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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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say what now, what makes a janice, who's just been the john love and banning thing away from them. but i'm not going to have to watch my own car and everyone with later holes in every way of getting you ready to make the german. and i me right, just do it on d, w. ah, ah, this is the w news live from berlin tonight at the un security council, a diplomatic slug fest over ukraine. russia accusing the us of stirring up the stereo over a potential russian invasion. washington calling moscow build up of troops.
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ukraine's doorstep dangerous and d, stabilizing also coming up tonight, shot and killed in the line of duty. 2 german police officers fatally shot during a traffic stop. 2 suspects have been arrested. and britons prime minister boris johnson, repeating his apology after a report on the legal walked down. parties accuses his government of failures of leadership. plus, waiting for america, they fled to the taliban. in afghanistan and ended up in albania, the u. s. is promised to take them in, but will that promise be kept? ah, i burned gov to our viewers watching on p b. s. in the united states into all of you around the world. it's good to have you with us on this monday we're gonna,
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at the united nations. the security council has met for the 1st time to address tensions over russia's latest military build up along its border with ukraine. russia accusing the u. s. of theatrics and fear mongering over what washington sees as the threat of an eminent invasion. the us calling the situation urgent and dangerous. and it's accused russia of destabilizing europe by massing more than a 100000 troops near its border with ukraine. here are the u. s. and russia ambassadors, speaking today at the you, when the threats of aggression on the border of ukraine. yes, on it's bordered is provocative. our recognition at the facts on the ground is not provocative. the threats of action, if rushes, security de vans art net is provocative or encouraging diplomacy is not provocative that provocations from russia not from us or other members of this council. william,
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the opposite of you assure us that russia's military action against ukraine is coming in just a few weeks time. if not a few days time. there is no proof whatsoever to support this serious accusation. however, it is not preventing people from whipping up hysteria to such an extent that an actual economic impact is already being felt by a ukrainian neighbors. i. we're gonna get more now from our correspond oliver salad . he's in washington. he has been monitoring this meeting of the un security council to day. it's going to see oliver, the us, we know called this meeting of the un security council has anything come out of the meeting so far? for brent we have certainly seen one of the sharpest clashes the security council has seen in years the russian ambassador and bens, via a saying the u. s. is whipping up his tyria and that it had brought quote unquote
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pure nazis to power. and there were some other bizarre hitler comparisons made there today. the u. s. ambassador thomas greenfield said russia wants to fabricate a pretext for an attack without any evidence at all. so it's really controversial debate at the un security council and a fight for the public opinion. either we have to remind our audience that ukraine is not a member of the security council, but it is taking part in this meeting to day. could this be a chance then for direct diplomacy between russia and ukraine and shore could be brand, but the tensions are so high that we're rather seeing sharp attacks than diplomacy at this point here in this stage at the un security council. but of course, on the other hand, all conflict parties are involved, they are sitting together there. and it's also the 1st time the un security council gets together on the question of a troop built up on russian to build up the ukranian border. but the plan of the
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united states really wants to put that topic on the world stage there at the u. n. and russia and china try to avoid exactly that at the beginning of the meeting, they wanted to continue behind closed doors. the majority of the participating participating countries then voted for a public meeting. but, you know, in spite of that, there are really no hopes that can be any formal action taken, or even a resolution. a resulting out of that. russia, as you know, has veto riots. so they're in a very strong position and they also have the support of china. but that's also the goal of the u. s. wants to use the security council simply to gain momentum for their diplomatic path forward. we. we know that the united states already has sanctions against russia employees, if there is any move against ukraine, what else is the u. s. consider and that's right. so there are sanctions in place. 1 since the annexation of crimea, and 2014,
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they're considered ineffective. the west is now threatening, and that of course, including the u. s. as well as the european union in canada and new level of sanctions that could reach from economic boy called to cutting off russian banks from the international financial grid to even some personal sanctions against vladimir putin that has been at blue in earlier years. so that would be really a new level of sanctions that have never been imposed against any country of. 2 course it could hurt the russian economy, but probably it would also heard of the world economy and all participants participating countries. d w 's over sell it with the latest tonight from washington. olivers always think you will, amid fears of an invasion, a growing number of ordinary ukrainian civilians. men and women are taking up arms . the city of car keith is ukraine's 2nd largess and it's not far from the russian border. some women there are vowing to use deadly force to defend their homes. they
