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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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and i was at d, w ah ah, ah, ah, business dw news lying from berlin, catholics and germany struggle to keep the faith in their church after an investigation reveal systematic, sexual abuse by clerics was covered up for decades. we visit a community where people have very different ways of coming to terms with dramatic findings. also coming up with a landmark visit to the goal for the 1st time. and israel president travels to the united arab emirates signaling a deepening of ties,
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2 years after the countries agreed to normalize relations, plus rough, an adult winds, the australian open and makes history. a spaniard reeds, dunham admitted from russia in $0.05, taking his $24.00 grand slam title. that is more than any other male player beforehand. ah, i'm the cough really. it's good to have you with us. after the publication of a report revealing systematic, sexual abuse of children in the german catholic church, the numbers of believers considering to turn their backs on the institution has skyrocketed. the investigation also revealed a cover up that went all the way to former po benedict. once the archbishop of munich and a country were most practicing christians have to pay church tax. many believers no
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longer want to financially support an institution that turned a blind eye on decades of abuse. preparations for a sunday morning mass augustine, this bower is a priest in the catholic parish of christ koenig in munich. he feels both a deep insecurity in himself, but also in many community members who ask him questions. me so he sits down with people ask, how am i supposed to deal with this? no. can i stay in such a church at all? so vicky my faith is actually so important to me in my life, but i can't support an organization that has done so much wrong itself. that is so much dirt on a shaking hot kal shinkel from munich, drew a line this week he left the roman catholic church as kit m d. it's about how these cases have been handled, how everything is covered up and that can't be coming. and that was the reason, that's why and it's very, very difficult for me. result,
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these exits are skyrocketing in many states. after the abuse report was published, the munich district administration department confirmed twice as many resignations as usual within 6 days. others wanted to stay. it's been a case i'm faithful to the church and i think things are being very much scandalized by the media, which i don't think is quite right. miss miss gonzales this hand. so what test is protest is right and is good, but leaving is never solution. then nothing will change in the church that says in the occasion exam, augustine is foul wishes for a new open culture in the church way. not only the bishops, woods count, but where each individual can represent their own opinion based on the fight. for 2 years after they re established diplomatic relations, israel and the united arab emirates looks set on strengthening their ties. on sunday, israel's president is acc hertzog arrived in the gulf country, and the 1st ever visit by an israeli had a state. hertzog flew to abu dhabi,
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a capital of the emirates, where he met crown prince and defacto ruler mohammed been sayed both hailed the great symbolism of the visit for the entire middle east. israel's president isaac had so on his way to the united arab emirates historic visit, the 1st of misery leda, to the gulf states at the royal palace and abu dhabi, that's what meets crown prince mohammed bins. i. it is with us part of the u. s. mediated abram accords, israel the u. e, establish diplomatic relations in september 2021. almost overnight, commerce and tourism between the 2 countries flourished. $400000.00 israeli tourists have already visited the emirates freight through the 2 countries has
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multiplied by a factor of 12 within a year. israeli technology is boosting the u e. economy and even alms deals are in the pipeline. is in a gates within biden linden give either the, the synergies between the 2 countries are immense. so god and that isn't benefited from each other. during the corona virus pandemic, when dawned on me and like thought taking a little de 100, it said over, built on mutual benefit, these ties are set to strengthen further. let's get around of now some of the other stories making world news to day. sudanese security forces have shot and killed at 27 year old anti coo protester in the capital cartoon medic say, the man died from a chest room. his death brings the number of those kill demonstrating for civilian rule to 79. since the military took over an october, britain is preparing to offer nato, a major deployment of troops, war ships,
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and jets to eastern europe. u. s. presidential biden also plans to send american troops to boost nato's presence in the region. u. s. defense officials or warning that russia has deployed enough forces on ukraine's border to invade the entire country. a northern ireland is marking 50 years since the bloody sunday massacre with events across the nation. on this day and 972 british soldiers shot dead, 13 unarmed civilians during a protest in the city of london dairy, also known as dairy. the british government issued a formal apology, but no one has faced trial over the killings. the east coast of the united states has plunged into a deep freeze as a major winter storm has left several states. snowden and their coastline flooded. plunging temperatures, threatened tens of thousands of people, still living without electricity and heat. severe weather alerts were issued across
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the region of around 70000000 people. it's a snowfall to remember. a ferocious winter storm dumped more than 80 centimeters of snow in parts of the northeastern united states. winds whipped up the white stuff at speed of 112 kilometers per hour. cocooning the region creating dangerous white out conditions. well, what are nasty out? and i guess we would want to be driving, so it's most to be able to walk. as through these huge snow tessa and pretty tough conditions. the blizzard has made walking, the most reliable mode of transportation with trains stopped on their tracks. thousands of flights grounded and roads blocked off there so much, no one boston, that crews are loading up their trucks with it and dumping it in unused parking lots. where it will stay until it melts. pretty ariel was roll.
