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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2022 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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ah ah ah, one of mankind's oldest ambition could be within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time. the dna molecule, though, has 28 different our glasses. they are peers and rivals
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with one during goal, 2 out smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts february 16th on dw ah, this week on world stories. endless inflation in turkey. a lemon, paradise in france. we begin in ukraine where the army has been fighting pro russian separatists along the border for nearly 8 years. war is part of everyday life for residents.
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it's also much more just before the shooting starts, but you see the cats and dogs taking cover, but it's like they can feel the comic here on front lines. the internet's gunfire and shelling a part of everyday life and have been for the past 8 years for the str animals, ukrainian soldiers, and the few civilians left for the people living there. and over there, beyond that, there was no one and just the front line. most of those left the elderly and have nowhere else to go. rushing back to protest, only a few 100 meters away from these ukrainian positions close enough to watch each other, cooking, or chopping firewood. we were just a matter of minutes after the last exchange of fire, the ukrainian se, but sniper activity and drone attacks of spiked in recent weeks. as the world tries to 2nd guess plasma putin's troop build up when you cranes borders soldiers here understand that they would likely be the 1st by the brunt of an invasion. here's
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due to north. of course, we're following the news closely, but whatever happens, our army is much better shape than in 20. 14 and russia would face a lot more resistant. it's the civilians out there who are getting really nervous. i was calling to stop on the show. you see that power line, our troops of 30 meters behind it. they managed to push that position forward a bit, where you only knew more. when we 1st met catching the children 2017. the fighting was even closer. but then front line started, we're her gotten and didn't know that day. she tells us is a good day and shelling only machine gunfire for why don't i go on walks with the kids round the village and we hear machine gun fire in the distance. we just do our thing, we're not scanning your brain catches 3 children have grown up knowing nothing but conflict now is all out war seems ever more likely. she's weeks away from giving birth to a 4th. whatever she does, most people couldn't imagine bringing up
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a family the place like this. gabriella, will priscilla co betral west? this is my village. i know all the parts i know where to hide. if the bombing starts harder, i know it will protect me. there was as if i can drop into a ditch in time, are surviving will be i will of look what good for p. don't we the doctor sticking it out for years or even catches now making plans to leave. ah, 80 years ago national socialist leaders met at a villa at berlin vans a to plan the genocide of millions of european jews. in january 1942, this idyllic lakeside villa in berlin was the seeing for the infamous vans he conference. reinhardt, high durish, head of rice security, sent out the invitations. there was only one item on the agenda,
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the so called final solution of the jewish question in europe. hydro had been placed in charge of the task at the beginning of 1941. now it was a matter of implementation, the plan to transfer more than 11000000 jews to the occupied eastern territories and murdered them. at off i, sherman was in charge of logistics. the van z conference has become a symbol of bureaucratic re planned mass murder here going is that the issue here was how individual sectors of the administrative said participate in the planning organization and implementation of the matter of european juice. this is an important point for us, but it's also important to highlight that without the participation of society, this mass murder could never have taken place. most didn't math, morningish game, conan, private denunciations and laws, that excluded dues worked together. at the end of the process, there was to be
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a relatively harmless sounding re settlement. deprived of their property and citizenship. deportees were left with only one suit case. they had to pay for their own tickets to the labor and extermination camp. a one way ticket to our shreds. in 1992, the site of the perpetrators became a memorial. the museum and educational center focuses not only on the past. it likes to relate it to the present. for example, when studying the technocratic dehumanizing language of the conference protocol. my concluding, i know from colleagues that visitors who work in administration definitely have this moment when it's time to analyze the protocol linguistically, when they say, oh, the language we use now is actually quite similar understanding history and being vigilant in the present. that is the mission of the house of the van z conference
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ah, according to official data, the inflation rate in turkey is now at 36 percent. that many turks believe it to be much higher. food is becoming unaffordable. for the m n g has to print new price stickers, milk eggs toilet paper. almost everything he sells in his small shop in is stumbles . cutty co district has become more expensive again or molded as wanted her to take this pack of pastor for example. a year ago i sold it with 3.5 heroes. now it costs more than twice as much. that's not normal. square footage. manufacturers and wholesalers are hiking prices several times a month. and dear man, she has to do the same. sometimes he says he is barely able to keep up on for
