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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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nature, one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts for june 16th on d, w. with the w news live from bar lane, german, 3 police arrest, 2 suspects of the deadly double police shooting. i believe to have killed 2 police officers during a traffic stop in southwest and germany triggering a major manhunt. also on the program. britain's prime minister repeats his apology for holding lockdown parties in downing street parish johnson promises key reform
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after report accuses his government. a failure of leadership will bring the ladies from london, russia. i'm the united states face off in the you and security council over you cried washington is domonique that moscow justified truth build up the new crates border? moscow accuses the u. s. of stoking hysteria. ah, i'm fil gail a welcome to the program. we start with a rapidly developing story here in germany where police have arrested 2 people in connection with the fatal shooting of 2 police officers. it was shot when they stopped to car for a traffic check in the early hours of monday morning. mostly behind the killing is still unknown and it's not clear whether more suspects are still at lodge
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the w corresponded band, reagan is at the scene. welcome back to who is in custody by 2 men over arrested a 38 year old and a 32 year old. the 38 year old and he has s. might be the main perpetrator. police is telling us if he fired the weapon and that is not clear yet, the prosecution has now to establish the facts. but so far we don't know if the these 2 men actually speaking to the police or what is going on. a clear is that they were arrested only 40 kilometers from the crime scene. the one in his car and the other one in his fled. so their effort to flee was not very big. right. and then this morning, police were saying they didn't know how many people they were looking for and they didn't know who they were looking for. so this is all happened very quickly. yes,
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police police did that on purpose and so not to endanger or that the men had so to speak it. they knew from the very beginning who they were looking for because one of the men left his id card or some papers at the crime scene. this morning so they were knowing who to look for, but it is lucky if there are more men at large. so far these 2 are arrested, but police are saying it could be that there are more people involved. but the main perpetrators should be the 38 year old man. right. and what's being said about motive? yeah, that's also a little bit tricky. we know that the main suspect, the what used to have a bakery and was also trading with meet with bio meat and the police officer were killed this morning, said they found some meat in his trunk. so it, there might be
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a link. maybe it was a, an act of poaching and they were caught and then reacted by shooting the police officer. but it could also be a plant murder. that is also not clear. the prosecution has to find out what's really going on. okay, so as a tragic event with a successful a conclusion are all within one day and we and just reminders of how this all started this all started early this morning with a routine traffic stop. yeah, that's right. and the police officer, a male and female, a hold over this, this car. and then they found something suspicious and they were able to make a radio call to their colleagues at headquarters. and then they said they're shooting at us. that was the last call coming. so then the police know something was going very wrong. but at the time in the police, the enforcement arrived at the scene. one of the police officers was already dead
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and the other one died very quickly after there was no possibility to, to save them. it's a tragic event, but not very common in germany. you have to say it's a rare that policeman get killed and murdered on the scene. i thank you for that. a bentley, debbie corresponded, bent regret that of the u. k. where british prime minister barak johnson has accepted the findings of reports into part is held at number 10, downing street during the you case, a covey lockdown. in the 2020 report by a senior civil servant looked into more than a dozen gatherings. it accuses parts of 10 downing street of displaying a failure of leadership and judgment, and says the behavior surrounding the gatherings is difficult to justify. today in parliament, the prime minister apologized. firstly, i want to say, sorry, and i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right. and also sorry for the way
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that this matter has been handled and it's no use saying that this or that was within the rules. and you know, you saying that people are working hard this pandemic was hard for everyone. we asked people across the country to make the most extraordinary sacrifices not to meet loved ones, not to visit relatives before they died. and i understand the anger that people feel well as john d. w correspondent charlotte chelsea pill, who's in that westminster in central london. welcome. welcome, charlotte. so boris johnson, there are a foursome apology to parliament has that managed to quell the anger of members of his own party. who want him gone in the prime minister that is saying, i get it and i will fix it. outlining a series of measures that he wanted to impose, showing that he understood some of the issues at play here and was prepared to
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address them over the coming months. now the publication of this report had been billed as a may co break moment for the prime minister, a time off to which members of his own party would decide on his political future. now that report has now been watered down and lied to the fact that there is a police investigation also ongoing. the c gray report this as its being cool does not go into any detail about any of the alleged gatherings in light of a request from the police not to do so, so it doesn't carry the weight that it once is thought to have done. full members of the prime minister's own posse, they'll have to decide whether it's enough for them to gather to hand in that. let's is recognizing that they don't have any confidence in the prime minister, triggering this vote of no confidence the jury is out on them. i am at the moment over whether or not that will be the case that were a number who stood up earlier today in parliament criticizing the prime minister as
