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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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different culture between here and there. so challenging for everything. ah, in december i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. i shut my, got my license to work as a swimming instructor here. dish and now i teach children adults with what's your story, take part, share it on info, migrants dot net. ah hm. ah ah, business dw news live from berlin. the mother of all sanctions. that's what the us
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says. it has in store for russia. if moscow decides to evade ukraine, the u. k. also plans new sanctions and weapons shipments to key if but nato says, sending troops is off the table for now. and afghans find refuge in the eastern european country of albania, as they wait for the us to take them in. but many fear that dream will never come troop and digging out after a massive blizzard on the u. s. east coast major disruptions after someplace has got up to 80 centimeters of sna. ah, i'm glad of us welcome to the program. the united states and britain are warning of new and devastating economic sanctions against russia. as nato allies step up,
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efforts to prevent an attack on ukraine, fears of a russian invasion are growing with britain's foreign minister now calling that quote, highly likely. meanwhile, ukraine's president is urging the west to avoid panic over rushes to build up on its countries border. and on sunday night, or chief in stoughton back, welcome, more support for ukraine's defense, but ruled out any boots on the ground. we have no plans to deploy natal combat troops or to ukraine. we do a lot of stuff to help ukraine or strength this ability capability to, to defend itself. but again, ukraine is not that natal allied, so the 100 percent security guarantees that an attack on one i'll i will trigger the response from the whole answer that applies for nate darlise. meanwhile, germany as anger at nato allies with its refusal to send weapons to ukraine, the us and britain have financed arms deliveries, mostly hand guns, ammunition,
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and anti tank missiles. but berlin says the export of lethal weapons to the region could increase tensions with russia. ah, russian fighter jets in eastern europe, moscow's military build up on ukraine's border. has he f desperate to arm it's defense forces? ukraine has asked germany for support, but has met reluctance from the new coalition government. while berlin has approved the delivery of 5000 helmets. it said no to leave. the weapons is good that i did at one mit. that was right now we're trying to engage russia and diplomatic talks to avert a war. in the middle of europe, i believe supplying weapons would send the complete run signal. it would not lead to an easing of diplomatic tensions, but as it ought to come. the german government is still deciding whether nato ally, estonia continued crane heavy artillery, made in the former east germany berlin's policy not to export lethal weapons to conflict regions is backed by the greens, because in, at loj launched it. of course, it's a central question,
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is it possible to be toughen, engage in dialogue with russia and deliver weapons? i'd say no, and that's why our policy is the right one alone with the night of the subs in making a waste. if you've asthma, that policy for now doesn't include a stop to the node stream to pipeline. but if russia does attack ukraine, chancellor olive salt isn't ruling out painful sanctions of more now joined by the w melinda cray. melinda, the governing s. p. d is meeting today to discuss the issue of how to deal with russia and, and to build up on the ukraine border. so chance or all of shows his own party can't agree really on their own foreign policy wise. that that's right, that germans often attribute aversion to participating in military action of any kind to their world war to history, to this country's responsibility for a war that caused unfathomable suffering and death all across europe. and especially for the s p
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d. germany's cold war experience reinforced that stats in the eyes of many germans and many social democrats, that conflict was overcome. not by deterrence, but by diplomacy. not because nato stationed pershing missiles on the border to eastern europe. that because the social democratic chancellor really brunt adopted for us to pull a t east policy which cultivated closer economic and diplomatic ties to the east. so reflecting both parts of that history, germany has passed. laws that formerly prohibit the shipment of weapons to conflict regions, but in fact, this country is one of the world's biggest weapons exporters. and these arms often wind up in wars out whether it's sudan, syria, human or elsewhere. so it's very hard to understand why the government is being so dogmatic in this particular case. so it's a complicated issue for historical reasons,
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really. but how is this approach affecting germany is reputation on the international stage with its nato partners as well? well, those 5000 helmets that the government has now finally said, it's going to send many people to many critics, not only in here, but in other allied capitals as well. that's simply looks like either an insult or a joke. and the fact is, many of these critics say that either the german government apparently doesn't get the idea of deterrence, that sending defense, if not offensive defensive weapons, might actually help avert a conflict. or that the government simply views, commercial ties with russia. that's more important than regional stability or commitments to partners. and in fact, the head of the globally influential unit security conference and a former german ambassador to the u. s. said yesterday,
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that's what the singer said yesterday, that berlin stance cast the very quote, negative bad light, both on germany and on europe. the ws with the credit for us maybe. thanks, vernon. it's got a quick round up now of some of the other stories making headlines. north korean has confirmed that has tested an intermediate range, ballistic missile capable of reaching the u. s. territory of guam, it's flight was detected on sunday by a neighboring south korea and japan. jon young released images off the lodge and a picture from space which it says was taken by a camera and the missiles warhead. it is 18 people have been killed in brazil after heavy rains. the state of south paolo saw landslides and flooding. authorities say around 500 families have been left homeless. the states governor has authorized emergency aid money for the affected areas. brazil has experienced torrential rain
