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tv   Doc Film - Megacity Mumbai - From slums to skyscrapers  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 10:15am-11:00am CET

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that puts in him ahead of nova jock of ich and roger federer as the so grand slam record holder in men's tennis. and moving on to the africa cup of nations where senate all of made it into the semi finals. they beat material, give me 31 will facebook in a fossil in the final final for on wednesday earlier egypt got past morocco after extra time and will play host come root in 1st days, other semi final and his reminder of the top story we're following for you police in southwest and germany are searching for a suspect of the 2 police officers were killed near the city of kansas. lawton, the 2 officers aged 24 and 29, had stopped the vehicle. when shots were fired, the suspect fled this. that's it. from me and the news team for now seems almost done though that update for you at the top of the out we're all set to go beyond the obvious citizenship when men were all in. as we
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take on the way, we're all about the stories that matter to whatever it takes. policemen following w fire made for mines. ah, mom by on the west coast of india, ones called bombay. this mega city has become india's economic power house. the city's population is exploding in 1951 mon bye, had a population of just 3000000 to day. that number has skyrocketed to 20000000, and it is only increasing. and as space grows scarce,
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hundreds of high rise as are being built mostly luxury apartments for the super rich. but making room for these new buildings means tearing down hundreds of hector of moon by slumped. bar i do bar is a contractor. so if it's such a beautiful mule, you still have a lot of lens slumped left to be good. mom, bye is a city both hungry for success and struggling for survival. for many, this mega city is the embodiment of the indian dream. ah, moon, by india's economic and financial center. over 20000000 people live here. traffic dams sometimes stretching 4 kilometers, spring city light to a standstill. millions commute by train every day. however,
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the city's railway system only has 4 lines. during the rush hour stations become very crowded with the platforms are filled well beyond capacity mostly with mail, passengers. as the train every morning vin, it, a young accountant spends 90 minutes commuting is here in a minute. i you need to elbow your way through just to get on the train. with
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empty seats are hard to come by. it's very exhausting. every day you have to find a way through the crown because sometimes you can't even get to the toes. sama pushing in others and pushing their way out. sometimes i have to like 2 or 3 trainings go by for the fans are not powerful enough. it's almost 45 degrees inside. but despite the crowding, these insurance clerks, lawyers and bankers are in a good mood. a we're enjoying every day. it's not that difficult. we're enjoying our journey. i gotta, it's really warm this morning,
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but that's pretty normal for us. doesn't look like a home. but just because this commute is normal or routine does not mean it is always say accidents often occur when passengers try to cling to the carriages or are pushed out of them. with this woman could have died. fortunately, another passenger was able to reach her a vin, it arrives at his destination. when you get to work, it is very exhausted. i need half an hour's rest. when i get back
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with every year around 6000 people lose their lives on the tracks and will by some years of very miraculously survived in the ninety's, he lost both legs. a tragic accident who let us know who's already the stations entrance was full. you so i crossed over the tracks and slipped. fortunately, i was not lying with my upper body on the rails, and suddenly a train came and ran over my legs. and now free follow there. some people took me to the nearest hospital for done so they stopped my blading pretty quickly and saved my life. they were false and my life was saved. ah some years of ferry has been campaigning for safer train travel ever since
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i did these trains of carrying 3 or 4 times as many passengers as the legal limited. so i am burst off. i'm demanding that old trains have doors that remain closed during the journey doors declared to glossy and other a 2nd leaf. and i'm fighting for free medical care in case of accidents is paid by the government. or did ben say, of course, from got away, the city is building 3 more lines to improve commuting conditions. but there are even more challenges ahead for this megacity dorothy is a slum right in the heart of man by it is considered the largest slum and asia for nearly 1000000 people live here on to square kilometers.
