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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 11:15am-11:30am CET

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for you in the africa cup of nations, senegal have made it into the semi finals. they beat equitorial guinea $31.00 and will face per kina also in the final for on wednesday earlier egypt got past morocco and extra time and will play hosts, cameroon and thursdays. other semi final let's get a quick reminder of our top story. police in southwestern germany are searching for a suspect after 2 police officers were killed near the city of kaiser latin. the 2 officers aged 24 and 29 had stopped a vehicle when shots were fired and the suspect fled the seat, have more details for you on that story at the top, the, our coming up next. the pandemic continues to dampen global growth, including the european economy. chris kolber will have dw business for you, stated one
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of mankind's oldest ambition could be within reach. ah, what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world or in a race against time? the dna molecules though, has 28000000 different our glasses. they are peers and rivals with one daring gold to outsmart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts for june 16th on d, w. ah, there is some growth, the economy and the 19 nation. your area expanded less than expected in the past
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quarter. growth stood at the 0.3 percent of expert analysis on the figures also coming up. the current of ours pandemic has been a have to blow tear line travel. and despite the army, kron marian sings, are starting to look up for the industry, will pay a visit to airbus his main production site in to lose france, and will tell you why a used car and tra, lanka could cost you as much as a house. i'm chris cobra. welcome to the program supply bottlenecks and the arm across wave continue to take a hit on the european economy. now the gross domestic product for the eurozone grew by a disappointing 0.3 percent of the 4th quarter of 2021. that's according to figures out just now for the whole past year. the arizona seen economic growth of 5.2 percent making up just parts of the initial pandemic related dip from the previous
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year. more of a recovery is not expected until later this year. of a more let's bring in neil wilson. achieve market analyst at markets dot com. welcome to the program, neil. so 0.3 percent growth in the 4th quarter for the arizona. what are we to make of that you know, i think it reflects really the, the 2 key problems that the european economists and facing, which is firstly that omicron wave. and also a bit of delta that we saw in the back end of the year. but the shop times basically locked irons across here in the backend of the year. obviously wade not just on economic activity, but also on sentiment as well. but the, the supply chain both remain. the biggest problem i think at the moment, shortage is affecting car come manufacturers. in particular, we've seen
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a big drop in car automotive by european carmakers. last year they production st directed low with, with the chip shortage being a key problem. and i think also we need need to look at inflation and the sort of the effect inflation is having on economic growth. and if you look over the us, inflation is nice seen as the biggest headwind to growth, and i think we are, we are getting to that point today in europe and there's some key german inflation figures out today that we're, that we're paying close attention to. and of course it's topic that these to be able to discussing later this week on thursday at the meeting of the governing council. neil, let me ask you. we've had the german growth figures on, on friday. the german economy contract is 0.7 percent in the 4th quarter. how much of a drag has this been versus the 0.7 percent? the french economy group?
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yeah, i mean, it says the case of the german economy is obviously the been the big power house of europe for a while since since the beginning. so clearly the german economy is bigger than than anyone else. and therefore, as a dry, it does have an effect on the overall and bigger the most. so the dragon in germany probably reflects a automotive being being done quite sides of the last year. that is a big problem for, for the years and economy. i think that the numbers in front of our encouraging but of course we're dealing with a, you know, a panoramic that hit the years an economy. we're dealing with base effects all the time here and it's hard to get a handle where exactly we are. i think the keys where things are going to be heading to here and on that front, i think overall it's quite positive, but inflation is going to be the big headwind to, to growth in europe just as is in the u. k. and, and in america. as we are still in the pen demik,
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how much of an issue will the pandemic be economically in the next couple of months? so i think, i think we're exiting the pandemic. i think we're renting a phase and i where, where most countries are beginning to live with it. obviously europe's been a bit slow on that front for various reasons. just on a slightly different timing cycle, i think versus say the us and u. k. political decisions have been slightly different, but by large we're exiting the pandemic. we believe this year. and we should be back to sort of 2019 type levels of of moving activity. and so inside, i think the damage is less of a threat this year, then ongoing supply chain problems, ongoing chip shortages and ongoing inflation worries. right. wilson chief market analyst at market dot com. thank you for your thoughts like it my european producers are depend on materials from other parts of the world continue to deal
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with disruptions and their supply chains. one german company has decided to reach into its pockets to stay on top of the problem in the town of goods bug german ladder stool and scaffold maker monk is trying to stay one step ahead of the global supply chain shortage. it has invested 10000000 euros into a brand new warehouse, which it plans to use to stockpile raw materials and components that have been difficult to source because of the pandemic. a shortage of magnesium from china interrupted the manufacturers ability to make aluminum rubber feet were in short reserve to. 0 the se, mother, the 40 years i have never experience such a shortage of materials. it has prevented us from making deliveries for months. and this has been going on for over a year. there's hardly had mine in for again, so nice tele analysts predict that supply was in the country are responsible for
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the 0.5 to one percent decline in economic growth. last quarter. a severe shortage of semi conductors has also impacted europe. the largest economy, star city of the chips has prompted germany to reconsider how it sources, parts used in computer systems of cars and construction machinery. it has pledged billions of euros to produce the pieces in europe. but since the effects won't be immediate, it's changing how manufacturers, like monk, or conducting business muted on blanks will stay in the long term. and i suspect that companies will have to find a new balance between speed and cost efficiency and their supply chains on the one hand and crisis resilience. on the other, one of the nuns i to about him all he's infested, kind of rethinking logistics will become key to reaching their profit goals.