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are learning how to use fire arms. they say they want to make it as difficult as possible for any russian troops who try to invade ukrainian women from all walks of life are training to shoot with the help of an instructor, the volunteers are learning how to operate machine guns on weekends. these women are willing to do whatever it takes in houston, with moore's, if our government hands out weapons, we will take them and defend our city. during the 1st days, we will use our weapons that we have already authorized on the board. it is lovely . look at his both. together they have a plan to help secure the lives of the most vulnerable you team would be with the move, mildred will be taken to relatively safe spot. maybe somewhere deeper into country or close to the border because we will monitor the situation we can decide will be,
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but it won't. but then for wants of us to buy, the volunteers, make it clear. as russia wants to invade their city, there will be active resistance. but 55 year old victoria body. sienna wants to also show her resistance in another way. since to start the tensions, the native russian speaker is trying to speak ukrainian video they. the city has to be protected. russia has a big appetite and dera taking what they want to a piece by piece. the should not happen well enough but to other we need to do something, not panic and fall to our knees. we do not want that. i need to put another one near the coaches. if russia does launch a cross border attack on the city of 1500000, the women here have vowed to stay and defend their home. a police here in germany
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have arrested 2 people in connection with the fatal shooting of 2 police officers. the shooting occurred when the officers stopped their car for a traffic check in the early hours of one day in south western germany. it was on this country road in the early morning darkness that this tragic incident unfolded . the 2 police officers age 24 and 29 survived just long enough to make an emergency call, but died soon after by the vine in their mouth from they were on overnight patrol in the area at about 4 20 am during a spot check on a vehicle on district road 22, both were fatally injured by shots either the shuttle to at the phillip. throughout the day, the police search continued in the air and on the ground plain clothes and uniformed officers examined the crime scene in rhineland. platinum and also locations in near bizarre land. the police announced they wanted to speak to a 38 year old man from tsar land, known to the authorities and the holder of
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a gun license. he and another man, aged 32, were later arrested in the town of salzburg federal interior minister, nancy phaser tweeted, regardless of the motive. this act is reminiscent of an execution and shows that the police risked their lives every day for our safety. the 24 year old who died was still a trainee at police college. among the questions, the investigation will now look at why the 2 young police officers decided to stop this particular vehicle and what led to them losing their lives in this shocking way. i want to go now to report about reagan. he is at the police headquarters in kaiser slauson where the suspects are being hurled barrett. it's good to see you. so who exactly is in custody? the 2 men were arrested a 38 year old man in a 32 year old man. and the older one is a deadly the main perpetrator. he shot at the 2 police officers early
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monday morning. those men were arrested more or less or only 40 kilometers from the crime scene in their home towns, the one men in his car, the other men in his fled and the older men also turned himself in via his attorney . so he did not resist the incarceration at the police, and it's not here. what role the other men, the young men has, is the only somebody who helped him or was he actually on the crime scene that is unclear. bozeman and not talking to police. so now the prosecution has to establish what really happened and what do we know if anything about the suspects care where the 838 year old man used to have to run a bakery he went bankrupt last year. but he is also dealing with meet with wild
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meat. and so it could be that he was caught in the act of torching to night and that the 2 young police officers who were then shot it surprised him by doing something illegal. and then he decided all of a sudden to kill them. but it is also possible that this is a plant attack or something else. also, this has to be established. now's the facts. what really happened is still unclear . the motives are very unclear. yeah, unclear motives. do we know our police looking for other suspects? now the police says that they concentrate on these 2 men, but they cannot exclude that. there were other people helping been all the people involved in this m a. so fight seems that they did not put much effort into actually fleeing or having a network of people helping them. so the main suspect is this 38 year old
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men, but we have to see of what the prosecution lieu. tell us tomorrow. all right, our reporter bent reagan with the latest to night on this police shooting burnt. thank you. artless. get a round of now of some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. north korea has confirmed that it has tested an intermediate range, ballistic missile capable of reaching u. s. territory of guar. it's flight was detected on sunday by neighboring south korea and japan. john gang released images of the launch and a picture from outer space, which it says was taken by a camera in the missiles warhead. at least 21. people have dined in brazil following heavy rains, landslides and flooding. in the state of south, paolo destroyed the homes of hundreds. the states governor has authorized emergency aid for the affected areas. brazil has been experiencing torrential rains and heavy flooding since december. a powerful storm that swept through parts of europe over
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the weekend has killed at least 5 people. fatalities reported in the u. k. denmark, germany, poland, and the czech republic. many areas bordering the baltic in north seas, reported flooding port. your gold governing socialist party has been celebrating after a bigger than expected victory in sundays elections. the result allow prime minister antonio costa to stay in power with an absolute majority in parliament. most polls had predicted a much smaller win for the 60s. staying with politics, british prime minister, boris johnson, says that he has accepted the findings of a report into parties. illegal parties held at number 10 downing street during the you case, covered lockdown back in 2020. he apologized for the reports findings which looked into more than a dozen gatherings. the report accused the prime minister's office of displaying a failure of leadership and judgment. and it called the behavior surrounding these