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another week. i've been a shopkeeper for 10 years, but i have never seen anything like this right now. the wholesalers don't make a profit. i'm not making a profit, and the customers suffer to on the nobody wins. every one is losing a longer shronda all around the world. nations are grappling with rising inflation due to the corona, virus pandemic, entire energy causes. but the price spikes here in turkey have been exacerbated by a dramatic depreciation of the countries currency, the lira, according to official figures, inflation has sought to 36 percent. that's the highest rate in nearly 20 years. yet many think that even this i popping figure is an understatement. ruggedized for i think inflation is higher. everything got at least twice or 3 times as expensive, which with electric child should up us. we know exactly what we are paying at the supermarket. i think it's 50 percent or more. i'll fly now. ma'am,
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i've been running around for 2 hours trying to find cheap bread. i think we're seeing 100 percent inflation right now. you shall look president reggie of ty about once economic policies have so far been unsuccessful, was incorrect. nevertheless, he says he is convinced that prices will soon fall of them are good. the next elections in turkey aren't officially due until 2023 shop own of what the m n g does not know what will happen in the mean time, but he knows one thing for sure. the next price hike will definitely come. ah. in france around 1000 different yellow fruit varieties are ripening in the world's largest private citrus, tortured in a village near the pyrenees. these rare citrus type saw delicate using fruit bag,
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among odors, hands and finger all cathy on lines. when to tie mr. ripening season, they grow in the village of ace, at the foot of mechanical mountain, where they are carefully tended to fly citrus experts. it's ian and patty, you shun. now he appear haunted nerd around a 1000 different varieties says and our work is always evolving thanks to exchanges with the growers shimoda. but this is the best private citrus free collection affects all of our robbie via varieties. most people have never heard of for you, not even those who work in gastronomy loans with 320 days of sunshine a year. this village is one of the sunniest areas in france, plus the night night frosts and soil up perfect to growing citrus varieties, giving the fruits that beautiful colors. the plantation is
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a veritable fitness garden of eden with an astonishing range, as well as a few hopeful you come to the violin either on a bit of this. here is a cross between palm alone. come quiet from what her. it's going to launch a taste revolution. in the next 10 to 20 years, it's amazing truth herbs he looked for it or thing or cucumber, just like a great while of vehicle gone like the skin is kristela. they're better than a sour and sweet notes in exceptional harmon damage here and you were the philadelphia to them. usually there are only one or 2 trees of a given variety. each has its own unique flavor and each can play a key role in cultivating a new variety. there shall as sell their 150 varieties of citrus fruits to chefs from all over the world. la hon. the man, he runs a restaurant claim spy, comes to select his own. for example, for his famous benson, we go with citrus fruit pickles visited with the over them off the don't agree that
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info the idea is to taste a piece of meat with the citrus fruits to appreciate the difference. but it's a very special blend of flavors. initially, taste the game meets more, but then the buddha's hand come serve up and eventually prevails. hubbard, this is what makes the so interesting to see those on the chef develops new recipe ideas with the shall, as long novak and we basically accompany the shafts through their discovery of citrus fruit. but they're the ones who know how to use and combine them all, but there is a 2 way exchange that's mutually beneficial also, nor in return market citrus fruits worth their weight in gold. well, almost restaurants pay up to $30.00 euros. the key low that could tempt thieves. so at the engineer has devised the trick to protect the fruits with their you're gonna be blue, right?
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the wrong names on the tags. so thieves wouldn't know what they've stolen, i'm sorry, but it's my little joke that that's cuba with glue. as restaurants were closed during the pandemic, the shell is found themselves with a lot of surplus produce. but they found a solution. they created citrus fruit preserves and began also selling to hobby cooks. they will call as one of my best way home quote. i can also discover the many different varieties of such as fritz and products that preserve their qualities and flavors. and he said, he said he really high says, oh no crisis. the citrus groves of a use provide as estie ray of sunshine to the pallets and the plate
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w. d w's crime fighters are back with africa. most successful radio drama series continues, but all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and disco song, d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms. crime fighters, tune in now. ah ah ah, find out why these are crystal clear, blocks of ice costs big money and what they're used for later on in the show. i want to welcome to another edition of your max with me, your house. megan lee. here's a look at what else we've got coming up in 2.


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