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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CET

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for february 25th on d w ah, ah ah, this is dw news lie from birth in russia, orders its troops through enter separate provinces in east and ukraine, unmarked military vehicles are on the move. president vladimir putin is holding the deployment of peacekeeping mission after he recognized the landscape on yet as independent and a major escalation of the crisis. ukrainian president soleski addresses a nation on edge. he says ukraine worked, give up territory,
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and is seeking support. western countries have condemned russia and are expected to announce sanctions ah, and benfor sewland welcome. russian president vladimir putin has ordered troops to enter 2 separate us regions in east and ukraine. he's calling it a peacekeeping mission, after he recognised on yet scanned landscape as independent republics, ukraine's president says, his country won't give up any territory. and his calling for international support . the united states says putin's peacekeeping claim is nonsense, and won't of dire consequences for the world should rush, launch a full fledged invasion, unmarked military vehicles have already been seen in don yeske. bmw troops mobilize in the dead of night. early on monday columns of military vehicles
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was spotted approaching the outskirts of dawn yeske the capital of one of 2 separatist regions of eastern ukraine. while no insignia were visible, the vehicles appeared just hours after russian president vladimir putin ordered russian troops to deploy the right to the women. the move represents a significant escalation, but moscow is calling it a peacekeeping operation with the day when we only ours before. putin recognized the separatist regions as independent states. but this way it took us make it was a historic moment up and his name with just a few strokes of his pen. he rushes leda made a diplomatic solution to the crisis more difficult than ever midday when using it as for those have seized power in kev and holding on to it, we demand that they stop military operations immediately or otherwise all responsibility for the possible continuation of bloodshed will be fully on their conscience. people who claim that asian on the streets of rebel held done yet. a
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small group of people was seen celebrating the announcement ukraine's president called an emergency session of his security council and made a renewed plea for tough sanctions on moscow. not sure what made it, but we expect clear an effect to support from our partners or will now look closely to see who our true friends and partners are and who will continue to try and scare of the russian federation with mere words, little, or dorshek, legacy or she school for that. ukraine says it will not give up it's territories and accuses russia of tearing up the minced road map to peace. oh, he w, corresponded nicholas bailey, is in cave. what have you been hearing from the separatists regions in east and ukraine? what, what's going on in done yet, and no one's right now. well, oversee, you ever want to see those pictures spread by the
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a separatist held media of celebrations on the streets. although the question is about quite how big a deal that is, how many people i actually out celebrating that. but throughout is that the shooting continues on the front lines between separate to sell territory and ukrainian troops. those front lines that have been basically been stuck since 2015, although the shooting has continued all those years. that has not been much the way of movement. basically, carnival 19th, twenty's early, 20 century style trench warfare and basically the 2 side staring each other down. now these new, this news of russian forces moving in, even before russia's palmer had a chance to ratify at that recognition of those self proclaimed republics. that a blood with which you had signed yesterday basically going in within hours of that announcement. and basically, i think there's just a lot of shock here in ukraine. it flooded hooton's, extraordinary speech. yes, they full of grievances, historical grievance. russia, he said how me robbed by the communist regime, but also by the west. since the collapse soviet union,
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basically lots of open wounds and lots of accusations in all directions, in a sense that this is just the beginning, not the end of any process that russia at least had invited me putins mind still has lots of territory, owed it by its neighbors and lots of grievances to make good for that have happened the last few years. storyline seems clean from that speech. nick back to you in a moment. first, let's take a closer look at those break away regions in ukraine and russia. that have been recognized as independent. reminders of war are everywhere and done yet. and new hans. the 2 provinces lie an eastern ukraine, on the border with russia. both declared independence after the revolution in 2014, which most in the region did not support separatists voted to join russia and have fought ukrainian forces for control ever since. around 4000000 people live in what's called the don bass region. it's known for heavy industry and coal mining
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and it's large, russian, and russian speaking population in the main city done yet. banners read, we are russian. moscow has handed out hundreds of thousands of russian passports. but life is tough. caught in the middle. many who can have left most pensioners are stuck. others fight ukraine estimates. there are around $35000.00 separatist troops and accuses moscow a filling up their ranks with russian soldiers. in 2015, i cease fire signed, immense, helped, and full scale fighting but the conflict has dragged on, leaving more than 14000 people dead. yet, nick, tell us more about how ukrainians are reacting to these latest moves by russia.
