey of his life far from home. ali can finally become the person. he's always wanted to be a.


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