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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2022 12:00am-12:16am CET

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ah, what is true with me for 2 years worked, we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to a soul? ah, oh, peak wolves, this week on d w. ah, ah, this is, these are the news line from berlin. a winter stormed bats is the u. s. east coast visit warnings are issued across the region with people being told to stay home and
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brace for extreme cold and heavy snow. also coming up, it's least political leaders convinced their 8 year olds, president to stay on. sergio, my parallel will serve a 2nd time in office of the days of debate failed to find a successor plant. germany's green party, a lex to new leaders off the old jew oaks, slide to focus on the cabinet jobs. we speak to one half of the new team in charge . ah hello that i'm really mohammed. a major winter storm has slammed into the us east coast with high winds and heavy snow. severe weather alerts were issued across the region of around 70000000 people. residents are being urged to stay home and weight
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unnecessary travel. thousands of flights have been cancelled. the soil is expected to produce extremely low temperatures. with cold weather relax, saw south florida. let's bring in her bit bow nipple. he's a journalist in new york and there's plenty of snow behind you. their habits just bring us up to speed on what the situation is like at the moment. oh yes i understand is more like over here in new york, it is about 20 centimeters of snow that has fallen a little bit below what the expectation is worth a overall the city did ok. there were no major disruptions. the software was up and running and you could also see a little bit of fun in the snow. you could see children on sledges, you can see the, the typical cross country ski, as in the streets of new york, that's sort of a side. you can see at every major snowstorm i'm the mayor of new york city area. adams was busy shuffling small himself. he wanted to present himself as
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a leader over all of the worse in new york is over. and of course, in other parts of the, of the northeast of america, the situation is still very dire. we know that boston is likely to be hit hard to let more dina about boston walking in the crosshairs. it's still snowing, they're very hard. it's been measured there, i have been measurements around boston in the range of 60 centimeters ups now that was also poor, constant for boston itself. the biggest problem in massachusetts is coastal flooding and electricity, cup power cuts more than 100000 people are without electricity in one of the hard hit towns along the coast, especially around cape cod, one entire town. it's without an activity that of course, it's a very dramatic situation and the state,
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the governor of massachusetts has ordered the state of emergency and also told people to stay at home at all costs. now, seeing snow around this time of the year in the united states is not considered something that is unusual. but this one is considered to be an historic storm to some effect, right. the by the phenomena of the storm is not unusual. it happens frequently, especially in brings apart, it's called a ne, coastal form. this one is especially strong. what happens is a low pressure system forms off the coast and rapidly intensified, metrology call this a bomb cycle. and then all the marshes are being thrown against the coast against the land. and of course it's so called in the form of snow talking about the calls that is a real issue. still, temperature at the temperature here in new york city is non minus 8 degrees. if you could factor in the wind, it feels like minus 20 degrees. it's gotta be
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a very cold night here in the northeast and in the u. s. and then the big thick is going to start along the coast from new york to boston habit bower naval in new york for us. thank you very much. well, let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world. spanish rescue workers picked up more than 80 migrants who were stranded in to dig ease of the canary islands. the archipelago of the coast of west africa has become the main destination for migrants trying to reach you. member country spain. european far rights parties of held a summit in madrid, posted by the spanish vaux party. the at to day summit, and the 2 day meeting includes hungary as prime minister, victor o. bon poland. prime minister much use more of yet ski and french fall writes lead at marine the pen. last month the parties discussed joint votes on sovereignty and immigration issues in the european parliament,
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but stopped short of striking a formal alliance. tina efforts are underway on thailand's beaches after an oil spill off the coast. workers used pumps to remove oil from shore line from the shoreline in dry on, on the east coast of the gulf of thailand. the leak from the pipeline salted on tuesday and was brought under control a day later. a u. s. president joe biden says he will send american troops to nato's eastern flank in europe. u. s. defense officials warned that russia has deployed enough forces on ukraine's border to invade the entire country. grants president vladimir zalinski is urging the west to remain firm in its talks with the kremlin, but to avoid creating a panic. while. meanwhile, here in germany, the country's industry association says the german economy is not dependent on the north stream to pipeline once opened,
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it will send gas from russia directly to germany. the project is seen as a potential target for sanctions undress. rats is the next bird on russian security and defense policy at the german council on foreign relations. he explains how important the nord stream to pipeline will be when it comes to negotiating with russia. so far defeat of north into, i mean, vendor it finally get commission. so can officially be put in use has been one of the blocking factors. one of the problematic issues in a dresser, county coherence regarding russia and from the rational side northley to has been one of the kind of states or hopes that russia has been relying on hoping to divide the chrysler county community as well as you know, if the german position of the norseman could change and disagree. some decoration about that northly you will not be fundamentally necessary for german industrial. so even this will become the core main position. this will reach and russel's
