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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2022 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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howard, they are peers and rivals, with one daring goal to outsmart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts february 16th on d, w. mm. ah ah, this is deal of the news live from berlin when to chaos on the usb st, caused heavy snow and hurricane force winds that batter,
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boston and new york disrupting the lives of millions authorities, issue blizzard warnings for the region and nice. i stay home and brice for extreme cult also coming up portugal votes for a new parliament 2 years sooner than scheduled. the early election was cold after a political deadlock on spending brought down the minority socialist government. a key election issue is the pandemic. and northern ireland commemorates a massacre that changed its history. families marching the city of dairy to mac, 50 years since the bloody sunday killings. when british troops opened fire on civil rights protest is leaving a trail of tragedy and political turbulence. ah, i am jared ray. thank you very much for your company. a major winter storm has slammed into the east coast of the united states,
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bringing strong winds and heavy snow. severe weather alerts issued across a region of around 70000000 people. residents there are being urged to stay in doors and avoid unnecessary travel. the snow storm is almost empty. the streets of boston with authorities urging people to stay at home. the bomb cyclone, as meteorologists call it, has generated a dangerous mixture of snow and hurricane force winds. in new england storm surges are threatening communities along the coast, forcing many people to flee inland to safety. we got some sandbags. we elevated things in our basement, but this is one of the worst storms i've seen so far. tens of thousands have been left without power along the eastern us. in rhode island, driving is only allowed in emergencies. new york city was spared the worst of the blizzard. some were out enjoying a rare sight manhattan blanketed by a half
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a meter of snow. this is just a nice sweet winter snowfall along so happy that it is harry unless you hear her. ha. okay, there snowball fights. the storm is expected to continue until sunday morning until then it stay home or get home as soon as possible. and earlier i spoke with meteorologist matthew compute, she who's currently in cape coding, massachusetts. i asked him what the situation looks like in the us overall. 70000000 people under different winter storm warnings, blizzard warrens at one point with 10000000 people seeing a foot or more snowfall. now the good news, it's pulling us your now the store is moving into the canadian americans and then she kind of out of our neck of the woods, but behind me it lifting plastering of snowfall. boston 2nd. biggest storm on record and biggest calendar days. know total on record and as you can see where i
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am on, we think about 91 in the spouse roughly about by 50 meters, which is the most recent here since i from the i'm sorry. what is the bomb side? i can make a param, basically, it's an a low pressure system that drops incredible amount of air pressure. $24.00 mil bars in 24 hours. it's actually becoming a vacuum cleaner. sucking more area rapidly intense fine. but this thing break in at double the rate needed for obama. genesis going from barely blip on whether maps we harking for slow, just just absolutely incredible weather in the way you're describing it. now this code is expected to keep the east group east coast in its great, well into sunday. what do you think the authorities have it all under control? yes, so the storm pulls off. sure. we have to remember that low for system spin counterclockwise and now we have winds out of the west, north, west, pulling down a frigid canadian air mass. and a lot of people still don't have power. the entire community of province on cape
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cod without power about 2030 percent of cape cod does not power either. they're in the dark to be able to heat their homes now suddenly spinning cold outside know what to do. other interesting element. but down there, the road was before them there, the roads are loud. it's been about 18 to 24 hours since the snow started. the house can buy one and didn't even plow. this is going to drove over the roadway. we have roughly 30 to 40 centimeters or snow on the road and i've been here for decades. these are the worst road conditions i seen really any point in my life cycle. just because we have, i think so far, rape eclipse in 10 centimeters per hour. there's no way anyone would be able to pilot really keep up. so they just didn't. and now we're kind of snowed in that was mess you can peachy in cape cod, massachusetts. matthew enjoyed the snow stay warm. many thanks. thank you. and it's been a stormy last 24 hours here in germany as well as storm nadia brought strong winds
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and flooding to much of northern europe. germany's north sea coast was hit by a tidal surge of more than 5 meters above the usual high tide. the storm bert brought hurricane, like gusts of wind with up to 130 kilometers per hour. speed reported. one man was killed and several others were wounded by flying debris. and let's get a round up of some of the other stories making world news to day. britain is preparing to offer nato, a major deployment of troops, warships, and jets, to eastern europe. u. s. president joe biden also plans to send american troops to boost nato. his presence in the region, u. s. defense officials are warning that russia has deployed enough forces on ukraine's border to invade the entire country. thousands of protest is gathered in canada's capital also were to protest against coven 19 restrictions. they joined a convoy of truck drivers,
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demonstrating against the government policies. some compared the measures to fascism prime minister justin trudeau described the demonstrations as quote, very troubling and a small but very vocal minority. russia is relocating naval exercises that were set to take place off the coast of island after the irish government complained the original location was in international waters within islands exclusive economic zone. moscow said it made the concession to avoid disturbing irish fishing place and to portugal. now where people are voting for a new parliament today, 2 years earlier than scheduled now, the selection was called after a political deadlock on spending brought down the minority socialist government poles put the governing socialist party slightly ahead by it's lead has dwindled sharply in the last few weeks for many people in portugal, the main issue remains the countries fight against coven 19. the country has
