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tv   Eco Africa - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm CET

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jason, this is for you to perfect. wow, this is on. that's been my work for over 40 years in patsy. the 3rd knows all about the secret to the snow globe because he's grandfather invented it. we visit his workshop in vienna. your roommates in 60 minutes on d, w. happiness is for everyone. human penises are very different from primate penises . we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature. and david, and this is climate change, pregnant sex, who happiness in 3 books, you'll get smarter for pre d w books on you too. ah, ah,
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a co africa is open at both having, i'm p shows goes and trying to make a difference. and today is no exception, and the next 30 minutes will introduce you to projects and people worked in to conserve the environment. welcome to echo africa. i am chris lambs from lagos, nigeria. hello, chris, happy to present today's show. we knew mine, m e's sondra tween over here from compiler. here in uganda. here is the overview of today's show how tiny radio transmitters make life easier for farmers in work in a fossil how awkward culture in turkey is changing the black cities marine high with how activists in israel fight fast fashion with nature. we start our show today on the island of la reunion. the french territory is
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located east of madagascar in the middle of the indian ocean, la rayon hawes cities of an ambitious goal. by 2028. the island wants to completely read itself of the fossil fuels and also switch all of its energy production to the renewables in africa has taken a look at what progress has been made so far. with reunion island is famed for its beautiful beaches and large green mountains. but it comes to carbon emissions. the islands redcoat is less attractive. around 2 thirds of its energy needs are covered by fossil fuel. these heavy oil factory in the city of flu pool is run by french utility e d f. in future it's you to switch to luckily couple neutral operation running on calls are in soil. just one step towards achieving an ambitious goal. switching to
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renewables completely by 2028. this power plant owned by obama runs partly on coal from south africa in partly on domestic bio mass. it will need to switch completely to bio mass in future. the sugar refinery next door it his provides a convenient source of the quinn. fuel gun will utilize as much of the sugar cane as possible. we pressed the liquid out of it in descent and f court in the kens, gets distributed on the surrounding fields as fit laser. the molasses go to the ram distilleries. the albumen pars teaching, uses the plant fables to produce image that flows into the public grid from which we then draw our electricity, is oh, by that him on the bottom of the albumen power plant, accounts for around 11 percent of the islands overall in 80 output the conversion to all bye, almost production is costing the company 200000000 euros. and that's just for this
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one plant. and i see no, we wally doesn't, did the visa, i went to new storage toms, they have a capacity of 9500 cubic meters each. you have, these are the kind of units remain you use. like we planned to his sustainable bio mass that meets european union standard. my wife will initially use would pellets from the united states, but will later switch to suppliers closer to home, like in mozambique and south africa. her pre qualified font deposit. i known issue oil as it was on ega. i think you should only 10 percent of the would pallets will be sourced from the island. that means 900000 tons a you will need to be imported. the company sees it will still cut the plants over carbon footprint by over 80 percent that environmental activities. john claude food vasa says, importing ward is not a sustainable solution. is for effectiveness of cause this factor is need to be
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converted, but we also need to build up our domestic production of bio mass that will be better for the environment in creates more jobs for tulsa build this house. if few years ago. it's a creepy with solar panels into solar boiler. no closet. so i'm just making t. i'm hitting the water with solar power in the herbs are for my gardens, make it. it blocked on the co garage and korea there. how's his built in ventilation? so he doesn't need air conditioning, it uses only if 3rd of the energy that his old house required. so he has surplus electricity that he sells to the public greed. he says many more homes could be converted to solar power without great expense, nor collage of the manner for wildlife. it's around him is all i could show you.