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bargaining position and strengthen grass attempted coherence significantly says jo mostella has been re elected as italy's president after 6 days and 8 rounds of voting. the 8 year old has previously said he didn't want to serve another term. but prime minister maria druggie urged him to stay on to ensure political stability in the country, but to rely as seen as a compromise candidate. after all other candidates or to forward by the coalition government fell to gain enough support. while sergio montela said he is staying in power to help it's labor cover from recent hardships. griff, they're going to cure the these conditional require that one doesn't step away from the duties to which one is called upon in a garage meant that they've all been over. and naturally these must have pre valence over other considerations. and other personal prospects with the commitment
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to interpret the expectations and the hopes of our fellow citizens. and if parents, if they're not, they're going through that in journalist sima gupta has been following the story for us in rome with all the latest details. so sima, there's been a real need for it's the to find some stability, but was this a last resort? well, it seemed to be the only resort at this stage in terms of the only one that all political factions, whether the center, right, or the center left, felt that they could get behind. i mean, this boating process went through 6 days, 8 rounds of voting before the a t o president was re elected. it's $759.00 volts. are right after he was passed that 500 by threshold that made him president. there was a long applause in the parliament as people finally found their solution. mario
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driving the prime minister, releasing a statement after the election saying it was splendid news for italians. he thanked the president and said that the strong parliament that parliamentary backing showed that he was the right man for the jobs and pretty much status for if you, like i said, you're martha rella as president and mario drug remaining in his roles. prime minister. what does material as, when mean for italy when we look at things politically and economically? well, in terms of economically and politically and in terms of the social situation, it leaves what potentially new stability. and that's what, perhaps, internationally, that's an international community will be welcoming for, i'm italian themselves. they want to see that the ability, particularly when it comes to putting in place the much needed the forms are required to lead reforms that are necessary in order to gain access to the u.
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cobit recovery funds that billions of euros that it needs to spec to, to get from the european union, and that they expected stability. they want to see those reforms put in place and model drug the, they believe is the man to do it. so in that sense, it is a better situation, but in terms of the situation or lead to key, perhaps one can see that the current coalition is weakened by this process. the situation in terms of the back and forth of suggesting candidates, not getting the support of tensions in voting blank votes to create more time for discussion. all of that has not helped the civility within this very broad coalition that is in power at the moment. a coalition that will end it's legislature in 2023 and you taught from us i live at this very quickly. maybe we can address that again. where does this leave things when it comes to mario druggie,
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who has expressed interest himself in wanting to be president? well, at the moment of surgeon martha rella is elected. it's a 7 year term and he will be in that situation and mario druggie continues his role as the interim president. interesting to note that martha rella even touched on this in his little short speech at the end of this election process in which he said that with the ongoing cobit 19 crisis that the countries facing he can army and social difficulties, stability is really important. but the political landscape has changed. perhaps we may see some changes in the cabinet. for mister druggie as the different political parties are expected to perhaps express their preferences, we'll have to see what comes out in the coming days and weeks. but mr. martha rella will be sworn in in the later this week in the ceremony as you'll be taking on this role again for another 7 years sima after for us in wrong. thank you.
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and germany's green party has elected new leaders to cap off. it's 2 day conference in berlin. delegates selected 28 year old lawmaker, the cadillac, and 46 year old foreign affairs expert made no report. the greens became part of germany's governing coalition september entering government for the 1st time in 16 years old. he doubly is julia sal daily without the greens conference and has more on the parties to new leaders. so 1st started as lee had a long who has been one of the 2 newly elected leaders. was not present here today because she tested positive for cova. so she had to be live streams for her acceptance speech via the web. but as she is 28 years old, she is a feminist and has been speaker for women's policy for the party. and she represents
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the more left leaning and a young, a party members. on the other side, we have all the movie for. he is 46 years old. he was born in iran and moved to germany as a child with his family. he is a foreign policy expert and has a long experience being a member of the german parliament. and he is a more part of the more realist and politic wing of the party. and in contrast to the previous 2 leaders on the lena bear book and about habit were both of the more realist current. these 2 new leaders bring together 2 of the 2 main wings of the party and will try to bring unity in that sense, which is a difference compared to the previous 2 leaders. interest in sports news now and in women's tennis world. number one, ash bossy has won the australian open. she beat danielle collins and the final saturday becoming the 1st australian in 44 years to win the title bought. he took
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the 1st set, 63, a 2nd set was a back and forth back with her american opponent taking a 51 lead. but body fought back to win on a tie break. this is a 3rd major title off to the french open in 2019 and wimbledon last year. your teen d. w. news lines from berlin up next is sports life armanda. you can also find much more news and analysis as well as video on a website that is d w dot com, including live streaming us on youtube. i'm available. hm. it, thanks for watching about ah, her people and trucks injured when trying to free the city center.


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