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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 4:00am-4:16am CET

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oh, hello guys, this is the 77 percent. the platform for us with, you know, all these channels. we are not afraid to talk to and then we can talk to young people clearly have the solution. good future to the 77 percent. now, every weekend on d, w. m, ah, this is d, w live from berlin,
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the fine line between deterrence and diplomacy. well, positions harden on russia over ukraine, nato, and says there's no plan to send troops and germany sticks by. it's no to weapons exports. this, as the u. k says, an invasion is highly likely and facing of growing backlash. music streaming dias, spotify changes. it's june on coven, 19 misinformation, plus, digging out after a massive blizzard of the us east coast. major disruptions offer some places get up to 80 centimeters us know. ah, i'm really mohammed welcome to the program. the united states and britain are warning of new and devastating economic sanctions against russia. as natal,
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a lie step up efforts to deter an attack on ukraine. fears of a russian invasion are growing with britain's foreign minister. now calling its quote, highly likely, ukraine's president is urging the west to avoid panic over russia's troop build up on its country's border. on sunday nato's chief. yes, sultan burke welcomed more support for ukraine's defense. but ruled out any boots on the ground, we have no plans to deploy nate to combat troops or to ukraine. we do a lot of stuff to help ukraine or strength this can ability capability to, to defend itself. but again, ukraine is not the nato allies, so the 100 percent security guarantees that an attack on one i'll, i will trigger a response from the whole onst dark device for ne dallas. meanwhile, germany has angered nato allies with its refusal to said weapons to ukraine. the us and britain have announced arms deliveries, mostly hand guns,
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ammunition and anti tank missiles, but berlin says the export of lethal weapons to the region could increase tensions with russia. russian fighter jets in eastern europe, moscow's military build up on ukraine's border. has he of desperate to arm it's defense forces? ukraine has us germany for support, but has met reluctance from the new coalition government. while berlin has approved the delivery of 5000 helmets and said no to leave the weapons as get crowded at one minute with right now, we're trying to engage russia and diplomatic talks to avert a war in the middle of europe. and i believe supplying weapons within the complete run signal would not lead to an evening of diplomatic tensions and spinal as it ought to come. the german government is still deciding whether nato ally, estonia continued crane, heavy artillery made in the former east germany berlin's policy not to export leave weapons to conflict regions is backed by the greens in deutschland state. of course
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it's essential question. is it possible to be toughen, engage in dialogue with russia and deliver weapons? i'd say no. and that's why policy is the right one. i don't want to night into something we can always dispute as that policy for now doesn't include a stop to the node stream to pipeline. but if russia does attack ukraine, chancellor olive sholtes isn't ruling out painful sanctions or has looked at some other stories making headlines around the world. north korea has confirmed that it is tested, an intermediate range, ballistic missile capable of reaching the u. s. territory of wom. it's flight was detected on sunday by neighboring south korea and japan. young young released images of the launch and the picture from space, which it says was taken by a camera in the missiles or head. at least 18 people have been killed in brazil, off to heavy rains, say to sal polosa, landslides and flooding authority say around 500 families have been left homeless.
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the states governor has authorized emergency aid money for the affected areas. brazil has experienced torrential rains and flooding over the past month. protest as angry of a candidate vaccine mandates have blocked roads for a 2nd day in the capital ottawa. the demonstrators include a truck drivers who organized a convoy from the western part of the country. prime minister justin trudeau and his family were moved to an undisclosed location. as a precaution of portugal governing socialists have won an absolute majority in snap elections. in the victory speech before the final results of prime minister antonia costa said, the control of parliaments came with a responsibility to govern for the good of all. costa called the early vote off to his left. his allies refused to support the governance budget to exactly like what all, when did we put a good t w's?