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plenty of houses go still do new solar power. if they all had solar panels into solar boilers that would already cover half of the islands in need, you need to we are the counselor poor satisfy our 2nd po holly neighbors rendition together. but kristin got strows the latrice to produce during the day to feed it into the greed it peak times, understood, kill energy, panola lawfully more. the company plans to expand this model and multiply it solar output 6 volt. that would be another important tip towards achieving genius core of covered all its image needs with cupboard neutral renewables. by 2028. it would be good if more returns followed a law ringing is example. if carbon emissions content wise and checked the art could warm up by 5 degrees in the next a 100 years, according to the intergovernmental panel on climate change, that would have catastrophic consequences. thus right, sandra here in africa,
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farmers already struggling with climate change periods of drawled extreme heat. no rainy season to cope with the difficult conditions was leader this knowledge in book, in the far so there is a project that uses unusual means to pass that knowledge on to farmers. at 1st glance, bama is a village, like many orders in book in a fossil, but it's also part of an ambitious pilot project aimed at bringing helpful information to the countries raw regions. here, small hoarder farmers can use their forms as, as radio programs. the feature agricultural in for me in 4 local languages called transmission a tear program as practical ideas and suggestions. the listeners lang . my uncle, you, thanks to this radio show that i call i learned how to get with laser pellets from
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yada. i'm from a about any finance we found out about the bucket s m channel and learn how it works, what we really appreciate. and the best thing is that with just a few clicks, you can call up and look into older program equity. don't show that is a great feature. it got sick if you want them in a goal or let me me the technology behind it is simple summer's going call of programs free of charge. possible radio transmitters doesn't use of data volume or require some cat. all that's necessary is to be within a specific 6 kilometer range. the radius patient, dumber delay, one of the project partners can be listened to in the middle of rise fields. some of the programs can be access later on demand by people unable to listen to live broadcast by those who don't have radios. time behind a microphone is given to farmers, but also because you will experts,
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the wrong thing. this is a leopard, but us on this one. we talked about preparing the soul for planting the berries and also about the distances that farmers should leave between the waterways and their feel needed as soon as he limped by the. we also discussed the use of pesticides and their effects on the soil and the negative impacts on plants . no visitor. the project is not a one way street of an abuse has regularly meet with families representatives to find out which topics of interest to them. the summers were welcome programs about seed and fertilize has been high yields, but also protect the soil seek you aren't on the pallet as universal. those with her the bought new and interesting innovations. tell us about them. if me standing up also in contact with specialists from various dealers, while they very often suggest we talk to people who have special expertise on
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certain topics. so the for the group here in bama has a major influence on our program and through their products. you know, the publisher the device is coming from a project partner in germany and of finance by the german development agency g. i said the program tag has regions with poor or no radio reception example for in fast predictor briefly, we piloted pockets of feminine but deeply bomber about dear bull. good and in the cascades region is set faster in it. a comprehensive cafe couldn't, which was so successful that we want to introduce bucket have them in the rest, are back in a facile in the coming weeks and months. passenger down there, push instrumental approach m one in the future video clips will also be available even without internet connection. the team is currently shooting one about vegetable diseases and how to treat them. but regardless of our multimedia, it becomes pocket fm will continue to record those issues and need nearest and
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dearest of the farmers. just like it has always been years in resources. first, possibly, that's the aim of the activist your ball to meet in our next report. in israel fashion designers, i found a strike in way to draw attention to the amount of waste that's produced by the industry. years this week though, in your bits a case made of bags and packaging with a box as a hat just fully or is it fashion? these colorful outfits were made by artists. but it, so me a 2nd glance you see that actually made from trash. ah, like this bubble wrap, wedding dress complete with veil. and how about this funky blazer, a slew of cigarette butts?