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the power grid is weak. water is only available for 2 hours a day, and there is no sewage system. she poverty is everywhere, but darby's low goals have adapt to these conditions, developing their own infrastructure. ah, these workers use the limited space. they have to disassemble cars and tiny workshops, or tailor clothes going just a little farther. mahash is 27 and grew up in de robbie. this morning he receives valuable goods, plastic canisters. well it was,
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i wasn't able to join. mahash makes his living from the waste plastic of the megacity, which ada is or mom buy used to be really filthy what, but it's, i was cabbage in plastic waste all over the place where i'm going go now we're cleaning it up. i gotta get a, we collect the bottles that are thrown everywhere and we recycle them. got it. his recycling business has 25 employees for 200 rupees a day, the equivalent of just under 2 euros. they sort the plastic waste by color and type white for the white plastic bottles. for example, we get up to 20 rupees per keela. but with that we pay the wages and bills. i can even put
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a little of it aside with how much i like to have like once its all sorted worker, shred the plastic by hand for the equivalent of 5 euros a day. they do not wear protective clothing. the end result is a granular that is delivered to wholesalers for further processing. oh yeah. why you guys done yard becky, or is anything left to him? there are thousands of recycling plants and da ravi, most of the cities, plastic waste gets sorted in the slum. now you've got the body to ravi, is actually quite big. lots of people live here and run businesses. they raise that kids and take care of their families. it's difficult for businesses to pay taxes. still people manage to get by my hash earns the equivalent of 500 euros a month. that's pretty average and mom buy,
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but it's around 10 times as much as in the rest of india. he lives with his parents and this 5 square meter home by now you tough living conditions, but it's fine for mahash. i did it at the hydro building. we have really changed this neighborhood for the better. we used to have wooden walls here . now we have real breaks. no, no, like we took out loans to build this house. we have water, electricity. finally with everything we need to go to put her lou mahash and his family own this entire building. they go up to the 2nd floor with a ladder and a rope. ah, ah, ah, you may have some nice flow is also a part of my building. i rent it out and as long as people walk, they live here and pay us rent, you know, is it workers also rent the 2nd floor?
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mm hm. there's a sewing shop on the top floor. his rentals bring in the equivalent of $200.00 euros a month. the robbie small scale businesses generate the equivalent of more than $800000000.00 euros per year. a robbie 1st garnered international attention as the setting of the film, slum dog millionaire. it tells the story of a young man who becomes rich after appearing on a game show ship. the film success turned the slum into a bit of a tourist attraction. for many travelers. it's a unique opportunity to pick up some locally made products like in this leather
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boutique. the bags on offer here carry the de robbie brand name with the one that says 2000 to one with. yeah. okay. okay. okay. this tourist is from china. we're here. there's not a normal commercial area cannot replace their smiley. i'm surprised by the fucking ability of human being to rely on being on, you know, around a hush environment. 835082500 mississippi was zoned out via accepted god dollar udall every diebold with emron is proud to sell his neighborhoods brand. well, the way i saw the film, but there's some different type of so it's like a small scale in the state. people are not doing live here. people are doing
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struggling young is looking for the census. the odds are by sam like that. and we thought was if you feel better and also that i'll be back in the future. these are double blind michael ball, jim mitchell, double down in total m ron employees, 40 people to tan and die the leather with ah, is everything okay with him? ron's father was started the family business when he came to mom, buy in the 19 seventy's hoping for a better life. on the board. ma'am, i worked very hard. that's just the way it was. my hands hurt a lot. i couldn't sleep at night. mobile
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i was very poor dogs, i ever saw viola. i came from a village and only had a 100 rupees with me. but with hard work i achieved all this drama idea. oh, the family moved to the top floor of this modern, high rise building and 2016 right in the middle of the slum the price, the equivalent of 300000 euros for 70 square meters and a good view of my show battle for my father and my mother
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and we have one small, one bedroom for me here. i sure can see the declaration. i do. ready. honestly, i'm very hard working on it. for me, this whole emron and his family are among mom, buys privilege. few. they have running water. have a wonderful laura? yes. well this is a dream come true. death marlin company. the young entrepreneur is proud of belonging to the small circle of mom buys elite warsaw. the celebrities are for 0100 is shown. are living in dall floored. mostly because there's lots of money, so it is a sign off. so 1st we bought a life to live 2 and 3. what does that do when everybody to live?
