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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CET

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ah behaved exactly like said pharmacy. and the poison spread, bear with life. the great documentary series destruction of a nation starts march forth on d, w. the crisis surrounding rushes, invasion of ukraine, suddenly seems even more frightening than before. and people have begun to think the unthinkable. this is russian president vladimir putin threatened to the world at large, suggesting perhaps that he could be ready to use nuclear weapons. it's a move that is triggered widespread fears, unparalleled since the cold war. so the question we're asking here on to the point is put in threat. he's russia ready to use the nuclear option
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with and to discuss that question i'm joined to by terry shows. she is security and defense specialist, with deutsch, vela and brussels. welcome to you. also with us is another d w colleague, bloody me, jesse paul from our russia desk had joined us from london and a warm welcome to to mo, to laming who's with me here in the studio. he's with the berlin daily newspaper, the talker speaker, and not to let me begin with you and let him in to put into announcement that he is putting nuclear forces on high alert. the debate must be that he is willing to use a nuclear auction. is that, or it seems to you? not really. i mean it's, it's, it's always hard to tell what is what is in the mind in the head of vladimir putin but. but if his really willing to do it, or if it's more aiming at the nerve costume of the west,
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trying to spread fear and try to dis, unify the astonishingly unified western block. i think this is more or less what he's aiming f r. he did the same in 2014 and it's, i think it's the 2nd grade of a 4 grade alert system. so it's not the highest alert but, but on the alert. and he's reminding us in but us, i mean, the west that we're dealing with the country not like of gornstein or iraq, but a nuclear power. and that's what we do. ok. her territory shots in brussels, very me. 14 is already you. similar language in recent days, do you see that from or where you are as, as a threat to our well being in the immediate future? well, certainly peter, what nato says is simply that no one knows what's in vladimir putin's mind. and so they have to be ready for everything. and this is what nato was created to do, to alert of every defense that it has possible among its 30 allies just in case.
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and i think that they've been very reluctant to make predictions about about what vladimir putin will do. what they say is they have to be ready for everything he can do. and now of course, we've seen what he can do on the ground in ukraine flooding me. what's your take on what's going on inside blood flooding? a putin's head to this point in time. it's still the guessing game that we've been involved in for days now. working though, now it's think through your, i mean, no, far as like to 2 weeks ago or one week ago i became, it became a reality on the very fast speed. so i wouldn't be surprised if it would go on for a nuclear option. especially europe saying, shut down a fee for taking out the russell banks is a nuclear option in terms of sanction, or just serving printed a friendly reminder to europe on the whole lot that has an option as well. so i will not surprised what i sent tony made you think that the russian leaders let me
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put it is, is now acutely isolated and has a growing sense of the, of his own isolation. he seems to be quietly related and then there is to be up there incense, but the question is shift information that isn't how much information from outside outside 40 of getting to this in the circle. so once again i'm, i'm, i'm having depression that it's all out war from the russian side, against the vest against the nathan against the united states in the european union . and this collision is very fast in their essence, russian scientists was always very, very pretty. and, and this kind of her response to it for this, like if the western, impose that thanks and from russia, russia answering literally the same sound came from central to work to verse. so the stakes are very high right now. and once again switched to the nuclear options
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are broke, this kind of response from the russian side. in my opinion, ok, let's say, let's say let's have a close listen to what exactly are the russian lead of vladimir putin had to say what we've been talking about here. and then we'll go back to terry in brussels to get a further assessment on where this statement leaves us was really, really you really did not only our western countries taking unfriendly economic steps against our country do with that, i mean the illegal sanctions that everyone knows about very well thought of what the top officials of leading nato countries. those are also making aggressive statements about our country receiving. therefore, i order the minister of defense and the chief of the general staff. but to put the deterrent forces of the russian military. because women to a special mode of combat duty bdc,
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it's a very interesting phrase, a special mode of combat duty. just explain to us a little bit about what the mouth has already referred to as the technicalities behind this process. this for stage process that we have i don't think anyone knows exactly what vladimir putin means by this because we are in uncharted territory as you've said. but again, what nato has to do, and what it's nuclear armed allies have to do is be ready for anything. now it's quite interesting that at this moment as we are here on the show, there has not been a special meeting called as far as i'm told. and i have checked with my sources to discuss specifically this nuclear talk from, from the kremlin. but at the same time, everything is always on high alert at nato, certainly in the, in recent weeks and days. and so they have this nuclear planning group that is
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always kept abreast of, of all of the threats throughout the world. and looks at what nato would do as a nuclear armed alliance with this, as it's, you know, last stop option for defending the alliance. and everyone inside nato knows what it would do in case of, of a nuclear attack. ok, let's you don't know exactly what that would be. ok. let's move away from the nuclear option to both conventional warfare. very so sudden. so i'm going to get from lots of different sources. good vladimir putin house, perhaps over reached himself in the operation so far, but they're not doing his work as well as he might have expected. and that obviously has no caller front. what are you hearing? were you are of nato headquarters about we have had intel briefings on, on the side of from western intelligence officials. and the 1st night was quite dire. in the 1st 24 hours. we were told that kids could fall within a day that russia was controlling the air space had taken over key airports in