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it's actually quite awful because there is a think is mo. and also you can imagine that all those but was on the beach and on the street. and it's one or it's the most common. they're threat macarthur. this artists group in israel is holding a mock fraction show in television harbor to protest the damage, fast fashion reeks on the environment. the fashion industry is a major culprit in humming the planet. especially fast fashion cheap items of clothing that end up in landfills off to being warned. just a handful of times. even a simple cotton t shirt needs nearly 3000 liters of water to produce. and every year the fashion industry generates over $1000000000.00 tons of c o too much more than the ation industry. these is railey activists. think people should know that
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we're here because of the fast fashion problem. all the issue with trends that people go after and they just buy and buy and buy and the clothes go to 3rd world countries that they burned them and they put him in the ground and just creates a lot of pollution. there is no reason for us not to buy secondhand clothes, to use what we have. the message is clear, function can be fun, but it's even better to make it sustainable. ah, ah, then how about you? if you are also doing your best, tell us about it, visit our website, or send us a tweet. patch tag doing your bit. ah, we share your stories. sustainability is key. the united nation as declared 2022, the international yee of autism or fisheries,
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and alcohol culture. it's calling on fisheries to be more careful anthem changes in their handling of resources on echo systems. and that's exactly what slack it aside next report from turkey, chaise. oh, good, good j, as on is once again off the coast near her home town of so many past underwater pins for fish farming in the black sea together with fishermen in south all. the environmentalist is on the lookout for new fish farms. here in north eastern turkey where jobs are scarce. this is the promising new industry for many there is one over there and there is another 1. 1 kilometer further along the spot buoys. later fish cages will be fastened to them. athens
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says more bad news for the black sea to kick king, azalia meredith fish inside these overcrowded cages quickly become ill. a hostile at large fish farmers, the la massive amounts of antibiotics and other drugs to counter desolate lena. this damages the entire marine ecosystem. harrison, the kid ball echo, systemic that out all the old marine biologists all over the world. also warned that excrement and food left over from awkward cultures harm smaller marine animals . what's more, when does these fish escape from their cages? they endanger the healthy marine life around them. miss al depends on healthy fish to make a living. but that is becoming difficult because fish farms occupy the habitat of native fish species. it is so long follow. they are installing cages on the last remaining spawning grounds where we catch fish all dog fish. stocks are already decreasing while i'm with walden all last year. there were no macros and no whiting . it of them a bunch kazama zod the yoke. instead,
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young salmon are released into the pins. a species not normally found in these waters. aqua farms are booming and turkey and exporters like elk are you there, really want to share some of the profits. the amount of fish farmed in his hometown of traps alone has increased 50 folds. in the past 10 years yield a ream, who has customers as far away as japan projects the criticism expressed by environmental activists like air hon. zambrow, that it was a aqua cultures are more environmentally friendly than anywhere else in the world budget. good, i'm sure, but we only operate from the 6 months a year because the water is too warm for summer during the summer. hello, missouri on the authorities, closely monitors brianna mitchell. besides, we have noticed that our teachers are attracting other fish species and that helps the fisherman butcher during the symbolic but also muster timid alarm. but an hon says that turkish authorities do not monitor marine conservation efforts closely.
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she has been years fighting against a vast garbage dump near her home village. the case made international headlines among german filmmaker 30 eigen even produced a documentary about the dump near the coast. oh, then the dump was covered in soil toxic run off, however, still flows into the sea. air han says the entire area as an environmental disaster waiting to happen and cut it in is going to take me arter lomberg of it. it is area gets a lot of lane notice the other the dump could slide away. pop rock, car explode from the gas is building up inside her on the other problem. not all of it. yeah. and then in mid october air hans house burned to the ground. the cause of the fire is not yet clear, but she isn't ruling out arson. in found all the ash kupta fell down and frenetic
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that i am told again and again, i simply don't want people to earn enough money by farming fish or they tell me i'm pushing of for an agenda when i oppose the rubbish dumb club. clara. but my house is right next door, will they? why would i not be voicing a personal grievance? i'm bet. and when i look out to the see, i don't want to see any fish farms. st. marks of all american since the fire hans mother is now worried yon if he that i don't want her to be harmed. i know it can't be rolled out any more about killer between them. but our hon won't be intimidated . she wants to rebuild her house that make it a meeting place for environmentalists. she wants more people interested in the black sea, which experts say is under serious threat of suffocating by waste water from neighboring states. air hon cannot understand why the authorities are allowing aqua farms to further harm this ecosystem is any good candy,
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top rack. how can you destroy the planet you inhabit? just to make a profit to him? is that have been of interest for a month salary. your islet is, should be keeping people awake at night on rob, atmospheric, in addition. good to air on, refuses to accept things as they are. but for the time being she had fighting a lonely battle here in turkey. i have great respect for that woman's courage. it takes the termination to stand up to poultice. thus with one n g o in come around did. what's more, they have money to turn poachers into conservationists. that is right, chris, conservationists in camels able forest have made it a reality. the wind forest is one of the walls largest and is almost is the past in terms of indifferent animal and also to plant species. now, despite the threat of deforestation, there is hope for these unique environment this rain forest can only be reached on
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foot. zante tear and the able forest research project team are on the lookout for rare primates. oh oh look and that's a guerrillas nest way was on tomorrow, usually build them on the ground. worry after their evening meal, they make themselves a place to sleep. longer secrecy. well, on frederick he onto, we haven't levin primate species here, the including guerrilla chimpanzees, and drills and prices. red calibus monkeys. nicola, by the press. the primates are in high demand with poachers who can sell them as bush meat. jaunty tear also used to make his living that way. but for most of the last 10 years, he's only study their tracks to find out which animals are traveling way in the forest. he lives in liberty on the edge of able forest. one of the 3 villages that are taking part in the project they do when i have grasped what impact voting has.