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you know, so the whole, the full in one by the higher up you live, the richer you are down below, the city is choking on air pollution. the noise is incessant. but for those living above the city, there is only silence. when you can afford a penthouse high, a top, a skyscraper, you get peace and quiet. ah, good morning. that's good for london. babylon pharma is a building contractor. he lives in this 250 square meter luxury apartment with his wife and 2 children. at the time to eat,
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the domestic staff served breakfast every morning. some st, facing each other with babylon. vermont is originally from rochester, lawn, and northern india. he settled and mom by in the early 2, thousands my conference in his my family business. so my father, my full father, this is a his i thing we are a, we are in this business room last under the us. so if you will, boy in the sun, you can see the big palace is. so that made by my great, great grandfather's how and why did you decide you love it weighs a growing city, and we all want to grow. and, and i think the opportunity movies huge, the entrepreneur built his 1st residential tower in 2003. today. he is involved in
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countless construction projects across mom. bye. i know he takes time to say better start early. we are losing a lot of high rise buildings, i think in as a group with my partner. so we are going to fire building more than 50 story according to you is the message you've been the higher. yeah, it is not necessary because we almost b as in boy, i told you the other 3 sided, so water. so if you wanted to grow this, it did, the population is increasing every day, then you know, other than where to walk on in. ah, in order to create more space, the entrepreneur is taking a radical approach, tearing down hundreds of hector's, of the slums. wow. so we are just yesterday demolishing this is the thing to the please. the food come after one year later the bill to for
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building will be here. his goal is to make the de robbie slum disappear. so i think the viola laws, the abode that i will slum dog 1000000, atom, it is hot in the city. so. busy if your heart is a little bit more robust, it looks like a dirty, then you will not as a c p, it look doesn't look like, ah, the headquarters of the construction company with its 800 employees, it is one of the largest companies in india to specialize in slum rehabilitation. mm. so as to found a val is here to buy a hotel here. today they are discussing one of their biggest projects. ah,
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i think just i go so this is up and running are below the top part is still missing . everything else is ready, administratively, have out of luck with up and off. that was the school is a problem. we have to take care of that. but before construction work can begin, the company must convince local de robbie residence to leave their homes directly. we're in the process of clearing out $65.00, hank tans of the slums, that are mixers project. we will build shopping centers, small offices, and apartments in that place. and all that in map we are said it'll be the one out order. hundreds of factors of slums in total have already been demolished. discuss a little our compensation was interesting, but we're not finished yet. okay. oh, life protected from the outside world. but i do. par is managing director of the construction company. oh,
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so what i'm looking at is how much of the 80 of you have been able to clean up and how much is left? there's a lot left. so if it says a beautiful view, you still have a lot of lens slums left to be good. however, the developers are required by law to find a new homes for the former slum residence. basically it's a scheme whereby you basically want a, this lum people. they get but, but how's this, the proper holders for them? and we have to then when those houses, so what happens in the entire land? you have some houses which you built for them and some houses you build. and so that is all people get, hold us for free and buy the remaining part of the land. you are able to make houses and what do these apartments look like? the company has another redevelopment project and burly a neighborhood in the heart of man by 3 luxury towers,
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250 meters high. ready ah, meanwhile, the former slum residents down below live in cramped, dilapidated properties with only a few square meters of space. ah, no one a condition, condemn lagwen garcia. but 1st we supported the developers bubble of arma, and his colleague humble. but they have not treated as fairly, as i said, it's been 12 years or, and almost nothing has happened. we still don't have a road, a garden. i don't know. it's unacceptable is of course, despite the many promises made by developers, there are still no schools or stores. only construction sites have been no one feels responsible. who should we turn to? very blue sky, be the one down in our northern suddenly own car. the companies press officer
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interrupts the interview. this satisfied residents airing their grievances are frowned upon. filming will only take place on the upper floor. under the press officer's watchful eye. he chooses a family of 6 to live in to 29 square meter rooms free of charge. i am assuming that the camera team would not understand him. the press officer tells the father of the family what to say on camera. oh yeah. yeah. were you married? no, thanks. no for me. i'm diabetic. oh every say. when i was my son's age, i grew up in a slum. when it over with my parents, did the advanced to give me an education my back and now i want a comfortable life for my. well john, i well yeah, i wanted the man repeats what he's been told to say. ha, jamie,
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i wish it when i was as young as my son. i lived in a slum. and today we live in a nice apartment gone thanks to own car. a life is better now. we live in a good neighborhood and my son will also have a good education at american home director. similarly, this year he wanted to be an engineer. ah, but now he'd rather join the police nigger. ha ha. but not every family is given a flat like this. the prerequisite is having to have spent at least 20 years in a slum. but what happens to people who don't meet this requirement? they are sent to live in a housing project on the outskirts of town, like the one at le lou by compound. ah,
