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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2022 7:30am-8:01am CET

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oh listen carefully, don't know how you miss to do a good deal. the magic discover the world around you subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah ah,
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find out why these are crystal clear, blocks of ice cost big money and what they're used for later on in the show. i want to welcome to another edition of your max with me, your house. megan lee. here's a look at what else we've got coming up in today's program. furniture sculpture is created by a top designer in the greek and capital athens. and what's in a name? we get this group on a traditional cake from southern germany. a few ice cubes in a glass might seem simple enough, but what do you do if you need a big block of ice? well, that is where an ice vendor from norway can come in handy. 17 years ago, thomas olders began harvesting clear ice from a frozen lake. well now,
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his ice is in hot demand all over the world. time is of the essence in this business, as we find out from thomas, who knows exactly how to break the ice for his customers. ah. busy busy busy this is thomas ooh de room. you could call him an ice cold norwegian business man. busy he sells frozen water to build ice. hotels were to carve wintery sculptures, and he has a special relationship with ice. that doesn't leave him cold. it's melt in the summer time it melt when it gets hot, it melt. if you bring it inside an as a business point of view, it's very good because if the customers is happy for what they got on want to have it again, that will have to buy over and over again because his melts and go back to the nature us walter, blue norway has vast landscapes,
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clean water and harsh winters. so the raw material he needs is right at his doorstep. we are on the lake. yeah. very close to my eyes. farm. just one hour, east or slow. and in this area, it's normally not so much snow, but it's still normally cold, so it's gives clear and good ice quality. after nature has taken its course, he brings in the big gun. he saw the ice into even sized flocks. the ice can even bear the weight to heavy equipment using his tractor, he cuts long even tracks in the frozen lake. he must not lose any time, but the blocks of ice fries again quickly. the biggest challenge is to stay on the ice and not under dice, or i will say it's important to try to have 90 degrees angles every cut because
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then it's easier when you use it later. we don't know if it going to be love big ice wall of stack, a big pile ice to make a big ice filter. ice sculptures and hotels may be relatively new. but ice harvesting dates back centuries. the industrial each lead to a boom in the sector, norway remain to top export her of ice right up to the 1960s. and companies and private households weren't the only ones buying. there. we had some high quality ice as well at that time, and that slightly bit to say market a. so we are selling to, for example, the high and cocktail bars are in london. they also both that sort of castilla royalties. they had it, and that it should be so clear that duke india read the newspaper true, a better big ice block. nowadays, the ice is transparency, is especially important. each block weighs around a ton. with the right quality
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a block sells for about 700 euros. and it can be shipped worldwide if necessary. the blocks are used to carve intricate patterns or massive structures made of snow and ice, like this ice hotel in sweden. here, everything is made of ice from the reception to the bar in the rooms. and even the artworks are made of ice. one thing i may be never get used to it. that is so strong. it can carry a lot. oh wait. and i said, it's all so soft. he stories some 400 to 500 tons of ice on his ice farm in order could come in any time. sometimes his expertise is also called fort, he's already supplied ice to major hollywood film productions. it's a lot of different things that i and never had
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a billeted to see if i hadn't been working with snow and ice. so that's the best part to it. but personally, i think i'm more happy when i am on the beach with 30 degrees, sa sunshine, burning out over my head instead o. stay in the shallows and minus 10 or minus 20 minus soda degrees. sounds like great vacation plants. as long as he doesn't have to put them on ice to take on more exciting jobs in the cold. busy for many soccer fans around the world, german professional player boss john shrine stagger needs. little introduction. as one of the top players in the game. he enjoy boyd, an illustrious career, with byron munich ken, to played for the german national team in 3 world cups. well shine steiger retired from soccer at the age of 35, but he is making headlines again, things to a new book which takes of close look at his life, both on and off the pitch. ah,
