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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2022 7:15am-7:31am CET

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program despite stumbling on her opening jump, she found her feet before being overwhelmed by emotion. the dope test is still being investigated. that's it. you're up to date eligible world news at the top of the hour, stephen beardsley will be here in just a moment. with your business update today. ah. interest. the global economy, our portfolio d w business beyond here the closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. if this is wes, get
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a step ahead with the w business beyond on you to say you want to know with love and banning thing that way. i'm not going to have to watch my own god and everyone with later holes and everything. just getting are you ready to meet the gentleman can join me, right. just do it on d. w with ah, president putin makes another push for nord stream to have to talk. so the ukraine with german chancellor off showed the russian president insist certifying the pipeline could sold. europe's energy problems are coming up with in the president of the world bank come by developing nations need to strengthen their financial systems. as they recover from the pandemic,
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a balance annual love letter to the movie world, the berlin allah is well underway. but here why germany cinemas are struggling to fill. see this is need of your business and what, what's in berlin? welcome to the program. russian president vladimir putin has used a meeting with german chancellor of schultz to again push for the approval of nord stream to you said the gas pipeline linking the 2 countries would cement europe's energy security. but germany is under pressure from allies to hold off on certifying the projects of affairs of a russian invasion of ukraine in a joint press conference. chancellor shots said any military confrontation would have far reaching consequences, but he stopped short, referring to nod stream to is what president putin had to say. if the youth group nisha with this is one of the largest infrastructure projects in europe, contended to significantly strengthen energy security on the continent and to
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contribute to the resolution of pan european economic and environmental problems. i say once more, this project is purely commercial, and they are no politics nor political overtones. here. milas here from clements feast from germany, is etha institute for economic research. he can explain why not stream to raise a major sticking point when it comes to the west agreeing possible sanctions against russia. there is the issue of strong dependency of the europe and in particular, germany from russian gas exports. nevertheless, these are sanctions that are on the table. one question is certainly why is there no commitment in particular, the german government to end the north trim to project in case, or even all gas purchases from russia, in case roughly invades ukraine. or that would be a maximum deterrence for this threat to be credible that would have to be a public commitment. the fact that we,
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there is no public commitment to using this makes this threat less credible clements 1st there. now the career of ice pandemic has been a catastrophe for many economies. 90 percent. a countries have seen economic activity shrink, and global poverty is increased for the 1st time in a generation to help fund their way through the pandemic. many nations have borrowed money now. you have a look here, you can see how sovereign debt increased sharply for high income countries over the past 2 years. but that was also the case for low income countries, and it's emerging economies that the world banks latest world development report says, facing particular financial risks as they try to recover from the pandemic. well, can now speak to the president of the world bank group. david mel past david mouth us. thank you very much for joining us on d to b business. just explain to us exactly the sort of situation that developing
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countries have now been left in by this pandemic. i happy to be with you. there are left after a deep recession with a lot of debt and that means debt for the governments themselves and for the private sectors. one of the challenges is, is that the debt is not very transparent. so it's hard to know the exact amount. there's a lot of hidden debt, and there's also a lot of attachments to the debt that that happens. come to light yet as far as collateral. that's required or contingent liabilities that the governments have taken on. so all of this makes it complicated. picture of that slows down the recovery and you said about hitting that, how he supposed to tackle a problem when you don't actually know the magnitude of there are several things. several steps that we can take. one is trying to record the debt that we do. so the world bank does a lot of that. then we've tried to get reconciliation with the creditors. so one
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thing you can do is match what the debtor says they owe with what the creditor says they think is owed to them and reconcile those differences on the bottom line for it is that you need a lot more transparency of what the contracts have a say in the contract and then, and then what the, what the covenants are, the clauses in the contract. so we're working on, on that, it's going slowly and it does really make a complicated, if there's a more of a slow down that has a, you know, if there's a, if there's a, another dip in the global economy, that's going to put strain on banks in the developing countries and i'm corporate, the private sectors in those companies, countries. and we should also talk about one of the major challenges facing the international community at the moment and not as the tension between russia and
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ukraine as president of the world bank quote. so you will consent surrounding that? well, grave concerns, i'm the immediate situation also i should take note that there's fragility in quite a few parts of the world. so these physical tensions are an obstacle to development. coming back to russia, ukraine. i do note today that there were some signs of reductions in tension. so i was happy to see that we continue our operations in you, ukraine. i. one other thing that i will note is just the challenges that russia faces from the world economy. it's, it's a economy has had lots of, of financial challenges in recent years and those continue. so this is not good for anyone and i will be glad if the tensions can be reduced. so i think that's
