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tv   Doc Film - Opaque Worlds - The Power of Undercover Agencies  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2022 9:15am-10:00am CET

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i'll play equitorial, guinea, and reminder. now the top stories are following for you. a major winter storm has slammed into the eastern united states with high winds and heavy snow. severe weather alerts were issued across a region of around 70000000 people. residents are being urged to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. you're watching deed of you news live from berlin. we'll be back with more headlines at the top of the hour until then there's always our website, p w dot com. i'm the spicer, thanks for watching with ah, linda. oh. what people have to say
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matters to us. ah. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter, every weekend on d. w. ah. ritz berg 2009. the u. s. pointed the finger ready run yesterday. the united states, united kingdom and france, was at a detailed evidence to be i a year demonstrating that the islamic republic of iran has been building a cover uranium enrichment facility for several years. this is that the flu ron's leaders immediately suspected spies in their ranks repaired to talk to orders were given to hunt down those who had disclosed nuclear secrets in the process. iranian intelligence came across an encrypted platform where c i. e. agents exchanged
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information the iranians working, who were also very active in iraq, had somehow been able to compromise that system if a run could crank the secret ca, messages the lives of hundreds of agents would be in danger. with a super computer generated cryptographic systems, you need a super computer to attack it. a china has some of the worlds fastest super computers and good relations with iran. so it may be that the iranians passed the intercept over to the chinese. they processed it. they were able to decrypt it with the help of the decrypted messages. the iranians exposed the ring of c i. agents, the discovery had unexpected consequences. and several from the c i a switch sides. a number of important cases of ca,
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officers who were turned by the chinese and were working for them most damaging to the cia. was jerry lee's betrayal from 2010. he helped chinese intelligence unmasked, at least 20 cia informants in the country. they were jailed or executed. in one case, the punishment was especially cruel. not only was the spy executed, but also his pregnant wife was executed as well. and this was done on closed circuit television so that the people in the ministry where he worked could witness the event. chinese intelligence operations range from extremely brutal to almost silent. a former senior official in the, in a say, said that russia is like a hurricane. and china is like climate change. i think that in the 20 twenty's we'll probably see the chinese spying the heck out of us. on the other hand will be spying the heck out of them. ah,
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ah. mm. in mid 2019 a. chechen man was crossing berlin's 2 garden park. the man was living in germany under a false name. out of nowhere, a cyclist appeared, carrying a pistol with a silencer attached to the victims. a lincoln hung goes really was shot 3 times. for years he had fought against russia as a militia leader in the caucuses does offer at the new zebra, the, the victim had a really checkered history in the chechen wars done. after that, it was clear that georgia intelligence had maybe recruited him, isn't the right phrase for life, but he definitely cooperated with them. and he was used for negotiations, for example, on long angles that's in 2001 on gosh,
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really join the chechnya and military resistance movement, which later became the islamist caucuses. emerett knocked him often battle in go against him until after an apparent attack on him was only narrowly stopped in georgia. he went to ukraine in of san contact from his contact from the georgia intelligent service. still working there today. the size sunglasses. that means russia must have considered this man an enemy 2 or even 3 times over, unused, that apparently put him on a russian intelligence deathless. and a tortoise listless wilson diamond, cisco potter there are said to be as many as 20 targets on that list. russia wants revenge the suspect in the hunger. sh, feely killing is also suspected of a 2013 shooting that was caught on camera in moscow. there to a bike was involved. the suspect is fighting crazy cough, a former soldier. perhaps because of a lack of russian co operation on this issue, we've expelled to russian embassy employees from the countries butch,
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off to slanders, hobbies but vladimir putin was unmoved at the week. but each him, oh, which he has rosky could originally, but he has kissed it on that yet. not correctness, though russian side had repeatedly asked our german colleagues for the extradition of disbanded this murderer who beat. unfortunately, there was no agreement on the issue. leslie, same opinion with the world of intelligence services can be brutal, some under them dignities, it also signals the extent of one's power to other nations. i, when it comes to achieving goals through lethal and military means that restraint has fallen away. line because the international community simply hasn't done enough to correct the situation for it's effective. so it's used with less and less restraint. it's the ultimate one gram dying. that's when the suspect went on trial in berlin, russia and it's intelligence services. we're also on the dock. the accused denied
