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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 5:30pm-5:46pm CET

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a 20 minute different power. they are peers and rivals with one during goal to outsmart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. down the hedge. more life starts february 16th on d, w. i did other news asia coming after dave aging suffer the spike in gorge 19 cases ahead of the opening of the olympic games this friday. i thought of these are stepping up measures to cobb this bread, but will they be enough? and what does the fall out for ordinary citizens in beijing?
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and i look at time on 0 over the approach to the pandemic that is keeping families apart. is it time for taipei to look for another strategy? ah, i british manager, welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us. authorities in beijing are doubling down on their 0 corporate policy ahead of the opening of the olympic games on friday. several residential areas in the north. the city have been sealed off after 2 corvette cases were found. another 119 cases have also been detected in the last 4 days among athletes and stuff, arriving for the games. it brings to well over 200, the number of people destined positive of those who have arrived so far. beijing has set up a closed loop bubble system to prevent participants in the games from coming into contact with low people. get more of this from journalist morgan, crisper,
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who joins me now from beijing with more phobia and a 119 cases of covered in the last 4 days in the olympics. bubble. how confident are authorities? they'll be able to pull these olympics off safely. yeah, i mean, the numbers have already far exceeded the anticipations of the organizers, but of course i'm a chronus, a real game changer here am. but despite the relative high number of cases, m, at least the rhetoric of the state media, he is still quite confident they praised her epidemiological work, of the authorities within the olympic bible. of course, you might argue that this is a propaganda, but also with a more sobering em, critical view on things. you have to acknowledge that just from an epidemiological point of view, the safety bubble, the safety concept of the olympic games is really quite efficient. and strict as a matter of fact, as strict as a can be, every participant from athletes to journalists to volunteers. they have to undergo
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a nuclear test every day and they cannot mingle with the rest of the population. they are literally fences around the hotels in every venue and special am vehicles am, are transporting the participants from one venue to the other. and after the games are over, the directly have to either leave the country or have to undergo a 3 week em parenting. and what impact is, or this olympics bubble or having on bigion residence actually not as much as you might expect. i mean what i always see a sit there were more traffic jams because in the big streets are one lane is always reserved for the olympic vehicles. and then secondly, i know that because now it's extra already the trouble season of luna new year. many paging residents have already left the city and, and if they come back, there were some, were told to stay a little bit longer until the olympic games over. but that's about it. i mean,
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the residents are not able to buy tickets. so you could argue that the olympic games are basically out a little bit separate from the public. and what is the situation refer, covered, maintain in bridging? yeah, i mean today there were only 3 new cases were just said, but still am, at least in some districts other matters are quite strict, especially in front tie that's at the other end of town. and there are um, several compounds am totally sealed off. residents cannot leave, they have to undergo a daily testing, et cetera, here, where i am and charlie on district a life goes on a relatively as normal. but if you look behind me, here is one of the tense aware there's a mass testing station. and even today, it was pretty crowded so that a stephanie knows noticeable that a lot of residents are getting tested and, and that's part of the, an aggressive context tracing measures he of the authorities far beyond credit
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where he'd be doing. thank you so much for bringing us that update. the 0 covered approach has also been adopted both oddities in taiwan. there are strict rules on entry into the ireland with mandatory quarantine and testing. for some it has meant being away from family. for the longest times. elsa child spends most of her time alone with her new born because her husband is a pilot. he must quarantine for 5 days in a hotel and 9 days at home. every time he lands, despite being fully vaccinated, all household responsibilities fall on alice's showed us. it doesn't fancy, i'm practically a single mom because my husband is always absent without being so long. i'm always worried that if something urgent comes up, no one can give me a hand. it's also unfair to our son because he doesn't have a bonding with his father. michael, who is currently hotel, is just 20 minutes away from home,
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but he can only communicate with his family by phone. in the past year, he has almost always been either up in the air flying long hall flights or in isolation. he was absent from all his wife's pregnancy, checkups before the birth of their son. now his missing out on the growth of his new born. hi, jose yes is so go, i was confined for 190 days the past year. it's unbelievable that we've done nothing wrong with that. so we're, we're treated like prison middle school just because we've been out of the country . the government thinks where the dirtiest group and have to look us up simply mentally. i've been down in the dumps. it's all during the early days of the pandemic, taiwan was praised globally for his prompt decision to close bodice and imposed 14 day quarantines on all arrivals. that has kept cases down to less than $20000.00 and does below full figure so far. but a south route island may be a victim of his early success as the wo, reopens taiwan struggles to exit to sero cove as strategy. despite the 2 dos,