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and flooding of the past month. a powerful storm that swept through parts of europe over the weekend has killed. at least 5 people. fatalities were reported in the cape, germany, poland, and the czech republic. the surgeon tide wedged a vessel under a bridge. in hamburg, many areas bordering the baltic and north seas reported flooding. portugal governing socialists have won an absolute majority in snap elections in a victory speech before final results. prime minister antonio, acosta said, the control of parliament came with a responsibility to govern for the good of all course. the cause of the early vote after is left his allies with governments budget. while the ws correspondent phillips shots is in lisbon and centers this update, it's a surprise that hardly any one here expected the incumbent socialist prime minister
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costa has won the absolute majority in portugal elections, recent polls rather predicted and neck and neck, raised with the main opposition candidate observer say that it says closeness to the people and his competent pandemic management that have contributed to cost us victory. the absolute majority will probably bring the political stability that many portuguese were hoping for when off crushed us. main challenges will be to come up with a plan for portugal. economic recovery generally chose reporting that over a 1000 african refugees are living in albania as they wait for the us to approve their solemn applications. washington promised to provide visas and permanent homes only after the vetting process is completed. but of the month of waiting in the eastern european country, many afghans in albania, a growing concerned, they might be stuck there are correspondent, funny for char,
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filed this report from the town of changing another day, and the address, 80 coast of albania, dane number 140 for alias nav and dash the 29 year old flat from afghanistan after the taliban to control in august last year. elliot is a journalist, a job risky to keep under the taliban. his thoughts here, revolver on his sister's left, behind, forced to leave school. it's very hard to love to hear that your sister is asking for education and you don't have a power or a possibility for her to to, to respond hair idiocy, thankful to be safe. but his own future is also uncertain. a life of being in limbo . he says, there is no way to go back, no way to go forth. so are that you are stuck in one place for the last 5
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months. silly us and about 1500 on the raft, and refugees have been staying in this hotel complex in change in a tourist resort. they were told it's temporary until they are vetted for a u. s. visa, this replica, the statue of liberty, had been erected at the hotel by albanians, the u. s. as a patron of stability. that's the image. many locals have. this has been here long before the hundreds of african refugees who arrived at this hotel. some of them have told me that a statue has begun to feel like a whole a promise, as they wait out, the vetting process. he us wants to keep busy. he turned a casino room of the hotel into a makeshift newsroom with honor exiled john only once. they're gone informed the world about afghanistan as the world's attention is shifting. it's very important to continue our work. it's our responsibility. it's our commitment to us
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a journalist, to that paper. he's the online editor in chief for the adela cross newspaper, one of the most read daily enough county stone. the print no longer exists. the team here wants to keep it alive on line with colleagues stealing. cobble the work, distract from their worries about their future. i don't know about my future at that. what will happen? because we don't know when we leave albania, some here want to stay anonymous, fearing repercussions for their families back home. all of them want to know when will they move on? albania, interior ministry says that's difficult to answer, but it seems the united states may no longer be their final destination. no hold on when we will have meetings this month with the canadian government. they are interested in taking a lot of atkinson. but we are also prepared for them to stay in albania, eli,
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us and all the honor african refugees, hope they will not be forgotten as time goes on, after all, albania was only supposed to be a transit country to the united states. now where tens of thousands of households on the east coast are were still without electricity of for winter storm left. several states, snowden resident started digging out from the blizzard snowfall. as crews work to restore power and clear roads. a sunny sky over the u. s. east coast, only a day after it was hit by a powerful winter storm. that left behind a thick blanket of snow. more than 100000 people lost power during the blizzard. boston tied it's record for the biggest single they snowfall. busy days for the snow blowers clearing the runway of the near by logan airport. the storm prompted the cancellation of hundreds of flights. several states
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have declared emergencies as many residents begin to dig out and get some work to do little bit. yeah. yeah, my neighbor helped me out of quite a bit though. yeah. with us back up. some school districts canceled classes on monday. well, the snow is still being cleared. meanwhile, crews are working around the clock to restore electricity as soon as possible. and sports is now rough on a dallas one. the australian open making tennis history is a record breaking the 21st grand slam title for the 35 year old from spain. his opponents, daniel madeira took it too sadly, but failed to get the match wrapped up, the dark clawed his way back, winning 2 said 6 for he then claimed the 5th and final set. after more than 5 hours of plain time. that puts him head of nova jock of edge and roger federer asked the soul grand slam record holder in men's tennis. moving on to the africa cup of
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nations, where senegal have made it into the semi finals. they beat equitorial guinea a $31.00 and will facebook in a fossil in the final for on wednesday earlier egypt got past morocco after extra time and will play hosts. cameroon, in 1st days, other semi final are the teams. the said for one of the biggest clashes of the year, american football super bowl. the los angeles rams booked their place with a thrilling 20 to 17 victory over the san francisco. 49, as the rams will phase, the cincinnati bangles in 2 weeks in front of a home crowd analyst sophie stadium will host the final game of the season to determine the top team in the nfl. let's it from me for now. thanks for watching.
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