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everything, calling it a case of mistaken identity. was the park murder also a way of sending a message to germany in the selected as intelligence agencies would see it on the act didn't really concerned germany. hawkins. like other states, if they reserve the right to hunt any, when they deem a terrorist anywhere in the world of and if necessary, shoot them dead and also to a feast traitors faced the same fate defector sergey scree. paul was poisoned in england, decent as on the us spectacularly, and these especially sensational cases take place according to time and opportunity site one to kelly. i think about it. if mister scrape all had lived in berlin, there would have been another t a gotten case. is she hum syfy or years? russian intelligence had a policy of punishing traitors wherever they live atop was cloth, vimovo c o c. it wasn't always that way. in the cold war,
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spies like rudolph able, which changed for you as prisoners, often and potsdam, on the outskirts of berlin, under the watchful eyes of the shed asi. but even then motors also took place in 1954 k g b defector. nikolai hall cloth told western media that he was ordered to poison a dissident in germany using a poison dart from a cigarette case. o clubs, family was then sent to a labor camp. but it's messed over as far as western europe was concerned, both superpowers turned away from secret service assassinations for to that because many cases led to a huge public media outcry around the world like tom. and they wanted to avoid that altamont for mine. cases like that of georg markoff, were to sensational. the bulgarian was murdered in london in 1978, using
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a poisoned bullet, fired from an umbrella. the u. s. to planted assassinations as revealed to congress in 1975. have you brought with you on some of those devices which would have been able to say i ever used this poison or we haven't a for killing people? no, don't fight an enemy. does this to fall a fire? the darn it does was jim fire les smaller than was alons input in the u. s. it was domestic scandals following watergate that led to secret service assassinations being officially banned by the president wooden. now, since 2002, the cia seems once again find any means justified. this is missouri are in eastern poland, far from the capital, warsaw, and near the border with bellows hidden in
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a forest is a polish secret service facility. this is where the cia has taken members of al qaeda and other terrorism suspects. once in poland, they were tortured by c. i. agents similar things have happened in bagram enough. galveston and abu ghraib prison in iraq, where the torturing fluted humiliation in poland. prisoners were interrogated using illegal methods as ordered by ca, leadership, even today, the areas under tight security, military police follow our camera team were filmed, and our car searched in 2017. a civil lawsuit by inmates revealed the extent of cia practices, lawyers for a victim interviewed jose rodriguez, a former c,
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i a covert operations officer. i just saw that the record is clear for the techniques for which you sought approval, were the attention grass walling facial hold. facial slat, cramp confinement, wall standing, dress positions, sleep deprivation, water board, use of diapers, insects and mach burial. now i'm not asking what got approved. i'm asking whether those were the techniques for which you requested approval. yes. today is january 16th the ca, hired psychologist genes e mitchell, and paid his company $81000000.00 to develop enhanced interrogation method will help your pennsylvania at the request of gibbons p. c. the 1st victim was i'll tell you the member opposite beta. why was he water boarded after
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he started cooperating? you'd have to ask the c i a why they wanted to continue doing that? well, i was the head of it and my analysts were concerned that perhaps he was not compliant . i was zubaydah was among those tortured for weeks in poland. he lost an eye. were they there voluntarily? they were not there voluntarily, but they could stop the interrogation if they agree to comply. the prisoners were later sent from poland to guantanamo bay. there to the c i a and f b, i use torture, iowa, so 70 days of intensive torture, nor sleep sexual assault, beating no medication, nor food. i am not allowed to go to the bathroom. i have to p and do everything in my clothes. you know, because i was chain, they say either i beg them or i do in my clothes and i chose to do in my clothes.
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former police officers were also involved in trying to get the prisoners to talk to lieutenant russel zullie is a police officer from chicago. he gave me a letter in that letter. it says that my mother would be kidnap and to put in a prison where of the world only man my heart. bravo. and i knew that mormon, that there was nothing to lose. for several years, muhammad told seller he had contact with al qaeda terrorists. he knew followers of osama bin latin. he also met students from the so called hamburg, so among the group were would be terrorists including mohammed, alta and z, a gera. they were later tasked with quickly learning how to pilot
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a large plane. the pair were regular visitors to stand on a mean hamburg street and home to solve his mosque, where they made friends with others, including rumsey, been as sheep who became the groups leader, leader in 2003. been out. she was tortured and interrogated for weeks. and accused old salary of being the person who had told the 911 pilots how to get to afghanistan. ah, where's the call those over here right now? we might have a hard yard over here to america 11 time to come with
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the one that had the bowling. wow. with going to the boy always more the attacks on new york and washington left around 3000 people dead and forever changed the united states. george w bush had been president for a few months. he called on the international community to fight a war on terror. there is universal support for the american people. sadness in their voice. but understanding that we have just seen the 1st floor of the 21st century or has been declared us.
