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tv   REV - The Global Auto and Mobility Show  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 12:30am-1:01am CET

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ah, ah susan, you need in vienna gazing these kids for you to perfect. well, and that's been my work for over 40 years. in pepsi, the 3rd knows all about the secret to the snow globe. because he's grandfather invented it. you visit his workshop in vienna. your roommates in 30 minutes on d w. b, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah, magic corner chat. hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w, travel off we go. oh, i yeah. i at door i, i can find the ward to say how much i love this walk because i love driving
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fuse. we are living during the most extraordinary time in history of transport. pull go, pull the electric with my the guy, read the auto and live in it. he showed me can a clean, green electric power plant grant that be a panda. immortality. funny thing with this guy. so good that i know that, that i can see this got for is the powerful lamborghini orest banassi would in soup is sport utility vehicles, lamborghini force as part of fossa mina and.
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and can this pallet police through to taxi drive it, take the challenge to there will there might want to come again in our conference or so we will not allow that. we will begin as more than many iterations and interpretations of power. now on read in the drive is fantastic for the fia panda, an unlikely contender for best se he is. we're really one of the 1st week he's driving to higher than, than other cars here, a local space for me on the heads of the shoulder anonymous. the feeling of se, but with an electric motor, the italian car designer, pat bridge,
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c o. 2 datto has electrified the panda. the difference between bedra led to is incredible. we are more performance. so of course we have a lot of fun, more fun driving these electric vehicles in the picture when we are talking about the fact of this, of the noise that is absolutely still be because. busy busy a you immediately connected to the performance to why is a quiet of the movie and give you incredible emotion celebration. the funny thing that these guys so good that i know that i can keep this got forever. and here we have, the big surprise isn't. as you can see, we have an electric engine,
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like 30 kilo work, not not so powerful to move this very light. but everything here is originally saw except the engine. and then we have here to idea to anyway for the heat of the battery and the engine, we have to read it exactly in the same place where there was there they did original ideas am especially very special because it's a 4 wheel drive. so we have to take care about the transmission we ever to, to the rear drive. and the battery must be split into, into, into different a latency component. the better are here under these carpets here and under the, the floor. so as i said, is $22.00 portion of over, back splitting the order to give some range is a good suggestion to save the time. and today the, the shape of the car and the front of the car. so good. that could be nearly a 3rd, a change in just technology of the dr. poetry panda is
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a count car from the 1980s developed by february, tim's father george o 2 title for over 30 years to have designed exciting cards together. was a perfect example of doing a good design design is the fact that his design is goofy, but guess she'll don't abandon. okay. okay. okay. i want to kennedy, can i, can i syria man game can upon that it was a muslim to that vision. that was the other time really go through 192002021. today. it's a miracle. a mirror vision was made for let me say people were not big money to buy a car, but it gave a solution with human it to our lot. i then became a kind of car like jeans back. everybody can wear. it is not a does not a problem over of having money or not have him on it that made in italy theat
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panter a true milestone in the history of mobility. ah, they talk about to make a copy are covered by the same time, very, very specials inside must be really for 5 person driving for passenger with are quite big trunk out to do it in a car that is less than 3 meter and half car came immediately to be designed very square, because if you make a car rounded, then you reduce the spacing inside. so was from the beginning, clear to make a very radical design, very simple with flat glass, flat surface. everything on it will be. my father said he's a contain all the features that make s e v 's irresistible. well, the pan to had them all back in 1980 the driving position of this car was very easy, really unique. perfect. absolutely. perfect. there are gonna me and then as you can
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see in the dashboard in the band in front, there is the prediction that he's in a bigger, bigger bag for anything you need over there. the glass here are very big. is incredible visibility? no visibility now to light inside then because are flat or not curve absolutely more. more space but by far we things is the job position is amazing really? ah, a with i was i am always very fast. and today something that is not really allow, which is the speed up guards. we like driving car for the performance. in this
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case, we're talking about on a car that the performers are not. the most important things in the project discovery something different, but at the same time was and it is such a acute a cold. but god that give you the impression to go fast. ah, i'm a designer by the designer over cars with the location of his job. and then when i see the difference between my father and i, for example, when i start to my good post sketches, i can wait to drive the car. so very particular one that is not only the shape or that are on my mind when i start to design a car is about driving about the performance about everything i can design inside and outside the 2 channels. design studio intern. we're both
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practical people, movers and elegant sports cars have been created. it's funny to switch it from ferrari or a router for me or, or this was bugging to extreme pop rocker is a isn't the is i didn't make a ferrari that that's the 6 true from, from ever. i've done other simple car. my father did also the golf. the 1st v w golf from 1974 is arguably the most popular car designed by tutorial georgia and fabri, c o. have been developing exciting models for a wide variety of car brands for decades. more than 60000000 vehicles in the world, bare their signature have cars with cult status like this b m w m one, for example, influenced heavily by the panter design. if he is