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jan phillips schultz is in lisbon and sent us this update. it's a surprise that hardly any one here expected, the incumbent socialist prime minister costa has won the absolute majority in portugal. elections, recent polls rather predicted and neck and neck, raised with the main opposition candidate observer say that it's his closeness to the people and his competent pandemic management that have contributed to crushed us victory. the absolute majority will probably bring the political stability that many portuguese were hoping for when off crushed us. main challenges will be to come up with a plan for portugal, economic recovery. now, music streaming service spotify has announced new measures aimed at tackling misinformation. it comes off to several high profile artists, neil young and joni mitchell pulled their catalogues from the platform. the mouse daunted off to spotify refused to remove content from star pot. costa, joe rogan,
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who's been criticized for spreading misinformation about covet 19 also learned this . i am joined in the studio now with a jenny graham who has been following the story in great detail on what we know about these measures. will spotify the names that it's going to start? guiding listers of podcasts discussing covered 19 to more information about the pandemic. now that's going to involve content advisories on podcasts of that means . if you're listening to something about, say, covert vaccines, you'll then will be directed to our covered information hub, where you will get facts. the latest updates and data from scientists. organizations that the world health organization, reliable sources of information. and this isn't new. other social media sites do this already? instagram's a good example. if i go to instagram on my phone and look at something about vaccine. i get directed to the cupboard 19 information centers that something that
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spotify is wanting to do. and the c e o, daniel eric has explained why he has taken this step and he said, based on the feedback over the last several weeks, it's become clear to me that we have an obligation to do more to provide balance and access to widely accepted information from the medical and scientific communities guiding us through this unprecedented time. so we are expecting more controversial content to be removed like we saw with this podcast. well, it's not actually, this podcast hasn't been removed and, and the spot if i c e o is said, you know, they're making it very clear. they don't want to get into the business of censoring content. but they need, now, they say to strike a balance between listener safety and the freedom of content creators on spotify. so spotify here is acknowledging that it needs to do little more. but people have already started canceling subscriptions in over this backlash. so it's whether it's
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enough for people to do and to stop cancelling their subscription to subscriptions . basically. i jenny graham, thank you so much. thanks. now israel's head of state is sac harrison has arrived in the united arab emirates. and the 1st ever official visit by an israeli president, it comes 2 years after the 2 countries normalize diplomatic ties. has aug flew to the to through to abu dhabi the capital of the amorites, where he met crown prince and defacto roulette. muhammad been zide. the 2 sides discussed security economic and bilateral relations. israel's president isaac had so on his way to the united arab emirates historic visit, the 1st of misery leda, to the gulf states at the royal palace and abu dhabi as meets crown prince mohammed bins. i it
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with as part of the us mediated abram accords, israel the u. e established diplomatic relations in september of 2020 almost over night, commerce and tourism between the 2 countries flourished. $400000.00 israeli tourists have already visited the emeralds. freight through the 2 countries has multiplied by a factor of 12 within a year is really technology is boost in the u. e. economy and even arms deals are in the pipeline is in and it was combined lend on july. the synergies between the 2 countries are immense, forgotten, and then it will benefit from each other. during the corona virus pandemic, under and on men's liquid technology handle, it settle, built on mutual benefit, these ties are set to strengthen further. now amid these railey president state
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visit, the united arab emirates says it has intercepted a ballistic missile, fired by humans who the rebels is the 3rd strike of its kind. is ready precedence trip, or is it the has office? has said that them test trip will continue as planned. now the united states, where tens of thousands of households have been hit in the east coast by this sir winter storm within our facing major power outages in several states. residents started digging out from the blizzard snow fall, as a cruise worked to restore power and clear roads. there. be a sunny sky over the u. s. east coast. only a day after it was hit by a powerful winter storm. that left behind a thick blanket of snow. more than 100000 people lost power during the blizzard. boston tied, it's record for the biggest single day snowfall. busy days for these snow blowers
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clearing the runway of the nearby logan airport. the storm prompted the cancellation of hundreds of flights. several states have declared emergencies as many residents begin to dig out. got some work to do little bit. yeah. yeah, my neighbor helped me out quite a bit though. yeah. with this backup. some school districts canceled classes on monday, while the snow is still being cleared. meanwhile, cruiser walking around the clock to restore electricity as soon as possible. or the blizzard is extending as far as florida where some places saw the coldest temperatures and more than a decade. the freeze didn't appeared to cause serious damage to florida as important orange crop. but it did cause a shock to the cold blooded iguanas. with many falling from palm trees,
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the reptiles do bounce back to life once they will moth again though. on northern europe is also recovering from a powerful winter storm. high winds, heavy rains and snow left at least 4 people dead across the continent. in germany, the storm left its mark from the mountains all the way to coastal regions. the storm system known as nadia in germany hit the north sea coast with spectacular force wind gusts of more than a 100 kilometers an hour combined with a tidal surge to push hard but it couldn't keep on look as away brandon, it's amazing that kind of power nature has while coastal areas will lift, batted and water loved by the rising tide. further inland, the emergency service workers were left to deal with down trees.
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while services were halted in many places around berlin in near by brandenburg, one man died after being hit by a falling election poster. as the storm moved east and towards the higher elevations on germany's border with the chick republic, the winds power remained, but war and e re white, cloak of snow. warnings of hurricane force winds lived up to all expectations. only those with a job to do were brave enough to get out and make tracks. as germans stayed, battened down to get through the night with storm nadia raphael nadal has won the australian open making tennis history. it's
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a record breaking 21st grand slam title for the 35 year old from spain. his opponent donnell, medford ab took a to set lead, but failed to get the match wrapped up. and al clawed his way back, winning to set 6 for he then claim the 5th and final set after over 5 hours of plain time. that puts him ahead of note i talk of ich and roger federer as the soul grand slam record holder in men's tennis. you're watching the w news live from berlin. stick around up next is well stories both have the headlines view at the top of the hour. you can also find much more news analysis and video on a website as d, w dot com and for watching about interest
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