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we will lead the world to victory pickering intelligence agencies were charged with ensuring that victory, especially the cia. one of the most famous covered up figures in american history co for black famously said to congress, there was a before $911.00 and an after $911.00. he says, after 911, the clubs came off beginning in 2002. the ca build secret torture prisons, not only in poland, but also in romania. al qaeda members were interrogated in these so called black sites. in thailand of damn war error surveillance facility became a torture prison ah, from guantanamo bay, in cuba, to eastern europe to asia. the ca is black sites cover at the globe. the cooperation of foreign countries and sea ice detention enter nation program was absolutely essential. there was no way to do this program on us soil. the cia
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needed the cooperation of foreign officials and they're willing to pay for their cooperation. every nation in every region now has a decision to make either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. with you freedom and the dignity of every life was said, i've been, i love those people at that asked because of our way of life, but we will never abandon our way of life. ironically, the 1st thing that they did, they abandoned their will of life of democracy freedom. and that was the real win of the x that i missed. the usa, which warned afghanistan, and any rock where the justification was supposed to weapons of mass destruction.
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in doing so, they made enemies of muslims, the world over milan in 2003, abu omar was snatched from the street after midday prayers. the operation was carried out by 23 c. i. agents, including portuguese operative sabrina de sosa. the ca wasn't concerned about breaking italian law, chill of even israel, for decades, a hot bed of conflict. in the mid 19 ninety's gestures towards peace were once again shattered. this time a bus bolling carried out by islamist, the palestinians. most of the bombs had been constructed by yaya sh. in 1996, an informant working for israel's shin break domestic intelligence service, slipped him a cellphone containing semtex and explosive. the device exploded, healing i ash. israel's foreign intelligence service most sod also carries out
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assassinations. at the time, it was led by shopped. i shall eat e ah, masha hello, coolly may sequel him. him, god is targeted, killing a good and effective strategy on nicola. as yet is actually shay kunkle. why mom, she will chill us. let's say i'm trying to find and eliminate the leader of a terrorist group and he knows it, they the syllable, then he'll spend half his time protecting himself. all huffily come, she was last time. he then can't used to organize terror. annella's elastic la hm. shima hose mills, luncheon or shore blocked vishal bordeaux, the length to which marsan goes can be seen in this surveillance camera footage from a hotel and dubai. in 2010 israeli agents disguised as tourists pursued
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a target mahmoud. alma bu. a high ranking hamas member. a massage operative suffocated the man in his room with a pillow. defi love. i made a mistake, molly, which that then had of my side has since admitted i, tim. the operation had to be carried out so quickly. that massage didn't have enough time to produce loss identity and was up near to product to unfortunately, dental individuals had to travel under the same identity again and again, it and it hit my muscle most on agents were unmasked. such teams aren't always that big. in 1995 in malta and agent shot dead, the head of your stomach, a haunt group frantisha khaki. the terrorist group was weakened for months because as i saw shouldn't oh yes, in the past the assassination of leaders has sometimes led to the destruction of their entire organisations. lord domonique, shall i go as his loathing israel's greatest foe?