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8000 families live in this very small area. and these crowded blocks of flats, even though they were built in 2003, they're all ready run down. just outside the neighbourhood, waste water drains into an open sewer. ah, in 2013 authorities leveled a section of de robbie. displacing 200 families living there, forcing them to relocate to these buildings. now abdulla and his family of 6 called this single room, home food and i have, i was like a madman. they destroyed our home. daniel, we were forced to come here to deb on the line can be without you. i'm prepared when we got an eviction notice for our daughter val brazza. abdul ran
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a small store in the robbie. today he works as a courier and earns only half as much as he used to them in the day. we don't feel as comfortable here as we did in der avi need. this family of scrap dealers, missus. their old neighbourhood, 2 or 3 generations share this 29 square meter home. this is where our family lives. this is our room, and these are, are things we're done with. her sardar is furious at the authorities. i have 9 kids love here and my parents, my brother and his wife a little together that 1617 people. i mean, how can we live in a place like this? go on and where do you all sleep? okay. how about 70 percent of us sleep under the bed and any others on the bed in the kitchen where they space can make like it's not easy. puffery gave her
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enough, but renovating the slums doesn't put an end to the misery. it just moves at elsewhere . and january of 2021. there is a surprising turn of events, contractor, babylon, pharma is arrested for fraud and embezzlement. people from all over india moved to mom by every day. many find work in the cities winding back alley. they work as barbara taylors or in food don't mit. i didn't and some of them as food delivery cyclists, a delivery services have been popular
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for more than a century. ah, shankar works as a double wall on e like 5000 other double wall us throughout mom buy delivers lunches. ah, and i live with lots of w as have accidents. i don't want that. i do. i just think of that right? yeah. of course that scares me, i'd be very dead that of them very lucky, especially with this crazy traffic villa navy dorothy with as soon as he gets the bags, shankar meets up with his colleague, comedy empties, take the full ones, let's go. ah,
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each of them has a specific delivery route, depending on where they're going. they swap baskets and keep track of each other all without navigation after you get over. c, w le, where she w guessing the word way. hey digitizing. hailey had i got j, they mark each bag with a code of numbers and letters. what are, what are? yeah, most dallas are illiterate, but they can decipher the code. yeah, i'm doing these containers. come to me. i have to remember the numbers like this one there, 7 to one them we know where it's going. i mean i've oh, oh, the double wallace coding system is so efficient and well structured that it has even caught the attention of researchers at harvard university. has put anybody i was carrying 30
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kilograms and 45 degree heat means that every pedal stroke is pure torture. but these double wallace know how to keep themselves motivated. oh ah and he does it. this accountant pays the equivalent of 10 euros a month for sean cars delivery service. why have your food delivered? i got on is getting ready to get the will house winds that happy to make it our 1st order. it's fresh woman, very healthy. so there is, we are very well organized. i got kind of a b shankar makes the equivalent of $136.00 euros
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a month for come on when missed the train vendor id, which is just a quarter of the average salary and mom buy but double walls do not simply who is this challenging profession nodding, they inherited from their father c a by the wording of the i though. okay, well, you got malachi, then that was my grandfather did it that, that my father and today it's my job. he took my dad just a few days to show me the ropes. shankar and his colleagues deliver $73000000.00 meals every year. i mum buys residence, keep many of its traditions alive. and yet this megacity stays squarely focused on the future. mum buys constant growth, has pushed the city limits into nature, preserves, ah,
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in northern mom by this urban expansion has already resulted in clashes with local wildlife stretching across 100 square kilometers. the san jai, gandhi national park, is surrounded by residential neighborhoods. these homes are now encroaching upon the parks boundaries and so leopards roam through these residential areas at night, passing buildings and crossing through parking lot with attacks on dogs are common. but these animals also pose a threat to human bungee. john dom has been tracking predatory cats in the
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park since 2014. we're tied them up over there with ron g is a wildlife photographer. so the photos will be perfect. it's pictures are seen around the world. he and his team go through the recording taken by this camera trap. yeah, this is a leopard. common the female go on, go on. stop. in the footage reveals just how brazenly leopards wander through the community. we have more certain focused on, you know, pictures we filmed people walking right where a leopard had been just a few minutes ago. they had no idea of what had gone from the these leopards prowl
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around these neighborhoods, igniting fears among locals. blue, the airy colony neighborhood is located right next to the park. here a family of 6 lives in constant fear with trooper to car works in the forestry office. i have him here. i need to talk to, i guess we'll be buying from the kids. i have to tell you something very important over here. when it gets dark, you can't go outside to play, especially you little ones. i know, but things don't always go as planned to put a diamond of it, but to look government data. one was a fit which i think you can tell your kids hundreds of times not to play outside. i mean you, but sometimes they won't listen. i keep telling my kids, but they don't listen. you may go to the city. government should install street