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thus the insurance dagger is a german soccer legend. 2 years after entering his career, he's back in the limelight along with his wife, an advantage, and was author martinez. ethan martinez, you to has written a book about fancy and shine snag divorced the youngsters. miss nick, i'm very fond of busty who is coming and of course, you can't avoid developing a bit of a fatherly feeling towards some one when you're twice as age for my multiple sources. vaccine shine stagger, wanted his biography to be written, and a friend recommended author martine suitor. when the 2 met up, be instantly hit it off 10 minutes into the meeting. they already decided to work together from all 4 barons in one of her 1st meetings. busty
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said above, i'd rather read a 1000 game scores than a single box is full. and you didn't like that last night on the country that i was thrilled because it made you all the more interesting as a character in a novel or not marine for it from martinez yoder insisted on writing more than just a biography. and so boston shine stagger, became the character of a biographical novel one that strictly sticks to the facts. his, me, reiney girl is no less novel. no, we're connie, but i can't make things up from scratch for the novel. a visa, the story telling style is what makes it novel ask the art the his at taylor is, does it all? mosquito martinez it lives and zurich is one of the most popular and successful contemporary swiss writers. he achieved fame at mostly through thrillers. his books typically mixed fiction realism and social criticism,
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in which he explores the dark side of the financial world or genetic engineering. but for his new book, martin theater didn't have to come up with any of the stories. we think the thousands of feet long come under the light of the smell. i think the book is very believable. chanel for folk. tom, for those who have followed me closely, it's easier to identify which parts are 100 percent real and which as martin said, i've been slightly adapted to other or so from that perspective, i can totally see my life story in the book. so that was important. table of let me live on dog dust, little bit of horse, his wife anna yvonne of ich got to read the manuscript in advance, especially because of my thing, right? thing i think it's really touches something lived inside. then of course it was
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a different reading from all this them around and them there were some things about him that they learned maybe from the book to but um yeah i my said was very emotional and i did have some theories in my id. former tennis world champion, and a van of ich has been together with bassetti inch fine staggered since 2014 martin luther also interviewed her for his book research and discovered a previously well kept secret that from oven garbage for october home. i was curious about the engagement found talk and asked, i wanna do tell me about the marriage proposal and faith, and she answered, well hm, i've never told anyone about it before. darcy, here it turned out to be such a romantic story that i was so happy that i was allowed to write it for their boss to. so i liked the busty. so romantic professor announced even as a little boy, he watched royal weddings with such great interest. her father really like how may
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i say i could fall and ah, nasty and shy and stagger. is romantic. as you can see in the wedding photos from 2016 and as to how he convinced anna yvonne having to marry him, that's revealed in the new book. one of you most people would probably look at these items and see them either as flea market fines or even chunk that has to go. but the greek designer cost us lumbered us, might view them differently. most likely, i'm the potential them for a new chair or table. well, i'm british creates furniture collages from almost anything that he can get his hands on and the result is an eclectic mix of household items. we visited him at the studio in athens, where he lets his imagination run wild. this unusual
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mix of materials and shapes is what characterizes the sculptural furniture by greek designer, hostile slum burritos. he turns whatever he finds into homogeneous artworks. blade try not to become specialist than some material, but the changing materials all the time and just visiting different families, let's say of, of materials are just to bring some new energy in. try some new things. experiments ah, make mistakes. the greek designer makes his elaborate creations in his workshop, in the greek capital, athens, a cheer. he is working on a fountain to have an idea in your head, and then you try materialize it. but then the material also has its own character and he told substance. and he done said his buck. and maybe sometimes you don't
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like the answer. so you have to fight, or you have to collaborate. the most challenging thing is to put them together. how do you hold together a piece of ceramic with a piece of marble? how do you hold together a piece of stainless steel with a piece of glass? lambert, this is work. is attribute to periods such as the barrack style. for example, his elemental cabinet is a reference to a masterpiece of art history. the famous buttons and cabinets in 2004. the 18th century worth was auction for record price of around $30000000.00 euros, making it the most expensive item of furniture in the world. i was just trying to create this contradiction between a form that represents something very expensive, like the bud mental cabinet ah, but then may needs for materials that i collect that have no value