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iran has shown that it has a nuclear ambitions of its own. in 2021. it tested a missile capable of reaching space. nuclear missiles would pose a serious threat to the small country that is already targeted by conventional rockets fired by palestinian groups in 2018 is rarely prime minister benjamin netanyahu didn't mince words in front of the cameras. the wrong lark, 6 us designed interview with you on a separate, to hide and seek with well. but israel didn't stop at accusations in the media using guns and explosives. most odd agents also killed several iranian nuclear
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scientists. in iran, the murdered scientists were celebrated as martyrs. lou key part of the plan was to form new organizations to continue the work. this is how dr. morse st. fuck reside a head of the project. ahmad put it. remember that name. in november 2020 the head of iran's nuclear program was attacked while driving with his wife. massage had set up a disguised machine gun and triggered it remotely. the nuclear scientists had no chance when iran announced it would retaliate vash, any one who? no, no, no, no. many iranians have been killed around the world in recent years. well,
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i did it start a war. know if she has a gun, hamlin, we'll huh. intelligence agencies carry out their orders, them and then all of them will clog in democracies. the government is responsible for intelligence agencies with family and children. it can't escape that responsibility could go. holy leave law who will, who loss angeles. for many years michael, germany worked in the city as an f. b i agent at times he did undercover work, infiltrating right wing to regroup, terrorism is attacking and what i learned working undercover in, alright, militant groups was that it is at sign of weakness. so for a group to be using this tactic is a clue right away that there are very aware in 1991 los angeles and the entire
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u. s. were shaken by the police violence against rodney king, amid huge divisions in the country, german infiltrated california's neo nazi, seen the undercover agent trying to comprehend the extreme, right? these individuals, they're not just in their own world, making their own decisions. they're often reacting to things that government does during the time that i was under cover, that was just ruby ridge siege. it was during waco when horrible. see each inferno killed dozens of people in 1993 the f. b. i rated a cult in waco, texas, around 80. people died hard to convince somebody to become a fugitive for the rest of their life. but if the government is engaging and activities, torture kidnappings, detention without a trial, then you're going to increase the risk that one of these people is going to take matters into their own hand. at the end of 2001,
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the conquest of afghanistan was celebrated as a triumph in the war on terror. in bagram, near cobble us soldiers began torturing their prisoners. they saw almost every one as an enemy, or you have to look at what the intelligence was at the time. the apparatus is out tighter was roughly 4 to 5000 people. and that doesn't justify pay huge ramping up in government authority, expenditures in wars and multiple countries. for the masterminds on the war on terror were men like u. s. secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld, are part of it was, we've had a generation war that will be like the cold war where we can justify any expenditure. we can justify complete secrecy without any sort of interference from
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overseers in congress or certainly the pub way. but it wasn't just the military and the cia that were involved in underhand operations . the f. b, i were to hear a narrative that manage their age. his dose is 80 percent. and if they ever got to a point where they thought it was going too far along, they should just invite themselves to leave. that in fact, was never true. this be, i shows up, you know, talking to without good guys who are going to do coffee. but they know that you talk to them because you have been taught to him, you know, and this is like very evil, f b i is as bad as the military as bad. does the cia so make no mistake?
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if me, i, agent, when they came to want dental, they, they wanted to bury me alive. the war on terror was beginning to threaten freedom and the rule of law as we ways warranty for overseas. we're also going after the terrorist here at home and a powerful national counter terrorism center was charged with keeping alco eda and many others in it's sites. that theory was that people get infected with some radical idea, and that puts them on a path towards committing a terrorist act. so instead of looking at those 5000 people who are part of al qaeda on 911, we're looking at a 1000000 people. one suspected an individual was always a potential threat. the patriot act has helped save american lives and is protected american liberty. they were looking at everyone, including every american in gathering our information with the idea that somehow
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they would be able to sift it and find out which of us were going to be a threatened the future rock obama took over the apparatus and continued to expand it. and his successors aren't cutting the intelligence budget either, though the current amount to secret in 2010, an estimated $80000000000.00 went to 17 intelligence agencies. and the u. s. is blanketed by an almost continuous network of intelligent sites. over the last 10 years, congress has been trying to figure that out. and how many people are part of this apparatus? when congress asked, every department had to identify the number of people with clearances that they're responsible for. they couldn't do it, and they didn't even know how many people that they had given ers. ah, the digital revolution has prompted a kind of gold rush among intelligence agencies around the world. laws hardly count
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for anything any more. ah. the tools that had been intending to protect the public had been in many ways used to attack the public flagrant violations of u. s. law. constitutional rights. and more importantly, human rights. what do you do when the most powerful institutions in society have become the least accountable to society? edward snowden leaked an essay documents hinted at a massive extent of surveillance. they also incriminated germany's federal mileage and service, the b, n. d. in 2014, a bonus stock committee investigated how far the cooperation between the agencies went. thomas thomas, drake was with the essay for 7 years. the former intelligence officer made serious accusations, saying the b n, d supplied the us with data for drone warfare,