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lights to keep the leopards away at night. did a lesson in her darling? did i didn't i forgot when i gave him the street lights also have to walk up. you did you are because we've already been telling you for a month and a half that we have seen a leopard in this area and so fun, nothing's been done. when the, what are the every car colleagues tried to calm him down, gathered up without a gaudy. ah, we will definitely take care of the st. lighting issue late may, i will not, but you'll need to take care of things on your end too. especially if there are no lamps, i will get the children have to come home by nightfall or a residence. prefer a more radical approach. you have to put these animals in cages. i have you set up with what they can do. you want to wait until one of these laptops attacks a kate before you do something, but they can be but if we look up the lead heads, it doesn't mean that others when come the city is ordered to set up
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a special unit to take care of the predatory that bomb to this bend off a hand, we hit the slum concerned residents have called in operations manager santoyo wagner. that way i ran around and attacked talked if i go up ahead a little further, the group approaches with caution would indicate. but if you move your torch, you'll see the eyes flash, the colt. i'm a little higher. those on dogs with black that comes to dogs, that the eyes behind them, those are leopards. a, despite the danger they encounter a man. i don't have them
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a different idea. why are you working alone in the dark? if you're out at night, you should always have a stick with you. more home, i'll go, michael brown. i usually get off work between 10 pm and midnight. but of course i get scared when i'm walking, but i don't have any other choice. neighbor burger, you have to make some noise then the lip, it's run away. i got, i got full credit, grammar back. go behind that. i'm to, to bill them. after a few minutes, the silence returns i got up my bill. i make them showered for buddy, arthur lifted santana most. that is smaller than them, like dogs and joe's bag that got up about cooper. they usually harmless to us and got cut down, but especially adults, margaret, it broke the back of them both, but a favor from i'm from. ah, the rangers present. it seems to have driven the leopards away. their dogs. so keep going in despite increased security measures, leopards killed 159 people in the state of maharaj, dora in 2020
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a record number. ah, this is how new to val and his wife lost their 4 year old daughter. this is right where it happened. this is where the letter dragged our daughter up. the hill with him. he goes out. anthony. ah, dar shawnee had been playing in the dark in front of the family's house. her parents found her remains just 10 days later. o, as was given to an ink when we found parts of our daughter's body, her hands and her legs made correct. we'll say found her head. she was wearing nail polish. that's how we identified our daughter in a funny, if a dog box i immediately panic and close the doors on a leopard is just an animal,
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but she was our daughter. oh my gosh, leopard is still out there. yeah. moved to vale has lived in a constant state of fear. ever since peter began with dog of okay. if a dog box i immediately panic, close the doors and don't let any one out getting this out there again, it is here, so yeah. okay. the family is still devastated with of cool celebrities, just trying to survive. it's an animal that it, but she was our daughter being ah, there is a sanctuary for leopards in the middle of san jai. gandhi park.
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it looks like the cage is not fully closed but everything's okay. look, ashmore a looks after the 15 leopards captured by his team. each of those animals attacked a human you're just circular, therefore by they called the lamp in this cage in nashik plaza. so on. because it attacked people flossing, last 6 years, then brought him to our facility. this was already done. the all of them killed children. yes they did. ah. and, and leopard weighs only about 60 kilos, but it is an excellent hunter and can easily take down prey, weighing up to $150.00 kilos near the city it hans mainly livestock or domestic animals. luc ash mora attributes these attacks to the regions rapid urbanized ation. got
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rid of the mulatto. people can get hot in these clashes with wild animals. yes, those are all events used to be covered by dense jungle. we should not be invading their habitat audience and mom by this conflict is coming to a head. the wild animals are adapting to their new reality. their numbers are on the rise when it is impossible to stop mon bye, from expanding so rapidly. experts project that it will become the most populous city in the world by 2050, with a population of 40000000 blue
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. even you need in vienna is in the it's for you to the perfect world and that's been my work for of a full 2 years in patsy. the 3rd knows all about the secret to the snow globe because he's grandfather invented it. we visit his workshop in vienna hero mix in 30 minutes on d, w. m. drive fax, to most parts of the world,
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or at least for among the interest groups, some with there's plenty of sea water. but desalination is energy intensive and expensive. of berlin based start up shows us. it doesn't have to be this way global 3000 in 90 minutes on d. w. happiness is for everyone. human places are very different from primate penises. we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view nature a there and david and this is climate change, regulate sex, who happiness in 3 books. you'll get smarter for pre d. w books on you to a soccer is a sport of many colors and the children in this mountain village of them all can every one be
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a dog with them regardless of gender wears blue, the color of her favorite sexes traditions prevent her from going to games and playing with an insurmountable obstacle blue girl football on the peak starts february 4th on d w. ah, ah, this is dw news life.


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