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experienced record stating in fiction numbers in recent days. our correspondent young philip sholtes reports from the capital. lisbon. it's all about on the cross here in the parliamentary elections and parts about around 10 percent of all potential voters are currently in isolation. they are encouraged to vote during a one hour slot in the evening, but there are no designated areas for them here at the police station. some portuguese say this could affect the vote terminology. the people are very concerned with. with all the questions of security and safety of, of the voting for the older people could be an issue. but of course the organization takes care of that to be safe to, to vote. the current wave has over pipelines, important political topics such as the countries post cove, it, it could not make recovery plan. most observers, the neck and neck race between socialist prime minister costa and the conservative
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main opposition party. the far right to say got part, it could also benefit from the situation. however, many portuguese say that what they want most of all at the moment is political stability. john phillips shelton, lisbon that well northern island is mocking 50 years since the bloody sunday massacre. we vent events across the country. on this day in 1972 british soldiers shot dead, 13 unarmed civilians during a protest in the city of london dairy, also known as dairy. and of course, the consequences can still be felt to day these people a commemorating one of the darkest chapters of the north, not in conflict, one that unfolded 5 decades ago to day. thousands of mostly catholic protest says had gathered for rally against a new law, allowing imprisonment without trial. british troops were deployed to block the marches off to you started throwing bottles and stones. soldiers responded with
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tear gas rubber, bullets, and water cannon. the paratroopers also opened fire with live rounds shooting at the marches off. less than half an hour of shooting, 13 marches were dead. with overt does more injured. the 14th would succumb to their wounds. months later, the soldiers claimed their talk. did gunman and bomb throw as a government enquiry support to the armies account, but was panned as a whitewash? only in 2010 would a 2nd. enquirer pulled ever one shot was unarmed at nope, alms were thrown, that soldiers had lied. the conclusions of this report? oh, absolutely clear. there is no dive. there is nothing equivocal. there are no ambiguities. what happened on bloody sunday was both unjustified and unjustifiable. it was wrong. the british government issued to form an apology,
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but to this day, no one has faced trial over the killings. each member, poland is working on a permanent security offence. a fence along its frontier with bella rues for months . now thousands of migrants have been trying to reach the european union via that route. poland says the wall is a justified response to the crisis, but critics say it's a barrier for genuine asylum seekers. the foundation for a border wall is dug into the frozen ground along the polish bell ruffian border. the 1st stage for a 5 me to high steel fence with motion detectors, poland barrier to prevent people from crossing whatever these fence is being erected for safety reasons. so that we don't have to fear any further provocation from belarus. details of the exact route of the fence are being kept secret. every day between 20 and 50 undocumented people tried across the border, se polish border gods. that significantly less than
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a few months ago. there met by almost 10000 polish soldiers and gods, and loudspeakers blaring in different languages. the polish buddha is closed. this is the end of your journey go back to minsk, but refugee 8 organizations believe the more than 360000000 euro project is misguided. left on the vast sums of money spent on building this barrier would be enough to establish an effective arrival and asylum system in poland. this has been lacking for years back. we owe that for critics. the fence is not a sign of strength, but rather of the failure of polish and european refugee policies. the government of peru says an offshore oil spill is twice as big as previously reported. it now confirmed that $12000.00 barrels of oil leaked into the sea. 2 weeks ago at a refinery owned by the spanish oil company rips all through,
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his government has demanded compensation. but rep, so says it was an act of nature. they have an almost impossible job cleaning up after this ecological disaster of volcanic eruption. thousands of kilometers away in tonga, triggered waves that hit a tanker of peruse coast, causing this severe oil leak. but the fishing communities, blame reps, all the oil company that owns the refinery, where the accident happened at that moment door. it's been 2 weeks since the oil spill and no one has been held accountable. that should be someone in prison right now. are you that any on all those is duncan? i think this needs to stop the poor animals, the fish we're supporting, the municipalities by donating hair to clean these beeches. won't believe why bela, but it is a barley get is a flyer president pedro castillo has toward the affected area and he to
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once answers yes or i would like to confirm the seriousness and responsibility of this government to make the company comply with its criminal, civil and administrative obligations we can not have a sick c one, no home or o. a peruvian judge has band wrestles regional executives from going abroad. as investigators look into the incident, russell says it's cooperating with the government and is also focused on cleaning up the environment. to breaking news in tennis, russ, i own the doll has won the australian open making history in the process. it's the 21st grand slam title for the 35 year old, which separates the spaniard from novak jock itch and ro to fit roger federer. no
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doubt defeated done the mid video in 5 sits. the final score 266-764-6475. it's the 2nd strategy, an open title for an adult. his 1st was over 10 years ago in 2009. it's the 2nd grand slam, final victory for him over mid viet of nadar also defeated him at the us open in 2019 you're up to date up next is our technology show shift. we'll have more of course on that result from the australian. i've been in our next show in 45 minutes. stephen. ah welcome to the dark side.


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