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that it was an arm of the an essay. and this a, the se, se, and search terms. and the b and d provided the data constitutional rights were being systematically undermined. one intelligence agency were searching national data for digital traces on behalf of the other a devastating system as they hunt for as much data as possible intelligence agencies need helpers or government sandra said we are going to need a lot of data about what people are uptown so we're going to let the market take care of that, and then that will be the place where we dip our straws and we can just slip up the data that we need. and that's how we're going to connect the dots that allow these companies to pursue these very strange arrangements where we think we're searching
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on google, but they're actually capturing every aspect of our online behavior in order to mine it for predictive signals. every year, the extent of the surveillance increases with in the state of utah. the an essay has huge server parks. they can theoretically store and analyze all of the world's digital data. but information alone can to prevent terrorist attacks. there was an investigation before the $911.00 commission demonstrating that the $911.00 conspiracy was lost in the vast streams of data that were being collected on a regular basis. the problem was, by the time the report came out, those vast streams had already turned into raging rivers in november, 2009. a us soldiers shot and killed 13 people at fort hood. the f. b. i
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had had the perpetrator in its sights for some time pick any of the successful plots that weren't stopped after 911. fort hood is a good example because the former f b, i, director william webster ran a commission. and what they found was that there were concrete pieces of evidence that suggested that something was wrong with his communications, but the data explosion within the bwi obscured those pieces to the critical pieces were this other attackers have also evaded f. b, i in cia, despite all their data like those in orlando and manchester. and so frank come on shore as tired. one can certainly say that a lot of things have limits, central chamber, 11th of isn't yet spy yet, but it's now 2 decades later when fin them on with and i think you really have to critically evaluate what went well thus and what went badly actually. and then also scale things, facts called justice and things didn't happen that way. and it remains a problem to this day in, besides, these days,
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u. s. intelligence agencies can monitor and even kill suspects in almost any corner of the world. yet you see a lot of lisky, i a employed and decided on drone attacks him at the end of the day. it's highly problematic when an intelligence agency gets its hands on that kind of weaponry. in the 1st place, a comped president george w bush laid the groundwork for his successor dis, shit fun for it. all the step from torture and interrogation to targeted killings happened under obama obama perceived to do nothing in the face of terrorist networks would invite far more civilian casualties. simply put, these strikes have saved lives. leticia the obama does. of course, obama decided on and supported the massive expansion of the drone program and targeted killings which globally speaking, continue to be basically the most serious crimes committed and the name of the
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state. and i'm begun with one up the drones don't kill just terrorists. im human in pakistan to win places like yemen and pakistan's, they've ended up terrorizing whole swans of land and people living there, budge b. this creates a never ending cycle of violence as the command. it doesn't come back terrorism to say it feeds terrorism in, in town with, even with drones. the covert war on terror can not be one it's well documented fit this methodology we have creating the secret compartmentalized part of our government that we don't ask about leads to considerable waste interviews for their estimates that just the effort in the quote unquote war on terrorism. with a 6 trillion dollar expenses since 2001 secret operations and
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violence have taken precedence over diplomacy for jason. bless archie's, who's deployed in cobbler for years. it's the wrong strategy. to me, it is one of the great mistakes of the united states has ever made in the context of trying to counter terror because all that that was create more terrorists. so you have met as, as ation of terrorism. i think a large part of that is because groups like are kind of groups like isis have been able to take a message that the united states is carried out. terrible torture and has killed innocent civilians and have been able to effectively market that to audiences who have then eventually joined groups like isis and al qaeda at after the american withdrawal, the threat of terrorist violence has grown enough canister him and offshoot of the islam state used a suicide bomber to kill dozens of people. the u. s. responded with a drone strike, but it's intelligence was wrong, and the strike hit the wrong people. consequences for such actions
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seemed to be lacking. even revelations about the use of torture in 2014 didn't and careers at the cia enter i. it's sharon and there was a success in this approval of this near 7000 page report, which is the largest report and senate history. but it's also important to recognize at the very same committee that approved this report, also voted to confirm gina hassle, who was involved in the georgia program at c. i director just a few years after completing deborah. it's been nearly 50 years since in operations officer rose up through the ranks to become the director . and after the experience of the last 2 months, i think i know why that is, ah, cia officers don't have to fear punishment. and they can bend the truth to suit themselves. of you consulted with president trump or members of his administration
