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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] with the w news like from burlington world wide condemnation of the escalation of the crisis in ukraine, germany stops the gnawed stream to gas pipeline, following russia's recognition of separatist territories in east and ukraine. west is also imposing a rafter by the sanctions that'd be uprooted, says the russian president in. den that's going to hands is a peacekeeping mission. west this message, the claimant announces wide ranging sanctions.
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ah, i'm fil gale. welcome to the program. arrested escalation of the crisis over ukraine has brought a flood of condemnation from western leaders. president putin's decision to recognize, to break away regions of easton, ukraine is independent states of prompted to wave a punitive for sanctions. the toughest at this stage is likely to be germany halting the key nord stream to gas, a pipeline project. the and the see a pipeline brings the russian gas to europe. it has been built and has been built, but need it still needs. germany's go ahead. german chancellor left shalt says to process the process at 2, excuse me very the toughest lab under see project during which also ella shaw says the certification process has been suspended indefinitely. this pipeline was set to
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bring russian natural gas straight to germany's doorstep via the baltic sea. now the north stream to project has become a tool in germany's efforts to punish russia's aggression in ukraine. after president putin recognized the 2 separatist regions in the countries east as independent states have, it has been the switches. i've off the german economy ministry today to withdraw the report on the analysis of energy supply guarantees from the german energy regulator. it sounds technical, but it's the required procedure, so that can be no certification of the pipeline. now, if zoomed without the certification, node stream to comp become operational, come while since like a mix them between archie shells. his announcement is just part of broad efforts to sanction russia over its latest move. you minister met on tuesday morning to discuss joint measures with european commission had us refunded line announcing via twitter that
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a 1st package of sanctions would be put together by days end. but for now, the halting of the pipeline remains the most significant step taken in response to russia's latest escalation assaults, with a german response to this crisis, referred to you doubly she political advocate, kaufman, or welcome mckayla. so german chancellor, olaf shouts, as finally said, it is finally used that those words, yes, that's north stream to he pulled the plug on that it will be small that potentially to death through german bureaucracy. for now it is halted and it looks like that won't change any time soon. it's now subject to a reassessment of energy security. so this will certainly be a very drawn out process if it ever goes back online this after all off. so it didn't mention node stream to even when he was in the united states standing next to us present, joe biden, who guaranteed that if russia crosses that border, that pipeline would be dead, even when that was said right next to him. and he agreed saying everything would be
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on the table. he didn't say it because it was his entry ticket to talk to vladimir putin last week. i was with him on that trip. and. and that doesn't seem to have produced any results. right. so was all that diplomacy for nothing? yes, well, looks like it for now. and clearly, and despite the fact that that him of putin said that he still hadn't made up his mind, it now looks that this probably was part of a playbook. once again, to create a conflict, to let it take the west by surprise, the west i can now say which is more united than it has been for decades, because it now faces this cold war style of threat from russia. there, it's almost feels like the europeans are desperately clinging on to diplomatic process, which, letting uprooting treaty isn't interested in. he kept asking for different formats . when he talks about peacekeeping, that's what the u. n does. that's what the o. s. e, the organization for security and cooperation in europe is therefore he is throwing
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around labels will also, in the midst of an information will already ok, you, you told about western countries standing your shoulders shoulder topsy. actually, we have germany, the united, everyone saying they're standing side by side with you, cried. yet vitamin brewton still does as he pleases it, just look like he's just been in the mall. while this is a great frustration on the ukraine inside of me as a lensky, the ukranian president wasn't me security conference. i heard him in the room over the weekend. he said, thanks for all that support. but really what he needs is security guarantees. ideally, a timeline and what he meant is for nato. now there's no tons of ukraine joining nato. that wasn't any chance of ukraine join nato because it's still already has an ongoing home conflict with russia. so under the lawyer can't win. and but for now we will see very sweeping economic sanctions and let's face it, these will hurt the europeans as well. they will hurt the americans. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the us house of representatives was also unique. and she vowed that
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vladimir putin would pay already for what he'd put the americans and the west through. so we are entering a new historic phase. and this also has quite significant risks for vladimir putin because his people will be worse off economically as a result of this as well. ok, thank you for that mikaela. mikaela cutler is did obviously, for the school present approach in has described russia's presence in easton, ukraine as a peacekeeping mission. ukraine's presence, as he's country, will not give up any territory of these corner for international support. western governments have condemned the russian recognition of the breakaway temperatures and dismissed mister proteins. peacekeeping claim, as a pretext to invite the rest of ukraine unmarked military vehicles have already been seen in the east. troops mobilize in the dead of night. early on monday columns of military vehicles were spotted approaching the