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some have done before in public as well. namely to day to resume the former prime minister. she said, the report shows that number 10 was not observing the regulations it imposed on the public. not really is the crux of this why that has been so much anger here. and i think some will decide that regardless of water members, if deployment is his own party, do you going forward? the public has and has been making its own judgments on the prime minister, on what have been, what have been the most dangerous or timing parts of this report for the prime minister. well the prime minister wasn't named past me, but what was talked about was i was see grey. that's that will 7 described as failures of leadership. she said it's clear that a number of these events should not have been allowed to take place. so it was, i said, well, she hasn't gone into details, that's still a lot more damaging than some, than some were expected. what it expecting. what is also clear from this is that
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a 12, it separates or allegations of gatherings are being investigated by the police. they have been found to reach the threshold for criminal investigation. that is extremely significant. a lot will be waiting very keenly for the publication that police report, but of course it could still take weeks or months before we find out if there is any criminal action resulting from these leg gatherings. i thank you for that child chelsea pill in london. a quick round up of some more stories making news around the world, starting in brazil where at least 21 people have died following a heavy rains, landslides and flooding. in the state of south, paolo destroyed the homes of hundreds of families. states governor has authorized emergency aid for affected areas brazil's, when experiencing torrential rain on heavy flooding since december. north korea has confirmed it is tested, an intermediate range ballistic missile capable of reaching the u. s. territory. guam, it's flight was detected on sunday by neighboring south korea on by japan. on young
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released images of the launch on the picture from space, which it says was taken by a camera inside that missiles warhead, powerful storm that swept through parts of europe over the weekend has killed at least 5 people. fatalities were reported in the u. k. denmark, germany, poland, and the czech republic. many areas bordering the baltic and north seas reported flooding. portables governing socialist parties been celebrating after a larger than expected victory and sundays elections resulted as prime minister until your cost to stay in power with an absolute majority in parliament. most polls had predicted a narrow window for the socialists. of you and security council has made for the 1st time to address tensions over brushes, military build up along the borders of ukraine. russia accused us of theatrics and fear mongering of washington sees as the threat of an imminent invasion. us call the situation urgent and dangerous and accuse russia of destabilizing europe.
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amassing more than a 100000 troops near its border with you cried. i made those fears of an invasion. a growing number of ordinary ukrainian citizens are taking up arms. a cock. it is the country, 2nd largest city, and not far from the russian border. some when they say they will use deadly force to defend their homes. ukrainian women from all walks of life are training to shoot . with the help of an instructor, the volunteers are learning how to operate machine guns on weekends. these women are willing to do whatever it takes is the most important. if our government hands out weapons, we will take them and defend our city. during the 1st days, we will use our weapons that we have already authorized on the border. you some of the luck of it is both. together they have a plan to help secure the lives of the most wonderful you team,
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we did it with the moodle journey will be taken to relatively safe spot. maybe somewhere deeper in the country or close to the border because we will monitor the situation and decide what people to walk with in front of us. but the volunteers make it clear. if russia wants to invade their city, there will be active resistance. but 55 year old victoria about a siena wants to also show her resistance in another way. since the start of the tensions, the native russian speaker is trying to speak ukrainian, british then the city has to be protected. russia has a big appetite and they are taking what they want to a piece by piece. the should not happen well in the book. but however, we need to do something, not panic and fall to our knees. we do not want that when you want me to hold a fresh does launch
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a cross border attack on the city of 1500000. the women here have vowed to stay and defend their home. well, today's meeting of the security council was called by the united states. asti w correspondent, to all of a solid in washington, won't be russ hopes to get out of it. the united states want to put the topic on the world stage and to raise more awareness for the ongoing conflict that's already all over the news, of course. but at the united nations security council, the goal is to raise pressure on russia. and it really is going to be a fight for the public opinion. we're going to see later today, although it's very unlikely that we're seeing any formal action resulting out of that meeting or even a resolution. russia has veto, right? so they're in a very comfortable in a very strong position. also, china has already announced support for russia, but the united states wanted to use the security council as a forum to press russia hard on the topic over a true build up of the ukrainian border. busy with the ultimate goal to gain
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momentum for the ongoing diplomatic effort on the sellers of manchester, united football and mason greenwood has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault. allegations were made against him on sunday when a woman briefly shared photographs and audio recordings on instagram, allegedly show evidence of physical and sexual abuse perpetrated by the footballer . manchester united have confirmed that to be 20 year old will not return to training or play for the club until further notice. and in transfer news from germany sponges leaguer strike a max cruiser has completed a surprise, moved from high flying owned by then to struggling vall, spoke cruiser had become a fan favorite at o'neill since returning in the summer of 2020 and played a crucial role in carrying bay club up to fall in the buddhist legal. however, he completed a 5000000 euro move back to both work on sunday. the team he played for during the 205016 season of burger, currently down at 14,
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in the buddhist legal take his reminder of our top story of this german police arrested. 2 suspects believed to have carried on so deadly police shooting officers. 2 officers were killed during a routine traffic stop near the city of kaiser slot. is dw news from berlin coming up in doug, fill out a profile that closest annual benefits, the great great red golf. we'll have more world news at the top of the have a good day. we're all set to go beyond the citizenship and we're all in. as we take on the we're all about the stories that matter to you.


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