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or order. they're considered to be garbage. i'm british study design in eindhoven. in the netherlands. i graduated with honors. he prefers to work with his hands, whether soldiering plain tiles or glass blowing. ambrey. this doesn't shy away from any technique. i think we're all able to do everything there is there is something else that stops us. ah. so oh, it is for me is not so much about the skills is more about the will to do it. for me, everything is interesting and i cannot help that. i just want to dive into everything in the same time library. this has a large selection of materials to delve into this treasures are things that others throw away. marcel, at flea markets, all of these i collect from the street like old plastic toys,
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or some roof tiles. someone was renovating their house and they just throw them away. for, for me, they are gold broken, marbles sinks. this is one of my favorite materials to collect, and no one picks them up because they're super heavy except me. larry, this is represented by the renowned carpenters workshop gallery in paris. there is unique furniture collages are sold for 5 figure psalms. i understand the work as a, as a live organ. the is in the sense that a, you know, there is, there is an idea. there is a seeds that then we plans into the studio which is the ground. and then this think if we, if we love it and take care of it, and we will give it our energy in our time, then it starts. it's not, it's growing. castile embry, this is a designer and also somewhat of a full suffer. who enjoys international recognition
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them now for something is sweet to each. and today we're featuring a 7 layered german cake that is not only rich in taste, but also in history. so we sent out euro max reporter, felicitous 10, to find out how the so called prince or again and talk to god it's name. her latest journey takes her to munich in southern germany, where the cake was 1st invented. and where she discovers more about the bavarian leader who inspired it, made up several layers of cream and coated with chocolate. this traditional cake looks downright majestic. hi, my name is justin. we all know you have to kiss lots of products before you find your print. this cause like a print may i introduce it to mine a slice of plymouth again, it looks delicious. did you know that
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a very particular prince region gave this cake? if name didn't well then come with me. it was less friend. 3 then lloyd wall of area. he would have turned 202021. a belated happy birthday to the prince said turn and $65.00 was marked by a very special cake. someone in this cake shop is fountain of war. the apps has a pastry chef, it's very special because of it's delicious cakes. and it's unique story with this is the seating area up until this is hard used to let those. this is how it used to look exactly like in 188600 guild boys are graded. this case of course, on the prince. the recipe had to be in leverett without the law. there was the mean
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guy that we with i a and brush the cake layers. to make the sponge cake, we need the whites of 5225 grams of sugar and a pinch of salt petty at yokes and the flour. then gently followed. it is really fluffy. i'd like to lay down in it just like a pillow. the recipe has never changed. is the original recipe and method we haven't changed to saying, ha, and rightfully so. the 70 s have a hidden meaning that we'll come back to best. now the sponge cake. i us go to the oven for 4 minutes and then they rest for several hours. ah, in the meantime i will pop over to the national museum to find out more about the prince regent then lunch. but he said, jeff, being a pretty cool guy, he, wasn't he dr. comment or comment that exactly thought or his time. anyway,
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the general director of the bavarian national museum can tell us more. i ever and the hasha. he was a popular ruler now. he was down to earth and, and enthusiastic hunter. would that be well and he made people happy wherever he hunted mentioned because he would give children time off from school and ever humanity was a patron of the arts. if from today's perspective, he was very moderate because he did many things that are common nowadays on bus. in 19 o 3, he gave women the right to study for food and, and you say he liked, he had cake. he must have, he had a good appetite because from his homes like some one i would have really like to meet, discover if we all would have it on my jaw. and that's why the people unique, especially revere prince re gentle pull to this day a theatre st. subway stations and squares. his name is everywhere. a wonderful cake for
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a wonderful prince. but now i'm curious what is happening with my cake? he was a really cool guy, isn't so i've heard back to the action or cocoa butter cream. what is it? nice luca egg, white sugar. you're 100 percent cocoa math. ok. an sweet cream butter. 2 somewhat of lots of into the filaments when the layers, speaking of which a y 7 land, because they stand for bavarian, distributed needles for tickets. they include a very, a la bavaria sway bia appellate in it. i'm a friend, cona middle franconia, and lower franconia. there used to be 8 district is but now 17. that's why we have 7 layers. the, it's one west pellet in it. and it's not that. so this is open. it is, it is. so let's get sticking for sending me just high. then it's cutting time.