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outskirts of dawn yeske. the capital of one of 2 separatist regions of eastern ukraine. while no insignia were visible, the vehicles appeared just hours after russian president vladimir putin ordered russian troops to deploy. the waited with the move represents a significant escalation, but moscow is calling it a peacekeeping operation with that, it will only hours before putin recognized the separatist regions as independent states. but he, so he took us, it was a historic moment, open his name with just a few strokes of his pen. russia's leader made a diplomatic solution to the crisis more difficult than ever with they were using it as for those who seized power and care and holding on to it, we demand that they stop military operations immediately. otherwise, all responsibility for the possible continuation of bloodshed will be fully on their conscience. who claim it isn't. on the streets of rebel held done yet. a
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small group of people was seen celebrating the announcement ukraine's president called an emergency session of his security council and made a renewed plea for tough sanctions on moscow. not sure what made it well we expect clear and effective support from our partners or will now look closely to see who our true friends and partners are and who will continue to try and scare off the russian federation with mere words, little, or dorshek, a legacy or she school for the ukraine says it will not give up its territories and accuses russia of tearing up the minced road map to peace. o, as take you to ab ukraine than to where we joined d. w correspondent, nick connelly in case of wealth neck. and what have you been hearing from dan at scandal husk? well, different situation there is very tense, has been for the past few days, a real uptick and fighting. they're taking the locals back to the worst times in
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that dumbass conflict. in 2014, 2015, a 1000 people without water without power because of damage to critical infrastructure. soldiers being killed and civilians wounded lots of images. people in bomb shelters, hiding some. now thing about whether it's time to leave that frontline zone and move a bit further away from those front lines. but also the biggest fear that we will see russia not only sending its troops to the rebel held. there is the, the thing that began yesterday night, but also that we would see them crossing the front line at because those separatist areas claim basically the entirety of the done. yet gallow hunts regions, most of which are under government control and a key of control. and if they make good on that promise that we'll see, see huge, much fighting and lots of people civilians involved in what are very densely populated areas. ok, i stay with us. nik i'm going to take a closer look at those breakaway regions that russia now recognizes the independent
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state. and then we'll come back to reminders of war are everywhere in don yet, and new hunts. the 2 provinces lie an eastern ukraine on the border with russia. both declared independence after the revolution in 2014, which most in the region did not support separatists voted to join russia and have fought ukrainian forces for control ever since. around 4000000 people live in what's called the don bass region. it's known for heavy industry and coal mining and it's large, russian, and russian speaking population in the main city done yet. banners read, we are russian. moscow has handed out hundreds of thousands of russian passports. but life is tough. caught in the middle. many who can have left most pensioners are
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stuck. others fight ukraine estimates. there are about 35000 separatist troops and accuses moscow a filling up their ranks with russian soldiers in 2015. a ceasefire. signed in minsk, helped, and little scale fighting. but the conflict has dragged on, leaving more than 14000 people dead back to nic connolly. and jeff mc a tell us about more about how ukrainians, reacting to the satellite, just moved by russia. i think there was a huge shock at that speech by vladimir putin yesterday, which was basically an hour long tirade about historical injustices. he says the russia has suffered not only from the west since the collapse of the soviet union, but also prior to that, by the communists. he said, bessie lennon had created a ukraine in its present form that bessie, everything ukraine has in the way of industry in terms of resources was all down to russian and soviet investment in ukraine. the basically,
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if you claim wants to leave russia's fair of infants needs to give all that up. and basically you become at fully independent state or a much smaller part of its current territory. am crazy, really unexpected or little elements about talk about water prices for domestic households in ukraine, talking about various in factories. it has gone bankrupt. so kind of a story that the present russia feels the need to talk about these things a, on the prime time talking to russian citizens. and the main focus was his last sentence was basically a pretty open threat to ukraine. that he said that if basically ukraine doesn't get its troops out of, in government hold territory, or then any kind of escalation, violence could leave to a much bigger war. and that he said would be fully the responsibility of what he called the regime hearing key of right. and so the want another fear for the government must therefore be that's well will it just ends at dannetta, governor and landscape? is this going to lead to something wider across you crime? i think it's
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a very brave analyst to try will try and give you any kind of concrete answer on that seems like all the options on the table and particularly that extraordinary spectacle. we had, yesterday of putin with his top security officials and what looked like a kind of strict teacher giving his ministers a, talking to them all having to kind of give their lines and support this decision. looking all pretty nervous, fluffing their lines. it's one of the advisors, even by mistake talking about annexing these regions. rather recognizing was independence of all these options. seemingly still on the table, russia might include donates kalonski in its own church as it has done with russia . and they still talk of maybe attempts to try and link a russia proper with an ex crimea overland bridge to take more ukrainian, churchy, to be able to get crimea. it's very nervous time here. it doesn't seem like vladimir putin has to basically decide these things in discussion with anyone except his own conscience. this is a man who now believes this is about his historical mission, his place in history books, and as of see a very scary place for you. credit to be and now i for now an economy and if thank