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and now to some of the other global business stories making headlines around the world german karma, her diner is changing its name to mercedes benz group. for name change concludes a restructuring process that has seen the don look truck business split from the auto group. mercedes benz is one of the best known brands on the planet valued at around 50000000000 euros. india expects its economic growth to slow down to around 8 percent this fiscal year. that's down from over 9 percent. projected in the current year, asia 3rd largest economy behind china and japan fights a spike and co reminding cases and rising inflationary pressure. your pin airplane, make. her air bus could be hit by strikes should a 7th and according to the german metal workers union, final round of negotiations failed to produce results to day. air bas wants to combine the assembly a fuselage is answer constructors in
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a new subsidiary affecting some 13000 employees. the move is to boost profitability . something the whole industry is looking for him at the blow. the pandemic has been serving to airline travel and air buses. main site in to lose france. workers are slowly exiting the crisis mode. ah, final assembly of an e $350.00 and to lose wings and other parts come here from various airbus plant in europe. individual parts and raw materials from around the world. the corona virus disturbed this coordinated effort. the impact as soon as people stop traveling is that it cascades through airlines, through manufacturers, through the whole supply chain. to protect it, supply chains, air bus reduced production here from 60 airliners a month to only 40, just as production was about to ramp up again. the omicron variant it. unfortunately, it's not over. as we can see with the emergence of the latest variance,
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we have started a steady path to recovery. but that recovery has several rocks in the road on the way, and it will be some years before we see the industry recovered completely. it will be sometime between 20232025. and you can, the phone with this is where customers can choose how to equip their jets. airbus says that airlines have postponed orders, but not canceled them. they have orders for 6500 aircraft, but experts still see a sky full of uncertainty yet. thank on. would you? they could 5 years ago, we thought the air traffic would double every 15 years of you know, that's why they order the airplane small today. with the demick and it's probably going to take a little longer to room a so a develop it. these are screws needed in an airbus g. the aerospace is one of the many suppliers and the to loose region. the company laid off 3 of its 40 employees
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during the crisis. now it is operating at 86 percent capacity, as the bonds proudly shows us little man to solid. the orders are there of you. we have to build the planes though bound to find a vaccine for each new virus variant. and life goes on on the then says demand shows the same assembly hall that he's having built assigned that he believes in the future of his company and his industry. but the corolla viruses casting its shadow here to do to the pandemic. half of the investment is being covered by the french government. it is sir, sri lankan now and 2 years ago, the ailing country barred a range of non essential imports to save dollars to buy food medicine and fuel. now this ban has kept a factory fresh automobiles of the road, forcing desperate buyers to pay the world's highest prices for all and no thrills. compacts answer dance. this used car dealership in the capital, colombo doesn't need to give incentives of put commercials on
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t v. a 5 year old toyota land cruiser, for example, costs and i watering $312000.00 enough to buy a luxury apartments in the nearby city center. but even at these prices, this cardella still finds by us over the long carry it got them. i want to schedule a people a car in the home as symbols of success after their marriage, feeling that is why people are willing to buy, even at these high prices. it's hard for her in b, like they had good sal colorado the mer to one of our a lot it in better in, in an employee ban on new cas has also left pots and shop supply. meaning drivers are at risk of being stranded after break down mechanics, a thriving as car owners look to maintain their vehicles, most drivers are unable to afford the astronomical costs of a different car. we don't have any domestic production away goods in st locker.
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majority of the main border, mainly funding via followed by japan. so ha, behaviorally, sri lankan, have a law babb b ever. he cuts any t c nest at the, alas, it, it's a consumption and production as people indic. any safety cause are regarded as a necessity because these motorized rick shots are not rolling down the streets like they used to. the number of texas has fallen shop leap drive up. they're selling that caps to cash in on the dizzying prices. and those still working have doubled their face all more and that's i shall for now for more check out our website at. oh, i do the news made in vienna and jenny's in these it's for you to the perfect world.
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