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airfield. but by the 2nd day that had completely changed and the ukrainians were fighting back better than anyone had expected. and, and you know, everyone was, was praising the bravery of, of the ukrainian not just armed forces, but civilians in fighting back. and so everyone thought maybe this won't be so easy, president putin will not be able to just walk in and take ukraine. and then you've seen this outflow of further weapons and contributions from, from allied states to ukraine, more lethal weapons. look at this, see change in the german position that makes a massive difference. not only will germany be sending weapons directly, it will allow other countries that are holding german made weapons to also ship them to ukraine. and this is something that germany had been holding up. so this, this crisis in ukraine has really shifted the minds of any reluctant allies to help ukraine. again, there will be no western boots on the ground, but everything they can do to help ukraine fight for itself they're doing for the
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same them, there is no sign. so for us both tracking numbers, offensive, missouri, some on the ground in their grants, or we don't know how there are some react. it's true that this is often if it's not that greek and it's not as successful as are probably russian for russian minister of defense, the russian army journalist. this stock ross are planning, but at the same time there is no sounds of process going back or stopping the forces for the orphans the from the ground has continued. there's more russian troops entering the ukraine as far as i see from the russian sources. and these, nor signs of any, any says fire as far as you know. ok, let's, let's, let's, he will melt as to say, is vladimir putin making headway in the way he would hope or not very much depends on where now it's the 1st banking day in moscow and in russia today. because at that, i think many russians start right now to feel that their country is at war. and
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if they what's the state television and, and here the state news and so on. so on, they were just, i mean, not on the same information level as we are in the west. so it very much depends on how the, how the public in russia will react to, for example, not being able to go to the bank and just take the money out and to all the guys who are losing money and so on and so on. so the reaction of the sanctions that were that were imposed of russia are, is feeding them right now. your, your news favorite it a mouth to had to had some very interesting lines on this about the credibility of or of letting me put it in the eyes of ordinary russians. if you so will. i mean, you have you carried lines like who believes in vladimir putting, putting support, crumbling oh yeah, support, crumbling. i think his is is a devastating line for letting me put in for the estimation of his credibility a day. i can't predict how the, how the, how the, how the public in russia is reacting to the news of war that they are really at war
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. the sons are at war and a dying in ukraine, which is supposedly a brothers and sisters saw one. they are fighting too, so i can't predict what is happening on, but i would say just to, just to see any kind of diplomacy are up coin to are not talking to vladimir putin might be a mistake. we still have to find a way, even though we hate him, even though we are disgusted. and even though all these things i really feel about are you have to do with him. it might be just to wait until he is toppled. might prolonged us more for weeks and months to come and let him know when we talk about these kind of setbacks with the there's also been set back said that to the very me put in has had at the, at the security council or the backing from the chinese that he might have anticipated would be much more positive. he's not getting that either. so that is a, that is
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a diplomatic setback to matter. if you look back for the 22 years of wedding or pushing being empowered in russia, he's the current political career began with the warranty. and it was a very both, all of our 3rd floor and thrusting russian forces are very, very brutal and suppressing this uprising into china then we had and this level of syrian operation of the russians will pitch, is quite very brutal as well. it was very both developed and now we have for us and thanks approaching kids from the in, in the large numbers in different nations minister communicated to tomorrow today. story in the morning for the citizens of key to leave. the city basically which could be assigned could be assigned of the ration, big scale minute, a military operation on, on the city of key. if so, i would not expect much room to negotiate with, but i don't see any in your own for the plumber left. it's like it's
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a war. and terry how is that? how is know to likely to, to respond to that kind of talk that we've now got the, the large numbers of tanks moving pope perhaps towards care for the, and a really serious threat of, of an aggravation of the tensions in the conflict. it just to return to the issue of diplomacy. i asked secretary general suttonberg directly. will you still talk to vladimir putin after this invasion? and he did not say that he was revoking his invitation to talk to the russians any time i think that they're going to leave open the option, the only reasonable option for ending the conflict of dialogue. and you'll also note that the european union in the sanctions, it placed directly on president putin and on foreign minister lab rav. it did not impose a trouble ban on them because they want them to be able to come and talk. they want people to be able to go and talk to them. nobody thinks that there's a military solution to this crisis and that still the predominant line. but i think
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you have nato allies meeting now constantly in at 30 well 30 allies around the table talking about what more they can do to help ukraine. short of course of boots on the ground, but you see more equipment pouring in. you see more aid. you see humanitarian aid. poland has offered to be a hub for both nato and the european union because you can no longer fly supplies in. so poland is really stepped up and taken the lead in transporting this, this equipment, these additional supplies of all kinds across the border. because that's the only way people see that is able to get to supplementary materials to the ukrainians at this point and go yes, or maybe it should be edit and maybe you agree or not to orient blood of me. i think a lot in the potent is not interested to talk to the you or to nato or no house for him. is joe by the who is president, he's. he's looking for summit that gives the whole world the impression he goes and
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i and equal to, to the american president. and so this could be the last thing that could be offered to him, not now, not today or tomorrow, but maybe the next weeks or to come what role the americans playing at this point in time to her is a little bit unclear to us for from the perspective of the european theater i think i personally was watching yesterday after this renewed talk of nuclear options to see if, if you would see president bite and come out and make it and make it some kind of address and, and he didn't. and so i think that the, i mean, back in washington, they're very much watching every step and trying to calculate where they can best use their weight. i mean, remember this entire campaign, this build up, the americans surprised everyone with how transparent they were with their intelligence. not just to nato allies in closed session, but openly speaking from the white house podium about what they saw on the ground,
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what they expected president putin might do. and when and they.


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