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with regard to quote unquote, bringing back torture. no, well, i would never work. we never use torture, which i don't know what you're talking about. b, c, i. e doesn't refer to torture or just to interrogation methods that get results be conducted this review over a number of years in a basement with no windows just computers hooked up to a server. and that servers where the cia produced these 6300000 pages of records and what we saw most classified pages again and again. and again, was that when detainees were tortured, they fabricated information. in other words, they told the interrogators exactly what they wanted to. jones sifted through years of cia data, he was probably spied on himself at one point that they went in to the computers that were being used by the senate intelligence committee staff went for the emails, went through the same time messages of staff,
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and certainly went through drafts of the report, reportedly a u. s. intelligence agency breaking into the networks of its own senate. i have grave concerns that the cia so she may well has violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the united states constitution. you know, she, i hacking into, you know, santa computers. nothing could be further from the truth. and is chris, nice to see you again, was cia denies the accusation instead accusing, daniel jones are betraying secret that he study on the c. i detention the senator's the configuration time the criminal referral against staff that was again later found to be fabricated by the c. i were all tactics to delay oversight. is the c. i a in danger of spinning out of control. senate intelligence committee in the house intelligence committee were not briefed on the sea ice detention interrogation program until the same day. president bush made
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a public revelation about the program in september of 2006. the c. i itself also found that it hadn't briefed president bush on the program until years later. i thought there would be real bipartisan outrage at the fact that the c, i a knowingly provided false information the present and i states. and of course, congress in the department of justice officials like michael hayden, a former and essay and cia chief, have downplayed the issue. it was see i officers and actually i officers for the most part on television, continuing to push the same misinformation. and then we have a grill accountability crisis in our country. you know, the c i, director, was trying to mislead again the president, congress and american people. and there are 0 consequences for that. ah, germany has also been effected. the war on terror is filling the ranks of potential terrorist attackers. among them was army, some re who murdered 12 people in berlin in 2016. despite the fact that german intelligence had informed among the people he associated with the hatton hin visor,
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austin long as we had information from the state intelligence agency of mecklenburg, western pomeranian fields and informants apparently said that honest summary had connections to a large family in berlin. that itself was said to have connections to organized crime act we hadn't. lauren enforcement couldn't follow up in time just because the state intelligence agency didn't disclose the information from at soon as possible . given that information that could have saved lives wasn't revealed even after the attack this problem, the problem is that the question of whether i'm re had accomplished is in the attack has been completely sidelines. there's a very real danger that suspected accomplices. a still out there. information about undercover informants remain secret. meanwhile, potential accomplices are spared, helmeted and sweden. and as i was also on the 2nd investigative committee into the
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nsu, tara sal, and experienced exactly the same thing there, paloma child lawmakers have no incisive very little insight into the activities of informants. when happens, the committee was also denied the opportunity to call as a witness the leader of the informants who was presumably directly involved with on a summary, we filed a complaint with the federal constitutional court, but it was unsuccessful for cash. in february 2021. the german constitutional court decided that a person deploying informants was not accountable to parliament yet suck. i'm glad to hear from zayden nicholson call. you soon foolish from the point of view of the former government as i'm the court ruled that the whole landscape of secret informants could completely escape parliamentary oversight. my nonsense, not in my opinion, that's an act of madness. so i don't d legitimizes the whole field, a jesus godson, but i serve through it to stop the stop, especially in the difficult times we're living through. i think it's a serious mistake for our constitutional state and should be of
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a feeler. him in play golf was one of extra i do believe that we need intelligence services since the tough because it's just objectively the case that there are massive attacks on our rule of law is gone. our country and on europe must hear from all sorts of places and zanna, gretsch daughter of the land of our hope. our gift germany is an intelligence battlefield, with russian chinese. iranian turkish and american operative spying and violating german laws, skipped when it comes to the politics of security. there are many more actors than there used to be from. well, those actors did exist in the past, but they weren't as relevant as the big players. also play in fact, it would have been wise to keep a closer eye on them as well going to shop. ah, so should germany try to compete? ah, he mentioned in, on some people in this country have the right for germany to be different than unjust regimes and dictatorship, even ones where people are monitored in
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a way that is similar to the eastern, imaged ozzy apparatus. yeah, i got to go farm didn't i think it's going to be a bigger problem moving forward as more popular stations like china and india become ascendant. what kind of ah, model have we created for them other than they can do what they want by force. secret services continued to gain power and some have developed a dangerous life of their own. only spectacular individual cases find their way into the news. the rest remain hidden in the shadows. ah ah. shift your guide to life in the digital world. explore the latest online trains
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