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a car that was made nearly oh, just after the fact if you're ponder, saw ponder, teaching the in the, in the shape or square. because anyway, i the time at to make these extreme a compact camera and see that the edge was working. also in the, in this car, my father decides to make it this shape with some really square angle in an edges that he trained with the plan. ah, one of the highlights of classic car design is the majority getley from 1966. extraordinary beautiful. but revolutionary like the panter, the gib lee here easy the most beautiful in terms of pure style. but these is not a card that, that let me say break. busy the rules and give her something to the world of car business. these is an object like a watch and i are very luxury watch. beauty for is
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a kind of message that give this car the pan days more complete. ah, there is also the original alfa romeo julia from 1963 a real i catcher. but not even this car can hold a candle to the panda. ah, the best is the pond because is more complicated, this one. so that is just let me say address on a beautiful lady. the panda is absolutely something more, it is a project. when the project is good in terms of design is not only a stated but what you have inside and outside match perfectly. the neat or something like this could be the let them
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with i know that i can kid this car forever because now we are good at the engine. a system that is working in just put in battery every, every time. better and better and better will ever card that. so all the problems with s s u b is super spots utility vehicle, which means the lamborghini euros. this car makes more than 300 kilometers per hour . and this is why i brought a helmet with me. ah, there's
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a lot of people who say that an s u b doesn't fit to lamborghini because the company is a super sponsor car company that the has already been an s u. v. from lamborghini in the years, from 1986 to 1993. the l m. o 2. that production model was unveiled at the brussel daughter shall in 1986 that the chamberlain lo, it offered a complete luxury package including full leather chin tinted power window with an air conditioning for the civilian model. it was planned as the successor of the u. s. military cheap, but the hum we got in the way. nevertheless, there has been more than 300 units of the l. m. o 2, which had the 12 cylinder engine off the lamborghini count inch and was the fastest su be in the world at these times with the maximum speed of 223 kilometers per hour . ah, sometime later, the era of the power as you,
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we began with cars like the v m, w o x 6 m, all the porsche cayenne turbo or the audi. s cruise 7. maximum power with maximum utility. but all these cars were too cheap because what happens when you are in oligarch with billions on your account and you're driving the same car with somebody with billions modern problems require modern solutions. so they had to be other cars, like the rolls royce, cullen and the a bent lobe. and tiger b as the martin d b x, or the lamborghini. worse, it never has been easier to climb into a lamborghini. you don't have to crawl. it's just easy. and now, you know, i've got hammered with me because this looks like the interior in a jet. and is this overdone? no, because lamborghini can do it. and then will guinea has to sound like this. with
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me. the outside of the s u. v from italy leaves all competitors behind. it's an continuation of the delorean from back to the future with cubis means the front disrupts the flank in raptures, and the ria closes off. there's no hint of audi bentley or pasha hanks that loses for $78.00 kilowatt engine. you can load almost anything into the 1600 eater trunk and still be faster than most other cars on the road. there are dozens of possibilities to individualize your orders. the most common ones asked that are for everyday use and cars are for the use on the race track. and there are there, there for snow. zombie are for sand and tara for off road use,
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and we've got spectacular videos of the full liter v 8. twin terrible is made it to an 8 speed automatic transmission. it's a good thing that there's so much power on offer, considering that because we is in a, just under $2.00 tons ah, now what distinguishes lamborghini, arose from its platform, brothers, or teslas with more than 1000 horse power. this is that the exclusivity with 40 should sales per year worldwide. it's rather unlikely that your neighbor is going to drive and was also, and a small note from the future. a plugin hybrid will also come
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my personal conclusion. the lamborghini or ross is not as a fro dish, as a range rover. not so much made for everyday use as a b, m, w, or an audi. and not as lecturers as a bentley. but it's harder, faster mina and hotter than all of them. in conclusion, the lamborghini booth is a very exclusive, well designed and incredibly sporty car that has almost no match in its segment. but all that comes at an exclusive price beginning adjust to over $215000.00. you are losing germany. that's well above competitors, like the audi q 7 and the porsche cayenne terrible g t a
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driving office. i father used to be a direct direct my brothers next driver. so you can understand where the 2nd generation of drivers in the family. ah, we have more than 40000 or 20000 drivers because some of them are working chiefs and from then 2 to 3000 are women drivers mostly their women driver are driving date time because a dangerous figure. you will not find them too much on the street by raising a hand they work on re booking jobs and transportations with clients. they know it's more safe to work that way with
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i or for docs ave, after 2009, i am reading this guy from an owner in a very good price. and like, you know, my small less that they do every day or 200 kilometers. i work 6 days per week and this car house legation to change in 18 years of life is you will see, not many people are wearing the hats when they're driving, their mother might because they don't want to in there. and they feel like they're getting partner with. and now we'll step up to parliament to see the change of the brain. they held guards. we have in front of the parliament wearing traditional uniform. it's something we want to see a rather her leaving the shoes. there are very heavy, approximately 2 and a half kilo special has nate is on the bottom. they are saying here for an hour without moving, without drinking, without smiling,