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you so much that sir, think about the wida russian contacts. i'm with the w said russia affairs. i am mister constantine agates. he joins us from the lithuanian capital of vilios. welcome constantine. even by mister prudence, often surprising standards last night. 65 minutes. a speech was quite a thing. yes it was. i mean, nothing like that. in my 30 years of jones, the when nearly 60 years are like, it is incredible that are some of this nature are an hour explaining the whole history of the soviet union style thing are many, all to deny legitimacy to ukrainian say to them, to the ukraine and people and the staples is recognized by russia in 1997 by so called by show they got all the big treaty, they call it in russia,
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which also talked about the border recognition. and it was all the turn in and that's one part 2nd, because i think is really, really very serious about the grant. i would venture to say it is the number one priority life and the nick, commonly earliest that in his court, he started legacy for russia, and that means that he will not leave the crime low low. maybe he will read a little bit in the coming days because i think what he will not have expected. that is my suggestion being the end of this make mention, i do not think he expected a germany to freeze notes into the pipeline. this was probably something he would have very seriously before deciding on this chart in the don't bottle. ok, and i'm the other big question. the analysts are perhaps
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a little bit wary of answering. does it stop there? is he likely to extend beyond the net can lu, hands into, into taking ukraine itself? i think he wants to, that's, that's very clear. actually, i think putting go is to have a ukraine and completely subservient to russell whether it's part of russia and kind of governor of whether there is a client that detail. he definitely wants to bring in rushes for whether he'll be stopped by the current level of sanctions remains to be seen. but i think even if you are lance, for now, i venture to say that he will continue pressure your brain when you think the moment is right. the only problem is that we don't know which moment put you considered to be right. because up to yesterday speech, it's very clear. he's thinking you saw boss different from the thinking of what leaders. he spoke to incessantly over the last 2 months,
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but that's pretty much everything is possible, we're living in it. and in a very strange world, indeed, i wonder if mister purchase position inside russia completely secure. i'm sort of looking forward to the point when sanctions have been introduced in the countries, perhaps a suffering is he likely to face a backlash? i don't think there's going to be an immediate backlash, but i think that if you compare it to 2014 where there was a real nationwide celebration of the getting back the crimea and put his raving, stood at the time close to 85 percent and that was kind of a natural hoc in many ways to date, nothing like that happens if you saw the, the, the shops, the, the, the, the footage from the school landscape of celebration. this is ridiculous,
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like 5 people or the dog. i don't think that russia were taken in by that it doesn't mean there is a revolution blue brewing in russia. but this is something that really doesn't touch that much on the majority of russia live russia now concerned with covered 19 with better health care system. sorry, with their survival, live with their day to day lives, with salaries of jobs and stuff like that. i think that there's a different context on that. and if you add to that, the fact that mr. put has been the route, has been on the russian to be screened for 22 years. now, this does not bode well. i would say if not in the shop than in the mid term, i don't think it is in the cheap month that can be compared to anything before. and that i think means trouble in the future and probably not such a distant future for the whole of the systems. be great. ok,
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thank you for that konstantin data bu russia affairs. armless constantine agate. well, as we talk about what's going on in ukraine, many in the country are preparing to defend their homeland, to some ordinary fathers and mothers of the others, a veterans. we've already fought against separatists in the east and determined to resist any further invasion. d w 's honey for shaw reports not from your current capital q. even though it didn't fall is ah, the instructor is explaining to even how to pull the trigger. he is holding a gun for the 1st time. even wants to be prepared. he says, in case russia starts a full fledged invasion. we have a joy with border. i feel responsible for myself. for my family. i have to know how to defend them. i wanted to use extended day, according to recent opinion. polls about half of ukrainians want to stay and resists with or without arms. if a war breaks out with russia in light of
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a possible invasion by russia, these ukrainians want to let the world know they are not afraid and they want to be prepared. in case their own government is no longer able to provide for this safety after the violent crackdown of pro european protest in 2014 gun ranges started to mushroom good business with the owner here. but he would prefer it to be for another reason. just for the oil for say, the i hope his business will continue to bring in the profits with it, but only been shooting as a sport and not to prepare for war. we were looking until needs to be prepared to a military veteran. he expects to be recalled any time now to serve at the front line. no one wants to get back on war. on that sir, if you're mentally o normal person, i want to fight. sure. so my song will leaf in a free country. that's very important for me. it is