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parties. difficult to justify the prime minister. a crunch day for boris johnson leaving his headquarters in london's downing street to give a statement in parliament on what's become known as the party gates candle. firstly, i want to say, sorry, and i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right. and also sorry for the way that this matter has been handled and it's no use saying that this will, that was within the rules and is no you saying that people, we're working hard. i don't the opposition lead a kiss. darma was quick to pounce. the st. johnson repeatedly claim that locked down rules were followed. despite the parties in downing street, the house died. we now know that 12 cases have reached the threshold for criminal investigation,
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which i read mind. the house means that there is evidence of serious and flagrant breaches of lockdown a contract. johnson acknowledged the reports, findings of failures of leadership and judgment. mister speaker, i get it, and i will fix it. ah, and i won't listen to the people of this country. i know what the issue is. yes, if whether this government can be trusted to deliver. i say this is because yes, we can see if we can be trusted to deliver a separate and continuing police investigation means the full party gate report has not yet been published. the only question is, does anybody else have anything else?
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my way or a detail that they could yet release into the public domain, particularly the prime minister's former advisor, dominic cummings, who are, has gone public over the weekend, saying that he's trying to actually remove forrest johnson from office for the moment. that looks unlikely. johnson has survived countless scandals in the past. his many enemies are now eagerly awaiting the outcome of the police prob, or correspondent charlotte joseph pill. she has been reporting on the snail flores, she soon as his report from one the publication of this report had been billed as a medical break moment for the prime minister, a time off to which members of his own party would decide on his political future. now that report has now been war to down and lie to the fight that there is a police investigation or so on. going to see grey or port this as it's being cold, is not going to any details about any of the alleged gatherings in light of
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a request from the police not to do so. so isn't, doesn't carry the weight that it once is thought to have done full members of the prime minister's own posse. they'll have to decide whether it's enough for them to gather to hand in that last is recognizing that they don't have any confidence in the prime minister triggering this votes of no confidence the jury is out on them. i'm at the moment over whether or not that will be the case that were a number who stood up earlier today in parliament criticizing the prime minister as some have done before in public as well. namely to day to resume the former prime minister. she said, the report shows that number 10 was not observing the regulations it imposed on the public. not really, as the crux of this why that's been so much anger here, and i think some will decide that regardless of what say members of the prime, this is i am party do going forward the public has and has been making its own
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judgments on the prime minister was charl charles until the reporting from london. more than a 1000 african refugees are currently living in albania as they wait for the us to approve their asylum applications. and washington has promised them visas and permanent homes once the process has been completed. but after months of waiting in the eastern european country, many afghans in albania are now growing concerned that they might be stuck there. dw, corresponding funny for char reports tonight, another day of the andreotti coast of albany. i. d number 140 for alias nav and dish. the 29 year old flat from afghanistan after the taliban to control in august last year in the us is a journalist, a job risky to keep under the taliban? his thoughts here, revolver on his sister's left behind,
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forced to leave school. it's very hard to love to hear that your sister is asking for education and you don't have a power or a possibility for her to to to respond. hair. hideous is thankful to be safe. but his own future is also uncertain. a life of being in limbo, he says, there is no way to go back. no way to go for the 3rd are that you are stuck in one place for the last 5 months silly us and about 1500 under african refugees have been staying in this hotel complex in change in a tourist resort. they were told it's temporary until they are vetted for a u. s. visa, this rap, lack of the statue of liberty, had been erected at the hotel by albanians. the us, as a patron of stability. that's the image. many locals have. this has been here long
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before the hundreds of african refugees who arrived at this hotel. some of them have told me that the statue has begun to feel like a whole a promise, as they wait out, the vetting process. he us wants to keep busy. he turned the casino room of the hotel into a makeshift newsroom with honor exiled john o'neill. once they're gone, informed the world about afghanistan as the world's attention is shifting. it's very important to continue our work. it's our responsibility. it's our commitment to us a journalist, to that paper. he's the online editor in chief or the atlanta thrust newspaper. one of the most read daily enough county stone. the print no longer exists. the team here wants to keep it alive on line with colleagues stealing. cobble. the work distracts from their worries about their future. i don't know about my future at that. what will happen?