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without doing anything. you'll see the supervisor will go and fix them. well, how they should be in this position, they're going to state for one hour, in half of an hour. they will do a small, again walking. but the same ones here is, see that my square, it's our main square where the plumbing is and where everyone that wants to demonstrate is coming are the ages of 2012 to 2014. we have demonstrations almost every day. every day people were coming here, breaking up, putting fires, yelling, screaming, to the ability inside the parliament, the square for sure. have seen too many demonstrations in here as you can see, we recruit a place where we bring many time stories and from up there for sure you can see
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office 360 degrees all around. no talk to driver knows all the, all the streets of the office my father did because they raised up on a time without gps without any help. so they had to learn, the st. whomever comes here and stay here for some time. you can miss having some philosophy. you all stay, you will see the sun. you will see the energy of this country. you will feel the 2 days of good products like a fate that she's like tomatoes, like all the voice, like excellent wines and the sun and the fresh air and mediterranean. how can you not be philosopher in this country? give birth to floss? not the people, not the greeks. all people can be philosophers with
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a lot winter to summer time, when the time are mostly local and summer time, we have too many people. one of the good things that the economical crises made for us was that we have been heard around the world when the economical crisis began on 2009. we had the approximately $7.00 to $9000000.00 per year, or 2019 before the buyer. we close up the season in more than 35000000 to it's almost 3 times the population of great a, a, a. i am in a go drive that we are keeping our eyes open not to have again, personal cars in the cities, transportation we had over ex for 3 years. we had demonstrations. we had
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a very big struck strike 2011 where all boxes are on grease where and it was something unbelievable. not even one talk to you was working for approximately one month government. so their fault, they sold it, we didn't walk so they stopped it. we manage to take what we want it, not over eggs, no, nothing of those. every one to win money out of the way. my daughter. just you know, with a talking about opening the timing zone we have. so of course, or there might want to come again in our country all colleagues, we are with our eyes open and for sure, we will not allow that. we will begin at war. as we have done many times, the money that this country earns from the turin should stay in the country,
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the same. this big companies take the money outside those countries and make them more pool. the good thing is that whenever we needed to be united and fight for an enemy, even if it was, i mean, is there a government, a company driver? i'm beginning, at least in order to hear our voice voice. we create a radio broadcast. 6 me and the colleague and every friday tend to do we call politicians people of the syndicate. and we talk about the issues that the taxi has friday. and of course we are on our way to broadcast it will be on there with
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a live. yeah, we have called people from all parties because we want them to take position for the taxi. so we have them like bonded when they have the power. we're going and say, you said that we have proofs, you gave us our award, and if they are not sure there was, believe me. boxes are the best places to punish a politician. the best way to make the conscience of people not to like someone is a taxi, respect them and give them their weapons to leave a dignity life, to have a free time for our families, for our friends, for our personal time, if you talk to other taxi drivers, many of them are working for 14 to 16 hours. it's unbelievable. you don't want to leave, you leave to walk. so this is, this is wrong. we will all give
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a very big fight against of the politics and politicians that want to have the toxic. this is our job. this is what we do. and this is what we will keep on doing to support and protect taxi. and of course are beginning ah, i can find the award to say how much i love this work because i love driving, love communicating. i love making new people learning things. taxes like a university and the doctor there i is professor. it might makes you laugh, but imagine how many people we're giving transportation to and all of them. something very happy driving and see you next time on red, blue. ah,
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with who
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a new made in vienna is in the it's for you to perfect world. and that's been my work for over 40 years. in the 3rd knows all about the secret to this new globe. because he's grandfather invented it. we visit his workshop in vienna. you're doing it on dw nice facts in most parts of the world, or at least 4 months a year. you're experiencing some there's plenty of sea water, but desalination is energy intensive and expensive at berlin. bass to start up shows us. it doesn't have to be this way, global 3000 in 30 minutes on d w o
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. through soccer, his orders in many colors and the children in this mountain village know them all. huh. where's blue? the color of her favorite. tain, but sexist traditions, prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle balloon girls. football on the p starts february, 4th on d. w. one of main kinds, oldest ambitions could be within reach. oh, what is it really is possible to reverse aging
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researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time. ah, the dna molecules on has 28000000 different powered glasses. they are piers and rivals with one daring gold to outsmart nature. for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind ah, down the hash with more life starts february 16th on d, w ah,
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