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a difficult time for both. anton and his wife, and she from us, every one has a choice, and this is his choice. what choice do i have actually to give my som leave under slavery or fractions? well, i'm not saying that they will enslaved him, but i understand that he will live in different country and i won't, if it will happen. so he knows that his father made everything everything. so that won't happen. russia has always said it does not plan to invade ukraine and their ukrainians, who still believe that a peaceful solution to this price is, can be found. what is weeks of uncertainty? squan more customers are learning how to shoot an arming themselves, even wants to buy a gun too. but like many klein's here, he hopes he will never have to use it. only when the security council has met in emergency session over the crisis,
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russia use the meeting to accuse ukraine of shedding residential areas in the east of the country. while the u. s. ambassador promised new sanctions against moscow, nato, and a growing number of world leaders have condemned russia's actions. president putin has now violated ukrainian sovereignty. he sent troops in. he's broken international law. we will immediately institute package of economic sanctions, which i think people would expect talk to not just entities in, in don't bass him against him and, and yet, but in russia itself, targeting russian economic interests as hard as we can handle, slammed, so to russia. shouldn't underestimate the result of the european union, the ship. vladimir putin crossed a line yesterday, and there will now be a coordinated response from the europeans together with the american south mitcham family cannon game. russia's clear attack on ukraine sovereignty and territorial
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integrity is unprovoked. it is an attack on ukraine status as a you and member state. it violates a basic principle of international law, and it defies our charter. what is more, this moved by president putin is clearly the basis for russia's attempt to create a pre tax for a further invasion of ukraine, dance and sharika. at present, all parties concerned must exercise restraint and avoid any action that may fuel tensions. we welcome and encourage every effort for a diplomatic solution here. surely. why don't you do it doesn't only, let's get an a you perspective on this crisis now with reinhardt to booty coffee. who's a member of the european parliament with the green party. he co ordinates the policies of foreign policy in the european parliament. welcome to d. w. mister boucher offer. as we speak lean as
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a discussing and discussing sanctions against moscow. what can we expect? well though, hi, representative for foreign policy and vice president of commission. joseph bowden has proposed tough sanctions. and the debates have shown pro and con, germany and a couple of other countries have strongly endorsed the line taken by bill then. but others, i, here, i've been trying to water it down. i do still hope that other countries will take an example from the decision that berlin has just taken to a halt. the certification of north stream to this had been controversial in our country for a long, long time. my party has always supposed no strain to now the government has taken
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a tough decision. and i hope that the other measures taken will be just as consequential because we have to not just sanction individuals. we have to sanction banks that are financing pollutants, aggression. we have to make sure that russian corruption and russian money laundering in the you will finally be dealt with in a stringent way. there are so many makers that should take it must reflect, are very, very strong conviction that asserts that this is that right the time is it gets to say that where does that, what you say that i'm intrigued by this, this part disagreements at within m a u rugs we were told before this happens that the a you had had a package of very hard hitting sanctions ready to go. so why is and now this
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bickering oh, you're asking me something that i don't know. and stopping me from saying something . i do know, so maybe you try with another question then. all right, how important is a very good of you? by the way, a set of just admit that you don't know. we thank you for that. how much of a dance will germany's halting of notes stream a b to russia? do you think you've said it is significant? how much of a difference will that may well, it signals that germany is now willing to effectively reduce our gas dependency on russia. and that's mom, a momentous change. also, it is also symbolic value because this pipeline had always been applauded as a last tool for an economic,
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a thriving economic relationship between germany and russia. and the fact that this now breaks down is clearly signaling that there has been a turning point. this will, that these days will be that they suffer see change in german, russian and european russian relations. and what else should germany do? should he shouldn't mainly act on with the rest of your ah,
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with ah, a beginning of the story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's about to perspective culture information. this is the w news and more. d. w. made from
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mines. i'm agreeing with you feel worried about the planet we to i'm neil, host of the on the grievance of cost. and to me it's clear we need to change the solutions or out the join me for a deep dive into the green transformation. for me to do with the people in trucks injured, one trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. order families. the reason for the credit on it is we load demonstrate people fleeing extreme ross getting 200 people from the agency around the world.
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more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. ask why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d, w, made for mines with this is did other news asia coming up to day 2 regional powers, 2 very different responses. how japan and india have reacted to the ukraine crisis . japan says it's open to sanctions while india called for restraint. what explains this difference? and responses plus both countries are also attending an indoor pacific meeting


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