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because we don't know when we leave albania, some here want to stay anonymous, fearing repercussions for their families back home. all of them want to know when will they move on? albania, interior ministry says that's difficult to answer, but it seems the united states may no longer be their final destination. no hold on one. we will have meetings this month with the canadian government. they are interested in taking a lot of atkinson. but we are also prepared for them to stay in albania, elia, and all the honor african refugees, hope they will not be forgotten as time goes on, after all, albania was only supposed to be a transit country. lola pick up the story now with jessie hendrix and he's a senior director of public policy of the international rescue committee. mister hendrickson, it's good to have you on the program. so we just saw there, thousands of afghans world wide are still waiting to be evacuated to the united states. what is holding up the process?
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well, i think it's worth starting off by saying that afghanistan is posting the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. we've reported last month that the country is facing near universal poverty, and more than half of the people of afghanistan are facing internal displacement. so a crisis like this demands robust response from the u. s. government and the u. s. refugee admissions program is still adjusting to several years of, of atrophy and having to bounce back and rebuild that systems. and that takes time and i think that's, that's causing quite a bit of the delay here. given the us is last minute scramble to get out of afghanistan, which we all remember from last august. are these afghans in albania? are they? are they correct to be worried that they could perhaps be forgotten or simply
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yeah. just put into the past by the united states kind of out of sight out of mind . well, i think under the best of circumstances, it can take nearly 2 years for refugees across the world to be resettled. and that is not acceptable. considering the emergency circumstances that people are often leaving, i think it makes the case that the u. s. needs to have a robust refugee resettlement goals and a system that is able to rapidly respond to rising or escalating crises across the world. so it's not acceptable to have to wait very long and it is what i think makes people feel feel left behind, having to spend so long waiting. and then when we talk about the united states, the country that they all want to go to look at the economic reality of the united states. right now, you've got a lot of inflation, you've got
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a real estate market that price is most people out. rents are also at all time highs in many places. what do we know about the people who finally do make it to the united states? do they find that it's the country that they expected it to be? well, we know that the, across our country, people want to welcome refugees and that comes regardless of the region of the country or their political stripe. when that accusation from afghanistan begin, we saw an outpouring of support from more than 30 governors on a bipartisan basis. who said their states were open and ready to welcome refugees. the i r c has a presence in more than 20 cities across the u. s. where we help people find a job, find housing, and make sure that they know what,
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what sort of benefits that they can access and things like that as they get on their feet. and we have seen throughout this crisis, communities across the country, ready to welcome people ready to help people find housing, or help people with jobs. so, so where from where i sit, we see a lot of support across the country, jessie hendrix, in from the international rescue committee. mr. henderson, we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thanks for having me or to sports news. manchester, united football or mason greenwood has been arrested on suspicion of rape and of salt. the allegations were made against him on sunday when a woman briefly shared photographs and audio recordings on instagram. they allegedly show evidence of physical and sexual abuse perpetrated by the football and chester united have confirmed that 20 year old greenwood will not return to training or play for the club until further notice. and in transfer news from
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germany's bonus legal striker max cruise has completed a surprise move from high flying union. berlin to struggling wolf spurt cruiser had become a fan favorite at when young since returning in the summer of 2020, he played a crucial role in carrying the club up to 4th. in the bonus league, however, he completed a 5000000 urine move back to bolts burger sunday. the team that he played for during the 201516 season osburg, currently down at 14. in the buddhist legal you watching the w news. why? from berlin? after a short break, i'll be back to take you through the day stick around. we're going to have complete coverage of that un security council meeting over the crisis surrounding you create
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any molecules on has 28000000 different power classes. they are peers and rivals with one during goal to outsmart nature. for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind and more life starts february 16th on d, w. the stand off between russia and the west over ukraine arrived at the united nations. today the u. s. called an emergency meeting of the security council. the only objection came from moscow and b g. what we saw was a public diplomatic brawl. the u. s. accusing russia of acting like a bully,
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preparing to strike.


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