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that's, that was that was either an original cutter and it was already used 150 years ago with a real antique. and to finish she had applicant, jem and chocolate on top. ah, i think it did a great job and we did a fantastic job. that's good. all right. then i've earned his lives. haven't died. yes, go for it. very fluffy, very delicate. loving a freedom like a prince. and finally, here in berlin, we haven't had much snow this winter up our from here in the studio, but one place you will always find snow is in a snow globe. now they were invented in vienna, austria, a surgical instrument mechanic named irving. patsy came up with the idea by
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accident over a 100 years ago. now the patsy families still make snow globes and can count some high profile celebrities as their customers. ah, month, i shouldn't shake a snow globes on them instead. do you have to turn it on its head back and wait until the snow settles, then you turn it back over and it snows. irving patsy, the 3rd knows all the secrets about snow globes. his grandfather having pansy the 1st conducted his initial experiments in this workshop in vienna. he was a mechanic of surgical instruments and an inventor using a glass both filled with water. he was actually planning to enhance operating room lighting. oh, from ankles from the hud. my grandfather invented the snow globe, but pure chops up in the crucifix. he happened to find some semolina in his mother's kitchen,
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and he tossed some in the bowl of water and it soaked up the water and floated down to the bottom of the boat, very slowly shaped. and yet, he thought it looks like it's snowing in this cloth ball. cindy's accruing fats. how the idea was born for the snow glow. pretty sneak. his grandfather found a miniature version of the basilica and maria sal and austrian pilgrimage site. he painted a pedestal with shoe polish and glued on the church, setting it in a glass globe in 1900. he applied for a patent down the world's 1st snow globe. the flakes fluttered down gently. thanks to the viennese formula. yes, men. my father was the 1st to produce the mixture of snow that we used to die he did, and that's my secret. so far, i'm the only one who knows exactly how it's done every year. the viennese manufacture produces around $200000.00 snow globes. almost all individual parts are made locally. the figures are made by hand, a process in which liquid plastic is poured into metal forms and pressed into shape
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. the patsy family has also been experimenting with 3 d printing. these at that movie and the theater is sent to the printer. the printer produces the fish layer by layer sushi. if it were of web p. accompany penguins i'm angel o. as the 1st woman in family history, daughters abena patsy. the 2nd has recently joined the business, bringing it into the 4th generation. she sees the future of the company positively, customers value tradition to work from work bomb back to the sourcing boss. more people want to know what they're consuming. these are the things they're buying. come from cost, you can trace the provenance of every snow globe that leaves this building, oregon. this globe has a face, and that's awesome. quote, that's my family was in the via, this is man. if amelia ah, i mean patsy's wife is abena patsy. the 1st panes dozens of snow globes a day. many customers commission designs. the family uses originality to
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survive against copycat, and low cost competitors proving they have a sense of humor. even during the corona crisis, as it does, this is the most celebrated snow, but 2020 knots that also sciences are snow. globe featuring a roll of toilet paper was the absolute best seller off, like the people lined up in the street to get one of these snow globes who engineer would consider common directly next to the workshop is the family's own snow globe museum. the viennese snow globe is a top export. 3 former u. s. presidents have one on a shelf like this snow glove for the obama family. a thank you gift, given by a resident of vienna on a visit to the white house, the company presently stocks more than 350 motifs. ah women better when you get easy them for you to
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perfect world, but the system and that's been my world for over 40 years and cozy world where it only snows before we go. don't forget to check out our website for and chance and receiving a d. w backpack, and as always follow us on social media. thanks for watching. we'll see you again, sir. ah ah. ah. ah, with
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ah! with will oh moment captured forever. with
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a sudden flash the street lamps set in a blanket of blue. where're she suspended? gave a show about a artist 21 in 30 minutes on the w a. the dark side where intelligence agencies pursue their own agenda and the cia director was trying to mislead again, the president, congress and american people and their 0 consequences from peak worlds. the power of undercover agencies in 75 minutes on d. w. ah,
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we'll use crime fighters or back to africans. most successful radio drama series continues. stories focus on hate speech color of prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now, one of mankind's oldest ambition could be within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world or in a race against time. the dna molecules though,
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has 28000000 different our glasses. they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to help smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts february 16th on d, w. ah, this is deed of you news live from berlin. a winter storm hits the east coast of the united states heavy snow and her.


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