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waterfall law warrant reps. low. the worst of the storm has passed. let plunging temperatures threatened thousands of people. still living without electricity. and he's mother nature also generated a wild night of weather in northern europe. brutal gust of wind left several people dead in scandinavia, the u. k. and central and eastern europe. here in germany, the storm left its mark on mountain tops, major cities all the way to the coastal regions. the storm system known as nadia in germany hit the north sea coast with spectacular force wind gusts of more than a 100 kilometers an hour combined with a tidal surge to push hard. but it couldn't keep on lucas away bombs. and it's amazing that kind of power nature has while coastal areas will lift,
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batted and water loved by the rising tide. further inland emergency service workers were left to deal with the down treats while services were halted in many places around berlin in knee by brandenburg, one man died after being hit by a falling election poster. as the storm moved east and towards the higher elevations on germany's border with the chick republic, the winds. power remained, but war and ears, white cloak of snow. warnings of hurricane force winds lived up to oh, expect ations. only those with the job to do were bright enough to get out and make tracks. as germans stayed,
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battened down to get through the night with storm nadia to portugal now our votes are being counted after snap parliamentary elections. initial projections show the incumbent prime minister, antonio costa, and his socialist party with a comfortable lead over the center, right? p as d. the early elections were called after a political stalemate over spending brought down the con, acosta's, minority socialist government. and for more, let's bring in our correspondent began philip shots, who is covering this election for us from lisbon. young philip prime minister antonio costa had high hopes going into this election. now, looking at the projections, where would this preliminary result and these elections leave him? well, it's a difficult to say, or the 1st numbers indeed indicates that he has clearly won the elections sir, or where for more than 40 percent of the votes. but sir,
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his original plan was to get the absolute majority of words when he pushed for new elections. so 3 months ago because smaller parties didn't want to support his budget anymore. he was quite sure that you could achieve the absolute majority. but at the moment, it's not clear if he were really achieved, that's a main opposition party. the conservatives, they could also gain some boats and even the right wing extremists. so again, both sir, the big losers of the elections. ah, the em left wing parties so far. so at the moment it's, it's a complex situation, a prime minister, antonio. acosta. definitely. m as a good result, but it's too early to say what, sir? what will come out of it? a very complex scenario and whatever the final outcome forming
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a government one actually able to implement policies is not likely to be easy. is it? how do you think this is going to play out? exactly in portugal has had some problems with unstable governments for a long time. and it's also not clues. sure. if these elections will bring a very stable government, sir, it will be quite difficult to form a new government. so probably, maybe a premier or prime minister costa will get the absolute majority. maybe he has to form another my, a minority government. and then he has to negotiate deals with smaller parties on her case to case basis. and a lot of observers say that this might not so last though, or 4 year term, and at the same time, the challenges that are had for portugal, a huge the country,
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especially the country's economy as suffert's very badly from the pandemic. and so the new prime minister has to find a road to economic recovery for the country. a lot of work ahead for the new prime minister who might be the old by minister young phillip shelton. lisbon, thank you so much for that update. thank you. and so his voice now because raw found the tao has won the australian open and made tennis history. it's a record breaking 21st grand slam title for the 35 year old from my yorker in spain . and that puts him ahead of no like junk of it. and roger federer and al defeated russian daniel madrid of in a final nothing short of epic. it all began as a one sided affair. after striding to a 1st set victory, daniel med would have kept his cool to claim the 2nd and seemed ready to double his grand slam tally. he even began to win some fans over,
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though the crowd was firmly in the pals camp. that may just have been the boost, the 35 year old needed so awesome the come back king in his career that i'll pull his way back into the match, willing to set 6 full thought. his opponent was with him all the way. after 5 hours of playing time, the exhaustion, and the 5th and final set was there to see. method of again threatened to be the man to deny player the reco 21st grand slam title. after his us opened when over novak ciocca bitch but natal somehow found the energy to reach the all time record for a 6 month injury layer and catching cove at prior to the tournament, the spaniards says he now feels ready to play on with his favorite french opened the next opportunity to make history and moving on to the africa cup of nations where the last 2 matches of the quarter finals have been played. and senegal has made it into the semi final. they beat equitorial guinea 31 and we'll face working a faso in the final for on wednesday earlier. egypt got past morocco after extra
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time and will play host cameroon in thursday, semi final washington w. news line from berlin state you in for a report now about a german farmer taking on an energy giant. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour until then remember, there's always more on our website at d, w dot com, article really and from all of us in the newsroom, thanks for your company today. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning packs like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing,
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