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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2022 5:30pm-5:46pm CET

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discover the world around you. subscribe to w documentary on youtube. with this is the w news, asia coming up to date why europe is interested in the indoor pacific. a forum and badass will bring together e u and in the pacific ministers tomorrow. but what is the in the pacific, and what are europe's plans in the region, frances ambassador, to the in the pacific explains and the bedroom until a big sign off with the lavish closing ceremony. after more than 2 weeks of competition, controversy and keeping covey at b. ah,
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i'm british energy, welcome to dw news, asia, glad you could join us. europe has always been involved with asia, and now it wants to be even more trade is the main area. it wants to do this in and improving technology. connectivity and security also form parts if it's offering to the region. these are set to be discussed at a forum to be held tomorrow in paris. it will bring together foreign ministers of e u. member states. and some 30 countries in the area known as the interpreter. vic, it encompasses the countries located around the indian and pacific oceans. back out for 3 fifths of the world's population, are central to global value chains and produce almost 60 percent of global g d p. that and chinese, a 3rd of this in the region, has sped up the adoptions of indifference of strategies, but not just the e u,
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but also the netherlands, germany and france. now ahead of the forum that begins and patterns, tomato dw sonya follicle. interviewed frances ambassador to the indifferent civic christoph panel. she began by asking him in front of into pacific strategy is more oriented towards security. and if that affects larger, you engagement in the region, it is not exactly true that the french strategy is very focused on defense. it's one important element, one essential element that there was deception. i think it is widespread perception because our ministry of forces was the 1st to publish their into pacific strategy that the whole into pets. if strategy addresses many other issues, which are as important for us as,
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as the defense and security angle, take the example of climate change. but for instance, or protection of biodiversity or protection of the oceans, health issues. but also we couldn't eat shoes, trade issues, connectivity issues. so our strategies clearly multi dimensional. we want to address all the challenges. security challenges are very serious and we not naive about them. but at the same time, we want also to be able to develop cooperation actions, concrete actions with countries of the region on other issues such as the one i mentioned earlier. it is very important to understand that this multi dimensional approach, which is also the approach of the you, is not precisely not the same as the one developed by other countries who focus more on security and sometimes focus to exclusively on security. there are other
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issues in the new pacific that we should address how united is go to when it comes to its strategy in, in the pacific. some countries are more engaged than others. but what is important in my view, and what the adoption of the in the pacific strategy for cooperation demonstrated was that the e u, as a whole, recognizes that the new pacific is important. and that we collectively have strong interests in that region. if you take, for instance, the protection of commercial ceilings, if you take trade, if you take again climate change by diversity, the protection of oceans and health, these are major issues, major interests for us. and what happens in the north pacific clearly has a strong influence on our future, our prosperity and security. so i think now there is a wide recognition among you members,
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and this is reflected in the strategy of the you, that the indo pacific is very important. and this is something new. when we started the discussion in brussels and that was at the end of 2020, nobody would have predicted that we would adopt the are you into pacific strategy in september of $21.00? we thought it would take more time because there was some conviction. some advocacy to be made. we needed to discuss together what was, what was good for us to, to have a vicious contents, but also to reflect the views of all members state. and he took less than a year, which is by you standard, this is quite a performance. what does that you can quickly offer people who live in the into pacific region where many things more stability through the promotion, by the you of multilateralism of the rule of law in the economy and
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trade high standards of science, foreign c you know, strong social and environmental standards, this would be beneficial to the people of every country in the new pacific. on the global issues, i mentioned earlier, climate change by diversity. you can support and really make a difference by sporting cooperation with the countries of origin. and this as a direct impact on the livelihood of the people there. because you know, they rely a lot on their environment. they rely a lot on the oceans for this living conditions, but also for their sources of income. there are many examples of what we want to achieve with countries of the regions, such as digital partnerships with japan, korea, and singapore. but also an initiative on connectivity between the you nash. china
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has not been invited in the pacific forum in paris. do you think any real engagement in the inter pacific is possible without china being at the table? we have a 3 way approach to china. we consider china as we partner with consider china as a competitor. and we consider china also as a systemic rival, which does not pursue the same vision of the international order. and i think old 27 member states are comfortable with that. and this is why we adopted the c u. china outlook in 2019 and the into a pacific strategy is perfectly aligned with these 2019 document and perfectly aligned with the china policy of the european union. the you into pacific forum is different because for us it was essential after the adoption of the strategy to