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something that presentation is bearing in mind that actually the economic costs to russia could be very high. i don't know if that's that, that's the way his thinking is going that he's, i'm sure focused on, on the media discussions that he's having. but the world needs to find that way to have faster growth and especially faster growth in weak systems like rushes like you frames. i can take the math, thank you very much for joining us on top of your business. and i'm going to be taking part in the munich security conference, and in a few days i will be keeping an eye on what you have to say that thanks again. right. i go through brussels on the way the munich. thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other global business stories making news around the world. u . s. chip maker intel says it is acquiring israeli firm tower semiconductor for $5400000000.00. the deal could help give the california based company in edge,
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and it's an industry last year until with the world's 2nd largest semiconductor manufacturer by sales volume, after se samsung, the european commission has set out a 6000000000 euro satellite communications plan and a bid to reduce the blocks dependence on foreign firms and protect key services and data. it comes amid growing concerns over russian and chinese space activities and competition from commercial players like ellen musk space x. the program will be launched next year. and speaking of space, virgin galactic is reopening ticket sales to the general public. on wednesday last year, the company fluids flamboyant, found a richard branson to the edge of space. virgin galactic is just one of the firms looking to blast tourists out of the earth atmosphere at $450000.00. a ticket its share price rocketed by over 30 percent on the news. as close to our financial correspondent on wall street, he and his quarter because he hands virgin galactic wasn't the only stock that took
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off today at why were traders feeling a little more optimistic on tuesday? yeah, we definitely had quite a reversal from the trading days prior. we had sort of 2 forces fighting against each other. on the one side, we had another set of red tod inflation. a data producer prices up by almost 10 percent in comparison to last year. so produce a pro price as being what companies that pay their suppliers for grey and for energy for packaging, for materials and the like that. then on the other side, we had this optimism that the tension between russia and ukraine are using and that eventually what traders focused on. we had the not accomplished it up by 2 and a half percent put ships up by more than $400.00 points. and then on the other side, we had those sky high oil prices, and they also east of a bit dropping by about 3 and a half percent. you in the tuesday session course are in new york. thanks for the
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update. now a global crisis, an industry on the brink, the wealth cinema industries have been at the center of their very own drama, over the past 2 years. having taken a major hit as a result of pandemic restrictions. can the silver screen find a happy ending? rolling out the red carpet for the stars of the silver screen as audiences begin to flock back to cinemas. and it's not just here at the berlin international film festival known as the berlin ana netflix. this as netflix is something more for a home that you do in the side and cinema is more of a social event. so it's alice event, such as if a minute i missed a lot and i'm glad i can go to the cinema again. now gotten the revenue from movie tickets. plummeted in the past couple of years now, long awaited blockbusters are returning to the big screen. and large cinema chains
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are particularly pleased. but art how cinemas such as berlin's delphi locks are having a hard time. they're trying to keep customers and find new ones with cheap subscriptions, and by spreading the word on line, despite government support, pandemic restrictions hit the industry hard then monday. so if you known to preserve the independent film industry, which you need for cultural diversity that we need follow also packages. and that's why we need a recovery fund for diversity in cinema program. so come fuel fight. it's a different story when it comes to production, which hit record number 6000 shooting days in the german capital alone, 300 more than before. the pandemic, the berlin ala is not just a chance to exhibit films, but it's where production partners come together and germany is a sought after partner, in part due to state funding. $1400.00 film production meetings a set up here at the festival. they're only online like last year, but they make
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a difference. rand, represented by us. it's not really surprised at worked out great. and we also had a lot of meetings there. it was so well that people have now already gone into production with their projects from last year, even though they only met on lion. yeah, of was, it is no unlike it often happens. some co productions even make it into the berlin on the competition. and many filmmakers hope into the cinema's. not all from us, by the in good shape. move the right perspective. to carrots, hell, enter moment is bad for your eyes. i thought can you do to improve your eyesight? a look at modern therapies and everyday me. oh, about healthy eyes in good shape. next on
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dw, their carefully selected and picked by hand, they're considered harbingers of spring. snow drops from ga, the wild flower trade in the caucasus is booming. the flowers bring in the millions for some of their sellers. but what does the business me for the local pickers and the environment close up? in 60 minutes on d. w. o. in dogs are more intelligent than most people think. with psychology professor john pillay has proved it. how you ask
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with scientific studies, of course, great. doing i tina good girl. all out of the secret of a friendship with dogs and us starts february 25th on d w. ah, ah, our eyes are often called the windows to the song. ah, when we feel connected to someone, we look deep into their eyes. they can supposedly also help us tell if someone is being honest with us. in this episode of in good shape. we'll explore the world of optic health and separate fact from fiction. and how about let.


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