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and anyway, like, it's not really a profitable business particularly. okay, yes, you can earn a bit of, but the income is very irregular. that's why i decided to stop hunting is angeline snoopy shaheed. usually now, he only gets to see the animals in video footage. the researchers have set up 17 trial cameras in the part of the forest rigorously. besides chimpanzees and gorillas, these forest elephants are also threatened with extinction. and the extremely shy drills are particularly at risk. the ebel forest research project was set up by the san diego z wildlife alliance which supports primate conservation. it's been collaborating with the villagers for more than 10 years. many of them used to be poachers. now they've learned to
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collect data on the animals or set up camera tra, anyone who wants to take part must join a gorilla guardian club. then they get paid for their work for gone during finance or have to thin out the clearing a bit. so the camera isn't obstructed. sandy, i hipaa laconia. once a month the team spends a few days venturing deep into the rain forest. they use campuses and t p. s to find their way. marcel kitchen has been part of the team for 9 years. the environmental scientists records precisely where each animal trail is found. what's particularly interesting are the movements of the around 25 gorillas that were discovered here in 2002 or 2. then they were only 2 known gorilla subspecies and cameron. one group living south of the seneca river and another hundreds of kilometers away to the north. for the reason why we call we are collecting the
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sample is to do some genetic analyses to find out, well, how related the glass of a boy o 2 doors farms hard of the cassandra, the coffee where glue less able forest in southwestern cameron covers an area of almost 1500 square kilometers and borders on nigeria. it is part of a large rain forest region, the 2nd largest world wide of to the amazon in brazil. to protect the rain forest in the future. the project aims to include the residence of the more than 40 villages surrounding the forest. this re village is taking part in the project so far. all have a gorilla guardians come to enable the residence to feed their families without having to resort to poaching. they can join the local club. here they get help to buy live stock or plant vegetables or cocoa o.
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like here in liberty, there is a small school in the other 2 villages on the edge of the forest. the teachers receive training from the scientists and protecting the forest and its animals has become a fixture of the curriculum. even more than that, what kind of animal is that? then one, a gorilla man, lee. the idea is to raise awareness about the topic among the youngest villages. so can move lead aloe. what i like about the course is the gorillas homeless. they are like people elderly and what i learned is that hunting isn't good because animals are like people are gone live the project has made many of the visitors see the forest with different eyes like so. wanted to some 90 percent of the one time coaches have become farmers. and that's what the children see while they grow up. but the guerrilla guardians clubs don't want things to stop there. move along through unfair, do we want to know goes on to be created,
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was on which the measures to guarantee the survival of the guerrillas are respected rush because the species is in danger. o extinction. finish body shop element. that's why he only takes his children to the edge of the forest. well, look here, this trail, what animal left, that trail, that he saw a porcupine. he wants his children to know about animals, but he also wants them to know when to leave the forest to its inhabitants. we hope you enjoyed the feel and elect members of the gorilla guardian club me or is walked through native we the ice often. good bye for me, sandra, twin over here in compile a gander and see next week. thank you, sandra. if you want to know more about a co issues follow up on our social media channels, all the best for me to. i have chris alam saying good bye from lagos.
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ah, with ah, with
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you. oh you been you made in vienna gazing. this is for you to perfect world, and that's been my work for over 40 years. in taxi, the 3rd knows all about the secret to the snow globe. because he's grandfather invented it. we visit his in vienna. oh, your roommate. in 30 minutes on d. w. ah
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how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now for free. with soccer is a sportive colors. and the children in this mountain village of them all can everyone be adorned with them regardless of gender wears blue, the color of her favorite sexes traditions prevent her from going to game, playing and insur a little girl hook, all of the big distorts february, 4th on d, w ah,
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the sustainable news line from berlin, rafael, and that dow winds the australian open and makes history, the spaniard bates, russia as daniel meant, if in 5 that's in melbourne, taking his 24 grand slam title more than any other male player before him. also on the show winter chaos on the us east coast heavy snow and hurricane force winds battery boston and new york.


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