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vaccination rate, reaching 74 percent south express, se people in taiwan have had a 0 covert mentality for too long. that's a low tolerance in any outbreak. and with local election, assuming at the end of this year, the government is seen to have the incentive to open up as a public opinion continues to highlight a danger of the fires with the 0 cove it mindset every case is treated to like a grave threat to public health and that he sees carries a stigma. i was a chance that people with travel history, especially air crews, are labeled as potential infection control. breaches. cleaning, says eagles, 0 cove. it is a dream to achieve that. we have sacrificed a lot, including the well being of us air crews. how may i help the government will relax the rule soon until your full guy set, for she might have to wait longer. the 30 year into the pandemic. that still no sign of border reopening or relaxation of cove. it rears and joining me now for
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more is professor ruby clung at the school of medicine at the national university at the national taiwan university. my apologies, she drives me now from a single professor clang, you have said in the past that type on should look towards exiting. it's 0 corporate approach. why do you say that? it's all about what their strategy could be sustainable. and we see that condemning has stretched more beyond 2 years where in the 30 years now. so you know, any stringent measures, probably, you know, people got exhausted. so you have to seek a balance for sustainable strategy to control the pandemic versus to ensure normal activities normal life could be. so stay in the society, but isn't that a case professor trying to be made for a joke over the approach? i mean it's, it's a start of the fan demick, for instance,
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the u. s. has registered more than 880000 debts while in china it's less than 5000 people. and in taiwan, less than $900.00 people have died. yes, exactly. so if we look at the mortality, it is indeed that helen has done, you know, amazingly well in this regards. but for the recent outbreak that from the only con variant, we see that, you know, the vars has reached through the airport, which is the 1st line of defense. so imagining that you know, for the de, from lying at the airport at the border, they have experienced this exhaustion after 2 and a half years of us, stringent border control. so you have to think, you know, how can the entire society to move forward to seek, you know, the balance of between this tight stringent measures while keeping our
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health care facilities afloat, not overburden and still keep the mortality rate low. exactly. so professor font, does that explain why other countries like singapore new zealand, for instance, who had followed the 0 covert approach for quite some time, have not abandoned it in favor of increased lex emissions? exactly, i think it's all about timing. now the vaccination coverage rate in the population in saint or new zealand, and even in taiwan for the 2 doses have reached to up to 80 percent, even 90 percent. and we're in the 3rd booster dose already. and the other timing for we have medication for, for, to treat cobit and then for on the con, the very end to transmit ability is so fast. so you would imagine that, you know, for any a meticulous contact tracing would be effortless. what would the ephra would be a fool child? so oh, we really need to seek
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a how to move on to actually seek to balance, you know, people and on the tray. sions won't be exhausted, and you can still have the health care system and functional and people's can still live normal social life. do you see the thunder thinking, the kinder for exit strategy as it were, are being discussed in taiwan at least? yes, i think so, because you can tell it's all about mentality. huh. we are in a chinese new year, lou, the new year, a period. so people realized that to have a tight control not be able to gather was friends. family is too much to bear. so on for the border control, you have family overseas, not being able to enter the border. to rejoinder, family again, it's too much to bear. so i think, you know, people are changing the mentality and the does. the policy is getting adjusted
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gradually because i think the government is still pretty cautious about getting the health care institution being overloaded. right. really remember that? i mean, but thank you so much for joining us today. professor ruby horn from the national taiwan university. thank you for having me and that's it for today is of course a more on our website, d, w dot com, forward slash asia em as ever you can follow us on facebook and twitter. we leave you with the images of preparations for lunar new year. the region starting in that cambodia, tuesday rings in the yard of the tie. gov with you here tomorrow for bye. ah
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get the app. now you put soccer is a sort of many colors and the children in this mountain village to know the mob chima where's blue? the color of her favorite. tain, but sex is traditions. prevent her from going to games and play surmountable obstacle. blue girls football on the p starts february 4th on d, w. ah ah, there is some growth the economy in the 19 nation. your area expanded less than expected in the past quarter. growth stood. it is 0.3 percent of expert analysis on the figures also coming up. the current of ours pandemic has been
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a hefty blow tear line travel. and despite the army, kron varian, things are starting to look up for the industry will pay a visit to air buses, main production site in to lose france, and will tell you why a used car and tra, lanka could cost you as much as a house. i'm chris cobra. welcome to the program supply bottlenecks and the army kron waive continue to take a hit on the european economy. now the gross domestic product for the eurozone grew by a disappointing 0.3 percent in the 4th quarter of 2021. that's according to figures out just now for the whole past year. the arizona seen economic growth of 5.2 percent making up just parts of the initial pandemic related dip from the previous year. more of a recovery is not expected until later this year of a war let's bring.


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