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why think no one was really expecting this recognition from putin just as recently as yesterday, we heard from russian diplomats abroad saying that russia seized these regions as integral parts of ukraine and has no intention of trying to change their status. so that really all went very fast. if you remember just the weekend, there was talk of big summit between putin and biden as with macro as the kind of mediator. so sensitive, clumsy was now accelerating, but that seems to be in a false hopes. this really also seemed as if it had been kind of pre planned by the russians. that extraordinary meeting between putin in his defense and security agency chiefs, all very choreographed and very stiff, then putins, almost our long tirade about historical injustices. so it has already taken people by surprise quite how fast it's gone, because everyone thought the russia was trying to reintegrate those regions into ukraine's a break on ukraine's attempts to move westwards as a basic permanent kind of a lever for russia to influence ukrainian politics. having them within ukraine's
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politics, having those separatists in ukraine's parliament that seemed to be the russian go. but of the russians side of that wasn't realistic incited to make her kind of handbrake turn and do something very different. and what about the government? what's ukraine preparing for next? as a believe, russia will limit its deployment to the 2 separate us regions, or is it anticipating a broader escalation? won't the main question everyone's kind of scratching their heads about today is whether russia will recognize those separatist enclaves in their current de facto borders or in the full borders that they for themselves reclaim. they insist that they are entitled to the full territory of the lawns, continent, screens, which are now in terms of the area, at least under majority, ukrainian government control. the big cities are held by the separatist. but lots of the church, those reasons is the majority of it is under ukraine. government control has been since 2014. so whether russia will support those separatists in trying to take the rest of the loo, huntington, it's greta to which obviously would be a huge escalation was right now. basically,
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russia is just sending its troops under you russian uniforms to places that were already not under ukrainian. government control, but if they were to kind of see, you know, support those separatists in their ambitions to reclaim the regions in charge. that would be a significant opt tick in hostilities and something that would really definite d stable as ukraine. of course, even greater tensions with west economy for us and he had thank you. are rutter affairs analyst, constantine exit joins us from the lithuanian capital, billy, as constantine. what did you make of led me prudence addressed to the nation in which he declared pontiff is in ukraine to be independent. i think that this is an extraordinary speech, at least in my career as a journalist, i haven't heard anything like that nearly an hour. 56 minutes to be precise. grievance is actually denying ukrainian stay to approach was for seems to be no doubt that your grain is an artificial construct which can be dismember. that's
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the, that's the interest. that's the consequence of thinking, logical, consequence. and i suppose that what you've seen in the last 24 hours is just maybe the beginning of what put in plans for your grade. as nick collins, it is very important how these so called republics created this actually russia will be recognized which territory will be a scrap to them. i venture to suggest that it will be the whole sort of territory both regions of the hopkins and the ask a blessed with the majority of the territory still that ukrainian control this creat another pressure point on ukraine put in. and he actually hopes that in order to avoid further escalation, very soon, there will be western mediators that will rush to mediate between care and law school and essentially helpful. you know?
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so konstantin, again, listening to prudence, address what, what are these, what are his exact intentions? do you think you created? he's that a case of alex's off these, these regions. bit by bit until the west actually reacts. well, he is great that you mention this bit by the bid thing, because i think that this is what used to be called the cold war. this alarm is lighting tactic. when you jack up, increase the pressure step by step. and this is exactly what he's doing, and by that, he thinks he's getting concessions. and basically is pressuring grain without too much trouble. i suppose that he's a specific aim is to get more or ukrainian territory and the russian control whether it's artificial, whether it's will incorporation that that's, that decides boyd. georgia wants to essentially give to be subservient to moscow in
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which full it's not probably back important for now. but what is clear that you still sticks with the idea? is he delivered to the world last summer in his $5000.00 words article about ukraine, which he said that russia and ukraine, essentially the same people, and they have to be united. so he's striving for that. he's trying to prevent ukraine membership of nato. so that means parents that she didn't make even one step back from the demand. he, he, he, he relate to the world in december, in his so called demands, which many people call ultimate to the west, to nature and to america. because the thing i got thank you very much for the analysis. the united nations security council was held in emergency session over the crisis. russia use the meeting to accuse ukraine of shelling residential areas in easton, ukraine. the united states envoy promised it would bring you sanctions against
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moscow. a growing number of old ladies nato have condemned russia's actions. present person is now violated ukrainian sovereignty. he sent troops in. he's broken international law. he will immediately institute package of economic sanctions, which i think is people would expect talk to not just entities in, in don't bass him against them yet. but in russia itself, targeting russian economic interests as hard as we can. rush is clear attack on ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity is unprovoked. it is an attack on ukraine status as a you and member state. it violates a basic principle of international law, and it defies our charter. what is more, this move by president putin is clearly the basis for russia's attempt to create
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a pre tax for a further invasion of ukraine. dante sharika, at present, all parties concerned, must exercise restraint and avoid any action that may fuel tensions. we welcome and encourage every effort for a diplomatic solution here. 33, the way georgia dunwoody esther president. my government condemns russia's violation of the territory integrity and sovereignty of ukraine in the strongest possible terms with our allies and partners who would take firm and adequate measures in response to russia's reach of international law that will have serious economic, political, non geostrategic consequences. and will keep you up to date on just what action is taken. if action is taken, you're watching d. w. use a reminder of the top story. we're following foyer. russia has ordered troops into sanford as provinces in east and ukraine. president vladimir putin is holding the deployment a peacekeeping mission of the he recognized nuance. kent on yet as independent states. western nations have condemned the move as
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a breach of international law. this is data we can use life from berlin. you're up to date of next on dw business will hear from economic analyst clemens 1st on the financial cost of the russia ukraine crisis will be back with more news at the top of the ela, ah, they've had no peace for, for decades. people of iraq country is devastated and there's no end to violence. how did it come to this group this is revealed.


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