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discuss with the countries of the region of our bilateral corporation. it is all about partnership. and we, we feel that it was important after the adoption of the strategy to establish kind of dedicate to dialogue with the older countries of the pacific. we have one with china already. we need one with the others as well. australia husband invited to the in the pacific forum to the surprise of many last year can be canceled a major submarine deal with france and joined the new security lines with the u. s . and the u. k. at the time, there was a lot of outrage here in paris and it led to a real diplomatic crisis. can you give us a sense of where things stand white now between australia and phones? there are 2 different things there. again, one is the bilateral relationship between france and radio, which was badly damage by the circumstances of the orchestra, no cement. and the other thing ease that australia is
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a key player in the indoor pacific. everyone recognize that including of course, france, australia is a partner for the european union. we have corporations together. so as a key player and as a partner of the european union, it is natural that we should have invited australia. there is nothing special in it, but it does not mean that our bilateral relationship has improved. it is an invitation that was made by french minister and the high representative doesn't mean for us that the conditions are right now to restore the food trust that we had we. those traded before the orcas announcement, and i must tell you that progress has been a bit slow with australia on this. but of course we hoping that one day
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we are able to restore a normal relationship. but there was no reason not to invite them to the forum. there were a key actor in the, in the pacific christopher nor there frances and buster to the in the pacific. and other key actor in the, in the pacific is of course japan. in fact, the country was the key driver of the into pacific concept august being to japan's ambassador to the ear, to morrow for his country's views on how the region is evolving. ah, the pager went olympics came to an end on sunday with the colorful closing ceremony, and the symbolic, hemmed over to the winter games is next venue of the italian city of milan. in 2026, beijing organizers kept out the covert mountain pandemic from the games, but only by practically cutting off access to the general public. but that didn't seem to bother begging residence. ha, ha, ha was a lympics,
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we're great. we want to replace the matches. i think it was very exciting. give it to you. it was much better to watch than the olympic games in 2000 the date i had to go to the corner to her. oh, i think we've controlled the corona virus. well, because you see, when the foreign athletes came, some of them had to go through the quarantine if they tested positive. so i think we've been very strict and very thorough in pandemic control. fidel yeah, that embody in 2008 when he died and i would not yet married. we went to the birds nest stadium and watch to paralympics game. now our daughters could witness the winter olympics, so we're passing these down to the next generation. here. her evil one huh. and the delux jonathan crane has been reporting from the beijing olympics here. he gives us his take on covering more than 2 weeks of competitions and controversies. well, just over 2 weeks, of course,
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in competition and our faces when to pick have come to an end. they started with questions. i've been trying to human rights record on the question, how is tongue, why they've ended with a familiar topic that a rush. i don't think i'm a camilla saga. i will not just criticism over the values and integrity of competition. see would probably relieve attention away from some of the more issues that china will pick from now move on to like the less controversial crime, harrison. she is time. well, the role on the repression, millions of people suffering on the chinese rule. the weakest people in hong kong keep in tibet. well that continues. and that's it for today is of course, born. i website d, deborah dot com forward slash asia will leave you now with the images from the closing ceremony of the beijing rent olympics. one of the most controversial olympics to day and see tomorrow a bye. ah.
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3 d w's crime fighters are back to africa. most successful radio drama series continues, all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now. what makes the headline is and what's behind been d, w, news, africa. they show the issues shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to
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normally where on the street to give you enough reports on the inside of our cars fund that was on the ground and reporting from across the continent and all the trend stuff. the mazda u t. w is africa every friday on d. w with life is getting more expensive. all around the world, people are watching as prices get pumped up by forces beyond that control. and talking about inflation. right now, countries and even it's high, a continent for staying cost increase for every see to clothing, to fuel. going to the grocery store, food is way more expensive than it was even a year ago. so a lot of people are having trouble making and meet. in this video, we'll explore why 1st thing fios will do is pass the prices on to consumers will
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also look at what's being done to tackle inflation and whether those measures are working. or simply making things worse, it's policy right progressively this year, and inflation as a result of a spiraled out of control. welcome to prisoners beyond. let's begin in the united states where inflation is at a 40 year high. the survey by the us census bureau suggests, in the richest country in the world, people are struggling to be able to afford what they need. roughly a quarter of the people who make less than the poverty line has said yes and hungry and i don't have enough food because i can't afford it. and then people who are, you know, even above the poverty line, but kind of like lower middle class and even middle middle class. so people making up to $50000.00 a year. you know, at least 11.


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